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this that much since he doesn't want to call the CSAF. Hudson called Rniii and sold her Hoi lings Mv
AFDO LOGBOOK very imeicned said she'd call us immediately if the Senaux warns 10 press il.

1505 SSgi Usstry returned. Released SSgt Welch.

J )»n 99 Uaj AKOO C*f* Undil«), S$& Wrkh, SSgi [Wry

" 0700 Folio* -on liriefmg Questions from Gen Kudlac*

1 OfJW-Ho* maptf AG»- 1 30 testers do they have
1SJO Called Col Jones to update on Hollingt lequcn. Left msf on answering machine. Called Sparky
(answering machine). Lt Col Hodge - *he svanis ui 10fceephei infoniicd if anything happens - she
warns an email pui together on whai happened so she can forward u ID BG Kudljcz [IGOR: can >-ou
*NS:| I
pul it together? Bui don't send it - just save it and *e'll update it lluOugh [lie wet Lend) She also
2 ONW F- 15C hard broke for luel problem what's the plan. wants to know ifLl Col Mulvey says we should pau ihc into to Li Ccn Esmond (he didn't).
ANS K I SC KfRH »o RAF UUiihuih on: J>» for Depot repair and 6 Jan Kadena will send 2xF-
I SCiu replace it should arrive Sat 9 Ian. 4 J*n 99 Night AFDO: Mij Mihood, MSKI Willunu, SSgl Wood]

3 ONW/OSW NFZ Violations D«3 we commit on any of the weekend violations ISM In future. Tor events like Sen NoMingt request to lians on an AF jtft: POC is Mi Harvey
ANS NMJIC lay* ix. howrvci. NMCC uyi in F-IS locked onto an AC FT J Jar but ihc acft returned
Rcynes, 692-7120 (DOD Executive SecteuryK'1)
id. protected aiispace pnoi 10 ihc cQrnpkiionjjfihetifincseaucoM _
OKCHJ I 9 / 1 1 C l a s s i f i e d Information 1 NMJIC been proving SCI info 10 me all night. We need HI find oui from SSgi Brooks *ho can Bo
pick il up - I think only the AFOOs are ckaied to do (hat.
Attended honvasli
weekend Piuccdur TalLctJ to CENTCOM watch oOicer about gelling details on responses (o NFZ violations He uid r^
they g«i notified of a violatloa by iniel. cill SWA lo be suieitie>- know about il. then wail logel info. o
ONW FAX tolled. updalcd. *nj p SWA doesn't warn to provide info while Uicy re in the middle of HICK response He also utd they o
*efs they owe us a rcium call wtih answers. SSgl Hall And Capi Mohls are working ll* issue and ConfirmedftomJTF-SWA AOC fU Col Smiihl thai I
scrubbing (heir dbasc ilicy will contact us S Jan al ©1 JOOF, wiih details. They couldn't explain the
p"^-^"-*"-""-"—"gI-^-^ classified Information
* 108Slc796 .n personnel. Make iwc Maj Gales Knows this

K«v j ucrlioe for 162 r-W Tucson going 10 ALPHA

l-i Col Roisi informed me thai Mr Hudson winicd us 10 go forwwd with a lequea for a CSAF S Jan 99 O«j AFDO: Mij G»(ei, TSgt Mcnhkr, TSgI HonnicnllAIoi
cxccplion 10 policy reearding UK. traaipon of 8 civilian^ ort * SC ANG plane to iuppoh Hunicanc
Much relief ops She also mentioned that Sen Mollifies *•« no* prepared to nil Cen Ryan 10 pins the 0900 Nee4 to have night person download JTF-SWA CAT lo have package <
issue, ic. the believes ii won't upsci Sen Hollmgs if the rcflucsi is lumed do»*n. I contacted M< questions. Die Book marked siie it dots not rrquiic a password).
Hudson 10 eei wme basic info on the. poieniiii passcnem, but he told me Col Smart had ihe info- 1
tailed Col Sman. who wasn't in, then began noufyinB U Col tlodge and Li Col Mutvey. Need to ensure SECAF is rnf icd of NFZ incidents. Specific guidance shogtd follow. He
surprised by the SECOEF this i ming. He had no kno^ledgrorine incident.

