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Name: -----------------------City: _________________

Date: 27-02-14
We are glad to offer you temporary employment as SR our company on behalf of the Promotional Activity Bond Street DCC the
period of employment will be March to June 2014. Your basic salary shall be Rs.______________. Per Day and allowance shall be
Rs.___________ Per Day. Your employment will be subject to the terms and condition as mentioned below of this page



The salary that has been mentioned above is constituted of the following components
a. Coming on time and leaving on time - 15%
b. Proper personal grooming, cleanliness of uniforms and proper shoes 15%
c. Active and enthusiastic performance of the duties assigned to you 40%
d. Adherence to all of the following rules of work 30%
i. If there is any unavoidable reason or emergency and you cannot come to work, you will need to
inform the Activity Manager at least 4 hours before the start of the activity.
ii. You will need to appear well groomed from the start of your daily activity time until the end. And
need to appear properly shaved with hair clean and combed (In case of beards or goatees the same
need to be properly trimmed).
iii. You shall not engage in unnecessary conversation with your colleagues or store staff during the
iv. You shall also avoid use of cell phones during the activity.
v. Breaks can only be taken at the designated time
Absence from duty without prior information is unpardonable. The Activity Manager can terminate your services
without recourse to salary or any other benefits for duty performed on days prior to the day of termination. The
Company can review cases that are justifiable and backed by proper documentation.
Any kind of activity whose intent is to cheat the program or any member of the program or the location where the
activity is being performed is grounds for immediate dismissal with elimination of all pay for work done until that day
The Company reserves the right to terminate your employment without giving notice.
You agree to perform, observe and conform to such duties and instructions as may from time to time be assigned or
communicated to you by the Company.
Employee will be responsible for all the stock and activity material issued to him
Salary shall be paid after at least 7 days of successful completion of your assigned activity meaning thereby verification
of Data Cards.
Salary will be paid after deducting the applicable taxes
1. No advances shall be paid during the activity unless decided by the Company.

This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Pakistan. By signing this contract you agree to abide by the Terms &
Conditions as referred at the back of this page, regulations and policies may be amended, modified or adopted from time to
Signature by Employer:-

Signature by Contract Employee:-

For and on behalf of Nitrogen (Pvt.) Limited

I have read and agreed on the above term
& Condition


Gohar Mubashir Hameed

Designation: ___________________________