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5440 WILLOW ROAD, SUITE 104, WAUNAKEE, WI 53597 608.242.4247

Specializing in Organic Salon & Spa Services



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608.242.HAIR (4247)
May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Madison Manual Medicines
whole-body approach to
your ideal functioning




The waiting is the hardest part


Taurus Lets get physical


Conquering the clutter

9 Gathering your power

13 The theory of everything human
15 The stuff we keep: How much is too much?
16 Morels cant wait!
17 What is your fitness teaching style?


Energy Balls

Jane experiences shamanic energy
healing at Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary

Jane reflects on her life and learns
through astrology


Jane rediscovers her Infinite

18 Compassion exercise
19 All about botanical oils
20 Happiness habit: Seek connection
21 Embracing a change in consciousness
22 My relationship with exercise
25 Home funerals for a better environment
28 Spring into action


30 The Amethyst BioMat and far infrared therapy for weight loss
33 A curls best friend: Meghans makeover
35 How Reiki is helping my chronic pain
37 Dental care? But I'm pregnant
39 How do you manage your chronic pain?
40 Adventures in self-awareness
43 Owning stuff how much is enough?
44 Women who are making a dierence


To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting
healthy living experts with the communities they serve.




You might not realize it, but you yes, you have had an incredible
impact on my life.
In my role as Natures Pathways Editorial Director, I am often touched
by the stories readers like you share about how very life-changing
fitness, complementary and alternative health practices, mindfulness,
and sustainable living can be. Hearing what a difference Natures Pathways has made in someones life is both inspiring and humbling. Being
part of this community has brought me incredible joy.
But just as every story no matter how sweet must come to an end,
my chapter at Natures Pathways has drawn to a close. It is with a heavy
heart today that I say farewell. I have learned and accomplished so much
in my time with this magazine, but I know in my soul that it is time for
someone new to take the reins and provide fresh leadership to this very
important cause.
Im unbelievably excited to see what the future holds for Natures Pathways and its new managing editor: Grace Olson. Grace is not only an
extremely talented editor and forward-thinking leader, she is my valued
friend, and I know she will work every day to make Natures Pathways
everything it can and should be.
Life seldom works out as we plan. But the unexpected can be just as
sweet. And while Ill miss all of you, I know our paths will cross again.
Thank you and farewell for now.

MAY 2015
Trisha Bloom
Rebecca Bentz
Grace Olson
Rachael Wolter
Kim Byrne
Sarah Van Abel
Aaron Foster
Melissa Alderton Photography

Rebecca Bentz, Editorial Director

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Greg Griffin
www.float adis



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At Restorative Mas
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restoring body an
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alities that are ener
gy based,
Tracy Pollock
6425 Odana Rd., M


The waiting is

By Katie Hilst, DVM

atchful waiting through the last days of a pets life is

difficult. Waiting is defined as to delay action until a
particular time or event happens, to defer, or to remain
in readiness for some purpose. Our natural inclination is to do
something, take action when presented with a problem, so waiting
is frustrating. We are focused on good days, bad days, keeping our
pet comfortable, and watching for signs the end is near. This time
period is sad, stressful and full of unknowns. We may be grappling
with fears for our pet, and fears for ourselves. My next article will
address the fears for ourselves.

Fears for our pet

Our fear of a catastrophic event. Will our pet have a massive

internal bleed, intractable pain, be unable to breathe (air hunger),
or have a seizure before the end comes?
Our fear our pet is suffering. Is our pet in pain? Is our pet
having a hard time breathing, or is our pet extremely weak and
debilitated? Does inability to move cause our pet stress?
Our fear of making the wrong decision. Is it too soon,
too late? Many people worry about letting their pet go when the
pet may have one more good day left. Others worry that they may
wait one day too long, and their pet will suffer in that last day.
Our fear our pet isnt ready to go, or they may be mad at
us for making the decision. I hear this from many pet owners.
They worry that their pet isnt ready to die, or will be upset with them
for deciding upon humane euthanasia. In my experience, I feel that
pet owners are projecting their own fears about the dying process,
death, and the afterlife upon their pets when they worry about this.
My own kitty was ready to leave her body, that wasnt working right
anymore, causing her pain, and doing things she couldnt control
and didnt like (she had a seizure that was witnessed, and after she
passed she told a pet communicator about her end).
Our fear the end may be scary for them. A single injection
of a pain reliever/sedative/anesthetic is given just under the skin
to the pet. This helps the pet relax, be pain free and fall asleep.

Natures Pathways | May 2015

The pet is comfortably asleep prior to the euthanasia, and is not

awake, uncomfortable or scared.
Our fear of what happens during the euthanasia process.
During the euthanasia the pets breathing slows, and eventually
stops, although sometimes after a pause the pet will take a few
more deep breaths. The heart stops beating after the breathing
stops. During this euthanasia the pet is already unconscious, so
he is not aware of what is happening.
Our fear something bad may happen to them when we
are not around. This is a very valid fear. After losing a pet over
13 years ago unexpectedly while I was not at home to be with her,
the sadness and unknown of her last minutes still weighs upon me.

Waiting while our pet is comfortable and still enjoying life is

what we do for them. When our pet is no longer comfortable, or
in danger of having a catastrophic event happen that will cause
them pain or stress our waiting is selfish we wait for ourselves
because we cannot face the pain of loss. We all struggle with decisions that we have done too little or too much to help our pet die
peacefully. When we can face our fears and acknowledge them,
we can make decisions that are in the best interests of our pet to
prevent them from needless discomfort and pain.
Dr. Katie Hilst founded Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia LLC, a
mobile veterinary service for the Madison area and surrounding communities. She offers compassionate, gentle euthanasia for
families in the privacy of home. She specializes in pet quality of
life consultations. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
degree from UW-Madison in 2002, is certified in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning and is a member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and
Palliative Care and the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. Reach her at
608-347-1897, or visit See ad on page 11.


By Julie Hogan

ragmentation, restlessness, purpose seeking and uncertainty are all characteristics of a less than ideal state for our
personal power. This power fuels our being on many levels
and is the force inside of us that guides us, similar to a compass
and doesnt correlate to power over another its only our own.
While it may fuel us, we must also first feed it just like mythic fire
in our bellies. So here is our call to action as we take time to inventory our current state of power.

Take a baseline

How does our inner strength feel right now: strong and unwavering
or unsure and tangled in doubt? There is no wrong answer since
this is just a baseline at the current moment. It is important to be
honest with ourselves in order to create shifts for our highest good.
So try breathing deeply into your belly and begin to create waves of
expansion by inhaling and softening the abdomen and fully exhaling drawing in. This cycle of breath can help you to identify if there
is resistance or flow in your power center. You may even visualize
this center as a fire within and each breath fuels this fire to help it
grow. If there are obstacles present, you can visualize placing them
into the fire to remove them and shift them to prayers that again
fuel and sustain you. The breathing cycle should start to give a sense
of peace coupled with the strength you carry.

Putting power into action

Now comes the active aspect of our personal power. We have fed
the fire within with our cleansing breath and through our clear
intent and removal of obstacles, have put the pieces of our power
puzzle back together. Another way to fuel this center is to take
time for ourselves to sort out our gifts and purpose. Maybe a spiritual retreat is calling to your soul, where you can take time for
reflection and be supported while you build the fire within. The
removal of the everyday clutter of life and routine gifts us a new
perspective that can then be carried back into everyday life and
applied. So here we are, ready to take action and be of service to
others by the expression of our purpose. The concept of ayni
in the Peruvian tradition is defined as right action to all. If we

source from ayni we will undoubtedly live and express ourselves

with all beings in mind. There is a reciprocal effect that takes place
as well and we receive the gift of ayni from others and the divine.

Looking to nature

We have thought of our power in the context of fire, but there

are other beings within nature that may also assist us from a
mythic perspective. Elk, for instance, carries earth medicine gifts
described as stamina, strength, sensual passion, respecting those
of your gender, ability to pace oneself in tasks, agility, nobility. Elks
medicine will teach us how to make the best use of our energy,
helping us to take on no more than we need to accomplish, and to
persist on our chosen route until we have fulfilled our goals. Dont
try to rush pace yourself. You may not necessarily be the first
to arrive, but you will arrive without being burnt out. If elk is your
power animal, you will probably feel the need for companionship
or group support. You do not have to do everything by yourself;
help is just around the corner waiting for you if you just ask for it.
Also dont forget to recharge yourself with some personal quiet
time. So call on elk in your dreamtime and meditation or even try
using an elk drum to power up your power center!
Fullness and an unyielding source of power are awaiting you
as you source from the fire in your belly center and gather your
person power.
Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary (
in Beaver Dam is owned and operated by Julie Hogan. Her sixacre retreat center offers guided meditation and Reiki, as well as
shamanic energy healing in the traditions of the ancient Inca. Julie
has trained at Golden Light Healing, completing the Earth Medicine
Wheel, and has also had the honor of learning styles of energy healing and ceremonies from the shamans of Peru and various Native American Indian Nations.
She offers spiritual retreats, workshops, ceremony and personal sessions where she
shares the life-changing teachings that have sculpted her souls journey. Take time
to reconnect with your souls journey. Come away to a quiet place and rest for
a while. Email for information on a personalized
spiritual retreat to reset and rejuvenate the soul. See ad on page 52.
Reference: Elk Power Animal Symbol Of Stamina Strength
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Lets get
Dates: April 20 - May 21
Ruled by: Venus
Element: Earth

hough true for everyone, the following information will feel

more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/
or a group of other planets are in Taurus on your birth chart.

What is Tauruss intention?

Last month, fiery Aries renewed our impulse to assert our spirit
into the world. Now, Taurus grounds that intention into the physical, starting with the denseness of our bodies, extending out to all
the practical, physical resources we need, and reaching further to
that which we want and desire. Thank you, Taurus, I needed that.
Our inner Venus, ruling Taurus, responds to our earthy existence, and based on our likes and dislikes, needs and wants, pleasures and displeasures, it forms our values. It is our values that
give shape to our life. When we know and commit to our values,
we can infuse our Martian vitality into the physical resources that
Venus attracts to us, thus creating that which pleases us. Through
planting, building, business, artistic expressions, and relationships, we increase our sense of abundance and physical security. Tauruss spiritual intention is to build our commitment to

Full Moon chart, May 3, 2015, 10:40 p.m.

the physical world, rewarding our limited senses with delightful

expressions of how spirit can express sacred beauty and love into
physical form.
In the Taurus part of our humanity, we learn loyalty, patience,
gratitude, persistence, endurance, commitment and forgiveness.
If conscious, we grow our self-worth and self-resourcefulness.
We take action slowly, deliberately, honoring others needs, but
respecting their boundaries and our own. We feel awareness and
gratitude for Mother Earth, value our bodies, and enjoy the pleasures of our five senses. Fully conscious, we realize that the physical is only a reflection of the spiritual, and our values evolve to the
intangible qualities of spirit, which then guides us to infuse our

Choose Conscious Living

Transforming Lives & Relationships
Mind Body Spirit
Individuals Couples Groups

Barry Kerr, BA, SA

Kristine Gay, MS, LCSW

Life & Relationship Coach

Advanced Energy Healer
Spiritual Astrologer

Advanced Energy Practitioner

Licensed Psychotherapist, Spiritual Guide
Insurance Accepted


Natures Pathways | May 2015

physical creations with love and beauty.

Our unconscious Taurus, by leaning too much into self and
insensitivity to others, can let our need for physical and emotional
security turn into attachment and accumulation, jealousy and
possessiveness. Our need for self-worth can turn into stubbornness and greed; our enjoyment of pleasure turn into excessiveness
and addiction.

What needs healing and growth?

Our Taurus ego, if wounded in youth, can feel a lack of our needs
being met, or being unvalued by others, or not knowing our
own values, or not being good enough, perhaps physically. This
can result in a drive to prove our worth through accumulation
of wealth or enhanced attractiveness. We can also have ongoing
insecurities that wealth, relationships and pleasures can never fill.
As an alternative, we might deny our physical existence by
attempting to extinguish our desires, living celibate, and repressing our natural creative talents and gifts by living out a severe
and fixed routine. Or to the same end, we might devote ourselves
to others, denying our own needs. These strategies continue the
wound and lead to disappointment and resentment, deepening
the experience of neglect and unworthiness.

What can I do this month?

To heal and evolve your Taurus self, ask this: Do you know your
own values, and are you willing to assert boundaries around
yourself to help you uphold those values? Do you feel worthy of
your needs and desires? Can you give yourself or ask for what you
want without feeling selfish? When you feel stubborn, jealous, or
possessive, can you sense your insecurities and create an inner
security? What are your intangible values, and can you be flexible
with how those show up in physical form?
Things to do: Build something. Plant something. Use your
hands. Use your body. Enjoy sensuality. Plan your finances. Make
and spend some money.

Additional support (current planetary transits)

The moon is full on May 3. With a Taurus Scorpio polarity,

these two luminaries will bring to light any of the following imbalances in your own life or the world: boundaries versus vulnerability, mine versus ours, stability versus change, physical versus
emotional. The key to any imbalances may be found in Jupiter in
Leo. Its square to the moon reflecting a tendency toward apathy
and self-indulgence. Its square to the sun tends toward an overly
optimistic and idealistic ego. Together, its a call for humble discipline and realism.
During the middle two weeks in May, as lover Venus squares
individual Uranus and opposes willful Pluto, watch for how you
apply your values to your personal relationships. Are you being
authentic? Are you feeling empowered?
Barry Kerr is a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer and life coach, with
35 years of experience and an international clientele. He is also an
advanced energy healer, with extensive training in soul-guided healing
of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology readings, coaching and healing by phone, Skype or in person in Madison,
WI. For more information, visit Contact Barry at or call for a free 10-minute inquiry.

A final
act of caring
Available 7 days a week
Serving communities within
an hour of Madison


608.347.1897 |

Memorial Center for Pets

Your pet is an important part of the family
and deserves a dignified farewell. When the
time comes and you must say goodbye to your
beloved pet, know that we are here for you.
Veterinary or home pickup and delivery
Cremation options tailored to fit your needs
Private comfort rooms for memorial services,
on-site euthanasia or just to spend additional
time with your pet
Memorial items (urns, burial markers, jewelry)
Pet loss resources and grief support

4319 Twin Valley Rd., Suite 15, Middleton

608.836.PAWS (7297)

May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Hydrastis canadensis

oldenseal, also called yellow

root, is a plant that grows wild in
parts of the United States but has
become endangered by overharvesting.
With natural supplies dwindling, goldenseal is now grown commercially across the
United States, especially in the Blue Ridge
Historically, Native Americans have used
goldenseal for various health conditions
such as skin diseases, ulcers and gonorrhea. Currently, folk or traditional uses of
goldenseal include colds and other respiratory tract infections, infectious diarrhea,

eye infections, vaginitis (inflammation or infection of the

vagina), and occasionally, cancer. It is also
applied to wounds and canker sores and is
used as a mouthwash for sore gums, mouth
and throat.
The underground stems or roots of
goldenseal are dried and used to make
teas, liquid extracts and solid extracts that
may be made into tablets and capsules.
Goldenseal is often combined with echinacea in preparations that are intended to
be used for colds.

What the science says

The Einstein Method

Will Transform
Your Life in an Array
of Amazing Ways!
6 71 8


905 Lorraine Drive, Madison |


Natures Pathways | May 2015

Few studies have been published on goldenseals safety and effectiveness, and there
is little scientific evidence to support using
it for any health problem.
Clinical studies on a compound found
in goldenseal, berberine, suggest that the
compound may be beneficial for certain
infections such as those that cause some
types of diarrhea, as well as some eye infections. However, goldenseal preparations
contain only a small amount of berberine,
so it is difficult to extend the evidence about
the effectiveness of berberine to goldenseal.
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is
funding research on goldenseal, including studies of antibacterial mechanisms
and potential cholesterol-lowering effects.
NCCIH is also funding development of
research-grade goldenseal, to facilitate
clinical studies.

Side effects
and cautions

Goldenseal is considered
safe for short-term use in adults at recommended dosages. Rare side effects may
include nausea and vomiting. There is
little information about the safety of high
dosages or the long-term use of goldenseal.
Goldenseal may cause changes in the
way the body processes drugs, and could
potentially alter the effects of many drugs.
Other herbs containing berberine,
including Chinese goldthread (Coptis
trifolia) and Oregon grape (Mahonia
aquifolium), are sometimes substituted for
goldenseal. These herbs may have different effects, side effects and drug interactions than goldenseal.
Note: Women who are pregnant or
breastfeeding should avoid using goldenseal. Berberine, a chemical in goldenseal,
can cause or worsen jaundice in newborns
and could lead to a life-threatening
problem called kernicterus.
Goldenseal should not be given to
infants and young children.
Tell all your health care providers about
any complementary health approaches you
use. Give them a full picture of what you do
to manage your health. This will help ensure
coordinated and safe care. For tips about
talking with your health care providers
about complementary health approaches,
see NCCIHs Time to Talk campaign.
Source: Goldenseal. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. https://nccih.nih.

theory of

By Omar

= mc2 holds our potential to solve

seemingly intractable problems.
E means energy. Everything in
the universe is energy. When were on the
E side of Einsteins formula, all is well
both individually and societally. We feel
and function superbly, and experience no
The small letters on the formulas right
side represent m for matter, i.e. the physical form of nonflowing energy, together
with c for constant.

prevalent pattern of thinking that humans

are hapless victims of circumstance.
Working with a good therapist helps you
quickly identify why youre not feeling and
functioning superbly, as you deserve to
and what organic, glandular and other
functional systems are paying the price. A
good therapist teaches clients how to work
with energy to nip dysfunctional patterns
in the bud, before they become serious.

