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Would Like to Announce the
Opening of their Satellite Office in Gonzales
2306 S. Burnside, Suite B
Gonzales, LA 70737
(Previous Dr. Geoffrey Fraiche's Office)

St. Elizabeth Family Fest
January 31, 2015
change. The health fair was
rebranded as Family Fest to
focus on the health and
well-being of families in
the community.

St. Elizabeth Hospital has
hosted an annual health fair for
more than 12 years. This year,
a health fair committee with
representatives of the hospital
and St. Elizabeth Physicians
thought it was time for a

“You wouldn’t think that such
minor changes could be
significant,” noted Jon Hirsch,
Director of Marketing, “but
they had a noteworthy and
positive effect on planning and
promoting the event. I think
the change in format – along
with the many improvements
made to the event – has
changed the mindset of all
those who have been involved
with planning and executing

the event.


“January stimulates a sense of
new beginnings and a desire for
change and this plays well with
the idea of a health fair, at the
heart of which is helping to
improve the lives of the people
in the community.”

Family Fest: Adventures in
Health will be held at the
TradeMart Building at the
Lamar Dixon Expo Center on
January 31st. There will be
more than 80 booths for
participants to visit, offering
health information, screenings,

and interactive activities on a
variety of health-related topics.
There will be a Play Zone for
kids featuring a number of
booths with activities related to
kids’ health, plus a rock climbing
wall, an obstacle course,
inflatables, and arts & crafts.
A long-time and key supporter
of Family Fest has been St.
Elizabeth’s Women’s Advisory


Council, a group of
professional women and
community leaders whose
mission is to provide the
hospital and physicians’ group
with ongoing constructive
feedback in order to enhance
services. Women’s Advisory
Council Chairperson Dee
LeJeune said, “This will be an
event where families can attend
that’s safe, educational, and –
most of all – fun. The most
inspiring aspect of putting
together Family Fest was witnessing the great partnerships
that have emerged between St.
Elizabeth Hospital and
Physicians and the many
community organizations who
stepped up to help make this
such a special event,” she said
“St. Elizabeth Hospital and
Physicians are very blessed to
have such great support
throughout our community,”
said Hirsch. “The community
partnerships we have been able
to cultivate over the years is
important to the well-being of
our organization and ultimately
benefits the citizens of the

Call Today for a Convenient Appointment:


6473 Hwy 44, Ste. 202 • Gonzales, LA 70737


community,” he said.
Hirsch also notes that it will be
a great opportunity for
members of the community to
receive numerous screenings in
one place, at one time, and all
for free. Screenings will include
concussion, glucose level,
vision, hearing, dental,
cholesterol, BMI, spinal
screenings, headache
screenings, and many more.
The sponsors of this year’s
Family Fest not only
contributed to the substance of
the event, they are the reason
we are able to host this event,”
said St. Elizabeth CEO
Robert Burgess.
“A number of our sponsors
have stepped up again and
again to support this event. We
are incredibly grateful to them
and to all the sponsors. If you
attend and benefit from Family
Fest in any way, please take
time out to call and thank our
sponsors because they helped
make it possible,” he said.


Jeremy Langlois,
Executive Chef

Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience

Latil’s Landing










Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
Wednesday-Sunday 9AM -7 PM

Cafe' Burnside:
11 AM- 2 PM daily

Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required

RIVER ROAD, BURNSIDE, LA • 225.473.9380 •

Keeping You
on the Road
and Legal.

For the past 18 years Jamie
Frederic-Braud has been organizing,
fixing and keeping all of your title
needs in order. In 1 way or another
she has always strived to keep
us legal.
In 2000 Tags & Titles was opened
full time and hasn't stopped growing
since. They are a FULL SERVICE
DMV OFFICE to process your
transfer of title & registrations,
license plate and duplicate titles
even overnight. Recently, Jamie
has expanded her services to
include MORE of the functions of the
state DMV office to include Driver's
License and Handicap ID & Hangtag
Renewals. In the works is
Reinstatement Services. “Being
able to assist my customers and
prevent them from having to suffer
the dreaded DMV trip has been a
promised fulfilled and a great asset
for business, said Jamie. The
convenience alone is worth your
trip to St. Amant.
Jamie pointed out the success of
her business is due to dedication
and knowledge her staff brings to
the table. Her staff has combined
80 years experience. We pride
ourselves on going above and
beyond to help you get your
paperwork completed

Robin Melancon

Jamie Frederick Braud
Jamie has
23 years
experience in
the industry.
From the first
days in 1992
as a notary
public and
Justice of the
Peace. She
started by helping out a few friends
and customers here and there while
JP because they couldn't get off
work to get to DMV. In 2000 she
went full time with Tags & Titles.
Helping people has been her way of
life and she proves that daily.
There's very few things that she
can't handle when called upon. Her
motto is: "If I can't figure out how to
help you, I'll send you in the right
direction to who can." I don't ever
want someone to feel lost and
helpless, there's always help.

Donna Sheets

Robin Melancon
with 29 years
handling DMV
titling. She has
been a Public
Tag Agent,
processing DMV
for 5 years.

Donna Sheets
with 24 years
experience in
notary, banking
and a previous
owner. She is
well-versed in
notarial proceedures and has learned the workings
as a DMV Public Tag Agent having
passed her certification in
September, 2014.

Dawn Gill

Tags and Titles is dedicated to
helping get your title work processed
conveniently and professionally.
They offer a full service DMV office,
Driver's License & Handicap
Renewal service. As well as a FULL
SERVICE notary office. There's also
the occasional wedding thrown in at
the chapel with Jamie presiding as
Ordained Minister. As she said,
there's very little that we can't do
here. Just give us a call and ask.

Dawne Gill
Specializing in
Handicap ID's &
Renewals and
our customers.
Dawns has
been snapping pictures for the past
year and making sure the customers
are happy with the results.

Lindsey Delaune

Lindsey Delaune
Specializing in
Driver's License,
Handicap ID's &
Renewals and
making sure
behind the
scenes work is in
order. Lindsey
has been with T&T for 3 years doing
a variety of jobs but was here at the
installation of the cameras last year
and has handled snapping the
pictures with perfection, as well as
maintaining her other duties and as
college student with dedication.
Jamie is very proud of the service
given at Tags & Titles and welcomes
you to come on in and find out for
yourself just how great a DMV
experience can be and how quick
and convenient. Please note, they
are a privately owned business and
therefore, there is a convenience
charge of $18.00 in addition to the
normal DMV fees for their
services. But for $18.00, what's
your time worth??
Tags & Titles is located on
Hwy. 431 in St. Amant between
Cajun Daquiris and Marlin’s Pizza.
Open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
and they don’t close for lunch.
After hours and mobile services
are available. Give them a
call at 644-1512


•  License Plates


•  Duplicate Titles
printed overnight


Personalized & Specialty


• Driver's License & ID
CARD Renewals
Handicap ID's & Plates


Whatever Your Needs, We Can Probably Help!
Give Our Friendly Staff a Call


• Wildlife & Fisheries
Processing for

Jamie Frederic–Braud PTA/Notary



• Bill of Sale • Donations
• Affidavits • Wills • Power of
Attorneys • Successions
• Real Estate Transactions
• Provisional Custody
• Business Sales


11296 HWY. 431, ST. AMANT, LA 70774





great! The workout is definitely
ballet inspired, so if you’re not
a dancer, it may be a little more
challenging. But that’s a good
thing, right?
The class started with light
weight movements combined
with lengthening leg extensions.
Variations of those moves
occurred for the next several
minutes. Then we moved to
the bar where we did lots of
plie’s, releve’s and leg lifts.
These are all small movements
that when done properly really
work the areas intended!
The classes are packed which is
a testament to the great classes
Body Sculpt offers.
Some of the classes offered are:
Barre sculpt, Below the Belt,
Amped, Barre
Belles, Barre Flow
and many more.

