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USANA Magazine Volume 1 2010

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2010 Winter Games

Meet USANA’s New Expert
Author, celebrity trainer, USANA fanatic.............. 8

USANA’s Top Leaders From

British Columbia
The competitive edge.................................................... 10

Meet the Teamwork Award Winners

Lending a helping hand................................................. 19

USANA Athletes
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USANA Athletes Viewing Guide

Your ticket to view.......................................................... 26

USANA’s New Team of Products

New additions strengthen
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How Blogging Can Help You

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Pulling together for the win........................................ 46

Vision Book
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Sensé™ Spa Parties

How to host a spectacular Sensé SPArty.......... 51

Win the rematch with your
New Year’s resolutions................................................. 57

On the Cover Highest Payout Percentage

Top leaders from British Columbia Why does USANA soar
show their competitive edge above the competition? .............................................. 61

2 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

USANA leaders dominate the
network marketing industry
in British Columbia

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Message From Dave Wentz Message From Jennifer Azzi
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Emerald Advancements............................... 28 Asia-Pacific Advancements....................... 56

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[ Message from Dave Wentz ]

Swifter. Higher.

I have traveled all over the world to attend

many Olympic events. The extent to which
the athletes push themselves, body and mind,
always leaves me awestruck and inspired.
When trying to push myself, whether it is with
USANA or in my personal life, remembering
those athletes and the motto they live by—
Swifter. Higher. Stronger. —always helps me
work a little bit harder.
After speaking with some of the amazing
athletes involved with USANA, I can’t help but
draw similarities between the qualities needed
to become a top-rated athlete and a successful Focus
USANA business owner: Regardless of whether you are an athlete or an
entrepreneur, a focused mindset will help you
get there. There will be ups and there will be
Strong resolve is as valuable to USANA
downs, but to earn that gold medal or to join
Associates as it is to athletes. Determination
the ranks of the Fortune 25, you need to find Strong resolve is as
is showing that you are 100 percent committed
that focus to keep you working toward your goal.
to your dream. Come hail, rain, or sunshine, valuable to USANA
a committed athlete keeps training. It should Athletes are always pushing harder, struggling
to improve, and reaching above and beyond to Associates as it is to
be the same with your business. Keep moving
forward, even when challenges arise. succeed. Just like making it to the Olympics, athletes. Determination
building a USANA business will push you to
Strength is showing that you are
move swifter, higher, and stronger for success.
An athlete is not only strong in body, but also Are you ready to go for the gold? 100 percent committed
in mind. Keeping strong is about more than
to your dream.
power; it’s about staying on your intended path, Live well,
no matter what. When everything is battling
against you, you must have the strength to
believe in yourself and continue on.
Tenacity Dave Wentz
Sometimes it seems that the universe is working CEO, USANA Health Sciences
against you. Those are the times when you need
to dig deep, look opposition in the face, and
stand tall. Overcome your fears and open your
mind to the possibilities of success.
Hard Work
There is no doubt that athletes work hard. But
just as focused training is needed to make it to
the Olympics, your hard work needs to be smart
and effective to help you succeed with USANA.
You never get anything for free, and the harder
you work, the better your reward will be. 5
Diamond Director

Liz Montes
De Oca California, USA

Michael Callejas really wanted to make a change in his life, but the fear of failure
kept getting in the way. Working 70 plus hours a week for a plumbing and electrical
company wasn’t ideal, but he was afraid to let go of what he had in order to pursue
something greater. Through determination and courage, however, Michael took the
risk, and ultimately, he got the payoff.
Written by Suzanne Houghton

6 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Before USANA, Michael was working long hours and knew it wasn’t Although the economy might affect some people, Michael has a
the life he had dreamt of. “My family had high hopes for me out of different view on things. “I believe there will always be a wealthy
school, and I honestly felt like I had let them down with a dead-end group and a poor group regardless of the economy,” Michael says.
job,” Michael admits. “As a kid I wanted the ideal successful life, but “There are so many opportunities in life, and we just have to be
I felt like I was limited by what my boss was willing to pay.” willing to try and stick with something that works.”
Just working to “survive,” Michael really didn’t know what the next
10 years of his life would consist of. “I felt that companies were all
about the bottom line and employees’ futures were not a priority,” “This business isn’t easy. But
Michael recalls. it’s possible and it’s worth it.”
Those thoughts quickly subsided after Michael was introduced to -Michael Callejas
current 4-Star Diamond Director Duke Tubtim. With Duke’s help,
Michael embarked on a journey. Now a Diamond Director, Michael
is looking for the opportunities to help others take risks. As his business continues to grow, Michael looks forward to seeing
current and future USANA leaders work together. “I am very
Simply put, Michael’s advice for Associates is to never give up. “You simply doing whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to help my
must do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes,” he says. “Everyone teammates succeed. My short-term goal is to create more leaders and
learns at a difference pace and the key is to have patience.” then I would like to see them, in turn, create even more leaders,” he
Michael’s team is one of the key components to his growing business. states.
“It’s hard to summarize everything that they have done. All I know is While potential Associates might have doubt in the industry,
there is no way you can build this business by yourself,” he states. Michael disagrees and believes USANA is a unique entity. “When
something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. However,

“I have seen some really neat USANA has continued to impress me. I feel the company has the
best in mind for its employees, Associates, and shareholders. It is a
places around the world, and true family caring for one another!” Michael exclaims. n
at the age of 27, I am not done.”
-Michael Callejas

Reflecting on the past four years, Michael can identify a number Keys to Success
of changes in his life. While some of them might be monetary, 1. Keep it simple.
Michael’s more proud of the changes he has made in himself. 2. Never stop personally developing.
“Financially, good things have happened,” he explains. “But more 3. Never stop selling or recruiting.
important than all of that is I am more effective in building great 4. Don’t ever feel like you are the only one going
relationships with my loved ones because I can communicate with through challenges. Talk to your upline daily.
them better than ever.” 5. Never give up on yourself and believe you can do it.

$85,000 is the average annual income for established, full-time USANA Associates. $23,300 is the average annual income for Associates who earn as little as one commission check a month.
Total includes all earnings from the compensation plan, Leadership Bonus, and contests and incentives. Calculations based on earnings between February 2008 and January 2009. Figures should
not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned
checks at a median rank for at least 16 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join
the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 41% have
been Associates for at least one year and 56% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the year equals
less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. The average annual income for all 158,934 USANA Associates, including
those who are brand new or who are not actively building a business, is $618.55, with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 130 Million Dollar Club members.
USANA Fanatic Written by Patrick Kibbie

Kathy Kaehler believes that everyone, at any age, should adopt

a lifestyle that incorporates fitness, good nutrition, and a positive
outlook. That’s why Kathy is not only a huge fan of USANA, she
is now a proud spokesperson. This best-selling author (Fit and
Sexy for Life, Real World Fitness, and others), fitness correspondent
for the Today show (for 13 years), celebrity trainer (some of her
celebrity clients have included Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy’s Philosophy
“My goals are to educate and build awareness on how simple
Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Aniston), and now spokesperson
daily choices about nutrition and fitness promote a healthier
(USANA and Kathy share the same core values), has devoted her and more productive lifestyle. For me, as a trainer and working
life to helping people live happy, productive, and healthy lives. n with celebrities, USANA has fit in perfectly.”

Health Must-Have Fave Product

“Taking USANA products has been a way for my body to stay “I’ve got three active boys and celebrity clients who demand
healthy, energetic, and full of life. I recommend USANA to everyone me at different times, so I don’t always have the luxury of
who comes my way—from my friends and family to my clients. It’s eating a sit-down breakfast. With USANA Nutrimeal™ I can be
something that I know works.” anywhere and be completely satisfied and know that my body
is getting the nutrients it needs to kick off my day.”

Books: CelebrityClients: Videos&DVDs:

Teenage Fitness Julia Roberts Exercises Fit For a Princess with Kim Kardashian
Kathy Kaehler’s Celebrity Workouts Michelle Pfeiffer New Dimensions with Cindy Crawford
Real World Fitness Cindy Crawford Fit Kids
Fit and Sexy for Life Jennifer Aniston Kathy Kaehler Workout Class
Primetime Pregnancy Kim Basinger Kathy Kaehler Total Fitness Workout
Primetime Bodies And many more…
“The cutting edge of fitness, exercise equipment,
and supplements, and anything that can make
your body better than it is and better than it can
be, is where I am going to look. USANA and I
have created a powerful relationship that will
educate people on proper lifestyle habits in
health, diet, and nutrition.”

Kathy Kaehler 9
Nestled comfortably between the lapping waves of the Pacific
Ocean and the rugged woods of the Coast Mountain Range is a
place, home to over 2 million people, that stands ready to welcome
the world for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. But even before
the first luge is launched or slalom is skied, USANA Associates
from the city of Vancouver and the province of British Columbia
have already shown their drive to win and their competitive edge.
Written by Cameron Smith

competitive edge
S oon, the world will meet
in the beautiful venues
of Vancouver and Richmond
as well as majestic Whistler,
overlooking the coastal valley.
This is where the dreams of
hundreds of athletes from more
than 80 nations around the
world will be realized as they
compete for Olympic gold. It is
also where hundreds of USANA
Associates have already begun to
realize their own dreams.

For one day, some of USANA’s

most successful Associates
from all around the province
of British Columbia gathered
together in the USANA offices
in the city of Richmond. In this
meeting of the minds, these
leaders of the growing Canadian
market discussed the upcoming
Olympic events, the relationship
between USANA and world-
renowned athletes, and what it
truly means to “go for the gold”
with a USANA business.
Vancouver A City of Dreams

“Even before the Olympic Games, the world has and diversity of its products as well as its one-of-a-
always come to Vancouver,” said Karen Shumka, an kind $1 million athlete guarantee.
Emerald Director from the region. “It’s a place to
immigrate. It’s a place to live. It’s a playground. Anyone Jim Barabe, 4-Star Diamond Director, explained,
can come here and be successful at what they choose to “The athlete guarantee is important because it shows
do.” Diamond Director Lyne LaFortune added, “What that USANA knows exactly what it puts into its
is unique about Vancouver is the diversity of cultures. products. Those athletes who enroll in the program
People from all walks of life and all parts of the world are guaranteed that they will never test positive for
are more than welcome to come into the city. It is the any banned substances as a result of taking USANA
gateway to Canada. It is the gateway to Asia Pacific. It products. USANA would never take that risk if they
is the gateway to the world.” weren’t 100 percent sure that they had an excellent
formula and an impeccable manufacturing process.”
Vancouver is truly a city unlike any other in the world.
The metropolitan area is bustling with life. The blue Tim Shumka added, “It opens the door to world-class
waters of the Pacific Ocean border the city to the athletes. I have had the opportunity to talk to a few
west, and, not far to the east, the rugged snow-capped of them and as soon as you talk about a $1 million
mountains make a gorgeous backdrop for the valley guarantee, they are willing to listen because there is no
below. Vancouver is just one of the amazing sites in a one else out there that can say that.”
Canadian province known for its naturally beautiful
landscapes. The translation of British Columbia’s Tim, who has competed in several triathlons, explained
Latin motto Splendor sine occasu is, in fact, very fitting: his own experience with USANA products: “There are
splendor without diminishment. several products that I take that give me what I need to
train. Whether it is getting the energy I need or giving
From a USANA standpoint, the splendor of the my body the nutrients it needs, I know that USANA
USANA business in British Columbia shows no sign products have made a significant difference for me as
of diminishing anytime soon. In fact, it is growing an amateur athlete who is just a regular person. Last
at a splendid rate. BC, as the province is commonly week, I recorded my best triathlon time ever.”
known, boasts 10 Diamond Directors, 24 Ruby and
Emerald Directors, and 52 Gold Directors. That’s a
lot of success for a region that will soon be handing
out Olympic gold to athletes from around the world
on their own path to success.

A Gold Medal Guarantee

The relationship between USANA and athletes
from around the world is an important part of
the company as a whole. USANA is proud to
sponsor many world-class athletes. Sponsorship
programs are intended to help athletes by giving
them the supplementation or financial support
they need to succeed in their specific events.
USANA has attracted athletes from many
different disciplines because of the unique quality
Network Marketing

Unfortunately the International Olympic Committee doing one thing right. We are doing everything right.
has not yet approved network marketing as an official From the products to the compensation plan and the
Olympic event. If it did, USANA and its Associates benefits we receive to the management team, we truly
would surely have a place on the highest podium. can say that we are the best of the best.”

