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Death - the terminator of all pleasures

Why is it forgotten
Remembrance of Death
REMEMBERANCE OF death of Sahabha
3 Benefits of remembrance of Death
DUNIYA is a STATION for Muslims
Example that death can take place only at fixed place and fixed time
How the Ruh is taken for Unbelievers
How the Ruh is taken for believers
Where is our homeland
On the day of Judgement
On the day of Judgement what will happen to Kaafirs

The Islamic Belief is the Belief arrived at by the mind. This Belief that leads man to hold the existence of Allah and
the Islamic Way of Life to be correct. Indeed, since a believer concluded for himself this Belief, he embraced
it. And since he embraced it, he is obliged to believe in all that it contains. Believer would find much mercy
confirming his real life questions from Allah (swt) He would find confirmation in what Allah (swt) speaks to him
about regarding the nature of his fixed life, death and what happens after death. Death would become real
and its implications would shake strongly the one who understood.
When we look to the reality in the West, we can see that people rarely think about this subject. This world is full
of pleasures and a trial Death a taboo subject means it is excluded from use or mention in society and is avoided.
People would rather talk about the opposite sex, the latest movie, the latest sports event or the lives of
Why is it forgotten
They busy themselves in discussing things around them in the society, their studies, their work,
career, family problems and on majority of occasions trivial matters such as popular culture like
music, movies, the lives of pop stars, football etc.
When it comes to issues of importance to them in life like their studies, careers, work, families
and even entertainment we see people paying a lot attention to them and thinking about them in
For example:
When someone wants to go to University. They will think about it in detail, about the
various courses available, about which University will be suitable for them according to their
grades, about which Universities have the best facilities, etc.

Similarly when someone want to buy a car or something of value, they will think about it in
detail, they will check the mileage, the history, they will even take it for a test drive.
Even when it comes to popular culture and entertainment, people think about it in detail. In
cricket, football, they will know all the names of the players, their statistics, the upcoming
matches and everything related to it. If they are into music, they will know the various
bands and singers, what the latest charts are and what new releases are due to come out.
This is the level of attention and thought that goes into issues from day to day life and not
matters of vital importance. Then it should strike any thinking human being as strange that
people in Western society, unfortunately even some amongst the Muslims have thought very
little when it comes to the most important thing in our lives and the most fundamental of
questions. What will happen after we die? As Muslims, we must pay attention to this
subject and it should be at the forefront of our minds.
The Western ideology makes people only live for this life and avoiding thinking about
death. The purpose of life for them is to live life to the maximum, as they say. To follow your
lusts and desires not thinking about the consequences in the hereafter. Zina is being
promoted and cultured in the minds of people via Media, Bolllywood and Hollywood
movies in the name of love, romance.
What is the result of this we can see the NEWS:
50 police officers were arrested on charges of being involved in paedophilia and child
pornography and thousands of others including teachers and consultants are being
It is no wonder that this type of behaviour exists when there is a $7 billion pornography
It has created a society where two mothers in two separate incidents in Britain that were
recently reported on the news, left their young children at home alone, whilst one went
off on holiday and the other ran off to some hotel.
It is a society where people put there parents into old peoples homes only visiting them
on Christmas
It has created a society where on average 13 or so women who are raped in Britain
every single day according to official UK Home Office figures, where adulterous
relationships are the norm and where a massive number of marriages end in divorce.
The highlight of peoples lives is getting drunk on a Friday night or during Christmas.
Today there is a massive spiritual void in the society at large.
While the decadent western kufr culture seeks to push immortality, freedom as ideals to
the world and glamorise and present death as an irritating itch they only do this because
of their own fears, which they seek to hide from. Even they know they will face death one
day and they cannot escape its grasp no matter what steps they take.
Unfortunately for some Muslims the issue of death only has a temporary affect in their lives, so when someone
passes away in their family or from amongst their friends, or if they have a near death experience or get ill they
think about it and start following some of the rules of Islam.
After sometime this affect wears off and they return back to their normal life. They even start falling
back into the haram, so they may start involving themselves in haram actions with the opposite sex,
they may start engaging in haram transactions like that of Riba, they may start disobeying their
parents or neglecting their children, they may start missing the Salah. They may start following their
lusts and desires instead of the Shariah of Allah (swt).
We need to talk about a death a lot has prophet pbuh says Remember well the destroyer of all pleasures.

One of companions says I have not seen anything that is certain, with no doubt in it. But people deal with it as if
it is doubts with no certainty .We are all certain about death. Muslim or Non Muslim. Did u ever seen someone
who doesn't believe in death but they way we deal with it as though if it is something doubtful
When we talk about the death and when we realize the reality of death, this will take away the veils of gafla
Unawareness.These veils will be lifted up and you will see the truth. We will loose any appetite the world has to
ask. This attachment, which we have for Duniya, is because of this veil. We cannot se the truth that is why we
need to talk about death; we need to talk about Al-Akhira a lot to keep on this awareness in our mind
Allah Azza wa jal in this ayah as in many other ayat of the Quran reminds humanity of our own reality
Death is a reality which we all believe in its coming, a belief that meets no doubt whatsoever. At every
passing day we come one day closer to death. Death is a reality which we cannot ignore and it will
consume us
As Muslims we must realise that death is an inevitable reality from which we cannot escape. The Messenger
of Allah (saw) said to Abdullah b.Umar (ra), If you awoke in the morning, do not speak to yourself of
the evening, and if you reach the evening, do not speak to yourself of the morning. Take from your
life for your death, and from your health for your illness, as you, oh Abdullah, do not know what
your name will be tomorrow [Bukhari].
The Prophet is talking to Abdullah ibn Omar and he is basically giving advice:
- before you die use your life correctly
- before you get ill use your time when your healthy
- don't think you are going to live long - Allah can take your life anytime even before tomorrow
so you wont reach tomorrow
- you don't know whether you will still be alive tomorrow for someone to call your name as you
may be one of the people of the grave
We as Muslims must comprehend the magnitude of death instead of attempting to hide away from it
indulging in all forms of escapism as the Kuffar do. The Prophet (saw) said, If animals knew what the
sons of Adam knew of death, you would not have found any fat on them to eat [Al Baihaqi in Al
Shaab]. Meaning due to the worry and thinking about it.
We must realise that even the Messenger of Allah (saw), the best of creation, the most beloved to Allah
(swt) faced death. Do you think we can run away from it? Do you think that we can escape it by putting
it at the back of our minds by thinking more about the pleasures in this Dunya, than thinking about
the Akhira?
Every soul will taste death
Allah (swt) knows the reality of human beings that we sometimes attempt to avoid the inevitable and not
pay attention to it, this is why he repeatedly reminds us about the most definite thing in our lives, he
reminds us of al-Mawt, that we are going to die.
Remembrance of Death
Can u stop time .Time is revolving and eroding of our existence. Movement of time is in erosion in this
duniya.It is ripping away and tearing apart our own existence. Every second that passes by is taking a part of us.
We do not belong here and we need to believe that we need to prepare for death. For preparing we need to
remember DEATH, which is the first step.
Why do we have to talk about death/hereafter because we need to have the intention we need to have an objective
for everything that we do. So what are the objectives of talking about death
It is part of Iman.
It is a pillar of faith-Life after death
The pillar of our Iman is to believe in Hereafter

One of the most prominent fiction writer was asked what will happen to u after u die

