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Sai Mawn (UNLD-LA)

With generous financial support from:

National Reconciliation Program (NRP)

UNLD Press
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2005 or 6

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The Second Proposed Draft of
Future Constitution of Kawthoolei
(Karen State)
Table of Contents

Article Title Page

Preamble ........................................................................... 5

1. Bill of Rights ........................................................................... 7

2. General Provisions .................................................................. 11

3. Legislature .............................................................................. 13

4. Executive ............................................................................. 21

5. Judiciary .................................................................................. 25

6. Suffrage and Elections ...................................................... 28

7. Local Government .............................................................. 29

8. Finance and Taxation .......................................................... 30

9. Education ................................................................................ 33

10. Amendments ......................................................................... 34

11. Miscellaneous ......................................................................... 35

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Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

The Second Proposed Draft of

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei
(Karen State)


The earliest settlers of the Irrawaddy Delta, the Sittang Valley,

southern Salween Valley, Tanessarim region and in the
adjoining hill areas of those regions, we, the Karen people,
had lived in freedom and in peace, before the advent of
feudalism. Only about an eight of the total population of
Karen people now live in the State of Kawthoolei and the
rest continue to live numerously, outside of Kawthoolei in
the above mentioned regions, not included in the State of
In the successive eras of feudalism, we the Karen
people had been ruthlessly exploited and systematically
prevented from advancement in all the fields of human
activities. When the system of oppression and subjection
was removed, we made rapid advances in the areas of
economic affairs, education, health, sports, politics and
culture, through industriousness and self-reliance, in a matter
of 60 years. However, after independence from the British,
the political immaturity, intolerance and above all racial
chauvinism, or ultra-nationalism of those in power had led
the country to civil war and the Dark Age of oppression,
subjugation and exploitation, again, for more than half a
century. In this Dark Age, the Karen people had to face
immense sufferings, unlike at any time in the history, and
the country as a whole, suffered a disastrous setback.
Accordingly, we, the Karen people in the Kawthoolei
State, will cooperate with the Karen people in other States
and all peace-loving nationalities to prevent the return of

Karen SCDC.pmd 5 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

the Dark Age and always work for harmony, stability and
As a nationality, we, the Karen people of Kawthoolei,
have had to struggle resolutely for freedom, justice, equality
and self-determination. In the spirit of fraternity, liberty
and equality we have joined together with the other
nationalities of the land, to be part of the Federal Union
of --------- and, reserving the right to freely work for
economic, educational, health, cultural and political
advancement of the Karen people, within the framework
of the federation, we will live in peace, together with all
the other nationalities of the federation, on the basis of
mutual friendship, respect, recognition, and cooperation.

@ @ @ @ @

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Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article I


Section 1. Political Power

All political power of the State is inherent in the citizens,
and all government herein is founded on their authority.

Section 2. Inalienable Rights

All people are by nature free and independent and have
certain inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and
defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and
protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining
happiness, safety and privacy.

Section 3. Freedom of Religion

There shall be freedom of religion within the State.
No law shall be passed respecting the establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent
with public morals, peace or safety.

Section 4. Freedom of Speech and Press

Every person may freely speak, write and publish his
or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for
the abuse of this right.
No law shall be passed nor executive action taken
abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.

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The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 5. Right to Assemble and to Petition

The right of the people peaceably to assemble and
express their views, to instruct their representatives, and
to petition the government, or department thereof, for
redress of grievances shall never be abridged.

Section 6. Right to Organize

Citizens shall have the right to association and to work
for the pursuit of their collective goal. No one may be
compelled to belong to an association.

Public employees shall have the right through

representatives of their own choosing, to present to
and make known to the state, or any of its political
subdivisions or agencies, their grievances and proposals.

Persons in private employment shall have the right to

bargain collectively through representatives of their own

Section 7. Right to bear arms

The people have the right to keep and bear arms in
defense of themselves. The manner of bearing arms
shall be regulated by law.

Section 8. Due Process of Law

No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property
without due process of law or denied equal protection
of the laws.

Karen SCDC.pmd 8 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Section 9. Double Jeopardy

No person shall, after acquittal be tried for the same
offense or be compelled in any criminal matter to be a
witness against oneself.

Section 10. Imprisonment for debt

No person shall be imprisoned for debt, and a
reasonable amount of the property of individuals may
be exempted from seizure or sale for payment of any
debt or liabilities.

Section 11. Prohibited Laws

No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing
the obligation of contracts shall be passed.

Section 12. Writ of Habeas Corpus

The writ of habeas corpus shall never be suspended
unless, in case of rebellion or invasion, the public safety
requires it, and then only in such manner as shall be
prescribed by law.

Section 13. Slavery Prohibited

Slavery and all forms of involuntary servitude are

Section 14. Searches and Seizures

The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches
and seizures, shall not be violated; and no warrant shall

Karen SCDC.pmd 9 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

be issued except upon probable cause supported by

oath or affirmation, particularly describing the place to
be searched and the persons and things to be seized.

Section 15. Rights of Accused Persons

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall have the
right to be given a specific statement of the charges
against him, and to appear and defend himself in person
and by counsel; to meet the witnesses against him face
to face; to have process to compel the attendance of
witnesses in his behalf; and to have a speedy public trial
in the township or district in which the offense is alleged
to have been committed, unless he shall waive this right
in order to secure a change of venue.

Section 16. Unusual Punishment – Excessive Fines

Cruel or unusual punishment shall not be inflicted or
excessive fines imposed.

@ @ @ @ @


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Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article II


Section 17. Boundaries of the State

Within the boundaries of the State the areas of these
districts are included.

1. Taw Oo District ( Taungoo District)

2. Kler Lwe Htu District (Nyaung Lay Bin District)
3. Doo Tha Tu District (Tha Htone District)
4. Mu Traw District (Papun District)
5. Pa-an District
6. Doo Pla Yar District
7. Mergui-Tavoy District

( Note: Kawthoolei State includes present Karen State,

Ternasserin Division and certain adjoining areas.
Boundaries will be established in future by negotiation and

Section 18. Seat of Government

The city of Pa-an shall be the seat of the government.

Section 19. Separation of Power

Sovereign powers of the State are legislative, executive
and judicial. These powers must be separated. Persons
charged with the exercise of one power may not


Karen SCDC.pmd 11 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

exercise either of the others except as permitted by

this Constitution.

Section 20. State Seal and Flag

The design of the great seal and flag of the State
shall be prescribed by law.

Section 21. Official Language of State

Karen is the official language of the State. English and
Burmese will be used for official purposes where

Section 22. Armed Forces

All armed forces shall, at all time, be in subordination
to the civil power. They are Border Guard, State
Troops and the Militia Force.

@ @ @ @ @


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Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article III


Section 23. Legislative Power

The legislative power of the State shall be vested in a
Legislative Assembly of the State, which shall consist
of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Section 24. Membership

The Senate shall have a membership of 14 Senators
elected for a 4-year term. Election for the Senate shall
be held every two years and half of the membership
shall be elected. The House of Representatives shall
have a membership of 40 Representatives, elected for
a 4-year term.

Section 25. Qualifications of Legislators

No person shall be eligible to be a member of the
Legislative Assembly unless the person is at least twenty-
one years of age, an elector and has been a resident of
the electoral district for one year, and a citizen of the
State and a resident of the State for three years prior to
the election.

Section 26. Vacancies

Vacancies in the legislative office shall be filled by
holding a by-election as provided by law.


Karen SCDC.pmd 13 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 27. Election of Members

Members of the House of Representatives shall be
chosen by qualified voters of the State according to a
proportional vote system and a method to be
prescribed by law.
Members of the Senate shall be chosen by the qualified
voters of each district. There shall be two senators for
each district.

Section 28. Time of Election

Members of the Legislative Assembly shall be elected
in elections held at regular intervals, in the month of

Section 29. Compensation for Members

Compensation for members of the Legislative
Assembly shall be determined by an independent
commission prescribed by law.

Section 30. Sessions

The Legislative Assembly shall convene in regular
sessions quarterly or at such times as may be prescribed
by law. Special sessions may be called by the Governor
or by a majority of the members of each House.

Section 31. Judge of the Election

Election shall be conducted and decided by an
independent commission to be prescribed by law.


Karen SCDC.pmd 14 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Section 32. Organization and Procedure

Each House shall choose its presiding officer and a
secretary and shall determine its rules of procedure. In
the Senate the presiding officer shall be designated as
President of the Senate and in the House as Speaker of
the House.
A majority of the membership of each house shall
constitute a quorum but a smaller number may adjourn
from day to day and compel the presence of absent
Each House may suspend a member for contempt or
disorderly conduct and, with the concurrence of two-
third of all the members, expel a member.
Sessions of each house shall be public; except sessions
of the Senate when considering appointment to or
removal from public office may be closed.
Each house shall keep and publish a journal of its
proceedings, which shall be published from day to day.
Upon the request of five members present, the vote
of each member voting on any question shall be entered
on the journal.
Neither house without the consent of the other shall
adjourn for more than five days or to any other place.

Section 33. Legislative Immunity

Members of the Legislature shall not be questioned in
any other place, investigated or taken action for any
speech or debate in the Legislative Assembly.


Karen SCDC.pmd 15 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 34. Impeachment

The President, Vice President, members of the Cabinet
and Justices of the Supreme Court shall be liable to
impeachment for misconduct in office.
The House of Representatives shall have the sole power
of impeachment. It shall have the power to impeach
an officer by two-third vote. The Speaker of the House
of Representatives shall have power at any time to
appoint a committee to investigate charges against any
officer subject to impeachment.
Impeachment shall be tried by the Senate. The Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court, or another Justice
designated by the Chief Justice, shall preside at the trial,
except in the trial of Chief Justice, in which case the
President shall preside. No officer shall be convicted
on impeachment by a vote of less than two-third of
the members of the court hearing the charges.
Judgement of conviction shall extend only to removal
from office and disqualification to hold any office under
the State. Conviction or acquittal shall not affect the
civil or criminal responsibility of the officer.

