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Jhom Salonga De Jesus

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Good day sir/ma'am,

advice naman po... im just starting to save up... advice naman po and tips how/where to start my
foundation... thank you in advance...
info about me,
23yrs.old, average salary,1yr palang employed... and totally newbie in terms of money...
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Alfredo Palconit Jr.

eto advise ko sir
step 1. galingan mo trabaho mo. para ma promote. increase sahod
step 2. alamin average monthly expenses mo and dont exceed.
step 3. ipon ka ng up to 6 months worth of your monthly expenses. back up mo yan in case mawalan ka ng work.
step 4. pag may sobrang pera ka na, invest ka either sa uitf,mutual funds, stocks.
step 5. if gusto mo ng gf, hanap ka ng hindi magastos, at dapat mahal mo
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus thanks sir Alfredo Palconit Jr. ... another newbie question.. what is uitf and mutual
funds? ... parang na skip ko yung steps 2,3,4 mo hahaha
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Alfredo Palconit Jr. both are investment instruments where a company manages your money for you. bigay mo lang
pera sa kanila tapos sila na bahalang palaguin yan. eto lang differences:
uitf - offered by banks (security bank, bdo, bpi)
mutual funds - offered by insurance companies (insular, sunlife, manulife)
cost wise, mas mura ang uitf sa transaction cost and fees.
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Kaye Iara De Ocampo I'm also 23. One of the jobs that give you an annual salary of 180k or 15k per month, with not
much experience is in BPO..
You may start increasing first ur basic salary.
2nd, i just had my emergency fund. I start building it up by saving 200 per week. That's roughly 1k per month.

Then, i start investing in VUL (insurance with investment). It's from my 13th month salary. Part of it, i a lot to UITF.
Then recently, i started with COL . 5k initial.

Tip is, know every cent of your money. Budget in advance.

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Alfredo Palconit Jr. yan Jhom Salonga De Jesus meet Kaye para sa step 5
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Kaye Iara De Ocampo Lols haha Alfredo Palconit Jr.

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Jhom Salonga De Jesus Alfredo Palconit Jr. safe po ba ang uitf/mutual? i mean no money loss?
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Alfredo Palconit Jr. may risk lahat ng investments sir. pero over time (2-3 years) your money will grow sa uitf/mutual
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Alfredo Palconit Jr. teka simba muna me.

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Jhom Salonga De Jesus thanks miss kaye... im worried kasi baka pag nag nag try ako na mag hanap ng bigger
salary same din ang makuha kong outcome kasi job hopping/experience gathering naisip ko to have bigger salary...
but it may take too much time.. not sure
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus ohh .. i see thanks sir Alfredo Palconit Jr.
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Yoby Fernandez Lol ako sa step 5 ni Alfredo Palconit Jr., tapos may match making pa.
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus hahaha that step 5...

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Jhom Salonga De Jesus Kristine Laurio Manlapas andito kapala ahaha

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Kristine Laurio Manlapas Hi Jhom. Yes, andito ko. Haha. You may want to attend a seminar sa IMG. They will teach
you how to manage your hard earned money then make your money work for you. Good thing is, it's free!! also, try
reading some self-help books. I can suggest some
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Patrick Diamante Build ur emergency fund first, usually it is equivalent to 6 months of net salary. Then after that,
invest in mutual fund or stock market(col as ur broker), this will be for ur retirement fund.
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus Kristine ok naman ako sa seminar pero nag coconflict sa sched ayaw ko naman leave...
may site ka ba para sa sched?.. nag babasa ko books ni robert kiyosaki and bo sanches...
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus whats col sir patrick?

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Leo R. Veridiano
Start with your emergency fund--savings of 6 months to one year salary to be saved in a bank. Then get an
insurance. Next is to invest in mutual funds. After getting bored with mutual funds, invest in the stock market. If you're
earning well enough from the stock market, then get a condo for rent. After all these things work out, choose a
business that you would like to put up. If you really believe in the business, you will decide to resign from your work.
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Leo R. Veridiano COL is citisec online or now called COL Financial, an online stock market broker)
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus thanks sir leo...

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Chris M. Ramoya It may be common sense.. But unless u can discipline yourself to save at least 20% of your
income.. Then u won't progress financially. See, it's not how much u earn, it's how much u save and how this savings

is earning.
Read abt mutual funds, UITF, term life insurance, im not a fan of VUL.

Stock market is too risky for newbies, unless u are adequately prepared.
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Jhom Salonga De Jesus nag aaral palang ako for stock market.. to increase my savings.. but for now i guess save
money and increase salary first
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Wix S. Trader you can start 5k while you learn and same time earn
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Adelaida Mendoza-Balaag congratulations Jhom, you are on the right track...watever queries in your mind, about
stocks and investment in the Phils, try to google it! You can get an answer if not everything....this is my malayo ang mararating mo! GIOD LUCK, GOD BLESS!
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Adelaida Mendoza-Balaag (correction: that is GOOD LUCK!)

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Emmanuelle Jay Arevalo Batu read. learn. experience. earn. Dont learn the hard way.
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Chris M. Ramoya Tip: one of the options for increasing income.. Look for insurance companies, learn their products
and become an agent side line
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Jonard M. Edos Ehem! Alfredo Palconit Jr. Kaye Iara De Ocampobwahahahha

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John Jefferson Roque Flores hi Jhom if you want to build your financial foundation right, you may attend the IMG
Wealth Academy free Seminar. they will teach how do it. and they are conducting a series of seminars regarding
financial literacy.