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300 Kostrometinoff
Sitka, Alaska 99835
Phone: (907) 747-8622
Fax: (907) 966-1260

March 2007

Dear Mayor Dapcevich and Members of the Assembly,

On behalf of the Sitka School Board, it is once again our pleasure to submit this year’s budget for
your consideration. Attached is a document that is an end product of a community wide process and
many hours of work and analysis. I am proud to say that our District takes the budget building
process very seriously, and in doing so, carefully weighs the impact and effectiveness of the dollars
we spend educating kids. Also paramount to this process is the time we spend listening to our
citizens, parents, administration, teachers, staff, students and fellow board members in an effort to
best meet the educational expectations of our community.

It is a true statement to say that the Sitka Assembly has worked hard to fully fund public education as
allowed under Alaskan law. Despite City budget challenges, former Assembly’s have successfully
stood up for the needs of our schools. As our School Board has made the case for adequate and
equitable education dollars to State lawmakers, the reality of Sitka’s local contribution being at the
State “cap” has been a source of pride and grounds for legitimizing our requests. We are hopeful that
this long tradition of support from Sitka’s Assembly will continue in the years to come, and we thank
you for your efforts.

Our revenue assumptions in this budget include the Governor’s proposed K-12 funding package,
which holds funding at last years levels, and adds an additional $207 million statewide to pay for
increases in PERS/TERS employer contribution rates. Also factored is an assumption of an additional
$85 million increase in State dollars, which are forecasted to come in a combination of additional
TERS relief, an increase the Base Student Allocation, and an increase to the Area Cost Differential
portion of the State foundation Formula. Finally, it is important to note that this budget assumes a full
reduction of the Timber Receipt revenue that has passed through the Assembly to the School District
over the years, yet as a one-year extension and a possible multi-year reauthorization of the Secure
Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act are being worked on in Washington D.C., we
remain hopeful that the positions we are cutting this year will be reinstated should this federal
program be extended. As we continue to strive to meet the challenges of No Child Left Behind and
other under funded mandates, every teacher in every classroom must be viewed as critical staff, and
these dollars are very important to our program.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are all blessed
that Sitka’s Schools continue to enjoy the support of a very education oriented community by ways
and means that stretch far beyond the enclosed budget. We as a Board recognize and believe that
kids are Sitka’s top priority, and look forward to working with you on their behalf.


Scott McAdams


"Educating Today's Children to Become Tomorrow's Leaders"