Section 35. Bill and Titles of Bills

No law shall be enacted except by bill. Every bill, except
bills for appropriations and bills for the codification,
revision or rearrangement of existing laws, shall be
confined to one subject, which shall be expressed in
the title.
Bills for appropriations shall be confined to


Karen SCDC.pmd 16 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Section 36. Passage of Bills

All bills, except money bill, may originate in either house
and after passage in one may be amended, rejected,
and repealed wholly or in part in the other.
No bill shall become a law unless it has been read on
three different days, has been printed and upon the
desks of the members in final form at least three
legislative days prior to final passage. On final passage,
the vote of each member voting shall be entered on
the journal.
Passage of a bill shall require a majority vote in each
No law shall become effective until published, as
provided by law.

Section 37. Executive Approval

Every bill passed by the Legislative Assembly shall be
presented to the President for approval and shall
become a law if the President approves and signs it.
If the President rejects the bill, the President shall return
the bill, together with his objections in writing, to the
house in which the bill originated. The house of origin
shall reconsider any bill so return first and it shall be
sent, together with the objections, to the other house.
If, upon reconsideration, each house shall, by a two-
third vote, agree to pass the bill it shall become a law.
In all such cases the vote shall be by roll call, and entered
on the respective journals.
If any bill that shall not be signed or returned by the
President within fifteen days after it shall have been
presented to him/her it shall become a law in like


Karen SCDC.pmd 17 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

manner as if he/she had signed it. However, if the

legislature shall be in recess at the end of such fifteen-
day period, the President may sign the bill at any time
during the recess or return it with his/her objections
upon the reconvening of the Legislative Assembly.

Section 38. Legislative Committee

There shall be a Legislative Committee consisting of
not less than five nor more than seven members, in
each house. The members shall be chosen by and from
the members of the respective houses. It shall choose
one of its members as chairman. The secretary of each
house shall serve ex officio as secretary of the
The Legislative Committees shall be formed at the first
session of the houses following a regular election.

Section 39. Duties of the Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall have the duty to collect
information concerning the government and general
welfare of the State and to report thereon to their
respective houses.
Other powers and duties may be assigned to the
Legislative Committee by law.

Section 40. Powers entrusted to the Federal Union

The Federal Legislature shall have exclusive legislative
powers in the following matters:

(1) Foreign affairs

(2) Defence of the Federal Union


Karen SCDC.pmd 18 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

(3) Postal Services and Federal Telecommunications

(4) Currency, money and coinage
(5) Weights and measures
(6) Federal highways, railways and water ways
(7) Air and sea transportation
(8) Trade and commerce with other countries
(9) Citizenship of the Federal Union
(10) Police force of the Federal Union
(11) State of emergency
(12) Production, sale, exportation and importation of
arms, ammunitions and explosives
(13) Copyright, patents, designs and trade marks
(14) Customs, export/import taxation
(15) Naturalization of aliens

The Federal Legislature and the Legislative Assembly

shall have concurrence powers in the following matters:
(1) Drugs
(2) Federal Union energy and development projects
within the State
(3) Investment by foreign governments and companies
within the State
(4) Banking Services
(5) University and vocational education
(6) Marriage, divorce and inheritance with regard to
mixed marriages
(7) Immigration and emigration


Karen SCDC.pmd 19 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 41. Legislative Powers of the State

All legislative power shall be vested in the Legislative
Assembly except those powers that are entrusted to
the Federal legislature or shared with the Federal
Legislature pursuant to the Federal Constitution.
The Legislative Assembly shall have exclusive legislative
powers in the following matters:
(1) Citizenship of the State
(2) Internal security and border security
(3) State Police Force
(4) Census
(5) Environment protection
(6) Natural resources
(7) Land ownership and land use
(8) School education
(9) Refugee and political asylum
(10) Revenue and taxes
(11) Registration of births, deaths and marriages
(12) State transportation and communication

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 20 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article IV


Section 42. President

The executive power of the State shall be vested in the
President, who shall also be commander-in-chief of
the armed forces of the State.
The President shall ensure that the laws are faithfully

Section 43. Election of the President

The President shall be elected by the direct vote of the
citizens for a term of four years. The first election of
the President will be for two years.
No elector who shall not have attained the age of thirty
years, who has not been a citizen of the State and has
not resided in the State for the preceding five years
shall not be a candidate for the presidency.

Section 44. Vice-President

The candidate for the vice presidency shall have the
same qualifications as those of the President and shall
be elected at the same time and for a term of four
Upon vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-
President shall become President and shall serve for
the remainder of the term.


Karen SCDC.pmd 21 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

The Vice-President shall act as President during the

impeachment, absence from the State, or temporary
disability of the President.
Further succession to the office of President or further
succession as acting President shall be prescribed by

Section 45. Report to Legislature

The President shall, at the beginning of each session,
inform the legislature concerning the condition of the
State and may make recommendations.

Section 46. Information from Executive Officers, etc

The President may at any time require information, in
writing or otherwise, from the executive officers and
agencies and their employees relating to their duties.

Section 47. Executive Clemency

The President shall have power to grant reprieves,
commutations and pardons, after conviction, for all
offences, except in case of treason and in case of
impeachment, subject to such regulations as may be
prescribed by law relative to the manner of applying
The President shall report to the legislature each reprieve,
pardon, and commutation granted, stating the pertinent
facts and the reasons for granting it.


Karen SCDC.pmd 22 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Section 48. Cabinet

There shall be a cabinet composed of the President,
the Vice President, a Secretary of State, a Chief Financial
Officer, and an Attorney General.

Section 49. Election of Cabinet Members

Secretary of State, Chief financial officer and Attorney
General shall be elected at the same time for President
and for a term of four years.

Section 50. Administrative Departments

There shall be such administrative departments, not to
exceed twenty in number, as may be established by law,
with such powers and duties as may be prescribed by
The heads of all administrative departments shall be
prominent civil servants, appointed by and may be
removed by the President with the approval of the
Senate. All other officers in the administrative service
of the state shall be appointed by the President or by
the heads of administrative departments, as provided
by law.

Section 51. No Vote in Legislature

The President, the Vice President and members of the
cabinet shall be required to attend the legislature, may
introduce bills therein, and take part in discussion of
measures, but shall have no vote.
Non attendance shall be ground for impeachment and
detail shall be provided by law.


Karen SCDC.pmd 23 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 52. Succession to the Office of President

If there is vacancy in the office of Vice President and
the President dies, resigns or is removed from office,
the Secretary of State shall become President and shall
serve for the remainder of the term.
The Secretary of State shall act as President, if there is
a vacancy in the office of Vice President and the
President is absent from the State, or impeached, or
suffering from mental or physical disease becomes
incapable of performing the duties of the office.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 24 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article V


Section 53. Courts

The judicial power of the State shall be vested in a
Supreme Court, courts of appeal, district courts and
township courts.
The legislature shall enact laws for the establishment,
the powers and the proceeding of the courts.

Section 54. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court shall consist of three Justices. The
President of the State shall appoint the Justices of
Supreme Court with approval of the Legislature.
The Justices of the Supreme Court shall elect from
among themselves a Justice whom the President shall
appoint as Chief Justice. The rest of the Justices of the
Supreme Court shall be addressed as Justice of the
Supreme Court.
The President shall name one or the other Justice to be
acting Chief Justice.
Acting Chief Justice shall perform all functions of the
Chief Justice when the Chief Justice is absent or unable
to act.

Section 55. Eligibility

No person shall be eligible for the office of Chief
Justice or Justice of the Supreme Court unless the
person is at least forty years of age, a citizen of the


Karen SCDC.pmd 25 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

State, has resided in the State at least three years

preceding his or her election and has practised for at
least ten years in the field of law.

Section 56. Independence of Judiciary

All justices and judges shall be independent and subject
only to the law.

Section 57. Prohibited Activities

All justices and judges shall devote full time to their
judicial duties. They shall not engage in the practice of
law or other gainful occupation nor hold office in any
political party or any other office or public employment.

Section 58. Judicial Salaries

All justices and judges shall be compensated only by
state salaries fixed by general law. The judiciary shall
have no power to fix appropriations.

Section 59. Attorneys; Admission and Discipline

The Supreme Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to
regulate the admission of persons to the practice of
law and the discipline of persons admitted.

Section 60. Judges; Retirement and Disability

The legislature shall provide for retirement, with
reasonable allowance, of justices and judges for age or


Karen SCDC.pmd 26 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Section 61. The Highest Court of Justice

The Supreme Court is the highest court of justice of
the State. The legislature shall provide for the exclusive
jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Section 62. Jurisdiction of Courts

The legislature shall prescribe law for the jurisdiction
of courts subordinated to the Supreme Court.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 27 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Article VI

Section 63. Elector

Every citizen of the Federal Union who is at least
eighteen years of age and who is a citizen of the State,
if registered as provided by law, shall be an elector of
the township where registered.

Section 64. Regulation of Elections

The legislature shall define residence and provide for
registration and free elections.

Section 65. Disqualification

The legislature shall prohibit improper practices that
effects elections and shall provide for the
disqualification of electors while mentally incompetent
or imprisoned or on parole for the conviction of a

Section 66. Voting

All elections shall be by direct and secret vote. Detail
shall be prescribed by law.

Section 67. Absent Voting

The legislature may, by general law, provide a manner
in which qualified voters who may be absent from the
State or township of their residence may register and
vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes in
the election district in which they reside.


Karen SCDC.pmd 28 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article VII


Section 68. Subdivisions

The State shall be divided by law into subdivisions called:
i. Districts
ii. Townships
iii. Village tracts
iv. Village/Wards

Section 69. Formation

The legislature shall prescribe by law for their formation,
administration, function, consolidation and boundary
change. Formation and consolidation requires approval
by a majority of voters voting on the question.

Section 70. Charter

Any district or township may adopt or amend a charter
for its own government, as prescribed by law, by a
majority of voters voting on the question.

Section 71. Reporting

Each local government shall submit report to the
Secretary of the State regularly on the legislation,
execution and adjudication of the charter.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 29 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Article VIII


Section 72. Power of Taxation

The power of taxation shall never be surrendered,
suspended of contracted away.
The State of shall retain the power of taxation except
as agreed in the establishment of the Federal Union
and with the approval of the legislature.