He said nothing I will turn to dirt. His knowledge, all those books that he wrote all those pains that he had does it
make him any different than the most ignorant non-believer in Mecca 1400 years ago and the ones who rejected
resurrection. His knowledge did him nothing.Didnt move him one notch upin intelligence. No matter how much
we think the intelligent person is, the knowledge of this intelligent person is Zero because Allah swt say about nonbelievers on DOJ when they see the reality- if we had any understanding, if we had any intelligence we wouldn't
have been in hellfire. If our mind bothers here then we are ignorant. We know nothing. We have no intelligence ,no
mind whatsover,if our minds end up being in the hellfire. What mind is that. Allah swt has told us why he has given
the mind. Allah swt says We have given u the sight, the ears and the mind why so that u may be grateful to
worship Allah swt that is why we have been given these tools. We have been given the eyes, the ears to collect the
information and then we give to the mind to process it. We have sources of input then we have the processor of the
information that u receive. The sight and ears are the most important sources for gathering information and
the mind processes it for us and it will produce these 3 things together: it will lead us to Imaan. Allah swt say
that he has given these tool to reach to the level of Imaan
Why do we have problems around us .We do we have a Muslim who drinks and a Muslim who commits Zina and
a Muslim who deal with Riba and a Muslim who lies why
What are we missing.Aisha ra conveys in her saying of individual and social change in one sentence. If the first
thing revealed in Quran was do not drink then people would have said we are never going to stop drinking
and if the first thing that was revealed in Quran if it was do not commit fornication and adultery then
people would have said we would never stop committing fornication and adultery .But the first thing that
was revealed in the Quran was Sura Mufasal which talked about hellfire and paradise until the hearts were
attached to Allah swt then orders of haram and halal came down.
Most of the Islamic ruling was revealed in medina
In Mecca it was a preparation to receive the law. In Mecca it was preparation for the hearts to fill it with Imaan
mentioning about Jannah & Naar talking about unseen until the hears were attached to Allah until all the veils of
darkness are lifted in front of eyes then the orders of halal and haraam came down
We are not suffering from problem of Ignorance only. Even though it is a problem
Everyone knows alcohol is haram,everyone knows the reward of fasting ,praying in Jam-mah ,everyone knows the
interest is haram How come everyone I still involved in haraam actions? Even a child knows about importance of
doing haj.The major problem is insufficient Imaan.The heart is like a rock .The hearts are not soft. What can make
these heart soft. The accountability. Prophet pbuh say
"If u know what I know then u will cry a lot and laugh a little.
If u know the reality of Al-Aakhira.One of the incidents of Ali-bin Abi talib said it wouldn't make any difference if I
see Jannah in front of me I wouldn't love it more and even if I see the Hell fire in front of me I wouldn't fear it
more. Ali bin abi talib is ra says that he has absorbed the meaning of jannah and Jahanum so much that even if he
sees it wont make a difference. he is living in Duniya as though he is seeing in Jannah and living as though he is
seeing hellfire in front of him that is the Iman when u reaches to that level.
If we look to the Sahabah and the Muslims of the past we can see how the thinking about death was at
the forefront of their minds. One of the early Muslims, Al-Rabee ibn Khaytham had dug a grave in his
house, so that if he found hardness within his heart, he would enter it and lay down for as long as Allah
wished and read from the Quran, the ayah: O my Lord! Send me back (to life) in order that I may
work righteousness in the things I neglected repeating it, then he would reply to himself saying: Oh,
Rabee, here, you have been returned, so work.
The step to think about Akhira is DEATH.

Prophet (saw) was the one who used to think about death and the Akhira the most. He used to be the most
fearful of people and CRY THE MOST.
Every night, the pious Khalifah Umar b. Abdul Aziz (ra) would gather the Fuqahaa, the people of
knowledge and remember death and the Day of Judgement and the Akhirah, and they would cry as if
a funeral was before them. And it was said that if death were to be mentioned around him, he would shiver
like a bird and cry until tears would run down his beard, once crying making the whole house cry with

him, and when the moment passed, his wife Fatima asked him: May my father be sacrificed for you,
oh Amir al Mumineen (of the Believers) why do you cry? He said: I imagined the departure of the
people from between the hands of Allah, and saw a group in Paradise and a group in the Hellfire.
Then he cried out and fainted.
Umar b. Al-Khattab (ra), the brave and strong leader of the Muslims would drop at the hearing of an Ayah
and would be streaming tears whenever he was reminded of the afterlife; and on his ring he had engraved:
Death is enough of a reminder, oh Umar.
Abi Tharr (ra) said The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: Visit the graves, as it will be a reminder of the
Akhirah, and wash the dead, as taking care of an empty body is an outstanding admonition, and pray over
the Janaiz (funerals), as it may sadden you, for the sad one is in the shade of Allah [Ibn Abi Al Dunya and
Al Haakim -Good chain of narrators].
It has been narrated of Abu Hurairah that if he saw a funeral, he would say: Move on, for we are to
Al-Dhaahik said: A man once said: Oh, Messenger of Allah, who is the most Zaahid (abstinent) of people?
He (saw) said: He who does not forget the grave and abandoned the luxuries of life, seeking that which
lasts above that which ends, not counting yesterday as one of his days, and counted himself amongst the
people of graves.
This is the extent the Muslims of the past remembered death.
Remembrance of death is when a believer imagines that he will meet his Lord at any moment, and his
actions will be cut off, as will his ability for repentance (Tawba). So he will be careful to obey Allah (swt),
wary of his Lord every second of his life. It is worshipping Allah, knowing that he sees us even if we
cannot see Him. Anas (ra) said: I overheard Umar b. Al-Khattab (ra) as he entered upset, and there was a
barrier between us, saying: Oh, Umar b. Al-Khattab, Amir of the Believers, bravo! By Allah, Oh, son
of Al-Khattab, you better fear Allah, or he will punish you. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (ra) said: Whoever
detests himself before Allah (swt) for his sins, Allah will protect him from His anger.
Death is no more than the truthful companion who continues to remind the Believer of his Akhirah As
long as a Believer remembers his Akhirah and acts accordingly, then he is heading in a right direction and he
will live his life in a state of remembrance and preparation for it. This is why the Messenger of Allah (saw)
stressed the remembrance of death and to prepare for it, as he stressed the visiting of graves and praying for
peace upon them, as it is the best admonition and the best of reminders.

REMEMBERANCE OF death of Sahabha

When death approached Bilal (ra), his wife said: How sad this moment is.' And he said: No, say:
How joyous this moment is. For tomorrow we see the beloved ones, Muhammad (saw) and
his companions.'
Abu Hurairah (ra) cried on his deathbed and it was asked: What makes you cry?' He replied: "I
do not cry for this world of yours, rather I cry over the long journey ahead of me and how
few provisions I have with me. I am rising on a runway to Paradise and Hellfire and I do not
know which of them it will lead me to."
When death came to Umar b. Abdul-Aziz (ra), he began crying and it was asked: What makes you
cry, oh Amir of the Believers? You should be joyous, for Allah (swt) has brought many Sunnahs
back to life with you and spread justice through you.' He replied: Will I not be made to stand and
be questioned regarding these creations? By Allah (swt), I may have been just, but I fear for myself
that it will not bear any weight before Allah (swt) until it is scrutinised with its evidences, so how is
it with most of our actions?' And he cried profusely, then said: 'Sit me up!' So they sat him up, and
he then said: 'I am the one who you ordered, and I fell short, and I am the one who you
accounted, and I disobeyed.' Saying this three times, he then said: 'But there is no Lord worthy
of worship except Allah (swt).' He then lifted his head, and seemed to be inspecting something
keenly. When he was asked regarding this, he said: 'I see green fields,...and they are neither
humans nor Jinn.' Then he died.
This was the death of those before us whose path we seek to tread. This was their stance and this
was their accounting of themselves and scrutinising themselves over every matter, big or small, so
that when death came to them their reaction was as if they had lived their lives in complete

disobedience to Allah (swt). This was due to the intense fear [TAQWA] they had of Allah (swt) and
how much they desired His mercy and forgiveness. Truly this is how the believer should be, ever
watchful, always accounting himself, catching up before time runs out, when sorrow is of no value
and regret is useless.
3 Benefits of remembrance of Death
Hasten to repentence.
If u always remember death will be thinking of Aakhira and u will repent to Allah swt
BE Contended
Contend with what u have. Whatever Allah swt gives u, u will be happy with it,satisfied and pleased.
This is temp residence. This is not where u belong. Therefore u would not give that much of concern
and attention. So whatever Allah swt give us, be contended with that. Allahamdulilah.
Do not Compete
The third benefit of remembering death-U will not fight and compete with people who compete
in this world. That will cause u have tranquillity in your heart because what makes people anxious and
obnoxious is competing over material things. Why ,because this world is small and our desires are large.
Nothing can satisfy the desires of the human being.Rasululah saw says if a son of Adam pbuh had a
valley of gold.u would request another valley of gold, nothing would please/satisfy him except the dirt.
When u go back to your dirt that will terminate all of your desires. When he dies his desires will die.
The person who realises that this temporary. If u look at the wars between nations and states. Most of
the time it is mostly over duniya;over oil, wealth over natural resources. That is why war happen.
Therefore the only valid war is Jihad because that is the only fighting that is happening for the sake of
Allah. Everything else is happening for Duniya.They attack Islam ,they would masks for fighting for
human rights .That is something I wouldn't believe that the wars are happening for the sake of human
rights. These are not for human rights. These rights of selected few. These are not rights but these are
privileges of selected few who are benefiting form status quo.It is not for the common me and u.Thats
not why war are happening. but there is an underlying motive. If human being think about death they
will satisfied with what Allah has given them. They will not compete over this world.
DUNIYA is a STATION for Muslims
We human race , living on this earth are under the perception that we belong here.
This is our residence and home. We dont know or we dont want to know the path that we are on a train.
The train is going to station to another final destination and this world is only one of these stops, in one of
these stations but we dont belong here. We have ticket that has 3 slips. We live in the womb for nine months, the
slip is torn off from the ticket. Then we live in the duniya and stay awhile in this station. When we die the II slip of
the ticket is torn out. Then we have one slip left that will be torn off either in hellfire or Jannah .And that is our final
We do not belong here. We are travelling. Prophet pbuh said Be in this worlds as if you are a traveller He
further says the example or the analogy of me in this duniya is like someone who is travelling in the dessert and
then saw a tree. So he took some shade under this tree. And then took some rest and then continued in his
journey that is duniya.
The Prophet (saw) said, The Dunya (the world) is a prison for the believer and paradise for the Kafir This
means that in this life we live in the prison of the Shariah, we cannot act as we like and become like the Kuffar
who act as wild animals treating this life as if they are in Jannah (paradise), with no accountability. Indeed Allah
Azza wa jal told us in the Quran:
And the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment [al Hadid: 20]
We should not allow for the Dunya to seduce us away from Allah (swt), Allah (swt) asks us:
Oh Mankind, what has seduced you away from your lord Most Beneficent?
The only thing that we will take with us when Malik al Mawt, the Angel of death comes to us, is our
deeds and nothing else. Not our wealth, our careers or our property.

