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God : If he understands Maths and Physics then he exists Frank Tipler.

Many times, talking informally with a group of people, I like to make two
questions for which I always get the same answers.
The questions are : first who likes or knows Mathematics and second who finds
that Math is important.
The majority of the people always answer that they do not like or know
Mathematics whereas the totality always agree on the unquestioned importance
of the Mathematics.
This simple exercise always called my attention as people in general declare that
they do not to like or do not know Math but they all agree about its importance.
Do we know what is Math ? It is very difficult to like something if we do not know
what this something is.
We can compare Mathematics with any language as Portuguese, English,
Spanish, . They all have only one function : to promote communication.
Spoken languages promote communication between people. Mathematics
promotes communication between people and Nature.
Mathematics is simply that : a language. The most powerful language available
to man.
We also have other languages like COBOL, FORTRAN,Excel, Word, that are
used to promote communication between people and computers.
Mathematics is the only language spoken and understood by Nature.
Math is the language God used to write the Universe. (Author
The description of any phenomenon of the Nature is impossible without the use
of Mathematics, since simplest as the fall of a body until a very complex as the
forecast of the weather.
Obviously, we can describe the fall of a body with a phrase: the apple fell.
However if you want or you need useful information on the phenomenon for
better describes it and to make possible forecasts about it, you need
"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why."( Bernard Baruch)
More complex the natural phenomenon to be described, more complex will be
the text.

The Mathematical language goes from the simple counting of objects to complex
equations that describe the forecast of the weather.
We have five senses : sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
Lets define beauty when something excites one or more of our senses in a
pleasant/positive way.
We experience the world using ours five senses.
A food can be beautiful under the aspect of appearance (sight), smell or taste.
One fabric can be pretty for its color (vision) or texture (touch).
But, which of these senses would give a pleasant sensation of Mathematics ?
Here is the problem: none of them!
The beauty of Mathematics is only perceived through a sixth sense purely
Here is the difficulty and beauty of Mathematics, its abstraction.
Higher the level of abstraction, bigger the beauty but more difficult of being
As a natural consequence of this process, the majority of the people do not like
Mathematics because they are unable to see its beauty.
It is important to point out that the enormous power of Math is also its main
weakness . For sure, Nature speaks Math but I am convinced that sometimes
Math does not describes Nature.
When you learn to speak a language you become a person, when you learn to
read and write a language you become a local citizen, when you learn to speak,
read and write more languages you become a global citizen but only when you
learn Math you can understand Nature and then you are closer to God.