Section 73. Borrowing Power

The credit of the State or any civil division thereof
shall not in any manner, directly or indirectly, be given
or lent to or used in aid of any individual, association,
or private corporation.

Section 74. Debt Limitations

No debt shall be contracted by or in behalf of the
State unless such debt shall be authorized by law for a
single project or object distinctly specified therein, and
no such law shall, except for the purpose of repelling
invasion, suppressing insurrection, defending the State
in war, meeting natural catastrophes, or redeeming the
indebtedness of the State outstanding at the time this
Constitution is approved, take effect until it shall have
been passed with the concurrence of two-third of the
members of each house.
The State may by law borrow money to meet
appropriations for any fiscal year in anticipation of the
collection of the revenues for such year, but all debts


Karen SCDC.pmd 30 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

so contracted in anticipation of revenues shall be paid

within one year.

Section 75. The Budget

Three months before the opening of the fiscal year,
the President shall submit to the legislature a budget
setting forth a complete plan of proposed expenditures
and anticipated income of all departments, offices and
agencies of the State for the next ensuing fiscal year.
For the preparation of the budget the various
departments, offices and agencies shall furnish the
President such information, in such form, as he/she
may require. At the time of submitting the budget to
the legislature, the President shall introduce therein a
general appropriation bill to authorize all the proposed
expenditures set forth in the budget.

Section 76. Legislative Budget Procedure

No special appropriation bill shall be passed until the
general appropriation bill, as introduced by the President
and amended by the legislature, shall have been enacted.
The legislature shall provide for one or more public
hearings on the budget, either before a committee or
before the legislature in committee of the whole.
When requested by not less than one-fifth of all the
members of the legislature it shall be the duty of the
President to appear in person or by designated
representative before the legislature, or before a
committees, thereof, to answer any inquiries with respect
to the budget.
The legislature shall allow no appropriation for any fiscal
period in excess of the income provided for the period.


Karen SCDC.pmd 31 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Section 77. Expenditure of Money

No money shall be withdrawn from the treasury except
in accordance with appropriation made by law. No
obligation for the payment of money shall be incurred
except as authorized by law.

Section 78. Revenue

All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House
of Representatives.
Provision shall be made by law for raising sufficient
revenue to defray the expenses of the State for each
fiscal period.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 32 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article IX


Section 79. Responsibility on Education

The education of children is a fundamental value and
essential to the preservation of the rights and liberties
of the people of the State. Therefore, the State accepts
responsibility for the education of all children residing
within its borders.

Section 80. Public Education

The legislature shall prescribe by law to establish and
maintain a system of secular public schools open to all
children of the State.
Provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient,
safe, secure and high quality system of secular public

Section 81. State Board of Education

There shall be a State Board of Education, consisting
of five members appointed by the President for a 4-
year term and approved by the Senate.
It shall have the duty to supervise the system of public
education as prescribed by law.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 33 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

Article X


Section 82. Amending Procedure

Amendments to this Constitution shall be approved by
two-third votes of both houses and approved by the
referendum by a majority in the majority of districts.

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 34 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

Article XI


Section 83. Militia

The militia shall be composed of all able-bodied citizens
of the State and of the Federal Union residing in the
State who shall have attained the age of 18 years and
who are under the age of 40 years.

Section 84. Public Health and Welfare

The legislature shall prescribe by law for promotion
and protection of public health and welfare.

Section 85. Culture and Historical Sites

The legislature shall prescribe by law to preserve the
Karen culture and to conserve and develop places of
cultural and historical values. Details shall be provided
by law.

@ @ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC.pmd 35 8/8/2006, 4:55 PM

aumfo;l av (u&ifjynfe,f)

tem*wfzp‹JG nf;yHt
k ajccHOya'


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 37 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM


tydk'f trnf pmrsuEf mS

ed'ge;f ........................................................................................... 41
1? tajccHtcGit
hf a&;rsm; ............................................................... 43
2? a,bl,sjyXmef;csurf sm; ............................................................ 48
3? Oya'jyKa&; ................................................................................. 50
4? tkycf sKyaf &; .................................................................................. 59
5? w&m;pD&ifa&; ............................................................................. 63
6? rJay;jcif;ESiahf ±G;aumufwifajrm‡ ufjcif; ........................................ 66
7? a'oE &W tpd;k & ........................................................................... 68
8? b¾ma&;ESit
hf cGeaf umufcjH cif; ................................................. 69
9? ynma&; ..................................................................................... 72
10? zG@J pnf;yHt
k ajccHOya'jyifqifjcif; ................................................ 73
11? taxGaxG ................................................................................... 74

Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 39 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

aumfo;l av (u&ifjynfe,f)
tem*wfz‹JG pnf;yHt
k ajccHOya' (tqdjk yK'w
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u|Eykf w
f @kd u&iftrsK;d om;rsm;onf {&m0wDjrpf0u|e;f ay:/ ppfawmif;jrpf0rS ;f /
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a&S;OD;pGmtajccsI ya'o&mZfpepfray: aygurf u D vGwv f yfat;csr;f pGm
aexdik cf =hJ uonf? ,cktcgu&iftrsK;d om;rsm;OD;a&. 8 yHk 1 yHck ef@omv#if
aumfo;l avjynfe,ftwGi;f aexdik v f #u&f +dS yD; useu f &iftrsK;d om;rsm;rSm
aumfo;l avjynfe,ftwGi;f xnfo h iG ;f jcif;r±Sad om tqdyk ga'owd@k wiG f
trsm;tjym;qufvufaexdik v f #u&f =dS uonf?
ya'o&mZfacwftqufqufw@kd wiG f u|Eykf w f @kd u&iftrsK;d om;rsm;onf
jyif;xefpGmacgif;yHkjzwfcH&jcif;ESifh vlom;wdk@.vkyfaqmifr_t00wdk@wGif
wd;k wufrr_ &Sad tmif pepfwus[ef@wm;jcif;udk cHc&hJ onf? zdEydS cf sK;d ESrd rf t _ m;
z,f&mS ;aomtcgwiG f ESpf 60 umvr#twGi;f vH@k v0D&, d ESihf rdru d , kd u
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ud;k onft h avhtxwd@k t& pD;yGm;a&;/ ynma&;/ use;f rma&;/ tm;upm;/
Edik if aH &;/ ,Ofaus;r_e,fy,f wd@k wiG f vsijf refpmG wd;k wufvmcJo h nf? od@k &mwGif
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r&ifu h surf /_ o[Zmwpdwu f if;rJrh E_ iS hf tqd;k qH;k jzpfonfh r[mvlrsK;d }u;D 0g'
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vnf;qH;k ±_;H r_rsm;pGmjzifh acwfaemufjyefIoGm;cJo h nf?
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trsK;d om;rsm;onf tjcm; jynfe,frsm;&Su d &iftrsK;d om;rsm;ESihf vnf;


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 41 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

aumif;/ +ird ;f csr;f a&;jrwfE;kd ol tjcm;trsK;d om;rsm;ESihf vnf;aumif; vufwJG

I zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpktwGif; tarSmifacwfjyefvnfray:aygufa&;/
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vlrsK;d wrsK;d taejzifh aumfo;l avjynfe,f&dS u|Eykf w f @kd u&iftrsK;d om;
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zG@H +zdK;wd;k wuf&ef vGwv f yfpmG aqmif&u G Ef ikd cf iG uhf kd xde;f odr;f umuG,&f if;
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tm;vH;k ESihf +idr;f csr;f pGmyl;aygi;f aexdik o f mG ;=urnf jzpfayonf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 42 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tyd'k f (1)
hf a&;rsm;

yk'rf 1? Edik if aH &;tm%m

T jynfe,f.Edik if aH &;tm%mtvH;k pHo k nf jynfe,fom;rsm;xHwiG f
dS nf? ‚if;tcGit hf m%may:wGit f ajccH+yD; tpd;k &tzG‹J tpnf;
tm;vH;k udk zG‹J pnf;wnfaqmufjcif;jzpfonf?

yk'rf 2? ±kyo
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vltm;vH;k onfobm0t& tcsnt f aESmifuif;rJu h m vGwv f yfpmG ±Sd
ae=u+yD; ±kyo f rd ;f Ir&onfh wpHw k &maomtcGit hf a&;rsm;±Sod nf?
‚if;wd‹k wiG f touf±iS yf ikd cf iG Ehf iS hf vGwv f yfciG u hf ckd pH m;jcif;ESihf umuG,f
ydik cf iG ±hf jdS cif;/ ypPn;f OpPm&,ljcif;/ ydik q f ikd jf cif;ESihf umuG,yf ikd cf iG ±hf jdS cif;/
aysm±f i$ rf /_ vH+k cHKr_EiS hf oD;jcm;vGwv f yfpmG aexdik rf u _ kd &,l±mS azGjcif;ESihf
ydik q
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yk'rf 3? vGwv
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T jynfe,ftwGif;wGifvGwfvyfpGm,Hk=unfudk;uG,fcGifh±Sdonf?
bmoma&;tzG‹J tpnf;wpHw k ckuOkd ;D pm;ay;onfh od‹k r[kwf bmom
a&;qdkif&m,Hk=unfudk;uG,fr_udk wm;qD;uef‹owfonfh Oya'wpHk
w&mudk jyKvkyjf cif; r±Sad p&? jynfov l x l .
k tusiphf m&dw/W +ird ;f csr;f om
,mr_ od‹k r[kwf vH+k cKH ru _ x
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rsm; jyKvkycf iG rhf ±Sad p&?

yk'rf 4? vGwv
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tjrifoabmxm;udk vGwvf yfpmG ajymqdjk cif;/ a&;om;jcif;ESihf yHEk ydS f


