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Silly Attempts to Win the Loosed Battle !

 “Poverty includes the people who are chronically hungry,

if not starving; they are most often malnourished and
frequently diseases. (ESCAP)” But why?
 Poor nations’ economy is based on Agricultures even
though why we are hungry and malnourished? Why the
agrarian societies are poor? Starvation due production
and/or distribution? What interventions are needed?
 Due to dieting and commercial junk food, Americans eat
Coca, McDonald products which comparatively gives less
calorie but a Gorkhe and Doke is lucky to have Kodako
Dhindo which gives enough calorie. Who is poor in terms
of calorie intake-Americans or a Nepalese?
Raj Kumar Pandey, (E), (M) 98510- 86884
I Know: In Every Word My Reputation
Dies !
 Why should I accept I am poor? I am WB made poor?
 American may have 10 cars but I have 10 buffalos!
 Ageing people is burden for Japan, God for Nepal!
 Carlsberg won the world, our riceberg won the heart!
 46-48% divorce rate there, paati-parmeswor here!
 Malaysia made world’s largest tower. Can they make
Mt Everest? Yes, we can make better tower in future!
 I am responsible for my parents’ take care but they run
away with girl friend at 16 (Who is poor in real sense!)
Raj Kumar Pandey, (E), (M) 98510- 86884
Don Not Be Always Intellectual: Just
 We are quite grateful towards our poverty due to:
 It made us quite confident, laborious and ambitious as
we must work to fulfil the gap and our progress has just
began but they are tired with all the achievements.
 I can easily adjust with any reverse circumstances and
societies but they fail sick when drink our natural water!
 A Nepali Doke can easily climb high mountains with a
100 kg of luggage can they do it same?
 My Chhori fears with a car but his Chhoro fears with a
cow. Poverty is not the matter of laaj just take it simply!
Supervised by : Prof Dr. Keshab Khadka and Slides by Raj K Pandey
Your Life Has Just Began…Who
 No one can make you feel inferior without your own
consent. Do not accept you are poor.You are what you
repeatedly feed your mind. Feel it, “I Will Just Do It.”

 May be you lack money! But, you have strongly

determined visions, goals and ambitions that will
always direct you towards progress & development.
Not money but an inner commitment, willpower and
self-disciplines make you real success and winner.

 Let’s dream after 30 years, UN Headquarters will be in

Chitawan, World Bank Headquarters in Pokhara.Then
we will lead and make different definition of poverty!
Raj Kumar Pandey, (E), (M) 98510- 86884