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Techno - Commercial Proposal for A

consistent regional interpretation of

Lithostratigraphy-structural setup and
Identification of Hydrocarbon Seeps in
Lake Malawi Region and their
significance in exploration Context

Submitted to

RAKGAS LLC, Ras-Al-Khaimah

Apex Spatial Tech Solutions Private Limited


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Techno - Commercial Proposal for A

consistent regional interpretation of
Lithostratigraphy-structural setup and
Identification of Hydrocarbon Seeps in
Lake Malawi Region and their
significance in exploration Context

Submitted to

RAKGAS LLC, Ras-Al-Khaimah

Submitted by

Apex Spatial Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd (APEX)

India I Uganda


Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this document is to express APEXs interest and offer quality and cost effective services for
RAK GASs prestigious project for hydrocarbon exploration in Lake Malawi region. In light of this, Apex
proposes project entitled Techno - Commercial Proposal for a consistent regional interpretation of
Lithostratigraphy-structural setup and Identification of Hydrocarbon Seeps in Lake Malawi Region
and their significance in exploration Context. The proposal is in context of the provisions of scientific
research and implementation of the hydrocarbon exploration objectives in Lake Malawi region.

This proposal is identified as APEX-GMC Confidential Information and should not
be disclosed to third parties or personnel not directly involved in this procurement.
All Rights Reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language
in any form by any means without the written permission of Apex Spatial Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.
While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this document, APEX assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or
for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.
Trademarks: Products or corporate names may be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of other companies, and are
used only for the explanation and to the owners benefit, without intent to infringe.

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About Apex


Origin of the Proposal


Proposed Scope of Work


Materials and Methods


Apex Team


Project Timeframe





APEX Best Price Quote


Our Estimate Include


Our Estimate Do Not Include


Main Considerations of Commercial Proposal


Payment Terms


1.0 About APEX

Apex Spatial Tech Solutions Private Limited (APEX) is


an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a Jaipur,

Rajasthan, based GIS solution provider, having an
operational branch office in Nagpur, Maharashtra, a

Apex is a global provider

large number of dependable business associates at

of key technical and

national and international levels. APEX is aiming at

commercial services for

exploration, mining and
investment companies.

serving the needs of the National and Global Markets

through focused, innovative, efficient and quality

These services extend

products and services in all areas of Spatial Technology

across the entire project

and Applications, including Geology and Mineral

development timeline:

Exploration. APEX brings horizontal and vertical

exploration, geological
modeling, mine planning,






equipment supply, due

Photogrammetry, Topographical Surveys, GPS/DGPS

diligence and other

and Positioning Applications, GIS Databases and

commercial services.

Software Applications & Development and GIS web-

Apex maintains a


reputation based on the

ability to work to

Apex has state of the art infrastructure, viz., Hardware,

best international

Software and Instruments used in executing projects

standards on projects of

pertaining to spatial technologies. Apart from this, APEX

all sizes and complexities.

draws scientific, technical and infrastructure support

This level of service is

made possible through

from various technology partners, which enables APEX

the combination of a

to take up GIS, RS, GPS and Photogrammetery

highly qualified technical

application projects of any magnitude and deliver the

team with ability to assess

best quality outputs in time and cost effective manner.

each projects
commercial viability and

APEX to its credentials have completed various projects

to drive a venture

for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Govt of


India, Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications

Apex growth has been

Center (MRSAC), Geological Survey of India (GSI),

realised through our


strong relationships built

upon delivering key
technical services on
budget and on time.