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 43 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

xkwfa0jcif;jyKvkyfydkifcGifh±SdI ‚if;vkyfydkifcGifhudk rrSefruefoHk;pGJcJhv#if

wm0ef±adS p&rnf?
vGwv f yfpmG ajymqdck iG Ehf iS yhf EkH ydS x
f w
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hf kd uef@owfonfh Oya' wpHk
w&mjyKvkyjf cif; od@k r[kwf tkycf sKyfa&;t&trde@f xw k f ta&;,laqmif
±Gujf cif; r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 5? pk±;kH cGiEhf iS w

hf ifjyydik cf iG hf
jynfov l x l .
k +idr;f csr;f pGmpk±;Hk cGi/hf qENjycGi/hf a[majymcGi/hf ‚if;wd@k .
k pf m;vS,rf sm;tm; !$e=f um;ydik cf iG Ehf iS hf epfemr_rsm;tm;jyifqifay;
&ef tpd;k &xH od@k r[kwf ‚if;.XmewpHw k ckxH wifjyydik cf iG hf tcGit
hf a&;
udk rnfonft h cgrS uef@owfjcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 6? tzG@J tpnf;zG@J ydik cf iG hf

Edik if o
H m;wdik ;f tzG@J tpnf;zG@J pnf;ydik cf iG Ehf iS hf rdrw
d ‹kd .&nfreS ;f csuuf kd &±S&d ef
twGuf v_y±f mS ;aqmif±u G yf ikd cf iG ±hf o
dS nf? tzG@J tpnf;wpHw k ckY twif;
t=uyfyg0ifapjcif; rjyKvky&f ?
t&mxrf;tr_xrf;rsm;onf rdrdwdk@a±G;cs,fwifajr‡mufxm;onfh
k pf m;vS,rf sm;rSwqifh rdrw
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xHo@kd wifjyjcif;/ ta=umif;=um;jcif;rsm; jyKvkyyf ikd cf iG ±hf o
dS nf?
yk*v~ u d vkyif ef;rsm;.tvkyo f rm;rsm;onf rdrw d @kd a±G;cs,w f ifajrm‡ uf
xm;onfh ud, k pf m;vS,rf sm;rSwqifh rdrw
d @kd &ydik cf iG rhf sm;udk pkaygi;f awmif;
qdyk ikd cf iG ±hf adS p&rnf?

yk'rf 7? vufeufuikd pf yJG ikd cf iG hf

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kd muG,&f eftvd@k imS jynfow l @kd onf vufeufuikd pf JG ydik cf iG hf
d nf? vufeufuikd pf jJG cif;ESihf ywfoufI rnfuo hJ @kd vyk af qmif&rnfukd


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 44 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

yk'rf 8? Oya't&aqmif±u
G jf cif;
Oya't&aqmif±u G jf cif;rSwyg; rnfow
l OD;wa,mufrS toufwm/
vGwv f yfciG hf od@k r[kwf ypPn;f OpPmqH;k ±_;H jcif;r±Sad p&? rnfow
l OD;
wa,mufrS wlnpD mG ay;tyfxm;onfh Oya'tumtuG,af y;r_ tm;
jiif;y,fc&H jcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 9? xyfqifhta&;,lcH&jcif;
rnfolwOD;wa,mufrSjypfr_wpHkwcktwGuf w&m;aov$wfcH&+yD;
aemuf/ xyfqift h a&;,l tjypfay;cH&jcif;r±Sad p&? od@k wnf;r[kwf
&mZ0wfrw _ pHw
k &mwGif rdru
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jcif; r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 10? aºuG;+rDtwGufaxmif'%fuscH&jcif;

rnfow l OD;wa,mufrS aºuG;+rDtwGuaf xmif'%fusc&H jcif;r±Sad p&?
aºuG;+rD od@k r[kwf wm0efcrH w
_ pHw k &mtwGuf ay;qyf&efypPn;f odr;f
,ljcif; od@k r[kwf ypPn;f a&mif;csjcif;jyKvky&f mwGif ypPn;f ydik ±f iS yf *k K~ v
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wpHwk a,muftwGuf oifw h ifah vsmufywfonfh ypPn;f tm;c|i;f csuf
xm;ay;Edik o f nf?

yk'rf 11? wm;jrpfxm;onfhOya'rsm;

Oya'ytjypf'%fp&D ifaomOya'/ aemufa=umif;jyef tm%mouf
a&mufaomOya'ESihf yÉdOmOfpmcsKyfygwm0efcrH r_ sm;tm; ysujf ym;ap
onfh Oya'tm; jyXmef;jcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 12? a±Sa› wmfoiG ;f pmcíet

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wGi‚f if;/ jynfov
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kd yfvmonfh tcgwiG ‚f if;/


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 45 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

,if;udpP&yfrsm;twGufOya'jyXmef;csufESifhtnDrSwyg;/ rnfonfh
tcsed w
f iG rf S a±Sa› wmfoiG ;f pmcíet
f rde@f tm; &yfqikd ;f xm;jcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 13? uíefjyKr_wm;jrpfjcif;

uíefjyKr_ESifh rdrdqENt&r[kwfbJ vkyftm;ay;&jcif;t&yf&yftm;

yk'rf 14? ±SmazGjcif;ESihf zrf;qD;jcif;

rnforl qdk vly*k K~ v
d /f aetdr/f pm±Gupf mwrf;ESit hf oH;k taqmifypPn;f
wd@k tm; ta=umif;rJ±h mS azGjcif;/ ta=umif;rJzh rf;qD;jcif;wd@k rS vH+k cKH rt _ cGihf
ta&;udk csKd ;azgucf &H r_r±Sad p&? jzpfEikd af jc±Sv
d #if usr;f used q
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d J 0&rf;xkwaf y;jcif;r±Sad p&? txl;ojzif±h mS azGrnfh
ae&mud‚k if;/ zrf;qD;&rnfh vlEiS yhf pPn;f ud‚k if; twdtusaz: jyjcif;
jyKvky&f rnf?

yk'rf 15? w&m;cH.tcGit

hf a&;rsm;
&mZ0wfrq _ ikd &f mw&m;pGq J akd qmif±uG jf cif;rsm;wGif w&m;cHonf ‚if;
tm;pGJqdkxm;onfh pGyfpGJcsuf tcsuftvuftwdtusudk&,ljcif;/
w&m;±k;H wGirf rd u d ,
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rdrt d wGucf ck u H muG,af jymqdjk cif;/ wbufoufaorsm;tm; rsuEf mS
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raewufa&mufapjcif;wd@k ukd jyKvkyEf ikd &f rnfjzpf+yD;/ rdr. d qENt&
w&m;pD&if&mae&mtm; tajymif;tvJjyKvkyjf cif;rSwyg; tr_jzpfygG ;&m
[kqx kd m;aom +rKd @e,f od@k r[kwf c±dik f Y tjrefq;kH w&m;±k;H wGif trsm;
jynfoal ±Sa› rSmufY tr_ppfaq;pD&ifq;kH jzwfay;jcif;/ tcGit hf a&;rsm;
±Sad p&rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 46 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

yk'rf 16? tpOftvmt&r[kwaf omtjypf'%f-tqrwefaiG'%f

&ufpuf=urf;=uKwfaom odk@r[kwf tpOftvmt&r[kwfaom
tjypf'%fukd csrwS jf cif; od@k wnf;r[kwf tqrwefaiG'%fukd ay;

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 47 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (2)
a,bl,sjyXmef;csurf sm;

yk'rf 1? jynfe,f e,ferdwf

aumfo;l avjynfe,f. e,ferdwt
f wGi;f wGif atmufygc±kid ef ,fajr
rsm; yg0ifonf?
1? awmtl;c±dik f (awmificl ±dik )f
2? cv,fvx DG cl ±dik f (anmifav;yifc±kid )f
3? 'l;oxlc±dik f (oxHck ±dik )f
4? rla=wmfc±dik f (zgyeG cf ±dik )f
5? zg;tHc±kdif
6? 'l;yvm,mc±kid f
7? bdwf - '0,fc±dik f

(rSwfcsuf? aumfol;avjynfe,ftwGif;wGif ,QKumvowfrSwfxm;onfh

u&ifjynfe,fESifh weoFm&Dwdkif;wdk‹yg0if+yD; u&ifjynfe,fESifh qufpyfaeaom
tcsdK‹aorsm;yg0ifonf? e,ferdwfowfrSwfjcif;tm;tem*wfumvwGif
oufqdkif&mjynfe,frsm;ESifh aqG;aEG;nd‡Ed_if; wdkifyif+yD;owfrSwfrnfjzpfonf?)

yk'rf 2? tpdk;&±Hk;pdkuf&mae&m
zg;tH+rdK@onf tpd;k &±H;k pdu
k &f mae&m jzpfonf?

yk'rf 3? tm%mcGJjcm;xm;jcif;
jynfe,f.tcsKyftjcmtm%m&yfrsm;rSm Oya'jyKa&;/ tkycf sKyfa&;ESihf
w&m;pD&ifa&;wd@k jzpfonf? ‚if;tm%m&yfrsm;udck jJG cm;xm;&rnf? T
zGJ@pnf;yHktajccHOya'. cGifhjyKcsufrSwyg; tqdkygtm%mw&yfudk
usio hf ;kH ydik cf iG ±hf adS omyk*Kd~ vfonf tjcm;tm%mw&yf&yfukd usio
hf ;kH
ydik cf iG rhf ±Sad p&?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 48 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

yk'rf 4? jynfe,fwq
H yd Ef iS hf jynfe,ftvH
H yd Ef iS hf jynfe,ftvH.yHpk u
H kd Oya'jyKowfrw
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yk'rf 5? jynfe,f±Hk;oHk;bmompum;
u&ifbmompum;onf aumfo;l avjynfe,f. ±k;H oH;k bmom pum;
jzpfonf? t*Fvyd Ef iS hf jrefrmbmompum;udv
k nf; ±k;H oH;k bmompum;
tjzpf vdt
k yfovdt k oH;k jyKEdik o
f nf?

yk'rf 6? vufeufuikd w
f yfz‹JG rsm;
rnfonfhtcsdeftcgrqdk vufeufudkifwyfzGJ‹rsm;onf t&yfbuf
tkycf sKyfa&;tm%m. vufatmufcjH zpf&rnf?
vufeufudkifwyfzGJ‹rsm;wGif e,fjcm;apmifhwyfzGJ‹/ jynfe,fvHk+cHKa&;
wyfz‹JG EiS hf jynfo‹l ppfw‹kd yg0ifonf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 49 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (3)

yk'rf 1? Oya'jyKa&;tm%m
Tjynfe,f.Oya'jyKa&;tm%monf aumfol;avjynfe,f.
Oya'jyKtzGJ@wGiftyfESif;+yD;/ ‚if;wGif qD;edwfESifh udk,fpm;vS,frsm;
v$waf wmf wd@k yg0ifonf?

yk'rf 2? tzGJ@0if
qD;edww f iG f (4) ESpo
f ufwrf;umvtwGuf a±G;aumufc&H aomtzG@J 0if
(14) OD;yg0ifonf? (2) ESpf w}urd q
f ;D edwaf ±G;aumufyu
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+yD;/ tzGJ@0ifOD;a&w0uftm; a±G;aumuf&rnf? udk,fpm;vS,frsm;
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ta±G;cHyikd cf iG rhf ±Sad p&?