“If you are talking about mental toughness,“ said Vincent Chan, 6-Star
Diamond Director, “I would have to say that network marketing is as tough,
if not tougher than getting Olympic gold. Even though Olympic athletes are
world-class, I think that USANA Associates, and the group that we have here
in British Columbia, represent a standard above and beyond world-class.”

One of the secrets as to why these Associates from Though none of these Associates will be winning any
BC have achieved the success they enjoy today is their gold medals when the Games begin, the lifestyle that a
diligence; commitment; and, according to Diamond USANA business has offered them is reward enough.
Director Ani Black, “keeping things interesting.” She “I’m going to be at the Olympics because of USANA,”
went on to explain, “Athletes get to the level they are Lyne LaFortune happily explained. “I will be there
at because they do the same thing, day in and day out. for 35 days as a full-time volunteer assistant to our
As USANA business owners, we have the same tasks Canadian athletes. There is no way that I could have
to do as well, but we can do them however we like. We ever done this if it weren’t for the time and financial
don’t have to get stale. We have the greatest message in freedom that USANA provides.”
the world, health and freedom, and that message can
be fresh and exciting every day.” The lifestyle of health and freedom that these
Associates enjoy has come with hard work and
Karen Shumka added, “Network marketing teaches dedication to spreading the vision of USANA here in
you to set a goal and then to achieve it. Olympic Canada and beyond. It is what gives them the drive
athletes do essentially the same thing. They practice to succeed—their competitive edge. And that alone is
and train and perform thousands of times before worth its weight in gold.
they compete in an Olympic event. With USANA,
it takes an incredible amount of dedication as well as
striving for that goal of success and advancement. And,
whenever we receive that commission check on Friday,
it is like getting our own gold medal.”

A Winning Lifestyle
For Associates in Western Canada, as well as
Associates from around the world, there are many
factors that put USANA at the top of its game. “For
me,” said Barbara Souther, an Emerald Director
from nearby Victoria, “the fact that we have so many
accolades from third-party sources shows that we truly
are representing a top-quality company.” Germain
LaFortune explained, “With USANA, we aren’t just See income disclaimer on page 7.

14 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Downline/Upline Teamwork
Germain & Lyne LaFortune
“Even if an Olympic athlete is in a one-player sport, like luge or the ski jump,
there is an entire team behind that one athlete. In USANA, it might be possible
for some people to make it to Achiever or Believer or Director alone. But it is
almost impossible to make it to Gold or above on your own. Teamwork is extremely
important. It is like you are the athlete and the athletic trainer. You build yourself
by building others. You inspire and motivate others to bring out the best within
them. That is what teamwork is all about and what should be at the heart of every
USANA business.”

Freestyle Freedom
Ani & Ian Black

“The foundation of health and financial freedom is truly the heart of what this
business is. If people really understood what this business could do for them, their
health, and their financial futures, they would be flocking to join our forces. For
my husband and I, if we really felt like it, we could decide to go down to Arizona
for three weeks, right now, and not even go home to pack anything. We wouldn’t
have to worry about the cost of the flight or anything else. That is true freedom.”

Online Skating
Amy Yu
“There are so many different tools to use online, and they are all so beneficial to me
and my downline. With the new improvements to as well as the Health
Assessment & Advisor and eApprentice, attracting new people to the USANA
opportunity has never been easier. I especially love the Health Assessment & Advisor
because anyone can just get right on it and find out what products are best for them.
And once you sign up a new Associate, there is no better way to train them and to
ensure duplication than by using the new eApprentice.”
Vision Prospecting
Peter & Jean Cheung

“I love the new Vision Book that USANA has created for us. It’s completely
different than any of the other sales tools, and I love using it. It is different than a
DVD because someone can take it with them and look over it whenever they want
and for as long as they want. It has so much power that after you read it, which
takes only a couple of minutes, you instantly feel the credibility of the company
and the importance of Dr. Wentz’ vision.”

Total Domination
Jim Barabe & Connie Yao

“The concept of total domination really adds credibility for those who are just
starting their USANA businesses. There are so many third-party accolades and
sources that say, quite frankly, we are the best company in the industry. We
have the best products. We have the best compensation plan. We are proud that
the founder of our company is a scientist and not a fast-talking, back-slapping
businessman. We are so proud to be with a company that truly does totally
dominate in everything they do.”

Synchronized Products
Vincent & Mable Chan

“Just about everyone can run, but not everyone is of the same caliber as an
Olympic athlete. There are many products on the market today, but not all of them
can provide the full spectrum of supplementation that USANA products can. That
is why they have been ranked as the best in the industry. Athletes and other users
can put their confidence in them, and that is why it is such a privilege to be able to
provide them to others.”
Optimizing Life
Barbara Souther

“As a biologist, I was originally attracted to USANA because of the high quality
of research behind the products. I soon came to realize that USANA cannot
only help you with optimizing your health but it can also be a vehicle to help you
optimize your whole life. It is a vehicle that allows you to be, do, and have whatever
you wish for. With a USANA business, you can truly reach for the stars, and when
you get there, you have the time, finances, and health to be able to give back to
those around you.”

International Expansion
Lyndon Redman & Marie-France MOrin

“Any athlete aiming at participating in an international Olympic event starts

training in their hometown. When I started building my USANA business, I did
it in one of the most picturesque backyards of Canada—the Okanagan Valley,
British Columbia. I then started dreaming of building an international business.
Because USANA is able to bring the rest of the world together, branching out to
other markets was an easy step to make. I was able to use the experience acquired
at home and build successfully in multiple USANA markets. It is such a great
feeling to see the many successful teams of champions that I have helped develop
around the world.”

Golden Goal
Annette & Victor Que

“An athlete needs determination and commitment to win in any sporting event.
Winning a gold medal in the Olympic Games requires they set a goal and focus all of
their efforts on reaching that goal. A USANA Associate has to have that same level
of commitment. An Associate needs a very strong ‘why’ and needs to keep the goal in
their sights.”
Sensé-tional Form
Lisa Liming Li & Qisheng Jiang
“Here in Vancouver, athletes will be coming from all over the world to represent
their home country. As USANA Associates, we have a responsibility to represent
the products that we market. I have used Sensé™ products for the past six years.
I love everything about them, and I either host or attend a spa party every week
now. One thing that I have learned is that when you become a product of the
product, people are going to come to you to learn more.”

Competitive Edge
Karen & Tim Shumka
“Olympic athletes are about finding the difference, whether it is that one-
hundredth of a second, the physical stamina to push a little harder, or the mental
edge that allows them to perform. The difference between a world-class athlete and
a winning world-class athlete is made up of very, very small things. The same thing
is true about USANA. There are lots of businesses out there and many of them
are large, international, and powerful organizations. But, when it comes down to p
it, it is our products that give us the competitive edge to be a winning, world-class h
company among several companies that are really just ‘runners-up.’ ” n fe
is presented
to a Sharer, ,
Believer, g fun will
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Achiever, h avi le wh .”
A , p e
Director, AN ories peo ciat
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and beyond h
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“W is n
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helping the USANA family.
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we o
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Helping Hand

Written by Amber Bailey

Every year, the Teamwork Award is presented to a Sharer, Believer,

Achiever, Director, Bronze Director, or Silver Director who has gone
above and beyond helping the USANA family. They are nominated for
setting up meetings, trainings, and spa parties, and for working with
their crossline while encouraging others around them to succeed. It is an
honor and a privilege to be nominated for this award by their peers. 19
Teamwork Award Winners
Not featured: Silver Director Michelle Fyfe, Alberta, Canada; Gold Director Hyeran Lee, Korea;
Bronze Director Janice Otremba, British Columbia, Canada; Directors Olivia Munguia Rosas &
Mario Ramirez, Queretaro, México; Silver Directors Hong Xia Wang & Hong Jiang, Illinois, USA

Werner Berger
Ontario, Canada
Silver Director
Having climbed the highest mountains in seven continents, it was
only fitting for Werner Berger to reach this summit—winner of the
Teamwork Award. “No one stands alone,” he states. “This award is a
validation of what I do. And because we follow before we lead, my hope is
that my actions will inspire others to assume their own leadership role.”

When it comes to helping others succeed, Werner says nothing is too big
or too small, and you’ve got to do whatever it takes. “Together with my
fiancée, Ruby Director Heshie Segal, we are always there for our team,
whether it be three-way callings, tele-trainings, or running five-day boot
camps,” he says. “When my team thrives, I thrive.”

Werner offers this advice to Associates, “To be successful you must work
the business. You must be open to personal growth and learning.” He
believes the only failure comes from quitting. “Success is just around the
corner, and if you do not keep going, you will miss what could have been.”

Scott McGee
Texas, USA
Silver Director
“It was an unexpected surprise to win the Teamwork Award,” Scott McGee says.
“I was just out doing what I feel is part of USANA—helping other Associates get
started in the business and getting them the information they need in order to be

Whatever Scott has to do to help an Associate, he will. “I don’t really claim a

hometown now because I am always traveling,” he laughs. “If there is a team
member that is serious about the business and wants to learn, I will go and train
that person to make sure they are successful.”

Scott believes people never become successful alone in network marketing. “You al-
ways hear the top leaders giving credit to their team,” he says. “That is why I spend
a lot of time making sure my team is getting all the support and help I can give.”

Scott follows Tim Sales’ strategy: To make money in this business—invite, present,
and train. Scott adds, “Concentrate and stay focused on those three things and you
will be successful.”
Bella & James Lee
California, USA
Silver Directors
Since becoming Associates, James and Bella
Lee’s main goal has been to let all their friends
and family know how great USANA products
are. “By spreading the USANA vision we are
helping others live a healthier life, and that
alone brings us satisfaction,” they state.

To be successful, James and Bella believe it is

important to learn all they can about USANA’s
products and share their knowledge with others.
“We believe by helping one another, we make
our team stronger,” they say, adding that success comes from a positive attitude and
teamwork. “If you stay disciplined and motivated there’s nothing that can stop you
from reaching your goal.”

This power couple is most grateful for the opportunity to make new friends through
their USANA business while promoting true health. “The greatest life lesson we have
learned is how incredibly important health is. Without our health, we cannot enjoy all
that life has to offer.”

Mayra Elvia Morales Charles

& Cinthya González
Puebla, México
Silver Directors
Since joining USANA, Mayra Elvia Morales Charles and Cinthya
González’ goal was to listen to their leaders and follow their advice.
“It has become our motto to think about other people, work for
them, and teach them to do the same,” they state. “That is how we
can help our team achieve what they set out to do.”

Mayra and Cinthya feel that USANA is more than its products or
company, rather it is a way of life. “What we enjoy most about USANA is making
friends, sharing stories, having fun, and knowing that there are many people who
will benefit from being a USANA Associate,” they state. “It encourages us to go
on with the commitment to work better every day.”

The best advice Mayra and Cinthya offer is to listen to your leaders, follow their
advice, and share it with your team. n 21
USANA Athletes: Your

Ticket To
Ride Wr i t t e n b y D a v i d B a k e r

The scene is one out of a dream: Flying down the

mountain with snowflakes elongating into white

streaks as you navigate the winding course;

or maybe you’re racing around the track,

a glistening rut and mist of ice crystals left

in your wake as you glide unchallenged

to the finish line. Then

you’re transported

atop the podium,

your national anthem filling the air, a gold

medal shimmering as it dangles around your neck.