And Al-Saddi (ra) said: He (is the one) who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is
best in deed [Al-Mulk: 2], meaning believers will be tested for who is truthful to Allahs commands
Allah (swt) says, Know that the life of this world is but play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting
and multiplying, (in rivalry) among yourselves, riches and children. It is as the likeness of vegetation after
rain thereof the growth is pleasing to the tillers; soon it withers; then you will see it grow yellow; then it
becomes dry and crumbles away. But in the Hereafter is a severe torment (for the disbelievers - evildoers).
And forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers - good doers). And what is the life of
this world, but a deceiving enjoyment? Race one another (in seeking) Forgiveness from your Lord, and a
Garden (of Bliss), the width whereof is as the width of heaven and earth, prepared for those who believe in
Allah and His Messengers: that is the Grace of Allah, which He bestows on whom He pleases: and Allah is
the Lord of Grace abounding. [Al-Hadid: 20-21]
We must work to prepare for the accounting that will take place after death. For thinking about death,
means thinking about the Akhirah. It is something that should dominate our minds.
Look at the way we are preparing for rizq, which is doubtful. We never know how much rizq we are going to get.
We do lot for it .We plan a lot for it. But death, which is absolute certainity. Everyone one of us, know we are
going to die. How much are we preparing for it. Its amazing that people are not doing anything for preparation of
death. When they do prepare for death they are preparing some aspects of death that which in this side of
equation ,this duniya and not the other side.
Unfortunately some people self-justify many of the haram and putting off the obligations to themselves, by
thinking that they will do it in the future. So they think, let me get a mortgage now, once I have paid it off then I
will make Hajj and start following Islam. Others say, let me have fun with the opposite sex whilst Im young,
when Im older, Ill get married and settle down. People think let me go to the pub with my work colleagues, Ill sit
there without drinking, once I get a promotion and when Im better off Ill stop doing it.
NO this should not be an attitude of a Mumiin

The time to prepare now and every moment from now.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, The clever one is he who disciplined himself and worked for what
is after death, and the feeble one is he who followed his desires, then made (vain) prayers to Allah
Ibn Umar (ra) said, I came to the Prophet (saw), and I was the tenth of ten men, when a man from the
Ansar asked: Who is the most clever and the most honourable of people, Oh Messenger of Allah? He (saw)
replied: Those who remember death the most and work the hardest to prepare for it; they are the
clever ones. They have left with the honour of this world and the dignity of the Akhirah [Ibn Majah
-Isnad Summarised version)
Al-Hassan (ra) entered a room where a man was reading Quran to himself, and said: The first of this
matter (life) is made proper when its end is feared, and the end of this matter is made proper when
its first is renounced.

Uthman bin Affan (ra), in the last Khutba he gave in his life, said: Allah (swt) gave you this world to
request the Akhirah, and did not give it to you for you to rely upon, for this world ends and Akhirah is
everlasting. So let not that which ends neither make you disregardful, nor keep you busy from that which
lasts. Choose to seek that which lasts over that which ends, for this world will be cut off and our return is to
Allah. Death reminds us of Akhirah, and there is no better reminder.
How clever are we?
Who amongst us has prepared to travel at any moment?Whoever imagines that his Akhirah may come at
any moment must prepare for it the best he can. When Ahmed b. Khadhrawiyyah neared death, he said to
his son: My son, a door that I have been knocking at for 95 years is about to be opened upon me
this hour, and I do not know if it holds for me happiness or misery.

And it was narrated that one of the pious Muslims was approaching his death and his wife began crying, so
he asked her: What makes you cry? She said: I cry for you. He said: If you wish to cry, then cry for
your-self, for I have cried over this day for 40 years.
Surely this is the attitude we must have for Death for every passing day we come one day closer to death.
So whoever reaches 18 years of age has come 18 years closer to his death, whoever reaches 20 years of age
has come 20 years closer to death, and who-ever reaches 40 years of age has come 40 years closer to death,
and so on. Who amongst us has prepared to travel this journey at any moment. . Whatever our objectives
and lifestyles are Death is only a whisker away.
How it is if you have a long journey ahead! Would you disregard preparing for it and making yourself
ready? We are not serious about death .
Dont CARE attitude, NO WORRIES , NO value ; or you are heed-less, as time means nothing to
Accounting ones self and guarding it from mistakes is how a believer saves himself from the punishment of Allah
(swt), preparing himself so that he may meet Allah (swt) obedient and in submission, committing himself to what
Allah has ordered him, not getting tired, or compromising or giving up, rather treading the path of Allah (swt),
withstanding the trials of the world and its disasters.
The Messenger of Allah (saw) read the verse:
Those whom Allah (in His plan) wishes to guide, He opens their breast to Islam. [Al-Anam:125] and said:
If the Nur (light) enters into the breast, it widens. Then someone asked: Is there a visible sign of that, Oh,
Messenger of Allah? He said: Yes, increased renunciation of the dwelling of vanities (Dar Al-Ghurur), and
the desire for the everlasting dwelling (Dar Al-Khulud), and preparation for death before its time. [Al
Haakim in Al Mustadrik]
Have you realized firstly, as a Muslim what are we doing here and secondly, as a carrier of the Dawa? Have you
asked yourself if you have put forth the deserved effort, or have you been negligent in its undertaking? Have you
realised that you are of the most burdened, and of the most responsible, and you are the most needy of people,
in this day and age, of accounting yourself and subduing it to what Allah (swt) has enjoined upon it of actions, and
to what your back has been burdened with of responsibilities?
We should take the advice that the great scholar Qadi Abu Yusuf gave to the Khalifah (ruler) at his time, Haroon alRasheed: "Do not defer the work of today until tomorrow. If you do this you will lose, for there is no deed
after death".
The Messenger (saw) has also mentioned to us some practical ways to increase our remembrance of death.
Abu Tharr (ra) said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: Visit the graves, as it will be a reminder of the
Akhirah, and wash the dead, as taking care of an empty body is an outstanding admonition, and
pray over the Janaiz (funerals), as it may sadden you, for the sad one is in the shade of Allah [Ibn
Abi Al Dunya and Al Haakim -Good chain of narrators].
Abu Hurairah (ra) said that if he saw a funeral, he would say: Move on, for we are to follow.
We need to be truthful and not hypocrite
Increase Taqwa of Allah-so that every action we can adhere to Shariah
Patient as dawa carrier ,Not thinking of results
Learn more about the deen in relation to what is allowed and what is forbidden
Worship Him and only Him in every aspect of life.
Pray for Iman to ascend
Realize and repent for our mistake
Seeking His mercy and forgiveness
It should be clear that we must adopt Islam comprehensively and seek Allah (swt) Pleasure.
Understand our fard-ayn of Fards is establishment of Islam
We must all work to fulfil our obligations and engage in the responsibility to carry the call of Islam
the call to establish Allahs Deen, The Khilafah. This is a mighty task, for when the people have turned
away to seek what this world has to offer, you turned to seek what the Afterlife has to offer.

