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When your japa gets bad your internal system immediatelythreshold.

Standard. System should be activated.

If you are asking and you are making effort. Sr BSSM- unless we make efforts we will
never get the mercy of Krishna. Unless one gets mercy one can never make
To organize your life and priorities for good japa. We may know all the techniques,
moods but no environment.
You never get the opposite of what you meditate on. You have to meditate on good
I dont think I will be able to do it, you are absolutely right you wont be able to do it.
Hope I get up early in the morningno. I will be do it
3 things to improve your japa how important the intension to do?--- 44 min.

To learn and apply techniques and attitudes in your daily japa that enable you to become more absorbed in your chanting.
To gain a greater taste for chanting so that japa becomes what you want to do rather than what you have to do.
To have deeper and more profound experiences with the holy name on a consistent basis.
To gain a greater appreciation for the holy name and its central importance in the practice of bhakti.
To experience that there is nothing but the holy name in all the fourteen worlds.
To organize your life and priorities in a way that supports good japa.
To create a mindset (and thus a habit) of consistently improving your japa throughout your life

Crooked posture gives us crooked mind.
Plan ahead whats going to happen in day.. sometimes other times are not conducive to chanting. Services.. travel etc.
Pratibimba reflection of one devotees Bhakti on other but it doesnt work all the time.

Krishna sees you everyday he can tell you what is good and what is not good in your japa. He can tell you as a supersoul.
We are all attached to the words of Krishna they are like ambrosia.
16 becomes the obstacle. Because we focus on the number.. it becomes the problem and it is indication that there is problem.
Krishna says he doesnt want to be with me. Japa is not getting in the way it is the way.
MECHANICAL: in japan one robot offers food to Buddha. Gun if your fire without bullet. If we send you in Iraq with this gun and ask
you to kill. Chanting without life is like that.
1976he said they are not chanting Hare Krishna.. kirtan bands were called for the festivals. They are chanting money money
We learn about Bhakti it is not who you are but it is the mood. Based on consciousness what we are putting in our chanting.

When you begin chanting you begin from naam abhasa you have to make little bit of effort to commit naam aparadha...jaiva
Why am I thinking which I am thinking about you think whole day and when you chant you do the same thing.
When you go to library there is atmosphere which is conducive to study. When we sit down to chant we dont go to japa library but
now days the globalization. Mobiles are product of passion because they put us in mode of passion..
If you dont enter into the mode of goodness or some mode of goodness. Then restless mind will ruin your japa.. passion.
Its a paradox to think to connect to holy name and think of same nature..
Looks like he is cooking but he doesnt know how to cook.
We are not thinking of Krishna we are thinking of our day.
Imp. To understand. Goal is not to read a book but to assimilate, goal is not to cook but to make a meal to eat japa is not to
chant 16 rounds but it is to nourish our Bhakti.
Bhaktivinoda thakur says.
You are chanting dead names mayic sitaunless you chant with consciousness.
What is the difference in our cooking and mother yasodas cooking.
How are you going to feel on those days when you didnt chant properly
bored, frustrated
It is not the real name because real name doesnt produce that
You want to chant more when you chant good you wont want to stop but when you want to stop.
If you dont take yourself seriously nobody else will.
Now it is like conversation with Krishna.
Whats in your mantra i.e what is your intension your desire.
That devotee was in my mantra. Not only that but all the ill feelings during japa.
After the sixteen rounds he is more ever convinced than ever that you are right and he was wrong.
I dislike them more than ever whats in your mantra anger jealousy. Ah
We start with Naam Abhasa
You have to do the naam aparadha.. and you have to do some effort to get suddha nama
Being on the platform consistently.. or you are performing the dev service of one who is on the higher platform.--- madhyama
adhikari means nistha..
You will be detached from the thought of bring detached.. you only want to please Krishna