Saving the Beach.

The Theatre

Designed by noted theatre architect William Harold Lee Opened June 1950 860 seats Stereophonic sound & CinemaScope projection Unique combination of retail & theatre Art gallery in lobby

Week of August 22, 1975

March 2007


Our Goals
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Save, acquire & restore the Beach Theatre Program a diverse selection of movies Promote film appreciation, education & production

Mission Statement
The Beach Theatre Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization formed to preserve and restore the historically authenticated Beach Theatre in Cape May, New Jersey and utilize the complex as a stateof-the-art showcase for cinema and the arts. Excellence in a diverse array of films will be the hallmark of the theatre for the cultural benefit of the residents of Cape May, Southern New Jersey and visitors from around the world. The foundation’s visionary goal is to establish the Beach Theatre and Cape May as an internationally recognized center for film history, film preservation & restoration, independent filmmaking and film education.

Other theatres designed by W.H. Lee that have been saved & restored.

Saved theatres.

Majestic Theatre - Gettysburg

State Theatre - Easton

Hiway Theatre - Jenkintown

Bryn Mawr Theatre - Bryn Mawr Miracle Theatre - Coral Gables, FL

West Shore Theatre - New Cumberland

The Beach Theatre Today
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“Not what she used to be...” “Modernized” 20 years ago - split into 4 theatres, flower gardens removed, fluorescent exterior lighting added The glory of the grand lady is gone, but it can return... in a big way

Theatre of Tomorrow

Brought back to original seating configuration with a new stage & curtain added State-of-the-art 35mm, 16mm, and HD video projection Screen changes to Super Panavision width Dolby Digital Surround Sound THX Certified Theatre (would be only theatre in South Jersey) Ability to watch HD satellite broadcasts Hearing & visually impaired access

Theatre of Tomorrow

Theatre wired with fibre optic cable for broadband, broadcast & HD transmissions Completely restored lobby New restrooms New curved marquee to maintain ‘40/’50s look Neon “Beach Theatre” sign restored Classroom, conference room & “screening room” added

    

Total Complex Upgraded
Geranium flower gardens restored with new fountains added on each side Retail stores & restaurants given upgrades Complete ADA access for all facilities

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Visionary concepts are in development.

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Theatre Usage

On-going programming mix of independent, foreign, classic and animated films Festival use (NJ State Film Festival, Music, Jazz) Theatre rental by corporate, civic, hotels/B&Bs, private individuals Educational use will be encouraged

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A New Theatre Experience

Clean & welcoming environment A staff of friendly, informative movie fanatics Art gallery brought back to the lobby for local artists Comfortable arm chairs in lobby Movie information library kiosk Short films (live & animation) from local filmmakers before each movie

Discounts for seniors, students/ educators & military Discount season passes Online ticketing & all credit cards accepted Weekly email of theatre’s programs Weekly “take-one” guide of programs and times Summer Beach Theatre Magazine


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Free FilmFacts info sheet for every movie.


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Restoration, Education, Fun

The Beach Theatre Foundation will position Cape May as a new retreat for the motion picture industry Cape May will be seen as an up & coming mecca for filmmakers, producers, writers, actors, educators & students to gather, discuss, appreciate, study and produce movies. Theatre complex will embrace education collaboration with all area colleges (Stockton) & schools (Lower Cape May Regional High School) The foundation will encourage film schools from around U.S. to locate satellite campuses in Cape May Film school scholarships to be awarded to local students

Restoration, Education, Fun
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Film events would happen in Cape May all year long Film organizations would be encouraged to have smaller trade events happen in Cape May Multiple opportunities are offered for local commerce to grow for B&Bs, hotels, shops, restaurants, transportation Bottom line, more people would visit Cape May throughout the year and be likely to return

How does saving the Beach Theatre help Cape May?

Beyond national recognition as a film lovers center, there is direct financial benefit to Cape May Americans for The Arts is the nation’s leading non-profit organization advancing arts in America They have developed the “Arts & Economic Prosperity Calculator” for nonprofit arts complexes

Our plan will generate over $1.8MM in local expenditures It will support 50 full-time equivalent jobs related directly or indirectly Local and state governments will see over $140,000 in licenses, fees and taxes

How do we save the theatre?

We have a unique situation where the owner will lease the theatre to the foundation and give us an option to purchase the entire complex within the term of the lease Cost of one-year lease/option: $100,000 City of Cape May has approved a low-cost loan of $100,000 to the Beach Theatre Foundation for the lease/option

 

Where are we?

We are very close to signing our agreement with Frank Investments, the owner of the Beach Theatre & retail complex City finalizes our payment of $100,000 on Sept. 4th at 1 p.m. Lease would begin October 1st The BTF runs the theatre for the term of the lease During the term of the lease the BTF finds a buyer for the entire complex ($12MM) and the BTF assigns the purchase option to the buyer

   

What happens next?

The new owner of the complex leases the theatre portion back to the foundation for a nominal fee for 50 years Based on negotiation, the new owner pays for a portion or all of the refurbishment/restoration of the theatre portion of the complex


Short term, we need to quickly raise donations to pay for
 

theatre operations & fundraising initiatives developing a visionary plan to present to prospective new owners of the complex

Long term, we need to raise funds for theatre restoration, re-payment of Cape May loan & ongoing philanthropic activities

Fundraising Sources
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Theatre tickets Theatre concessions 4 individual cinema sponsorships Event sponsorships Theatre rentals Fundraising events

 

BTF logo items Advertising in BTF program guides & onscreen Theatre seat sponsorships Grants Donations

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Fundraising Plans

Aggressive fundraising has begun:
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Trivia Night - September Cocktail reception - October Halloween Movie Marathon - October 27th Silent Auction commences in September

Online Auction

   

7 night Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise for 2 6 VIP Passes to any Sea World theme park Framed classic original movie posters Gift Certificates and much, much more

Revenue Sources
Each Existing Cinema is Corporately Sponsored Cinema I - Independent Film Cinema II - Foreign Film Cinema III - Retro Classics Cinema IV - Animation
Each new theatre chair can be sponsored

Exterior bench sponsorships Walk of Fame sponsorship on sidewalk

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Pledge.

We will do everything possible to save & restore the Beach Theatre. We will not leave Cape May without a movie theatre. We will add a new jewel to the cultural crown of Cape May by making it known for film appreciation throughout the world. Cape May can become the “Sundance” of the east coast.

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Thank you
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City of Cape May Our contributors Jim Pickering Legal services Barry Sharer Accounting services Our volunteer staff

   

Our advisors Shirley Stiles Jane McNutt Lelah Eppenbach Paul Andrus

Board of Trustees

Jerry Gaffney, Vice President Bernie Haas, Treasurer Steve Jackson, President Bruce Minnix Ray Roberts Harley Shuler Barbara Skinner Susan Tischler, Secretary

Visit our website!

BTF Online Store

“Make our day.”

We need you!

Attend City Council Meeting, Sept 4th @ 1p.m. Volunteer Contribute

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Thank you.


Our Pledge.

We will do everything possible to save & restore the Beach Theatre. We will not leave Cape May without a movie theatre. We will add a new jewel to the cultural crown of Cape May by making it known for film appreciation throughout the world. Cape May can become the “Sundance” of the east coast.

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