Happy 2015 Ascension Parish!
It’s that time of year again. A
time to motivate and regroup
on your wellness agenda!
A couple of months ago, I had
a goal to find some alternative
workouts in Ascension parish
and surrounding areas. If you
recall, my first class was a pole
dancing class at Teaze Fitness in
Baton Rouge. Well, this month
I wanted to find out more
about barre classes.
Barre classes were introduced
by Lotte Berk in the 1970’s.
These classes incorporate ballet
inspired dance moves and basic
exercise elements. Benefits of
barre are better posture, strong
and elongated muscles and
tightened and toned lower
body. Another great benefit is
that barre classes are also good
for pregnant women, because
they are no impact. There are
different variations of barre

classes, some of which incorporate resistance bands, balls and
free weights.

With all that said, I decided to
try Prairieville’s own Body
Sculpt Barre Studio, right off
Airline Hwy. The workout is

Before you head to the barre
though, make sure you have
appropriate clothing.
Something that’s cool and easy
to move in is your best bet and
barre socks with grips can help
avoid slipping.


So, if you’re looking for a workout
that’s fun, easy on
your joints and one
that can give you
leaner, more
defined muscles
check out Body
Sculpt in
Prairieville. For
more information,
go to their website
at or
call owner Shelly
Saurage (super
sweet lady!) at
Body Sculpt Barre
Studio is located at 37436
Ultima Plaza Blvd,
Suite G, Prairieville,
LA 70769.

Botox …
The Wrinkle Cure
Do you wake up and look in the
mirror and feel that you still look
tired? Are the frown lines and
crows feet seeming to get deeper?
Botox Cosmetic is the answer!
If you are like many of our
clients, you are a little scared of
Botox. But in fact, it has been
around a long time and is one of
the most popular and safe
cosmetic treatments we perform.
And best of all, IT WORKS.
Lets separate fact from fiction.

Myth 1.
Botox is not safe.

Myth 3.
Botox will give me
a “frozen” face.
Botox relaxes wrinkles caused by
overactive facial muscles. We can
selectively inject the muscle that
cause such wrinkles as crow’s feet,
frown lines and smile lines.
Botox does not have to affect
other muscles involved in overall
facial expressions. You will still
be able to show expressions.

Botox received FDA approval to
treat blepharospasms (spasms of
the eye muscles) in 1989. YES,
we have been using it in medicine for over 20 years. Approval
for cosmetic uses of Botox came
in 2002. Millions of people have
used Botox safely and effectively.

Shelly Esnard, PA-C

Myth 4.
Botox is painful.

Myth 2.
Botox can cause

Michele Musso, NP

Botox is a purified protein
derived from botulinum toxin.
Botulinum toxin comes from the
bacteria that can cause botulism
food poisoning. Botox, on the
other hand, remains at the injection site. In rare cases, the Botox
toxin effect may spread and cause
serious side effects that require
medical attention. It is important
to choose a qualified practitioner.

With over 18 years of Botox
injection experience for our
practice, our clients feel that
their injections are quick and
painless. The needles are tiny
and we use a small amount of
liquid. You may feel a slight
pinch during an injection. But
its over in less than 5 minutes.
If you think Botox may be
your answer, visit us for a
complimentary consult. We will
address your concerns and put
together a cosmetic plan for you.
Proudly Servicing the
Ascension area since 2006
2306-A S. Burnside Avenue
Gonzales, LA 70737

pastel colored freshwater pearls,
and the rich pastel shades of
Tahitian pearls.
Rose or pink gold is produced by
adding a small amount of copper to
the alloy. The more copper, the
“redder” the alloy. Peach gold is an
orangey-pink alloy that looks
especially attractive with clear,
white diamonds.


January - Garnet. Known
thousands of years for their
pomegranate color, a gift of garnet is

Many fashion-forward designers are
offering new two-tone jewelry styles
combining pink and white gold, or
pink gold and platinum in elegant
rings, pendants, pins, earrings,
bracelets, and necklaces.

Rose Gold Blooms
as a High-Fashion
with Layne Gautreau
The soft, luscious blush color of rose
gold is gaining new popularity this
season with designers of all types of
jewelry. It’s fresh, flattering, and fun
to wear because it blends so well with
all kinds of flesh tones.
The warm look of rose, pink, and
even peach colored gold also
combines beautifully with the more
popular pastel
tourmaline, pink and violet sapphires,
amethyst, pale blue topaz, light green
peridot, and soft yellow citrine. It
also goes well with pink and other

A timeless look that many men have
already discovered: masculine rings
and watch cases in rose gold or
two-tone rose gold and platinum or

your diamonds every day, soap, cosmetics, skin oils, and lotions tend to
build up and can form a film that
dulls a diamond’s lively sparkle.
To clean your diamonds yourself, soak
diamonds in a solution of water,
detergent, and ammonia. Then scrub
gently with a soft brush. Put the jewelry in a fine wire strainer and rinse
under warm running water. The
strainer prevents diamonds from slipping down the drain.
To keep your diamonds looking their
best they should be cleaned regularly.
The safest way is to let us do it for
you using a high powered steam bath

thought to be symbolic of a deep love
and having the ability to keep loved
ones safe during travel. Legend says
Noah used a garnet lantern to help
him steer his ark through the darkness
and protect him from evil and disaster. A diverse and complex gem
group, garnets are hard and durable.
Famed for its rich red color, consumers are always surprised to find
this gem available in a rainbow of
sparkling hues … everything except

Jewelry Doctor –

Care Tips for Diamonds
Diamond is the hardest substance
known to man. It is a brilliant,
sparkling, and durable gem but it is
also a magnet for grease. If you wear


made specifically for cleaning gems
and jewelry. That way we can also
make sure prongs or other settings are
not weak or loose.

Kara Casanova:

Baked into a Corner and a New Career
While growing up in Ascension
Parish, Kara Casanova enjoyed
writing, but didn’t have any
plans for turning her writing
into a career. But life has a
funny way of pulling one’s
untapped talents to the
forefront, and creating dreams
and opportunities around them.

Baton Rouge School System, to
develop anti-bullying and social
diversity curricula for children
in Pre-K through 5th grades.
ICare will release the curricula
in late January of this year, and
schools in and around the area
are already arranging school
visits by her. Kara will visit
both St. Amant and Sorrento
Primaries in the coming weeks.

Kara is the author of the hit
children’s storybook, Elvis the
Penguin, (WingSpan Press,
2013). The story is about a
baby penguin who is born with
a pompadour, and named Elvis.
He discovers his namesake’s
musical legacy, and decides he
wants to sing and perform on
stage like Elvis Presley. The
story takes children through
the hilarious mishaps Elvis the
Penguin encounters in pursuit
of his dream.

“I’m really proud of my story,
the illustrations and my little
penguin. It’s a great feeling to
have a book published and see
it do well. But it doesn’t
begin to compare with how
meaningful it is to sit down
with children to have

Ironically, it was while Kara was
baking that she came up with
the idea for her storybook. In
2005, Kara was icing penguin
cookies for her two youngest
children to take to school. The
icing on the penguins’ heads
wouldn’t flow correctly, and
when she finished them, she
stood back, and realized they all
looked like Elvis impersonators.

was a little punch drunk from
lack of sleep. But I thought a
penguin trying to be an Elvis

discussions about anti-bullying,
learning how to write well so
that you’re successful in any
career, and what it’s like to be
an author,” Kara stated. “It’s
an amazing thing to be able to
positively impact children, but
even more so when it’s the
children in your hometown. I
hope more schools in Ascension
Parish will have me come talk
to their students.”