F or most of us, the scene is just that—a dream. But building your own
gold-medal business doesn’t have to be. With the 2010 Winter Olympics
Following USANA Athletes
with Social Media
coming soon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about using the same kind
of world-class athletes you’ll be watching to meet new prospects. Who knows? e U SANA will be present throughout
the games, providing you with updates,
It could be your ticket to the top of the USANA mountain.
quotes, photos, and videos of our athletes
It shouldn’t be hard to find a few sports fans in your life. Even if these and teams.
prospects aren’t hardcore fanatics, chances are they’ll be following the
Olympics. So why not use our viewing guide (found on pages 26-27) and let eW
 hat’s Up, USANA? is the place for
these new prospects watch the USANA Difference in action? Having world-class updates on all USANA-sponsored
athletes and organizations that choose USANA because of the quality products athletes competing in Vancouver. Go to
builds credibility. And watching one of those USANA athletes fly down the to check it out.
mountain toward victory generates excitement in your prospects, as well.
It’s easy to start a conversation at work, or write a post on social media about
e F ollow USANA on Twitter @USANAinc
for up-to-the-minute information,
the exciting race you watched last night. You could even host a party to cheer results, and other interesting tidbits
on one of USANA’s athletes or teams. However you choose to do it, seize these from Vancouver. Head to
opportunities to share USANA’s message of Nutritionals You Can Trust. After USANAinc to keep track of the action.
all, with eligibility to compete on the line, world-class athletes are the pickiest
consumers out there. And, that says a lot about USANA’s safety and quality. e C heck out the USANA athletes
page on Facebook for updates. If
Watching the Olympics, you may even start thinking to yourself, “Self,
you haven’t already, befriend them at
why don’t we go out and talk to athletes about USANA?” Before you start
searching for the next Jennifer Azzi*—a world-class athlete who will go on
to build a world-class USANA business—there are some things to consider.
 on’t be afraid to join the social media
conversation. Blog, tweet, or Facebook
e T emper your expectations. Being realistic, chances are you’ll prospect 100 about the USANA athletes you’re watch-
athletes and maybe you’ll sign up one. In the same amount of time, you
ing on TV. Retweeting the most interest-
could sign up 40 of your friends and family. Ask yourself if prospecting
ing updates from @USANAinc is another
athletes is the best use of your time and energy. And, unfortunately if
great way to share the fun and excitement
you’re not a Silver Director or above—who have a historically higher
with everyone you know.
success rate when prospecting athletes—the honest answer is generally no.

e R emember why you’re doing this—to build your business. Utilize the Go Team USANA!
athletes USANA sponsors to build credibility for your business and the
USANA products. Support USANA’s sponsored athletes
and promote your business by
e If you meet an athlete interested in USANA, focus on benefits already wearing your special edition
promoted for athletes—products that have garnered NSF certification
and the Athlete Guarantee, to name a few. TEAM USANA Logo Wear!
Buy yours today under
The Olympics are a time to celebrate USANA’s collection of world-class “Specials” in the
athletes. It’s a time to start conversations about them—whether that’s with a shopping cart at
new prospect or another athlete. It’s your time to punch your ticket to ride. n!



*A long-time fan of USANA products, Jennifer Azzi is currently a paid endorser and successful 23
independent Distributor on behalf of USANA.
Web site, packet & other printed material.


US Wokeleton
Web site, packet & other printed material.

Audrey Robichaud,
Canadian Freestyle
Mogul Skier

nada Jennife
Biathlon Ca
Heil, r
Mogul le

Jennifer Botte
Canadian Womrill,
Hockey Team en’s

US Speedskating Long Track Team

Adam Pengeleton Pin, T-shirt & patch.
US Speedskating Short Track Team
British Sk

Great Britain Short Track Speedskating Team Jillian Vogt

US Freesty li,
Mogul Skiele

USA Luge

Cross Country Canada

Julia Murray,
Canadian Ski
Cross Team

Speed Skating Canada 25
* The pictured athletes and organizations have received compensation for their partnership and/or complimentary USANA products.
USANA Athletes: Your

Ticket To
February 13, 2010
12:00 Speed Skating - Men’s 5000 m (medal event) 17:45


Web site, packet & other printed material.

Short Track - Ladies’ 500 m Heats

13:00 Biathlon - Women’s 7.5 km Sprint (medal event) 18:24 Short Track - Men’s 1500 m Semifinals
16:30 Freestyle Skiing - Ladies’ Moguls Qualification 18:49 Short Track - Ladies’ 3000 m Relay Semifinals
17:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Preliminary Round - 19:00 Luge - Men’s Singles Run 2
Group A Game 2 Canada vs Slovakia 19:18 Short Track - Men’s 1500 m Finals (medal event)
17:00 Luge - Men’s Singles Run 1 19:30 Freestyle Skiing - Ladies’ Moguls Final (medal event)
17:00 Short Track - Men’s 1500 m Heats

February 14, 2010

10:00 Alpine Skiing - Ladies’ Super Combined Downhill 13:00 Luge - Men’s Singles Run 3
11:15 Biathlon - Men’s 10 km Sprint (medal event) 13:00 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 3000 m (medal event)
13:00 Alpine Skiing - Ladies’ Super Combined Slalom (medal event) 15:00 Luge - Men’s Singles Run 4 (medal event)

February 15, 2010

10:00 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ 10 km Free (medal event) 15:30 Speed Skating - Men’s 500 m Race 1 of 2
12:30 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s 15 km Free (medal event) 17:00 Luge - Women’s Singles Run 1
14:30 Ice Hockey - Women’s Preliminary Round - 17:28 Speed Skating - Men’s 500 m Race 2 of 2 (medal event)
Group A Game 5 Switzerland vs Canada 18:30 Luge - Women’s Singles Run 2
February 16, 2010
10:30 Biathlon - Women’s 10 km Pursuit (medal event) 13:00 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 500 m Race 1 of 2
12:45 Biathlon - Men’s 12.5 km Pursuit (medal event) 14:30 Luge - Women’s Singles Run 4 (medal event)
13:00 Luge - Women’s Singles Run 3 14:52 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 500 m Race 2 of 2 (medal event)

February 17, 2010 Pin, T-shirt & patch.

10:15 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Individual Sprint 13:45 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Individual Sprint
Classic Qualification Blender bottle & T-shirt Classic Finals (medal event)
10:45 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Individual Sprint 13:55 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Individual Sprint
Classic Qualification Classic Finals (medal event)
11:00 Alpine Skiing - Ladies’ Downhill (medal event) 16:00 Speed Skating - Men’s 1000 m (medal event)
12:30 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Individual Sprint 17:00 Luge - Doubles’ Run 1
Classic Quarterfinals 17:00 Short Track - Ladies’ 500 m Quarterfinals
12:55 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Individual Sprint 17:27 Short Track - Men’s 1000 m Heats
Classic Quarterfinals
18:00 Luge - Doubles’ Run 2 (medal event)
13:20 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Individual Sprint
Classic Semifinals 18:14 Short Track - Ladies’ 500 m Semifinals
13:30 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Individual Sprint 18:35 Short Track - Men’s 5000 m Relay Semifinals
Classic Semifinals 19:07 Short Track - Ladies’ 500 m Finals (medal event)

February 18, 2010

10:00 Biathlon - Women’s 15 km Individual (medal event) 17:00 Skeleton - Women’s Heat 2
13:00 Biathlon - Men’s 20 km Individual (medal event) 18:30 Skeleton - Men’s Heat 1
13:00 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 1000 m (medal event) 19:45 Skeleton - Men’s Heat 2
16:00 Skeleton - Women’s Heat 1
26 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010
February 19, 2010
13:00 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ 15 km Pursuit 16:45 - Skeleton - Women’s Heat 4 (medal event)
(7.5Classic+7.5Free) (medal event) 18:20 - Skeleton - Men’s Heat 3
15:45 Skeleton - Women’s Heat 3 19:30 - Skeleton - Men’s Heat 4 (medal event)
February 20, 2010
13:30 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s 30 km Pursuit 18:59 Short Track - Ladies’ 1500 m Semifinals
(15Classic+15Free) (medal event) 19:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Classifications - Game 14
14:30 Ice Hockey - Women’s Classifications - Game 13 19:28 Short Track - Men’s 1000 m Semifinals
16:15 Speed Skating - Men’s 1500 m (medal event) 19:51 Short Track - Ladies’ 1500 m Finals (medal event)
17:45 Short Track - Ladies’ 1500 m Heats 20:05 Short Track - Men’s 1000 m Finals (medal event)
18:29 Short Track - Men’s 1000 m Quarterfinals
February 21, 2010
10:45 Biathlon - Men’s 15 km Mass Start (medal event) 13:00 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Team Sprint
10:45 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Team Sprint Free Final (medal event)
Free Semifinal 1 13:25 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Team Sprint
11:10 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ Team Sprint Free Final (medal event)
Free Semifinal 2 14:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Classifications -
11:35 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Team Sprint 7th/8th - Game 16
Free Semifinal 1 15:00 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 1500 m (medal event)
12:00 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s Team Sprint 17:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Play-offs Semifinals - Game 17
Free Semifinal 2 19:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Classifications -
12:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Play-offs Semifinals - Game 15 5th/6th - Game 18
13:00 Biathlon - Women’s 12.5 km Mass Start (medal event)

February 23, 2010

11:00 Speed Skating - Men’s 10000 m (medal event) 11:30 Biathlon - Women’s 4x6 km Relay (medal event)
February 24, 2010
10:00 Alpine Skiing - Ladies’ Giant Slalom 1st Run 13:15 Alpine Skiing - Ladies’ Giant Slalom
11:15 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s 4x10 km Relay 2nd Run (medal event)
Classic/Free (medal event) 17:00 Short Track - Ladies’ 1000 m Heats
13:00 Speed Skating - Ladies’ 5000 m (medal event) 17:47 Short Track - Men’s 500 m Heats
18:26 Short Track - Ladies’ 3000 m Relay Finals (medal event)
February 25, 2010
11:00 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ 4x5 km Relay 15:30 Ice Hockey - Women’s Gold Medal Game -
Classic/Free (medal event) Game 20 (medal event)
11:00 Ice Hockey - Women’s Bronze Medal Game -
Game 19 (medal event)
February 26, 2010
11:30 Biathlon - Men’s 4x7.5 km Relay (medal event) 18:45 Short Track - Men’s 500 m Semifinals
12:30 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 18:53 Short Track - Ladies’ 1000 m Semifinals
13:20 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 19:16 Short Track - Men’s 500 m Finals (medal event)
14:07 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Semifinals 19:26 Short Track - Ladies’ 1000 m Finals (medal event)
18:00 Short Track - Men’s 500 m Quarterfinals 19:52 Short Track - Men’s 5000 m Relay Finals
18:14 Short Track - Ladies’ 1000 m Quarterfinals (medal event)

February 27, 2010

11:45 Cross-Country Skiing - Ladies’ 30 km, 13:19 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Final C
Mass Start Classic (medal event) 13:49 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Final B (medal event)
12:30 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Semifinals 13:55 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Final A (medal event)
12:51 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Final D 14:12 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Final B (medal event)
12:57 Speed Skating - Men’s Team Pursuit Final C 14:17 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Final A (medal event)
13:13 Speed Skating - Ladies’ Team Pursuit Final D
February 28, 2010
9:30 Cross-Country Skiing - Men’s 50 km, 18:00 General - Closing Ceremony
Mass Start Classic (medal event)
Times and events are subject to change.

Mei Huang
New York, USA

When she agreed to learn about USANA in 2005, Mei Huang didn’t quite know what to expect. One thing she did know: she was ready to
make a change and take control of her life. Four years later and now a distinguished Emerald Director, Huang has accomplished much, but
this is just the start of what she hopes to accomplish.
Her reason for selecting USANA was simple: she was impressed with every aspect of the company. “It had the best of everything. Great
products, strong financial ground, and the best customer service,” Huang states.
Huang feels blessed to share USANA’s vision with anyone she can. “I am so thankful to Dr. Wentz and USANA. They totally changed my
life,” Huang says. “I feel very lucky that USANA was brought into my life.”
As an accomplished leader, Huang’s success couldn’t have happened without the support of a dedicated team. “They are very important to
me. Without them I wouldn’t have had near the success that I have,” she states.
Reflecting on her experience with USANA, Huang is grateful for the things she has learned not only about health, but also about interacting
with others. “I have become much more knowledgeable regarding health issues,” Huang shares. “In addition, I have learned a lot about how
to communicate with people who have different backgrounds.”
With plenty more dreams left to accomplish, Huang is working toward her next major goal of becoming a Diamond Director. “My short-
term goal is to become a Diamond Director within the next year,” Huang explains. “But my long-term goal is to spread the vision of health
and freedom for the rest of my life.”