Light is the only constant. It

is light and only light that has
real and lasting power in the

Most humans are privileged to have free

will, plus the power of will, plus the cognitive skills to apply c2 to release m in
the context of problems by invoking light
to get stagnant energy flowing out from all
We have all we need to create Heaven
on Earth before we die physically, if we
choose to.
Our choice each moment: a. To fly as
an eagle, angel, dragon, depending on
your favorite metaphor, or b. To engage
more drama by staying on the m side
of Einsteins formula playing the role
of victim, projecting blame on external
perpetrators, seeking judge or court to
accept ones singular point of view.
Waking up involves moving from b to a
to examine oneself and assess how each has
individually contributed to the problem.
The name of my therapeutic game is to
practice often for my benefit and my
clients effective ways to fly by projecting my conscious thoughts outside my body.
This melts stagnant energy inside all my

To invoke infinite light, c is multiplied by

itself. Our sun is large enough to contain
1.2 million earths. An estimated 200
billion stars shine in our Milky Way galaxy
one of, perhaps, 200 billion galaxies. Is
that enough light for you?
What physical, mental, emotional and
well-being issues do you wish to address?
As a therapist for 39 years, I work mostly
with people who have pre-medical conditions. If you dont feel as good as youd like
and have a battery of medical tests, youre
happy when nothing serious is diagnosed.
By getting tested you want a wake-up call.
If you change nothing, you postpone one
or more diagnosable medical problems.
The first key to improving quality of life
is to improve mental patterns by asking,
What action did I take or neglect to take
that creates or adds to my problem? To heal
something, one must break out of societys

An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.

cells. I feel energies flowing from the top of

my head to the tips of fingers and toes! Ive
invented 1,000 mental tricks to feel better.
Im so happy to have the power to
instantly improve attitude in negative
context. I believe everything happens in
perfect order and design. If I dislike something, I change my attitude. Thousands of
clients have said that practicing E = mc2
improves how they feel and function, and
surely helps keep medical conditions at bay.
The formula also works with diagnosed
medical conditions when clients are willing to
work diligently. The conscious human mind
is not powerful enough to make music in our
lives. It plays the role of a positive-minded
orchestral director that reminds specific cells
of body (subconscious mind) to relax where
the body is tight on exhaling breaths.
Each human faces the same choice
several times daily:
To celebrate a) E light and love, or b)
m, darkness, with its energetic dysfunctions
that lead toward costly medical conditions.
Do you choose to believe that by aligning with universal principles of love,
peace, joy and generosity, the universe
must give you miracles of health, healing
and harmony with all that is? I do!
Omar owns Omars Touch Therapy
in Madison and is on a quest to
continually improve world-class therapeutic treatments, blending up to 50
impressive modalities into the mind,
body and spirit healing session desired by respective
clients. For more information about Omars dream,
visit, call 608-658-6718 or email
May 2015 | Natures Pathways



the clutter
Cleanliness with kids
is not impossible

amed comedienne Phyllis Diller once said, Cleaning your

house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the
sidewalk before it stops snowing. Many parents realize
that having children means their homes will be filled with a vast
assortment of toys, clothing and other items that seemingly spend
more time scattered across the family room floor than in childrens bedrooms.
Homes where young children lay their heads at night may not
be as tidy as the photos lining home decorating magazine spreads.
But while lived-in family homes may never be spotless, they do
not have to be overrun with clutter, either. Its possible to find a
happy balance with the right strategy and by investing in a few
organizational products.
WORK ONE ROOM AT A TIME. Cleaning up cluttered homes

can seem like a monumental effort when looking at clutter as a

whole. But parents can do themselves a favor by choosing a starting point and tackling the project one room at a time. Find the
room that needs the most work or a space where clutter causes the
biggest headaches. Once you clean such rooms, you may discover
extra motivation to move on to the others.

RESIST THE URGE TO WANDER. One of the obstacles many

people face when attempting to declutter a home is the tendency

to remove an item from one room only to add it to the existing
clutter in another room. For example, if a childs toy is in the living
room, you may walk that toy up to the bedroom and get involved
in tidying up the bedroom, leaving the mess behind in the living
room. When organizing a home, stay in a particular room until
that room is clean. Have designated bins or bags for items that
need to be carried into another room, but only transfer such
containers after a room has been cleaned.

CULL TWICE A YEAR. Children accumulate the greatest number

of new toys on birthdays and holidays. Set a schedule to go through
existing toys prior to these events and sort out the broken, old or
seldom-used items. Donate these toys to preschools, afterschool
programs, family support centers, or babysitting centers at your
office or gym. Whatever cant be salvaged should be put into the

Natures Pathways | May 2015

trash or recycling bins.


accessible and seen are easier to find and put away. Develop a
storage system that works for your family. Labeling bins with
words (or pictures for children who cant yet read) helps children
identify where things belong. Find a system that will have longterm functionality and grow with the family. Many stores sell
storage bookcases that blend with home dcor.

TAME THE TOYS. Making too many items available at any

given time can become overwhelming to children. Rotate toys

rather than always buying new ones so that items will be fresh
and interesting. Toys out of the rotation can be stored in a basement or attic. Belongings that are not requested or missed can be
given away. Another idea is to create wishlists for birthdays and
holidays. This way friends and relatives only buy what kids want,
rather than an array of toys that may just end up taking up space.

GET ITEMS OFF OF THE FLOOR. Any organizational system

that can move items vertically is beneficial. Children will become

accustomed to hanging things up rather than leaving belongings
on the floor. Hooks, hangers and shelving mounted on walls, will
free up precious floor space.


with drawers underneath or a toy chest that doubles as a bench can

work well in spaces that need some clutter control.

ESTABLISH A SCHOOL MEMORY BOX. Parents can give each

of their children a plastic bin where they can store memorable

items from school. Not every assignment or drawing sent home
needs to be kept. Reserve the memory box for those special things
that have the most meaning.
Kids and clutter often go hand in hand. However, there are ways
to keep the mess under control.

Source: MetroCreative Connection

The stuff we
keep: How much
too much?

By Jeanine Hanson Lewis

ears ago I read an article from Karen Kingston, the author

of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. It told of a Finnish
press report about an art student from Finland who, for
her masters degree, tackled the project of using traditional archeological methods to inventory every item she owned in her 2,500
square foot house, and record the frequency of use of each of
those items. She discovered she owned a total of 6,126 objects.
I think the most interesting part of her paper was her analysis of
how often she used each object.
Objects never used: 1,457
Objects used less frequently than once a year: 2,209
Objects used once or twice a year: 1,411
Objects used every month: 587
Objects used every week: 401
Objects used every day: 61
This means that 5,077 objects in her home were either rarely or never
used, and those items made up 83 percent of everything that she
owned. Items used every day, week or month totaled only 1,049, which
was just 17 percent of what she owned. We could say she had a clutter
ratio of 83 percent. If she let go of those 5,077 objects, she would no
longer have to clean, maintain, store or insure any of that clutter. Think
of the space she would reclaim in her home! How many ways might
her life change if she was no longer looking after all of that stuff?

What is your clutter ratio?

Although I doubt that any of us will take the time to do such an

inventory, I bet if we did, many of us would find that we have even
more than 6,126 objects in our home. With that in mind, do you
feel like it is time for a serious clutter clearing in your home? If so,
here are three painless ideas to get you started:
1. CLOTHING. How many pieces of the clothing hanging in
your closet do you actually wear? Try this experiment: turn
all your clothing hangers backward, turn them forward again
only after you wear that article of clothing. When the next
season comes around, you may want to consider donating
anything still on hangers facing backward.
2. CLEANING SUPPLIES. Clear out the duplicate and seldom
used cleaning supplies from under your kitchen and bathroom
sinks. Store them together in another area, and organize them
like items together, similar to a retail shop display. One womans

husband had a habit of buying cleaning supplies every time he

went to the grocery store. She found at least 5 backup items for
every one she used, crammed into every nook and cranny in
her cupboards. So she hung three shelves in her basement, and
created her own retail store. Once her husband could see and
retrieve anything he needed, he stopped buying so many supplies.
3. FOOD PANTRY. Arrange your food pantry and cupboards
likewise and you will find yourself shopping less often and
more efficiently.
Would you like to cut your clutter ratio?
Invest in the time to sort and organize what you have; make it
easy to shop from your cupboards and closets before you head out
to buy more. Not only will you save time and money and reclaim
square footage in your home, you may find some hidden gems in
the process.
Tear out this page and give these ideas a try. I would be pleased
to have you share your experience with me!
Jeanine Hanson Lewis, owner of The Organizers, has been helping
clients since 1993 to clear clutter, organize, feng shui and redecorate
their homes using what they already own. Jeanine has been traveling
and studying home environments across the globe. She holds a B.A., in
art from UW, and is a graduate of The Western School of Feng Shui,
San Diego, member of the Interior Redecorators Network (IRN), New York City, and
member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Jeanine was
previously an owner of the Ovens of Brittany restaurants and bakeries for 20 years.
For more information, email, call 608-441-8795 or visit her
NEW website to find many more tips.


Create the home youve always wanted

Organizing Feng Shui Decorating

using what you already own

Jeanine Hanson Lewis & Associates (608) 441-8795 JM
May 2015 | Natures Pathways



By Debi Morton

any of us wait all year for the

moment soon to come: morel
hunting and then, of course,
eating! After the long winter we have had,
being able to go tromping in the woods with
the chance of finding these wonderful delicacies is exciting.
Like the truffle hunter, morel hunters
will rarely divulge where they hunt. That
said, you can get a mushroom guide and
try! Often found near dead elm, apples
and other hardwoods, you have to put
on mushroom eyes and see through the
clutter of the forest floor to find them. The
mushrooms are perfectly camouflaged in
the beige and brown leaf matter. I find that
stopping and sitting and slowing down
changes your perspective and ability to see
the detail right in front of you. If you arent
successful you will still have had a great
time enjoying the air, trees, newly popping
plant life and the precious woodland areas
we have in Wisconsin.
Be mindful of where you hunt and
make sure it is a public place or you

have permission. Also you dont want to

be hunting where chemicals have been
Caution: When collecting mushrooms
always verify your specimens using a
mushroom expert or spore print. There are
false morels that are toxic.

Cooking morels

Morels are wonderfully paired with other

spring vegetables like ramps, ferns and
asparagus. My favorite way is just to saute
in hand-rolled butter until caramelized.
Adding a little garlic is also nice. Some
people add bacon. Morels like fat to bring
out their flavor.
Clean by cutting in half and brushing
out any bugs or dirt. If they are really dirty

or bug laden, you may need to soak in a

salted water. If they are too buggy dont
select them and let nature do its job in the
compost heap.
Learning tip: Fun for the entire family:
33rd Annual Morel Festival in Muscoda
May 16 and 17. Find more information
Debi Morton owns Driftless Depot
Organic Market, Deli & Caf, 140
Winsted St. in Spring Green. She is
a lifelong foodie, chef and advocate
of eating seasonally. Debi and her
husband are also organic and biodynamic growers
of fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit or call 608-628-1001.
References: Mushrooms of the Midwest. Michael
Kuo and Andrew Methve.




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You are invited to browse and enjoy.

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What is
your fitness

By Ellen Utter

any fitness instructors prefer to

demonstrate specific exercises,
poses, warm-up techniques
and proper alignment as class participants
perform a workout. My style of instruction
includes not only demonstrating the pose
or exercise, but coaching individuals to be
always mindful of their postures, breathing
and alignment. Visual imagery is a tool I
use to facilitate the bodys look and feel to
my class of individuals. Pretend having an
imaginary wall behind you when performing standing poses like the triangle in the
yoga discipline for example.
Other fitness professionals may just use
concise commands to get their point across.
This style can be an effective teaching

method for some, while others need to be

shown what to do. A combination of both
demonstrating and giving verbal instruction works well in gyms, studios or private
facilities. Having taught fitness for several
years and learning from so many other
instructors, Ive adopted my own method of
teaching that is effective, safe and fun.
Workshops and recertification for fitness
instructors are a vital part of continuing education for instructors in any field,
not just fitness. You never will know it all.
Learning is lifelong, especially when you
are teaching something you love.
Academic instructors are worth their
weight in gold if they can find a way of
getting through to each individual and

use the teaching method that works best

for the persons learning style. The same
concept is true for the fitness professional.
I find it rewarding when students tell me
that using different words or actions made
all the difference in understanding. Its fun
to see the light bulb going on, maybe for
the first time.
Ellen Utter, certified Pilates, PiYO
and yoga instructor, teaches a Yoga
Balances Pilates class at Raw Materials Wellness and Learning Center, 408
E Wilson St., Madison, about 3 blocks
from the capitol. For more information about the class,
visit Ellen can be
contacted by calling 608-334-3774, emailing teutter@, or visiting and


with Ellen Utter

Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor


Trigger Point Dry Needling
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training
Pilates Training
Concussion Testing
Vestibular Rehabilitation

Pilates Basic Techniques

Beginning and Intermediate
Mat Classes
PiYO Strength Group Classes
(Blend of Yoga and Pilates)
Individual or Group Instruction
Pilates Barre Classes

We treat all dysfunctions and injuries with

a variety of techniques to reach full
recovery quicker and with lasting effects.

4343 East Towne Way

Madison, WI 53704

340 South Whitney Way

Madison, WI 53705

Call 608-334-3773,
e-mail or
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Increase the amount of
compassion in the world

By Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC & Holistic Psychotherapist

he original compassion exercise challenge far surpassed

expectations. One million cards were in circulation within
six months. By October 2011 two million compassion
cards had been distributed in 72 countries. Now we are well into
distributing the third million cards to all corners of the world on
our way to ten million cards given to strangers.
As the Compassion Project moves ahead, a new and exciting
opportunity to rapidly increase compassion evolves. The thing we
have to solve is how to make care and compassion more valuable than
self-importance and impermanent things. The ultimate solution is
broadly awakening the enlightened mind of spiritual consciousness.
You can play a major role in this transformation.
The solution that weve been looking for is more alignment and
cooperation, and more attention on service to others. We need to
become citizens for the planet. Compassion cards are delivered by
Earths Compassion Team to leaders around the world.

In process!

Ten million compassion cards are to be given to strangers by

January 2016.
If one million made a scratch in the world, ten million will
make a dent! Harry Palmer, creator of the Compassion Project

Holistic Psychotherapist
Individuals Couples Families
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC
660 W. Washington Ave., Suite 308, Madison




Natures Pathways | May 2015


Compassion exercise

Objective: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.

Expected result: A personal sense of peace.
Instructions: This exercise can be done anywhere that people
congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches, etc.). It should be
done on strangers, unobtrusively from some distance. Try to do
all five steps on the same person. Expected results are a personal
sense of peace.
Step 1: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: Just like
me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.
Step 2: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: Just like
me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.
Step 3: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: Just like
me, this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair.
Step 4: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: Just like
me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs.
Step 5: With attention on the person, repeat to yourself: Just like
me, this person is learning about life.
1. May be done by couples and family members to increase
understanding of each other.
2. May be done on old enemies and antagonists still present in
your memories.
3. May be done on other life forms.
Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC, is a Holistic Psychotherapist,
Avatar Master, and Reiki practitioner who uses holistic and experiential therapies to empower individuals, couples, and families
to heal and transform their lives, so each of them is able to live
to their fullest potential. You can reach her at 608-251-6590; for
more information, visit her website at
References: ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness. Harry
The Avatar Course.

All about

By Lisa Brill

ntioxidants, anti-inflammatory powerhouses, a bevy of

naturally-occurring UVA/UVB protection, vitamins and
essential fatty acids = your skins best defenses. Take that,
beautiful skin!
Were all about oils, and were in love with our facial oils! Were
not talking about the excess oil that your skin can create when its
out of balance or even when its too dry. Were talking about coldpressed and prized oils that are used in cleansing oils, day and
night serums, our body serums, and our hair serums. The benefits
that we get from botanical oils is not made, its grown.
When you want that deeper, penetrating hydration that still
feels light and doesnt smother the skin, youre in serum territory.
Clean, non-comedogenic, healing, hydrating, and sumptuously
nurturing serums, are formulated for various skin conditions.
The best of the best are free of waxes, lotions, creams, and we use
only our high-performing and proven plant and seed oil enriched
serums to deliver the results and get the job done.
Naturally containing a bevy of beneficial vitamins such as
A, C, E, D, oils are also rich in essential fatty acids and replenish
the skins cells to help them function, as well as make them less
vulnerable to damage from free radicals. The result? Hydrated,
healthy and supple skin. Our sustainable and unaltered proven,
skin-loving oils also help fight inflammation, the healthy skins

How safe is your lawn?