“I looked at those cookies, and
just cracked up! It was in the
wee hours of the morning, I
“I’m fairly certain that none of
the students and teachers who
knew me at St. Amant High
School would ever have
imagined that I would become
a published author,” said Kara.
“I was focused on singing in
choirs, acting and modeling,
and my social life. My parents,
Buddy Earles and Cookie
Casanova Earles, didn’t exactly
expect a daughter to have any
kind of intellectual or
professional aspirations. I
could cook, and I could sing.
I think they figured I was
pretty much set for adult life,”
laughs Kara.

impersonator was hilarious. I
had to write it down.”


Kara hired an illustrator, LSU
art student Anne Lipscomb,
and had the book published in
late 2013. It immediately
began breaking records and
reaching publishing milestones.
The story also has an anti-bullying message, and Kara licensed
ICare, a non-profit in the East

Elvis the Penguin can be
purchased at The Book Rack in
Prairieville, SchoolAids in
Baton Rouge, and
other stores (see the Elvis the
Penguin website for more retail
and online locations.) Kara can
be contacted through the
website or on Facebook.

Feed the Needy
Annual Fundraiser
Raises & Donates
Over $30,000
to Families
In December 2006, Uncle Perry and
Aunt Susan Aldridge casually mentioned to
BAMA that there were three needy
families in the Gonzales area who were in
danger of going without the necessities
for Christmas.
That was all it took for the idea of “Feed
the Needy” to be born in the big heart of
the CEO, Thomas “BAMA” Aldridge.
It was a humble beginning that year as
BAMA asked Sheriff Wiley if he would
sponsor a pot of food to use as a fund
raiser in order to try to help these
families. The Sheriff obliged and BAMA
and his Souse Chef, “Bones” Sheets cooked
a hen and andouille sauce piquante which
was sold for the regular Saturday lunch at
Gonzales Country Club. The process raised
$800.00 and in turn, those three families
had an unexpectedly great Christmas.
Since those early days the Feed the
Needy has raised money to help our local

citizens in need for the Holidays. This year
the organization raised in Cash and Checks
the amount of $29,957.00. There was
$146 in kind donation of food and 28 cases
of frozen food was delivered to the
Battered Woman’s Shelter. Bringing the
total to $30,103.00
None of this would be possible without
the sacrifices and contributions of our many
generous donors. We had our usual great
team of volunteers who want no
recognition. These folks come back each
year because it becomes more evident that
there are many people right here in our
community that are “down on their luck”
and really need our assistance and
appreciate the help we are able to provide.
One of the most satisfying elements to
this year’s benefit was the fact that we sold
every serving of Jambalaya cooked. The
community really stepped up to the plate.
It is heart warming to know we live in a
community that cares about its citizens.
The funds raised were distributed to:

CHURCHES - $11,900.00
LOCAL SCHOOLS - $6400.00
- $6500.00

Special thanks to our major sponsors
who once again supplied the jambalaya
1 Sheriff Jeff Wiley
2 Blaine, Garrett and Cade Sheets
– River Parish Foods
3 Brandon Trosclair – Ralph’s
4 Jimmy Cruze – Personal
5 Lamendola’s Supermarket
#1 FACT about Feed The Needy –
We have zero expenses and all of the money
we collect stays right here at home to help
needy people.
Couple of touching stories –
1. A member of the Catholic Daughters of
America was one of our Secret Angels and
helped distribute assistance to needy families.
She wrote us a touching letter, “I can’t thank
ya’ll enough for helping my friend Mary (name
changed) out last year. She is doing so much
better and I believe it was from the caring gifts
that were given to help boost them through
the Holiday Season. She is still so grateful”
2. Another Secret Angel wrote to us after the
giving. “Thanks for your act of kindness that
you have shown to the children. May God
continue to richly bless you and your families.”
BAMA 241-0804 • RANDALL 270-4443
• WAYNE 715-3771


upward of $2,000. Not only will
range fees and green fees add up
quickly, taking lessons with a
professional golfer can really hit
your pocketbook. Most mid-tier
golf pros teach lessons at their
local club to help supplement
their income with lessons
averaging $30 per half-hour
sessions. Lessons with a top-rated
pro can reach as high as $200 an
hour. Each year Americans spend
$5 billion on golf equipment and
apparel, and another $20 billion
on green fees alone.

Finally, an
By Brandt Bourque

Saying money is tight these days
is an understatement. No matter
your income status, you are
undoubtedly more budget
conscious now than in years past.
But, everyone still needs a
getaway of sorts, a place to think,
to clear their mind, and to give
their brain a rest. Let’s look at
the cost of picking up music as a
hobby versus some of the more
common hobbies where people
invest both time and money.
Using a close family member as
an example, I’ve seen, first hand,
what it takes to outfit an avid
fisherman. Once you’ve purchased a modest but reliable
boat, poles, tackle, nets, clothing
and other accessories, you can
easily set yourself back for well
over $20,000. Now, I understand
you can by a $35 Zebco rod and
cast out into the pond behind
your house, but that’s not really
indulging in the hobby. If you
take a look at the recurring costs
to fish, you can quickly tack on
expenses, such as licenses, fuel,
bait — and beer! Well, maybe
beer fits in with most hobbies.
Fishing supplies, transportation
and lodging sales amount to
$48 billion dollars annually in
the U.S. alone.
Another huge hobby in America
is golf. Golf is the only hobby
that I have personally invested
time and money in, other than
music. Once again, you can start
off with an affordable route but,
like fishing, it can get expensive
rather quickly. A green fee, or the
price you pay to play a round of
golf, averages around $40 and
can quickly increase. A mid-level,
name brand, of set of clubs and
all the accessories might cost

After reviewing what it takes to
comfortably set yourself up to go
fishing, or learn to play golf, it’s
easy for me to provide reason
that investing in, and playing
music, can be less expensive.
When spending the same dollar
amount on an intermediate setup
for fishing, or golf, an advanced
musical instrument setup could
be purchased at, or well below,
those costs. Also, unlike the two
hobbies mentioned above, in
most situations there are no
recurring costs associated with
playing music. In fact, it’s easier
to make a return on your musical
instrument investments than with
many of the items you purchase
to fish or golf. There are plenty
hobbyist or “weekend warrior”
musicians playing out live and
making money relatively quickly
after picking up the hobby. Also,
vintage music equipment can be
an extremely lucrative investment.
Gear from the 1950s and '60s are
worth several times their original
value. The same can’t be said for
old golf clubs or bass boats. The
musical instrument “resale”
industry produces $7 billion in
annual sales, far less than the
other industries listed above.
Not only is music an affordable
hobby; did you know that it also
provides an opportunity for selfexpression, relieves stress and
promotes social skills? Take the
leap, choose an instrument and
dive in! We have a large selection
and price range of instruments
available for you to try out now!
It's never to late to learn. Your
mind and your wallet will be
happy that you chose to play


The Mardi Gras Center


225.248.9720 • 800.229.6054
8986 Florline Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70815

Plumbing Repair LLC

37 Years Experience
For Quotes Call 225.259.0569 • 225.259.0461
or email LPM1610

What is
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Ascension Premier Dental
Gum disease, or periodontal
disease is a chronic inflammation
and infection of the gums and
surrounding tissue. It is the major
cause of about 70 percent of adult
tooth loss, affecting three out of
four persons at some point in their
life. Periodontal diseases include
gingivitis and periodontitis.

