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Entertainment or art?
Words and phrases
Is it art?
11.1 nutter /"nVt@(r)/ (n)
foolish or mad person L Informal.
nut (n), nutty (adj)

11.2 poke /p@Uk/ (v)

if an object is poking out of,
through, etc. sth, you can see a
part of it that is no longer covered
by sth else The end of the cable
was left poking out of the wall.
L Also: quickly push your fingers
or another object into sb/sth.

11.3 stocking /"stQkIN/ (n)

either of a pair of thin pieces of
clothing that fit closely over a
womans legs and feet

11.4 battered /"b&t@d/ (adj)

out of shape because of age or
regular use batter (v)

11.5 conceptual art

/k@n%sepu@l "A:t/ (adj)

art in which the ideas involved are
considered more important than
a physical object as in traditional
art concept (n), conception (n),
conceptualise (v), conceptual (adj),
conceptually (adv)

11.6 heyday /"heIdeI/ (n)

time of sths greatest success,
power, etc. Although some people
do still wear them, the mini skirt
had its real heyday in the 1960s.

11.7 public forum

/%pVblIk "fO:r@m/ (n)

public place where people can
exchange opinions and ideas on a
particular issue

Giving a speech
11.8 ominous /"QmIn@s/ (adj)
suggesting that sth bad is going to
happen in the future We started
walking across the field as quickly
as possible, while ominous dark
clouds were gathering above us.
ominously (adv)

11.9 blankly /"bl&Nkli/ (adv)

in a way that shows no feeling,
understanding or interest When
I announced my decision to leave
him, he said nothing, and just
stared blankly out of the window.
blankness (n), blank (adj)

11.10 disposed (towards)

/dIs"p@Uzd/ (adj)
having a good/bad opinion of a
person or thing His parents were
well disposed towards the idea of
John studying music instead of
going to university.

11.11 engage (with) /In"geI/ (v)

become involved with and try to
understand sth/sb If she doesnt
like engaging with children, why
on earth has she chosen to become
a teacher? engagement (n),
engaged (adj)

11.12 delivery /dI"lIv@ri/ (n)

the way in which sb speaks, sings
a song, etc. in public His delivery
is rather hesitant and he doesnt
come across as being confident in
what hes saying. deliver (v)

What I think of
11.13 excruciating

/Ik"skru:SieItIN/ (adj)
extremely painful Being no longer
able to suffer the excruciating
toothache, I had no alternative but
to visit the dentist.

11.14 strenuousness

/"strenju@sn@s/ (n)
great effort and energy strenuous
(adj), strenuously (adv)

11.15 knobbly /"nQbli/ (adj)

having small hard lumps knob (n)

11.16 entrance /"entr@ns/ (v)

make sb feel great pleasure and
admiration so that they give sb/sth
all their attention Renee
Zellwegers impeccable acting
in Cold Mountain entranced the
audiences. entrancing (adj)

11.17 bleat /bli:t/ (v)

speak in a weak or complaining
voice L Also: make the sound that
sheep and goats make.

11.18 be not a patch on sb/sth

/%bi %nQt @ "p& Qn/ (idm)

be much less good, attractive, etc.
than sb/sth else His latest play,
unfortunately, is not a patch on his
previous masterpieces.

11.19 gangling /"g&NglIN/ (adj)

(of a person) tall thin and
awkward in their movements

11.20 diction /"dIkSn/ (n)

the way that sb pronounces words

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11.21 misquote /mIs"kw@Ut/ (v)

repeat what sb has said or written
in a way that is not correct
The actress threatened to take the
magazine to court for misquoting
her words. misquotation (n)

11.22 soundtrack /"saUndtr&k/ (n)
recorded music from a film

11.23 subtitle /"sVbtaItl/ (n)

words printed on a film that give
the dialogue, usu. in translation
from a foreign language but also
for the deaf subtitle (v)

11.24 canvas /"k&nv@s/ (n)

strong cloth used by artists for
painting on

11.25 palette /"p&l@t/ (n)

thin board on which an artist
mixes colours for painting

11.26 showcase /"S@UkeIs/ (v)

present sbs abilities or the good
qualities of sth in an attractive way
This new exhibition will showcase
the work of some of the best young
artists in Berlin. showcase (n)

11.27 foretell /fO:"tel/ (v)

know or say what will happen in
the future, esp. by using magic
powers Youre so nave! Do you
really believe fortune-tellers can
foretell the future?


11.30 choir /"kwaI@(r)/ (n)

group of people who sing together,
especially in church services or
public performances

11.31 audition /O:"dISn/ (v)

take part in a test to be an actor,
singer, etc. audition (n)

11.32 weedy /"wi:di/ (adj)

thin and weak-looking I always
thought my neighbour was a bit
weedy, so I was amazed to see
him carrying a new fridge into his
house by himself! weed (n)

/%mi:ti@"rQl@Ist/ (n)
person who studies the processes
that cause the earths weather
conditions meteorology (n),
meteorological (adj)

11.29 transistor radio

/tr&n%zIst@ "reIdi@U/ (n)

small portable radio L An
old-fashioned word

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11.40 hang around

/%h&N @"raUnd/ (phr v)

wait or stay near a place, not doing
very much In between classes,
we usually hang around the nearby
shopping mall.

11.41 loathe /l@UD/ (v)

feel great hate for sth loathing (n),
loathsome (adj)

11.42 by popular demand

/%baI %pQpj@l@ dI"mA:nd/ (phr)

because a lot of people have asked
for sth This store now opens on
Sundays, by popular demand!

11.33 animated /"&nImeItId/ (adj)
used to describe a film in which
puppets or drawings appear to be
real Mickey Mouse appeared in
the first successful animated film
from Disney. animation (n),
animator (n), animate (v) L Also
means lively and expressive when
describing a person. animatedly

11.34 complex /"kQmpleks/ (n)

set of buildings or facilities

11.35 hum /hVm/ (v)

make a low steady continuous
sound like bees hum (n)

11.36 equation /I"kweIZn/ (n)

type of mathematical statement
that says that two amounts or
values are the same equate (v)

11.43 do away (with)

/%du: @"weI/ (phr)

get rid of or abolish

11.44 come out (with)

/%kVm "aUt/ (phr v)

say sth, express sth in words

11.45 stick up (for)

/%stIk "Vp/ (phr v)

defend or support

11.46 give in (to) /%gIv "In/ (phr v)

do what sb else wants or tells you

11.47 bully /"bUli/ (v)

frighten or hurt sb weaker
bully (n), bullying (n)

11.37 convey /k@n"veI/ (v)

make feelings or ideas known to sb
Sending a card wasnt enough
to convey how grateful I am for
your help, so Ive bought you these
flowers too.

11.28 meteorologist

Use of English

11.38 resentful /rI"zentfl/ (adj)

feeling bitter or angry about sth
resentment (n), resent (v),
resentfully (adv)

11.39 doctrine /"dQktrIn/ (n)

set of beliefs

doctrinal (adj)

11.48 chest /est/ (n)
large strong box, usually made of
wood, used for storing or moving

11.49 sin /sIn/ (n)

offence against God or against a
religious or moral law Murder is
a sin in any circumstances.
sin (v), sinful (adj), sinfully (adv)

11.50 gripping /"grIpIN/ (adj)

very exciting

grip (v), grippingly

11.51 retrieve /rI"tri:v/ (v)

bring or get sth back, especially
from a place where it should not
be The police have managed to
retrieve some of the stolen money.
retrieval (n)

11.52 fabled /"feIbld/ (adj)

famous and often talked about,
but rarely seen Fabled monsters,
such as the Loch Ness, appear in
numerous novels and films.
fable (n)

11.53 sprout /spraUt/ (v)

start to grow sth, start to grow on

11.54 tentacle /"tent@kl/ (n)

long thin part of the body of some
creatures, such as an octopus

11.55 mischievous /"mIsIv@s/ (adj)

enjoying playing tricks and
annoying people Dont you just
love little boys with that mischievous
look, when you know theyve been
up to something? mischief (n),
mischievously (adv)

11.56 grin /grIn/ (n)

wide smile

grin (v)

11.57 bloodthirsty /"blVdT3:sti/ (adj)

describing or showing killing or

11.58 affair /@"fe@(r)/ (n)

used to describe an event, or
thing that happens, when you
want to describe its main quality
Though they are two of the most
famous celebrities in the world,
their wedding day will be a strictly
private affair.

11.59 infest /In"fest/ (v)

exist in large numbers or amounts
in a particular place, often causing
damage or disease The abandoned
house had been infested with mice.
infestation (n)

11.60 frame /freIm/ (v)

produce false evidence against an
innocent person so that people
think he or she is guilty The
defendant claimed he was innocent
and that hed been framed.

11.61 outstanding

/aUt"st&ndIN/ (adj)
excellent, extremely good
outstandingly (adv)

11.62 naughty /"nO:ti/ (adj)

behaving badly, not willing to obey
naughtiness (n), naughtily (adv)

11.63 cruel /"kru:@l/ (adj)

having a desire to cause pain and
suffering There should be strict
laws against people who are cruel
to animals. cruelty (n), cruelly

11.64 spine-chilling

/"spaIn %IlIN/ (adj)

very frightening Its no wonder
you had nightmares after reading
such a spine-chilling book!
spine-chiller (n)

11.65 wooden /"wUdn/ (adj)

not natural or lively Even the
best script in the world couldnt
save last nights TV drama with
wooden acting like that.

11.66 lead /li:d/ (adj)

main or most important
lead (v), leading (adj)

11.69 vow /vaU/ (v)
make a formal and serious promise
to do sth or a formal statement
that is true The activists vowed
they would continue fighting
until the government took
serious measures to protect the
environment. vow (n)

11.70 scathing /"skeIDIN/ (adj)

very critical

Public art or public
11.71 eyesore /"aIsO:(r)/ (n)
building, object, etc. that is
unpleasant to look at That new
office block in the centre of town is
a complete eyesore.

11.72 clamber /"kl&mb@(r)/ (v)

climb or move with difficulty or a
lot of effort, using your hands and
feet The children clambered over
the rocks while their parents sat on
the beach eating sandwiches.

lead (n),

11.67 mediocre

/%mi:di"@Uk@(r)/ (adj)
not very good We werent
surprised to learn that Giovannis
Restaurant had closed; the setting
was fabulous but the food was
terribly mediocre. mediocrity (n)

11.68 stunning /"stVnIN/ (adj)

extremely attractive or impressive
L Implies less surprise than
staggering (see 4.177). stun (v),
stunningly (adv)

BA in acting
11.73 arduous /"A:dju@s/ (adj)
involving a lot of effort and energy,
especially over a period of time
I seriously doubt whether Id enjoy
such an arduous journey across the
Himalayas. arduously (adv)

11.74 integral /"IntIgr@l/ (adj)

being an essential part of sth
You cant cut this scene from the
film. Its an integral part of the story.
integrate (v), integrated (adj)

11.75 prospective

/pr@"spektIv/ (adj)
potential, expected to do sth or to
become sth Most shops now offer
attractive bargains to prospective
clients. prospect (n)

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The Dark Tower VII

Grammar Extra

Use of English

11.85 cauliflower /"kQliflaU@(r)/ (n)

11.94 levy /"levi/ (v)

11.76 exhilarating

/Ig"zIl@reItIN/ (adj)
very exciting and enjoyable
exhilaration (n), exhilarate (v),
exhilarated (adj), exhilaratingly

11.77 pilgrim /"pIlgrIm/ (n)

person who travels to a holy place
for religious reasons pilgrimage

11.78 foe /f@U/ (n)


11.79 strait /streIt/ (n)

very difficult situation After
losing his job, Mark found himself
in desperate financial straits.

11.80 uttermost /"Vt@m@Ust/ (adj)

greatest, most extreme

11.81 reach /ri:/ (n)

the limit of sth The tribe live in a
remote location beyond the reach of
most western travellers.

11.82 culmination /%kVlmI"neISn/ (n)

the highest point or end of sth,
usually happening after a long
time The agreement with EMI
was the culmination of a long
struggle in the music business.
culminate (v)

vegetable with green leaves around

a large hard white head of flowers

11.86 aubergine /"@Ub@Zi:n/ (n)

large vegetable with shiny dark
purple skin and soft white flesh

11.83 hand in your notice

/%h&nd In jO: "n@UtIs/ (idm)

formally tell your employer that
you want to stop working for them
Ive got another job so Im going
to hand in my notice tomorrow.

11.87 rebel (against) / rI"bel/ (v)
fight against or refuse to obey an
authority, e.g. a government, a
system, your parents, etc. Its
only natural for teenagers to rebel
against their parents and try to
do things their own way. rebel
(n), rebellion (n), rebellious (adj),
rebelliously (adv)

11.88 binoculars /bI"nQkj@l@z/ (n pl)

instrument that makes objects that
are far away seem nearer when
you look through it

11.89 baffle /"b&fl/ (v)

confuse sb completely She had
been preparing for the song contest
for over a year, so her decision not
to take part baffled me.
bafflement (n), baffling (adj)
light with a single, very bright beam
that can be directed at a particular
place or person spotlight (v)

11.91 glare /gle@(r)/ (n)

very bright, unpleasant light
I cant stand the glare of the sun
in the summer, so I never leave
home without my sunglasses.
glare (v), glaring (adj)

11.92 crouch /kraU/ (v)

11.84 fiery /"faI@ri/ (adj)
showing strong emotions,
especially anger

lower your body close to the ground

by bending your legs under you
The tiger crouched down ready to
pounce on its prey. crouched (adj)

11.93 peer /pI@(r)/ (v)

look closely or carefully at sth,
especially when you cannot see it
clearly The two thieves peered
through the fog to see if anyone
was following them.

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11.95 whizz-bang /"wIz %b&N/ (adj)


11.96 couple /"kVpl/ (v)

11.90 spotlight /"spQtlaIt/ (n)


use official authority to demand

and collect a payment, tax, etc.
levy (n)

join together two parts of sth

coupling (n), couple (n)

11.97 seamless /"si:ml@s/ (adj)

with no spaces or pauses between
one part and the next L Also: (of
a garment) without a line along
which two edges of fabric, etc. are
joined or sewn together.

11.98 lob /lQb/ (v)

hit or kick a ball in a high curve
through the air, especially so that
it lands behind the person you are
playing against lob (n)