Child safe?
Pet safe?
Lake safe?

nemesis and huge culprit of aging. Plant and seed oils, which are
carefully blended in each of our serums, are anti-inflammatory
powerhouses and help defend the skin against free radicals and
premature aging. Take that, beautiful skin!
Skin loves oils, but its all about offering our skin the right kinds
of oils. Skin feels dewy when hydrated properly, not oily. It looks
radiant and plump. Oils that dont clog pores and share their essential fatty acids allow skin to take in their benefits and take a break
from producing an overflow of oil. Pores are kept clear and clean,
and serums penetrate deeply for long-lasting, proper hydration.
This is exactly what the skin loves to keep it radiant and glowing.
Our morning and night rituals should feel like a pampering experience, both for our mind and for our skin. Treating ourselves with the
goodness that nature provides for us, in the cleanest possible form,
shouldnt be the exception to the rule, it should be the only rule.
Qt Botanicals, 2018 Main Street, Cross Plains, is a botanical-oil
based skincare, hair, and body care company passionate about using
only the finest natural and high-performing ingredients. Qt Botanicals has received an internationally recognized Earth Day Beauty
Award for their skincare, all 40+ products rank in the safest category
in Skin Deeps clean beauty database, and their packaging has been awarded for its
sustainability and smartness. All unique products are proudly formulated, manufactured, fulfilled, shipped, and then shared from their Wisconsin location. For more
information, visit or call 608-798-1Qet. See ad on page 2.

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Happiness habit:

By Lysianne Unruh, CPCC

oo much alone time can kill you.

Isolation and loneliness are as bad
for a persons health as smoking
15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic,
according to a recent study from Brigham
Young University. Turns out people who
feel lonely have a 26 percent greater risk of
premature death.
We are social animals and need to
feel that we belong to others and feel
connected to one another. Times of change
and transition like divorce or death of a
partner or retiring from a long-held job
can have us lose connection to a person
or group we relied on for our sense of
belonging. My divorce, for example, radically shifted my friendship circle: I was no
longer part of a couple. Compounding this
disconnection was the fact I did not (could
not) have children and I felt excluded from
outings and conversations of the mommy
club and in crept feelings of isolation and
Being alone, by choice or otherwise, reflects the number of ones social

interactions and it isnt necessarily good

or bad it just is. However, feeling lonely
reflects our experience of being alone as
being disconnected or rejected from a
group. As they say, perception is reality
and interestingly, these thoughts of separation can produce a real sensation of pain
for us. Research reveals loneliness (and
rejection) activates the same parts of the
brain as physical pain. Loneliness and its
accompanying sense of social separation
and isolation can indeed have us feeling
the deep ache of hurt in our hearts.
As it turns out, the feeling of loneliness is a beneficial evolutionary tool; it is
a signal to change behavior very much
like hunger, thirst or physical pain it
motivates us to renew the connections
needed to survive and prosper.

The lonely hearts club

There are certain things we tend to do

which heighten our sense of loneliness and
disconnection. For example, feelings of
loneliness often stem from the belief others


cant be trusted to get us or support us,

so we withdraw and are more careful and
guarded, less open. Loneliness may also
arise from our negative self-perceptions:
we arent funny enough, outgoing enough,
or good-looking enough to be accepted
into a particular group. And of course,
once we believe these sorts of things about
ourselves, you guessed it, we show up more
self-conscious and more reserved and less
friendly and exuberant than someone who
is perfectly comfortable with who they are.

Connection and harmony

When you notice the feelings of loneliness, the question becomes: how do you
re-establish your sense of connection and
thinking separation or connection? When
we focus on feeling disconnected we forget
the broader areas in our life where we are
part of something: our neighborhood,
continued on page 23

Begin Your

Focus on creating EFFECTIVE

TAKE CHARGE by setting and
THRIVING strategies for greater
achievingimportantgoals in
Lysianne Unruh
calm and resilience;
relationships, financial security,
career, health, hobbies & adventure;
Establish powerful, daily HAPPINESS
CoaCh, CpCC
HABITS for maximum joy and
Ultimately, to DESIGN a richly
vibrant and thriving life!


Natures Pathways | May 2015
and download a FREE kit
to get you started!
Or Call 608-438-0483

a change in

By Doris Deits

here is a fundamental change

occurring in human consciousness
that is expected to redefine human
awareness, making it more spiritually
connected and less self-focused.
What I mean by that is we will naturally
stop thinking so much about our own selfprotection, which is often the culprit that
fuels negative relating patterns.
In many ways, relating and communicating is simply a game of chess. Who can
out maneuver whom? Who can convince
the other of their superiority? One winner,
one loser. To the victor go the spoils.
Power, control and dominance are in
constant flux with every conversation.
At work, with friends, spouses, children,
teachers, authority figures and even strangers. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.
Innuendo, mixed messages and hidden
agendas are all tried and true methods of
relating that mislead, misinform and manipulate. All foster mistrust. All hide the truth.
Fear of hurting anothers feelings.
Masking our own hurts and disappointments. Pretending we are fine, just fine.
Never complaining, always putting our
needs last. These all foster martyrdom and
resentment. All repress the truth.
Constant complaining. Unrealistic
expectations. Blaming others for how we
feel. Criticism. Righteous anger. These all
foster victimhood and deny the truth.
Humans have fostered negative and
abusive patterns of behavior and beliefs for
a very long time. The goal, for the most part,
is to survive and get as much of everything
as possible to ensure survival for a long time.
Controlling and manipulating people
and resources is just plain good planning
to the instinctive survival urge. That urge

doesnt care who gets hurt, even to the

point of leading to its own destruction.
Thats where humanity is right now. This
survival program has outgrown its usefulness.
Fortunately, our evolution is fast at work
giving this survival urge a new upgrade.
People are starting to feel differently without
fully understanding this sometimes confusing internal upgrading process.
Since everybody operates from the
survival urge program, we will all experience this process in our own way.
Relationships of all kinds are under
tremendous pressure to change. How we
relate to ourselves, each other and our environment are all in the mix. Upheaval is a
sign of this pressure. Change must happen
in order to bring in something better. If
change is happening in your neck of the
woods, its best not to try to stop it. Ride it
out and see where it goes. Chances are good
that things will settle out for the better.
The most challenging areas will be in our
closest relationships. Our marriages, our
children, our partnerships, friends and workplaces will be rocked to their core in order to
shake loose those overly destructive relating
patterns. Out with the old and in with the new.
The goal of our evolutionary upgrade is to
find better ways of relating to each other that
is more sincere and honest. Without sincere
and honest relating, we cannot discard that
which no longer serves us. While its easy to
point a finger at someone else and see them
as the problem, it doesnt serve us. We can
help our own process by looking at the role
we play on the stage of life.
What do we see when we look at our prejudices, things we believe to be right or wrong and
how do we treat people who violate our internal
list of rules? What if our rules are the problem?

Having an attitude of willingness to

change or alter long-held beliefs is imperative to our evolution. Letting go of those
things that dont work for us anymore is
the fastest way to move forward.
Once we make the decision to change we
are faced with the difficulty of the habitual
nature of our negative relating. After all,
weve been doing it a long time, so it will
take some practice to change it. But well
feel a whole lot better once we do.
Doris Deits is the owner of Peaceful Heart Gifts and
Books, located at 123 S. Main St., Oregon. Doris is a
student of metaphysics and offers her perspective of
over 20 years of research and experience in the field.
Through the products at Peaceful Heart, they strive
to offer products that can connect people to their own
innate wisdom and spirituality. For more information,
visit or call 608-835-5288.

Its crystal clear

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My relationship

By Emily Niesen

write this article in the hopes to engage readers a little bit

more than usual. I am going to share my personal relationship with exercise and how it has evolved. It will start from
the beginning, when exercise was gym class, recess and playing
outside and it will end with my current 29-year-old relationship with movement. As a holistic health coach I believe physical activity or movement of some sort is essential to everybodys
daily lives. No matter what the weather, where you are, what
your other plans are, just like healthy food and fresh air, fitting
in some sort of heart-pumping movement every day is possible
and necessary. It took me a long time to get comfortable and
confident with that statement. I dont shy away from sharing that
opinion with anyone. In hopes that other readers might relate,
learn or be inspired by my relationship with exercise, I share it
with you here and now.
My very first memory of the term exercise was in grade school
physical education class (aka gym). I learned how to line dance

What if


conversation could

your life?

Schedule a free initial consultation with me today!

& Well-Being


Natures Pathways | May 2015

Holistic Health, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

to Billy Ray Cyrus, whip dodge balls at my classmates and skip

and gallop to the beat of a drum. Grade school was also the first
time I heard recess referred to as a form of exercise. On freezing
cold days when we didnt have outdoor recess, my mom could tell
we didnt get our exercise in that day because of how rambunctious my siblings and I were after school. Summer vacation was
full-time recess at my house. My family and I were outdoors all
day long, digging in dirt or picking up stones in the farm fields,
jumping on the trampoline, splashing in our kiddie pool, or using
the garden hose to chase each other around the house. I think I
even recall my mom racing us in our backyard for no other reason
than to just wear us out before bedtime. Exercise to me was fun
and playful and made me tired.
Fast forward to middle school and exercise was playing sports
with my friends after school and on the weekends. Transition to
high school when exercise consisted of workouts, a way of staying
in shape for sports. Daily basketball, dance and track practice
workouts prepared me to be a better athlete. I ran on the weekends if the coach advised us to and attended all voluntary vacation practices. Self-discipline and dedication were two new strong
characteristics I could add to my college essays. Competition gave
me anxiety, but it was a driver in my success. Success was rewarding and it felt good to impress.
As for my college days, Im still not sure if I gained the freshman 15, but I know I was not as fit as my athletic high school
days. I still had the discipline, however, and as soon as I saw
other students running around campus I was the first freshman
out of those dorm doors to hit the pavement. I tried an elliptical
machine for the first time and received a free personal trainer by
signing up at the college gym. Very cool! When I met friends who
knew about the group fitness classes, I signed up for those too. I
even managed to join a gym in a foreign country while studying

abroad. Who does that? I didnt know it at the time, but my disciplined self turned exercise into an addiction.
Post-graduation, I was living back at home in a smaller town,
and access to the gym and exercise amenities were not as plentiful. Running was minimalistic and always available to me. It
helped that my mom, a marathon competitor, never turned
down a running buddy. It didnt take long for me to start running
longer distances and I fell in love with everything about it: the
adrenaline rush, planned workouts, buying new shoes, the time
spent with my mom, the tan skin and eating anything I wanted
without gaining a pound. Running was my exercise weapon.
As a newlywed I started to realize that I planned my life
around exercise. Exercise was a priority and when I didnt fit it
into my day I was not a happy person. I felt frumpy, yes frumpy!
It was ridiculous and when my husband and I started discussing
children, I didnt realize what a journey it would be to get my
body and mind ready for a baby. This journey which coincided
with my health coaching education could fill pages in a book.
For this article, I will reach my point quicker. I was amazed with
myself at how quickly my priorities changed. It hasnt been easy;
in fact, it has been quite a roller coaster.
Over the last couple of years while building my health coaching
business, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the days when
exercise was about play, and giggling was almost always involved.
Today, exercise is daily physical activity often enjoyed with
friends. It is the primary food of life. I guide my clients toward
healthy physical activity and some days I feel my mantra should
be Just move your body. I instruct exercise classes because I gain
so much energy from a full room of ambitious people. I still run
because I am a runner, but if I run by a park I will stop to swing
on the swings. Keeping the fun and spontaneous aspect of exercise
alive makes it even more worthwhile for me.
Emily Niesen is a board-certified holistic health coach (AADP)
and owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being. Emilys inspiration comes from her upbringing and the old, simple way of
life. Her passion is in coaching her clients to adopt happier and
healthier lifestyles that are unique to them. She offers private and
group Health Coaching sessions in unique settings to support her clients in areas
such as weight management, food cravings, decoding nutrition labels, cooking,
exercise routines, and other lifestyle skills. Want to get out of a rut? Email; to set up an initial health history consultation and
sign up for her free monthly newsletter. Read her monthly article and check out
her website to find out more about her business.


book club, church, Rotary Club, and so on; looking here may
spark a reminder of how to re-engage.
RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF. It is important to re-estab-

lish a fondness for who you are; to celebrate your strengths and
graces and talents. Clarity around how you are able to contribute to a specific relationship or a group, make it is easier to
reach out to others.

REDEFINE YOURSELF. Accepting a change in your status,

for example, from married to divorced, can help you look for
friends who share a similar experience. Thank goodness for local
Meetup groups, where it is easy to find people who share your
love of hiking, wine and music.
REACH OUT. While it seems obvious, when in the grips of

loneliness we can forget to pick up the phone and call an old

friend. Sit down and pen a handwritten note of appreciation to
someone; make sure to schedule coffee or dinner.

GET INVOLVED. Volunteering is a great way to connect with

others and its a beautiful way to use your gifts and talents. I
personally love to help out at bike races or long-distance runs.
I love being outside and surrounded by people striving to be at
and do their very best.

DONT DESPAIR. Use your feelings of loneliness to motivate

you to change your behavior so you are able to renew important

connections you need to survive and prosper.

Lysianne Unruh, Happiness Strategist and Coach, CPCC: My

coaching clients realize life is unpredictable and their well-being
doesnt have to be. From survive to thrive, I guide people through
times of challenges and change in their lives. Together we navigate their hardships, losses or heartbreaks transforming them into
their greatest learnings and ultimate victory. My work as a happiness strategist
takes people from hurt and hopeless to happy and vibrant again. Visit http:// or
References: Brigham Young University.
Loneliness as evolutionary tool.
Psychological pain of loneliness.

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By Emily Niesen

his little homemade treat can be customized to satisfy

anyone in the family and are a healthy alternative to
packaged cookies and crackers. Have them on hand for
the afternoon slump or a pre-workout snack.


2 cups oats
1 cup all natural peanut butter
1 cup ground flaxseed
cup mini chocolate chips
cup honey
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Chia seeds


Mix all ingredients together. Roll into bite-size balls (the size
you roll them will determine how many the recipe yields). Store
in fridge.
Try variations: dried fruit, sunflower or pumpkin seeds,
chocolate chunks, and gluten-free oats. Have fun and get the
family involved!
Emily Niesen is a board-certified holistic health coach (AADP)
and owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being. Emilys inspiration comes from her upbringing and the old, simple way of
life. Her passion is in coaching her clients to adopt happier
and healthier lifestyles that are unique to them. She offers
private and group Health Coaching sessions in unique settings to support her
clients in areas such as weight management, food cravings, decoding nutrition labels, cooking, exercise routines, and other lifestyle skills. Want to get
out of a rut? Email; to set up an initial health
history consultation and sign up for her free monthly newsletter. Read her
monthly article and check out her website to find out more about her business. See ad on page 22.