Corporation (NMC), EICHER, Reliance Info Solutions,








TURKEY, GeoComp AUSTRALIA, Navayuga Engineering Company Limited,

HYDERABAD, Gangakhed Sugar and Energy Ltd, MECON Limited, Gurgaon,
WAPCOS Limited, Bangalore and SANBORN Technology Resource Pvt Ltd, MUMBAI.
APEX has also been awarded with prestigious Rate Contracts by ISRO, Government of
India. APEX has executed Nation Wide GPS Route Survey of Reliance Communications
for more than 20,000 Kilometers and DGPS GCPs Collection (over 400) for 57 cities for
Reliance Infosolutions and an Australian GIS Major and Eichers Mapping Project (POIs
& Streets) on city of Pune for Navigation and Publication Applications. APEXs MD has
been involved in various national and international projects of government and corporate
sectors including the Country Wide GIS Mapping Project of ISRO, DST, Reliance and
BHARTI Groups. APEXs MD has been involved in Ras Al Khaimah (RAKs) GIS
mapping project including the DGPS Control Survey and Monumentation. APEX has
been awarded with the prestigious DGPS Control Survey (a Rate Contract) of ISRO,
Government of India.

2.0 Origin of the Proposal

Modern lake basins set within active continental rifts of Cenozoic age provide useful
analogs for exploration efforts in ancient extensional basins that are known to be rich in
hydrocarbons. Lake Malawi is one of the Great Lakes of Africa and is located at the
southern part of the western branch of the East African Rift System (EARS). This large,
eutrophic, and probably geologically ephemeral lake basin serves as an end-member
example of the modern tropical lake systems that occupy this extensional province.
Organic-rich rocks of such lacustrine origin are the dominant source of hydrocarbons in
many oil and gas provinces around the world, and most of the worlds long-lived extant
lakes are affiliated with continental extensional basins. Lacustrine systems situated in the
tropical latitudes commonly contain sediments that are exceptionally rich in organic
matter because of a high biological productivity and, in some cases, prolonged bottom
water anoxia. Accordingly, modern tropical rift lakes are valuable sites for the study of
the formation and concentration of oil and gas, especially because of the discovery of a
considerable quantity of hydrocarbons on the Uganda margin of the Lake Albert Rift.
Secondly, when hydrocarbons in form of liquid escapes from the depth of hydrocarbon
reservoirs, through a week zone of low pressure or flow, popularly known as oil seeps
can be detected and monitored using high special and spectral resolution severely remote

sensing images to predict spill oil location and then build up oil spill distribution map by
using GIS approach for storing, displaying and interrogating large volumes of
information to provide a guide for further exploration and environment impact
assessment. Therefore, an attempt shall be made for Lake Malawi region using integrated
and multidisciplinary approach so as to understand the hydrocarbon potential and
geological significance of this tectonically active southern part of EARS. A consistent
regional interpretation of surface and subsurface geology and oil seep locations may
provide desired geological context and help in guiding further exploration activity.

3.0 Proposed Scope of Work


Develop spatial data and creation of the Base maps using satellite data and
ground based techniques


Develop surface spatial data and creation of the Litho-stratigraphic and

Structural themes using satellite data and ground based techniques


Undertaking specialized ground-based data collection techniques using DGPS,

to ortho-rectify Radar images, create DEM and mapping various geologically
important point locations as from Hydrocarbon exploration point of view


Procurement of Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar data with stereo capability


Collection / Acquisition of secondary data such as Multichannel Seismic and

Gravity data and any other relevant data from different sources


Interpretation of sub-surface lithostratigraphy and structural setup of Lake Malawi

Rift and establishing correlation with surface geological themes and gravity data


Offshore and Lake Hydrocarbon seeps identification and interpretation of

potential seepage slicks. Each Slick would be assigned a confidence level of
being a seep of natural sign


Establishing seepage relationship with subsurface graben and associated

structures as an account for hydrocarbon migration


Report generation

4.0 Materials and Methods

We propose acquisition, interpretation, development and usage of the following datasets
in an integrated manner*
1. Seismic Reflection Data and processing
2. Gravity data and processing
3. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imageries
4. Landsat ETM satellite imageries
5. Available Geological Maps and Reports
6. Surface and Sub-surface geological interpretation and mapping
7. Stratigraphic and Facies Analysis
8. Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) Global Elevation 90m data
9. ASTER 30m Digital Elevation Data
10. Trimble R6 Differential Global Positioning System