Steve & Andrea Hryszczuk

Illinois, USA

Although Steve Hryszczuk had a successful career as an anesthesiologist, he really wanted to create more time to spend with his wife, Andrea,
and their four children. After listening to a one-on-one USANA presentation by his friend Dr. John Koehler, Steve realized it could possibly be
the way for him to spend more time with his family while also continuing to provide for them.
Since becoming USANA Associates in 2005, Steve and Andrea have watched their business flourish. When asked about one of their favorite
things about USANA, the couple shares that for them it is all about the people they get to interact with on a daily basis. “I tell people if they are
looking for a way to grow their lives relationally, begin a USANA business,” Steve says. “I get the privilege of meeting quality people every week.”
As successful Ruby Directors, Steve and Andrea acknowledge it takes dedicated teammates to help make them successful. “Our team is hugely
instrumental in our success. It is through the combined efforts of so many good people that we enjoy our success with USANA,” the couple says.
While their business continues to grow, Steve and Andrea will always remain focused on helping others. “We must put first things first and
seek the welfare of others. USANA is a meaningful way to contribute positively to the lives of others and experience significant personal
growth ourselves.”
See income disclaimer on page 7.
New Additions
Strengthen Your
Business Lineup.
Written by David Baker
Five minutes ‘til game time... Most coaches—no matter the sport—feel
the weight of anxiety sinking in their guts. Nervous anticipation drips
down their faces. Questions ping-pong through their minds: Will the
players perform? Do I have the right lineup to secure a win?
As the coach of your USANA business, you don’t have to deal with the anxiety, the questioning, or the
uncontrollable—totally unflattering—nervous sweating. Whenever game time rolls around for your team, you already
know you have a winning lineup.
And in 2009, USANA gave you three more all-star players to throw into your lineup of sure-fire hall-of-
fame products— Pure Rest™, USANA Probiotic™, and Vitamin D. This trio can be just the thing your business
needs to reach that next level.
These new products are the perfect way to introduce new prospects to the whole slate of USANA hall-of-fame
products. Do what has worked in the past. Maybe start handing out samples—it’s easy to hand a prospect a stick
of USANA Probiotic, or let them try a few Pure Rest tablets. Or get your team together and brainstorm fresh ways to
introduce these products to new prospects.
Your new additions aren’t just for new prospects, though. They could be your key to winning the rematch when
you revisit old prospects. Go back through your contact list and send out e-mails to people you think might be
interested in hearing about any of USANA’s new products. People may be more open to listening when you
have something new and exciting to tell them about. And now you’ve got three new players you can trot
out to help you win the big game.
These additions to your USANA team are also something for you to get excited about. If you haven’t already, give
these new products a try. Experiencing the benefits will make you a more effective salesperson. And,
you’ll find yourself wanting to tell everyone about them. Blog about ‘em. Tweet about ‘em. Facebook ‘em. If you’re
old school, shout about ‘em from a mountaintop—although that’s not the most effective method of communicating
your excitement. Your enthusiasm about the products will go a long way.

USANA ProbioticTM
• A healthy digestive system helps our body efficiently break down
many of the nutrients we consume, maximizing the benefits of
vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and defending against nutritional
• It is estimated that up to 80 percent of the immune cells in our
bodies are located in the gut.
• USANA Probiotic is a food supplement designed to help replenish
beneficial bacteria in the gut to maintain a healthy balance.
• Packs a punch with 12 billion viable bacteria in each stick pack.

biot ic Tip:

APro Some bacteria are our friends. Right now, a lot of people are

only learning this from yogurt commercials. It’s time to start
introducing those people to USANA’s friendly probiotic bacteria.
Make sure to remind them about how easy it is to pack their

obio tic billions of bacteria buddies with them wherever they go.


30 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Pure RestTM
• Sleep provides numerous health benefits, including defense
against oxidative stress.
• Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate
sleep and wake cycles.
• Pure Rest is a fast-acting melatonin supplement—not a sleeping
pill—that is a safe and effective, non-habit forming, way for you
to enjoy a healthy sleep.


Pure R e s t
Pure Rest
Trick of the trade: We all sleep. It’s one of those death-and-taxes
things. Most of us spend somewhere close to a third of our
entire life sleeping. It’s important. So is the quality of the sleep
we’re getting. Next time you’re talking to prospects about their
dreams, maybe mention how a good night’s sleep with Pure
Rest could help them have time to dream a little bigger—and
have the energy the next day to start making them come true.

Pure Rest

Vitamin D
• Reports show populations around the world are suffering from
vitamin D deficiency.
• Evidence suggests the problem only gets worse in the winter
because of decreased exposure to sunlight.
• Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone mineralization and
growth, important for the maintenance of muscle strength and
coordination, supports cardiovascular health, and promotes
robust and balanced immune function.*
• Seasonal product sold only from November to March—when
you need it the most.

Vita m i n D Tip:
Read the news lately? If you have, odds are you’ve run across a
story about the importance of vitamin D and all of its wonderful
health benefits. It’s big news right now. Use that publicity to your
advantage. People aren’t often abuzz about vitamins—it’s not
Vitamin D reality TV, you know—so strike while the fire is hot.

Everyone needs something to keep the fire burning, to keep the excitement factor up. Sometimes we just need a
reminder, and these future-hall-of-fame products can be the sparks that reignite your USANA business.
So what are you waiting for coach? It’s time to guarantee your team a win by plugging these new all-stars into your
starting lineup. But if you need to do some more scouting, check out the downloadable flyers on USANAtoday. Just
go to the “Prospecting” menu and click on “Tools” and start sending them out to your prospects. n

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
When you race down 5,
on a half-inch sheet of fiber
eadfirst, it h

Rebecca Sorensen
USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation team member

Rev3 Energy™
- The cleaner, smarter, stronger alternative to typical energy drinks
- Contains a proprietary Energy Complex with L-Carnitine, ginseng, and rhodiola
- Provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support energy metabolism at
the cellular level
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
000 feet of compacted ice,
glass, at 83 miles per hour,
takes guts.

Rev3 Energy Surge™

- The non-carbonated stick-pack mix for energy on the go
- Utilizes naturally derived caffeine from green, black, and white teas
- A hydrating way to enhance endurance and improve mental focus

USANA proudly sponsors Rebecca Sorensen with complimentary USANA products.

It’s your
shining moment.
Become a
Gold Director
and get the recognition
you deserve.
Gold Retreat is an event that can
change your business and your life.
Hundreds have attended. A Gold
When will you?

Wow! Decide to do it!

“Being taken to the Home Office in the limo and having the staff welcome and cheer for us?
It is hard to describe! If you want to go to Gold Retreat, you need to create a plan,
break it down into daily actions, and then work your plan. It is so worth it!
Gold Retreat solidified our business, and sharing our experience
with our team strengthened their belief in the company.”
-Meg & James Heppner, Gold Directors
Attended April 2009

Gold Retreat 2010 H

Spring H April 15–18 H The Canyons Fall H October 21–24 H The Canyons
Summer H June 3–6 H The Canyons Qualification period: April 24–July 16, 2010
Last week to start a Gold run: June 19, 2010
Qualification period: January 30–April 23, 2010
Last week to start a Gold run: March 26, 2010
34 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010
Valerie Rose Cadag, California, USA
When an old high school friend invited Valerie Rose Cadag to get a free Sensé™ facial, she had
no clue it would open her future to USANA. Now with a solid business to her name, Valerie
has reprioritized her life, and taking care of her and her family’s health is at the top of the list.
The youngest of three daughters, Valerie’s motivation is her parents. “My entire life I have been
taken care of. I never realized the hard work and hours my parents put in just to care for me
and my sisters,” she explains. “Now my goal is to retire my parents.”
A successful Gold Director, Valerie firmly believes it was her team that got her there.
“My team has contributed to my success in a tremendous way,” she states. “I am also
grateful to 2-Star Diamond Directors Aaron Dinh and Cathy Ngo for all of their support.”
“I always knew I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how until
I found USANA.”

Sai Hua Chen, New York, USA

After being invited to attend a USANA presentation, Sai Hua Chen was impressed by
the products. She quickly enrolled as an Associate. She activated 3 Business Centers and
set out to build her business. Now a Gold Director, Chen is excited to see what her
next accomplishment will be.
With her business growing, Chen is looking forward to what the future might bring her.
“My goal is to become a Diamond Director someday. I believe that if I continue sharing
USANA with those I know and those I meet, I can reach that goal,” she shares.
Chen’s success comes down, in part, to supportive teammates who work hard to ensure
the entire team progresses. “I have a team of 50 people, and they are all working hard,”
she states. “They are always willing to help each other.”
“USANA gave me health, time, and financial freedom.”

Xiu Ya Chen, British Columbia, Canada

Xiu Ya Chen was familiar with USANA’s products but initially didn’t understand how the business
could impact her life. However, the more she started to tell people about USANA, the more she
realized the opportunity she could share with others. Now having recently become a Gold Director,
Chen is excited to find out what the next few years have in store for her.
Chen’s number one priority is helping her team find their own success. “My goal is to teach everyone
in my downline how to succeed and earn the income they want,” she shares. “My mission is to spread
health and freedom to the world.”
With a strong team on her side, Chen believes they have the ability to succeed. “I think we can
become a top team in USANA,” she states.
“Thank you to my upline Liming Li and Nong Ren.”

See income disclaimer on page 7. 35
Claire Goyette, Québec, Canada
After working for 30 years in the finance and insurance fields, Claire Goyette was already
successful. Regardless, she couldn’t shake the fear that she was going to have to work a
number of years before she could consider retiring. That all changed after starting a
business with USANA. Now a Gold Director, Claire is eager to continue on.
Claire’s advancement was made possible due to her determination. “I understood that
it was me who had to make the decision to change,” she shares. “I had this beautiful
vehicle in my hands, and I knew I had to switch gears to pull ahead.”
Another explanation for her success is the teammates she is able to rely on. “We all
recognize that we can depend on each other,” Claire concludes.
“I love USANA for what it is. A large and wonderful business with heart.”

Gui Lian Jiao, New York, USA

Gui Lian Jiao was optimistic after being invited to try USANA’s products and learn more about the
company. What she found was it was an opportunity she couldn’t say no to. Less than a year later
and now a Gold Director, Jiao is excited to continue sharing USANA’s vision.
Initially Jiao was discouraged because potential Associates were declining to hear about USANA.
After turning to her team, she found the support she needed. Since then, she has been moving
forward. “My team helped me and took me to trainings. Plus, after I attended International
Convention, I felt so encouraged!” Jiao recalls.
Looking back at the changes that she has experienced in such a short time brings a smile to
Jiao’s face. “My life has been changed,” she states.
“My future goal is to help as many people experience financial freedom
as possible.”

Ben Jung, British Columbia, Canada

Ben Jung was a fan of USANA’s products, but he didn’t think he would be able to generate
an adequate income solely as an Associate. However after 10 years of being in the fashion
wholesale business, Ben experienced cutbacks and turned to USANA. Now a successful
Gold Director, he is excited for the future.
Ben quickly credits his team for helping him get this far. “Team building is the key to any
business, and my upline and downline are the ones who deserve recognition because it
is my team who brought me this far and pushed me to higher heights,” he shares.
While enjoying his new title of Gold Director, Ben is working on becoming a Ruby Director.
“The more you put into USANA, the more you will get out of it.”

See income disclaimer on page 7.

36 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Denis Lam, California, USA
Without any prior experience in network marketing, Denis Lam was initially skeptical. But after
losing his position at a pharmaceutical company, he knew he couldn’t pass up an opportunity. “As an
engineer, I had no business experience, but I realized I had little to lose and a lot to gain,” he recalls.
After coming to that realization, Denis attended the 2009 San Diego Celebration and has never
looked back.
Over time, Denis’ motivation changed from obtaining financial independence to empowering others
to do the same. “I see USANA as a vehicle to educate others about financial literacy and their ability
to control their own destiny,” Denis says.
Denis credits his team, especially 4-Star Diamond Directors Duke and Sheila Tubtim and Ruby
Director Elvis Ky for his success. “I am humbled to be recognized as a Gold Director,” he concludes.
Denis is looking forward to becoming a Ruby Director and member of the
Growth 25 in 2010.

