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The Mystery of Unbelief

We hear so much about the "Mystery of Faith" and there is a mystery

to faith, but we never consider the "Mystery of Unbelief". This may
seem a little strange to say it even, but we are always trying to reach
out unto faith and to believe, this showing we are in a state of
unbelief, and trying to get to a place of belief.
In other words we are born as creatures of unbelief. We are continually
trying to come to a place of believing. This may be in many forms in
our natural state of life as humans.
Now we are speaking of unbelief in this sense. The Word of God is
Truth and it requires a faith in it for it to work and come alive and
perform what you have asked or believed unto. The Bible being truth
and that it came from a spiritual mind of supernatural things, then we
can easily see that we as being carnal beings, we by our own nature
cannot comprehend supernatural things especially these Words of
God. The Word of God requires Faith, and here we are creatures of
unbelief. So when we say unbelief, we are speaking from the
standpoint that by nature we simply do not believe God or in the
things of God, so unbelief in God or the Word of God is what we have
reference to.
So how did all of this begin and what was its purpose? Why are we
creatures of unbelief? And that unbelief is in the very thing we
desperately need the most, being faith in God. Now we will not go into
great detail on all of the aspects, because we have already covered
them in other writings, but we want to focus on the "mystery" of what
and why and how unbelief is, how it came to be, maybe in some areas
you or others have not considered before.
As we have said already, that unbelief in its simplest form is that it
does not believe in God or in the word or things of God. Why is this
such a horrible thing, is because God and His Word is the One and
Only Truth. Now we know we as humans have a faith or a form of faith
in what we term as this natural realm of our human existence. A
carpenter has a faith that he can make things with wood or build a
house, or a doctor knows he can perform surgery, a mechanic knows
he can work on a car. We "know" when it is cold or hot outside, when
we look outside we know a tree and we know a bush and a bird etc.

We believe if we take an aspirin it will make the headache go away

and we believe if we work x amount of hours we will be paid. You know
things. So we have a belief in our own world. I mean this natural world
we live in, based upon the system we live in, it is based on belief and
trust. We believe the bank keeps our money safe, we believe if we go
to the doctor we will be cured, we believe if we pass a cop going over
the speed limit he will pull us over. Society is based on faith and trust.
Human faith and trust. If you do not believe this then break that trust
and see how far it gets you. Our natural human world revolves around
faith, human faith, yet still in great unbelief in God and His Word.
Is there a "Mystery of Unbelief"? Sure there is. For according to the
Word of God, Sin is but one thing, and that is "Unbelief", in God and
His Word. So Sin is Unbelief, plain and simple. Another name for sin is
"Iniquity". The Word speaks of "The Mystery of Iniquity".
As we have spoken in past writings, we will drop a few things into your
remembrance to help piece this together. In the beginning God whom
we have seen is all things, and all things consist by Him. This reveals
to us something else. If God is all things that exist, and He is, then He
also tells us that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for the
EVIDENCE of things not seen", and that He made all things by this
Invisible Substance. God is an Invisible God. Faith is an Invisible
Substance. Faith is the substance of all things that exist, so we ust
conclude in good common sense, that God is Faith and Faith is God.
We could say Faith works by Love and God is Love. If God is all things
then He certainly is Love and He certainly would have to be Faith as
well. So in God as to what we might would call His World, it also exist
by Faith, His Faith. Just like humanities does.
So we begin to catch a glimpse of in the beginning we find God's Faith
coming forth, as He spoke "Let There Be" and there was, that was His
Faith. So How did human faith, or unbelief ever come about?
We are commonly referred back to Genesis and there we find the fall
of man and the serpent and the tree and Adam and Eve. They
disobeyed God. They had to have a sovereignty, else they could never
had to be able to disobey. If they had not a sovereignty, they would
have not been able to reason with the serpent as they obviously did.
They were able to "choose", between what they would and would not
believe. They had up till that point not really been confronted with the
idea of having a choice in a matter.