What causes gum
Bacterial plaque – a sticky,
colorless film that constantly forms
on the teeth – is recognized as the
primary cause of gum disease. If
plaque isn't removed each day by
brushing and flossing, it hardens
into a rough, porous substance
called calculus (also known as
tartar).Toxins produced and
released by bacteria in plaque
irritate the gums. These toxins
cause the breakdown of the fibers
that hold the gums tightly to the
teeth, creating periodontal pockets
that fill with even more toxins and
bacteria. As the disease progresses,
pockets extend deeper, and the
bacteria moves down until the

bone that holds the tooth in place
is destroyed. The tooth eventually
will fall out or require extraction.

Are there other
Yes. Genetics is also a factor, as are
lifestyle choices. A diet low in
nutrients can diminish the body's
ability to fight infection. Smokers
and spit tobacco users have more
irritation to gum tissues than nontobacco users, while stress can also
affect the ability to ward off
disease. Diseases that interfere with
the body's immune system, such as
leukemia and AIDS, may worsen
the condition of the gums. In
patients with uncontrolled diabetes, where the body is more
prone to infection, gum disease is
more severe or harder to control.
Pregnant women experience
elevated levels of hormones that
cause the gums to react differently
to the bacteria found in plaque,
and in many cases can cause a
condition known as "pregnancy

What are the
warning signs of
gum disease?
Signs include red, swollen or
tender gums, bleeding while
brushing or flossing, gums that
pull away from teeth, loose or

separating teeth, pus between the
gum and tooth, persistent bad
breath, a change in the way teeth
fit together when the patient bites
and a change in the fit of dentures.
While patients are advised to check
for the warning signs, there might
not be any discomfort until the
disease has spread to a point where
the tooth is unsalvageable. That's
why patients are advised to get
frequent dental exams.

What does
treatment involve?
In the early stages of gum disease,
most treatment involves a special
cleaning called scaling and root
planning, which removes plaque
and tartar around the tooth and
smoothing the root surfaces.
Antibiotics or antimicrobials may
be used to supplement the effects
of scaling and root planing. In
most cases of early gum disease,
called gingivitis, scaling and root
planing and proper daily cleaning
achieve a satisfactory result. More
advanced cases may require
surgical treatment, which involves
cutting the gums – sometimes with
the assistance of a laser – and
removing the hardened plaque
build-up and recontouring the
damaged bone. The procedure is
also designed to smooth root surfaces and reposition the gum tissue
so it will be easier to keep clean.

How do you prevent
gum disease?
Removing plaque through daily
brushing, flossing and professional
cleaning is the best way to
minimize your risk. Your dentist
can design a personalized program
of home oral care to meet
your needs.

How can I maintain
treatment at home?
Sticking to a regular oral hygiene
regimen is crucial for patients who
want to sustain the results of
periodontal therapy. Patients
should visit the dentist every three
to four months (or more,
depending on the patient) for spot
scaling and root planing and an
overall exam. In between visits,
they should brush at least twice a
day, floss daily and brush their
tongue. Manual soft nylon bristle
brushes are the most dependable
and least expensive. Electric
brushes are also a good option,
but don't reach any further into
the pocket than manual brushes.
Proxy brushes (small, narrow
brushes) and other interdental
cleaners are the best way to clean
between the recesses in the teeth
and should be used once a day.
Wooden toothpicks and rubber
tips should only be used if
recommended by your dentist.

• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth


FREE Teeth Bleaching*
*( with New Patient Exam, X-ray and cleaning )


May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call:


Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

225.673.6910 • www.

7. Notify the decedent’s financial
advisor. Decisions may need to be
made regarding repositioning
financial assets and tax planning.
The financial counselor may also
be able to assist you with several
of the items below.

By Linda Melancon
people in different ways.
2. Call a funeral director and
clergy to make an appointment
to discuss funeral arrangements.
Request multiple copies of
decedent’s death certificate from
the funeral director.

8. Call decedent’s employee
benefits office so the company
can begin to process benefits
9. If decedent was eligible for
Medicare, notify the local
program office and provide all
requested information.

3. Call to notify the decedent’s
immediate family, close friends,
business colleagues and employer.

Actions upon
Death or Incapacity
I often get calls from client’s
family notifying me that their
loved one has passed away.
Whether the death was sudden
or came after a long illness, it is
seldom something any of us are
prepared for. Additionally, we
may be in a highly emotional
state and unable to think clearly.
Therefore, I have included below
a brief list of actions that should
be taken upon the death or
disability of a loved one.
1. Telephone a friend who can
spend the next few hours with
you. Shock or trauma can take
unexpected forms and affects

4. Arrange care for members of
the immediate family, including
appropriate child care, safeguarding the decedent’s house around
the clock because of public
knowledge of the death.
5. Gather as many of the
decedent’s papers as possible, and
continue to do so over the next
few weeks.
6. Notify the attorney who will
be handling the decedent’s
affairs. Make an appointment as
soon as possible to discuss how
to handle assets and pay bills. It is
important not to write any checks
against any of the decedent’s
bank accounts or take benefits
from any assets until you have
met with the attorney.

10. Notify life, accident or
disability insurers of decedent’s
death or disability and request
appropriate claim forms. Ask
which payment option decedent
may have elected, and find out if
different options are available. If
you need emergency cash before
insurance claims are paid, find
out if a cash advance may be
available from life insurance
benefits to which you are entitled. However, discuss these
options with the decedent’s
financial advisor and attorney
before making final decisions in
this regard. There may be
different and significant income
and/or estate tax consequences
related to each choice you have.
11. Notify the Social Security
office of the death. A recent
Social Security benefit payment


may need to be refunded. If the
decedent was ever in the military
service, notify the Veterans’
Administration. You may be
eligible for death or disability
12. Record in a small ledger all
money you or the immediate
family spends, plus keep related
receipts. These may be needed
for tax return and/or reimbursement purposes.
13. Remember that you are in a
highly emotional state. Avoid
entering contracts for anything,
and avoid spending or lending
large sums of money for any
reason until you have received
appropriate financial, accounting
and legal advice.
This list is not intended to be an
exhaustive or detailed explanation
of all actions which should be
taken. Rather, you should
develop a relationship with an
estate attorney who can help you
through the process before the
services are needed. In this way,
you can have the peace of mind
of knowing there will be
someone you trust to guide you
through this difficult process.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans’ benefits. For more information, please contact her at 222-744-0027.
You may also visit her website at

Dr. Shondra James’ Donaldsonville Primary 2nd grade class proudly holds up their books.

Eighth Annual
Book Grants
Local Students
into Published

EATEL recently delivered
books to eight Ascension Parish
primary classes who were
recipients of the eighth annual
EATEL Imagination Press Book
Grants. Encouraging creativity
and student expression, local
teachers and their classes spent
several months developing
narratives and illustrations for
their winning story ideas.
EATEL and Internet-based
photo book publisher Picaboo

transformed the students’ work
into hardbound books. Each
student received a copy of the
book to share with family and
friends, and a copy of each
class’s finished book has been
added to the school’s library.
“EATEL and Picaboo’s
partnership is a great example
of how companies can help
make a memorable impact on a
child’s academic experience,”
said Patrice Pujol, Ascension

Parish School Board superintendent. “This EATEL grant is
an opportunity for students to
learn about the bookmaking
process, while teaching them
how to share their ideas
with others.”
In addition to becoming
published authors and seeing
their books for the first time,
the students were also surprised
when EATEL’s Jenny Heroman
brought along her video camera

Students from Ms. Susan Chmurka’s classes at G.W. Carver Primary get silly with excitement about becoming published authors.

