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Narrative Report

Laboratory High School-Intramurals

Prepared by: Mary Jean F. Aguelo


The game Sudoku started on the second day of intramurals, 24th day of
June 2014. The elimination of elementary levels should be ended on that day
but because they were few, elementary students who compete it was through
already on easy, average and difficult levels. Isabel C. Banares was the
overall champion of Sudoku among the elementary students representatives.

In the high school level at first the allotted time for elimination round
was only 20 minutes but the competitors answered it an hour so the people
who assigned on that game decided to make it on the next day. It was 25 th
day of July 2014 when the game continued there were 12 high school students
who compete for the Sudoku game. All levels of the game were all given for
each of students to be answered it at the same time, until they finished it.
Andre Faye de Vera who amazed us for she was the quickest player who
answered the 3 levels of the game and she doesnt have any wrong answer was
the overall champion in secondary levels.

Sudoku Game

Secondary Level Elimination

The high school students who were the representatives of their class
seriously answering each level of the game Sudoku.

Town Meet
(Narrative Report)
The Sudoku game was started on the second day of town meet. There were
representatives from different schools in Lucban, Quezon, for the secondary level,
elementary level and their coach. It was happened on the 24 th day of July, 2014.
There were only three competitors from elementary level, PEL, CNJL and SLSU.
And Ysabel Baares from SLSU showed exemplary knowledge in answering

Sudoku puzzle who got 65 points while the second on her got only 15 and the other
one has 10 points only. In secondary level there were five competitors and again
among them the representative of SLSU won the Sudoku with 160 points and next
to her only got 80 points. The champion was in the person of Andre Faye B. De
Vera. The coaches also compete in the game Sudoku, there were five competitors
from different level and Mr. Ronan R. Salayong from PEL was the overall
champion among the coaches who got 115 points and next to him only got 35
points. It was a game were the brain of the competitor tickled and it has
been showed there knowledge in answering the Sudoku puzzle.


Daily Teaching-In Campus

First shift, I was assigned on Apollo class wherein students were
behave and active during classroom discussion. During my first days of
teaching I was slowly saw the hardships of a teacher, doing lesson plan
and instructional materials ahead of time and ready for every changes.
For my second shift, there was lot of adjustments I did because I was
assigned on IX-Phobos where students were very different from my first
shift students in attitudes and types of discussion.

Lesson Planning

Instructional Materials