So to bypass a number of things we have already covered in previous

writings, let's move on to this.
We know they "sinned" in the garden and thus unbelief or sin was
born and thus all of humanity has been in this fallen state ever since.
Now let's remove the veil of time and go back to Calvary as we have
done before and see the true darkness and unbelief. Let's reveal the
real "Man of Sin". The Man of Unbelief.
We find from this dimension that the Garden is this world. The Tree of
Knowledge is The Cross in a type and the Serpent was the Man, Christ
Jesus, who was hanging on that Cross. Even showing in a type Him
being als typical of Adam we find Him between two other Crosses
typical of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. We find in Christ
an Inward Adam and an Outer Eve, speaking of the Spirit and the
Flesh. We find that in Him is the Great Light of God Himself. God is a
Spirit. However we find Him also being made the Sin of the Whole
World. What is Sin but Unbelief and Darkness. So He like the King
Snake of Moses, He would swallow up, take within Himself, All of the
Darkness of Sin and Unbelief of the Entire World. Thus He would
become the Great Darkness. So we see He is both, the Fullness of
Light and The Fullness of Darkness. There is the only source of Light
and Darkness there is in the entirety of existence! Whatever Light
there is He was it, and whatever darkness there was or is, He is it!
Now remember He was BOTH, the Fullness of Light and the Fullness of
Darkness in the Mind of God which is Truth, and there is no Time with
God, and this was Calvary as to the Lamb slain BEFORE the Darkness
of the World was manifested! We say the darkness came there in the
garden as the veil came over their eyes, via the serpent. But folks you
have to realize that that darkness and that serpent was already there
in the Garden with them and what darkness as to it was that came
over them, it came from the Man Christ Jesus hanging on the Cross.
Not 2000 years ago, but in the Mind of God which truly was the
Garden before the World of darkness and illusion came over their eyes
of understanding. Move Calvary from the place of 2000 years ago and
place it way back, place it in the Garden before the Fall, because
before the Fall they were in Heaven, In the Spirit, In the Mind of God,
which is where the Lamb was and has always been! So when you
place Calvary in the Garden before the Fall, then you can easily see,
that The Tree of Knowledge was The Cross. The Tree of Life was also

The Cross. God was in Jesus or Adam and He was the Fullness of Light
and His Flesh as to His Soul, was the Fullness of Darkness or Eve. God
separated the Light from the Darkness, He separated Adam from Eve,
He separated the Christ from the Jesus, The Spirit from the Body.
The Body was counted as to the darkness because the Body was the
beast part that Lamb part that was to be sacrificed. It was to pay for
the storming turmoil of creation as Light and Darkness would begin a
warfare inside the Body. So in another dimension we see The Body of
Jesus was the Serpent, His Soul was the Law of Knowledge, and His
Spirit was The Tree of Life. So the Mind of God was what? It was
CALVARY! God hid the Mind of God at Calvary by bringing the
Darkness over it. God veiling Himself in the Darkness. Moses on Mt.
Sinai, there was the Mind of God as well, showing another dimension
of Calvary, What was it? Thundering and Lightning and Darkness and
Smoke! This shows us clearly the darkness was the Soul, because it
was from that Darkness that Moses whom was made God brought
forth the Law and what was the Law but Light! A Lesser Light but Light
nonetheless. Out of the Darkness on My Sinai we find God in Moses
bringing forth Light! Let There Be Light! Mt Sinai and Moses, and Mt
Calvary and Jesus, and Sunset Mountain and William Branham are all
the same thing, God breaking it down in 3 dimensions. There the
Thunders were spoken and hidden each time.
What is The Thunders but the Voice of God. The Mind of God. Calvary
being the Mind of God and In The Mind of God which was before the
World ever came into view and their eyes were blinded then that is
where the Thunders sounded and it is where they rest. Back to
Calvary always! Because when we go back to Calvary we go back to
before the beginning, and before the beginning is the Eternal World.
Before the Beginning is Light! Before the Beginning is The Mind and
Voice and person of God Almighty.
God being the substance of all things, then we find of a surety, that
Jesus Christ was and is the Beginning of The Creation of God. We find
surely that all that exist from Genesis to Revelations, from the "In The
Beginning", all the way to the "Great Light of The Ancient of Days" is
right there within and inside the Person of Jesus Christ. Here is a brief
revelation for you, Christ, as to what we call The Man Christ Jesus, He
"comprehended" God! Light is a revealer, a manifesting, but
comprehension is a thunder! Lightning as to God revealing Himself as
the powerful quickening Word, it strikes the Object of Jesus on the