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ajr‡mufjcif;jzifhomv#ifvpf vyfaeaomOya'jyKtzGJ@ 0ifae&mudk
jznf&h rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 50 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

yk'rf 5? tzG@J 0ifrsm;tm;a±G;aumufjcif;

tcsKd ;usu, kd pf m;jyKr_raJ y;pepfEiS hf Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;rnfh enf;pepf
ESithf nD jynfe,f.rJay;ydik cf iG hf t&nftcsi;f ±So d rl q
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yk'rf 7? tzGJ@0ifrsm;.cHpm;ydkifcGifh
Oya'jyKtzG@J / tzG@J 0ifrsm;.cHpm;ydik cf iG u
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qH;k jzwfowfrw S af y;&rnf?

yk'rf 8? tpnf;ta0;rsm;usif;yjcif;
Oya'jyKtzG@J onf (3) vw}urd f od@k r[kwf ‚if;twGuOf ya'jyKjyXmef;
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jynfe,fOuUXuaomf‚if;/ v$waf wmftoD;oD;.tzG@J 0iftrsm;pku
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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 51 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

yk'rf 9? a±G;aumufyt
JG wGut
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Oya'jyXmef;csufESifhtnD zGJ‹pnf;ay;onfh vGwfvyfpGmvkyfaqmif
ydik cf iG ±hf adS om a±G;aumufyJG aumfr±Siw f &yfu a±G;aumufyt JG m; usi;f y
ay;&rnfjzpf+yD; a±G;aumufyq JG ikd &f mudp&P yfrsm;ESiyhf wfoufI tqH;k
tjzwf ay;ydik cf iG ±hf o dS nf?

yk'rf 10? zGJ@pnf;yHkESifhusifhxHk;

v$wfawmftoD;oD;onf rdrdwdk@.OuUXESifhtwGif;a&;rSL;tm; a±G;
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‚if;OuUXrsm;udk qD;edww f iG f qD;edwOf uUXtjzpf‚if;/ ud,
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k pf m;vS,rf sm;v$waf wmfOuUXtjzpf‚if; wm0efay;tyf&rnf?
v$waf wmftoD;oD;wGif tzG@J 0iftrsm;pkwufa&mufygu tpnf;ta0;
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v$waf wmftoD;oD;onf rdr. d tzG@J 0ifwOD;wa,muftm; raxrJh
jrifjyKr_ od@k r[kwf rzG,rf &mjyKr_twGuf tzG‹J 0iftjzpfr&S yfqikd ;f xm;
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jcif;/ &mxl;rSxw k yf ,fjcif;ESihf ywfoufonfh qD;edwt f pnf;ta0;
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xkwaf 0&rnfjzpf+yD; v$waf wmftpnf;ta0;usi;f yonfah e‹ aemuf
wae@wiG f t+yD;xkwaf 0jzef@cs&D rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 52 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tpnf;ta0;wufa&mufaomtzG@J 0if (5) OD;awmif;qdyk gu/ rnfonfh

ta=umif;t&mESihf ywfoufIrqdk tzG@J 0ifwOD;pD.rJay;r_EiS hf ywfouf
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tpnf;ta0;tm; (5) &ufxufyI kd a±$q
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ae&mod@k a±$a› jymif;jcif;udk v$waf wmfw&yf.oabmwlcsurf &±Sb d J
tjcm;v$waf wmfw&yfu vkyaf qmifjcif;rjyKEdik ?f

yk'rf 11? Oya'jyKjcif;qdik &f muif;vGwcf iG hf

Oya'jyKtpnf;ta0;twGi;f ajymqdck su/f aqG;aEG;csurf sm;ESihf ywf
oufI/ Oya'jyKtzG@J 0ifrsm;tm; tjcm;ae&mwpHw
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ppfaq;jcif;/ ta&;,lc&H jcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 12? jynfe,f.a±G;aumufct

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wm0efxrf;aqmif&mwGit f usio hf ud mQ ysujf ym;jcif;a=umifh jynfe,f
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awmfw&m;ol}uD;rsm;onf pGypf rJG _ jyKjcif;udk cH&rnf?
jynfe,f.a±G;aumufcHtm%mydkifrsm;tm;pGyfpGJjcif;udk udk,fpm;
vS,rf sm;v$waf wmfuom jyKvkyyf ikd cf iG t hf m%m±Sod nf? xdo k @kd jyKvkyf
&mwGifrJoHk;yHkESpfyHkjzifhtqHk;tjzwf jyKvkyf&rnf? pGyfpGJr_jyKjcif;cH&ol
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jynfe,f.a±G;aumufct H m%mydik rf sm;tm; pGypf jJG cif;tr_ukd qD;edwu f
tr_ppfaq;pD&if qHk;jzwf&rnf? w&m;v$wfawmfw&m;ol}uD;csKyf
od@k r[kwf ‚if;uwm0efay;tyfaomw&m;v$waf wmf w&m;ol}uD;
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u obmywdtjzpfaqmif±u G &f rnf? tr_ppfaq;onfh w&m;cH;k ±k;H


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 53 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

taejzif/h w&m;cH±k ;Hk tzG@J 0if oH;k yHEk pS yf . kH oabmwlncD surf &±Syd gu
jypf'g%cf srw S jf cif;rjyKEdik ?f jypf'g%cf srw S yf guvnf; &mxl;rS xkwyf ,f
ypfjcif;ESihf jynfe,f.&mxl;wpHw k &mudk xrf;aqmifciG rhf ±Sjd cif;txdom
pD&ifcsut f rde@f csrw S &f rnf? tjypf'g%cf srw S cf &H jcif; od@k r[kwf w&m;
aov$wcf &H jcif;a=umifh ‚if;tay: &mZ0wfrj_ zifjh zpfap/ w&m;r r_
jzifjh zpfap ta&;,ljcif;udx k cd u
kd jf cif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 13? Oya'=urf;ESihf Oya'=urf;.acgi;f pnf;rsm;

Oya'=urf;a&;qGw J ifoiG ;f jcif;rSwyg; rnfonfOh ya'rS jyKvkyjf yXmef;
jcif;r±Sad p&? aiGa=u;cGaJ 0vsmxm;owfrw S /f oH;k pGjJ cif;qdik &f mOya'=urf;
ESihf w&m;0ifwnf±adS omOya'rsm;tm; pepfwusppk nf;jcif; jyefvnf
pDppfjyifqifjcif;/ jyefvnftpDtpOfwusjyKvkyfjcif; qdkif&mOya'
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twGuo f mjzpf&rnfjzpf+yD; ‚if;udak cgi;f pnf;Yaz: jyxm; ±S&d rnf?
aiGa=u;cGJa0vsmxm;owfrSwfoHk;pGJjcif;qdkif&mOya'=urf;onf aiG
a=u;cGaJ 0vsmxm;jcif;/ cGaJ 0owfrw
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twGuo f mjzpf&rnf?

yk'rf 14? Oya'=urf;rS Oya'jzpfjcif;vrf;a=umif;

aiGa=u;qdkif&mOya'=urf;rSwyg; Oya'=urf;tm;vHk;onf v$wf
awmfw&yf&yfwiG w f ifoiG ;f &rnfjzpf+y;D v$waf wmfw&yfwiG f twnfjyK
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wydik ;f udak omf‚if;/ jyifqifjcif;y,fcsjcif;/ ±kyo
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Oya'=urf;wckonfo;D jcm; (3) &uftwGi;f v$waf wmfYzwf=um;cJjh cif;/
aemufq;kH tqH;k t jzwfay;rnf&h ufrwdik rf D v$waf wmftpnf;ta0;ae@
(3) &uf}uKd wifI tzG@J 0ifrsm;xH yHEk ydS pf mvH;k jzif±h u
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jzifh a&muf±xdS m;jcif;r±Syd gu Oya' rjzpfEikd af y? aemufq;kH tqH;k tjzwf
ay;&mwGit f zG@J 0if wOD;pD. rJu*kd sme,fYxnfo h iG ;f az: jy&rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 54 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

v$waf wmftoD;oD;Y Oya'=urf;udt

k rsm;pkqENrjJ zift
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Oya'jyXmef;csuEf iS t
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k cktm; xkwjf yefa=ujimjcif;rjyK
ygu tm%moufa&muf jcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 15? tkycf sKyfa&;qdik &f mtwnfjyKjcif;