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Home funerals
for a better

By Jonas Zahn











Home Funeral





Green Burial

recently attended a community event, Exploring Green Burial

- Becoming the Tree, at the Goodman Center in Madison.
The 2012 documentary film, Dying Green, was the centerpiece of the evening presented by Walking Each Other Home, a
Madison group dedicated to empowering families in caring for
their own after death. The 27-minute film details the 20-year story
of Dr. Billy Campbell, his conservation cemetery at Ramsey Creek
Preserve, and his vision to use natural burials to conserve land. As
a natural burial casket maker I wanted to observe the responses
to the film. These are my observations of an audience and their
reactions to natural burials and home funerals.
More than 200 people crowded the room. By a show of hands
more than 80 percent of the audience was aged 60 and older. The
film was followed by a guest panel including Kevin Corrado and
Shedd Farley from Natural Path Sanctuary in Verona joined by
Selena Fox and Sharon Stuart from Circle Sanctuary in Barneveld.
For an hour the panel answered questions many us have when
considering choices in end-of-life care. We think differently
about death when we can think objectively. This differs from our
emotional thinking when someone close to us has died.
Google trends show that searches for natural burial peaked
in 2010, and has declined since. This doesnt mean the public has
lost interest in the topic, but rather there is a new general knowledge of what natural burial is. Jim Olson, a funeral director in
Sheboygan, contends that baby boomers and younger generations
are showing a growing interest in a more natural disposition of
human remains. They want to know why. They want to know
how much. Theyre not as concerned with tradition, Olson says.
They want a softer approach, a smaller carbon footprint.
One thing was clear in this room full of people eager to talk
about their own end-of-life plans. Neither religion nor family
tradition were relevant in making end-of-life choices for this
audience. And while cost was of interest, paying less than a typical
funeral was not a concern. This audience wasnt looking for ways
to save money. They were looking for ways to save the environment! Nobody questioned a $3,000 fee for a burial at the Natural
Path Sanctuary. Some applauded the notion that $2,500 is used to
fund land conservation practices at the sanctuary.
People want alternatives to the conventional funeral. Above




Natural Burial

all else, they want an end-of-life plan that is smart for the planet.
They will opt for sustainability over tradition and are willing to
spend a few extra dollars to have it their way. They want alternatives to embalming. They want to be laid out at home for visitation. And the general sentiment is they cannot have it their way
at a funeral home. They are frustrated that funeral service isnt
offering such alternatives. (Just ask and they will; I planned my
home funeral with my local funeral home.)
This was just one audience. Figure 1 illustrates the trend in
people researching home funeral since 2004 when Google
started collecting search trend data. This chart is a comparative analysis showing not the total number of searches, but the
comparison of searches for different topics. I added a controversial search term, Obamacare to set a baseline. The highest point
in the chart sets the scale at 100 for Obamacare this happened
during October of 2013 when open enrollment began.
Search interest in the terms cremation, natural burial and green
burial are tiny in comparison to home funerals and Obamacare.
Not only is home funeral researched 50 times more frequently
than cremation, but with a stunning upward trend in the last ten
years. People researching home funerals has increased more
than four times in the last decade and is far greater than those
researching cremation.
Data aside, the wake-up call for me was experiencing firsthand
a room of 200 people making their cases for planning a home
funeral. Not because they want to take the director out of their
funerals, but because they want alternatives. Their key motivator for wanting alternatives? The environment. Not religion. Not
tradition. Not even personalization. The environment.
Jonas A. Zahn is the owner of the Northwoods Casket Company
and Carriage House Works. Jonas is uncompromising in his
commitment to sustainability using locally sourced woods, local
craftsmen (and women), and environmentally safe paints and
finishes to build caskets and classic Arts & Crafts furniture. The
company plants 100 trees for every casket made. The Northwoods Casket Co.
offers a wide range of sustainable burial caskets and cremation products and
delivers to every funeral home in Wisconsin. Carriage House Works builds fine
handcrafted furniture, sells reclaimed wood flooring and distributes milk paint
with environmentally safe natural oil finishes. The casket gallery and furniture
store are located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Learn more by visiting or ad on page 30.
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Madison Manual Medicines

whole-body approach to


BARRIERS OF ANY KIND ARE A HASSLE. They are by definition anything that restrains or obstructs something and
they keep us from where or who we want to be. They show
up everywhere: our careers, personal lives, and both physical and mental situations that prohibit us from being our
best. When its our body experiencing these obstacles, they
become even more bothersome and debilitating.
Some barriers to a high level of functioning that everybody (and every body!) strives for include low energy levels,
pain syndromes and other conditions that standard medicine
might not understand well.
Theres hope for relief from those physical blocks in the
form of Dr. Jed Downs, owner of Madison Manual Medicine,
who has made it his mission to assist your body to remove
barriers to movement... (using) osteopathic manual therapy
(OMT), a hands on treatment approach capable of interacting with your body at multiple tissue levels.

What is osteopathic manual therapy?

If youre not familiar with the term osteopathy, OMT may
hold a mysterious quality. But when the practice is simply
broken down, it makes perfect sense as the key to your ideal
functioning literally layer by layer.
Its a form of manual therapy focusing on body and tissue
interrelationships to include movement of all the intricate
parts of the body like organs, as well as fluid flow that can
eventually cause symptoms, many of which Dr. Downs says
tend to be poorly explained by standard medical practice. Generally when considering health and feeling better


Natures Pathways | May 2015

physically, one thinks about typical symptoms they can see

and feel being fixed, but in osteopathic manual therapy, it
is often the opposite.
(Osteopathy) is very advanced bodywork in terms of
refinement of anatomy and palpation of different tissue
layers, being able to identify how arteries and nerves are
going to potentially affect bones and joint movement, Dr.
Downs explains.
Very trained hands, like Dr. Downs, are able to manipulate
body parts (including abdominal and thoracic organs) so
they move best in relationship to one another and respond to
your bodys demands. This helps you to go about both your
everyday activities and participate in things like sports and
work. He appreciates and recognizes the mechanics of the
body, and allows it to be a guide to better overall functioning.
We try to correct the problem rather than paint over the
problem by giving medication which is just going to control
symptoms, Dr. Downs says. People who have pain after
concussions, after trauma, after vehicle accidents and falls,
sport-related trauma, they can all benefit. (Check out the
sidebar within this spread for a list of more issues OMT has
been known to help!)
When you are dealing with an injury, your body has to
learn to cope with the situation, Dr. Down says. Some injuries are permanent and your body will have to cope with it
permanently, but there are things that can be done to make
sure the body mechanically is moving as well as it can everywhere else to lessen the impact of the injury.
Thats where OMT and Madison Manual Medicine come in.

Madison Manual Medicines

whole-body approach
Dr. Downs understands the complex layers of the body so
well because of his background in both conventional medicine and his practice in osteopathic manual therapy. He
began his career in the health field as an occupational medicine physician in 1989, but felt he was seeing more issues like
neck and back pain from work-related and other injuries than
he could offer help for with his traditional education at that
time. He then went on a quest for more information by taking
continuing medical education classes and eventually turned
to osteopathic manipulative medicine full time.
I had fallen in love with osteopathy and really started to
reinvent myself, Dr. Down says.
Madison Manual Medicine was born, and a whole-body
approach was implemented.
The typical first exam with Dr. Downs is anything but the
standard practice elsewhere. He makes sure to set aside 90
minutes for each patient to allow time to really delve into the
persons history, focusing a lot on past trauma including any
injuries, surgeries, childbirth history and medical conditions.
He listens to your past and concerns during your first
conversations, but the real listening occurs during his OMT
technique with his hands.
The hands-on exam includes general myofascial listening:
a technique in which the examiner places his or her hands on
the patient, feels for lines of tension and uses touch receptors in
both hands to triangulate or localize what is likely the strongest
restriction in the patients body at that particular moment.
The technique is a way for Dr. Downs to inspect how a person
is able to hold their body in space, their lines of gravity, how the
body is balanced over their feet and if joints are a concern, how
to get a sense of where your body is in regard to that.
However, one unique aspect of OMT is that areas of
concern may be stemming from a location the patient is least
likely to associate with it. Dr. Downs is able to make the correlation. Pain should be looked upon as more of a billboard,
advertising that something is wrong, rather than a road map
telling the patient or the provider where the problem is.
A fall on the buttocks may cause mechanical problems
with the pelvis and low back with associated pain, but the
shockwave traveling up the spine and body can impact the
base of the skull and its attachments to the upper neck.
Twisting forces, forces on the outstretched arm used to try
to break the fall, may all play an active role in a patients
symptom complex.
The goal of osteopathy is to establish normalcy as
much as possible, Dr. Down explains. And sometimes that
normalcy can give you the benefit of more energy, it can
improve athletic performance and so on.
Generally patients receive care three or four times to allow
the body to absorb the first dose of treatment and adapt to
the changes that were made during their previous sessions.
Time, in the case of Madison Manual Medicine, truly is healing.

Can osteopathic manual

therapy help you?
OMT is used to treat a variety of issues, ranging from
everyday symptoms like headaches to conditions like
carpal tunnel. Below are some of the common health
concerns that have been successfully treated:
Neck pain
Back pain
Non-cardiac chest pain
Post-traumatic headaches
Migraine headaches
Tension headaches
Bladder irritability
Irritable bowel
Recurrent earaches
Sinus pain
Repetitive strains
Carpal tunnel
Sacroiliac pain
Groin pain
Balance issues
Foot and ankle pain

to take the time
necessary and do
everything I can to the best
of my ability to get at the root of
any problems, Dr. Downs says. And thats
in large part because I care about people
getting better and functioning at the highest
level that theyre able to.

Contact Dr. Downs to

discuss how he can help
you function at your best!
Madison Manual Medicine
2940 Chapel Valley Road #1B, Fitchburg
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Spring into

By Deb Freeman, CSLC, CMST,
Master Certified Spiritual
Holistic Life Coach

ts that time of year when we move

the clocks ahead, the winter blurs into
spring and we wait for the warm flows of
summer air to show up. Our schedules start
to get busier as we have access to weather
that is conducive to outside sports, gardening, hiking etc. We start to spring clean our
houses and vehicles, prepping the land for
planting, getting our fishing poles tuned up,
dusting off the bikes and kayak, but what
are we doing for our spiritual mind?

When we work out our body, it reacts

with a shape that is toned, full of energy
and ready to go. But how do we work out
our spiritual mind? Like going to the gym
to work on the body, the spiritual mind
needs to have its workout too.
If you are religious, you may attend
church one to three times a week. This may
help you strengthen your faith, but if you
were to go to work out your body once a
week, what kind of results will you get?

Certified Spiritual Holistic Life Coach



Like peeling away the layers of an onion

to get to core issues, I offer coaching that
provides permanent behavioral changes
using clinically proven coaching exercises.

Learn to master your life in relationships, parenting, money,

weight and spirituality with spiritual holistic life coaching sessions

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Why do you want to work on your spiritual

mind? Visualize the metaphor where there is
a little devil sitting on one shoulder and an
angel on the other. Now call the devil the
EGO (Edging God Out) mind and the angel
spirit. The EGO whispers into your ear, 24/7.
That is the EGOs job, and it never stops. Spirit
sits quietly on the other shoulder, helping
you to feel your feelings. We have learned to
suppress our feelings for so long, that we have
almost put spirit out of a job and let EGO run
our life. Working with a spiritual holistic life
coach can help you to get back on track.
There are tools available to you to help
you strengthen your spiritual mind. But,
unless you take action, nothing will change.
One powerful tool is meditation. There
are many forms of meditation and you
may have tried some of them. Meditation
should be a spiritual practice that is a habit
done daily. Like getting up in the morning
and brushing your teeth, meditation should
be a part of your daily routine. What does
meditation do for you? It helps to quiet
that mind chatter so you can become more
aware of spirit and the gifts spirit has for
you. It trains your mind to obey your spirit.
It strengthens your ability to focus and
helps you to release emotional stress. Less
than 10 minutes a day is all it takes.
Prayer is another tool that can help steer
you in your right spiritual direction. It helps
you to let go of EGO so God can help you.
When your EGO mind tells you that you

dont need help, you can do it alone, prayer

will help you to detach from that thought
with an understanding that you are never
alone because God is always with you.
Prayer can help you to understand that
you cant steer the river. It reminds you
that painful emotions are signs that show
you what you still need to heal. If you dont
already pray, it is something that you can
easily learn. Connect with a spiritual holistic life coach and they can help you to learn
to pray the way it is right for you.
Learning to become conscious of your
feelings is another tool to help you become
connected to your intuitive self and process
your life through your feelings first. When
you process your life through your feelings
first it is 99 percent more energy efficient than
thinking first. It also improves your psychospiritual health and helps you take full
responsibility for what you are feeling. What
feelings are you still pushing down and trying
to forget instead of working through them?
Visualizations really work and when you
learn to visualize by self-parenting yourself,
it will help you to feel better quickly, help
you to release those emotions that you have
unconsciously repressed and teach you how
to self-nurture and love yourself so you feel
safe and secure. Visualizations are powerful and show you how your EGO mind can
quickly fool you into seeing your life for
what it may seem to be, not what it really is.
You can consciously make your daily life
into a spiritual practice by practicing and
making a habit of being consciously aware
of your negative thoughts and replacing
them with positive thoughts. Are you ready
to spring clean and put in new practices to
help your life be the best life the way you
want it to be? Read that last question again
and without thinking about what it means.
How does it make you feel?
Deb Freeman left her position at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison to do what is her true calling,
helping others. In 2012 Deb received her certification
from e-Cornell and the T. Collin Campbell Foundation
for Plant Based Nutrition. Deb decided that she was
not yet where she wanted to be and found college level
courses in Spiritual Holistic Life Coaching. The holistic
part was important to Deb and finding a school that
used scientific clinical studies in their program was a
must. Deb spent 2013 earning her certification for life
coaching and in 2014 received her master certification.
Deb is ready to help you find your own self-mastery
and become the happy, vibrant person you deserve to
be. You can contact Deb at 608-215-9345, visit her
website or email

Discover whats

behind the

6225 University Avenue, Suite 208, Madison, WI


Discovering how to relate to various aspects of self

Learning an avenue to finding personal peace
Exercising the muscle of choosing ones center

Thursday, May 7, 2015 6:30-8:30 pm

Must RSVP. Please attend entire class.
Free for first-time attendees, $50 for returning.

For more information or to register, please visit, contact
or call 608.238.7328

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The Amethyst
BioMat and far
infrared therapy
weight loss

By Sonya Sullins

s we peel off layers of clothes, we might find wed like to

peel off layers of, um, fat! For many generations, men
and women alike have searched for the one weight loss
method that would grant them lasting results. Such methods as
calorie counting, low-carb and low-fat diets, liquid and starvation

Plant it Forward!
Make a Northwoods casket or cremation urn
part of your end-of-life plan and we will
plant 100 trees in Wisconsin
at our next spring or fall planting.

Natures Pathways | May 2015

diets, and countless others have been tried. Unfortunately, each

of these weight loss methods has shown little, if any, results, thus
the search continues. In an effort to find a cure to this worldwide
problem, scientists are diligently searching for a way to cure the
obesity epidemic. Countless research has been conducted, and
countless products have been tested. Some of these results initially
were very promising; however, many of the results were inconclusive or ineffective for long-term use. The ongoing question asked
by many is, Will they ever find a cure to obesity? The answer to
this question, and the solution for weight loss, may very well be a
natural healing stone called amethyst!
Scientists have spent countless hours and years desperately
searching for a cure for being overweight or obese. At one time
they studied the fat gene and determined that some people were
born with a genetic predisposition to being overweight. There
might very well be some truth to this theory, but scientists have
yet to discover a way to correct this predisposition effectively.
Scientists recently learned that the human adult has two types of
fat: white fat and brown fat. White fat is where our energy comes
from and stores fat, whereas brown fat burns excess fat. Thus the
more we can target burning our brown fat, the more excess fat is
burned. Currently, scientists are working on developing a brown
fat pill to combat weight problems.
The Amethyst BioMat is a far infrared mat that you simply lie
on or sit on. Research shows that just sitting or lying on the mat for
30-60 minutes or sleeping on the mat overnight will relieve numerous ailments, help burn brown fat, and increase metabolism. The
infrared heat put out by the BioMat burns calories while you are
resting on the mat. The notable thing about the infrared rays of the
BioMat is that heat from the mat also induces the body to continually burn calories even after youve used the BioMat. Ongoing
exposure to infrared heat also causes an increase in energy levels
and metabolism, which enhances weight loss. The BioMat, which is
made by Richway USA, is constructed of 17 layers of state-of-the-art

The combined effect of

the amethyst crystals and
infrared light from the
BioMat creates an effective
solution to weight loss,
chronic pain relief, increased
vitality, treatment for
cancer, stress reduction and
numerous other problems.
materials and consists of far infrared light, negative ions and the
healing ability of amethyst. The BioMat is a powerful yet easy to use
healing modality, perfect for anyone wanting to induce better health
overall. The combined effect of the amethyst crystals and infrared
light from the BioMat creates an effective solution to weight loss,
chronic pain relief, increased vitality, treatment for cancer, stress
reduction and numerous other problems. The BioMat is registered
and approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class
2 medical device.
The BioMat is not the only effective method of weight loss.
Some of my favorite recommendations that have proven effective are diet, exercise and sleep. Specifically, a diet that focuses
on organic, unprocessed, whole foods. This is a holistic method
of eating foods that are free of gluten, bad fats, sugars and chemicals. For exercise, kettlebells are both effective and efficient you
are not only burning fat with cardio, but you are building muscle
through strength training. Sleep is an essential part of being
healthy. The average person requires 8 to 10 hours of sleep each
night, yet the majority of us are greatly lacking in this category.
Stress, work, home life and numerous other issues keep us from
getting a full nights sleep. It is vital for effective weight loss that
we not only learn ways to decrease our stress levels, but that we
get adequate sleep.
Taking care of our body, mind and spirit will help us greatly
with improved health overall. Additionally, utilizing a weight loss
plan that you are comfortable with will bring about greater success
at weight loss. Shed those extra layers of clothes and pounds
with confidence!
Sonya Sullins, MBA, is the owner of Luminous Lotus Healing.
Luminous Lotus Healing works with people who want to live pain
free, stress free and disease free. We offer natural and alternative
methods to heal - in mind, body and spirit. Healing therapies
include Far Infrared Therapy with Amethyst BioMat, Bio Electrotherapy with Wellness Pro, Reconnective Healing, and Access Consciousness
BARS. Experience healing treatments on the BioMat and with the Wellness Pro
or even purchase for home use. Gift Certificates available online. Check back
regularly as I offer classes and hold events. Visit
or call 608-620-5171 or email for more information.





