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Kirk Moore

315 Westeria Blvd.

Covington, Georgia 30016
Home: 770.788.3009 Cell: 770.356.0149

OBJECTIVE: To contribute my leadership skills compiled with my extensive knowledge in the corrugated industry &
warehouse operations within your organization. With dedicated attributes that will allow my ability to exceed
performance standards and perseverance in establishing goals including safety, quality and production.

Career Experience:

PepsiCo Gatorade Palletizer Operator. Ensured proper operation of palletizer packaging machinery. Operated palletizing
Division equipment to sort, transfer & stack pallets containers of finished products. Inspected product to
Atlanta, Georgia identify/detect defective packaging to predetermine resolution prior to shipment utilizing the SAP-Light
2/2006 to 10/2008 hammer. Validated labels & scan codes for accuracy. Effectively communicated any operational issues
as needed for resolution. Supported six departments to maintain daily operations as needed.

LinPac Inc. Interim Supervisor. Conducted supervisory functions during the absentee/vacation of permanent
Atlanta, Georgia supervisor in various departments. Directly supervised all employees assigned to the department.
1/1996 to 2/2006 Maintained quality, efficiencies and production levels set by management. Communicated these
standards to staff. Maintained inventories of rollstock and corrugators supplies. Conducted production,
safety, meetings with departmental personnel.

Singleface/ Double Operator. Operated an Aganti and Mitsubishi singlefacer on an 87” corrugator &
face paperboard to form corrugated paperboard material for containers; corrugates and combined three
sheets and be designated double-facing or single facing. Maintained operational functions with frequent
inspection of temperature checks & routine maintenance to ensure quality.

Utility Operator. Operated various corrugated machinery. Coordinated, facilitated and relieved 2nd shift
department of a 15 crew hourly personnel for breaks. Utilized an integrated computer system to ensure
accurate and timely completion of production as scheduled; complied with policies and procedures;
strictly adhered to quality checklist; perform general daily/weekly machine preventive maintenance to
reduce unscheduled downtimes and clean-up; performed accurate data entry and paperwork
documentation; performed all machine safety checks; maintained work area in safe, clean, organized
condition; ensured each manufactured order had correct load tags.

Stacker Operator. Inspection of corrugated sheet to ensure quality and order accuracy with attention to
detail. Verification of measurements for all corrugators sheets to meet customer guidelines. Operated
industrial vehicles and equipment. Fulfilled product orders by transporting corrugated sheets from the
conveyor, input inventory updates through the inventory system and conducted inventory and cycle
counts. Load and upload designated trailers. Ensured compliance with regulatory and company policies
and procedures. Recorded freight information on bill of loading, match information on freight bill with
description on bill of loading. Performed visual inspections and routine quality checks.

Deadline-Oriented • Windows • Safety Management • Analyzing Information • Dependability • Team-Oriented •
Inventory • Maintenance • Reporting • Production • Leadership • Data Entry • Scheduling • Problem-Solving
PepsiCo, Atlanta, Ga. Schmidt & Schmidt, Atlanta, Ga.
SAP- Systems, Applications and Products Corrugated Industry Seminar

References: Furnished upon request.