Student Madeyson Bruner of Joanna Kohr’s 3rd grade class at St. Amant Primary was thrilled to be interviewed by Jenny
and interviewed the teachers
and several students about their
books. EATEL TV customers
can watch the EATEL
Community Connection TV
Show starting Monday night,
January 12th at 6:30 on
EATEL channel 4 and 704.
This year’s grant winners are:

Give yourself or
someone you love
the best stocking
stuffer ever,
a new you!

· Sandi Bourque, 2nd grade
teacher at Donaldsonville
Primary, whose class book is
titled: When I Grow Up.
· Susan Chmurka, 3rd grade
teacher at G. W. Carver
Primary, who had two winning
story ideas for two separate
classes. Her class books are
titled: Deer Dollars and

Lakeside LOVES Lemonade.
· Maggie Gautreau, 4th grade
teacher at Gonzales Primary,
who had a winning story idea
which she used for two classes:
Life on a Ship.
· Dr. Shondra James,
2nd grade teacher at
Donaldsonville Primary, whose
class book is titled: Our

Special Memories.
Joanna Kohrs, 3rd grade
teacher at St. Amant Primary,
who had two winning story
ideas. Her class books are
titled: How to Be Safe Like
Me and How to Get Reading

Get Your Skinny On

With Ideal Protein

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Holiday Gift Giving

If you are running out of space?
We are the place.
Storage Space Available


Chase Roy, PT, DPT

Proudly Serving the Dutchtown Community for 7 Years

36501 Mission Street, Suite A

(Inside Fusion Health & Fitness)

Prairieville, Louisiana 70769

225.744-3631 • Fax 225.744.3647


16645 Highland Road, Suite L Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810

(225) 756-2722 fax (225) 756-4431
( Less than one mile off Highland Road Exit )

We are the most trusted provider for work injury services
in the industrial triangle of Southeastern Louisiana.
Downtown Physical Therapy & Industrial Center provides
the physician, employer, insurer and vocational counselor
with reliable and concise assessments, testing,
ergonomic analysis, and rehabilitation for the
workforce from pre-hire to retire.

We provide a comprehensive approach to help employers
with the management of work place injury as well as
programs that encompass prevention, education,
treatment and management of all stages of
work injury rehabilitation.

While worker's compensation costs continue to rise,
employers can rely on Downtown Physical Therapy &
Industrial Center to bring their expertise to the
management of cases in the most cost efficient manner.
Communication with the work injured employee is critical to
achieve a favorable outcome. The work injury team at
Downtown Physical Therapy & Industrial Center keep the
physican, employer, and insurer informed during all
stages of rehabilitation process.

Services offered at
Downtown Physical Therapy &
Industrial Center include:
• Acute Physical
Therapy Services
• Functional Capacity
( Work Conditioning /
Work hardening Program )

• Return to Work
• Impairment Raiting
• Post-Offer Employment
Testing (POET)
• Job Demand Analysis
• Job Site Evaluations

These programs provide the worker's compensation market
with services and solutions that focus on outcomes in order to
reduce costs and lost time on the job, while providing the
injured worker the quality services they deserve.

If you would like more information on our
Industrial services, please contact us at
(225) 756-2722 or email us at

General Facts
About Bald
• June 28, 2007 - The Department
of Interior took the American bald
eagle off the endangered species
list. The removal of the bald eagle
from the Federal List of Endangered
and Threatened Wildlife and Plants
will become effective 30 days after
publication in the Federal Register.
• The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a member of the sea and
fish eagle group.
• Color - Both male and female adult
bald eagles have a blackish-brown
back and breast; a white head, neck,
and tail; and yellow feet and bill.
• Juvenile bald eagles are a mixture of
brown and white. They reach full
maturity in four to five years.
• Size - The female bald eagle is
35 to 37 inches, slightly larger than
the male.

• Wingspan ranges from 72 to 90
• Bald eagles can fly to an altitude of
10,000 feet. During level flight, they
can achieve speeds of about 30 to 35
• Several eagles soaring in a thermal
together is described as a kettle of
• Bald eagles weigh from ten to fourteen pounds.
• Eagle bones are light,
because they are hollow.
• The beak, talons, and
feathers are made of keratin.
• Bald eagles have 7,000
• Longevity - Wild bald
eagles may live as long as
thirty years.
• Bald eagles sit at the top
of the food chain
•Lifting power is about 4


• Diet - Mainly fish, but they will take
advantage of carrion (dead and decaying flesh).
• The bald eagle is a strong swimmer,
but if the water is very cold, it may be
overcome by hypothermia.
• Hunting area varies from 1,700 to
10,000 acres. Home
ranges are smaller
where food is present
in great quantity.
• All eagles are
renowned for their
excellent eyesight.
• Nests are built in
large trees near rivers
or coasts.
• An eagle reaches
sexual maturity at
around four or five
years of age.
• Fidelity - Once
paired, bald eagles

remain together until one dies.
• Bald eagles lay from one to three
• The 35 days of incubation duties are
shared by both male and female.
• Nesting cycle - about 20 weeks
• Today, there are an estimated 9,789
breeding pairs of bald eagles.
• Eagles molt in patches, taking
almost half a year to replace feathers,
starting with the head and working
• Birds puff up their feathers for various reasons. They puff them up while
preening; to insulate themselves to
changing temperatures; when they're
relaxed; to make themselves appear
larger when threatened; and when
they're ill.
• The bald eagle became the National
emblem in 1782 when the great seal
of the United States was adopted.
• Causes of death - Fatal gun shot
wounds, electrocution, poisoning,
collisions with vehicles, and starvation.

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Saturday, January 31st 9 am - 1 pm
at Lamar-Dixon Trademart
St. Elizabeth is proud to present Family Fest: Adventures in Health. Join us for live entertainment and great food,
interactive exhibits, shopping, free screenings and more! Kids will have a blast in the Play Zone with our
rock-climbing wall, obstacle courses, and inflatables. There will be lots of fun activities for the entire family –
and it’s FREE! Treasure your health at the St. Elizabeth Family Fest!

Lots to do, see and taste!
Tons of activities
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Visit some of our great vendors
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Enjoy Live Entertainment!

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A host of exciting
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Kids will have
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Play Zone with
face painting,
our rock
climbing wall,
obstacle courses,
inflatables &
stuffed animal

Free health screenings,
interactive exhibits
& demonstrations.

