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Narrative Report for Final Demonstration

This is it! This day September 22, 2014, Im going to experience my

last teaching for this semester or what we called the final demonstration.
Actually among all the MAPEH student teachers Im the second who
scheduled to have the final demo next to Miss Mary May Duya. Since Im
one of the student teacher belongs to the first batch, of course I feel the
feeling of nervousness and fear not only because I really dont know the set
up of final demonstration but also Im afraid to the expectations of the
teachers who are going to observe my teaching.
Honestly speaking, I can say that the time of my preparation for my
final demonstration is very limited because from my very first step, my
lesson planning it almost consumed a lot of time because I need to think
more and new teaching styles. Actually, I almost consumed two nights for my
preparation, the first night is for lesson planning and the other night is for
making instructional materials. I prefer to use the combination of traditional
and Educational Technology because even I know the fact that traditional is
effective to use for teaching I also consider the time that will consumed in
posting the different materials on the board.
The same as what I have always do in my daily teachings, of course
greetings, classroom management and checking of attendance is what i
considered first because I know that it is really important. Afterwards, I move
to my prepared motivation. I prefer to ask for 5 volunteers who will going to
do the activity, on the task that I have given to them, I used a set of pictures
that they are going to arrange accordingly in order to create a story. They are
also need to narrate it in front of the class, and then I ask some questions
that related to the activity were the students can connect their thoughts and
ideas. After that I proceed to the discussion of the topic, I used power point
to present important points of the topic. I can say that there are interaction
happened inside my class because they are all active listeners thats why in
all my questions they are not bothering to answer.

Throughout my

discussion, I know that all of them are listening to me because our topic for
this afternoon is about their rights and responsibilities as a consumer. They
know that it is really favorable for them and it is for their own benefit.

For my application, I prefer to assign each group for a role play which
the theme is related to each right that I have discussed awhile ago.
Afterwards when I ask for clarification, they said NONE. Trough their
answers Im looking forward that all of them learn something from me.