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Annual report 2014

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Swiss organization


Because every child deserves a future

Thank you for 2014

A great big thanks to:
Fondation de bienfaisance de la Banque Pictet,
those who took part in the 2014 trip of the
International school and who helped out over
there under the guidance of the organizer of the
trip or the youth from the orphanage : Cathy
David-Raphoz, Anne-Sylvie, Lara and Sam
Debard, Mike Gorsky, Béatrice Pothier and Olivier
the students from the International school of
Geneva and their parents, whose fundraising in
2014 helped finance a part of the Sagarmatha
budget: Julia Beck, Raphaël Beck, Helena Brown,
Noémie Clerc, Devy Philippart De Foy, Charlotte
Gaillard, Carl Giardina, Léa Hiralal, Lia Johansen,
Zachary Ogden, Léo de Riedmatten, Alice
Ramazzotti and Seong-Jae Woo,
the Swiss Embassy in Nepal, Mr Jean-François
Cuénod – for his presentation of the work done by
the Swiss Confederation/DDC in Nepal, as well as
Pratigya Symkhada,
the administration of the International School of
Geneva for its unflagging support, as well as to
the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA),

During the Easter 2014 visit of the International School.

all those individuals or companies who raised
funds or donated in kind last year: Corinne Attia,
Vanessa Bazetoux, Deborah Berlinck, MM. Cadart
and Morel, Marie-Agnès Conrad, Annie David,
Anne-Sylvie and Samuel Debard, Gilles Deaux,
Jacques Gaillart, Jean-Yves Henry, Kristel Keller,
Myriam Krebs (Nanda Devi), Aurélia Monbaron,
Anaïs Morzier, Carinne et Philippe Musset,
Michèle Papilllard, Diana Pellolio, Pharmessences,
Sulis Remedy Makers, Vanessa Steger,
Swisslabnat, Isabelle Seiler (Ecolint), Tradimage
and TrisaTrisa,
the members of our committee and our volunteers
for the time that they generously donate to the
Sagarmatha project,
the sponsors and other donors for for their loyalty,
all those who are not mentioned here but who
made a donation to our association as well as
those who tirelessly work to help the Children of
Sagarmatha orphanage and thereby enable it to
maintain its activities.

Message from the president

A year of transition
The main event in the 2014 calendar was the completion of
the new building at the Sagarmatha home. The children
were able to move in during August 2014 once the
bedrooms had been furnished. We can remember a time not
so long ago when all of the children were living in three
cramped dormitories and we cooked using kerosene. With
this in mind, we are delighted to have succeeded in building
new premises to give the children a better quality of life.
For this project – as is also the case when managing the
orphanage’s finances – we worked in close collaboration
with the French association Sagarmatha Aide aux
Défavorisés, founded by Francis Laune when the orphanage
was opened in 2002. I am very pleased with this
collaboration, which has once more proven to be extremely
Major changes have taken place at “Children of
Sagarmatha”: eight young people – Bhupendra, Kiran,
Iswori, Manita, Ram Gopal, Suman, Top Bahadur and
Yamuna – left to return to their families or to pursue further
education outside of the orphanage. We would like to wish them all the
best for the future. Meanwhile, we were pleased to welcome seven more
children: Chhiring, Dendi, Dolma, Ningma, Pasang Lamhu, Pemba and
Prakash. In 2013/2014, several new members of staff were appointed: an
accountant, a nanny for the younger children, a cook, a kitchen assistant
and a supervisor for the older children. We have been able to find
sponsors for all of the new children, and we are very grateful to them.
2015 will present us with new challenges. Since 2014, donations from
sponsors have only covered two-thirds of Sagarmatha’s expenditure.
Rather than increasing donation amounts – and risk losing sponsors – we
will instead carry out targeted appeals to foundations and other
institutions in order to raise the necessary funds. We would like to thank
the “Fondation de bienfaisance de la Banque Pictet” which has already
responded to our appeal.
We would also like to thank everyone who has helped us to continue our
work supporting the children of Sagarmatha, and especially our
committee members and volunteers.
We are looking forward to sharing our new adventures in 2015 with you.

Sylvie Nahum,

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


2014 at a glance

A new home for the children
By Anne Kerisel, committee member
In August 2014, around 20 teenagers from
Sagarmatha were able to move into the
orphanage’s new building. The construction of
the new building, designed in line with the latest
health and safety standards, had begun the
previous year. It provides a comfortable and
safe place to live for the children, who will share
their large, light new bedrooms with one or two
others. The building also features a fully
equipped kitchen, a modern, bright dining hall,
an infirmary, individual desks for quiet study,
staff lodgings and a guest bedroom.
This two-storey building occupies a surface
area of over 600 square metres. In the mornings
and evenings, the children gather in the large
ground-floor hall to study, play and eat. The
bedrooms are located on the upstairs floor.