Cross and The Thunders of Comprehension sound forth within Him as

God is become a Man and a Man is Become God. Oness!
Now we have branched off on a few trails to bring you some
enlightenment and this all ties into our past writings and also the
subject of Unbelief. Lets continue on. God the great Light inside of
Christ. Christ ALONE dwells in that Light which is God. This again tells
us Him dwelling alone in that Light that He was before the World ever
was or before the veil of the world came. The Veil of the world came at
Calvary and Calvary was before the World ever was.we find in Genesis
a dark veil comes over their eyes, and we find at Calvary a darkness
or a veil comes over Calvary. See its the one and same event. It is
reflected into the mind of your own human understanding as a
negative, as an event of time, as a shadow moving across the ground.
This clearly shows a Calvary even by saying the pole in the ground
and the sunlight strikes it and as it moves across the sky the shadow it
cast moves as well. Humanity exist in the shadow of the Cross and
Calvary of that shadow from Calvary moves through each generation,
it began at Calvary as we say and was cast over Adam and Eve and it
began to move and causes existence, or the world of shadows to
come into existence and thus we move along as the shadow moves,
thus we are marking what we call time and movement and thus
existence. The shadow fell there in the garden and goes and goes and
is cast all through the Bible in each and every story, we find this
Calvary this shadow being retold and typed again and again, in Adam
and Eve, in Cain and Abel, in Abraham and Issac in Jacob and Esau
and In Moses and in The Prophets and on and on it goes till Calvary is
So as we have said, as Light which was Law came forth and entered
the darkness of the soul to begin making Man into His Image, then we
find this Light striking the Soul, has cast a shadow of darkness into the
Earth or the dust of the ground and from that dust the darkness or
faith in reverse, still creation, but the negative side of creation, hath
made itself a body. The Law being just, good and holy, has caused a
Shadow of Darkness to exist, to be manifested. God is Perfect and is
Perfection. His Word is Holy and Pure and Just, His Faith is absolute
authority and Truth. So it's very presence has caused a shadow of
darkness to appear. What is this shadow and where was this shadow
cast? It was cast at Calvary.
It was seen on Mt Sinai, it was seen at Mt Calvary! The Mind of God

was inside the Man Christ Jesus, so god is Light, thus the Shadow had
to be cast upon the Body of Jesus, this is why He as to His Outer Man
or Body was made Sin. It took the wrath of sin and the darkness. The
Body was subject to the vanity or the illusion of the shadow in Hope!
So we see a Sunlight from Heaven striking a Moon of the Soul and
casting a Shadow into and upon the Earth or the Body from which it is
made. This dark shadow or lesser light was faith but faith in reverse. If
Light is as we have stated being pure and holy and truth, then we see
the darkness is unbelief, lies, illusions, perversions, impure, corrupt,
That Shadow is cast forth into eternity itself and it is a endless road, a
bottomless pit of ever learning from a reflective false lesser light and
never coming to the truth or true light. We can see spiritually speaking
if we have a time dial and we see it as Calvary and the Light is the
eternal spirit world and strikes the sundial that it cast a shadow that
moves, then we can see from one side of the shadow is light or spirit
world and from that comes man being birthed into this world of dark
shadows, thus he thinks that is his beginning. Then as he walks the
width and length and path of the shadow as the shadow moves, we
find him aging and hair turning white and falling out as to a removing
of the veil, showing he is ending his shadow of existence and
approaching the other side of the shadow or the world of light to
which He will return.
So back to inside the Man Christ Jesus, to whom God made an Adam
and Eve to show what was the Real Man Christ Jesus. That He was the
True Adam and Eve. So God within Jesus Him being perfect fulfilling
every jot and titlle of the Law within Him, He was perfect in all His
Ways, till "Iniquity was found within Him". Sin was found in Him,
Unbelief was found within Him. When? When God withdrew from Him!
When did God withdraw from Jesus? When He separated the Light
from the Darkness. Light was His Spirit and Soul was His Darkness.
How could a Body or a Lamb taste death for every man that would
ever be, unless it was made the death and experienced the darkness.
God tasted the death of every man. Now get this....God tasted death,
what is death? To be carnally Minded. What is death? To disobey the
Law. What is Death? It is sin and Darkness! What is Death, The Law!
What is Death? The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! Christ Jesus
leaned to His own Understanding! He gave glory to the Creature and
not the Creator! He lifted up and magnified His Flesh! Oh Glory to

