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(Pursuant to section 108 (1D)
Registrar of Companies
Regional Director
Sub : Extension of time under section 108 (1-D) of the Companies Act, 1956.
Dear Sir,
I beg to apply for extension of time under section 108 (1-D) of the Companies Act, 1956, and request you to
Kindly accord the same at an early date.
The brief particulars in respect of my holding are as under:

Name of the Company (with Address) whose shares are the subject of transfer
Name & Address of the Applicant seeking extension of time.
Number & nominal value of the shares involved in each instrument of transfer
Name of the transferee
Date of execution of the transfer
Date of expiry of the period of validity of the instruments of transfer in question.
Whether the applicant is still the rightful holder of the transfer forms.
Name of the person in whose favour the shares stand registered in the books of the Company.
Reasons given by the applicant for the extension of time asked for
Particulars of payment of the application fee

1. It is made under section 108 (1D) of the Companies Act, 1956, and it is presumed that the applicant
and other parties to the Transfer Deed to be revalidated are fully aware of the contents and legal
implication related to the matter of transfer of shares. It should be complete in all respects and
accompanied by necessary fees. Extension of validity will be provided for a specified period from
the date of revalidation based on the contents of the application. Responsibility for the truth,
correctness and legal validity of this application and the Transfer Deeds related thereto rests entirely
with the applicant and extension will be provided based on this.
2. Where the transferees are Companies, compliance with the provisions of sections 49 and 372 (if
applicable) of the Act should be ensured by the applicants to the satisfaction of Registrar of

3. Payment of fees
Table of fees per each Transfer Deed
Nominal face value of shares
Involved in the Transfer Deed
Up to Rs. 5000
Above Rs. 5000

Fee Payable
Rs. 25/Rs, 50/-

Mode of Payment
The amount may be paid in cash at the ROCs Office or by Bank DD or Pay Order favoring
_________to be attached to the application. Particulars of payment such as cash or DD or Pay Order
Number and date to be furnished in column No. 10 of the application.


In case of transfer deeds requiring attestation (in case like thumb impressions, marks, signature
differences etc.) the attestation may be done on the Transfer Deed itself by a Magistrate, Special
Executive Magistrate, Notary Public or a similar authority holding a public office and authorized to
use the seal of his office, member of a recognized Stock Exchange through whom the shares are sold
or a manager of the transferors Bank.

6. Application can be lodged at the Cash Counters of the offices of the Registered of Companies.
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