Truly it is a trust and if we were to make our commitment and undertake this task, giving it what it deserves
of effort, we may become one of the brothers of the Messenger of Allah (swt), who he said regarding them:
How I wish to see my brothers who will come to Al-Hawdh (a pool in paradise), where I will greet
them with a container, in it a drink, and I will feed them from my Hawdh before they enter
paradise. They asked: Are we not your brothers? He replied: No, you are my companions. My
brothers are the ones who believed in me, although they had never seen me. I am very anxious to see
Do we not want to be those that are being described as the brothers of Muhammad (saw)? Do we not want
to be from those who the Messenger of Allah (swt) said regarding them: Oh Huthayfah, in every group
of my Ummah, there is a group of ruffled, dusty (individuals), who desire my way and follow my
path. They uphold the book of Allah (swt). They are from me and I am from them, even though they
have not seen me, and his (saw) saying: Allah (swt) revealed to Musa b. Imran that in the Ummah
of Muhammad there will be men who stand upon every elevated place and in every valley, calling
out the Shahadah of La-ilaha-illAllah (swt), their reward will be that of the Prophets.
Death reminds us of Akhirah, and there is no better reminder. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
Increase the remembrance of that which destroys all desires [Al Tirmidhi and said the Hadith is Hasan].
Indeed we as Muslims must link our actions directly to the consequences in the Akhira. For there will
be a time, where the angel will remove our Ruh, and we will be buried six feet under, when we will face
the questioning the grave.
And in the Sahih (authenticated) narration of when Jibreel (as) asked the Messenger (saw) about Ihsan,
he (saw) said, To worship Allah as if you see him, and if you do not see him, then he surely sees
Belief in death is worthless without the belief in the Akhirah, for death is the beginning of the
path to the Akhirah; the everlasting life, the life where fate is decided; either complete bliss, or severe
punishment. So whoever feared death and believed that its cause is the ending of Ajal, but did not
carefully guard and account himself and did not imagine the Akhirah in a manner that prepares him to
travel to it at any moment, will find no effect of his Iman upon his actions in this world, and if he is
affected, then this will add up to no more that a few quick moments of guilt, without being followed up
with careful guarding and accounting, thus he will very quickly go back to his old ways of disobeying
Allah (swt) after the effects of what he saw heard or what reminded him wear off.
So we must connect all of our actions whether small or large to the Akhira and to the consequences
after death.
So when we get tempted by the haram transactions like that involving Riba (interest) whether it be
mortgages, loans or interest on credit card payments, we should think of death!
When we are tempted to involve ourselves in a haram action with the opposite sex, whether it is
looking at them with lust, socialising, flirting, dating or zina we should think of death!
When we get angry with our parents and want to act in a rebellious way towards them, we should
think of death!
When we get frustrated with our children and want lash out at them or beat them unnecessarily, we
should think of death!
When we see munkar (evil) around us and are scared of people to speak out against it, whether this is
munkar within our families, our communities, our mosques or our societies we should think of death!
When we are pressured by the Kuffar at our workplaces or colleges to go with them to the pub, or
partake in their Kufr celebrations like that of Christmas and the like then think of death!
When you feel lazy in performing the Islamic obligations like Salah or carrying the Islamic dawa to
change the situation of the Ummah and want to relax and have an easy life, then think of death!
For remembering death without connecting it to our actions is useless. It is not enough to remember
death without comprehending its reality. For the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
Increase the remembrance of that which destroys all desires [Al Tirmidhi and said the Hadith is Hasan]
Death reminds us of the Akhirah, and involves much reminding and careful examination. And Al-Dhaahik said:

A man once said: Oh,Messenger of Allah, who is the most Zaahid (abstinent) of people? He (saw) said:
He who does not forget the grave and abandoned the luxuries of life, seeking that which lasts above
that which ends, not counting yesterday as one of his days, and counted himself amongst the people of
the graves.


As an example from those who understood the reality of death was Abdullah ibn al-Ruwaahah who was the
third commander of the army facing a Byzantine army of approximately 200,000 in the battle of Mutah. After
encouraging the Muslims to fight for the victory or martydom, it came for Abdullah to take command of the army
after the death Zayd ibn al-Haarithah and Jaafar ibn Abi Talib. He took the banner from Jaafars hands. At that
moment of great responsibility he was overtaken by a moment of hesitation. But he then cried out, O my soul,
you look as if you were afraid to cross the way that leads to Paradise. O my soul, I took an oath to fight. O
my soul, death is inevitable so you had better be martyred. Now I will experience the inevitability of death.
What you have cared for so long is finally yours. So go ahead, for if you follow these two heroes, you will be
guided to the way of Paradise. He ran into the heart of the Byzantine army and was struck down in the fighting.
How true are Abdullahs word to his soul about the inevitability and fear of death. All that you cherish and love of
the life, your wealth and your business, your parents, your women, your children, your lifestyle, your friends, your
houses comes to an abrupt and painful end.
The reasons for evil ending:
It is the most important stage before we die, as it is the last stage Whoever dies on something he will be
resurrected on it. If u died in Hajj making Haraam making talbiyah then prophet pbuh says Allah will resurrect u
by saying Allahumma Labbaik Allahumma Labaik.If you die as Shaheed in the battle prophet pbuh says u will
come out of your grave with your injury bleeding, just like when it was bleeding when u were injured in the
When u die on something u will be resurrected on the same thing which u were doing.
That is why most important stage is Al-Khawatheen. prophet pbuh always says in the hadith Oh Allah make the
best of my deeds the last deeds. Also in another hadith
One of u would do the deeds of people of paradise until it is only one foot between u and paradise then u
would do the deeds of people of hellfire and u would die and u would enter into hellfire."
All of might be doing the actions of people of Jannah and in the end u messed up then u end up in hellfire and the
opposite could happen too. You could be doing the deeds of the people of hellfire, in the last moments of your life
when you are doing good you die ,you go to jannah.hence the most important stage is the last stage
What are the reasons of evil ending. We asked allah swt the good blessed ending
Hidden defect
Insistence on sins
Satan upon your feet
Hidden defect:
Corruption and defect in the belief. let me give u an example-an analogy lets assume u bought a
computer. It was working fine when u were working for first time. In the II month it is working
fine .Then u put it through a rigorous application. Then the computer failed and broke down. U take
and see what was the problem then u find that there was a defect from Day1 but this defect did not
show from day1 because you were treating it gently. U r using computer for easy and simple
application but when u put it through the rigorous tests a serious application ,a serious program it
broke down. Why ,because there was this defect did not show on Day1 it did not show up day2 .It
worked fine for 2 months. But when things became tough it broken down why because; there was
hidden defect. You did not notice it. u thought computer is brand new and there is nothing wrong
but there was something hidden. So u could be living now thinking that Aqeeda is fine. You have
innovation or u have doubts about the Qurana,the Ambiah ,doubts about laws of Allah have
some doubts hidden somwhere in the corner in the heart.Then death approaches.Shaitan puts u