2015 - A Year Fit for a King
by Bill Delaune
“When I was a child, I read
comic books and dreamed I was
the hero of the comic book. I saw
movies and I was the hero of the
movie…” Elvis Presley, from an
acceptance speech for the 1970
“Ten Outstanding Men of the
Nation” award.
Welcome to the year 2015-the
Chinese Year of the Sheep. Now I
don’t think we need any more
“sheeple”, blindly following the
herd but maybe one big bellwether to guide us through these
troubled times. You know-an
American hero, something we’ve
been sadly missing in recent years.
Ironically, only a few days into
the New Year, there were a pair of
events commemorating a couple of
heroes from days gone by. Down
in Chalmette the 200th
anniversary of the American v
ictory over the British in the Battle
of New Orleans was celebrated on
January 8. The stunning
upset-think Ascension Christian
beating Alabama-gave the new
nation a true sense of patriotism
and propelled General Andrew
Jackson into the role of
American hero and also into the
White House.
Although there are some
historians who contend that if
the “real” hero of the battle
(Buccaneer Jean Lafitte) would
have been elected President, we
would all be singing “Allouette”
instead of “Oh, say can you see…”
before the ball games.
On the same date in the musical
community, Elvis Presley-the King
of Rock-n-Roll was remembered in
nationwide events on what would
have been his 80th birthday.
One of my favorite “man on the
street” interviews each January 8
begins with the question, “What
do you think Elvis would be doing
if he was still alive today?” The
answers range from “producing
records” to “still shaking his hips”
to “owning a casino”.
But my number one answer this
year came from a gentleman in
Atlanta who appeared to have just
finished off a bottle of Whiteport
“I suppose he’d be scratching
and clawing at that coffin,”
reasoned the wonderful wino.
But what if Elvis was still alive
today? Could The King be the
American hero we need to rescue
us in our hour of need? And don’t
give me that “but he’d be 80 years
old” stuff. Ronald Reagan was 79
when he was President and
Republicans would have you
believe he was the biggest hero
since John Wayne. Never mind
that no one bothered to wake him
up when we bombed Libya or that
Oliver North was running the

country’s arms race from a White
House basement.
But I digress. Here’s one man’s
idea of what 2015 might look like
if The King was really The King…


Two January 8 celebrations in
New Orleans appear headed on a
collision course when soldiers from
a Battle of New Orleans reenactment open fire on a troop of Elvis

In a surprise move, LSU coach
Les Miles hires Elvis to serve as
the Tigers’ new defensive
coordinator. Presley promises a
more “Read before reacting” type
defense as the Bengals consistently
ran past opposing quarterbacks last
season opening huge holes.
“There will be no more of that
‘Fools Rush In’ stuff this year,”
assures The King.

Sender’ program,” taunts Presley
with his familiar lip sneer.

Elvis returns to New Orleans
and finds the missing George
Rodrigue painting “Wendy and
Me” valued at $250,000. The
family is ecstatic and offers Presley
a Rodrigue print and a huge
reward but The King-in his
usual humble manner-refuses
all accolades.
“It ain’t nothin’ but a blue
dog,” laughs Elvis, “and I ain’t
talkin’ about Democrats cryin’
all the time!”

Elvis takes time off from his
busy schedule to win the Kentucky
Derby on a mudder in the
“Kentucky Rain”, Talladega and
the Indy 500.
“Guess all that ‘Speedway’ and
‘Spinout’ experience paid off or
else I just had a ‘Good Luck
Charm’ hangin’ on my arm,”
says Presley.

The Aloha State is definitely
“Blue Hawaii” after an earthquake
and the ensuing tsunami leaves the
islands “All Shook Up”. But Elvis
comes to the rescue of his favorite
paradise using his “Blue Moon of
Kentucky” technology to control
the ocean’s waves and gets the
Tide to recede faster than
Alabama’s defense in the
Sugar Bowl.
A thankful Hawaiian Wahine
offers The King a lei in appreciation but he borrows a line from
fellow singer John Prine and tells
her just “to lay your coconuts on
my Tiki.”


impersonators marching to the
“Hut-2-3-4 Operation G.I.
Tragedy is averted when the real
Elvis intervenes urging both sides
to “Don’t Be Cruel”. He further
defuses the situation by taking
pictures with Jackson-a Nashville
native-and members of the
Tennessee militia.
“C’mon guys, we’re all ‘Kissing
Cousins’ here, homeboys,” says
The King. “I’m from Memphis

Elvis picks up another defensive
assignment-Secretary of Defenseand saves the country by deflecting
a North Korean missile headed for
Washington D.C. by using
technology developed in a secret
section of his Graceland home.
The rocket circles back to North
Korea where it explodes in the
palace of maniacal midget Kim
Jong-Un, deleting him, his Sony
hackers and Dennis Rodman from
the face of the earth.
“We call that the ‘Return to


Elvis is given his toughest
assignment to date-try and settle
down playboy quarterback Johnny
Manzel whose idea of a pre-game
evening is “Fun in Acapulco”.
Soon, Johnny Football sees the
light and is converted from his
“Viva Las Vegas” and “Girls, Girls,
Girls” lifestyle and is seen
repenting his evil ways by
“Crying in the Chapel”.
“That boy was headed for
‘Jailhouse Rock’ but he just
needed someone to ‘Love Him
Tender’” offers Presley.

In the first 2016 Presidential
straw poll of the year, Elvis defeats
Bobby Jindal in Jindal’s home

state of Iowa by a resounding margin. The usually humble Presley,
offended by Jindal’s campaign
slogan-“I’m the Real King”, forces
the self-proclaimed “Emperor of
Evangeline” to admit “How Great
Thou Art” to Elvis in his
concession speech.

Elvis takes over as the coach of
the New Orleans Saints declaring
“It’s Now or Never” for the aging
“It won’t be another
‘Heartbreak Hotel’ like last year,”
declares Presley. “I posed this
question to the team-‘Won’t You
Wear My Ring?’-a Super Bowl one
that is.”

Never one to shirk his civic duty,
Elvis goes down “In the Ghetto”
to calm racial tensions.
“Some advice y’all are getting’
from your so-called religious
leaders might not be in your best
interests,” says the man producer
Sam Phillips once called “a white
boy that can sing black”. “Instead
of burning people’s businesses
down, you might try to ignite a
‘Hunka, hunka Burning Love’”.


others in Louisiana’s gubernatorial
race but unlike the Iowa caucus,
there is none of the bitterness in
the post-election speech. In fact,
Presley throws out an olive branch
to his vanquished opponents
urging them to pull together for
the good of the state.
“We can’t go on together with
Suspicious Minds,” The King


It looks like it might be a “Blue
Christmas” for all the good little
girls and boys when Santa Claus
comes down with a rare case of the
“Blue Suede Flu” and is unable to
make his rounds. But Fat Elvis
comes to the rescue promising the
kids will get their presents if they
“Treat Me Nice” and not “Treat
Me Like a Fool”.
True to his word, The King gets
all the toys delivered-especially to
the children who leave peanut
butter and banana sandwiches
which make his round belly shake
like a Krispy Kreme doughnut
filled up with jelly.
The year 2015 ends on a good
note thanks to Elvis-but instead of
signing off with “…To all a good
night…”, an announcer’s voice
simply says, “Elvis has left the
Happy New Year and Thank
you, Thank you very much.

10% Off

Pest & Termite Work


Elvis easily defeats David Vitter,
Jay Dardenne, Scott Angelle and

You have me ready
for huntin’ season.

Thanks Dr. Rob

Boiled Crawfish Are Here!

