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What are some of the most important parameters of selection at the School?

The 'laundry' list of almost all the parameters used by the school includes:10th
%, 12th % , Graduation, Post Graduation, AWA, additional qualifications, GMAT S
core, Pedigree, Extra Curricular Activities, Social Work, Initiatives, Learning
ability, MOOCs, Internships, Awards at work, Awards in College, Rewards, Recogni
tion, Out side of work/ school/ college Achievements, Leadership Potential, Tea
m skills, ability to contribute to the class, International Exposure, Diversity,
Exposure, Pre Assessment Test (Word) [Validation only], Dressing sense at Inter
view, Work Ex Quantity, Work ex Quality, Strength of Recommendation 1, Progress
ion at Work, Strength of Recommendation 2, Essay Quality, Communication Skills,
Overall Interview Score, etc...
The most vital of all parameters in the entire selection process at the school i
s the GMAT. Almost 60% of your chances of getting selected depend on this parame
ter due to the objectivity involved. Mind you this 60% is not the weightage beca
use the school does not subscribe to the summation of parameters method of selec
tion like the IIMs. Good or bad can be debated but I hope you do not see these p
ercentages of importance I am putting up as weightages.
The next most important is the 'Overall Interview Performance' score. A score of
1 or 2 on five here means a Veto Ding and a 5 on 5 here means a Direct ADMIT. S
o the fate of more than 50% of the candidates gets decided on the basis of this.
Cannot over emphasize the importance of this any more.
It may surprise you that the third most important parameter is the Quantity of y
our Work ex. Being in the sweet spot of 3 to 6 years enhances your chances by ov
er 40% of getting selected.
Another not in your hand kind of parameter that plays a significant role in your
selection is the Category (Diversity) you belong to. For example Women, people
educated at top notch institutes, CAs, etc... have a 20 to 30 % better chance of
getting selected.
Your Essays play more of a subjective role and can be vital influencers in a tie
breaker kind of a situation but I am yet to see anyone fly in only on the basis
of a set of essays. The reverse in unfortunately true. Which means you could get
dinged because of bad essays even if you have a 780. So I would peg the importa
nce of the essays to about 20 to 30 % as well.
Not many people know that Progression at Work is a very vital parameter too. Wha
t all have you done so far at your work and what all have you achieved is read i
nto very closely while selecting. So good progression at work can push up your c
hances by around 20 %.This is gauged from your application and not your essays t
o remember to fill in the details of your employment like 'responsibilities' and
'achievements' very carefully.
Hope this helps... And I really enjoy answering good questions like these.