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Middleton 608-841-1133
& Fitchburg 608-277-5900

$39 Initial
& Treatment
(Regularly $95)

First time customers only.

Live pain free, stress free, and

disease free with Wellness Pro

Acute and Chronic pain

Stroke and Stroke rehab
Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
Detoxify organs

FDA cleared

6808 University Ave, Suite 115, Middleton

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ealing Horsemanship Foundation was born in a dream

shared by its co-founders, Bob and Nikki Cohen-Wichner. They were cooking over a campfire in 1996 when
Nikki began sharing about a vivid dream in which their horses
were working with people in a manner shed never considered
before. As she described what she saw in her dream, Bob began
finishing her sentences. It didnt take them long to realize that
they each had the same exact dream the night before.
It took a couple of years before they shared that dream with
others because they thought people would think they were crazy.
Thankfully that first sharing was validated when Professor Peter
Fabian of Edgewood College encouraged Nikki to view the dream
as a vision from God that needs to be deeply honored.
Nearly a decade later the two had both graduated from Edgewood College and shifted the familys 20-plus-year-old horse
business into a highly respected Equine Assisted Activities and
Therapy program that engages youth in a broad range of activities
including non-horse activities like organic gardening, carpentry,
ag mechanics and cat care.
Almost two decades have passed and that shared dream has
changed the lives of thousands of people who have either participated in programs at Interstate Horse Center as participants or

Why Me?
Understanding Karma

A Meditation Retreat
Saturday, May 23

Kadampa Meditation Center Madison

1825 S Park St (weve moved down the street!)

Register now at


Natures Pathways | May 2015

volunteers. Over $250,000 in services have been donated thanks

to Bob and Nikkis many hours of pro bono work and donors to
Healing Horsemanship Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2007.
Today this nationally respected program receives referrals from
physicians, therapists, social workers, teachers, parents and other
concerned adults across the country who believe that a nontraditional approach to therapy and/or education might be the
last hope for a young person they know whose needs cant be met
via traditional settings.
The naturally healing environment of The Forever Farm brings
a power all its own to people who face lifes challenges. Naturebased experiential therapy and alternative learning programs may
allow people to find answers within themselves that can remain
elusive in traditional therapy or school settings.
This is truly an exciting time to become involved in the Healing
Horsemanship Foundation, Inc. as a board member or volunteer.
A recent six-figure donation has secured the future of what is now
known as The Forever Farm. The foundation needs strong leaders
to support its new vision of expanding facilities to provide more
structure to alternative education programming. Anyone interested in supporting wounded warriors are encouraged to contact
Nikki to help create a national model for supporting wounded
warriors through development of a Veteran Volunteer Corps
where vets can find a new mission through their work to support
the HHF mission where youth and families affected by trauma
can find hope through relationship with nature and horses.

2655 County Road BN, Stoughton

A curls
best friend:

By Angela Kowieski

ith the seasons changing sometimes we all get that

urge to have a change in our own look. Freshening
up your hairstyle or switching your makeup colors to
something new is a pretty easy way to get that new and refreshed
feeling. We recently created a new style for a busy mom of two.
Below are the steps we took to give Meghan a well needed mom

Hair revamping

The color: With Meghan I started with some soft honey and
golden blonde highlights to slightly lighten the hair and accentuate her natural curls. This gives her a more youthful appearance
and warms up her skin tone.
The cut: Meghan has natural curly hair so I definitely wanted to
accentuate the curls and give her a style that she could recreate
at home in record time without too much fuss. She wanted to be
able to not really have to do anything to the back but have some
length in the front inverted bob! This is one of my favorites for
curly hair since it looks good curly or straight. It also gives a more
modern appeal to the style, yet can be straightened for a more
polished, professional look.
The style: When styling curly hair I absolutely love a glaze and
cream combo. Mixing these two types of products will give a hold
and smoothing effect while defining the curls. I then diffused
Meghans hair to give the curls more definition and volume. You
can also achieve this look without using the diffuser but by drying
with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt, being careful not to rub
the curls but to squeeze or scrunch them. After drying you can
mist with a shine spray to give a glamorous finish and a give those
curls a healthy polished appearance!

Customizing Meghans makeup

Preparing her skin: Meghan has a red appearance due to skin

sensitivities, so Miriam started with a moisturizer to help soothe
the redness. Miriam then applied a makeup primer to prepare the
skin for the makeup application.

The makeup application:

1. Tinted moisturizer foundation was applied on Meghan
since her skin was somewhat red and dry to touch. This
will moisturize the skin and give it medium coverage. Next
Miriam followed with a pressed powder foundation to give
further coverage and conceal any redness.
2. Miriam then applied a light neutral shade all over the eyelid
to prepare the lid for the Smokey Eye application.
3. After prepping the lid, she then went in with a contouring
brush in the outer corner of the lid creating a sideways V
with the darker toned eyeshadow. She then blended the
darker shade with the lighter neutral shade using her brush.
4. An application of a cream stick eyeliner was applied to the top
upper lash area as well as to the lower lash line, concentrating
on the outer corners.
5. Mascara was applied in a zig zag motion, moving upward to
elongate the lashes.
6. Miriam then applied a natural tone to the cheekbones and
added a shimmer bronzer to give Meghan a healthy glow.
7. The look was finished with a natural color lip liner filled in
with a slightly peach tone.

As you can see, Meghan now has a new customized look that she
can recreate at home for a night on the town!
Watch for our monthly makeovers and natural beauty tips from
Hair by Angela Kowieski, master certified organic hair colorist,
cosmetologist and salon owner.
Makeup application by Miriam Tsukanova, esthetician, body
worker, Qest practitioner and herbalist.
Angela Kowieski is a certified organic hair colorist and owner of
Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon & Spa, 5440 Willow Road,
Suite 104 in Waunakee. She strives to find products that are made
with as many organic ingredients as possible. Divine Body & Styles
Organic Salon & Spa is an environment where beauty means not
having to sacrifice your health. For more information, call 608-242-4247 or visit See ad on page 3.
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Jane experiences
energy healing
at Reconnect

have always been very curious about energy healing because

I have heard so many of my friends talk about their experiences. To be honest, I initially didnt think it could benefit
me, but the more I heard, the more interested I became. I asked
several of my friends for a referral for a healer and they all said to
try Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary in Beaver Dam.
I made an appointment and drove to Beaver Dam. I have to
admit that I felt very nervous and had doubts during my drive. I
arrived at this beautiful retreat out in the country, and started to
relax. The environment immediately put me at ease. I was met by
Julie Hogan, the owner, and she made me feel so very welcomed.
She showed me around her retreat and offered me a cup of tea.
She began the session by finding out my intent for coming to
see her, so she was able to support me on my souls journey. My
intent was to have more balance in my life and to not feel so overwhelmed. I just wanted to see if a session could help reduce some
stress and get me centered again.
When it was time to get started, I was starting to feel nervous
again. I took a couple of deep breaths to relax and remembered my
friends amazing experiences. After all, I really did want to see if this
could help relieve some stress in my life. Julie had me lay down, fully
clothed, on a massage table. She also stated that she would support
me throughout my session by creating an environment filled with
love. I am in charge of the flow of the session and she is the guide.
Her gentle voice and overall demeanor made me truly feel supported.
Julie was able to support me through my session by creating a
positive environment. I was very open to this and knew I wanted
things to be better in my life. I started becoming very relaxed and
allowed her to take over. I felt warmth during the treatment and
felt like I was drifting off. Julie explained that this is normal and
allows for deep healing at an unconscious level.
The session was closed by Julie offering prayers of gratitude and
thanks to all those who support us on our journeys. She told me to
take time to transition gracefully from that place of peace and gave
me a glass of water. She also told me to drink the recommended
daily consumption of water for several days afterward to flush away
any toxins that were released. Otherwise, she explained that I could

Natures Pathways | May 2015

possibly experience headaches or feel tired after the treatment. This

is very similar to the process that occurs with a dietary cleanse. She
was very knowledgeable and open during the whole session.
I felt so relaxed after my session, that it was as if I was returning
from a relaxing vacation. I felt immediate relief as if a weight had
been lifted off my shoulders. I really felt like a new person! Other
feelings I experienced were that I felt more focused and motivated.
Immediately I felt my stress was reduced and I knew this is the
kind of feeling I wanted to experience more often in my life. I was
amazed that one session could affect me so positively. It was noninvasive and Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary is such a peaceful environment that it helped me get back to the person I wanted to be.
Julie and I chatted about my session and she gave me further tips to
keep the positive feeling with me: rest, drink water, exercise and focus
on my well-being. I will definitely be back to see Julie and refer her to
others. She was able to tune into my body and spirit and help me in
areas that I felt I needed to better myself. I am so glad I gave up my
fears of energy healing because I have finally found something that
works. It was like a much needed massage for the soul!


N8341 County Road W, Beaver Dam

How Reiki is
helping my

By Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT,

s a bodyworker and certified cupping therapist, I am familiar with chronic pain. Ive also experienced a significant
amount of chronic pain personally over the years, which
has led me to the work I do. Since becoming a therapist, Ive been
slowly unraveling what has built up in me all these years, including
injuries, internalized stress, and the resulting emotional connections
to those things. I learned in studying the body that emotions stay in
our tissues, associated with the originating event that caused trauma
or stress, until it is released through various forms of bodywork that I
have been trained in. What I didnt fully realize was how helpful Reiki
can be in moving that process along and clearing up energetic blockages that keep the body in its same patterns of chronic pain.
Ive worked with multiple chiropractors and physical therapists
over the years, and Ive had regular massage for the last decade
both to keep my back pain in check and also because I can see
the positive changes it has made for the rest of my body. After a
herniated disc and all the melodrama associated with that for a
good portion of a year, I have worked diligently and consistently
to get my movement back so I can do the activities I so enjoy. Yet
that chronic stiffness and pain still linger even after my sacrum
is back where its supposed to be, and the surrounding low back
tissue feels soft and movable like its supposed to. There doesnt
seem to be any physical cause for the pain and stiffness that
lingers and resurfaces from time to time. My current chiropractor
suggested Reiki or another type of energy work as the next step.
I had not considered this! I have two Reiki practitioners at my
business, and my acupuncturist also does Reiki along with other
energetic and spiritual work. It was high time I gave it a try.
Ive been seeing one of the practitioners who works with me,
and I was amazed how much I felt during the first session. Reiki
works with your chakras and your energetic forces to help bring
balance and healing on an energetic and spiritual level. I could
literally feel energy move through my body, and my practitioner could see and feel various things happening on an energetic
level as well. (Some practitioners are gifted with that, and I am
fortunate to be working with one!) I have felt like I am purging
deep emotions that have been buried a long time, and I am feeling

lighter, more energetic, and yes, my back pain and stiffness are
improving. I am going to stick with this a while. Stay tuned for
another article after I feel the journey is complete! I knew several
of my chakras needed work, but I am pleasantly surprised to find
yet another layer of healing that can happen with the types of
chronic pain issues I see so frequently with massage clients.
The body is a wondrous and complex system; we truly need to
heal not just the body, but also the mind and the spirit if we want to
experience complete and full healing. If there has been any physical
or emotional trauma that has resulted in any kind of chronic pain
over the years and you are ready to let it go, perhaps Reiki is something that can help. Ive been very much enjoying the beginning of
my journey and am so happy I was directed that way.
Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT, NCBMTB, and Member
AOBTA, is the owner of Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork
specializing in Asian bodywork therapies and the Eastern healing
arts. Heidi and her team of bodywork therapists, Reiki masters,
and a Certified Personal Trainer, all strive to achieve balance in
each session through the use of energy work incorporated into their bodywork
therapies and have all been trained in Eastern healing techniques and cupping
therapy. Renu also offers an infrared sauna from Sunlighten Saunas for deeper
healing and detoxification after your session. For more information or to contact
Heidi, please visit See ad on page 51.

BLAT-Chat Consulting
Incredible life-changing results
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
to change old belief patterns
Professional accountability to assist
you in reaching your goals


MEd. Certified Life & Health Coach & NLP Practitioner

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Jane reflects on
her life and learns

ve been doing some heavy reflecting on my life, and Ive been

continually asking myself, How satisfied am I with my career
path, and what do I need to do to advance to the next step? This
question has become overwhelming as of late and has really been
consuming me to the detriment of other more stable and pleasurable
aspects of my life. The uncertainty and the constant thinking about
Whats next? distracts me from fully enjoying and being present
in relationships with my family because of the constant voice in my
head wanting to solve the problem or know the answer.
Ive always been interested in reading my horoscope and learning about the characteristics of my astrological sign; however, there
is much more to astrology than the common horoscope you find in
the newspaper or online. Because of the constant questioning Ive
been experiencing, I decided to have an astrology reading with Barry
Kerr of Choose Conscious Living. Im very glad I did! At any given
moment in time, the positioning of the sun, moon and planets all has
a meaning. Before our session I knew that I was a Libra. After speaking with Barry, I now understand that Libra is my sun sign, but it goes
much deeper than that. The location of the moon and planets at the
time of your birth also tells the story of your personality. All of these
characters are sub parts of you.
I knew that I related to Libra tendencies and that Libras are very
concerned with finding balance. What I didnt know and quickly
learned after receiving a copy of my birth chart is that many
planets were in Libra at the time of my birth. The Libra quality in
me is even stronger than the average Libra person. For me its an
important focus for my personality.
Libra is about relationships and connecting to others, and its
really important for my personality to be attracted to relationships, both personal and otherwise. Relating to people is where
I have the most to learn in this lifetime, considering peoples
thoughts, feelings, goals, wants and needs. People in Libra tend
to carry an energy to empathize and want to consider both sides,
not just their own point of view. Barry explained some tendencies
in Libra that would be good to bring to relationships, but also
susceptibilities and how they could create imbalance.
In addition to the location of the planets and their corresponding signs, we have houses that represent compartments of life. The
houses our planets sit in determine which compartments of life will
teach us the most. My Libra signs are showing up in the 10th house,

Natures Pathways | May 2015

which is the house of career, recognition and achievement. Once Barry

explained this to me I felt comforted, and my feelings were validated.
Barry continued to go through my birth chart and explained that
a birth chart is essentially an energetic map of what your souls strategy is. This map is based on when and where you were born. The
location of all of the elements and how their positions relate to one
another all has meaning. He continued to go through many of the
planets locations, the meaning and how it relates to my personality. He explained that the positioning of the north node and south
node of the moon at the time our birth is associated with our souls
purpose. Barry explained that I will need to focus my awareness to
the emotional level of life, both in myself and in others. My personal
fulfillment will not come from the successfulness of my career,
rather from how I choose to experience the emotional ride in my
professional and personal relationships. One of the most impactful
ideas that came out of my conversations with Barry is that everyone has the freedom to choose how they interpret the world and
situations, and based on your interpretations, you choose your
emotions. You have power in what you experience emotionally.
My experience with Barry was very calming, as well as eye
opening. Following our initial conversation, Barry sent me a lengthy
report based on my birth chart that includes some healing affirmations, attributes to develop and some tendencies to leave behind. He
also sent me an audio file of our session to reference and further
reflect on. Included in the astrology reading is a follow-up discussion a couple of weeks after the initial session to answer any questions or address any issues that may have surfaced. Barry also does
energy healing and transformation life coaching. He offers his
services both in-person or remotely, through telephone or Skype,
and at your own pace.
I encourage anyone looking to dive deeper into the aspects of
their personality and their souls purpose to contact Barry for an
astrology reading!



Dental care?
But Im

By Amy L. Sergeant, DDS

regnancy and dental work questions are common for expecting moms. Preventive dental cleanings and annual exams are
not only safe during pregnancy, but are highly recommended.
The rise in hormone levels during pregnancy causes the gums to swell,
bleed and trap food causing increased irritation to the gums. Preventive dental work during pregnancy is essential to avoid oral infection
such as gum disease, which has been linked to preterm birth.
Dental work such as cavity fillings and crowns should be treated
to reduce the chance of infection. If such dental work is needed, it
is best to have it performed during the second trimester. If dental
work is determined during the second half of the third trimester, it is best to wait until after the birth, as it is uncomfortable
to lay back in the dental chair for an extended period of time.
Emergency work such as root canals and extractions should be
performed immediately, regardless of the trimester as the benefits
of having the procedure greatly outweigh any risk.
Cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and orthodontics
should be postponed until after birth to avoid exposing the developing baby to any risks, even if they are minimal.
X-rays taken at a routine dental cleaning and exam should be
postponed until after the birth. However, if any additional treatment
is recommended and an X-ray is needed to properly diagnose and
treat, the X-ray should be taken. According to the American College
of Radiology, no single diagnostic X-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects on a developing embryo or fetus.
Again, the second trimester is the safest trimester for such procedures.