Yongcheng Lin, New York, USA

Yongcheng Lin was quickly impressed by all USANA could offer him. Between the products and the
compensation plan, he admits he was fascinated and excited to become an Associate. As a Gold
Director, Lin is looking forward to continuing his journey.
Lin has now quit his two jobs in order to put more time into USANA. “I wanted to have my own
business, and I found out that a home-based business fit me better,” he shares.
One of the most important aspects of Lin’s business is his team. “In this kind of business the team
is one of the most important elements to determine how successful you are,” Lin states. “I can’t
accomplish anything without my team.”
“Attitude matters the most. If you believe in yourself and are sure about
what you want to get in your business, then you can get it.”

Christa MacLellan, Ontario, Canada

Christa MacLellan’s USANA adventure started with a simple conversation over a cup of coffee
with Ruby Director Leanne Grechulk. Now a Gold Director, Christa is still learning from her
USANA leaders, but she is also becoming one herself.
With determination to expand her business, Christa is relocating to her hometown of Windsor,
Ontario, to share USANA with anyone looking for a new opportunity. “We have events lined
up,” she confides. “I am going there fully committed to grow and duplicate my team.”
As she continues to develop her business, Christa is quick to offer her sincere thanks to her
team—a team she is grateful to be a part of. “I couldn’t have done any of this without them,”
she states. “I have to give a special thanks to my mom, my boyfriend Mike Realba, Shelly Matsos,
Leanne Grechulk, and Christian Dion.”
“I truly believe, especially after my Gold run, that where there is a will, there
is a way!” 37
Annie Poitras & Robin Tremblay, Québec, Canada
Born into families of entrepreneurs, both Annie Poitras and Robin Tremblay had an eye for good
opportunities, and they saw one with USANA. Today, the Gold Directors have built a solid business and
are pumped for the future.
One of the greatest blessings Annie and Robin have derived from their USANA business has been the
chance to be with their family. “Annie can take care of our family full time without having to adjust our
family income,” Robin shares. “We have also been able to go on trips that we couldn’t in the past.”
Robin and Annie have achieved continuous success, in part, because they are willing to work through
whatever challenges come their way. “We turn our struggles into experiences,” they conclude.
“It is important to always believe and never quit.”

Jack Yee, New York, USA

After hearing about USANA from his manager, Jack Yee was pleasantly surprised at the opportunity.
He strongly believed that USANA would provide him with the chance to change his life as well as the
chance to help others. Now a Gold Director, Jack is more motivated than ever.
For Jack, USANA encompassed so many standards he was looking for in a company. “My main
motivation to join was I could see USANA could potentially change and improve my life,” he states.
“I believed it could help solve my financial problems, and I felt that I would have the power to help a
number of people.”
Jack’s advice for potential Associates—keep focused. “Stay focused on the business because it really
can change your life.”
“Never look back and keep moving forward.”

New Gold Directors Not Featured:

Suharit Amatyakul, California, USA Shunde Lin, Connecticut, USA
Monique Casavant, Québec, Canada Tony Tran, California, USA

See income disclaimer on page 7.

To be eligible for advancement, the following

criteria must be met:
Diamond—Maximize 4 BCs for 4 consecutive weeks. Director—Have 3,000 SVP on the left and right legs.
Emerald—Maximize 3 BCs for 4 consecutive weeks. Achiever—Have 2,000 SVP on the left and right legs.
Ruby—Maximize 2 BCs for 4 consecutive weeks.
Builder—Have 1,000 SVP on the left and right legs.
Gold—Maximize THE SAME BC for 4 consecutive weeks.
Believer—Have 500 SVP on the left and right legs.
Silver—Maximize 1 BC.
Bronze—Have 4,000 SVP on the left and right legs. Sharer—Have 250 SVP on the left and right legs.

38 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

[ On ]

Stay informed, stay in-the-know

USANA Athletes

I t’s time. We’re in the long stretch of

winter, with short days and cold nights.
But mingling with the frost in the air is
an electric anticipation that can only mean
one thing—the Olympics are almost here.
While men and women throughout the
world are banding together in support of
athletes bearing their flag, Associates from
pole to pole are also united in support of our
USANA family.
This is a great time to cheer on all the
USANA Athletes who use and endorse our
incredible products. But more than that,
it’s also the perfect opportunity to use the
endorsements of these trusted athletes to help
share the USANA opportunity with others!

Athlete Accolade Sheet

a winnin
t e a mg world- class
trust their
health to

SOny ericSS
On wta

World-class athletes know how

US Speed

USa lUge


important it is to keep their Speed Skatin

g canad

bodies in top form—that’s



why they trust their health

to USANA. And with the
Athlete Accolade Sheet, you can share the
testimonials of these athletes with others,
increasing the visibility and credibility of • S elect “Athletes” from the drop-down menu
your business. • S elect “Sponsored Athletes” from the
Sharing with others is easy. Go to left-hand side of the page
“Prospecting>Tools>USANA Business” and Not only will you find a much longer list
download the Athlete Accolade Sheet. Print of athletes and athletic groups sponsored
it out and hand it to people as you share in by USANA, but there are also hyperlinks
Tip: Be sure
the excitement of the Olympic Games! to each of their individual Web sites. It’s
the perfect supplemental information to to visit the
Sponsored Athletes use when sharing USANA’s reputation for Sponsored Athletes
Still wanting more? Today’s your lucky day. The quality with your prospects. page often. New athletes
Sponsored Athletes section of and their testimonials
has all the details you’re looking for regarding
are added regularly.
the many athletes affiliated with USANA.
• Go to, not USANAtoday
• C lick on “The USANA Difference” 39
How Can Help You Build Your Business
We are all living in an age where social media has become the new media—a new way for people to connect and
interact with each other in a virtual world. As a business owner it is important to learn about this new technology and
to take advantage of it, especially in a business that is built on networking connections.

In the last issue of USANA magazine, we collected tips from several Associates about how they utilize Facebook to
help build their businesses. Now we would like to clue you in on the world of blogging and how you can blog your
way into a booming business.
Written by Cameron Smith

e blog Google
eate your fre
Blogger: Cr
/start mail Sign In USANAweb Create Blog
https://www Facebook
orate Blog
a USANA Corp
th Sciences
Most Visited Share Report Abus

Y o u r Bu siness
Buil d i n g Subscribe To
Blog by Blog

’s Blogs

U sing USANA d ab ou
e Home Offi
t USANA, th the best ways to
ce has All Commen

ing the w or One of

es to spread e job done. es is throug
When it com ber real estate to get th

cy am an d ot her Associat Search This

got plenty of agement te


USANA’s man USANA’s blog

connect with powered by
fficial Word
that is the “O t Team” you
For the blog en
A’s Managem
u Stay in the
From USAN Yo
can go to bl og
to w ha ts up Followers (27
5) More >>
over A’s
can also head information from USAN
for some grea videos, and exclusive
spotlights, fu A? were the
t. Th is in cl udes athlete er s of W ha t’s Up USAN s earned
de pa rtm en pl e, fo llo w . Th es e bl og
PR exam ic™
rmation. For NA Probiot Blogger of
product info out USANA’s new USA finalist for the PR News’
ar n ab as a
first to le recognition
Tim Haran,
our blogger, an d fo r good reason
ith other
th e Ye ar Aw ar u network w
also help yo
mber? Sign

llo w er ca n yo ur th ou ghts and Already a me

on e of th e blogs as a fo the opportunity to share ld love to hear

Joining s have We wou
You will alway r each post. her followers,
Associates. comments section unde bl og s, ne twork with ot of your
insights in th
e sit USANA’ s the members
u to o! So be sure to vi ussions, and encourage Join Rev3
from yo e disc
the interactiv
contribute to same.
th e
team to do

Links to this

meron Sm ith at 6:44AM.

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tic, Success,
unications, Blo
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Creating A d ev er
hout the wor
y day throug they do on a daily
ld. People
ea te
of new blog
s are cr whatever e sports team
Thousands m jour naling
og s to do anything fro rformance of their favorit ire. A blog is
use these bl ster and pe hers to ad m
nicling the ro kittens for ot ur hobbies,
basis to chro of th ei r tro ublemaking al w eb pa ge about yo
in g pi ct ur es te a pe rs on u ar e.
post to crea e up who yo
way for you gs that mak
essentially a es—the thin
an d ac tiv iti rtant for a
interests, sign is impo
yo u m ig ht use, good de as a time-consuming
ol w
other sales to ting your own Web page do it, or a co
As with any be that crea ca l know-how to of blogs, there DrinkREV3
us ed to ch no lo gi y
blog. It the te popularit own
someone with Now, with the surge in aintain your
process for yo ne el se. bu ild , up date, and m ar e th e
ev er ly ss
process for help you easi e. Blogger and Wordpre
tes that can e.
are several si oking personal site for fre nerally the easiest to us
-lo ge
professional ed formats and they are
most widely

Blogger: Create
your free blog
Most Visited
USANA Health Sc
iences Whatsupusana
USANA Corporat Google
e Blog Facebook USANAwebmail
1. Go to www.blo
button to sign up or
or create your blo and click the big
2. Follow the ste g. orange
ps by filling in so Your Blogger
you would like to me information ab
name your blog. out yourself, includ
3. Activate your ing what
registration, pick
If you get confuse a template desig
d about how to po n, and start blogg
always follow a tut st things like pic ing!
orial, which is rea tures or videos,
dily available on you can
any blogging site. s

Derek Parra
Olympic Gold Me
dalist, US
Speedskating Co
USANA Associate
On my blog, I tal
the US Speedska about
team, its travels, ting
competition. It is d its
way to show pro great
all of the benefits ects
the uncomprom and
There are many
different ways tha quality of USAN d
important thing to t you can choose A
remember is tha to blog, but the products. Peop
Make it a repres
entation of you,
t this is NOT the
place for a sales
most read about it an can
information that be genuine and ma pitch. that the top ath see
people who read ke an effort to po let
advice are alway your blog will be st the world put the es in
s popular). Also, interested in (tips ir trust
regularly, so that you should upda and in USANA.
readers will keep te yo
follower of your visiting. People ca ur blog consistently and
blog, which mean n choose to beco
that you post so s that they will rec me a
mething new. W eive notification
experiences, espe hen people learn every time
cially as a USAN more about you
your customers A Associate, the and your
or even your tea y might eventually
m members! become

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ications, Succes
s, Cats, Sales tool Links to this pos
s, USANA, t

Compliance Tip
s for Blogging Zachary Ross
Though blogging 10-Star Diamond
can be fun and ex Director
to make sure you citing, it is importa When creating a
sta nt to remember a
• Blogging may be y compliant within USANA’s socia few tips the most importa g,
considered a form l media guidelines nt
USANA business. of advertising if it : advice I could giv
or discussing the
This includes me
eting invitations,
is used to promote
your is to try and keep e
• If you are a Go
USANA opportunit
the mentioning of
products, personal. It can it
ld Director or abov be
for marketing pu e and prefer to ex very off-putting
rposes (i.e., prom pand the use of yo people use socia en
prospects, or tra ote the sale of US ur blog l
in your team), ple AN strictly for busin media
approval to the co ase ensure that yo A products, enroll new promotion. And, s
mpliance committe u first submit your it
or form of advertis
e as you would wi
th any other Intern
posts for works. When yo rarely
• If you provide co ent. et site u
a social network build
nta wi
more about USAN ct information on your blog so rea friends, family, an th
requiring all posts
A, then it may be
deemed to be a
ders can call to lea acquaintances, d
to be submitted USANA-related blo rn the
will grow from the rest
• Avoid using Ad for approval. g, re.
Sense or other ad
tend to automatica vertisement gene
lly display negativ rator
• And remember, e information abou s on your blog as they Count Down to
general guidelines t network marketin Vancouver
social media We for using USANA- g.
b sites are found
Procedures. n in section 3.3.1 of specific material on
the Associate Po
licies &

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mble at 10:30AM
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nce, Marketing, Soc
Links to this pos 2010 Olympic Gam
ial Networking, Pol es
icies, USANA, t Feb 12, 2010
Days Hours Minu
tes Seconds
5 3
Done 12 6
Top Associates for
September 27, 2009 to November 14, 2009

Associate Enrollers
Top Associate Enrollers are based on the number of personally sponsored downline members enrolled.