through the tests.Things become difficult on u in the last moments. And that problem,that defect
shows up.You find out that there was a corruption in your belief. When u find out when there is a
corruption in your belief, then what u do,you give up your whole belief because u discovered that
there is something wrong with it. U would something wrong in Islam and u would end up giving up
the whole thing and u would loose it all. The problem appeared now .U wouldn't go and fix it and
u would go and throw the computer .So u can throw the whole thing, You would loose the whole
battle. That is why Ibn Qayim says we dont expect that Allah swt would mislead everyone the man
from the straight path except if the person has a hidden defect. We believe out of the mercy of Allah
swt Allah will not mislead anyone if that person was having true righteousness. There must be
something wrong. And that defect showed up at one moment of time. Allah swt says Shall we tell
you the greatest losers in respect to their deeds, they are those whose efforts have been wasted
in this life while they thought they were acquire good by their deeds Allah is telling about the
biggest losers. They r the ones who r thinking that they doing well but they are doing wrong. You
find that somebody is very righteous but he is doing the wrong way. He is not following the path of
Allah swt. Its all unaccepted.
Insistence on sins
II reason for evil ending: DIVERSION from the STRAIGHT PATH. A person could be on straight
path then he decides to divert when he takes the short turn what happens is it is like a fork. It starts
out with a small angle then it gets further and further away. The turn in the beginning is very
small/The angel is very small. But further u go, more further apart u become. Example of Iblis he
was one of the righteous but he did that small mistake, out of a great problem which is arrogance.
And he became the worst of the creation. Allah says And recite to them the story of him to whom
we gave our ayath but he threw them away so Satan followed him up. And he became those who
went astray. And have we willed, we would surely have elevated him but he clanged to the earth and
followed his won vain desires This Ayath is talking about someone who received the ayath from
Allah swt and then he detached himself from the ayath of Allah & followed his own desires. So
Satan followed up. He would mislead and misguided. Why because he was clunged and attached to
this world. Look at what this world could do. This is the person who has the knowledge and had the
ayath of Allah. He lost it all and when u were misguided because u were attached to the duniya And
why because he followed his own desires. Do not follow desires and do not follow the world.
Because that is contradictory to the word Islam. Lets go back to the basics. What does it mean"
Submission to Allah .u submit to Allah even if it against u r own will. Even if it against your own
desires. U give up what u want for the sake of Allah swt. We want to follow the religion acc to our
understanding and according to our convenience and acc. to our spare time. NO we do not custom
make Islam to serve us. We change ourselves to fit into Islam .We do not make Islam change .We
change our own characters to fit Islam because this is the meaning of the word Islam that means
complete SUBMISSION. Submission to Allah swt. This man he had the knoeldge,he had the ayath
of Allah swt and it didn't do him any good. Because he followed his own desires. And he was
mislead. Prophet pbuh says The thing I fear the most in u is a man who memorises Quran until the
light of the quran shows up on its face. And then he detaches himself from the ayath of Allah and he
carries the sword on his neighbours and he accuses him of Shirk. he accuses him that he is Mushrik.
Hudafah after rasoolula saw who is Mushrik among them ,the accuser or the accused.? Prophet
pbuh said THE accuser .Ibn kathir says he has quran in his heart ,light of quaran is showing on
his face but then he detached himself from Quaran,he fell into the fitna and he carried the sword on
his neighbour and he accused his neighbour of Shirk This man became a Mushrik.Quran is still in his
heart and he became a Mushrik
Satan upon your feet
Classical Example of Ibn kathir and other Scholars of Banu Aabid 16/17 of Surah Hashr
Story of Barsis:There were 3 men from bani Israel who were given command to go on Jihad.This is from
Ibn Al-Jawzi's "Talbees Iblees"There was a pious worshipper of the tribe of Israel. He was the most pious
person of his time. During his time, there were three brothers who had a sister. She was a virgin. And they
had no sister other than her. They were all about to leave the town to go to war. They did not know with
whom to leave their sister and who they could trust to look after her. They all agreed to leave her with that
pious person. They all trusted him.
They went to him and asked if they could leave her with him. She would be in the building next to him until

they return from the fighting. He refused their request and sought refuge in Allah from them and their sister.
They persisted until he finally acquiesced. He said, "Put her in the house next to my place of worship." So
they put her in that house and they left, leaving her there. She remained living next to that pious person for
some time. He would put food for her in front of his building of worship. Then he would lock the door and
return to his place of worship. He would then tell her to come out of her house and take the food.
Then Satan approached him softly. He encouraged him to treat her kindly. He told him that it was not good
to make the woman come out of her house during the day as someone may come upon her. If he took the
food directly to her door that would mean a greater reward for him. He continued for some time to go to
her door and place the food at the front of her door without speaking to her. Then IBlees came again and
encouraged him to do good and get more reward. He said, "If you took her the food and placed it in the
house for her, you would get a greater reward." He continued to encourage him. So he started to take the
food into her house. He continued like that for some time. Then lblees came again and again encouraged
him to do good. He said, "If you talk to her for a while she will be put to ease by your conversation as she
is in a state of fear and she is all alone." He then started talking to her from atop his place of worship. Then
lblees came again. He said, "If you were to come down and talk to her while she sits at her door and talks
to you, that would be even more comforting for her." He continued to encourage him until he came down
and sat at his door and would talk to her. The girl would come out of her building and sit at her door and
they would talk for a while. Then lblees came again and encouraged him to get great rewards for treating
her well. He said, "If you were to go from the door of your place of worship and sit close to her door, that
would be even more comforting for her." He continued exhorting him until he did so. He continued that act
for a while. Then lblees came again. This time said, "If you enter her house and talk to her, and not make
her show her face in public it would be even better for you." He continued exhorting him until he entered
her house and spent the whole day talking to her. Then when night fell, he returned to his place of worship.
Then lblees came to him after that and continued to make her more appealing to him. Until the worshipper
got upon her and kissed her. And lblees continued to make her look nice in his eyes and desire her until he
finally committed zina with her. She got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Then lblees came and told the
worshipper, "Do you not realize what the brothers of the girl will do to you when they see she has given
birth to your son? You will not be safe if your matter 'becomes clear, You should go to the boy and kill it
and bury it, that way you can conceal your affair and They will not do anything to you for what you did to
her." Then he said to him, "Do you think she will conceal from her brothers what you did to her and your
killing of her son. Take her, kill her and bury her with her son." He continued spurring him on until he killed
her and threw her in the ditch with her son. Then he put a large rock over them and levelled it.
Then he returned to his place of worship and worshipped therein. He stayed in that state for as fong as
Allah willed until the brothers came back from the fighting. They came to him and asked him about their
sister. He mourned her loss and started to cry. He said, "She was the best of women and that is her grave."
The Brothers came to the grave and cried over their sister and asked Allah to have mercy on her. They
stayed at her grave for a few days and then went to their families. When the night overtook them and they
went to their beds, Satan came to them in their sleep in the form of a traveller. He started with the eldest
and asked him about their sister. The brother told him what the pious man had stated and how they were
shown her grave. Satan told him that the pious man had lied. He said, "He did not tell you the truth about
your sister. He got her pregnant and she had his son and then he killed and buried her out of fear of you.
Then he threw them in a ditch he dug behind the door of the house she was staying in, to the right of the
entrance. Go and enter the house in which she stayed and on the right of the entrance you will find
everything I told you about." Then he went to the middle brother and did the same. Then he went to the
youngest brother and did the same. When they woke, they were all surprised at what they had seen. When
they met each other, they all said, "I saw an amazing thing last night," and they informed each other of what
they had seen. The eldest said, "That dream has nothing to it so just ignore it." The youngest said, "I will
not leave it until I go and look at that place." They all went until they reached the door of the place where
there sister stayed. They opened the door and looked for the place that was described to them in their
dreams. They found their sister and her son buried in a ditch, as they were told. They asked the worshipper
about it and he confirmed what lblees had told them. They then took him and were about to crucify him.
When they had him on the wooden cross, Satan said to him, "You know that I am your companion who
tempted you by the woman until you got her pregnant and you killed her and her son. If you obey me today
and deny Allah, who formed and shaped you, I will rescue you from your predicament." The worshipper
then belied Allah. When he belied Allah, Satan left from being between him and the others and they were
able to crucify him too.