Suggestions for addressing your

dental needs during pregnancy

Eat a balanced diet, brush twice a day with fluoride tooth-

paste and floss daily

Have preventive cleanings and exams during the pregnancy
Let the dentist know you are pregnant
Postpone non-emergency dental work until the second
trimester or until after delivery
Postpone any elective, cosmetic treatments until after delivery
Maintain healthy circulation by laying with your legs
uncrossed while in the dental chair
Use a pillow or blankets to make sure you are comfortable while
in the dental chair less stress to mom is less stress to baby

Coping with morning sickness

If morning sickness is keeping you from brushing your teeth,

change to a bland-tasting toothpaste during pregnancy. Ask

your dentist or hygienist to recommend brands.
Rinse your mouth out with water or a mouth rinse if you suffer
from morning sickness and have bouts of frequent vomiting.

Eating right for your teeth and baby

Avoid sugary snacks. Sweet cravings are common during

pregnancy; however, keep in mind that the more frequently

you snack, the greater the chance of developing tooth decay.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Your babys first teeth begin to
develop about three months into pregnancy. Healthy diets
containing dairy products, cheese and yogurt are a good
source of these essential minerals and are good for babys
developing teeth, gums and bones.
Amy Sergeant, D.D.S., is a partner at Excellence in Dentistry, which
has locations in Madison and Cottage Grove. Dr. Sergeant attended
the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. After receiving her
doctorate of dental surgery in 2001, she completed a general practice
residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the
VA Medical Center in Iowa City. Dr. Sergeants attention to detail shows in her
exceptional cosmetic work and general family dentistry. For more information, call
608-318-4350 or visit
References: American Pregnancy Association.
American Dental Association.

Together We Can
Change Lives!

Coaching and Consultation Services

Spectrum Movement and Exercise Classes
Developmental Therapy
Alternative Health Treatments

DEBBIE ARMSTRONG Autism Consultant, Certified Life Coach and Relaxation Specialist
McFarland and Madison | 608-577-5733 |

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Acupuncture &

n a world that seems to always be in

such a rush, I was delighted to find
out how many acupuncture clinics we
have here in Madison. This means that the
community in which I am a part of is not
only dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle,
but is also aware of the fact that preventative medicine can not only be as effective
as a physicians treatment, but also may
just save us a trip to those boring waiting
rooms, not to mention costly medical bills.
First of all, what is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a type of complementary
medicine that has been used for thousands
of years. Small needles are inserted to help
remove blocks and improve flow. We all
have blood and oxygen that move through


Madison Manual Medicine

Manual Medicine

Jed Downs, MD, MPH

2940 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg


Natures Pathways | May 2015

us, like a river. If that river gets blocked

like a damn, it will back up and cause us
pain. When we clear the damn, things
can flow easily within our bodies allowing them to function optimally physically,
mentally and emotionally.
Many of us seek help when we have an
injury or are in pain. Acupuncture can
definitely help many problems from heartburn to headaches and from allergies to
asthma (just to mention a few!). However,
another approach is to enhance your wellbeing before there is a problem. Acupuncture can be both healing and preventative.
So, how do we choose the right acupuncturist for ourselves? How do we find the
best fit? There are several factors that go
into this choice such as location, how the
space feels clean, warm, inviting the
skill of the practitioner, and perhaps the
most important: finding someone who
helps us feel heard, safe and understood.
All of these can be found at Madison
Acupuncture & Natural Health, under the
direction of Kathryn Coppola, a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College in
Boulder (4-year masters) who also holds
a bachelors degree within the school of
public health from the University of North
Carolina - Chapel Hill.
By nature, Kathryn is kind, compassionate and authentic. Her passion and knowledge for her work is apparent. She creates
a space that is so welcoming the first thing
you feel like doing upon arrival is letting
out a large exhale of relief. Youll know you
are in good hands. Competent and perceptive, Kathryn will take a thorough intake
to help find a clear path to your road to
good health. She uses pulse intake, tongue

readings and health history to determine where you may be out of balance.
Acupuncture is all about balance in our
hearts, in our minds, in our lives and in
our bodies.
Not only can Kathryn help you with
your issues and concerns, she can help your
whole family. Specializing in pediatric wellness is one of her main passions. When
Kathryn works with wee ones, they receive
treatment to help with asthma, allergies,
bedwetting, colic and eczema among other
various childhood issues. Dont worry,
your kids dont have to sit still as she works
with them. Building trust with her patients
regardless of age is a priority. Kathryn wants
each of them to know they are in control.
I personally first tried acupuncture out
of sheer curiosity. But it quickly became
a reliable tool in my quest for optimum
health. It has helped me with severe back
pain (shoveling all that snow in the winter
of 14), helped me to prevent sinus surgery
and also improved my stamina and
increased my energy level.
Kathryn is looking forward to meeting
you and helping you meet your healthcare goals.
Written by Christyn Rittenhouse of Smooth
Skin and Body.

111 S First St., Suite 103, Madison

How do you
manage your
chronic pain?
Part II

By Jed Downs

s promised, this is part two in a

series of articles on side effects
of medications used for pain
management. This month I am focusing
on prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and tricyclic antidepressants. I touched on warnings about the
use of naproxen and ibuprofen last month
and those warnings apply to all the NSAID
medications. I neglected to list ketoprofen
products as being over the counter medications. The list of prescription NSAIDs is
long and includes: Ansaid, Celebrex, Clinoril, Daypro, Dolobid, Feldene, Indocin,
Lodine, Meclomen, Mobic, Nalfon, Ponstel,
Relafen, Tolectin, Voltaren and a few others.
This list is the trade names and does not
include the generic equivalent names.
These drugs inhibit the production of
prostaglandins, prostacyclins and thromboxanes. These compounds come in a variety
of flavors. They are produced in tissues and
function like local hormones. Some of
the things prostaglandins do in the body
follows. These actions will be inhibited or
reversed by taking NSAIDs. Prostaglandins
are contributed to: vasodilation, prevention of platelet clumping, opening and/or
closing airways, contraction or relaxation of
the gut muscle, causing uterine contraction
and cervical relaxation during pregnancy,
stimulating the metabolism of fat (lipolysis), increasing release of neurotransmitters,
and promoting cellular migration in wound
healing. The desired impact of the medications or what NSAIDs are used for is their
ability to prevent pain sensitization in the
tissues and at the level of the spinal cord.
Blocking the production of prostaglandins explains why the risk of heart attack

(platelet clumping), ulcer (increased acid

production and decreased mucous production), kidney failure (changes in blood flow
to the kidney), delayed or lack of healing of
surgical fusions, fractures (prevention of
migration cells that close wounds and lay
down scar tissue) can occur.
Tricyclic antidepressants are another
class of medications used for treating
chronic pain. These medications include:
amitriptyline, nortriptyline, desipramine,
doxepin and imipramine. They are used
for treating chronic pain when there is felt
to be nerve damage or irritation. Examples
of nerve related pain include: post herpetic
neuralgia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy,
phantom limb pain, central pain syndromes
after stroke, as well as nerve pain from
trauma. They are sometimes used because
of their side effect profile. They tend to
make people drowsy and are sometimes
used to assist people in getting to sleep and
maintaining sleep. These drugs take a long
time to get into your system and their efficacy cannot be judged for 4-8 weeks.
Common side effects of TCAs include:
daytime drowsiness, clouding of thought
processes, dry mouth due to lack of
saliva production, (this is associated with
increased tooth decay) constipation, light
headedness, and a big one for many people
weight gain. TCAs are used for headache prevention, but in some individuals
headaches are precipitated.
Tricyclic antidepressants have known
drug interactions. TCAs do not interact
well with some heart medications including
digitalis leading to an increase in arrhythmias and potential heart attack. They do
not interact well with some anti-seizure

medications as they compete for metabolism and binding sites for transport within
the blood. This can lead to overdoses of
anti-seizure medications or rarely seizures.
As with any anti-depressant, there are
concerns about an increased risk of suicide
while a drug is being initiated. TCAs are
particularly lethal when used for a drug
Pain is a great warning system with acute
injury and gives us feedback to prevent
further injury. When chronic, pain is a
burden. It does not necessarily communicate that activity needed for functioning is
causing further damage. It is a barrier to
living your life to its fullest possible extent.
Pain medications are often necessary but
the use of osteopathy or other forms of
complementary or alternative medicine
may restore a more functional body state.
A more functional state usually means
decreased pain and improved function and
more normal physiology.
Pain medications are often necessary for
quality of life in those with chronic pain.
These articles are not intended to suggest
that their use is inappropriate, just that
using as few medications as possible will
likely be associated with a higher level of
health. Lower medication requirements
often can be achieved with osteopathy.
Jed Downs, M.D., MPH, has been studying osteopathy since 1995. Formerly, he
worked in occupational medicine until
pursuing his passion full time at Madison
Manual Medicine, 2940 Chapel Valley
Road in Fitchburg. He uses osteopathic techniques to
manage consequences (pain and loss of function) of
trauma regardless of etiology, be it birth, sport, MVA,
repetitive strain or living life. For more information, call
608-512-7177, visit
or email
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Adventures in
Allowing for the nature of death

By Nikki Cohen-Wichner, MS, LMFT

Death is a part of all our lives. Whether we like it or not, it is bound

to happen... If from the beginning your attitude is Yes, death is part
of our lives, then it may be easier to face.
Dalai Lama

any who have been blessed by having hospice staff

support the death of a loved one know how much it
can help to have professionals who arent afraid of
death serve as guides on this final journey. Allowing the concept
of death to become a more natural part of life can be easier with
support from others, regardless of which stage youre at in the
process; the death of ones ability to fully participate in lifelong
activities is as real a loss as death itself.
I hope my February article normalized the tendency to avoid
conversations about death and life limiting conditions as my goal
this month is to encourage you to start these conversations today,
even if only in your own mind. The nature of my training leads me
to encourage people who are nervous about starting such conversations with friends and family to hire a professional; lawyers
and financial advisors can help with legal/financial matters while
mental health professionals and clergy can provide tremendous
support emotionally and spiritually.
Yet as I prepared to write this article, I wondered how much
support could be found in the virtual world for those interested in
making death a more natural part of ones life planning process.
There are quite a few sites with a depth and breadth of information

too voluminous to summarize here, so Ive chosen to highlight

two sites that truly impressed me.
DEATHWISE.ORG. A site well worth visiting even if only to

download the free Wise Conversation Starter Kit that includes

the American Bar Associations advance directive and step-bystep guide for completing it. The kits includes three user-friendly
documents: How To Choose Your Healthcare Agent, Explore
Your Feelings self-assessment tool, and a Conversation Starters
list of suggestions for how to start conversations with your health
care agent and/or friends and family about end-of-life planning
and your personal preferences.

DEATHCAFE.COM. The objective of a Death Cafe is to increase

awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most
of their (finite) lives. A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. A local Death
Cafe hosted by the Great Circle Collaborative posted: Weve
been hosting monthly Community Conversations on Death and
Dying for almost two years in the Madison WI area. Each has
been an amazing experience for all who attend. These gatherings
offer a unique opportunity to explore your own beliefs, questions,
emotions and experiences in a safe and open environment.
Start the conversation about death today and be sure to include
life limiting health conditions. According to the U.S. Social



Natures Pathways | May 2015

Security Administration 2/7/13 Fact Sheet,

64 percent of wage earners believe they
had a 2 percent or less chance of being
disabled for 3 months or more during
their working career; whereas the actual
odds for a worker entering the workforce
today are about 25 percent. Look around
at work; one out of four of the people you
see will end up disabled for 3+ months at
some point in their career. The one could
be you.
It is never easy to stop life to face the
inevitability of death nor the high chance
of life limiting potentialities. But death is
a natural part of life and losing parts of
ourselves along the path toward death is
inherent to that process. Some of us lose
more at earlier ages than others and some
of us leave this world earlier as well. That
is why today is the time to begin talking.

Suggested reading

Offering four-day wellness retreats designed

by breast cancer survivors
for breast cancer survivors

infinite boundaries
R E T R E AT S 608.661.4178 888.821.1140

Council for Disability Awareness

website: http://disabilitycanhappen.
org. An excellent site with useful information about how to not only prevent
disability but also how to prepare for
the unthinkable.
The 25 Documents You Need Before
You Die By Saabira Chaudhuri. http://
Excellent resource lists on the DeathCafe website:
Part 1 of this article: The delay of this
second part of a two-part article about
allowing for the nature of death was
caused by my choice to prioritize time
with a dying loved one. It might be
helpful to read part one in the February issue of this magazine, which
can be found online at: http://bit.
Nikki Cohen-Wichner, MS, LMFT,
is an AAMFT clinical fellow and
licensed family therapist. She feels
honored each time she is trusted to
help facilitate conversations about
end-of-life and post-death wishes whether that be in
a private family conversation or as a public presenter
on the topic. She and her husband of 28 years are
co-creators of Healing Horsemanship, a nationally
recognized Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy
program. She is a nationally certified therapeutic
horsemanship instructor and serves as Region 6
Mental Health Representative for PATH International. For more information, email or call 608-347-2392.

and share

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We will gladly answer questions and provide a safe

plan for maintaining good oral hygiene
while you are expecting.
1001 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison
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(608) 478-2011

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her Infinite

WHAT AM I DOING? Why am I driving all the way up to northern Wisconsin? No one is going to be able to help me. This is just
dumb. I can do this recovery stuff on my own.
There I was, thinking and driving again. At the moment, I was
reconsidering a trip up north to Madeline Island for a Breast
Cancer Recovery retreat called Infinite Boundaries. That little
voice called fear was screaming at me, trying to make me change
my mind, my direction, turn around and go back home. This
retreat was going to put me in touch with the big and sometimes
scary aftermath of breast cancer. Among lots of great activities, I
was going to be journaling, remembering, listening and talking.
Seriously, I heard the little voice argue, I dont really need
to participate in a retreat. I am going to all of my post-cancer
appointments. I see a medical psychologist. I am getting regular
massages. I eat well. Isnt that enough?
I realized grimly that massages and good food while beneficial werent going to make my current sense of profound loss
any better. Above all else, I had committed to participating in the
retreat and I wasnt going to let fear get in my way. Still, life felt
harrowing and out of control at times. I was now going to face
those things that I have not had time, energy or guts to confront.
Did I have the strength? Was I ready?
I paused to contemplate what fate had doled out over three
years: a very painful but necessary divorce; the death of my beloved
mother to cancer; my own breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent
treatment; followed closely by the death of my light-heartedturned-heavy-hearted father; an unexpected hysterectomy; and
the financial fallout of being self-employed during all of this. I realized I had been holding my breath, waiting for yet another shoe to
drop. Maybe the retreat will be a place where I can learn to breathe
again, to grieve the agony of all these recent losses, learn to find
peace amongst the ashes that somehow had become my life.
Despite the little voice telling me to turn around and go home,
I got on that ferry, arrived at the retreat site on Madeline Island
and began the scary but somehow familiar way back to my inner
self. There, I found hope and peace and consolation in others
stories. I discovered deeply buried anger, frustration and grief,

Natures Pathways | May 2015

and yelled and cried and talked it out, purging some of the angst
of being different from the woman I used to know. Alongside the
other retreat participants, I worked and wended my way through
the emotions and held the space for others to do the same. We
understood one another, the paths that all of us had been treading, in ways that our loved ones might not. Together we kayaked
and walked, created beautiful art projects and flags, listened and
hugged. At all moments, I felt safe and completely validated. I
gained traction with the new me, the new normal, and finally
a part of me let go. I truly breathed.
As I wrote in my journal the afternoon after we left the island,
These women helped me with doing the intensive therapy that I
needed to unload and unpack my emotional baggage. They bore
witness to my transformation and for that we are forever bonded
at the heart and soul... I am ready to start the next chapter. I
thought I was ready before but I think I was waiting for this to
happen. Fear begins to burn away, replaced with a renewed sense
of purpose. The Infinite Boundaries Retreat relit my lightness of
being. I am the phoenix rising from the ash.
The stress of life does not stop, and things happen. Regardless, I
know that taking time out, retreating to Madeline Island and letting
others help me are among the best things I can do for myself.
Just as my friend Megan sponsored me to go on this retreat, you
can sponsor a breast cancer survivor that you know to go on this
valuable retreat. I am eternally grateful to Megan and those who
made it financially possible. It was life-changing!
Help a breast cancer survivor! Tell them about Breast Cancer
Recovery today.