Associate Number Associate Number

Name Enrolled Region Name Enrolled Region
Jie Hu 44 Hong Kong Everlita David 11 California, USA
Daniel & Luly Garza 27 Nuevo León, México Weijiao Pan 11 Hong Kong
Juntao Xie 26 Hong Kong Marcela González & 10 Jalisco, México
Zhiqiang Liang 19 Hong Kong Luis Vizcaíno
Lynn Allen-Johnson 18 Florida, USA Lidyayatty Abdul Malik 10 Malaysia
Jian-Guo Shen 17 Australia Xiaoyun Hu 10 Hong Kong
Bo Wang 17 Hong Kong Jujin Chen 10 Hong Kong
Aiman Ahmad 16 Malaysia Xiumin Huang 10 Hong Kong
Alma Corres Zincúnegui 15 Jalisco, México Heriberto Avalos & 10 Baja California Norte,
Timothy & Delbra Lewis 14 Alabama, USA Carmen Morales México
Heshie Segal 14 Pennsylvania, USA Delia Yuelian Wang 9 New Zealand
Ainol Rahayu Dahlan 14 Malaysia Zi & San Kwong 9 Maryland, USA
Mohamad Jusoh & 14 Malaysia Huang Huaquan 9 Hong Kong
Shadiah Mat Ali Shaohong He 9 Hong Kong
Justina Rudez 13 Florida, USA Minghui Zhao 9 Hong Kong
Manuel & 13 Baja California Norte, Leying Gao 9 Hong Kong
María Elena Norzagaray México Fuxiuan Chen 9 Hong Kong
Aiju Luo 12 Hong Kong Juan He 9 Hong Kong
Yan Pan 12 Hong Kong Man Lok Yeung 9 Hong Kong
Jose Manuel Mei Yu Yung 9 Hong Kong
Herrera Delgado 12 Michoacán, México Lihua Yang 9 Hong Kong
Robin Tremblay & 11 Québec, Canada Siu Lan Leung 9 Hong Kong
Annie Poitras Steve & Crystal Nitz 9 Illinois, USA
Olivier Dumais & 11 Québec, Canada Consuelo & Jesús Garay 9 Sonora, México
Sabrina-Catherine Hitch Jia Luo 9 Ontario, Canada
Haorong Liao 11 Hong Kong René Campbell Zardain 9 Estado de México, México
Chau Fong Yip 11 Hong Kong Yin Kan Ho 9 Hong Kong

42 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Income Earners
Top Income Earners are determined by the total commissions earned.

Associate Name Region Associate Name Region

Rita Hui Hong Kong Bill & Jenny Huang New Zealand
Collette Larsen & Zachary Ross California, USA Tom & Lorie Mulhern and
Jeremy Stansfield Utah, USA Patti & Rik Jamieson Washington, USA
Connie Yao & Jim Barabe British Columbia, Canada Fiona Jamieson-Folland &
Alan & Queen To Hong Kong Chris Folland New Zealand

Liu Tang Jung & Pan Hsiu Jou Taiwan Ping Gao & Hao Chuan Zhang Australia

Bryan & Monica Penrod Texas, USA Josephine Hsieh Taiwan

Vincent & Mable Chan British Columbia, Canada Mei Huang New York, USA

Lynn Allen-Johnson Florida, USA Larry & Nancy Bunn Washington, USA

Dr. Wen Chi & Zang Houng Wu New Jersey, USA

Layda & Bryan Morris Texas, USA Preferred Customer
Jasmine Zhao Lu Singapore Enrollers
Robert & Daryl Allen California, USA
Top Preferred Customer Enrollers are
Conchita Vargas Lugo & calculated by the total enrolled
Paola Vargas Lugo Puebla, México Preferred Customers who purchased
Annette & Victor Que British Columbia, Canada a minimum of 25 points.
Daniel & Dr. Paige Hunter Texas, USA
Associate Number
Duke & Sheila Tubtim California, USA Name Enrolled Region
Bob & Mary Lin and Xian & Jaysee Carsen 109 Nevada, USA
Amy Shen Australia Gordon Tough 59 Ontario, Canada
Wang Bai Lu & Chiang Chun Tze Taiwan Zora Pesio 38 Washington, USA
Timothy & Delbra Lewis Alabama, USA Janet Morrison 33 Australia
Steven Chen & Zhi Xian Jin Australia Luke Lu 29 California, USA
Jacques Fiset & Sophia Marcoux Québec, Canada Dr. Christiane Northrup 22 Maine, USA
Susanne & John Cunningham Manitoba, Canada Luke Shen 22 California, USA
Lyndon Redman & Matt Johnson 20 Wisconsin, USA
Marie-France Morin Nevada, USA Meilian Liu 20 Hong Kong
Tao Pang & Chun Y. Liu Maryland, USA Weihong Li 20 Hong Kong
Gordon Zuo 20 British Columbia, Canada
Penelope & Phil Kirk Arizona, USA
William Deng 20 British Columbia, Canada
Frank Feng & Bin Yang Australia
Wesley Epplin 19 Illinois, USA
Carmen Marshall Colorado, USA
Linda Lee Lim 18 California, USA
Feng Ye & Jian-Qin Gu Australia
Xiaoping Zhang 18 Hong Kong
Ya Chen Hou Taiwan Isabelle Tremblay 17 Québec, Canada
Ying Li Hong Kong Jason Liu 16 British Columbia, Canada
Pete & Dora Zdanis Pennsylvania, USA Pam Wisner 15 United Kingdom
Tony & Tammy Daum Florida, USA Vada Nail 15 Texas, USA
Ying Chiao Wang Taiwan Olivier Dumais &
Sabrina-Catherine Hitch 14 Québec, Canada
Susan Waitley California, USA
Liping Qin 13 Hong Kong
Matt & Shanna Ryan Texas, USA
Susan Winters 13 Connecticut, USA
Yuan Xiao Qing Singapore
Yiqun Wang 13 British Columbia, Canada
Peter & Bibiana Pau Washington, USA
Jenna Siskey 13 North Carolina, USA
Eduardo Barreto Distrito Federal, México Janice F. Moranz 12 New Mexico, USA
Dennis Chen & Xiao Nan Wang New York, USA Gerard & Susan Ventrella 12 New Jersey, USA
Dean & Sherri Chionis Illinois, USA Melissa Johnson 12 Wisconsin, USA 43
Sensé Web Site ™

Gets a Makeover
Written by Amber Bailey

Welcome to the new

You know Sensé™ is the best skin-care
line. Now it has the gorgeous new Web site
to go with it. The new
offers simple navigation and features that
make it easy to read and exciting to use.
Use the site as a resource to help your
customers discover why Sensé is the best
choice for them and to understand which
products they should use. It’s also a great
way to build brand visibility that will bolster
your business and impress your prospects!

• Explains the beautiful benefits and unique
differences of all Sensé products
• Gives a complete breakdown of the beneficial
ingredients found in every Sensé formulation in
a useful ingredient glossary

• Details how using The Basic 3-Step Program
and The Enhancers targeted treatments will
promote radiantly healthy, younger-looking skin
• Illustrates the proven results of Sensé’s
Ultimate Regimen with the 8-Week Clinical Test
Results graph
Spa Parties
• Creates excitement around these great events
that promote the remarkable Sensé products
• Allows prospects to request to host a spa
party or to receive more information about
selling Sensé*

About Sensé
• Shows Sensé in the spotlight at major events
and in the media
• Gives a glimpse of the celebrities who are fans
of Sensé

• Summarizes the Sensé story of science-
based skin care
• Describes the advanced technologies that
make Sensé products shine

• Sends new customers directly to the shopping
cart to order products
• Helps you capture the sales volume; simply
make sure to provide your new customers
with your Associate ID or, better yet, walk
through the order process with them

* Leads will be given to Associates based on eligibility.

USANA Games Winners
Pulling toget
League 1—
USANA League
1st Place: Legacy Alpha

2nd Place: Mission Possible

3rd Place: The First Place Team

The third round of the USANA Games

has come to an end and the results are
League 2—
in! With hundreds of teams challenging 1st Place: 100 Limites
each other, the contest was intense. 2nd Place: Front Runners!

Participants came together for a 3rd Place: Best Team

strong finish, and a lucky few

became the champions. League 3—
“Participating in the USANA Games
1st Place: Ken Wok

has given me the opportunity to 2nd Place: New York Superstar

strengthen my team and help them 3rd Place: Superhealth
become leaders. It was really exciting to
see them do their own presentations and

Everlita David
develop their strategies for prospecting and
enrolling new Associates and customers.
League 4—
Bronze Director
California, USA
Not only did our team grow, but we all
learned and developed individually. The 1st Place: ETI Group 2
best part of the games was doing our 2nd Place: HealthPak 100
presentations together. Through teamwork
3rd Place: Reg’s Harem
and working toward the same goal, I believe
that a team can become a powerhouse.”
h er for the win
League 5— League 9—
Body Rox E-Prime
1st Place: Health & Freedom 1st Place: Aspire

2nd Place: Red Hot Rubies 2nd Place: Red

3rd Place: Team Crush it! 3rd Place: Qianjin

League 6— League 10—

Proflavanol Winners will spend Visionex
1st Place: Success
a relaxing weekend 1st Place: Shenli

2nd Place: Success & Fun

at the luxurious 2nd Place: USANA Wave

3rd Place: Les REV3

Pointe Hilton Tapatio 3rd Place: Miss Mission Possible
Cliffs Resort in
Phoenix, Arizona,
League 7— February 18–21,
OptOmega 2010. In addition,
1st Place: Dragon & Eagle they will get the in-
2nd Place: No Bull credible opportunity
3rd Place: TrueHealthWarriors to participate
in a one-day
League 8— specialized training
BiOmega led by New York
1st Place: Master’s Business- Times best-selling
Eagles Team author and 3-Star
2nd Place: Five Elements Diamond Director
3rd Place: Live a Little Robert Allen.
[ Supplemental Facts ]

The key ingredients to some of

USANA’s most fascinating people

Jennifer Heil

A n Olympic Champion, World

Champion, and four-time World
Cup Overall Winner in Freestyle
Mogul skiing, Jennifer Heil is one of
the most decorated USANA-sponsored
athletes. As one of Canada’s premier
athletes, Jennifer’s approach to life consists
of a dedication to hard work and a vibrant
spirit. Here, she reflects on a life of winning
gold medals, patience, and a love affair
with shoes.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? If you could change

After a long competition season and one thing
having crossed way too many time zones, about yourself,
perfect happiness is surfing a secret wave what would it be?
in the South. To be more patient…
I’m working on it! Jennifer Heil,
What is your greatest fear? Olympic Champion
Mice, oh I hate them! What do you consider your
Freestyle Mogul Skier
greatest achievement?
Which historical figure would you Winning Gold at the 2006 Winter
most like to meet? Olympic Games.
Leonardo da Vinci.
What is your most treasured possession?
Which living person do you most admire? The handmade leather bag I received in
Nelson Mandela and Mavis Leno. a remote village in Burkina Faso, in West
Africa. Burkina Faso is one of the poorest
What is your greatest extravagance?
countries in the World. The generosity of
its people, who have so little, has forever
Which words or phrases do you touched my heart. If you were to die
most overuse? and come back as a
Where would you most like to live?
The Sunshine Coast in Australia!
person or thing, what
would you choose
Which talent would you most like
What do you most value in your friends? to come back as?
to have?
A free spirit.
To be able to hit the right notes when I would come back as the
I sing. What is your favorite book? fastest living creature, a
I just finished Three Cups of Tea, and it is bird called the peregrine
What is your current state of mind?
a must read! falcon. I would be able to
Looking forward to the 2010 Olympics
reach flying speeds of up
at home in Vancouver. What is your motto? to 300km/hr.
Do the important things to your fullest.

