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Strategy Activity Description

Introducing it as a Here are the steps you can outline for students:
Step-by-Step Step 1: Drop the ending
Process Step 2: Identify subject/pronoun
Step 3: ID ending that goes with subject
Step 4: Attach the stem

Teachers have found it especially helpful to post these steps on

a poster board somewhere in the classroom so that students can
refer to them at later points.

Marker Board Step 1: Teacher will have 3 students pass out a marker board,
CFUs marker, and eraser to each student. (Teacher will remind
students of marker board norms: no drawing on boards, hold up
when they have their answer, etc.)

Step 2: First, teacher will give the students an –Ar verb and they
will conjugate it in all forms of the present tense.

Step 3: Then, teacher will say a sentence in Spanish, and

students will translate it to English.

Step 4: Finally, teacher will say a sentence in English, and

students will translate it to Spanish.

Step 5: Teacher will then have 3 students collect the materials.

Chain Drills Looking at the verb chart, have the first student conjugate the 1 st
person of a verb (yo), the next person the 2nd person singular
(tú), the next person the él form, then ella, usted, nosotros,
vosotros, ellos, ellas, and finally, ustedes.

For the first couple of rounds, use verbs that you have already
conjugated that may already be written on the board.

Beanbag Toss Students will form a circle in your room. The first student begins
by saying the first person singular form of a verb in a given tense
(I/yo/je/ich, etc.), and then tosses the ball/beanbag to another
student. The second student continues by giving the next form
(second person singular). When all forms of that verb have been
correctly stated, start over and speed up the throwing or switch
to another verb. Since students don´t know who will be picked to
go next, they stay on task thinking about the next form.

Helpful hints: Be very clear about how you want your students to
form a circle. The first time you do the activity, be specific about
how you want them to make the circle, and time them. If they
don´t do it right, make them go back to their seats and do it
again. Time them to see how fast they can do it. Also, be very
clear about not throwing the beanbag or stuffed animal. Have a
student model how to toss it underhand, and tell them that if
they can´t handle it, they will go back to their seats and
conjugate many verbs on paper.

Venn Diagrams Make a list of verbs that you want them to practice conjugating
(great for oral on the Have
practice of verb them write
conjugations) their name
on the bottom
left hand
line. Each
write his or
her partner
´s name
in the bottom
right hand
line. They
should both write ¨we¨ on the top line in the middle (nosotros or
nosotras). Each student should pick 5 things that they do out of
the list of verbs that you have provided, and write them in the yo
form underneath their name. Give them 3-4 minutes to do so.
Partner one should ask partner two if partner two does what
partner one does, by conjugating each verb they have under
their name to the you form. Partner two responds appropriately,
and partner one adds the appropriate verbs in the correct form
underneath his or her partner´s name and in the we column (in
the we form). Then, the activity is repeated and partner two asks
partner one if he or she does what he or she does.

Index Card Index cards can be used for a variety of other objectives. You
Matching can use them to create a matching activity. For example, write
out each subject pronoun on different index cards.Then,
conjugate several verbs in all forms. Students then match the
correct conjugation to the correct pronoun. You can also use
this activity to match pictures to words, and to form sentences.
Helpful tips:
o Make the subject pronoun cards a different color from the others
o Give students a time limit.
o If you have students working in groups, make sure to give guidel
as to how you want them to all participate.
o This activity can require a large amount of prep, so get students
help you out in making them... Have a native speaker make the
during Bingo!
Surrender on 6 • Step 1: Pair students up.
• Step 2: Give each pair multiple copies of blank verb
conjugation charts, a dice, and stack of cards with a verb
written on one side.
• Step 3: Have students pick heads/tails and then flip a coin.
The student from each pair who accurately called the coin
toss will start by drawing a verb card and then use a verb
conjugation chart to conjugate the verb in a specific tense.
o If this student is able to conjugate the verb before her
partner rolls a 6 with the dice, she earns a point.
o If she isn’t able to complete the conjugation chart
before her partner rolls a 6, she doesn’t earn any
Step 4: Students must then switch roles and repeat steps Steps
2 and 3 until they run out of verb cards. The student who is able
to complete the largest number of verb charts is the designated