2800 Royal Avenue, Suite 210, Madison

Owning stuff
how much is

By Barry Kerr and Kristine Gay

ver stop to consider just how materially wealthy you really

are? Think of all the things you own. Compared to most
humans alive today and virtually everyone in history, you
probably have more material comforts and possessions. Most
royalty went with less. So how come we often just cant get enough?
Our relationship to the physical world dominates our senses.
Experiencing ourselves physically is what we are here to do. Why
else come into this world? The question is to what degree do we
live consciously, remembering that, on an eternal plane, we are
spirit, beyond form, time and space.
Ancient and modern wisdom has taught that we are individual rays of the one creator, incarnating into physical form. Why?
Well, to put it simply because we can. Do you know that part
of you that just delights in exploring something new, something
novel, something challenging? That is an aspect of spirit. Its your
fiery soul wanting to explore being in human form, wanting to
learn how to manifest in this dimension.
It starts at the beginning of life with an intense awareness and
relationship with the physical body and grows outward toward
relationship with all things physical. Forgetting that you are spirit,
over time, your physical senses dominate your mind with the illusions of separation and limits. Your mind begins to categorize
everything into me and other. In spirit world, we experience
ourselves as one with all others, with everything, no separation.
In the physical world, this knowing is sublimated into attractions, desires, and longings. That which we passionately desire,
we forget, is really an extension of our greater self. It just shows up
looking separate in this tricky world. So, as humans, we go about
trying to attain it so that we can relate to it. This applies to people
as well as things.
Now heres the thing: just as in spirit world, we are infinite and
without end, in this physical world, there is no end to what we could
desire, to what we could want to relate to, to what we could want
to experience. Its all us, longing to experience the fullness of who
we are, but in the physical world. What we choose to attract, create,
relate to at any time is driven by our values. Our values are determined by our experience and awareness. With less awareness, our

values form around the illusions of separation and fear. With more
experience and awareness, we begin to remember what we truly
are: spirit, love, eternal beings without separation, without fear.
When our values form from this awareness, it no longer matters
what form life takes. We attract, create, see and appreciate the love
and beauty in all forms. Our desires spring less from the tangible and
more from the experiences that the physical form allows. It becomes
less about owning things and more about having experiences. The
fixedness and quantity of our possessions no longer guarantee security of well-being. We discover that it is in the fluxuations of our relationship to things and people that we find FULL-filment.
As more and more of us are awakening to our spiritual selves,
the tendencies toward consumerism and accumulation of wealth
are changing. As people begin to value experience over material ownership, addictions to shopping and hording give way to
longings for deeper, more meaningful experiential connections
to self and others. Experiences with travel, adventure, creativity,
romance, parenting, emotional growth, education and spiritual
learning and more begin to be more appealing. Experiences have
an eternal quality to them. They become part and parcel to who
we are, part of our individualized and unique expression of spirit.
Experiences build the bonds of recognition between souls and
reconnect us to the oneness of love and beauty that we are.
If you are beginning to feel the fatigue and emptiness of buying
and having more things in your life, perhaps its time to reconsider your values. Perhaps its time to spend your time and money
on experiences that will bring you deeper connection to self and
others. Personal growth work, coaching, healing, workshops and
retreats could be part of the answer. What you keep and take
home may not fill a space, but it will fill your soul.
Barry Kerr, an evolutionary astrologer and certified life and
relationship coach, and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, own Choose Conscious Living in Madison.
Both have extensive training in soul-guided, transformational healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems.
They offer healing, coaching, therapy, mindfulness and astrology services for singles,
couples and groups. For more information, visit
Call or email for a free consultation and questions. See ad on page 10.
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Women who are

Marni Brown

An integrated nutrition health coach,

Marni received her training as a health
coach from the Institute for Integrativ
Training Program.
studied over 100 dietary theories,
During her training,
niques and innovative
practical lifestyle management tech
worlds top health and
coaching methods with some of the
Weil, director of the
wellness experts, such as Dr. Andrew
; Dr. Deepak Chopra,
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
; Dr. David Katz,
leader in the field of mind-body
arch Center; Dr.
director of Yale Universitys Prev
ard University;
Walter Willett, chairman of
expert on emotional
Geneen Roth, bestselling author and
rchers and nutrition
eating; and many other leading resea
with extensive knowlMarnis education has equipped her
hing and preventive
edge in holistic nutrition, health coac
knowledge of differher
health. Drawing on these skills and
to help them make
ent dietary theories, she works
ng results.
lifestyle changes that prod
health and wellto
Marni practices a
how all areas of your life
ness, which means that she looks at
job or in your relationare connected. Does stress at your
of sleep or low energy
ship cause you to overeat? Does lack
s together with clients
prevent you from exercising? She work
affect their health as
to understand how all parts of their
in a way that is flexlife
a whole and to create a happy,
ible, fun and rewarding.
areas such as achievClients reach their health goals in
ings, increasing sleep
ing optimal weight, reducing food crav
g a deeper understandand maximizing energy by developin
that work best for them
ing of the food and lifestyle choices
will improve energy,
and implementing lasting changes that
balance and health.

Flourish Health
Skype: Marni.Brown1


Natures Pathways | May 2015

Nicky Morris

It is possible to be happ
ier and less
stressed in your home
or work!
Red Door Dwelling
s, LLC is a
feng shui consulting
business that
offers consultations for
both residential and commerc
ial clients. Feng shui
is an ancient
art and science of arr
anging our living and
working environments to create ba
lance and harmony. W
e are affected
by everything in our
environment, and wh
en we are in
harmony with our en
vironment, we have
more positive
experiences, lower str
ess and are overall ha
Nicky Morris is the
owner and founder of
Red Door
Dwellings. Nicky has
a background in interi
or design from
the Maryland Institute
College of Art and un
derwent feng
shui training with the
Western School of Fe
I love being able to
incorporate my interi
or design
knowledge with my fen
g shui consultations.
Feng shui is
the reason behind the
aesthetics of an envir
onment. Its
a powerful tool to cre
ating a truly beautiful
and harmonious space, Nicky
says. Red Door Dw
ellings works
with you to turn your
home or business int
o a place that
nurtures and supports
you and/or your work
A consultation includ
A personalized qu
estionnaire detailing
your challenges and desires for
your home/business
Applying the Bagu
a Map to enhance
a variety of areas of yo
ur life
Examining the energ
y or chi flow through
and around your home
Using the five eleme
nts to bring balance to
each space
A detailed report ou
tlining my feng shui
recommendations for your
Four weeks of avail
ability by phone or em
ail after
your receive your rep
ort to answer any quest
that may come up as
you begin making ch
Red Door Dwellin
gs, LLC
Facebook: Red Door

making a dierence

Luz Delia Gerber

Field Stark

Reiki is done in a quiet location

where energy is channeled through
the practitioner to the person
receiving it. The energy is instinctively directed by the body to the
ins fully
places where it is most needed. The client rema
clothed and relaxed on a massage table durin
e to
with soft lighting and music. Field encou
wear fuzzy socks, their favorite T-shi
them feel the most comfortab
see her
dealing with illness or emotional transitions may
monthly, others add
other healing
Field was driven by her Type A personality before
cancer diagnosis last year. While balancing schoo
job, a part-time career as a musician, on-ca
hood and family, she continued to burn
end. She felt so drained and tired all the time, but
had too
herself that she had to remai
many people counting
Before Chris
began to
lower abdomen. In one short day, her entire life
unravel. With surgery, recovery and six mont
. The
the essence of her truest self began to
voice she had lost in her earlier
connected with Reiki treatm
ed, she
started changing her life. As Fields strength return
put away her wigs,
took up garde
d with
Today, Fields life is deeply and richly blesse
s and
meeting other searching souls, musicians,
s, it is
healers. She is grateful for each day and
to listen deeply and connect from
in an
Field says she cant promise you a radical life shift
hour of Reiki, but she can
life. She did.
Soulfull Journeys, LLC
2519 Allen Blvd., Suite 102B, Middleton

Luz Delia Gerber, founder and CEO

of Body Systems Design, Inc., and
Well-Being Angels, with more than
25 years of experience in health
education and corporate consulting,
continues to make influential contributions to
the plantbased nourishment and well-being fields. She was
as a Living Foods Lifestyle Consultant in the late
80s by
Dr. Ann Wigmore, the mother of wheatgrass juice
and her
mentor in well-being, to nourish and heal the
body from
within. As an adjunct project, she founded Are You
where the focus is Women Serving Women to
Create a
More Joyous Life. Here, in good company, wome
n learn to
define, identify and seek their own authentic joy.
An inspirational speaker, Luz Delia has been recog
and featured numerous times in print as an autho
r, on TV
and online. When Luz Delia earned her HHI certifi
cation as a
Hippocrates Certified Health Educator, she becam
e very clear
of her dream, infused when Dr. Ann said, Little one,
give your
body to the world. Luz Delias mission began to creat
e environments so that the children are born into perfection.

Luz Delia Gerber continues to exemplify her ideals

vital well-being, empowering men and wome
n through
education and inspiration. She visualizes every
being as healed and healthy within 50 years.
Luz Delia
inspires and assists people in achieving and cultiv
ating the
tools they require to create joyous, productive
lives. She
possesses a passionate commitment to childrens
and health as founder of Our Children ~ Our Futur
Author of Oh, My Body! The Undiscovered
of Our Lives, a book illustrating the amazing
and intricate functions and interactions of body systems,
Luz Delia
continues to demonstrate her selfless comm
itment to
others. Her accessibility and presence through educa
events, speaking, and writing reinforce that true
and well-being bring boundless joy and meaning
to life.
Watch for information on when Luz Delia will
be in
Madison in our June issue!
Luz Delia Gerber, Author
P.O. Box 1899, San Marcos, CA, 92079
May 2015 | Natures Pathways




Madison Acupuncture & Natural Health
111 S. First St., Suite 103, Madison
Being healthy is
key to leading a
happy life. Madison Acupuncture & Natural Health understands
that every body is different and we are committed to tailoring treatments that are just right for
you. Our services include traditional Chinese
medicine modalities such as acupuncture, herbal
medicine and cupping, as well as PSYCH-K.

Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork
6417 Normandy Lane Suite 208, Madison
The licensed massage and bodywork therapists at Renu Massage
and Day Spa on Madisons west side all specialize
in Asian bodywork therapies while promoting organic and sustainable living. The team of therapists strive to achieve balance in each session using energy work as well as other therapeutic
techniques, including cupping therapy, aromatherapy and reiki. For more information, visit


43/90 North Earth Gifts
South Albany Street Shops
PO Box 688, Spring Green
A haven for new thought. A sanctuary for peaceful browsing. Fountains, statuary, peace poles,
chimes and whimsy to help you create a garden
grotto. Wisdom Oak Reading Room. Books to increase understanding. Crystal bowls. Gemstone
gallery. Symbolic gemstone jewelry. Inspired and
life-affirming personal gifts. Journals, clothing,
CDs, incense, oils and candles. Angels. Fairies.
Open in the winter: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Natures Pathways | May 2015

Peaceful Heart
123 South Main St., Oregon
Peaceful Heart strives to offer
products and services that promote and enhance emotional
and spiritual well-being. We have many tools available in the form of books, CDs, classes, events and
speakers to assist in understanding what our emotional needs are as individuals. We also have a wide
selection of unique, fun and uplifting gifts including
jewelry, music, scarves, crystals and Angel Cards.

Breast Cancer Recovery
2800 Royal Ave., Suite 210, Madison
Breast Cancer Recoverys flagship program, Infinite Boundaries, includes
four-day retreats, designed and led by
breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors to begin healing on their
own. Women will participate in a variety of activities: Discussion groups address topics
such as dealing with difficult feelings and restoring ones sense of joy in areas such as sensuality
and sexuality; creative activities encourage selfexpression and include journaling, beading and
creating flags. Participants are also encouraged
to stretch their boundaries by learning a new
physical activity, such as yoga, nature walking,
kayaking and a mindful labyrinth experience.
Women in all stages are welcome to attend.

Excellence in Dentistry
Drs. Hill, Sergeant and Batchelor
Madison: 1001 N. Sherman Ave 608-318-4350
Cottage Grove: 226 W Cottage Grove Road
Drs. Hill, Sergeant and
Batchelor invest the time
and care you deserve to
develop a customized treatment plan for your
overall health. Excellence in Dentistry believes the
mouth is the gateway to health and wellness. As

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

advocates in your team of health care providers,

we will assess your oral health to ensure you have
healthy gums, teeth, and bite, and most importantly, that you are proud of your smile!
Integrative Dental Solutions
N35 W23770 Capitol Drive, Pewaukee
Office: 262-691-4555 Fax: 262-691-4579
Biological or holistic dentistry is different from
conventional dentistry in
that it recognizes the importance of a healthy
mouth in achieving optimal overall health. Our
office understands that every patient has specific
needs. Drs. Mahn and Shetty will even be happy
to work with your health care practitioner to help
you reach your goals.


Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc.
Nikki Cohen-Wichner, LMFT
Interstate Horse Center
2655 County Road BN, Stoughton
Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable
community organization that supports Equine Assisted Activities
and Therapies (EAAT) and other nature-based
therapeutic and educational activities held at The
Forever Farm (aka Interstate Horse Center or
IHC). It was founded in 2007 in honor of the late
Marilyn Cohen, past financial director of Atwood
Community Center, who dreamed of a day when
nobody would be turned away from these services due to inability to pay. There is always a
need for volunteers; a few key current needs include board members and development staff,
grant writers, gardeners, landscape maintenance,
carpenters, mechanics and Horse Heroes.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 608-320-9432

Northwoods Casket Company
109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam
The Northwoods Casket Company plants
100 trees for every casket they build. Founders Jonas and Julie Zahn are
committed to plant 10 million trees in their lifetimes. All Northwoods caskets are handcrafted in
Wisconsin from locally grown and sustainably harvested woods. Caskets are finished with environmentally safe milk paints and natural oil finishes.
The company delivers caskets to every funeral
home in Wisconsin. Their casket and furniture gallery is located at 109 N. Lincoln Ave. in Beaver
Dam and displays a wide range of burial and cremation caskets and urns as well as art, furniture,
eco-friendly milk paints, and natural oil finishes for
sale. Wisconsin families can rest assured that,
when the time comes, a handcrafted casket provided by Northwoods Casket Co. will help in their
mission to create skilled jobs in Wisconsin, bring
craft back to casket-building, enhance personalization in funeral service, and of course, leave a
natural legacy by planting lots and lots of trees.


Carriage House
Kathy Milanowski
119 S. Main St., Deerfield
Under one roof there is an array of gifts for your magical,
holistic and health needs,
plus a center for spiritual
growth. We are a cheerful, loving, compassionate
bunch who enjoy and embrace our connection
process with ourselves and creation. No matter
what our paths are, we are all learning to cherish
our own temple and we invite you to join us.

Choose Conscious Living
Kristine Gay, MS, LCSW and Barry Kerr, SA
608-345-3552 and 608-345-2470
Kristine and Barry have dedicated their personal and professional lives to growth and
spiritual transformation. Professionally, they
bring a heart-centered focus, with intuition
and spiritual guidance, to the many modalities they skillfully use. They each have over 30
years experience as transformational catalysts,
successfully assisting others to heal past traumas,
adjust to lifes challenges, and make decisions to
improve outcomes. They work with individuals,
couples, marriages, separations and co-parenting.

You dont need to be broken or sick to get

professional help. Call today. Dont let life pass you
by. Let Barry and Kristine compassionately guide
you through the inner landscape of your human
experience to create the life you want.


BioMat 4 Autism
Debbie Armstrong
4705 Dale-Curtin Drive, McFarland
BioMat 4 Autism provides a wide range of safe,
proven and effective treatment options like the
far infrared Amethyst BioMat, AromaTouch
technique, essential oils, nutritional supplements, nutritional coaching, primitive reflexes,
color phototherapy, autism consultation and
parent coaching. Spectrum Movement and fitness classes are also available. Optimal health is
within your reach! Schedule your complimentary
consultation today!
Luminous Lotus Healing
Sonya Sullins, MBA, CRHP
6808 University Ave., Suite 115, Middleton
At Luminous Lotus Healing, optimal health is within your reach!
You can improve sleep, relieve
pain and regenerate at a cellular
level and you can do it with all-natural and
safe approaches like the far infrared Amethyst
BioMat, Reconnective Healing, crystal healing,
intuitive readings, and even Divine Guidance
business coaching. Schedule your complimentary
wellness consultation today!


Your Pets Forever
Kristine Leaver
Your Pets Forever is the place to go
for holistic pet food and treats, supplements, grooming and dental
products! These are free from parabens as well as artificial colors and flavors.
Choose only the best for your new puppy or kitten! Our website provides an updated list of all
pet food recalls, articles for the care and training
of pets, and personalized memorial items as well
as a grief support page. Enjoy the convenience of
online ordering and home delivery, knowing that
all our Lifes Abundance pet products are formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, with the highest
standards for quality and effectiveness.


Tabby & Jacks
2970 Cahill Main, Fitchburg
Tabby & Jacks mission is to provide healthy and safe food, quality accessories, and holistic pet
services at a fair price with your
pets best interest at heart. Tabby & Jacks carries
only the best and most biologically appropriate
products; all foods must pass a nutritional test,
with no corn, wheat, soy or animal byproducts.
They also offer holistic grooming and the Madison areas only holistic doggie daycare, focusing
on the dog as a whole, exercising the mind and
body; they learn basic commands throughout the
day, have constant staff supervision and interaction, and maintain small group sizes of no more
than 15 dogs per day.