Oya'jyKtzG@J utwnfjyK+yD;aom Oya'=urf;wdik ;f udk jynfe,fOuUX
xHay;yd@k +yD; twnfjyKcsuf &,l&rnf? jynfe,fOuUXu twnfjyK
vufrwS af &;xd;k ygu Oya'tjzpftm%mwnfap&rnf?
jynfe,fOuUXonf ,if;Oya'=urf;tm;jiif;y,fygu ta=umif;jycsuf
udpk mjzifah &;om;+yD; tqdyk g Oya'=urf;ESit
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jyefvnfpOf;pm;t+yD; ,if;Oya'=urf;ESihf ta=umif;jycsurf sm;tm;
tjcm;v$waf wmfxaH y;yd@k & rnf?
k @kd jyefvnfpOf;pm;&mwGiv
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Oya'=urf;tm;twnfjyKygu Oya'tjzpftm%mwnfap&rnf?
xdok @kd aomudp&P yfrsm;wGif wOD;jcif;trnfac:,lraJ y;jcif; jyKvky&f rnf
jzpf+y;D oufqikd &f m*sme,fwiG x
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Oya'=urf;wckonf jynfe,fOuUXxHay;yd@k +y;D aemuf (15) &uftwGi;f /
jynfe,fOuUXu vufrw S af &;xd;k jcif; od@k r[kwf jyefvnfay;yd@k jcif; rjyK
v#if jynfe,fOuUXu vufrw S af &;xd;k +y;D ouJoh @kd Oya'tjzpf tm%m
wnfap&rnf? od@k &mwGif ,if; (15) &ufuek q f ;kH aomtcsed Yf Oya'jyK
tpnf;a0;tm; acwW&yfem;xm;v#if jynfe,fOuUXonf xd&k yfem;
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Oya'jyKtpnf;ta0; jyefvnfpwifcsed Yf ‚if;.ta=umif;jycsurf sm;
hf wl Oya'=urf; tm;jyefvnfay;yd@k jcif;udk aomf‚if; jyKvyk Ef ikd o
f nf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 55 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

yk'rf 16? Oya'jyKaumfrwD

v$waf wmfw&yfpw D iG f tzG@J 0if (5) OD;xufrenf; (7) OD;xufrrsm;aom
tzG@J 0ifrsm;yg0ifonfh Oya'jyKaumfrwDw&yfpu D kd zG@J pnf;&rnf? ,if;
tzG@J 0ifrsm;tm; oufqikd &f mv$waf wmfu, kd pf m;vS,rf sm;u rdrw d @kd .
k pf m;vS,rf sm;twGi;f rSS a±G;cs,af y;&rnf? ,if; aumfrwDonf rdrd
aumfrwD0ifrsm;twGif;rSwOD;tm; obmywdtjzpfa±G;cs,f&rnf?
v$waf wmfw&yfp. D twGi;f a&;rª;wd@k onf oufqikd &f maumfrwDwiG f
&mxl;tav#muf aumfrwDtwGi;f a&;rSL; wm0efukd xrf;aqmif&rnf?
yHrk eS af ±G;aumufyt
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tpnf;ta0;wGif Oya'jyKumfrwDrsm;tm;zG@J pnf;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 17? Oya'jyKaumfrwD.wm0ef

jynfe,ftpd;k &ESiyhf wfoufI aomf‚if;/ jynfe,f.taxGaxGom,m
0ajyma&;ESifhywfoufI aomf‚if;/ owif;tcsuftvufrsm;tm;
pkaqmif;&efESifh oufqdkif&mrdrd.v$wfawmfxHwifjytpD&ifcH&ef
dS nf?
Oya'jyKaumfrwD.tjcm;vkyyf ikd cf iG Ehf iS w
hf m0efrsm;udk Oya'jzifh jyXmef;
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yk'rf 18? zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpt

k m;ay;tyfxm;onfh
atmufygupd &P yfrsm;wGif zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpOk ya'jyK v$waf wmf
onf oD;oef@Oya'jyKtm%m ±Sad p&rnf?
(1) EdkifiHjcm;a&;
(2) zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpu k muG,af &;
(3) pmwdu k vf yk if ef;ESijhf ynfaxmifpak =u;eef;qufo,
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(4) aiGa=u;/ aiGpuULESiahf iG'*F g;
(5) tav;csed Ef iS t hf wdik ;f twm


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 56 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

(6) jynfaxmifp. k um;vrf;/ &xm;vrf;ESihf a&a=umif;vrf;rsm;

(7) ava=umif;ESihf yifv,fa&a=umif;o,f,yl @kd aqmifa&;
(8) Edik if wH umukeo f ,G af &;
(9) jynfaxmifpEk ikd if o H m;jzpfjcif;
(10) jynfaxmifp&k w J yfz@JG
(11) jynfaxmifpt k a&;ay:tajctae
(12) vufeufEiS ahf yguu f aJG pwwfaom cJ,rf;rD;ausmufrsm;
xkwv f yk jf cif;/ a&mif;csjcif;/ wifoiG ;f jcif;/ wify@kd jcif;
(13) ul;,ljzef@cscD iG /hf enf;ynmrlyikd cf iG /hf 'DZikd ;f ESihf wHqyd f
trSwt f om;qdik &f m jyXmef;csuf
(14) taumufceG /f oGi;f ukex f w
k uf ek f tcGeaf umufcjH cif;
(15) Edik if jH cm;om;rsm;tm; Edik if o H m;jyKjcif;
atmufygupd &P yfrsm;wGif zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpk Oya'jyKv$waf wmf
onf jynfe,fOya'jyKtzG@J ESiw hf +ydKifwnf;Oya'jyKtm%m (xyfwl
Oya'jyKtm%m) ±Sad p&rnf?
(1) obm0ywf0ef;usit f m;umuG,x f rd ;f odr;f a&;
(2) rl;,pfxx kH ikd ;f ab;jzpfapwwfaomaq;0g;rsm;
(3) jynfe,ftwGi;f ðyvkyo f nfh jynfaxmifp. k pGr;f tifprD u
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rsm;ESihf zG@H +zdK;a&;pDru H ed ;f }uD;rsm;
(4) b%fvyk if ef;rsm;
(5) wuUov kd Ef iS t hf oufarG;0rf;a=umif;qdik &f mynma&;
(6) "avhx;kH wrf;uGjJ ym;jcm;em;olrsm;t=um; vufxyfxrd ;f jrm;jcif;/
vif;r,m;uGm±Si;f jcif;ESihf tarGqufcjH cif;
(7) vl0ifvx l u G }f u;D =uyfa&;

yk'rf 19? jynfe,fOya'jyKtm%m

zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpOk ya'jyKvwG af wmftm; ay;tyfxm;onfh Oya'
jyKtm%m od‹k r[kwf zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpzk ‹JG pnf;yHt
k ajccHOya' t&
zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpOk ya'jyKvGwaf wmfEiS hf jynfe,fOya'jyK tzG‹J w‹kd


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 57 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

w+yKd iw
f nf; Oya'jyKEikd o
f nfh Oya'jyKtm%mrsm;rSwyg; tvH;k pHak om
Oya'jyKtm%monf jynfe,fOya'jyKtzG‹J wiG w f nf±o
dS nf?
atmufygupd &P yfrsm;wGijf ynfe,fOya'jyKtzG‹J onf oD;oef‹Oya'jyK
tm%m±Sad p&rnf?
(1) jynfe,fom;jzpfjcif;
(2) jynfe,ftwGi;f vH+k cHKa&;ESihf jynfe,f.e,fpyfa'ovH+k cHKa&;
(3) jynfe,f&w
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(4) jynfe,fvOl ;D a&oef;acgipf m&if;aumufcjH cif;
(5) jynfe,f.obm0ywf0ef;usiu
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(6) jynfe,f.obm0ajray:ajratmufo,
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xkwv f yk /f a&mif;csjcif;
(7) jynfe,f.ajr,mydik q
f ikd jf cif;ESiahf jr,mtoH;k jyKjcif;
(8) jynfe,fynma&;
(9) jynfe,f'u
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(10) jynfe,ftcGet
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(11) zGm;aopm&if;ESihf vufxyfxrd ;f jrm;jcif;qdik &f mrSwyf w
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(12) jynfe,ftwGi;f vrf;yef;qufo,
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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 58 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tyd'k f (4)
tkycf sKyaf &;

yk'rf 1? jynfe,fOuUX
Tjynfe,f. tkyfcsKyfa&;tm%monf jynfe,fOuUXxHwGif
tyfEiS ;f +yD;/ jynfe,fOuUXonf jynfe,fvufeufuikd w
f yfz@JG rsm;.
OD;pD;csKyf jzpfonf?
jynfe,ftwGi;f Oya'ESithf nD tkycf sKyaf pa&;twGuf jynfe,fOuUXu
wm0efcaH qmif±uG &f rnf?

yk'rf 2? jynfe,fOuUXtm;a±G;aumufjcif;
jynfe,fOuUXtm; (4) ESpf oufwrf;umvtwGuf jynfe,fom;rsm;u
k ±f u
kd rf aJ y;a±G; aumufwifajr‡muf&rnf? yXrOD;qH;k t}udrf a±G;
aumufwifajr‡mufcH&onfh jynfe,fOuUX.oufwrf;rSm (2) ESpf
umvoufwrf; jzpfrnf?
rJay;ydik cf iG ±hf o
dS w
l OD;onf touf (30) ESpf rjynfo h jl zpfv#iaf omf‚if;/
jynfe,fom;r[kwv f sif aomf‚if;/ jynfe,ftwGi;f a±G;aumufyrJG wdik rf D
(5) ESpu f mvrSpIawmufav#mufaexdik cf jhJ cif;r±So d jl zpfv#iaf omf‚if;/
jynfe,fOuUXtjzpf ta±G;cHyikd cf iG rhf ±Sad p&?

yk'rf 3? jynfe,f 'kwd,OuUX

jynfe,f'wk ,
d OuUXtjzpf ta±G;cHrnfo h ol nf jynfe,fOuUXtwGuf
owfrwS xf m;onfth &nftcsi;f rsm;ESijhf ynfph &kH rnfjzpf+yD;/ jynfe,f
OuUX tm;a±G;aumufonft h csed w
f iG f a±G;aumuf&rnfjzpfI ‚if;.
oufwrf;umvrSmvnf; (4) ESpjf zpfonf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 59 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

jynfe,fOuUX&mxl;ae&mvpfvyfaeygu/ jynfe,f'w
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d OuUXonf
jynfe,fOuUXtjzpf usef±SdaeonfhtcsdefumvtwGuf wm0ef
jynfe,fOuUXtaejzifh jynfe,f. a±G;aumufct H m%mydik rf sm;tm;
pGypf jJG cif;cHae&csed f od@k r[kwf jynfe,fjynfyod@k xGucf gG omG ;aeonfh
tcsed f od@k r[kwf ,m,Dwm0efxrf;aqmifEikd jf cif; r±So d nft h csed f umv
wGif jynfe,f'w k , d OuUXonf ,m,Djynfe,fOuUX tjzpf wm0ef
jynfe,f'wk , d OuUXtaejzifh jynfe,fOuUXtjzpf od@k r[kwf ,m,D
jynfe,fOuUXtjzpf wm0ef,al qmif±u G jf cif;ESiyhf wfoufI tao;pdwf
udk Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 4? Oya'jyKtzG@J od@k tpD&ifcjH cif;

