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Encountering Jesus in the New Testament
Directed Reading Worksheet
Chapter Five: The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus the Teacher
Directions: As you are reading through the chapter, fill in the missing information.
Pages 145- 147 Attitudes of Being
1. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches us the _________________ , that is
attitudes of being disciples of Jesus. God wills our
________________________ , not only for eternity, but even in this life. But as
Jesus instructs in the Gospel of __________________ , his way to blessed
happiness is often the _________________ of what one would expect.
2. _______________ Gospel presents Jesus as a teacher with great authority.
_____________ Gospel highlights many of the teachings Jesus gave to his
3. Briefly write down the Beatitudes found on p. 147.

Pages 148-154 Background on Matthews Gospel

4. Even though modern biblical scholarship accepts Mark as the first Gospel written,
Matthew is known as the first gospel. Explain why.

5. Around A.D. 124, a bishop, _______________, reported that Matthew compiled

Jesus sayings in the ______________________ language. A later second-century
writer, __________________ , added that Matthew composed a Gospel for the
__________________ in their own tongue. Yet, another leading Church thinker,
___________________ , claimed that Matthew wrote the first Gospel in

_____________ for his fellow Jews, and this was the first Gospel written. The
Matthew mentioned by these early Church writers is usually identified as
____________ , a ________________________ whom Jesus called as an apostle.
6. T or F. (If false, explain why) Today, Biblical scholars believe the author of
Matthew was Levi the tax collector.
7. What do we know about the author of the Gospel of Matthew?

8. The majority of scholars believe that Matthew was written in

__________________ for a predominately Greek-speaking
_________________________ Church probably in Antioch in Syria, sometime in
the ______ , perhaps A.D. ________ .
9. Why do scholars think Matthew wrote during the 80s? (What occurred during the
80s which is reflected in Matthews Gospel?)

10. Give the many reasons why it is believed that Matthew wrote to a JewishChristian audience.

11. What were two main issues unique to Matthews local church?
12. List the three sources Matthew used to compose his Gospel
13. Although Matthew presents Jesus as the fulfillment of ______________________
_________________________ , he strongly reminds his readers that Jesus commands
his disciples to spread the Gospel to ___________________________________ .

14. Name and explain the five other important themes in Matthews Gospel:
15. Outline of Matthews Gospel: Why did Matthew divide his Gospel into five
major sections?

16. __________________ Gospel opens with the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus
Christ, the Son of God and immediately launches into Jesus public ministry.
_______________________ Gospel begins with a
_____________________________ , tracing his ancestry to both
______________ and ________________________ . The author of Matthew
clearly wants to tie Jesus into ___________________ history and proclaim him
the ________________________ Messiah.
17. How do Matthews and Lukes genealogy differ?
18. Matthew convincingly shows, through his infancy narrative, Jesus to be the
__________________________ , the promised one who fulfills the promises
made to Israel.
19. T or F. Matthews Gospel presents a more flattering picture of the disciples than
Marks Gospel.
20. What are the differences between Marks Gospel ending and Matthews?
Pages 154-166 Jesus the Teacher
21. A primary aim of Matthews Gospel is to portray Jesus as the sole
_________________________________________________________________ .
22. Matthew depicts Jesus as a new ___________________ , who brings a new
_____________ to Gods people.

Discourse One: The Sermon on the Mount

23. The Sermon on the Mount is found in Mt. ________________ . It is the first and
most _____________________ of the five discourses in Matthews Gospel.
24. It summarizes the New Law of the Gospel, a law of ________________________
_____________________________________ .
25. As _____________ delivered the Old Law from Mount Sinai, so Jesus delivers
his instruction for Christian living from a ____________________ .
26. What is the major theme of the Sermon on the Mount?
27. Explain Jesus teaching that Christians are the salt of the earth and light of the

28. T or F. Jesus came to abolish the Old Law.

29. How does Jesus fulfill these old laws? (How does he raise the standard of our
a. Do not murder:
b. Do not commit adultery:
c. Do not take idle oaths or swear:
d. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth:
30. T or F. Jesus stresses the importance of examining our motives when we perform
virtuous works.
31. Write down the golden Rule.

Discourse Two: Sharing the Faith with Others, Mt. 10_____ (chapter #)
32. How are the Apostles imitators of Jesus ministry?

33. T or F. (If false, explain why) Jesus earthly ministry was to preach the kingdom
to the Chosen People and all people.
34. What two things did Jesus promise those who preached the Gospel?
Discourse Three: Parables About the Kingdom, Mt._13________(chapter #)
35. Chapter 13 of Matthews Gospel is organized around _________ parables that
help reveal the nature of the ___________________________________ . Recall how
Jesus came to preach the _____________________________________, manifested
its arrival in his _________________________________ , and accomplished its
coming through the Paschal mystery of his _________________________________
________________________________________________ .
36. T or F. (If false, explain why) All are invited into the family of God.
37. T or F. (If false, explain why) A parable is a real-life story.
38. What do the following parables teach about the Kingdom of God?
a. Parable of the Mustard Seed:
b. Parable of the Yeast:
c. Parables of the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price:
d. Parables of the weeds among the wheat and the dragnet:
Discourse Four: Jesus Founds and Instructs the Church, Mt. 18________(chapter #)
39. Matthews Gospel is sometimes termed the ___________________________ .
40. What verse from Matthew clearly points out that Jesus instituted the Catholic
41. What does it mean to say that Peter was given the power of the keys?
42. What instructions does Jesus give Church leaders and all members in Mt. 18?

Discourse Five: The Final Judgment, Mt._24-25_______(chapter #s)
43. Matthews last discourse is called the __________________________ discourse
from the Greek word _________________ , which means ___________________ .
This is most important because the theme of the discourse involves ______________
____________________________________________________________________ .
44. Apocalypse means ________________________________________________ .
45. What are five strong beliefs about the end of time?
46. Since we do not know that exact time of the coming of the Son of Man and the
end of the world, how should we live until then? (Minimum of three sentences)

47. On what basis will the Lord judge us?

Pages 166-167 Jesus Challenges Judaism

48. Matthews Gospel has many critical sayings of Judaism, especially in Chapter
23. Many have used this gospel as a condemnation of the Jews. What is the correct
way to interpret Chapter 23?

49. Understanding the historical context of Matthews Gospel can help make sense of
the harsh sayings, especially in Mt. 23. What was going on during Matthews time
that might explain these harsh sayings and criticisms?