1- This story, and others similar to it, is from the israaeeliyaat or stories, which have their source in the books
or tales of the Jews and Christians. We do not say it is true nor do we say it is false, but it is allowed to narrate
them as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Narrate stories about the Tribe of Israel and there is no harm
in that.
2- In another narration Burseesah dies in sujjod to Satan when Satan promises to save him from the brothers.
May Allah save us from such a Death. Ameen. This Narration is Quoted in Ibn al-Jawzi's Talbees Iblees, p.39.
* Al-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, Al-Baghawi, and Ibn Kathir all narrate similar stories under the verse of Surah AlHashr. 16/17 of Surah Hashr
Who would imagine Barsisa,the aabid would make sujuud to Satan.If Satan came in the beginning and asked
him to do Sujood will barsisa do Sujood to him .NO. If Satan would have come and said :go an kill someone
would Barsisa kill .NO. if u told him to zina he wouldn't agree .How come Barsisa fell into the trap of killing,
making zina,making sujood to Satan .He dies a death of Kufr.Worst type of Kufr.
The way Satan did it was :the classical method of misleading people, mankind process. He does it slowly but
surely and he takes his time. If he cannot get from big concession he will get something smaller. First he will try
to get Kufr ,if he cannot get kufr then bidaa.If he cannot get Bidaa then he will get major sin. If cant get a
major sin then he will get a minor sin. if he cant get minor sin then he will try to make u waste time in things
which are Mubaah(things that are allowed) as long they will take u away what is wajib .If he cannot get that
from u ,then he will encourage u to do good deeds that are lesser in value than others. In other words Satan
will never give up. He will try whatever he can. This is why it a continuous battle u and devil. And it never ends
until u die.Barsisa lost. Very evil ending making sujood to Satan. How did it happen step by step.
Therefore what we learn even if u learn something as being insignificant sin, be careful because it might be a
trap. Satan might be trying to trap you.That might not be the end of it. That might be the beginning of the
tunnel. Stay away from it. Close the door.
Umar bin Al khattab he shut it and he locked his door very hard.Rasool(pbuh) says whenever Umar ra would
take one direction. Satan would take another. Satan does not want to bother Umar as it is hopeless case. Satan
cannot get anything out of him as it is just a waste of time. And the devil used to fear Umar.Uma r used to take
one direction ,Satan would take another. So dont give him a chance.
When Satan comes to you ,he will not tell u to go and commit this sin. Keep in mind that Satan has
accumulated experience of 10s and 1000s of years. he has been doing this for a very long time. He is better in
doing this than u r in fighting him except if u brings him assistance of Allah. Satan has been doing this since the
time of Adam till this day. Look at how much of experience he has accumulated. So he is very skilled in what
he is doing .In fact he is so skilled right from day one
When he went to jannah and met Adam. did he say Adam directly. Go eat from tree NO He said I will guide u
to a tree, which will give u an eternal kingdom and an eternal life. This is the point of weakness of us Human
beings .We want for live forever. We want to have kingdom. We want to have wealth so he hit us at the weak
point. He didn't say go and commit sin against Allah. He said eat from that tree and it will give u an eternal life.
And that is how Satan will approach u from Duniya,from your desires .he knows where to cumin's whenever u
see a hint ,Satan trying to pull u in wrong direction, make sure that u stop. Stop right in your tracks. Don't go
any further.
Weak Iman and being unprepared. The 4 th reason of evil ending is Weak Imaan.Lets assume
your a soccer player or football. If u train very well for the coming game, you will go in with high
spirits. because you did your part. You did very well. You will be waiting for the moment. But if
everybody else in the team is training and u r fooling around .When the game comes u will have lot
of anxiety. You r not ready .You didn't prepare for it. As students when u walk in a exam where u
have prepared hundreds of hours of preparation will go in confidence and u r ready for the
challenge. But when u go to write the exam that time you realize that you have left out many
things,your understanding was not right and u dont pass the exams because of lack of
preparation.Hence we need to prepare well for the afterlife.

Allah (swt) says: To every person is a term appointed. When their term is reached, not an hour can they
delay it, nor by an hour can they advance it" [TMQ Al-'Araf 7:34].
Ajal (lifespan) is in the hands of Allah (swt), nobody can make it come any nearer or distance it any further. When
our time comes, when Israel (as), the angel of death comes to take out Ruh (soul), will we be ready?
When is DOJ(Day of Judgement)?
Al-Bukhari: narrates that some bedouins would come and ask Prophet pbuh about the hour. Where is the hour
.So prophet pbuh would look at the youngest among them. And he would say if he lives and by the time he
reaches to the old age, your DOJ would have already started. BY the time he grows old, if Allah would give
him a long life .The DOJ for all of u would have already started .Death is beginning of the DOJ.It is called
minor DOJ.Because DEATH is counted as minor sign of DOJ.
Example that death can take place only at fixed place and fixed time
Every soul shall taste death. Allah swt say You shall die and everyone will die.
The term is fixed for death. It is an appointed time. It cannot change. It cannot be ahead than the appointed time. It
will not change. And no person can ever die except by Allahs leave and an appointed term So it is fixed time and
that is for all nations." every nation has an appointed term,when their time comes neither can they delay it nor can
they advance it.U cannot change it. Allah swt is telling us dont shy away from death. Don't try to run away.
Whosesoever u may be ,death will overtake u even if u r in fortress built up strong and high. Allah swt says
Did u not see from those who went from their homes in 1000s fearing death. Allah is talking about this group from
Bani Israil .An army was attacking them, so they went out to save their lives .Allah swt told them DIE.You are
running away from DEATH ,die. But then Allah swt raised them up again to show his miracle on them .He gave
them life. Truly Allah is full of bounty and mercy to mankind but most of them know not.
Example of construction Worker
There a true Story of a contraction worker. He fell down from 7 th floor on a solid concrete's passer byes
jumped to see what happened to this man. To their amazement he stood up. Happy that Allah swt did not
take away his life. Everyone was surprised and bewildered. He was so happy that Allah swt did not take
away his life. He told everyone that I will get u a drink .He had crosses the road to go the grocery shop on
the other side of the street to buy a drink. And he was disoriented. A car rolled over him and killed him. He
landed from 7th floor on the pavement and he did not die. Why because Allah swt did not want him to die
there .Allah swt has appointed for him a specific moment of the day, the exact second in which his soul
would be taken. Only thing he jumped was Allah swt wanted him to come to the place of his death. Allah
brought him down to go and meet his death. Now this man when he fell down ,he though he was given a
long life. That was a last thought in his mind that he would die after a few moments. The way he would see
it if I was saved from this death that means I have a long life ahead of me. He didn't know that the angel of
death is waiting at the middle of the road. He had an appointment with the angel of death. Allah swt
brought him down to the building to go this appointed
Death comes suddenly. death comes unannounced. We think we have enough time to prepare for it but
sometime it comes so suddenly that u wouldn't imagine how fast it could have happened.
Example of Heads on Collision for Aeroplanes
An example of death is the 2 airlines, which crashed over India: One was Saudi Airlines and other was a
foreign aeroplane. This was heads on Collision. Imagine 2 aeroplanes travelling speed over 800 miles per
hour. Heads on collision means that they hit each other with a total speed, with a combined speed of 1600
miles per hour. These 2 aeroplanes collided head on with around 16 hundred miles per hour .This death is in
split second .There could be someone in plane lifting a bite of food. But he died before putting it his mouth.
He was eating to live. There could have been 2 passengers speaking with each other .And the man who is
speaking died even before he could complete a word.
Sahih Muslim:

Umm Habiba ,the wife of Prophet pbuh made dua Of Allah give me pleasure by giving a long life to my
husband, Prophet pbuh and a long life to my father Abu Sufiyaan and a long life to my brother Muaawiya
Prophet pbuh told her You are supplicating towards Allah in regards to fixed terms and counted days
and all day of provisions which are already divided. About terms of life that are already fixed and days
that are already counted and the provisions that are already ordained and divided. I fu would have asked
Allah swt to save u from hell fire ,to save u from the punishment of the grave that would have been better
for you. You are asking Allah swt to give me,your father and your brother a longer life ,that is already
determined, it will not change It will happen whatever Allah swt has decided.
How the Ruh is taken for Unbelievers
The one who does not follow Allah Azza wa jals commands, how will his death be and how will his Ruh (saw)
be removed? Allah (swt) shakes the human mind from its sleepiness and complacency by giving him
shocking illustrations of the event of death.
By the angels who pull out the souls of the disbelievers and the wicked sinners with great violence. By
the angels who move forward rapidly. And by those that swim vigorously. And those that outstrip
swiftly. And those that conduct a certain affair from their Lord"[tmq An-Naazi'aat 79:1-5]
Tafseer :It refers to Angels that pull out the souls from the bodies. Ibn Kathir mentions that the explanation of
the first verse: 'By the angels who pull out the souls violently'. This refers to the angels when they draw out
the souls of men. Some souls will be pulled out with difficulty. What is meant here is that the soul is taken out,
violently penetrating to every remote place of the body, or pulling it at once and to the maximum extent, like when
a bow is pulled to its maximum. Indeed, the Angel of Death is made the supervisor and overseer at the time of
death. "Say: The Angel of Death who is set over you will take your souls"[TMQ As-Sajda 32:11]. This either
refers to one angel who has his own assistants, or to one angel only. Ibn Mas'ud said it refers to the souls where
the Angel of Death pulls the soul from beneath every hair, from under the nails, and from the veins and
nerves of the feet, he drags it as a red-hot skewer is pulled through wet wool.
In fact the Messenger of Allah (saw) said on the report of Al-Baraa' bin Aazib: "When the disbeliever and the sinful
servant is leaving the life of this world and going onto the next, powerful and severe angels with black faces
descend upon him carrying with them coarse sack cloths from Hell, and they sit from him at a distance as far as the
eye can see. Then the Angel of Death arrives and sits by his head and says: 'Oh foul soul come out to Allah's
wrath and anger.' The soul spreads throughout his body, so he violently drags it out like multi-pronged skewers
being pulled out from wet wool, tearing with them the arteries and the nerves".
Let us ask ourselves, do we want to be this person?
In addition, Ibn Qayyum relates that this does not apply exclusively to the disbeliever, and its violent intensity is not
confined to the disbeliever, but also to the Muslim who commits sin. Certainly there are overseers of death. How
hard they are! Had anyone ever escaped them and their intensity
How the Ruh is taken for believers
For a believer Ruh (soul) is removed with ease like a drop of water.
Sakrah is the dizziness and unconsciousness that is caused by pain. A person who is in the state of Sakhrah the
stages of unconsciousness and dizziness that is caused by pain and this happens during death. It is called
SAKHRATUL MAUTH-It is a state of unconsciousness that suffers due to pain. Allah swt say that the supers of
death will come in through. This is what we have been avoiding. It will come. Death is true. Even though u try to
avoid it will happen. It will happen to everyone. It happened to Rasoolulah saw. He had a pot filled with water and
out his hands in the water, he would dip his hands in the water and wipe his face and he would say La illah illal Lah,
truly death has its agonies. It is the supers of death. Even Rasoolullal saw was feeling .He had to put water on
his face. He was trying to cool his face. He was trying to feel that pain. What would u and me feel?
What would non-believer feel? Allah swt And if u could but see when the wrong doers are in the agonies of death
while Angels are stretching forth their hands saying" Deliver your souls This day u shall be recompensed with
torment of degradation coos of what u used to utter against Allah other than the truth and u used to reject his
Ayaath with disrepect