Oya'jyKtzG@J tpnf;ta0;pwifusi;f yonft h csed w
f ikd ;f wGif jynfe,f
OuUXonf jynfe,f.tajctaet&yf&yfudk Oya'jyKtzGJ@0ifrsm;
od±EdS ikd &f eftvd@k igS today; ta=umif;=um;&rnf? xdo k @kd jyKvky&f mwGif
d t}uHay;tqdjk yKcsurf sm;udk xnfo h iG ;f az: jyEdik o
f nf?

yk'rf 5? tkycf sKyfa&;Xmersm;rSowif;&,ljcif;

jynfe,fOuUXonf tkycf sKyfa&;Xmersm;/ at*sipf rD sm;ESihf ‚if;. t&m
xrf;rsm;xHrS vkyif ef;qkid &f mowif;tcsut f vufrsm;tm; pmjzif‚h if;/
tjcm;enf;jzif‚h if; tcsed rf a±G;&,lyikd cf iG hf ±So
d nf?

yk'rf 6? tkycf sKyfa&;qdik &f moufnm‡ cGijhf yKjcif;

jynfe,fOuUXonf Edik if t
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f efrE_ iS jhf ynfe,f.
tjcm;tr_rsm;wGif jypf'%fcsrw
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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 60 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

qdkif;ay;jcif;/ av#mhayghay;jcif;/ jypf'%frSvGwf+idrf;cGifhjyKjcif;wdk@udk

Oya'jyXmef;csurf sm;ESit hf nD aqmif±u G Ef ikd o
f nf?
,if;jypf'%fa±GŒqdkif;ay;jcif; jypf'%fav#mhay;jcif;ESifh jypf'%frS
vGwf+idrf;cGifhjyKjcif;wkd@udk jyKvkyfonfhtcgwdkif; jynfe,fOuUXonf
usKd ;a=umif;qDavsmo f nfh tcsut f vufrsm;ESiw hf uG xdo
k @kd jyKvky&f
onfhtajccHta=umif;t&mrsm;tm;az: jy+yD; Oya'jyKtzGJ@xH

yk'rf 7? jynfe,ftpd;k &tzG‹J

jynfe,fOuUX/ jynfe,f'w k ,d OuUX/ jynfe,ftwGi;f a&;rSL;/ b¾m
a&;wm0efccH sKyfEiS hf a±Sa› ecsKyfw@kd yg0ifaom jynfe,ftpd;k &tzG‹J tm;
zG@J pnf;&rnf?

yk'rf 8? jynfe,ftpd;k &tzG@J 0ifrsm;tm;a±G;aumufjcif;

jynfe,fOuUXtm; a±G;aumufwifajr‡mufonft h csed wf iG /f jynfe,f
twGif;a&;rª;/ b¾ma&;wm0efcHcsKyfESifha±S›aecsKyfwdk@tm; (4) ESpf
oufwrf;umvtwGuf a±G;aumufwifajrm‡ uf&rnf?

yk'rf 9? tkyfcsKyfa&;Xmersm;
t&nftwGuf (20) xufrydak om tkycf sKyfa&;Xmersm;tm; Oya'jyK
jyXmef;+yD;zG@J pnf; wnfaxmif&rnf? ‚if;wd@k .vkyyf ikd cf iG Ehf iS hf wm0efrsm;
tm;vnf; Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?
tkycf sKyfa&;Xmewm0efcrH sm;onf 0g&ifx h if±mS ;onfh tpd;k &tr_xrf;
rsm; jzpf&rnfjzpf+yD;/ ‚if;wd‹k tm;jynfe,fOuUXonf Oya'jyKtzG@J .
oabmwlncD sujf zifch ef@tyf&rnfjzpfI/ &mxl;rSvnf; xkwyf ,fjcif;
jyKvkyEf ikd o
f nf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 61 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tkycf sKyfa&;vkyif ef;qdik &f m tjcm;t&m±Srd sm;tm; Oya'jyXmef;csuEf iS hf

tnD jynfe,fOuUX od@k r[kwf tkycf sKyfa&;Xmewm0efcrH sm;u cef@tyf

yk'rf 10? Oya'jyKtzG@J Y rJay;cGirhf ±Sjd cif;

Oya'jyKtzG@J tpnf;ta0;wGif jynfe,fOuUX/ jynfe,f'w k ,
d OuUXESihf
jynfe,ftpd;k &tzG@J 0ifrsm; wufa&muf&efvt kd yf+yD;/ Oya'=urf;wif
oGi;f jcif; yg0ifaqG;aEG;ajymqdjk cif;wd@k ukd jyKvkyEf ikd af omfvnf; qENrJ
Oya'jyKtzG‹J tpnf;ta0;od‹k wufa&mufrr_ jyKjcif;onf jynfe,f.
a±G;aumufcHtm%mydkifrsm;tm; pGyfpGJjcif;jyKEdkifonfh tajccH
ta=umif;t&mw&yfjzpf+yD; tao;pdwt f csut f vufukd Oya'jyK jy

yk'rf 11? jynfe,fOuUXwm0efqufcHjcif;

jynfe,f'w k ,
d OuUX &mxl;ae&mvpfvyfae+y;D jynfe,fOuUX aoqH;k
v#if od@k r[kwf &mxl;rS tem;,lv#if od@k r[kwf &mxl;rS z,f±mS ;jcif;
cH&v#if jynfe,ftwGi;f a&;rSL;onf jynfe,fOuUXtjzpf use±f adS eaom
umvtwGuf wm0efxrf;aqmif&rnf?
jynfe,f'w k ,
d OuUX&mxl; ae&mvpfvyfae+yD; jynfe,fOuUXonf
jynfe,fjyifyod@k a&muf±adS ev#if od@k r[kwf jynfe,f.a±G;aumufcH
tm%mydik rf sm;mtm; pGypf jJG cif;cHae&v#if od@k r[kwf pdwyf ikd ;f qdik &f m
aomf‚if;/ ud,k cf ENmydik ;f qdik &f m aomf‚if;/ a&m*ga0'emcHpm;&+yD; rdrd
wm0efudkxrf;aqmifEdkifjcif; r±Sdv#if/ jynfe,ftwGif;a&;rSL;onf
,m,Djynfe,fOuUX tjzpfwm0efxrf;aqmif&rnf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 62 8/8/2006, 4:56 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tyd'k f (5)

yk'rf 1? w&m;±H;k rsm;

Tjynfe,f.w&m;pD&ifa&;tm%monfw&m;v$waf wmfcsKy/f t,lcH
w&m;±k;H rsm;/ c±kid w
f &m;±k;H rsm;ESihf +rdK@e,fw&m;±k;H rsm;wGiw
f nf±o
dS nf?
w&m;±k;H rsm;zG@J pnf;wnfaxmifjcif;ESihf ‚if;wd@k .tm%mrsm; usix
hf ;kH
rsm;twGuf Oya'jyKv$waf wmfu Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 2? w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyf

w&m;vGwaf wmfcsKyftm;w&m;ol}uD; (3) OD;jzifh zG@J pnf;&rnf? Oya'
jyKtzG‹J .twnfjyKcsujf zifh w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyfw&m;ol}u;D rsm;tm;
jynfe,fOuUXu cef@tyf&rnf?
w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyfw&m;ol}uD;rsm;onf rdrw
d @kd twGi;f rSwOD;tm;
a±G;aumuf+yD;aemuf jynfe,fOuUXu w&m;ol}uD;csKyftjzpf
cef@tyf&rnf? usewf &m;ol}uD;rsm;tm; w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyfw&m;
ol}uD;rsm; [kac:qd&k rnf?
jynfe,fOuUXonf w&m;v$wfawmfcsKyfw&m;ol}uD;ESpfOD;teuf
wOD;tm; ,m,Dw&m;ol}uD;csKyftjzpf owfrw
S &f rnf?
,m,Dw&m;ol}uD;csKyfonf w&m;ol}uD;csKyfr±So d nfth cg od@k r[kwf
wm0efxrf;aqmifEikd pf rG ;f r±So
d nft
h cg w&m;ol}uD;csKyf.wm0efrsm;
tm; aqmif±u
G &f rnf?

yk'rf 3? owfrw
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f &nftcsi;f
tenf ; qH k ; touf (40) ES p f j ynf h + yD ; Tjynf e ,f o m;jzpf u m
a±G;aumufjcif;rcH&rD txufu Tjynfe,ftwGi;f wGif tenf;qH;k


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 63 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

awmufav#muf (3) ESpf aexdkifoljzpfI Oya'qdkif&mvkyfief;wGif

tenf;qH;k (10) ESpv
f yk af qmifaeolrwS yg; rnfow l OD;wa,mufrsS
w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyf w&m;ol}u;D csKyf tjzpf‚if;/ w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyf
w&m;ol}uD;rsm;tjzpf‚if; wm0efxrf;aqmifciG rhf ±Sad p&?

yk'rf 4? vGwv
f yfpmG w&m;pD&ifyikd cf iG hf
w&m;v$wfawmfcsKyfw&m;ol}uD;rsm;ESifh w&m;ol}uD;tm;vHk;onf
f yfpmG w&m;pD&ifyikd cf iG ±hf +dS yD; w&m;Oya'udo
k mwm0efc&H rnf?

yk'rf 5? wm;jrpfxm;onfhvkyfief;rsm;
w&m;v$wfawmfcsKyfw&m;ol}uD;rsm;ESifh w&m;ol}uD;tm;vHk;onf
‚if;wdk@wm0ef,laqmif±Gufonfh w&m;pD&ifa&;vkyfief;rsm;wGif
tcsed jf ynhw
f m0ef xrf;aqmif&rnf? Oya'tusKd ;aqmiftjzpf aqmif
±Gujf cif;/ tusKd ;tjrwf&±So
d nfh vkyif ef;w&yf&yfwiG f vkyaf qmifjcif;/
EdkifiHa&;ygwDwpHkw&mwGif wm0ef,laqmif±Gufjcif; tjcm;&mxl;
Xmewckck od@k r[kwf tpd;k &vkyif ef;w&yf&yfwiG f vkyaf qmifjcif;r±Sad p&?