48 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

A Whole New Way to

the Ice
Written by Laura Lewis 49
A Whole New Way to Break the Ice
Sometimes, the best things come in smallNpackages.
nals Yo
u Can T
You don’t believe it? Just take a look at USANA’s newest t

prospecting tool and you’ll agree that this little book packs
a punch that can entice even the toughest prospect. Ask Silver Vis
d Chairman

Director Dwayne Eberle of Saskatchewan, Canada: “What I

t me no
Founder an microbiolo
gist, imm
recognized robiology

have noticed is that prospects like simplified information that rnationally D. in mic
Wentz, inte holds a Ph.
Dr. Myron diagnosis,
ctio us disease h.
tory r in infe sity of Uta

EsHsis res high- and pionee the Univer stics. USA

manufactu logy from viral diagno
and immuno Pow NA CEO
tells the entire story but doesn’t require a great deal of time to entials USANA Health Sciences dev elops and ducts, and to develop stic
ement pro es in 1974 ilable diagno erful

ght-manag ll Laboratori rcially ava
d in 1992, healthy wei by indepe
ndent founded Gu first comme hospitals
and CEO
Founde nts, ted Dr. Wentz luding the rketing to
l suppleme are marke assa ys, inc ove d for ma
2 with the , Jan.
USAN quality nutritiona ts, which ral of his e FDA-appr nces in 199 1
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A He rition.
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Associatesectrum tritiona clinical labo ed produc
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Optim N

pick out what is most important to you to focus on. “I believe

—to pr

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in the K.I.S.S. format; however, I have changed it a bit: Keep
A Opt
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their sp that enable extens
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Aw a N A F o u n
ecific duals tion of
needs. to custo state-o rd fo
r Ou der Dr. M
It Simple—Straightforward. And the Vision Book helps me do
mize a f-t
nutritio he-art nutri
nal pr tional tstan
to mee

that.” The Science The

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Behind US

If you haven’t used USANA’s Vision t In the Wor
a mission 2009 Best
founded with of S
Ranked Bes
, 2008
USANA was est quality , 2007 tate
ture the high , 2006
to manufac mise—
d of out compro
any in the fiel
products with
leading comp prove the lives of
You Can Tru
the world’s Nutritionals

Book to prospect, you are missing out USANA is lps im

d nu triti on . USANA he rld in tw o ways: committed
tothe highest
health an und the wo USANA is gn and
of people aro standards of
product desi
trust guarantees
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on one of the best opportunities to

that custo potency of
ever y nut roach
products ensive app
1. Superior t offers sells. USANA
’s com preh
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program tha to product
developmen e,
rk marketing rage are complet
both the ave
tive netwo nutritional
form ulas
2. An innova ensation for , and effectiv

give your friends, family, co-workers, d ba lan ced comp balanced, safe
fair an A Associa
ou s US AN
and ambiti
whomever, a quick, simple overview of USA

everything USANA has to offer.
One of the reasons this tool is so great is its compact size. It’s small and discreet, making it the perfect
leave-behind. You can keep a handful in your purse or your BDS. And look for those unexpected Timing
opportunities to pull one out of your carry-on bag when you’re traveling and sharing an armrest with a Baby bo
that has
omers are
meets thi
tripled ove
aging and
s demand
are seekin
by offeri
g pro
ng qual

complete stranger.
r the las
t five yea

Many wis ce
h they cou
high sta ld start
rt-up cos their ow

But the inside of the Vision Book is even more amazing. Never before has USANA created such a simple
opportu ts or a lac n business
nity to bu k of busin b
internati ild a busin ess experi
onal com ess from en
pany. home wit

tool that covers every aspect of the USANA opportunity so concisely. Credibilit
ass athlet
experienc es, best-s
ed busin elling aut
fair busin ess profes hors, res
ess model sionals pra pected s

Who knows, this little book just might be what entices your prospects to attend your next Health & Freedom
. ise USAN
A’s hi

Presentation. Just like you trust your health to USANA, you also trust USANA to provide you with the best
tools available to share this opportunity with those around you. And what better way to introduce USANA’s
vision than with USANA’s Vision Book? Food
ovide l
d to pr eded to he
velope ne
s w ere de nu tr ients
od y
A® Fo -qualit t.
USAN mic, high lose weigh
-g ly ce an d
low alth
ain he

With the arrival of a new year comes a new dedication to your

business. Why not start it out right with a fresh, new prospecting tool
that will help break the ice with your future downline members?

How do I use it?

• Keep a few in your purse or car to hand out at a moment’s notice.
• Slip one into your favorite USANA DVD sleeve before you give it away.
• Invite your friends over to cheer on the USANA athletes during the Olympics and have a
few copies of the Vision Book sitting on the coffee table for them to browse through.
• Place them on the chairs at your next prospecting event (i.e., Health & Freedom
Presentation, Sensé Spa Party, etc.). It’s a great way for your guests to share with those who
didn’t attend (such as a spouse) all the ways USANA can impact their lives.
• Build information kits for prospects that include the Vision Book. n
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How to Host a
Nutri A sup
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. Six Ways
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Add some fun and draw more guests to your Sensé Spa
Parties this year! If you’ve never held a spa party before,
they are a great way to attract prospects interested in
learning about skin health and beauty. Make your event
unique and personal by creating a theme with your invita-
tions and decorations. Read more for ideas.

Written by Amber Bailey

Winter Skin Pampering Love Your Look Spring Cleaning

The cold, clear days of winter can February brings flowers, chocolates, When the harsh winter months are
bring more than just a rosy glow to and jewelry. Offer something more over, spring brings the perfect time
people’s cheeks. They can also lead to long lasting, less fattening, and less to think about a beauty-regimen
dry skin on hands, face, and feet. Host expensive by hosting a Love Your change with a Spring Cleaning Spa
a Winter Skin Pampering Spa Party Look Spa Party. This is a great way Party. Our skin can take a beating
and provide winter skin-care tips while for your prospects to show their skin during those long, cold winter months.
giving a hand treatment or facial! some extra love and enjoy some much A relaxing facial will renew your
needed pamper time! Also works well guests’ complexions before they start
Invitation: Make your invitation in for couples. spending more time outdoors.
the shape of a mitten.
Invitation: Make your invitation in Invitation: Make your invitation in
Table decorations: Use colorful the shape of a heart or rose. the shape of a flower or flowerpot.
gloves and scarves to help brighten
the winter blues. Table decorations: Reflective hearts, Table decorations: Spring flowers,
champagne flutes, roses, candles. flowerpots, garden gloves, spade.

Prospecting Tip:
If you don’t want to send printed invitations, an easy and effective way to invite guests to your Sensé Spa Party
is to create an event on Facebook. Invite those who don’t have a Facebook account with an e-mail or eCard. n

52 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

[ Message from Jennifer Azzi ]

Using Life Lessons

to Build Your

O ur team trained and traveled interna-

tionally for 18 months leading up to
the Atlanta Olympics. About a year
before the Games, we played a college tour against
the top NCAA colleges in the United States. One
of our stops happened to be Atlanta.
Prior to our arrival, our coach told us she had a
surprise waiting for us when we got into town.
After checking into the hotel, we boarded our bus
not knowing where we were headed. We arrived
at the Georgia Dome about 10 minutes later. The
Georgia Dome is a football stadium, but for the
Olympics, the dome would be split in half, with
basketball occupying one side and gymnastics the
other, each seating 35,000 fans.
We were escorted into the dark, cavernous, empty
stadium. When the stadium lights went on, we as the one out on the field that afternoon have
felt like we were in a scene from a movie. It was taught me powerful life lessons. That day I learned
hard to imagine that this massive place would be that all success starts with motivation and vision. Think of your own life
transformed into an Olympic venue. We walked Along the way, I’ve also discovered that it requires
teamwork and hard work. lessons, your unique
out to the 50-yard line and the lights went out. A
video began to play on the enormous jumbotron The lessons I learned throughout my athletic skill set from whatever
at the end of the field. We watched in awe as the career have been instrumental in helping me build your profession, career,
video played highlights from past Olympics. Jackie a USANA business. Because most of us did not go or schooling. Use those
Joyner, Carl Lewis, Nadia Comaneci… athletes to school to learn how to do network marketing, it’s
striving to be their best, winning medal after medal. important that you think of your own life lessons— lessons and skills to
After the video, our coach motioned for Teresa your unique skill set from whatever your profession, build your USANA
Edwards (five-time Olympian) to put her career, or schooling—and use them to build your business.
Olympic gold medals in the center of the field. We USANA business.
joined hands and she told us to picture ourselves Take a piece of paper and list your skills and
right here winning our gold medal. She said, “This how they can help build your business. It will give
is where we are going to win. We are going to do you the confidence you need to move forward.
it. We can do it. It’s going to take all of us, and we Picture where you want to be, and go for it! I
have to work very, very hard, but we are not going would say, “Go for the Gold,” but in this business
to leave this building next summer without a gold you want to go for the Diamond!
medal.” We passed Teresa’s medals around. It was Read Jennifer’s blog at
A long-time fan of USANA products, Jennifer Azzi is
the first time I had held one of these in my hands— currently a paid endorser and successful Independent
it was magic. It suddenly became a reality that we Distributor on behalf of USANA.
were on our way to having our own medals.
To this day I think about that visit to the P.S. Let’s cheer for all of our USANA athletes in Vancouver
Georgia Dome and how vital those visions of competing for their Olympic dreams!
winning the gold were for all of us. Moments such 53

Juan Alanis, Nydia Beltrán, Tim Chen, Yun Chen, Victoria Chu,
Nuevo León, México Baja California Norte, México California, USA New York, USA California, USA

Nancy Crites, John Del Rosario, Samuel Reséndiz Elizalde, Jasmohanjit Gill,
Alberta, Canada British Columbia, Canada Baja California Norte, México British Columbia, Canada

Long Kui Jin, Gloria Lan, Jorge Adalberto Lara,

New York, USA California, USA San Luis Potosi, México

Fabiola Hernández López, Shelly Matsos,

Chihuahua, México Ontario, Canada

Jacqueline Mendoza,
California, USA

54 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Tiffany Pham, Ron & Cindy Salinas, Ginette Sénéchal, Steve Sheng, Karen Sievwright,
California, USA Texas, USA Québec, Canada New York, USA Alberta, Canada

Christopher & Lizzie Smiley, Gabriela Springa-Reyes & Li Wang, Wenli Yang,
Texas, USA Emilio Reyes, California, USA New Jersey, USA California, USA

Ji Fang Yin, Guirong Zhang, James Zheng,

New York, USA New York, USA California, USA

New Silver Directors Not Featured:

Pinkie Briones, California, USA Zhiyong Qiu, British Columbia, Canada
M.Y. Cai, British Columbia, Canada Jo Rainsley, United Kingdom
Xiuzhen Chen, New York, USA Mick Rolton, United Kingdom
Zhao Xiong Du, New York, USA Lei Sheng, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth Ebarvia, California, USA Yun Sheng Song, California, USA
Anick Gauthier, Québec, Canada Monika Thach, California, USA
Lan Lan (Annie) Ji, New York, USA Ray Ulatan, California, USA
Mingshun Jin, New York, USA Martha Walls, Tennessee, USA
Randy Katz, California, USA Wendy Wei, California, USA
Lihua Li, Virginia, USA Hong Xu, Washington, USA
Mei Zhu Lin, New York, USA Qixiao Ye, New York, USA
Pat Paulus, Pennsylvania, USA Xiaohua You, British Columbia, Canada
Patsaraphorn Phumduang, California, USA 55
Asia-Pacific Advancements
USANA Health Sciences congratulates all of our Asia-Pacific Associates
who advanced from September 27, 2009 to November 14, 2009.

Huang Chiung Hung, Taiwan
Li Ying, Hong Kong

Andrew Lau Cheng Hiong & Mamoru Ono, Japan
Esther Chong Su Mee, Malaysia Li Ping Zhu, Australia
Akira Ida, Japan
Kimiko Kawakubo, Japan
Xia Liu, Hong Kong

Dorinda An & Xiaohong Jiao, Hong Kong
Susan Yang, Australia Hong Yan Li & Wei Wu, Australia
Juan Zhen Chen & Kenji Nakagawa, Japan
Ru Dong Li, Australia Lingling Tong &
Chin Chi Kiong & Hok Chung Wong, Hong Kong
Carol Cong Sui Ngo, Malaysia Joseph Tu &
Peter Chin Jia Mean, Malaysia Wee Choon Eng, Malaysia
Changjie Ge, Hong Kong Lihong Wu, Hong Kong
Jianhua Gu, Hong Kong Edward Yu, Australia
Zhaohui Hao, Hong Kong Pinlan Zheng, Hong Kong
Zhenshi Hu, Hong Kong Chaohui Zhong, Hong Kong
Ping Huang & Jiong Shi, Australia

Congratulations also to our 120 new Silver Directors and 32 new Bronze Directors from our Asia-Pacific market.