TASTE, taste the pain of death. Although everyone will go through this pain. But there is level. The non-believers
go through them the most. But then there is a certain category of people who feel no pain and who are they." They
are Ash shuhadha Prophet pbuh says the Shaheed, they feel the pain of the death as though one of us will feel a
sting of an insect. That's it. Allah swt has honoured the Shaheed with many honourings.Then why would anyone try
to run away from this honour.
The mother of the believers,Aishah (ra), said: I saw the Messenger of Allah (swt) as he was dying. With him was
a container of water, where he would put his hand into the container then wipe his face, saying: La ilaha illAllah,
. Oh Allah, help me with the agonies of death. and held his finger up, saying: Nay, the Most High companion, the
Most High companion. He (saw) then turned his sights, focusing them on the roof of the house, and said: Oh
Allah (swt). The Most High companion. where he (saw) then died, his hand falling into the water.
Muhammad (saw) the most beloved one to Allah (saw) did not escape death. However, at the time of the death of
the prophet of Allah (swt), he wet his hand with water and wiped his face saying: Oh my Lord! Make the
overseers of death easy for me. When Fatima (ra) observed the hardship her father (saw) was suffering, she said:
how distressed you are father! but he (saw) said, There will no longer be any distress to your father
There is a period before death named Al-ikhthidari like preparation for death. In this Stage Angel descend.
Allah swt says, Until death approaches one of u, our messengers take his soul and they never neglect their
duty. Who are these messengers? The angels. In this stage the angel descend and the person who is going
through the preparation, they will able to see them .Prophet pbuh says in the hadith If the believing servant is
leaving this world and moving into Al-Akhira (so he is that stage in between-there is an area in between the stage in
which you are going to that interface to save u from duniya to aakhira),when the person is raised in that Stage,
.Prophet pbuh says Angel will descend from the heaven, white faces like the sun ,they have with them a Coffin
from paradise and scent from paradise and u can see them. Then the angel of death will descend. Then he will sit
next to his prey , sit to his side.Oh u pure soul, and come out to the forgiveness of Allah and his blessings.
The angel of death will softly call the soul to come out and will promise the soul that u r going to the forgiveness of
Allah swt. .Prophet pbuh says This soul will come out so easily like a drop of water falling from a jug
,smooth, the soul will come out so smooth like a drop of water rolling down
For the evil doer And for the non-believer (Kaafirs) that he is leaving duniya and approaching aakhira
,then dark angels will come down and they will carry with them coffins that are made of harsh material.
This could be from hell fire. Then the angel of death will come down and sit next to him and say
Oh u evil soul, come out to the anger of Allah swt and his wrath. "
It is telling the soul to come out. You have to come out right now. But u r going to the anger of Allah swt and
wrath of Allah swt is waiting for u. .Prophet pbuh says when the Angel of death is making the announcement this
soul will disperse in the body. The soul is running around in the body and he doesn't want to leave. It disperses in
its body. .Prophet pbuh says the Angel of death will grab the soul and pull it out like a branch with much thorn
within branches pull out of aball of wet wool. Imagine a branch of thorn and wrapped around it is wet wool and u
trying to pull the thorny branch out of the wet wool. What will happen. It will tear the wool apart. Prophet pbuh
says this soul when it is being pulled out it will tear the muscles and nerves of this person. It will tear it out but the
soul doesn't want to leave, suffering in pain. This happens to the evil soul.
During that stage even for the believer there could be some anxiety. So Allah swt provides comfort to that soul
Allah will give them the glad news. Allah swt says Verily those say our lord is Allah and then they stay firm .On
them the angels will descend on them saying Fear not ,nor grieve but receive the glad tidings of paradise that
which u have been promised This soul of the believers when it is in the Stage of Al-ikhthidhar angels will come
down and say we are delivering the good news of promise of Allah swt that u have been granted Jannah, to comfort
our soul. This is who the ones who said our lord is Allah and then stay firm They didnt say allah is one and then
they went in the crooked path one day is Masjid and 6 days outside; one day Roza and next day in alcohol. They
stay firm on the straight path. These are the ones where angels will come and deliver to them the glad tidings.
For the evildoer, Allah swt says when the angels take away the soul of those who disbelieve ,they smite their faces,
they hit them and say face the punishment of blazing fire" This is because of that your hands have forwarded and
verily Allah is not unjust with his slaves. The angels are hitting them ,beating them and telling them u r going to
receive hellfire as the compensation of what u did and then Allah swt says I am not committing unjust to u this is
because of what u have reaped with your own hands. It is your actions that caused you this .

What is our homeland

Every living being has to taste death; then ultimately you shall be returned to us(Ankabut:57)
As we draw closer to death we should reflect upon what we essentially aimed to achieve i.e. Allahs Pleasure
and gaining closeness to our Creator. Such time reflecting would put into perspective that the day draws nearer
when we will draw our last breath and return to the One who gave us
Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!(4:78)
Our final destination is our Hometown .What is it ..The paradise. We should feel homesick to go back to our
hometown. We are just travellers here.
Whoever desires and Looks forward in meeting Allah swt, Allah swt would love meeting him. And whoever dislikes
meeting Allah swt,Allah will dislike meeting him. When Aisha ra heard this, if she does not understand ,she will
question this. She asked Prophet pbuh And who of us does not dislike death We dislike death. But does this
mean we dislike meeting Allah swt. Prophet pbuh said this is not what I meant. Prophet said but the believer
when he is about to die, he will given the news that Allah is pleased with him. And that Allah will honour him. So
most beloved thing to come becomes his future, what is laying ahead & he would love to meet Allah swt so Allah
would love to meet him.
But when the non-believer is about to die he has given the news that Allah swt is angry with him and that Allah will
punish him. So the most disliked thing to him becomes what is facing him ahead so he dislikes meeting Allah swt
and Allah swt dislikes meeting him
Even after the person dies and he is carried on the Janazaa.Prophet pbuh says
When the Janaza is placed and men carry it on their shoulder. if it were righteous person, it would say go as
fast as u can .This person is in a hurry to go to the grave because he is anticipating the reward of Allah swt.
Prophet pbuh says if it is evil person
then this person would say woe to it, where are you u taking me ? .
Prophet pbuh says everyone will hear that sound except the human beings, if the human beings were able to
hear it ,they would die to that shock. That shock would cause them death. If they would hear that sound of the
person saying DO not take me there, where r u taking me ? . Prophet pbuh says if the people were able to hear
this they would die. They would die due to the shock. This is the reality that we dont know. . Prphet pbuh says "
Prophet pbuh says "I can ask Allahswt to allow u to listen to voices of the person of the grave but I am
afraid if I do so that none of u would bury the dead."
Abdullah ibn Imam Ahmed said he was there when his father was passing away and his father was going
though this sakharah,the stage of unconsciousness and by the way when u r going from duniya to Aakhira,it is a
very difficult change. You have been in this world for 60 or 70 years & now u r going to a completely different
world so that change between these 2 stages is difficult .And sometimes it is doesn't happen immediately. The
person is going back and forth through this stage of Sakhara.To simplify this explaination,think about sleep. Sleep
is a minor death. Your soul is taken out when u r sleeping. u r going through different stages of sleep. You go
through an interface between these 2.So u r not asleep and u r not awake. Then you enter into the stage of sleep.
So u going from awakening to sleeping. And u r going through interface between the 2. The same things happen
before death. You are going through the interface of 2 stages of life and death. There r moments in which u r on
other side of the world and there are moments when u r on this side of the world.
Abdullah ibn Imam Ahmed says his father went through this stage of unconsciousness and then his father started
saying La baad,laa baad -NO, Not ; no not yet Abdullah was worried. Imagine your father saying
NO,not;not not yet What would u interpret .What would u think it means. I dont want to die yet. You would
interpret the meaning as I dont want to die yet. Hence Abdullah was very concerned .He asked his father. When his
father woke up .He asked his father why were u saying NO Not yet; No not yet. And Imam Ahmed said Satan
was standing right next to me biting on his fingers and saying Oh ahmed u have slipped out of my
hands.Oh Ahmed u have slipped out of my hands so I was telling no not yet until I die. Imam Ahmed
replied ,the battle between u and me is still happening .Not until I die, will I be saved from u.
Satan was biting his fingers. Upset because he lost with Imam Ahmed because Iman Ahmed is slipping from his
hands. So Satan was so upset that he was biting his fingers and said u have slipped away from my hand and Imam
Ahmed said not yet until I die. Look at the believer how he keeps on fighting until the last moment. We never give
up. If we are proud we would say I have won against u but Immam Ahmed is saying until I die.