• Oysters By the Sack
• Fresh Shrimp
• A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
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Doug & Sally

225.744 .4905

wife’s sleep he came to stay
with me.
I had no problem with this
arrangement but things began
happening that reminded me of
a days when he was in the nest.
I came home to sit and work
peacefully one day. When I
came in the door the television
was already on. It wasn’t on
NCIS like I wanted it was on
Ax Men or Shelby Gator
Hunter or some Jack Ass type
delinquent show. Of course as a
parent you hold your tongue
and enjoy their company.
Then you hear them say,
“What’s for supper.” Your
parenting skills kick in and start
making a meal plan.
While you are up cooking
you look around the house and
see empty water bottles besides
the two recliners which meant
he sat in both. Like a squirrel
you can track this boy by his
trail of trash left behind. The
food is served and we eat. It’s
time for me to get back to
relaxing and working when he
gets a call from work to make a
run. As he drives off I looked
around again and now there are
dirty dishes next to the afore
mention water

Thoughts from Bully
To Stay or
Not to Stay in
the Nest?
That is the is
the Question.
I don’t know about you but
I’m getting old. Maybe Bill
Delaune has a broader
perspective than I because he
is old. “You have a rude
awakening coming your way
young man! Bill spoke, “Won’t
be long before you are 60.”
I don’t really feel that I’m old
but I believe I have become set
in my ways.
I remember when my Mother
told me, “Just wait and see. I
hope your son is just like you!”
I didn’t understand what she
meant then I do believe I am
getting a taste of it.
My son has been out of the
nest for quit a while. During
that time I’ve spent many a
night just me, the dog and my
computer. Sure, there have
been times I have memories of
when he was a crumb cruncher
and a curtain climber. But I

believe those days are coming
to a end.
You raise and coach them
their entire life. You teach them
how to hunt and fish. Try to
teach them how to dance. But
the entire curriculum of ‘Life’s
Lessons’ are suppose to send
them out into the world. And
hope they got a basic grasp of
right and wrong. Work hard
and make something of
Well my son has done just
that. He’s married, got a job, a
diesel truck and friends.
Recently his job required
him to stay up on call at night
and to avoid disturbing his

The Book that
No One has
Been Waiting
for is Coming
to a store
near You!

If you are interested in purchasing a
‘Thought’s from Bully’ Book contact Mike Strong
through e-mail at I will send you
purchase locations or mail you a copy or call 225.622.1324 and place an order.

The cost of the book is $10 plus S&H


These are the things my
Mother was talking about.
As the week progressed other
situations arose. I started
having trouble finding clean
socks. There was a day when we
didn’t wear the same size.
Toilet paper tends to go faster
and my towel I hang up seems
to take a whole lot longer to
dry since it is being used by
both of us.
Food seems to move faster.
The special expensive Gouda
cheese I had to use in a sauce
for a date night meal with my
girlfriend has been opened and
half of it is gone.
Don’t get me wrong I love
the boy and he’s always
welcome but like I said before.
I may be getting old and set in
my ways.
One day I couldn’t find my
razor with my brand new sharp
blade. I found it in the extra
bathroom. I had the need to
shave some private areas for a
medical procedure. When I
finished I left it in plain view.
The next day sure enough it
was gone and had been
used again.
I caught him before he left
for work and told him where
the razor had been. I don’t
think he is going to be using
my razor anymore.

Hai Karate • Jan 31st


Monday Night

$4 Naked Ladies $2.50 Blue Moon Drafts

with Kellie

Useless Random Facts


a lion in the wild usually makes no more
than 20 kills a year.

Shakespeare invented the words
"assination" and " bump".

there is no solid proof who
built the Taj Mahal.

Dartboards are made of horse hairs.

Nepal is the only country that
doesn't have a rectangular flag.

Cher's last name was "Sarkissian."
she only changed it because no one
could pronounce it.

California consumes more bottled
water than any other product.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

at latitude 60 degrees south you can sail
all the way around the world.

a group of crows is called a murder.

in "Silence of the Lambs"
Hannibal Lector never blinks.

it is estimated that millions of trees
are planted by forgetful squirrels.


$5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots


Allison Collins
Jan 24th

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1/23 . TRUE SPIN
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Reflections of the Past

• All tires from ATV to
Commercial Machinery
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

• Emergency road service
assistance-Commercial Only
• Locally owned and operated since 2004
• New used and retreads
• Great prices!

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Serve Ascension Parish


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Linda, Dean & Neal Mire
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It was a peaceful morning.
The temperature was about
forty-five degrees and it was
very still. It had been about
three weeks since I had been to
this spot in the woods. At one
point I began to notice the
changes that had taken place
since the last time I had been
there. The squirrels were now
behaving differently, spending
more time on the ground than
in the trees. I was not seeing as
much whitetail activity as I had
observed early on at this spot,
since most of the acorns that
had fallen had been consumed
by the hungry animals. The
trees that were once lush green
were now all but bare of leaves.
In an instance, a gentle
breeze began to blow and the
remaining leaves began to fall
to the ground. To me this identifies the end of another year of
life. A warm feeling came over
me as I began to reflect on the
events of my life in 2014 leading up to this moment.
Thoughts such as all the trouble it was to construct this particular deer stand in the heat of
the summer that I was now
comfortably enjoying. At one
point back in August, I was
fearful that I was going to die
of a heat stroke at this exact
location. I thought back to the
long anticipated wait for the
upcoming hunting season.
When it finally got here I
remembered how hot it was sitting in that dove field on opening day. The teal season had
come and that trip was a success and shortly after that my
favorite of all had finally
arrived, squirrel season.
As I sat there I began to
think about every hunting and
fishing trip that I had made this
past year. I remembered how
much anticipation it was waiting for each event to happen
and most of all, I thought
about each and every person
that accompanied me on those

Life is about more than
hunting and fishing. Other
thoughts began to enter my
mind. Things such as deciding
whether or not to change jobs
this year had struck me hard. I
reminisced each and every gig I
had played with my band, The
Wildlife Band. All and all it had
been a successful and exciting
year with that group of people.
Near the end of this daydream
I remembered back to every
wake and funeral that I'd
attended this past year. Yes,
there were many. The thought
that I would not see any of
these folks again left me with a
lonely feeling.
I've always appreciated that
we have a new year in our lives.
The end of one year and the
beginning of a new one gives
us a new set of goals for the
future. To me the New year
comes at a perfect time of the
year. Before long the falling
leaves will be replaced by a
once again lush green forest
and the cycle of life will continue on for another year. For me,
I can only hope that next fall
I'll be able to sit at this spot
again and reminisce about
memories of 2015 while I
watch the leaves of autumn
float softly to the ground...

Till Next Time,
Best wishes to you and
your family
In 2015
James "Goosie" Guice
Ascension Outdoors Air Times
SAT. - 9:00 - A.M.
SUN. - 7:30 - P.M.
MON. - 9:00 - P.M.
SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


Christmas Parade

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Christmas Parade

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is Kids having Fun.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Christmas Parade

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is Kids having Fun.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Catch Some New Customers
• Locally Owned and Published
for 13 Years
• Most Popular Magazine
• 20 Plus Editorials
• Geared Totally Toward
Our Community
• Minimum 200 Indivdual
photos of our Citizens


During Homecoming Week in 2014 Teams of Students Competed for Best Creative Concepts.
Above this Group of Guys Protected Their President as Secret Service Men and Below the Girls in Gold Paint Become a Trophey Case

$100 OFF

any 60 Day program


Ringing in the New Year

For more than 18 years, we have developed, owned and
managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over 100
years of personal and professional experience.

L to R: Ascension OEP Director Rick Weber, 911 board member Preston Landry,
CAER Treasurer Paul Holden, 911 board member Robin Brunkie, Ascension Sheriff Jeff Wiley,
CAER Chairman James E. LeBlanc and 911 board member Chuck Montero.

CAER Makes Donation to Ascension Parish 911
District Board for Upgrades
Ascension Parish Community
Awareness Emergency Response
Committee made a recent
donation of $50K for radio
tower upgrades within the
Geismar Area of Ascension
Parish, stated CAER Chairman
James E. LeBlanc. CAER’s
membership consists of chemical and industrial companies in
Ascension Parish.
The CAER membership works
closely with Ascension Parish
Government and the Ascension
Parish Sheriff's Department to

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA 70737


define and prepare procedures
that would be utilized in the
event of a chemical or industrial
emergency, stated CAER
Chairman James E. LeBlanc.
The upgrades are needed on the
911 District Board “Geismar
Tower Site”, stated LeBlanc.
With these upgrades, we will
have better radio coverage for
local Law Enforcement, local
fire departments and all the
Industrial Facilities in the
Geismar and Ascension area,
stated LeBlanc.