Ramesh: “For us older children, we can have
our own bedroom and desk which lets us study
in peace and quiet.”

The children are delighted to be living in this
modern, pleasant space, as three of the young
residents explain:

Madan: “Before, 7 or 8 of us were squeezed
into each bedroom. The kitchen was very small
and the dining room was uncomfortable. The
new building is much nicer. It gives us a better
place to study and so we will be able to do
better at school. Thank you to all of our

Diksung Sherpa: “The new building has given
the SASS orphanage and our large family a new
identity, and we all feel responsible for taking
good care of it.”

As you can see, the new building has changed
the lives of the young people at Sagarmatha,
and we are proud to have contributed to this

The new building has changed the lives
of the young people at Sagarmatha, and
we are proud to have contributed to
this project.

2 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014

2014 at a glance

2014 International School of
Geneva trip
By Olivier Revaz, committee member
On 11 April 2014, around 15 students from the
International School of Geneva (La
Châtaigneraie campus) flew to Nepal, in the
company of several adults.
Saturday 12 April: The journey went smoothly.
Upon our arrival in Kathmandu, we went to the
Children of Sagarmatha home to deliver the
equipment we had brought with us.
Sunday 13 April: We set up the infirmary
(installing the examination table, a cabinet, a
desk and medical equipment). A group of
students went to visit the city (Durbar Square)
with some children from the orphanage
Monday 14 April: A party was held to celebrate
Nepalese New Year. We spent the day at the
Sagarmatha home to work on our respective
tasks. A group of students took some children
to Boudhanath for a walk. These trips let the
children from the orphanage explore the city of
Kathmandu and the valley.
Tuesday 15 April: A puja (Buddhist ceremony)
was held to celebrate the imminent completion
of the new building. This is an important
tradition for Nepalese Buddhists. The students
were free to join in as they wished. Some
preferred to play with the children or go out for
a walk instead.

children an experience outside of the
orphanage. In the evening, we discussed
various topics with the Sherpa family, such as
storage in the new building, the purchase of a
new library, updating the website, and the
facilities in the new building.
Saturday 19 April: Return from Nagarkot. Visit
of Bhaktapur and arrival at the orphanage in the
early evening.
Sunday 20 April: The students and supervisors
carried out work in the orphanage. Orphans
who needed urgent dental treatment were
taken to the Shechen monastery for
consultations with local doctors.
Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 April: We
spent these two days at the orphanage where
everybody worked to fulfil specific tasks, such
as interviewing the Sherpa family and giving
medical treatment to children
Saturday 26 April: The group arrived back in
Geneva. We were all tired but happy to have
experienced this unforgettable adventure!
The full report and a photo gallery are available
on our website at A
DVD filmed during the trip can be ordered from
the Swiss Organization Sagarmatha for 15 CHF.

Wednesday 16 April: We attended an
interesting conference given by Jean-François
Cuénod, the director of Swiss development
projects in Nepal.
Thursday 17 April: Everyone worked on
various projects, such as making the film,
taking photos, carrying out medical
consultations and preparing crafts workshops
for the children.
Friday 18 April: The group set off for Nagarkot,
along with around 15 young people from
Sagarmatha. These excursions aim to offer the

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


2014 at a glance

A lesson in nonviolence

Zen chaos

By Lara Debard, Université de Lyon

By Alice Ramazzotti,
International School of Geneva

15 hours on a plane. Exhausted and impatient,
we finally land in this new world. I have left a
world of organisation and stress for a messy,
serene one. What I notice over and over, and
while observing the new landscapes, is the
gentleness of this country, in complete contrast
to ours.
At the airport, a bus is waiting to take us onto a
sort of highway where cars, motorcycles,
scooters and buses threaten to crash at any
given time. And don’t forget the cows in the
middle of the road taking a nap! However,
despite the din of the honking horns, people sit
calmly in their cars. I did not see a single
Nepalese arguing. They manage to keep their
cool and respect each other. Is it due to
religion? Of good sense? Or culture?
What I will remember from this trip, is that I
admire their nonviolence, even though there are
so many other things to say about my trip.
Where we come from, it is difficult to not get
annoyed about silly things… In contrast, for the
Nepalese, simplicity and mutual respect, even
when disagreeing, come naturally.