yk'rf 6? w&m;a&;vpm
w&m;v$wfawmfcsKyfw&m;ol}uD;rsm;ESifh w&m;ol}uD;tm;vHk;onf
taxGaxGOya'jyXmef;csuft& owfrSwfxm;onhfvpmudk cHpm;
ydik cf iG ±hf o
dS nf? w&m;pD&ifa&;taejzifh vpmowfrw
S yf ikd cf iG rhf ±Sad y?

yk'rf 7? Oya'tusKd ;aqmiftjzpfvufcjH cif;ESihf

pnf;urf;xde;f odr;f jcif;
Oya'tusKd ;aqmiftjzpf aqmif±u G &f efvuQjH cif;ESihf aqmif±u
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yk*Kd~ vfrsm;tm; pnf;urf;xde;f odr;f jcifEh iS yhf wfoufI vdt k yfonfh pnf;rsO;f


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 64 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

pnf;urf;rsm;tm; jyXmef;&efw&m;v$waf wmfcsKyfwiG f oD;oef@vyk af qmif

hf m%m ±So
d nf?

yk'rf 8? w&m;ol}uD;rsm;t+idr;f pm;,ljcif;ESihf

wm0efrxrf;aqmifEikd jf cif;
touft±G,f}uD;&ifhjcif;odk@ wm0efrxrf;aqmifEdkifjcif;a=umifh
w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyw
f &m;ol }u;D rsm;ESihf w&m;ol}u;D rsm;tm;vH;k onf
oifhawmfav#mufywfonfhvpmjzifh t+idrf;pm;,lEdkif&eftwGuf
Oya'jyKv$waf wmfu Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 9? tjrifq
h ;kH aomw&m;pD&ifa&;±H;k
w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyof nf Tjynfe,f.tjrifq h ;kH aom w&m;pD&ifa&;
±H;k jzpfonf? w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyf.w&m;pD&ifyikd cf iG hf tm%mESiyhf wf
oufI Oya'jyKv$waf wmfu Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 10? w&m;±H;k rsm;.pD&ifyikd cf iG t

hf m%m
w&m;v$waf wmfcsKyfvufatmufcw
H &m;±k;H rsm;. pD&ifyikd cf iG t
hf m%m
udk Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 65 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (6)
rJay;jcif;ESihf a±G;aumufwifajrm‡ ufjcif;

yk'rf 1? rJqEN±iS f
z,f'&,fjynfaxmifpEk ikd if o
H m;jzpf+y;D tenf;qH;k touf (18) ESpjf ynfh
um/ Tjynfe,fom;jzpfI/ owfrw S x f m;onfOh ya't& qENraJ y;&ef
rSwyf w
kH ifxm;+yD;aom olwOD;onf tqdyk g+rdK@e,fwiG q f EN rJay;cGihf
d nf?

yk'rf 2? a±G;aumufyq
JG ikd &f mjyXmef;csuf
jynfe,ftwGi;f aexdik jf cif;ESiyhf wfoufI Oya'jyKv$waf wmfu owf
rSwjf yXmef;&rnft h jyif qENraJ y;&efrwS yf w
kH ifjcif;ESihf vGwv
f yfaom
a±G;aumufyu JG si;f yjcif;wd@k twGuvf nf; Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay; &rnfjzpf

yk'rf 3? qENraJ y;ydik cf iG rhf ±Sjd cif;

a±G;aumufyrJG sm;tm;xdcu kd af ponfh rrSerf uefvyk af qmifrr_ sm;ud/k
Oya'jyKv$wfawmfu umuG,fwm;jrpfay;&rnfjzpf+yD; rJqEN±Sif
wOD;wa,muftaejzifh pdwfydkif;qdkif&mrpGrf;aqmifEdkifr_cHpm;ae&
csdeftwGif;Y‚if;/ &mZ0wfr_wpHkw&ma=umifh axmif'%fuscH&csdef
od@k r[kwf tusO;f axmifjyifyY tjypfcH ae&csed t f wGi;f Y‚if;/ qENrJ
ay;ydik cf iG rhf ±Sad =umif; Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?f

yk'rf 4? qENraJ y;jcif;

a±G;aumufyGJtm;vHk;onf wdkuf±dkufESifh vSdK@0SufrJay;jcif;jzpf&rnf?
,if;twGutf ao;pdwu f kd Oya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 66 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

yk'rf 5? jyifyrSraJ y;jcif;

jynfe,f od@k r[kwf rdrad exdik &f m+rdK@e,f. jyifywGif a&muf±adS eaom
rJqENay;ydik cf iG ±hf o
dS rl sm;taejzifh rSwyf w
kH ifjcif;ESiq
hf ENraJ y;jcif; jyKvkyf
Edik &f ef aomf‚if;/ ‚if;wd@k .qENrrJ sm;tm; ‚if;wd@k aexdik &f m rJqENe,fajr
odk@ jyefvnfydk@aqmifay;jcif;ESifh a&wGufjcif;jyKvkyfEdkif&efaomf‚if;/
Oya'jyKv$waf wmfu taxGaxGOya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnfjzpfonf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 67 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (7)
a'oE &W tpd;k &

yk'rf 1? tqifq
h ift
h yk cf sKyfa&;a'orsm;
Oyat& Tjynfe,fwiG f tqifq h ift
h yk cf sKyfa&;aorsm;tm; cGjJ cm;
xm;&m —
(1) c±kdif
(2) +rdK@e,f
(3) aus;±Gmtkypf k
(4) aus;±Gm§&yfuu G f wd@k jzpfonf?

yk'rf 2? zG@J pnf;yHk

,if;tqifq h ift h yk cf sKyfa&;a'orsm;. zG@J pnf;yH/k pDrcH ef@caJG &;/ vkyif ef;
wm0efrsm;/ a'owckEiS w hf ckaygi;f pnf;a&;ESihf e,ferdwaf jymif;vJjcif;
wdk@twGuf Oya'tzGJ‹uOya'jyKjyXmef;ay;&rnf? zGJ@pnf;jcif; ESifh
wckEiS w
hf ckaygi;f pnf;jcif;wd@k wiG f ,if;udpt P wGuf rJay;onfh rJqEN±iS f
trsm;pk. oabmwlno D nfh qENru J &kd ±S&d efvt
kd yfonf?

yk'rf 3? yÉd^mOfpmwrf;
rnfonfch ±kid f od@k r[kwf +rdK@e,frqdk rdr. d a'otkycf sKyfa&;twGuf
yÉd^mOfpmwrf;wckudk jyKvkyfjyXmef;jcif; odk@r[kwf ajymif;vJjyif
qifjcif;tm; Oya'ESit hf nDjyKvkyEf ikd +f yD; ,if;udpt P wGurf aJ y;onfh rJ
qEN±iS t
f rsm;pk.oabmwlno D nfq h ENru J &kd ±S&d ef vdt
k yfonf?

yk'rf 4? tpD&ifcjH cif;

yÉd^mOfpmwrf;t&jyKvkyo f nfh Oya'jyKjcif;/ tkycf sKyfjcif;ESihf w&m;pD&if
jcif;vkyif ef;qdik &f m tpD&ifcpH mudk a'oE &W tpd;k &onf jynfe,ftwGi;f
a&;rSL;xHo@kd yHrk eS af y;yd@k &rnf?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 68 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tyd'k f (8)
hf cGeaf umufcjH cif;

yk'rf 1? tcGefaumufcHydkifcGifhtm%m
tcGeaf umufcyH ikd cf iG t
hf m; pGe‹f vw
$ jf cif; od‹k r[kwf &yfqikd ;f jcif; od‹k r[kwf
wqifch vH t
J$ yfjcif;r±Sad p&?
zuf'&,fjynfaxmifpkwnfaqmuf&mwGif oabmwlnDxm;+yD;
Tjynfe,f. Oya'jyKtzG‹J u twnfjyKvufco H nfu
h pd &P yfrsm;rSwyg;
tcGeaf umufcyH ikd cf iG hf tm%mtm;vH;k onf Tjynfe,fwiG f wnf±dS

yk'rf 2? aiGa=u;acs;,lyikd cf iG t
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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 69 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

aºuG;+rDrsm;tm; jyefqyfjcif;wd@k twGuf &nf±, G o f nfuh pd rP w

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r±Sad p&?


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 70 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

aumfrwDwpHw k cka±Sa› rSmufwiG af omf‚if;/ Oya'jyKtzG@J u aumfrwD

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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 71 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (9)

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pepftm; }uD;=uyf&rnf?
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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 72 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

Future Constitution of Kawthoolei (Karen State)

tyd'k f (10)

yk'rf 1? jyifqif&efenf;vrf;

v$waf wmfEpS &f yfv;kH . tzG@J 0ifu, kd pf m;vS,Of ;D a&oH;k yHEk pS yf kH oabm
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rJtrsm;pk&&rnft h jyif/ c±kid tf m;vH;k .trsm;pkrjJ zifo h m TzG@J pnf;yHk
tajccHOya' jyifqifjcif;udt k wnfjzpfap&rnf?

@ @ @ @ @


Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 73 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM

The Second Proposed Draft of

tyd'k f (11)

yk'rf 1? jynfo@l ppf

touf (18) jynf+h yD; (40) ESpaf tmufwiG ±f adS om use;f rma&;ESihf
jynfhpHkonfh jynfe,fom;rsm;ESifh jynfe,ftwGif;aexdkifaom
jynfaxmifpEk ikd if o
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yk'rf 2? jynfo@l use;f rma&;ESiv

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a&;twGuf Oya'jyKtzG@J onf Oya'jyXmef;ay;&rnf?

yk'rf 3? ,Ofaus;r_EiS o
hf rdik ;f 0ifae&mrsm;
u&if,h Ofaus;r_tm; xde;f odr;f &efEiS hf ,Ofaus;r_EiS hf ordik ;f qdik &f mae&m
rsm;tm; umuG,af pmifah ±Smuf&eftwGuf Oya'jyKtzG@J onf Oya'jy
Xmef;ay;&rnf? tao;pdwftcsuftvufrsm;tm; Oya'Yaz: jy

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Karen SCDC (BURMESE VERSION).pmd 74 8/8/2006, 4:57 PM