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Terms and Conditions

Product (3G Data Package Deal) Details

Telkom Business Mobile is offering a SIM only package.


The package is a 3G anytime and 3G night surfer Top up bundle designed for UNISA students


Telkom Business Mobile will offer the data package at 6 month contract period to UNISA


This will mean the student will receive a total of 36 Gigabytes of data over 6 months for R100.00
per month for SIM only deal


The data provisioned on the SIM will be evenly distributed over the 6 month contract period


In the event the student has depleted all the allocated monthly bundle, the student may purchase
a prepaid top up data recharge voucher
6.1 Carry over will be permitted for unused bundle allocation associated with the subscription.
6.2 Carry over shall permit the subscriber to accumulate a maximum of 30 days worth of
unused bundle allocation before the First In First Out rule is applied towards forfeiting the
unused bundle allocation.
6.3 However Carry over bundles cannot be carried over past the end of the 6 month contract,
even if you choose to renew the contract.
6.4 Carry over shall not be applicable to recurring bundles such as Messaging or Data, and the
associated rules for the recurring bundles shall apply.
6.5 Carry over shall not be applicable to bonus allocations of Messaging and or Data.


The package will only be data, no voice, no SMS or any other value added services allowed on
the package


The Data package will be active for 6 months from the activation date of the students data SIM.
There after the student can request a renewal of the data package through the right channels at
8.1 The subscriber shall be eligible to renew the subscription 1 month prior to the contract
8.2 Upon concluding the renewal, the subscriber shall enter into a new 6 month term agreement
as per the chosen period specified for the new agreement.


All student SIM cards that will not be renewed will be converted to prepaid

10. The same SIM card can be used upon renewal of the data package
11. In the event a student requests to cancel the contract before the end of the contract term, a
penalty fee of R800 will apply
12. Should the student require a modem, the student may purchase a modem at the Telkom store as
an outright purchase (cash).

Service and Support

To obtain Telkom Business Mobile 3G + 3G Data Deal
13. Pay for the TBM Deal through UNISA for the Telkom deal
14. Receive email from TBM to collect TBM SIM
15. Travel to the TBM Telkom Direct Store or 8ta flagship store
16. Produce the UNISA issued proof of payment for the TBM deal, ID, proof of residence and student
17. The Telkom Store Rep must RICA Student SIM
18. Issue ID, student card and RICAd SIM to student
19. Provide the 3G + 3G data deal
20. Issue RICA d SIM to Student - Note: Do not convert the SIM to Prepaid
21. Activate UNISA student SIM activation turn around two can take up to 24 hours
22. Upon activation the student may enjoy excellent service and resolution of service related queries
by calling in to our call center at 081 180
23. Upon reaching the call center the student will be authenticated