This could happen and if it happens it is extremely dangerous.Imman Ibn taiymiyah says the reason why this
happens because Satan realizes that this is the last chance with you. If he misses this u r gone. If he misses u in the
last moment that means he missed u. That is why Satan emphasizes and gives special attention to the last moments
of your life.
So put a criteria to yourself and think about it. If u r losing to Satan now when the battle easy what would happen
to u in the last moment when it gets tough. If u already losing the battle now when Satan is giving u only half of his
attention What will happen when he gives u his complete attention when he devout his effort for u. These are the
fittan .that is why we say in our Salah we seek refuge in u from the fitna of life and death This is the fitna of
On the day of Judgement
Life and be accountable for all that we have done.
And on this Day you shall see every atoms weight of goodevery atoms weight of evil.
What are we prepared to sacrifice in order to meet death in the knowledge of our undying obedience to Allah
Azza wa Jal? That we engaged in the Waajibaat to the best of our abilities? That we prioritised our life according
to Islam? That we lived our life to please the One who created us and to whom we shall all return? And by Allah
Aza wa Jal He (swt) knows what you know of yourself and what you do not know of yourself or have hidden from
Say: The Death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then will you be sent back to the Knower of
all things secret and open: and He will tell you (the truth of) the things that you did! [Al-Jumua:8].
So the one who runs away from death, either does not believe in the meeting of Allah (swt) and wishes to seek the
greatest amount of pleasure in this world for as long as he can, and Allah (swt) said,
or he is a Believer who is weak in his remembrance of Allah (swt) and the Day of Judgement, thus is heedless of
the Akhirah (afterlife), too busy with his world, so when death comes to him, he becomes regretful and sorrowful.
On the day of Judgement what will happen to Kaafirs
Or he is a Believer who is weak in his remembrance of Allah (swt) and the Day of Judgement, thus is heedless of
the Akhirah (afterlife), too busy with his world, so when death comes to him, he becomes regretful and sorrowful:
Of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do evil deeds, until death faces one of them, and he
says: Now I repent nor of those who die while they are disbelievers. For them have we prepared a painful
torment [An-Nisa: 18].
So we find some of the Muslims who have moved on, their Ajal having ended and meeting their Lord having
fulfilled their duty. Then there are those who wait for it's coming, and prepare them for it. Then there are those who
have not prepared for this meeting and do not wait for it and Allah (swt) says about them,
Until, when death comes to one of them, he says: O my Lord! Send me back (to life), in order that I may
do good in that which I have left behind! - No! It is but a word that he speaks; and behind them is a
Partition until the Day they are raised up. Then when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no more kinship
among them that day, or will they ask of one another! Then those whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy,
they are the successful. And those whose scales (of good deeds) are light, they are those who lose their own
selves; in Hell will they abide [Al-Muminun: 99-103],
These are the leaders who established Islam and fought in the way of Allah (swt) until they met their Lord.Of which
type are we in the preparation of our death?
Explanation of above hadith :When man leaves this world, he desires to come back. If he is Kaafir he wants to
come back and become a Muslim. If he is a sinner he wants to come back and repent and do tauba.Allah swt says
Until when death comes to one of them he says My lord send me back, so that I may do good deeds that I may
have left behind No .It is the word that he speaks behind them is a barzaq a barrier until the day they will be
resurrected. They are given a chance in this world and didn't take advantage of that time. Now when it is to too

late they say Oh Allah bring me back. Why so that I would be righteous. I would be good . I would repent. I would
become a Muslim. Allah swt says Kalla NO.Allah swt say about the Al-Barzaq .There is a barrier between them
and going back. Al-Barzaq is a barrier and it is too late. So we are going through this route and suddenly a wall
will be constructed behind us. And there is no way of going back. It is too late. Allah swt is giving u a chance now.
The door of opportunity is open and when it is too late Tauba will not be accepted
Allah accepts the repentance of only those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness. These Allah swt accepts their
repentance and they repent soon afterwards. It is they whom Allah will forgive and Allah is ever all knower and all
Ibn Kathir gives the explanation of when is it soon enough to make taubha .He says u have the opportunity of
making taubha or repenting until the moment of the al ghargara( i.e.,limit.) The limit is when the soul is preparing
to leave the body up ,until that moment u have the chance of making taubha.
There is no repentance for those who continue to do evil deeds. Until death faces one of neither them he says
NOW I will repent nor those who die when there are disbelievers for them we have prepared a painful torment.
When it is time of death no tauba is accepted and is what Fairoun did. When Firoun was dying he said now I
believe there is no God and there is a God of children of Israel and I am now a Muslim. Now u r repenting when u
were corrupt before. Allah swt did not accept his Tauba because it was too late.
Allah swt will accept the tauba as long as it is done before the moment when the soul is leaving the body
Death comes unannounced. You are not given any ultimatum. You are not given any notice to tell u that u have
an appointment with the angel of death at this date and so and so time. It comes unannounced and there is no way
u can change the appointment no matter how busy u are and u try to convince the angel of death. No matter how
busy u r there is no excuse. This comes unannounced. So when is the best time to do TAUBA.Right NOW. Isn't
enough for those who believe that their hearts will soften for the remembrance of Allah. YAANI -Right now Dont
delay. Don't procrastinate. If u read the Quaran ,the majority of Ayath that speak about the screaming about the
people of hellfire. If u look at the reason why they are screaming it is because of PROCRASTINATION. Of Allah
take me back so that I will spend Oh Allah take me back so that I would do good. It is all because of
procrastination of doing the good deeds.
May Peace and Blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his pure and generous family and
companions, and upon all those who follow his guidance, until the day of Judgement.
Truly Death is a reminder so let us be reminded and let us not forget.
Oh Allah, You know that we did not say this except in obedience to Your order and we did not remind
ourselves of our meeting You except in fear of Your punishment.
Oh Allah, You know that we have not prayed to you except out of desire for Your pleasure, so place this
onto our scales on the day that the scales will be weighed.
Oh Allah, keep us firm onto Your Deen and onto the work of carrying the message of Your beloved Prophet
(saw), until we meet You.
Oh Allah, help us with the trials of this world and do not send upon us calamities so that we become
disgraced, and if you do send upon us calamities, then keep us firmly upon the truth.
Oh Allah, forgive us of our sins and give us an Imaan that is unshakeable and a strength that is unbreakable.
Oh Allah, give us the success of working to establish Your Deen, Al-Khilafah and bring shame and
humiliation upon the enemies of You and this noble Deen.
Help us to strive back to get back your huddod,your rule on this earth.
Help us to understand ,adhere to Islamic Shriah the way you want us to understand
Let us have hearts of birds whereby our hearts are contended due to your fear
Make our Imaan reach its Zenith
Without your help we cannot prepare for death. We sincerely beseech your help, beg you to save us from
whispers of Satan
Oh Allah, make the best of my deeds ,the last deeds.
Oh Allah make our best of best days as "DAY Of judgement"
Place us among the righteous people in this life and hereafter
We need your forgiveness and MERCY in this life and hereafter
Dua which we recite when we go to sleep a which is a reality

Allahumma biismika amuutu wa ahiya O Allah in your name I die and and I live