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Mrs. Gomez-Uranga's & Mrs. Merril's

Kindergarten Komer
February 2010

Dear Parents,
We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our winter weather. Catholic schools week is
off to a good start. If you can, we are still in need of canned foods for our act of charity.
Our goal is 100 cans per class. All donations will go to the food pantry at St. Luke's. A few
things this month: Valentine Day Celebration-lunch buddies, parent -teacher conferences,
Moms and Muffins, President's Day, and Ash Wed.

Here are some dates for your calendars:

February 5- bring in a small shoe box for decorating

February 11- Valentine "Lunch Buddy"-Valentine exchange-see attachment
February 12- Animal Book Reports Due-more to come
February 12 - 1/2 day -11:40 disrnissal- no lunch- please pack a healthy snack
February 12- Moms & Muffins 8:00-8:30 - and Parent-Teacher Conferences
(sign up sheet / front office)
February 15-Presidents Day - No School
February 17- Ash Wednesday

Moms and Muffins- 8:00-8:30-please come in and join us for a muffin and some juice while
you sit with your child and playa game or color a picture.

Valentine buddy and exchange -We need for each student to bring in a shoe box by
Friday. The shoe box will be decorated for our Valentine exchange on Feb. 11. If you
have any extras please send in those boxes, we will begin decorating the boxes on Monday.
We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday Feb. 11. The students will exchange
valentine cards and decorate cookies. We will not have the need for gift bags. Ido need a
volunteer to bring in cookies that are shaped like hearts. The students will also be
participating in a Valentine Lunch Buddy. Basically, each child will draw the name of a
classmate. That classmate is going to have written down his\her favorite lunch. The person
who draws their name brings that "special' lunch for their lunch buddy on Feb. 11"'.If you
cannot participate, I must know ahead of time. If you choose not to participate that one
child will have no lunch for the day.

I am in need of some craft items for the students: we have a very limit supply of art
supplies. If anyone would like to donate some items to our class it would be so
For Valentines-Sweet heart candies, curling ribbon, felt squares, large feathers, lace, any
type of fabric. Future crafts and projects- egg cartons, silk flowers

In the Classroom,

Religion- Areas of study will be: Miracles of Iesus (Cana wedding, calming of
the storm, loaves & fish, healing the sick, Lazarus). Parables (The Treasure,
The Pearl, The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, and The Mustard Seed), and
St. Valentine.
Math- we will be learning the following: writing and identifying the numbers
47 -57, identifying numbers on a hundred chart, writing 1-100, counting
pennies and dimes, counting by 2's and 10's, even and odd numbers and
showing time to the hour and half hour.
Language Arts- developing the proper use and understanding of verbs,
identifying singular and plural subjects and verbs, distinguish between fantasy
and reality in literature, exclaiming sentences, and ordering words in
Reading and Phonics- we will continue to practice short vowels and sight
words, we will also begin focusing on long vowels, beginning blends, ending
blends, and lots of group and individual reading. Please read at home every
chance you get, during our afternoon rest time we are now sharing DEAR
time. Drop Everything and Read-please encourage your child to bring books
from home or the library, for 15-20 min. students are to have a book in hand
and be practicing their reading skills.
Handwriting- the students will continue writing their daily morning message,
copy sentences into their journals and continue writing sentences using and
developing their spelling skills, reviewing the letters Dd, Ee, As, Vv, Yy, Ww,
Nn, Gg.
Social Studies- Areas we are studying: Groundhog Day, Presidents of the
United States (Bush, Lincoln, Washington), American Symbols, and Major
Science- we will be learning about the exploration of color, magnets, matter,
and tooth care.

Dear Students and Parents,

Below you will find the name of a student from our class and a finished survey about
their lunch favorites. For Valentine's Day this year, we will be having "Lunch Buddies"
to help celebrate. The students were asbed to fill out the survey below. We then drew
surveys from a basbet and we asb that each child pacb a lunch for their Lunch Buddy
for our Valentine's Day celebration. We have included a lunch bag for your student to
decorate for their Lunch Buddy. We also would libe each student to write a nice card
or letter to their "Buddy" and write 3 bind things about them. Include the card/letter
in the lunch. The students will then reveal their "Lunch Buddy" during our Valentine's
Day celebration which will tabe place on Thursday, February 11th, when all of them
bring in their lunches and give their lunch to their "Lunch Buddy". Please help us with
this very special project. A note to remember - *NO CANDY*or soda's can be included
In lhe lunch. ~~\~ ~ :/'
~(.:..-...~(,.~1??) G rs?.~..
. ~,

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