L to R: Paul Holden CAER Treasurer of Rubicon, Major Lee Anderson APSO, Paulette Rosamond CAER Secretary BASF,
Captain Cody Melancon APSO, James E. LeBlanc CAER Chairman Honeywell and Col. Bobby Weber of the APSO.

Ascension CAER Group donates money to
APSO Christmas Crusade for Children

For over 15 years, the
Ascension Parish Industrial
Group – (CAER) – Community
Awareness Emergency Response
has participated in the
Ascension Parish Sheriff’s
Office Christmas Crusade for
Children. CAER’s membership
consists of chemical and
industrial companies with
chemical plant facilities in
Ascension Parish.
The CAER membership
works closely with Ascension

Parish Government and the
Ascension Parish Sheriff's
Department to define and prepare procedures that would be
utilized in the event of a chemical or industrial emergency, stated CAER Chairman James E.
“We’re just happy to be a
part of this event and happy to
help our community children
have a nice Christmas,” stated

The Difference
is in the Details

Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.


225.622.5115 •
w w w. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m

By Tracy
Hating through
a Hamburger
When the fast food industry was
established in 1921 the premise
behind this brilliance was to offer
the public good food, fast, at a
value. “The value meal”. Moms
could take a break away from the
kitchen and still feel good about
the food their family was eating.
It was also the perfect stepping
stone into the workforce for
America’s youth. For nearly 100
years young men and women
earned a little pocket money to
spend on a Friday or Saturday
night or to save up to buy their
first vehicle. But eventually, they
learned a craft and left the fast
food industry for a more
challenging work-role to carry
them into adulthood.
Today, the fast food industry
has become almost unrecognizable
from its original Norman Rockwell
image. No longer is it a comparable replacement for a home-cooked
meal and no longer does it employ
only the young, but instead
middle aged men and woman
with families.
With adults now dominating the
fast food industry one could only
assume that the industry is
improved based on the wisdom of
their age and their maturity level.
Well, one couldn’t be more wrong.
With the lack of pride in their
work, complete disrespect for the
product they prepare and for the
public they serve, terrible wait
times, incorrect orders and hateful
customer service, the value meal
has become the devalued meal and
the fast food industry is becoming
crippled by those they employ.
Such low standards of work are
usually the grounds for termination
in any other work environment,


but the fast food employees are
instead demanding the reward of
higher pay ($15.00) and a union,
a wage they say is necessary
for survival.
$15.00 dollars an hour is indeed
a laborious wage, but unlike the
minimum waged employee who
isn’t required to have a trade, a
$15.00 an hour employee is. They
are drug tested, evaluated for job
performance and managed. And if
seeking higher wages they must
prove through their work that they
have performed their duties better
than the expected standard. If
they fail to meet the standards put
before them they lose their job.
And they are not protected from
accountability through a union.
If the demonstrators for the fast
food industry succeed in their
efforts for higher wages and a
union will they be prepared to
uphold the same standards as those
who earn $15.00? Are they
prepared for drug testing and
performance reviews? Will they
accept termination if they do their
jobs poorly? Or is their insistence
for a union going to be used
as a shield?
And should an industry be
forced to change its existence
simply because its employees
organized a mutiny against it?
This mutiny and strong-arming
of a 100 year old industry to be
given what others had to earn is as
ridiculous as you or me protesting
in front of a hospital until we are
given the same wages as the nurses
and doctors inside. It is bullying
at its worst.
The Land of Opportunity has
always meant hard work, ingenuity
and entrepreneurship. It has not
and should not grant reward based
on demonstrations, threats, walk
outs, and slanderous intimidation.

When You Buy Art
Buy Big Art
Wall Mural 25’ W X 8’ H

Gymnasium Entrance
25’ W X 25’ H

Wall Mural 35’ W X 10’ H

Art is a Great way to inhance your business or home.
It becomes a landmark that draws attention your way.
No space to large indoor or outdoor.
Quik turn around. Typically a week. Great for Restaurants,
Stores, Businesses, Man Caves, Kids rooms
and much more.....

Free Consultaions on projects.
Contact Mike Strong @ 225.622.1324

Small section of 125’ wall at Kids Kove 25’ W X 10’ H
Restaurant Conference Room 20’ W X 8’ H

Building Downtown Baton Rouge 150’ W X 50’ H


The Ascension
Chamber Welcomes
New 2015 Chairman
of the Board
The Ascension Chamber credits its
success to an active membership of
over 500 businesses, its dedicated
staff and most importantly to a
diverse, innovative Board of
Directors. The Chamber’s Board
functions under President/CEO
Sherrie Despino and an appointed
Chairman. Matt Pryor of Pujol,
Pryor & Irwin, Attorneys at Law,
handed over the reins as Chairman
of the Board at the Ascension
Chamber’s Christmas Social to
new 2015 Chairman Kendal
Matassa of Regions Bank.
Through Despino and Pryor’s
leadership, the Chamber has
enjoyed a memorable year.
Throughout 2014 the Chamber
has worked on improving its
mission of strengthening the business community by implementing
new strategies and increasing
involvement with its members
including the creation of a 2014
theme, “Ascension Now” which
Pryor decided on at the beginning
of his term to reinforce Chamber
Members to think local first when
doing business.

The Chamber is extremely
thankful for Pryor’s unfaltering
commitment and is confident that
positive changes in the
organization will continue through
the leadership of 2015 Chairman
of the Board Kendal Matassa.
Matassa’s immense involvement in
the community through
organizations such as Leadership
Ascension Foundation and East
Ascension Rotary Club make him
an ideal, well-rounded candidate
to continue to move the Chamber
forward. The Chamber anticipates
a prosperous year and once again
commits to strengthening our
economy by building
our businesses.
The mission of the Ascension
Chamber of Commerce is to
facilitate and foster economic
growth for its members. The
Ascension Chamber works to
encourage a healthy and growing
economic environment in the
parish by offering its membership
several promotional, sponsorship
and networking opportunities in
addition to encouraging its many
visitors and callers to shop
Ascension. For more information
on how you can become a
member or get more involved,
contact the Chamber office at
225.647.7487 or visit our website

We are Growing to Fulfill Your
Full Service Salon Needs



44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 m i l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )

A great dish to start the New Year

Healthy Garlic & Herb Shrimp
2 servings
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes


12 jumbo shrimp- peeled &
deveined (10/15 or 16/20)
4 slices of lemon
2 cloves minced garlic
2 tsp finely sliced green onions
1 tsp fresh thyme
1 tsp fresh basil
1 tsp fresh rosemary
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ cup water
Salt and black pepper to taste.

Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

In a large sauté pan heat your olive oil over medium
high heat. When the olive oil is hot add the shrimp
one at a time. Cook for about 2 to 3 minutes then
turn the shrimp over. After turning the shrimp add
your fresh garlic. Do not allow your garlic to brown.
Let garlic cook for 1 minute then add your water, and
fresh herbs. Allow to reduce for another minute then
finish with the fresh lemon slices. Salt and pepper the
shrimp to taste and serve immediately.
Goes great with steamed vegetables
Have a happy, healthy and delicious New Year!!!!