Jennifer M. Warner, LPC
660 W. Washington Ave., Suite 308, Madison
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC, is a holistic psychotherapist. Her passion is to empower individuals, couples
and families to call upon their personal strengths
to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
balance in their lives. It is through the combination
of talk therapy and experiential approaches that
she assists each of her clients to go more deeply
into their own process. Jennifer is also a certified
equine assisted psychotherapist and specializes in
working with women and in eating disorders.

Nikki Cohen-Wichner, LMFT
Disconnected relationships are at the core of
many personal, family and professional problems. Nikki Cohen-Wichner, LMFT, is a licensed
marriage and family therapist specializing in nature-based animal-assisted therapy with an emphasis in equine facilitated psychotherapy. She
finds true joy in helping others connect to their
authentic selves through relationships with animals and nature, and believes when one is selfaware and at peace with self, relationships evolve
on a healthier path. Nikki works with individuals,
couples, families and organizational leaders and
staff in private, group and retreat formats. Intensive programs that integrate camping and farm
life can be individually designed.

May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Wellness Holistic Odyssey
Wellness Holistic Odysseys life
coaching uses proven and tested
clinical exercises to help you become
self-mastered in your life. Learn to
master your life in parenting, selfparenting, relationships, weight and more. Gentle
coaching over the phone with the use of clinical
exercises are 100 percent guaranteed to get the
results you are looking for when you do the work.


Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia LLC
Dr. Katie Hilst provides gentle,
compassionate pet euthanasia in
the privacy of your home, seven
days a week. She serves communities within an hour radius of Madison. She will
take your pet for cremation if desired. Phone consultations are welcome and free. Her Journeys Pet
Quality of Life Scale is available at She can be reached at 608-347-1897.

py treatments, which fully honor and respect the

body, mind and spirit as a trinity that cannot be
separated in a person. Thus, for the greatest relief,
rejuvenation, healing and peace, it is essential to
address all three together as a whole. When one
aspect is out of alignment, an entire life can be
out of balance. It is our wish that when you depart, you feel as if you have been remade and reborn, filled with a renewed vigor and a sense of
your true inner spirit, beauty and strength.

Kadampa Meditation Center Madison
1216 S. Park Street, Madison
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison is a friendly, welcoming place for
everyone and offers classes, meditation, conversation and more about
Buddhism and modern Buddhist
practice. Join us for classes, guided meditation,
chanted prayers and special events designed to be
both uplifting and filled with information for practical use in a busy life. Our Dharma Center is dedicated to helping everyone find inner peace, happiness
and freedom from stress and problems. Open afternoons every day except Monday. Please drop in!


Tri-Unity Wellife Associates
629 Spruce St., Madison
Tri-Unity Wellife offers Karing hypnotherapy for individuals and groups
looking to overcome addiction disorders and phobias, including smoking
cessation, weight loss, sleep deprivation and more.
Ken-Adi Ring, CH, CI, LMT, consulting hypnotist, offers an opportunity to be free of addictive habits
and behavioral issues to change your life! Ken is the
only NGH-certified instructor in Madison. Ken-Adi is
an NGH certified instructor, licensed massage therapist and Reiki master teacher. Mr. Ring uses all modalities to also treat pain, tension and stress. For
more information and to book a session, contact
Ken-Adi at 608-256-0080 or visit

Image Massage Therapy
Daren Pagenkopf, LMT
3201 Glacier Ridge Road, Middleton
Bringing the spirit of Aloha
to the Madison area. Specializing in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, signature stone massage and sacred abdominal thera48

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Memorial Pet Services, Inc.

4319 Twin Valley Road, Suite 15, Middleton
Memorial Pet Services is a leading-edge pet funeral home providing the highest standards of
aftercare and cremation services to pet parents
and veterinary practices in southern Wisconsin.
Our professional and compassionate staff can
help you with pre-planning for your pets aftercare, throughout the cremation process and with
emotional support when healing from your loss.


Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Cafe
140 S. Winsted St./Hwy. 23, Spring Green
(next to the railroad tracks)
Open Tuesday-Sunday
Mindfully sourced, quality, organic
and locally farmed foods. International gourmet specialties, sandwiches, soups, espresso, wines,
microbrews, gelato, custom picnic baskets, gift
baskets and local artists creations. Fresh Wisconsin trout dinners every Friday RSVP by Thursday. Discover what is in season!


Mother Earth Organic
Nickolas Ashley
Mother Earth Organic was founded in 2011 in
Madison, with the mission to save the world one
lawn at a time! We refuse to use chemicals for
lawn care and there is no risk of exposure to your
loved ones or neighbors when using our service.
Serving Dane, Rock, Sauk and Jefferson counties.
Thanks for being green!


Divine Body and Styles Organic Salon & Spa
We strive to find
professional beauty
products that are made with as many organic,
natural and eco-friendly ingredients safe for you
and us! We only get one body and one earth, so its
time that we are all conscious of what we are doing
to both of them with the products we use!

The Organizers
Jeanine Hanson Lewis
Create the home you
have always wanted. Bring comfort, beauty and
serenity back to your life. Its easier than you
think! We offer many solutions for your home
makeover using feng shui, organizing and decorating. Dont make expensive new purchases until you see what can be fashioned with the furniture and accessories that you already own!

Madison Manual Medicine
Dr. Jed Downs
2940 Chapel Valley Road, #1B, Fitchburg
At Madison Manual Medicine our
goal is to assist your body to remove
barriers to movement, whether of
joints, connective tissue or fluids within the body. Those restrictions can cause multiple
types of symptoms and preclude you from having
optimal function and health. We use osteopathic
manual therapy (OMT), a hands-on treatment approach capable of interacting with your body at
multiple tissue levels.

Time to Thrive Coaching
Lysianne Unruh, CPCC
As a personal happiness
strategist, I understand
that life is unpredictable. Your well-being doesnt
have to be. I support clients in creating effective,
thriving strategies and establishing powerful happiness habits. Turn your times of challenge and
change into a source of personal power, victory
and opportunity. Design your vibrant life today.
BLAT-Chat Consulting
710 West Olin Ave., Madison
Are you ready to be harmonized and amplified to extraordinary heights? Want to
excel beyond belief and design your own odyssey?
If your pipe dreams or bucket list alchemized into
reality, how would that feel? My executive threemonth coaching program will change the direction
of your life. My one-month customized group
coaching program will allow you to experience
transformational change. You will be inspired to live
your passionate, purposeful life. Youll feel freedom,
energy, motivation and harmony. Reach high,
dream BIG and imagine that view from your new
amplified balanced perspective. What will you do
with your revamped, extraordinary life?

Pilates Method with Ellen Utter
Certified Pilates and yoga instructor Ellen Utters
method is that of mindful body awareness through
breath, imagery and proper alignment. She demonstrates and leads everyone in her class through
the very basic techniques and deep abdominal access skills, before moving into the mat routines.
She teaches basic Pilates techniques, beginning
and intermediate mat classes, PiYO strength group
classes (a blend of yoga and Pilates), individual or
group instruction and Pilates barre classes.

Carriage House
Kathy Milanowski
119 S. Main St., Deerfield
Reiki master Kathy Milanowski is a
Certified Reiki Practitioner, Reiki
master/teacher of Usui Tibetan

Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Ra-Sheeba Reiki and other

healing modalities. She offers classes and internship programs in her teaching facility. Certification program resources from the ICRT, International Center for Reiki Training.


Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary
Julie Hogan
112 S. Spring St., Suite 1, Beaver Dam
Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary is
owned and operated by Julie Hogan. Her studio offers shamanic energy healing in the traditions of the
ancient Inca, guided meditation,
and various classes and ceremony
helping to reconnect to your souls journey. Take
time to reconnect. Come away to a quiet place
and rest for a while.

Qet Botanicals
P.O. Box 32, Cross Plains
Qet Botanicals was born out of the
need for fresh and effective care for
our face, body and hair without the
use of toxins, synthetics, harmful
chemicals or preservatives. We arent beauty brokers; were formulators and purveyors of premium,
personal care products. We handcraft our 100 percent natural formulas without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. Proudly formulated, manufactured, filled and shipped in Cross Plains.

whitedoor, llc
(previously TIBIA IntuAction Institute)
6225 University Ave., Suite 208, Madison
Discover whats behind the
whitedoor the journey of
awakening to the inherent
perfection of who we are. By exploring and testing self-imposed agendas/restrictions that limit
the experience of joy and fulfillment, individuals
are empowered to make choices that can transform their lives. whitedoor offers support through
individual sessions, workshops, intuitive training,
retreats and essential oils.




Sport & Spine Physical Therapy
Joe Steingraeber, DPT, OCS
4343 East Towne Way, Madison
Sport & Spine
Physical Therapy prides itself
on providing one-on-one patient-centered care.
We are made up of a team of skilled manual and
exercise specialists who promise to educate you
and make you and your recovery a priority during
each treatment session. We offer a level of expertise that leads to results and healthy living.

Omars Touch Therapy
905 Lorraine Drive, Madison


Using his unique method, the

Einstein Method, Omar is on a
quest to continually improve world-class therapeutic treatments, blending up to 50 impressive
modalities into the mind, body and spirit healing
session desired by respective clients. After experiencing many personal healings resolving scoliosis and chronic lower back pain he has
sought to share with others. As of 2014, he has
practiced more than 70,000 hours hands-on (and
hands-off) the body since 1976.

Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being
Emily Niesen, Holistic Health, Nutrition and
Wellness Coach
Emily Niesen,
Holistic Health,
Nutrition and
Wellness Coach, CHHC, owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being, loves to share her knowledge of
health and wellness in hopes she can transform
the world into a healthier and happier place in a
holistic way. Emily believes that everyones health is
unique; thus, in order to get out of their rut of fad
diets, exercise plans and support groups, they
need an accountability partner to help them create
realistic goals that they can reach while creating
lifestyle habits along the way.
Want to find out if one conversation could
change your life? Contact Emily and Nostalgic
Nutrition & Well-Being on her website, www., or locate her on Facebook. You may also email her to sign up for an
initial consultation; sign up for her free monthly
newsletter at
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays 9 a.m.
Thursdays 6:30 p.m.
Wednesdays 7:30 p.m.
Dance/Movement Classes
Our dance/movement classes utilize the eight fundamental movement patterns that human beings are programmed to move through from zero to 12 months.
These developmental movement patterns wire the
central nervous system, laying the foundation for sensory-motor development and lifelong learning. Working
through these movement patterns may correct flaws in
a childs perceptual process and reorganize the central
nervous system to better develop proprioception, balance, attention, memory, eye-tracking, behavior, sensory integration and motor skills. Neurological repatterning coordinates all parts of the brain and body for
emotional, social and cognitive balance. Register today
for one or more classes! For more information, call 608577-5733 or email
Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.
Meditations for Daily Life
Are you interested in taking your meditation practice to
the next level? Meditations for Daily Life will provide you
with the commentary on the daily meditation practice
followed by thousands of Kadampa meditation practitioners, Lamrim. Classes taught by our resident teacher,
Gen Kelsang Gomlam. Everyone is welcome! Drop-in;
cost: $10. Location: Kadampa Meditation Center Madison, 1216 S. Park St. For more information, call 608-6613211 or visit

Wednesdays and Fridays Noon-12:30 p.m.

Walk-In Meditation
Take 30 minutes in the middle of a busy weekday to
let go of stress and tension, and experience an inner
stillness and sense of well-being. Meditation brings
our focus down to our heart, where we can experience our own inner peace, which is always there.
Everyone is welcome to attend these guided meditations. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of
background or experience. Drop-in; free. Location:
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison, 1216 S. Park

43/90 North Earth Gifts16
BioMat 4 Autism37
BLAT-Chat Consulting35
Breast Cancer Recovery41
Choose Conscious Living10
Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon & Spa3
Driftless Depot16
Excellence in Dentistry41
Healing Horsemanship10
Image Massage Therapy23
Integrative Dental Solutions3
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC18
Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia11
Kadampa Meditation Center, Madison32
Luminous Lotus Healing31
Madison Acupuncture and Natural Health40
Madison Manual Medicine38
Memorial Pet Services11


Natures Pathways | May 2015

St. For more information, call 608-661-3211 or visit
Friday, May 1 7 p.m.
Sedonas Story Book Signing with author
Kim Starr-Shutter
Author and mother of autistic daughter Sedona in a
candid presentation of life with autism: treatments, the
team of experts assembled, and when, with the help
of a shaman, it was learned that Sedona was a death
walker, who helps spirits of the deceased cross over,
how they learned to work with this gift. Cost: Freewill
donation. Location: 43/90 North Earth Meeting Place,
Albany Street Courtyard, 128 South Albany Street,
Spring Green. For more information or to reserve a spot,
call 608-588-3313 or email
Thursdays, May 7 through June 18 7-8:30 p.m.
Living Without Stress: Learn to Meditate
Join us for this meditation series to learn powerful
techniques to reduce and ultimately eliminate stress
in your daily life through the use of meditation. Learn
more and register at
Saturday, May 9 1-4 p.m.
Half-Day Meditation Course: Clear Mind at
Work Mindfulness in the Workplace
Join us for a half-day meditation course focused on
mindfulness techniques to help cultivate a clear mind
at work. All levels of meditators are welcome. Learn
more and register at
Friday, May 15 7-8 p.m.
Power Up Your Spirit!
Ignite the fire in your belly center and stimulate all your
senses through this Power Up drum circle. Let the
vibrational energy of drumming help you to recognize
the personal power and gifts you obtain. Bring your
drum or one can be provided if need be. Cost: $10.
RSVP to Julie by calling 920-342-8955 or emailing Location: Reconnect
Spiritual Sanctuary, N8341 County Rd. W, Beaver Dam.

Mother Earth Organic19

Nikki Cohen-Wirchner LMFT40
Northwoods Casket Company30
Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being22
Omars Touch Therapy, Inc.12
Peaceful Heart Gifts & Books21
Pilates with Ellen Utter17
Qet Botanicals2
Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary52
Renu Massage Day Spa51
Sport and Spine Clinic17
Tabby & Jacks31
The Carriage House19
The Organizers15
Time to Thrive Coaching20
Tri-Unity Wellife, LLC23
Wellness Holistic Odyssey28
Your Pets Forever29

Saturday, May 16 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Deerfield Community Very Cool Garage Sale
You are invited to join the whole community of Deerfield
in their bi-yearly garage sale. We have added a spark
to it! There will be several tents set up for your shopping needs! Recycled and new goods! Come and dig
and find your treasures. Location: Carriage House: 119 S
Main St., Deerfield. For more information, call 425-2206283 or visit
Sunday, May 17 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Reiki Share/Circle with Reiki Master/Teacher
Kathy Milanowski
These shares are open to the public. Cost: $10.00
Healthy snacks provided. Location: Carriage House: 119
S Main St., Deerfield. For more information, call 425220-6283 or visit
Sunday, May 17 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Kombucha Brewing Workshop
With Reiki Master Practitioner Lisa Wery. Cost: $13. Location: Carriage House: 119 S Main St., Deerfield. For
more information, call 425-220-6283 or visit
Thursday, May 21 6:30-8 p.m.
Movement & Meditation in the Garden
Contemplative approaches provide a new experience of
the beauty of Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Classes will be
held in the Conservatory, except for the April class which
will be in the Commons. Classes begin in quiet meditation
together followed by a lightly facilitated movement warmup to connect kinesthetically with the wonders around
us. Then we will disperse throughout the garden. Each
person will seek a special niche for a time of individual
contemplation: soaking in the sights, sounds, smells, and
textures of the immediate surroundings. The class ends
by gathering to share our individual experiences through
movement reflections and from these creating a simple
dance as a group. This class brings together the healing
powers of both dance and nature informed by the fields
of dance/movement therapy and eco-psychology. Previous
dance experience is not required. Location: 3330 Atwood
Ave., Madison. Facilitated by Ann Wingate, MA, BC-DMT,
DTRL, a registered and licensed dance therapist of Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy. Fee: $60 for
four classes. To register, call 608-246-4550 or visit www. For more information, call
608-251-0908 ext. 12 or email
Saturday, May 23 1-5 p.m.
Half-Day Meditation Course: Why Me? Understanding Karma
In this meditation course we explore the answers in the
mirror of karma, also known as the wisdom of cause
and effect. Through understanding these universal principles and learning how to recognize karma functioning in our daily lives we can gain real confidence in our
ability to change our future and understand our past.
This wisdom is important for everyone because we all
want to be free from problems and experience sustainable happiness! Everyone is welcome! Learn more and
register at

therapy with
an Eastern

We offer the following services:

Cupping therapy & TuiNa techniques
Reiki & Acupressure
Couples massage packages
Infrared sauna
Hot stones & Aromatherapy
Personal training

Book online at

6417 Normandy, Suite 208, Madison

(608) 438.5342

New Retreat Center on

6 acres offering
Spiritual Retreats
to rejuvenate &
reset your Soul
Includes Energy
Healing Sessions,
Guided Meditation &
Outdoor Meditative
Walking Paths & Ceremony


N8341 County Road W

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

"May we know our place in Creation

May we Unearth the Light within
May we be in Awe of the Great Mystery"