(* The usage of data is subjected to the availability)

The acquisition of the multichannel seismic (MCS) reflection data would involve several
strike and dip lines at regular interval, covering entire Lake Malawi region. Positioning
would further be verified using two Trimble R6 differential global positioning system
unit with sub-centimeter accuracy. Seismic data processing would involve standard
procedures including spike and predictive deconvolution, bandpass filtering, normal
move-out correction, stack, f-k migration, automatic gain control, and water bottom mute.
The expected outcome would carry analyses of rift structures having a combination of
the offshore seismic reflection data, a reanalysis of existing gravity data augmented with
bathymetric data, and for the onshore areas, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)
90 m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data.
Gravity data are to be collected in the Lake Malawi graben both onshore and offshore
coving gravity coverage of whole rift valley. The data would be used for (1) delimiting
the basins border fault system, (2) estimating basin depth and sedimentary thickness, (3)
determining sediment density, and (4) modelling rift evolution.
Stratigraphic interpretations would be done using seismic data for sequencing the
subsurface stratigraphy and their correlation before and after the fault planes. Also, 3D

structural modelling is proposed using structural observations from seismic reflection

and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 90 m Digital Elevation Model Data.
Oil seeps in marine and Lake Environment have widespread importance in hydrocarbon
exploration. Oil seep detection and monitoring using multi-temporal high spatial and
spectral resolution satellite imageries may help in predicting spill oil locations.
Furthermore, interrogating and displaying oil spill distribution maps overlayed by large
volumes of information surface and sub-surface geological interpretations using GIS
approach can provide a common picture for the sub-surface hydrocarbon reserves. GIS
and SAR remote sensing can contribute significantly to oil spill identification, and has
been applied effectively in the Caspian Sea and Lake Albert.

5.0 Apex Team

Dr. Preetam Singh Rathore - Chairman and Managing Director

Dr. Rathore is seasoned businessman, has in-depth knowledge of formulating mega

projects, detabase and standard designs, project implementation schema and budgeting.
He has a successful track record of completion of national and international level projects
in Satellite Remote Sensing, GPS Positioning, Photogrammetery, Web Applications &
Networking, LiDAR, Topographical, Geo-Physical, Geo-Technical, HydroGeological
Surveying and Mapping. Making a soft launch in year 2001, apex today has grown into a
full fledged Company, providing high quality earth science solutions under the able
guidance of Dr. Rathore.
Dr. S. D. Pimprikar - Principal Consultant (Geology & Explorations)

Dr. Pimprikar comes with vast experience specifically in gold and diamond. In his
successful career spanning more than 32 years, he has held senior positions such as
Director, Geological Survey of India and Sr Advisor- Essar Minerals, India. He has
diversified experience in mineral exploration, exploration management, and geological
and economic evaluations for a variety of commodities. He has carried out special
thematic mapping, geological investigation and seismic tectonic studies and managed
multi-million dollar exploration programs and conducted numerous due diligence
studies. He has published more the 25 papers in scientific journals and proceeding. He
was awarded the National Mineral award in the year 2005 by the ministry of mines,

government of India for his exceptional services in the field of environmental Geology.
He is also a fellow member of the Geological Society of India and a member
Geetha Ranganathan, Principal Consultant (GeoSystems)

