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June 2014

rms value 100v over riding a 50 volt d.c. what is a resultant volt ...191.44
how to bias a bjt transistor.. reverse bias the base collector junction, emmiter base forward
how much efficiency will be in full wave rectifier having 2 diodes100%
ripple factor numerical
power voltage rating for c.c. BJT (ans - 1)
class B power amplifier efficiency 50
class A power amplifier efficiency 30
class AB power efficiency 50-60
class C power amplifier efficiency 80
wound and squirrel cage induction motor difference.slip ring
ripple factor of a sinu soidal wave (1.12 1.25 1.15.......) for half wave 1.21 full wave 0.482
halfwave rectifier efficiency (82.1 81.2....) 40.6

ful wave 81.2

if in forward biasing voltage is increasing then current will ,....increase

For a JFET, the change in drain current for a given change in gate-to-source voltage, with the
drain-to-source voltage is constant, it represents the (1).................. (2)................ (1non
linear.... 2 transconductance)
Max efficiency of half wave rectifiers
Laser beam is....? A)coherant b)monochromatic c) d)all the above
The maximum overall efficiency of transformar coupled with class-A amplifier is...........%
a. 78.5
b. 75
c. 25
d. 50
1)which of the following used for biasing BJT in integral circuits is considered independent of
transistor beta
a) fixed biasing
b)voltage divider bias
c)collector feedback bias
d)base bias with collector feedback
2)A=100 consumes power of 4W....Calculate voltage
3)Amplifier is said to suffer distortion when o/p is
b)diffrent from o/p
d)larger than i/p

4)A.C synchronous motor electrical propulsion plant speed is controlled by varying USCG
a)prime mover speed
b)electric coupling feild strength
c)no. of energized main motor poles
d)propeller generator feild strength
1.unit of electric intensity is V/M
2. PIV means Peak inverse voltage
3.MCCB (protections) Thermal protective trip
4.voltage and impedence of R-L-C circuit was found by Phase diagram
5.A semiconductor having no impurities and having no lattice crystalline defect is known as
intrinsic semiconductor , undopped semiconductor
6.At zero Kelvin the semiconductor will be an insulator
7.A MCB provides protection against short circuit by using an electromagnet
8.Breakdown diode effect (3 blanks) zener effect, avalanche effect, Reverse biased
9.The rate of rise of current through an inductive coil is maximum At the start of current flow
10.Diode circuit which is used to clip off signal voltage is clipper circuit
11.Permanent magnets are generally made up of Alnico alloys
12.The direction of induced emf can be found with the help of lenzs law
13.The unit of absolute permittivity of a medium is FARAD/METER
14.For a given line voltage for heating coils will produce max heat when connected in parallel to check ceramic type fuse continuity test
16.the direction of magnetic flux changes when direction of current changes TRUE
17.the value of Vas which makes Id current approx zero is called CUT OFF voltage
18.Resistance of wire is increased if the length is INCREASED and area is DECREASED
19.A semiconductor is damaged by strong current because of (3 blanks) OVERHEATING
20.Open loop transfer function of a system having one zero with positive real values is called
21.In a control loop system having zero positive real value are called UNSTABLE
22.In P-Type semiconductor the majority current carriers are HOLES
23.The output frequency of a full wave rectifier is TWO TIMES the input frequency
24.Breakdown diode can also be use as a VOLTAGE REGULATOR, MOTOR PROTECTION