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Submitted byAdnan khan

M-Arch (RA)
4th sem

INTRODUCTIONSet against the beautiful Nahargarh Hills that surround the renowned Indian city of Jaipur,
Jal Tarang is a 100 acre mixed-use tourism development project like no other. A landmark
enterprise that brings together the best resources of the Government of Rajasthan and the
private sector to revitalise a heritage site with a grand vision for the future. Restoring the
magic of the 18th Century pleasure pavilion of the Jaipur royal family, the Jal Mahal.
Reviving the waters and rich biodiversity of the Mansagar Lake. Transforming the entire
valley into a vibrant and viable destination for local, domestic and international tourists. And
creating a glittering new jewel of Jaipur.
In a state renowned for its intricate artistry, craftsmanship and cultural legacy, Jal Tarang
gives craft, retail area and the bazaar, pride of place on the waterfront. Boutique stores and
anchor shops will display the works of master craftsmen, traditional weavers, painters and
artists as well as contemporary Indian creations. Here, the bazaar and festival markets will
stand beside high end retail stores, traditional wares will keep step with contemporary
trends, and the young will be as happy to browse and shop as the old, and the locals as
excited as the tourists.

The project site is located on the Jaipur-Amer tourist corridor along the southern edge of the
famous Mansagar Lake nested within the Nahargarh hills. The Mansagar dam on eastern
side of the lake acts as an advantage point for viewing the lake and the valley. The project is
part of the JALTARANG scheme taken up by JDA and IL&FS to rehabilitate and develop the
MANSAGAR and JAL MAHAL precincts to create city level institutional/ public/ recreational
Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan and known worldwide as the Pink City, has a unique
presence on national & international tourism map. About 800,000 tourists visit Jaipur every
year including 175,000 foreign nationals
Jal Mahal is an 18th century pleasure palace located in the middle of the Mansagar Lake.
Mansagar Lake is a 300 acre lake surrounded by the Nahargarh 5
hills. The Jal Mahal Project Area falls in the Jaipur Amer tourist corridor and is the only
major waterbody in Jaipur. The project location is in the close vicinity of key tourist attraction
viz. Amer, Jaigarh and Nahargarh Forts and walled city of Jaipur. Almost every tourist,
visiting Jaipur passes through this area.

The project is an attempt to revitalize the Mansagar Lake precincts by developing tourism
facilities which will provide social as well as economic benefits without disturbing the
ecological balance.
The CITY demands for a contemporary space which will provide for constant dialogues
between the city as the narrator and the masses as the spectator, unfolding the glory and
rich heritage, making the masses experience the cultural continuum the city provides.

AIM AND OBJECTIVE:As for the upcoming demand for the heath related objectives that governs the most
important part in the life, to design the spaces effectively for the tourist so that they can
achieve the required purpose.

Transforming the entire valley into a vibrant and viable destination for local, domestic
and international tourists

Creating a glittering new jewel of Jaipur

Reviving the waters and rich biodiversity of the Mansagar Lake.

It will provide the city of Jaipur, a large open green space for recreation to the
residents of Jaipur.

Improvement of the aesthetics and visual quality of the area and provision of healthy
environment for the local community

The site lies at he entrance of the city from Amer and Delhi and hence has the
potential to act as a gateway to the city.

It will provide a revenue generation source to the city.

Since crafts sector will be one of the zones in the area, it shall provide employment
opportunities to some of the artisans of rural Rajasthan. Also, it will make tourists
aware of the various rich forms of arts and handicrafts.


Visitor's Centre
Meeting rooms and studios 9
Exhibition space (of both built and open nature
Traditional park : It will include craft fair with changing theme of traditional craft,
practices and technology.
Heritage Resort\ Village - 4 acres (Providing tourist accommodation in the traditional
Lake front restaurant

Commercial areas, shops

Museum (of traditional Rajasthani artifacts)
Staff Accommodation
Sailing and boating club
Development of the edge as viewing areas for Viewing for Jal Mahal
Appropriate landscaping, services and Parking space.


Rich balance of nature, culture, art, history and modernity.

Attractive mix of facilities for business, leisure and pleasure.
Well-planned waterways, pedestrian paths and waterside boardwalk for easy
Ample parking facilities and service areas.

SCOPEMan sagar lake is a man made water body and it also consist of the major tourist spot of
Jaipur. Jal Mahal which is rich in heritage and culture like most of the places in Rajasathan.
The key components of the overall development of the whole area is done to boost tourism
on both national and state level, which will also be helpful for the betterment of the Mansagar
Lake and Jal Mahal


Collecting data from the Jaipur Development Authority about the particular site.

Collecting data over Jaltarang tourist development project & its recreational activities,
& its history. Analysing the report prepared by the eminent architects and researcher.
Collecting all the document & analysis the documents. Combine the ideas &
formulate a review for the design of tourist development.

Analysing the site with surroundings, infrastructure and etc.

Collecting the data about the Domestic and International tourist with nearby footfall
on particular area from the tourism department and competent department.

Collecting the data about the cultural activities of Rajasthan which has to be exhibit.

Case study of the related topics such as: Choki Dhani,Jaipur & Delhi haat etc

Analysing the data collected from the case study,

Analyse the activities and its impact on the surroundings. Which has to be frame for
the design.


Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
Choki Dhani village resort at Jaipur, Rajasthan.


The site is located beside the Mansagar Lake, 4 km from walled city of Jaipur, on
NH-8, Delhi Jaipur Highway.

The site is part of the Mansagar Lake precincts, with Jal Mahal as the prime focus of
the area.

The site is predominantly flat with some exiting trees.

The site is flanked by the Jaipur Amer road on the left side which further connects to

The site surroundings having immense potential is being developed as an Eco

Heritage Centre for tourism, and to promote conservation in the Mansagar Amer

The site area is approximately 25 Acres rest of the site of the Jal Tarang project will
be left for phase 2 development. The 100 acre site located at the vicinity of the
important landmark of