56 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

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’s e ou
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kn a . e s h
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jo ine s l f o dy o
til res
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s W
bu i s s ose u fin ne.
h y ea of th If yo t alo that
it e t
Th a lo age ’re n un a ,
. o t

g u r
are win t, yo her atch
th ur lu

o a t
sh s bo ano rem
i e A
th lik on?
u i
yo olut ill?
res ou w
e N t


Reew io
m Ye s
at ar

vi dB
c ’s


USANA’s got
you need


win that

It’s no secret that the
majority of our New
Year’s resolutions revolve
around our waistlines. There’s
holiday weight to be lost, and the
New Year is time for a new start—time to
RESET. This is a great time to roll your mental
calendar back to January 1, buy your RESET kit, and
go out and win your resolution rematch.

And if the inspiration you’ll get from world-class athletes Jennifer

Azzi and Derek Parra—who lead the 30-minute exercise program that
comes with your kit—isn’t enough, set up a weight-loss challenge with your
team. Competition brings out the best in all of us, and sometimes a little push
is all we need to succeed.

Look at what Ruby Director Vern Lapuz was able to accomplish while
participating in a weight-loss challenge with his team—he’s lost
almost 80 pounds after starting on RESET in January 2009.* But
RESET didn’t just help Vern drop all that weight; it helped
him advance to Ruby. Diamond Director Michael Callejas
also used RESET to make the jump up from Emerald.

With so many people looking for a way to lose

weight—and to turn those resolutions into
results—why not set up a weight-loss challenge
Vern Lapuz
and let RESET help shrink your prospects’
waistlines while growing your business?

You have your chance at a resolution

rematch. And, with RESET, you
have what you need to win.

* Results not typical. The typical

weight loss is 4.5 pounds in 5 days.

Gail Amundrud, Crisanto Asis, Kimberly Cheng, Everlita David,

Alberta, Canada British Columbia, Canada California, USA California, USA

Serge Gagnon, Cecilia Guerrero Joe Katchka,

Québec, Canada & David Enriquez, California, USA
Querétaro, Méxcio

Randine Lewis, Carmen Morales &

North Carolina, USA Heriberto Avalos, Baja
California Norte, México

New Bronze Directors

Not Featured:
Jose Juan Palma &
Maritza Mercado,
Barbara Kaleta, Alberta, Canada
Jalisco, México Zhao Lianhua, New York, USA
Wenqin Liu, Texas, USA
Hui Min Lu & Yu Ming Lu, British Columbia, Canada
Yunqiang Ni, New York, USA
Lisset Montes De Oca, California, USA
Prapakorn Promboot, California, USA
Luke Shen, California, USA
Bin Song, British Columbia, Canada
Jie Wang, Texas, USA
Xinhua Wang, Texas, USA
Xuetuan Wang, New York, USA 59
Feel The Warmth Of The
Holiday Season!

Spend an amazing week aboard the newest member of

the Royal Caribbean family—Liberty of the Seas. Enjoy all

the amenities the ship has to offer while receiving valuable

business tips during the three days we’re at sea. But, of

course, it’s not all about work. Don’t forget to leave some time

for fun in Miami, Costa Maya, Belize City, and Cozumel!

See you there!

“USANA cruises give us a unique opportunity to brainstorm with

other USANA Associates in addition to getting to know and
spend time with USANA corporate leaders and their families.
The friendships and ideas that we have developed over
dinner or on excursions to exotic locations are some
of our most cherished memories.”
1-Star Diamond Directors Phil & Penny Kirk

Visit for more information

Why does USANA Soar Above the Competition?

Highest Payout Percentage †

• Highest payout percentage of profits.† More sales dollars going back to Associates in commissions.
• Anyone can succeed. Based on your efforts, not when you start.
• Six different ways to earn income, including USANA’s unbeatable Matching Bonus.
Whether you are seeking a part-time, full-time, or big-time business, USANA offers a wealth of reasons it should be your
direct selling opportunity of choice. Compare for yourself and see why USANA has been voted Distributor Choice “Best
Company” in NetWork Marketing Today & The MLM Insider Magazine for 10 years!

Percentage of No Group No Breakaway Offers Weekly Payout International/
Sales Paid in Volume Volume Carryover Seamless
Commissions† Requirement Volume

USANA 44.9% $ $ $ $ $

Herbalife 32.7% $*

Medifast (TSFL) ** $

Nuskin 41.7% $*

Pre-Paid 26.1% $ $

Reliv 38.1% $
† Numbers were calculated using Q2 2009 financial results for profitable public reporting companies in the industry.
*China market differs
**Does not breakout commissions separately in their public filings.

• No group volume requirements. You, and only you, are responsible for ensuring you are eligible to earn commissions.
• No breakaway volume. You aren’t punished for helping your downline be successful with additional volume requirements.
• Carryover volume. As long as you remain eligible to earn income, you never lose any volume you’ve accumulated.
• Commissions paid weekly. You can start seeing results from your efforts in as little as one week!
• International Seamless. One organization allowing worldwide growth.
$85,000 is the average annual income for established, full-time USANA Associates. $23,300 is the average annual income for Associates who earn as little as one commission check a month. Total includes
all earnings from the compensation plan, Leadership Bonus, and contests and incentives. Calculations based on earnings between February 2008 and January 2009. Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual
earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts. To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned checks at a median rank for at least 16 weeks. According to results from an in-house survey taken
between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future. 21% of that group earns a check at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to
earn enough to replace a full-time income, 41% have been Associates for at least one year and 56% are full-time Gold Directors and above. The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Center during the
year equals less than 1% of all Associates. Those earning as little as one check a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates. The average annual income for all 158,934 USANA Associates, including those who are brand new or who
are not actively building a business, is $618.55, with nearly one in three earning a check. To date, USANA has more than 130 Million Dollar Club members.
Events 2010
6 Tacoma, Washington Spa Party
11 Columbus, Ohio Spa Party (subject to change)
13 Minnesota Spa Party
20 Toronto, Ontario Spa Party
18–21 2009 USANA Games Round 3 winners’ trip to
Pointe Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs, Phoenix, Arizona
Head south for a USANA celebración
25–27 Morelia, México Celebration

4–6 Las Vegas Celebration, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Resort
Spring into action to secure your place at Gold Retreat.
26 Last day to start a Gold run to attend the Summer Gold Retreat

April Learn how to host your own Sensé Spa

Party on by going to
15–18 Spring Gold Retreat at The Canyons
29– Old world charm meets “Prospecting” and clicking on “Sensé
business-building knowledge. Spa Party” then “Host Your Own Spa
May 1 Québec City, Canada Celebration
Party.” Or, to find one near you, click on
“Cities & Reservations.”
20–22 Asia Pacific Convention at the Hong Kong Convention
& Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

3–6 Summer Gold Retreat at The Canyons
19 Last day to start a Gold run to attend the Fall Gold Retreat

Want to know what’s going on in your area? Check “Contests & Events”
on to find an event near you.

16 Last day to qualify for convention recognition and awards

25–28 International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah

Sept. 30 Growth 25 Wailea Beach, Marriott Resort & Spa in Maui, Hawaii
–Oct. 4 The fall colors will never look better than when you see
them as a new Gold Director.
21–24 Fall Gold Retreat at The Canyons

Let people know about your event by adding it to “Associate Events”

under “Contests & Events” on

TBD Fortune 25, Buenos Aires and Iguassu Falls, Argentina

5-11 Celebration at Sea, Western Caribbean

Dates are subject to change without notice. Visit USANAtoday for more information.
[ Message from Denis Waitley ]

Dare to Make

M y first assignment as Chairman of

Psychology for the United States
Olympic Committee’s Sports
Medicine Council was at the 1980 Winter
Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York.
Many of you who are carrying USANA’s torch
into the future were either babies or children, or
not even born yet.
The inexperienced American ice hockey team
was an unlikely group. There were 20 of them,
averaging 22 years of age. It was a collection
of young, intelligent guys who were willing to Romania, and even West Germany. How
channel their egos and subject themselves to a could the American team come from behind
demanding training program. like that? How dare they?
According to their coach, Herb Brooks, he Then the impossible unfolded before my eyes.
wanted adaptable men who could think faster Before the game Brooks told his team that this
and skate better than their opponents. He used was their moment in history. Ten minutes to go.
USANA’s greatness
a special psychological test (which I still use in US 4, USSR 3. The crowd fell silent. And then
2010) to select his final team. Rather than try- it was history. The horn blew and there was the lies in the team. As
ing to assemble superstars, he was seeking team bedlam of victory—the pandemonium and the individuals, each player
players who could respond to stress and seize hurling of hockey sticks, the red-white-and- is good at what he or
the moment under pressure. And because his blue flags, the realization of triumph.
she does. But as a living,
players were resilient enough and eager enough As individuals, they were good. As a team,
to learn, they were also willing to dare to try. they were a transcendental winning machine, breathing network, a
The U.S. team was ranked number seven in a troop of unknown kids who became the best global family, USANA
an eight-team field, and they had the toughest ice hockey team in the world. They had been is a transcendental
schedule in the tournament. To make matters totally committed to their dream and in the
winning machine.
worse, the Americans had been blown off the process had reflected what all of us had always
yearned to see in ourselves. That the whole can A visible miracle in
ice by the Russians in the final exhibition game
by a score of 10 to 3 just prior to the Games. be greater than the sum of its parts. the making.
Was it because they were so young and inex- USANA’s greatness lies in the team. As indi-
perienced that they didn’t believe they couldn’t viduals, each player is good at what he or she
achieve their goals? Didn’t they watch the does. But as a living, breathing network, a global
evening news enough or read the morning family, USANA is a transcendental winning
paper enough to become discouraged? Was their machine. A visible miracle in the making.
weakness of inexperience actually their greatest Dr. Denis Waitley is a long-time believer in USANA
strength? and currently serves as a consultant to the company.
Down their competitors went. First Sweden
then Norway, then Czechoslovakia,

64 USANA Health Sciences Volume 1 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard. Hawaii is an adventure. The members of the
Growth 25 are adventure seekers. Imagine how much fun you could have in Hawaii. Now imagine how much
fun it would be to share an adventure with the brightest shining stars of USANA.
Amazing people paired with an amazing place make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The adventure lasts
from September 30 to October 4, 2010. Stop by to get full details and qualifying rules for
the North America Growth 25.

“ The Growth 25 trip definitely opened my eyes to the type of people USANA attracts.I experienced
bonding with a group of people who were very family-oriented, 
fun-loving, and had hearts of continuous support. I am proud to be a part of USANA!

- Duke Tubtim, 4-Star Diamond Director
USANA Health Sciences
3838 West Parkway Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Mix business and pleasure when you come

celebrate the USANA opportunity at one of
the most incredible spots in the United States.

Las Vegas
Tom & Lorie Mulhern
Diamond Directors
Washington, USA
”Celebrations are mini
conventions! We left the
March 4–6, 2010
San Diego Celebration in
February 2009 very excited
and with 80 action items from what we learned. It’s no gamble. You’re guaranteed
Four weeks later we went Diamond due to the new
momentum that was generated from that event.
to hit the business-information
That momentum continues today. Do everything jackpot at the Rio Hotel & Casino.
you can to attend a celebration.”
Come celebrate with
Simon Chan us in the glow of
Diamond Director the neon lights.
California, USA
“If I were to choose one
thing that had a huge
impact and helped me
become successful in
USANA, it would be going to a USANA Celebra-
tion. Back in April 2004, I was doing OK in USANA,
but my business really skyrocketed after I attended
my first USANA Celebration in San Diego. Within
one week, I became a Silver Director and I’ve never
looked back.”

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