1200 FVI F-77 reporu can be pulled upon CMAS. Howxvrr. idey ai Mity updated once a ycai Oct • Dec
tiniefranic. Have to use ihii period for search

1400 At 13506 on 5 Jan. the 439* Ai.lift Wing (AFRC). Wcsiovn ARD. MA.repocicd * mishap involving
a NAVY E-2C From VAW 124, Notfolk NAS. VA The aircraft was in (he vicinity of We Borer ARB
when it shutdown tu left engine for loss of oil pressiur The crew decUicd an in-flight emergency and
diverted into Wesuvcr ARD. During landing loll-oui on runway 2i, Ihe aircraft blew two tires as it
came to a slop on runway ccnierline. The safely egressed the aircraft. No injtrics or damage other
than to the E-2'i Undine gear has been reported The 439 OG'CC is cooi dim ling with [he unit to
obtain • dolly lo move the aircraft off the runway. Until ihe aircraft is moved, the runway will remain
closed. The airfield has a secondary runway that can be used foi open (ion; There was m impact to
(on our dciL) and 1 turned .t 10 SAF/I.L <Ll Col Rossi). *ho will verily she got it Monday morning. civilian operations it the firid.
The Higln was a scheduled ANG mining flight to provide training fa the uniu tnedicail people.
Anoihri flieln is scheduled for Wed. The equipment was lined up as in cxira without problem, but S Jin 99 Night AFDO Capi Undsley, SSgl Jontf, SSgi Pagan
the people are a problem Col Sma/t called Mr Hudson and uid Ihe AF thinks Holluigs isn't behind

Claniricd By: Muoltiplc Sources

DMluilf) On: I Jan 10 SECRET--

losed by Statute
ill) IMY AKDO Ci(.i Undiley, »cd TSgi Scott. SSp Juliion . N47BAT.O.';(rom OrlinA) a 0955E
froia 39000 ta*4400Ciad Icao
lit) NMCC SCO calk* astiny wtwn the C t JO spray birdi from Youngito*ii OH weit going
bome ih« answer ii (hey finished all illusions on 22 Ocl and uill depart Cm home station at 1700
on 23 Ocl — ^
J ^
Iifcti J^Trick / iiuciplied i«ite(22o6nD)'«r Ae Lew.wifl taiii tiienmti
(IJ)SWlrVGAKlX) Maj Qvinlan
n ^'mfiniwe i j«««d uneji'tiolttim Ii Col Muivey
^ RetoiruiieiMl rmi puning iKc MomenegTo planning order in the OPSUM. Need 10 know only. ! 'n - elected to p»w lhk'it
'itoiJ»s.'; Asnwn* Efihn W^tC alfed COMAOC>kcrc«Jltd .C
pulled iioui of die OPSUM. Du bnelcij will Id Ihe key playeis know about n Juiii^ihc Monday
[U) UCol Mulv'ey diiectod that *ts infc be piased W XO in Cwaral Roo
(U) A 1C riom Vance A F U , Oklahoma, charged *ilh ]" degree rape He *as in a Vance SBCAF.'OCO, *w uTCoxwdt rooro'wgobei.''Col O» ptssed'tbclbove'tD
bE-El-INL on 14 Ocl v,ii|> in aucmpled suicide. NOI QPSUMablc, paumg « fo totSAF.'ycs AF.^ete!
uoa (U] EASH^T CHANGE SSgl U(toii,SrA Mall)«(!c 'l NORAD POC/or *H ^5p0.jRe«iiiMttiifo'oa [JORAD 01
PAA'wiib"ttK Lav! f~
220G (U) NIGHT AFDO MaJ W,.ii(r,d . H
4800'fak.' T/Q Saiforf 0909E<rOTU^dO? No r-
2200 (U) S<A Maiiyasic rekascd on till refiid it'Ortinij. 'Enrouie to DaJliit o

f») DAY AFDO Cipl L tj, TSgi Scon, «n>> SSgl

(U) Nothini; jijyiificiimip report however. Gen Dordal will come in about 1700 and requcsl ihe glin i/c*ilfe*lj'*«ifboTOe,''to tatereepL'
cops meet him ai 4El046 ID assist in entrance is lie haoi'i accessed hit office yvi. ' - '
n 1 : ' "
MOO (U) SWING AUXD M a j Quinlan

1WS |U) HG Dordal calls to let US know he u on the wiy in. Called SPs. ihcy will meet him al his 'j"T^^^-^2ifi^^F;i^p»^'^j^M

2050 (U)Col Cox called lo check in for the weekend update. He is now ai home after his uip to SWINC AKDO C»pl I.
2100 (U) NIGHT AKDO M»j Winiicid Borl^A^oerJc

2215 Tilted to SOUTH A f about beddown at PR They sliow ill 4 C-)JOs back ai PR Tticones fiom
Savannah showed up in their OPSUM. The ones from New Orleans stayed and were replaced by 2
C-UOs JroinOUihanii.