Nepal is a very surprising country. There are
constant reminders of the great disparity
between the rich and the poor, as well lots of
misery and poverty. But everyone is always
smiling! Everyone stays cheerful, which is a
wonderful contrast with the sad landscape.
I was able to see how a very poor family lived,
plunged in terrible misery and living in a room
with no furniture. But smiles were always
present! In sharp contrast with the cruel reality
of life. Even deprived of everything, the children
of this family were determined to finish their
studies so they could then help their family.
I also saw this same spirit in the children at the
orphanage. After a lot of suffering, the children
go through life with a smile and an
extraordinary will to live! They are all
determined to work hard to improve their
situation and to help others. Some of them also
have the surprising dream of opening
themselves an orphanage to help improve the
future of the destitute.
All the texts written by the students of the
International School of Geneva following their
trip in 2014 are available on our website:

4 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014

2014 at a glance

Welcoming new children at
Sagarmatha orphanage
By Charlotte Gaillard,
International School of Geneva
While we were in Nepal, from the 11th to the
26th April 2014, we spent time every day at the
Sagarmatha Orphanage. During our stay, we
were very luck to see the arrival of two new
children at the orphanage.
The first one was a beautiful little girl named
Dolma who wore a little pink dress and had two
pigtails. She arrived at SASS on the 16th April.
She came as her mother is dying of cancer and
her dad had been electrocuted. The first time I
saw her, she seemed lost. “Small Dolma” (as
they call her!) was looking around, looking at
people and seemed so unsure of what was
going on. It was absolutely heart-breaking to
see this beautiful little girl, who had just left her
parents, seem so confused as to what was
going on. But… on the next day, Small Dolma
was smiling, playing with the other kids. I was
so pleasantly surprised to see that she had
been so well included. All the other kids

included her in their games and tried to make
her feel at ease. She seemed so happy and
comfortable that one could think Dolma had
been there forever.
The second one was an adorable little boy by
the name of Dendi. Dendi was brought to the
orphanage as his dad was physically
handicapped and his mother could no longer
afford to pay everything for him. He had not
showered in a while and he suffered from
chicken-pox, which caused him to scratch
himself a lot. He also seemed sad at first but,
just like Dolma, he was welcomed warmly by the
other kids.
It was so beautiful to see how quickly both of
them were included. All the other kids at
Sagarmatha orphanage did the best they could
to include them and make them feel like they
were home. I also felt like it was very enriching
to see both of them arrive as we are reminded of
the path of every child here at Sagarmatha. All
the children started off by leaving their parents
and coming to the orphanage. It’s only when
seeing the arrival of Dolma and Dendi that I was
actually able to realize what every child had
been through, each of them with their own
heart-breaking story.

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


2014 at a glance

Discovering Sagarmatha - diving
into the human experience
By Cathy David-Raphoz, member of the
50 children, abandoned due to the
circumstances of their life, and later taken in to
become a family with a mother, father and son
along with the others who run the place,
brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles (you, us), all
driven by the same energy, wanting to bring
love, support and the necessary structure for
the development of the children and help them
achieve the independance and self-sufficiency
adulthood expects of them.
My role as aunt has evolved to become one of
sponsor, of family sponsorship with my children
and husband, of young Dolma who arrived in
April 2014. Is it not a wonderful coincidence to
later discover we were both born on the same
day? But you know, all the children of
Sagarmatha are in a way our children - an
indestructible bond has been created, a bond
made of love, care and concern for them.

This experience, for the teenagers from Ecolint
who are blessed with a more privileged life,
enables them and the children, as well as us the
organizers and those who came with us, to
share and exchange. Sharing laughter, tears,
songs, dances, cuts and scrapes, sadness,
moments of tenderness, handshakes, with stars
shining in their eyes and brilliant smiles… is to
experience life to its fullest. With everything to
gain and nothing to lose.
For me, getting involved in Sagarmatha, is
making a committment to what is good in life,
what is grand and generous, for us and for
others. This experience enables us to actively
participate in slowly changing the course of life
and bring a wonderful human touch, with joy and
happiness to all those who participate in it. It is a
joyous experience!
I can only urge you to take part in this enriching
experience, as much for you as for others.

6 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014

2014 at a glance

Helping the children of
Sagarmatha enter the world of
By Catherine Christ Revaz,
committee member
Since 2013, Children of Sagarmatha has been
confronted with a new challenge; almost ten
young people, most of whom had arrived at
Sagarmatha in 2002, have finished school
aged 18.
A few years previously, we were already
planning to give these children our full support
– from school through to employment.
Anticipating our future needs, Francis Laune,
founder of the Sagarmatha home, and Olivier
Revaz, a committee member, contacted the
Lausanne Hotel School in 2009 in order to set
up a restaurant training programme in
Kathmandu. Unfortunately, this project never
made it to fruition.
Since 2013, the Swiss Organization
Sagarmatha committee has taken the gamble
of financing college study – two years of
preparation for university – for this group of
school leavers. According to SASS, our local
partner, merely having completed school
education is no longer enough to be able to find
work in Nepal. College education is therefore an
With the support of the Human Salmon
Foundation, eight young people from SASS
have been able to start college. One of these
students has even started an MBA course at a
university in Kathmandu. We would like to give
our heartfelt thanks to this foundation for its
support of our work in 2013/2014.

Chhiri, one of the children who received a college scholarship.

Yet many issues still remain unresolved. In
particular, we do not know whether we will
continue to have the necessary financial
resources in future to be able to fund two years
of college education for all future school
Furthermore, some teenagers at Sagarmatha
have greater difficulty in school and thus will
not continue to college level. Do alternative
training options exist for the less academic
children who would benefit from following a
more vocational path? How can we develop our
network in Nepal so that we can help these
children as well?
It is clear that the issue of helping young people
enter the world of work will remain a pressing
concern in years to come.

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


Accounts 2014

Bilan au 31 décembre 2014


Actif circulant


PostFinance 12-648345-6


UBS 228-108612.40N

Total de l’actif circulant


Actif immobilisé
Actif immobilisé

Total de l’actif immobilisé


Total de l’actif


Fonds étrangers
Passif transitoire

Total des fonds étrangers


Fonds propres

Total des fonds propres


Total du passif


Comptes de profits et pertes de l’exercice 2014

2014 (CHF)

2013 (CHF)

Ventes (Noel, etc.)












Produits financiers





Missions Népal



Frais bureau et admin.



Frais Postfinance, UBS



Total des produits
Aides et charges



Bénéfice reporté

Total des charges



Bénéfice de l’exercice



Bénéfice à reporter



Le bénéfice cumulé de 17’597.16 est reporté à l’an 2015

8 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Rapport annuel 2014

Accounts 2014

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Rapport annuel 2014


Message from the treasurer

A rise in donations
Our association’s profits for the 2014 financial year
amount to 58,546.85 CHF.
The capital deferred to the 2015 financial year amounts
to 17,597.16 CHF. This amount comprises net
sponsorship and donations received in 2014 and will be
used to cover the orphanage’s 2015 expenditure.
• In 2014, we paid the following amounts to the
Children of Sagarmatha home:
• 36,850 CHF to cover the regular budget (of which
16,850 CHF is from Ecolint fundraising);
• 29,638 CHF for off-budget expenditure (mainly the
purchase of equipment for the new building – these
funds are from various contributions, including from
the Gertrude Hirzel Foundation);
• 18,000 CHF to cover the orphanage’s expenditure for
the 1st quarter of 2015 (including the donation from
the Pictet Group Charitable Foundation)
As is the case every year, we incurred some
administrative costs (banking charges, costs for printing
the annual report etc.), which we offset by making a
donation of an equivalent amount. Consequently, we can
continue to say that all of the contributions paid to our
association are allocated to the Sagarmatha budget.
The accounts of the Sagarmatha home were balanced
despite increased expenditure in 2014, notably for the
recruitment of additional staff, an adjustment of salaries
to match the 15% annual inflation in Nepal (which had
not been possible in previous years due to a lack of
funds), college fees (two years of preparation for
university) and additional fees for the new building.
My warmest thanks go to all who place their faith in us
and help us to contribute to the existence of Children of

Olivier Revaz

10 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014

Accounts 2014

Overview of 2014 revenues and expenses
of the Children of Sagarmatha orphanage

NPR 155’708
CHF 1’469

NPR 129’282
CHF 1’220
NPR 2’464’006
CHF 23’245

celebrations etc.)
NPR 337’056
CHF 3’179
Building and
vehicules (electricity,
gas, fuel, etc.)
NPR 919’013
CHF 8’670

School and college
NPR 2’106’092
CHF 19’869

Support staff
NPR 1’454’645
CHF 13’723

Exchange rate 106 NPR to 1 CHF

Contributions 2014 au budget ordinaire de Children of Sagarmatha*


Contribution Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha (Suisse)


Contribution Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde (France)


Contribution Association Sagarmatha Aide aux Défavorisés (France)


Total contributions à Children of Sagarmatha


*déduction faite des frais bancaires

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


The children of Sagarmatha at 31.12.2014

12 Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014

Sagarmatha staff at 31.12.2014

Committee members at 31.12.2014










Marianne Naegeli
Patricia Bellotto, auditor

Patricia Bellotto
Brigitte Caron
Christophe Al Kurdi
Marianne Naegeli
Andrea Plasschaert

Production of the 2014 report
Design and layout: Andrea Plasschaert
Proofreading: Anne Kerisel, Sylvie Nahum
Photos: Mike Gorsky, Catherine et Olivier Revaz, Véronique Testard

Swiss Organization Sagarmatha – Annual report 2014


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