Mrs. Geetha is Specialist in Database Management , Statistical & Geostatistical techniques

in evaluation of mineral deposit parameters, Resource / Reserve estimation as per UNFC,
JORC standards using a wide range of industry standard mining software. She possesses
excellent working knowledge & rich experience of over 20 years in the application and
usage of mining softwares - GDM (BRGM , France) , MINEX , SURPAC, ROCKWORKS,
Autocad Map , GINO-F (Bradley Associates , UK) for developing 3D Orebody Models
and Resource / Reserve estimation of mineral deposits. She has brilliant track record in
Geological Resource modeling which includes Database Validation & Audit, Verification
of integrity of database information, validation of drillhole data and geological
classifications. Interpretation of statistical models, Construction of Geological/Ore body
Models, generation of geologically consistent wireframe models, Geostatistical
evaluation, Reporting Resources/Reserves She Possess a rich experience of more than 35
years of working in Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd., a leading premiere exploration
& Mini Ratna Public Sector company under Ministry of Mines, India in a senior position
heading the Information Technology Centre. During the tenure of her service , a
contribution was made in establishing the State-of-the-art I.T center in providing
total cost effective & quality solutions in Exploration Data Management , Geological
Modeling , Geostatistical evaluation ,Resource Estimation with the use of advance mining
software. Successfully implemented the modern use of I.T techniques in a large number
of exploration projects of Coal , Bauxite , Limestone , Iron ore ,Gold , Copper etc.
conducted by MECL for leading agencies like CMPDIL , NTPC, NMDC , Neyveli Lignite
corporation , UCIL , Ministry of Mines , Tata Steel , BHP Billiton , Australia etc. As a
project in charge, She used advance mining & database software for more than 400
exploration blocks pertaining to Coal, Lignite, bauxite, Gold , Copper, etc. Under transfer
of technology, She worked as a key member in the MECL-BRGM, France collaboration
project on Exploration and Evaluation of Tin-Tungsten, Diamond projects for a period of
four years. Under this project carried out Database Management of exploration in GDM,
Generation of Geological Borehole Plans, Sections, Slice Plans, Statistical analysis,
Variogram modeling , Reserves Evaluation etc. Visited BRGM, FRANCE to work with

experts on Geostatistical Techniques. She has successfully completed the project for
developing Geology & 3d orebody model, Reserve estimation using the advance mining
softwares in almost 15 exploration blocks of Bauxite, Gold, Copper, and Limestone
deposits under the Ministry Of Mines Project. As a Team Leader, She has successfully
implemented large scale project for Developing Lignite Resource Data Management
System (RDBMS) for Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited under Xth Plan Project.
Prof. Harsh Bhu - Principal Consultant (Geology & Explorations)
















sectors of geological R & D. Prof. Bhu has the ability to lead cross-functional project teams
and integrate their efforts to maximize operational efficiency. He has proven expertise in
economic mineral exploration in mobile belts, cratons/ massifs, proterozoic &
phanerozoic basins in the Indian Peninsula and similar geological domains in East Africa.
He possesses keen interest in research activities for metallogeny, sedimentological,
thermo-tectono-metamorphic study of the shadow zoneenclaves within high pressure
domain in precambrian terrain; remobilisation and formation of hydrothermal mineral
deposits. Prof Bhu holds a record of 18 publications in national and international journals
and also edited 5 books. His effective visualization of the geological process linking with
fine tuning of exploration strategy while minimising the financial implication as
Specialised Consultan is key strength for Apex.
Rakesh Vyas (MAusIMM) - Principal Geologist

Rakesh has more than 13 years of experience. He has handled Prospect Mapping,
Resource Discovery and Project Implementation in East Africa as Consultant Geologist
for Gold and associated metals and minerals. Rakesh had earlier worked as Operationincharge (Exploration & Mining) for Orbit for Mining Co. Ltd. Khartoum, Sudan for Gold
and Associated Metals and Minerals. He also served as Scientist in Birla Institute of
Technology for 8 years, handled international and national level RS/GIS projects in
various fields including lithostructural mapping, geomorphological mapping, ground
water prospect mapping, and environment impact assessment, decentralized planning,
urban information system, development of village resource centers and related planning.
Rakesh has track record of successfully discovering gold and associated metals and
mineral resources and in exploration database structures and standards design, pre and
post discovery feasibility reports.

6.0 Project Timeframe

Task / Month
Project Kick














1.0 Background
Our Financial Proposal is calculated based on the information provided by RAK GAS,
subsequent discussion with Dr Unni and also a lot of assumptions. We have tried our
best and arrived at the most realistic cost estimates as itemized below.