AKRCuys 2 of 3 C-l)Os ued TOT acriil spraying in NC and VA redeployed on 24 Ocl to

YounCStOwn. The J* is 9^1 sung an aiitre*' 10 uke it back 10
(U) DAY AFDO M.j Wiltey, TSgi Bikuli, *nd SSg< Murajn 'c^|Jo^>^F>eJbVl^iU^t^PA^.i^b^"f^
ti dui NMCC lud * 34 pa^Tfq>orl iftu be'wjoini U tube iwtlto ne t^ij»0*«pipe pf tint
' iL*Jf
* reticnd MG S ''V
|ISigmfifaQi'E«mreceived via'caaformejMtb NMCC


9/11 Classified Information

9/11 Closed by Statute •
(II) Called I.I Col MC 0 10 lei lum know rJui Hooks in- due ai 0600 lo DXOOO and 0700 i0 CV. Swing AKDO Cipi Undiej,

tzofl ukeii Jne lo tnck d«ra ltm»ih"iifc*y;/wWt the haodJiaf nqdttiiianuwwe

.^^(U) C»J!ed Col JOKS to let him know Ihu I hidV eopyof*«'tnM«ipU 6omdwSOObe vwiited 'or bud 6lmtiiii KTSB ^^^'V^iuu^'fiSra UOJ^St»TO>oAFSEJ'«5.Mi
copia node foi.CSAF,1 XO, nd XOO)
£to tsrafflig'ri bvetto tbe NTSBfiTtien binding'ii^t^^^wMtaHil;
(U) l.i Col HodEe tailed to mfonn me ih»t ihe laic nijhi Skull *ii ovef fo' the evening no
(U)UnclassMe-nuil from Katen says No briefs or Boots for 27 Oct. I called I.I Col Me D *nd lei
him know.
,;-j.iL;(U) CootacMd C>pi peUv«dfl« AFPA Desk ud wformodjniri'af fc^NM^Cp*ci^gc'ibi"«
recetv«d,"JloindJc4l«J Ihit^he ^W_UiKiasscd portion'to"h« pwn^M'utd'didn't ri^uire the (U)Col Co*, indiciicd that ihe Tulsa Guard and Uglin hive turned over copiei of film (o ihe NT SB
eUstified stuff. I la birafcbow(fad if Utei.bcorCot RJ^'f^ulre^^ (rMSCTi^^wuJdrfJiakc it (eps in iheii area. Only Farr^o remains.
EA Shin Change - SSgl Con It). lad SSK( Julitui
2200 NIGHT At'DO Mij Quintan
2248 (U) G.ound enmecncy from NeMis AFB. F-ISC from Langley. TDY lo Kcllii for weapons school
(U) MCHT AFDO M>, Quinlin, SSg! C(*»le>. SSgl Julxlon support bad t ;cl fuel tuner f>;e during engine nan. No injuiics, bul 0%ef {230.000 wonb of
17 PCI o
(U)Mi Home body found on 2i Oci IMS, been identified as A1C from 34 BS (Ellsworth) (hat has H
been niiiiing since 10 Sep 0017 (U) Mi Home irqucn for COD support to Meridian. Idaho. 2,75 inch rocket round in an inic.
pejson EOD team respond ing.

0403 | 9/11 Class ified_ information

0600 (U) O.) AKDO Maj M.hood, TSgl H»rm, SSgl SjDHrora

U»> AFDO M.j WiUcj. MSBU»ckion.SSgiMi. 0603

(U)M»j WUlsey woi ci.d for [he Quesiwn ofauihorityand responsibiliix icgwdine r^ iifo^
shooting down an air r Ihe tX)NIJS (It)
(U) Received OPREJVJ UCELlrJt; from Jl FW/CP, Chan Afi, ROK: off drop zone incidcni in
liit (U) M»j pifk~&nn Cheyouc Ml'ollvdrauraiqgMil.pul^juTciUl i^IinB'ibc^GHiii whkb I of S I SFGjunipci fit missing. At conclusion efiepon. USFIC/Cf wldOian to forward
TWbere is Wiley 01 6«in7. Aisierrj Fort^ Fiefti T<V?k« KvT«t AXa'rnwM>fDMhetinS wrul ihey had and Ihu USFK would put out any BGE1JNE. Acquired AF operational
......... " " falls under ADCON cbaoneliovrr *-hicb neither PA COM nor IJSFK have control. Therefore, we
claccd PACF/Oun back ind lold them to send the report We were lold thai the 51 FW/CC will
(U) Global Power dau fiom L.i Col CloifrHet dsn 574-S72S: I g J hom flight wis cmmrd as not send out a r«pon at USFK request, So. we nude noiincaiions 10 SECAF bued an the VOX
plinntd Ron* release was successful. No official score (Range/ Beaiiog) is posiilbe il this report and ircau-aiiinfa hardcopy ftom USFK.
bomb sue- UndedCuni. Ill)

(UJ Col Keneily. 693 ?9ll from AF Doctrine called w wpport Maj Willwy's NORAD authority
issue He was going lo call a Tew (oILi w discuii the lopk and clarify wh«ie ihingi ftand, He 9/11 Classified Information
would appreciate swing ilic ptoduci piodi.ccd by Mij WiHsey. Maj Troy 495-7984 called 10 ask
Co. Maj Will:*/; final product. (U)

1400 (U) Swing AKDO Maj Wilicy

rtquoa of all 01 «ny gM omer fihn from die ;SteSrtrt Leu
NTSB POC is Mf-.Tora Houdef (262J14^S308) 00 1535
9/11 Classified Infocmation

(UJ KcfAliKOSTATCIasiA. Called WADS & conlirnted following: