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TNB Electricity System

SLA Between TNB and Housing
How to Register as a TNB
Electrical Contractor

The transmission voltage networks are 500kV, 275kV and 132kV, whilst the distributi
11kV and 400/230 volts. However, in the case of certain parts of Johor & Perak the dis
also include 22kV and 6.6kV.
Supply Frequency
The supply frequency is 50Hz 1%.
Earthing System
High Voltage and Extra High Voltage

Discounts, Rebates & Offers

Charges and Penalties
Energy Savings at Work
Power Quality
Tenaga Link
Malaysian Grid Code
Meter Replacement

3 phase configuration
Solidly earthed or impedance earthed
Overhead lines and underground cable are used extensively for high and extra
Low Voltage 400/230V

3 phase 4 wire system

Neutral point solidly earthed mixture of overhead lines, underground cables an
Mixture of overhead lines, underground cables and aerial insulated cables
Short Circuit Ratings

As a guide, the maximum fault levels for the various voltage systems are as follows. A
be installed and connected to TNB supply must comply with the stated short circuit ra

Short circuit rating for 3s

500 kV

50 kA

275 kV

40 kA

132 kV

31.5 kA

66 kV

20 kA

33 kV

25 kA

22 kV

20 kA

11 kV

20 kA

6.6 kV

20 kA

400/230 V

31.5 kA

Act, Regulation and Code

The electricity supply and installation practice in Peninsular Malaysia are governed by

Electricity Supply Act 1990 - Act 447

Licensee Supply Regulations 1990
Electricity Regulations, 1994
Occupational, Safety & Health Act 1994
Malaysian Standard MS IEC 60364 Electrical Installation of Buildings

Supply Voltage Options

Supply may be provided at any of the declared voltages:
275 kV, 132 kV, 33 kV, 22 kV*, 11 kV, 6.6 kV* and 400/ 230 V.

Generally, supplies to domestic premises are given at single phase 2-wire or three ph
actual supply voltage provided depends on the magnitude of the individual applicants
Low Voltage

1. Single-phase, two-wire, 240 V, up to 12 kVA maximum demand

2. Three-phase, four-wire, 415 V, up to 45 kVA maximum demand
3. Three-phase, four-wire, C.T. metered, 400/230 V, up to 1000 kVA maximum d
Medium Voltage & High Voltage

1. Three-phase, three-wire and 11 kV for load of 1,000 kVA maximum demand an

2. Three-phase, three-wire, 22 kV or 33 kV for load of 5,000 kVA maximum dema
3. Three-phase, three-wire, 66 kV, 132 kV and 275 kV for exceptionally large load

It should be noted that voltages other than the above classifcations couldnt be provid
consumers can make their own transformation arrangements where necessary.

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