2.0 APEX Best Price Quote

APEX Best Price to Undertake RAKGASs Prestigious Project is USD 1.5 M
(In Words: United States Dollar One Point Five Million)

3.0 Our Estimate Include

1. All the Management personnel to perform the work professionally and
competently in India, UAE and Malawi or as per project need in any East African
2. All the scientific and field staff.
3. All the project input data costs, e.g., Satellite datasets, input Geology maps,
existing reports etc.
4. The DGPS equipment, software, accessories, field surveying equipment etc
5. All the computation equipment and software
6. Mobilization of the office and field crew and equipment from the base to the
designated project locations
7. Health Insurances
8. Professional Liability Insurance
9. Food allowances
10. Field Camping facilities (if required)

4.0 Our Estimate Do Not Include

1. Office space in Malawi or East African country, which can be used as a base for
the survey operation
2. Existing Seismic datasets.
3. Field transport for the survey crew
4. Labor camp for the field crew in Malawi
5. All types of Travel (Air and Surface), Hotel Accommodation for the Experts
(minimum 4 star Hotel with reasonable services included in the package)
6. Visa arrangement for the project staffs
7. All the permits and approvals to perform the project/survey work, approvals on
data and procurement of vital input datasets.
8. Local Taxes

5.0 Main Considerations of Commercial Proposal

Our proposal includes the specific tasks and duties that we will perform in the office and
in the project field, therefore, the cost break up will be in the following manner:
(A) Mobilization Cost
S. No


Cost in USD in %

Mobilization of the Resources



Of the total Quoted

Price as mobilization

(B) Data Procurement and Pre Processing

S. No


Data Procurement and Preprocessing

Cost in USD in %



At the time of data

procurement from
various sources
against APEX

(C) Data Interpretation and Integration

S. No


Data interpretation and integration

Cost in USD in %



Upon completion of
data interpretation
and integration, as
per the approved
progress report.

(D) Finalization and Report Submission

S. No


Field visit, validations, referential

Data refinements, finalization and
report submission

Cost in USD in %



Against the
submission by APEX.

(E) Final Acceptance from RAK GAS

S. No


Final acceptance or as per RAK GAS


Cost in USD in %



Within 3 months for

our deliverables

6.0 Payment Terms

1. Our estimations are based on the inputs provided by RAKGAS and also our
experience in working on similar works in the various countries and regions.
2. RAK GAS shall release the Mobilization advance along with the confirmation of
work order.
3. Progressive payments as per the milestones mentioned above. The cutoff date will
be on 29th of each month and the Invoice will be submitted before the 7th of each
month. RAK GAS shall release the payments in (15) days from the date of Invoice
OR as per RAK GAS terms.
4. APEX will submit the progress report and completion of work report together
with the Invoices.
5. The taxes if and as applicable will be extra.

7.0 Primary Contact for this proposal

The following have been nominated as key points of contact for this project.
Contact persons: For any query related to the contractual terms & conditions and/or bid

document, please contact

Dr. Preetam Singh Rathore (Managing Director)
Mobile: +91 98290129139,
Landline: +91 712 2240350

For all technical queries, please contact

Rakesh Vyas
Director (Geology & Exploration)
Contact Cell: +91 9461629925
Marketing Queries:
Rajeev Kumar Narayan
Director (Business)
Contact Cell: UAE: +971559229177
Registered Office

Corporate Office

Overseas Office

6/324, SFS
Jaipur 302020

J-3, Mangesh Apartments

Near Eight Way Square,
Laxminagar (East),
Nagpur - 440022.

Suite B-04, Corner House,

2nd Floor, Plot 436-437,
Mawanda Road,
Kamwokya, P. O. Box 7806
Kampala, UGANDA

The bottom line of Apex

Where possible, APEX uses a number of different

valuation methods to increase the voracity of your

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