God! God need the Darkness, God needed someone to go and

deceive! A Spirit spoke up and said, I will go, God said How will you
go? it said I will be a Lying Spirit! I will be made sin, I will be made
darkness! I will be the missing part you will need to fulfill your will. I
will be the woman or flesh part to be made darkness for you, to be put
out of your presence and remain my soul in hell till the Time be
fulfilled! i will be the flesh part you will divide from yourself within my
Body. In Great Love I will willingly disobey you, cause you to pour out
your wrath on me and despise my image at Calvary. You are Good and
you will never be manifested unless the opposite of you becomes
existent as to a Evil or Darkness and I will glorify and magnify that
darkness and I will lift up the beastly flesh and i will prove to you who
is and is not worthy of you! I will be the dark side of you I will be sin
itself. When you withdraw from me, I will be nothing but a Soul that
has become the personification of darkness, where as I was the
personification of Light.
When you separate the Light from me I will be the Darkness. I will be
Unbelief itself and from my side will come water and blood as from me
the True Adam will you make and birth Eves into this world and they
will be born into this darkness I have become and in sin and unbelief
will they be conceived and in iniquity will they come forth from the
womb. When your light which made me God, withdraws from me,
because of the shadow that was cast from my soul upon my body,
then my body will be subject to death and it will die, and my soul will
be in hell, alone, without your Presence. I will be cut off from you!
Because of this I will in your eyes be "Satan" to the World" I will be
The Father of a Lie! I will tell the Eves of this world to "partake of my
fleshly tree and drink of my beastly blood" else they will have no life in
them and by that I am lifting up the Flesh! I am lifting up the Image of
The Beast! I will by this darkness which is faith in reverse or Unbelief
cause my Flesh to come to Life and be a deceiving Serpent to the
Eves of this world! They will come and glorify this flesh so high, so
high will flesh be and so magnificent that it will cause all of the world
to wander after it, this flesh and even their flesh! I will lift up blood life
and magnify it so great to them! They will make an image to this
beast flesh of mine and will place it above every church and in every
bulletin and the stories of this flesh will be magnified throughout the
ages, as a hidden deceiving serpent. For when they come to my flesh
to partake of it, to have life, they will see the dark side of your wrath
come upon them and hear you say that the Soul that sins or hath

partaken of this tree must die, thus I deceived them, I promised them
Life as Paul said, "That which was ordained to Life, or the Flesh of
Jesus, I found to be unto death", and The Law of Sin and Death In the
Body of Jesus wrought in me all manner of concupiscence and desires
and awoke my curiosity, that man there is some truth to this, I might
can partake of this Tree called Jesus and live forever and never shall I
truly die, but I shall be as God and come to know Good and Evil.
There He and It is folks. The Man of Sin. The Serpent that beguiled
you, the Lying spirit in the mouth of the Law and Prophets! Christ
speaking through Jesus said "ALL that came before me was thieves
and liars", and another said, Grace and Truth came by Christ! So what
came before Him must have been lies.
I am speaking of the Dark side of Calvary. The Man who was made Sin
and Made the Darkness. There He is, He who would trouble the entire
world! The Man of Sin, the Man made SIN! He whom was perfect in all
of His Ways till Sin, darkness and iniquity was found in Him. It was in
Him all of the time, it just was not manifested! he was in His first birth
in the negative image. All Flesh is as the Grass, all flesh is in the
negative image. Spesking of Him being made sin, Him being made
flesh, sinful flesh. Why Sinful Flesh?
Because Flesh was brought to Life by the Unbelief of the Shadow. The
Shadow was Faith, which is the power of Creation, yet when reflected,
it is a lesser light, a dark light, it is as if Faith was Light and in its state
of perfection you could shine it like a flashlight, then it is perfect, but
what happens when you shine it in a mirror? It is become a false light,
a reflected Light, traveling in the opposite direction, causing the
mirror to come to life thinking it is God, so the world begins
worshiping the mirror and not the true light, so God hates the mirror
and the false images and illusions and lies it has wrought and breaks
At Calvary He broke it! He took that Darkness and that Beast Image
that came to Life by the AntiChrist and the False Prophet and cast
them alive into the Lake of Fire! They cried out, Father, Why hast Thou
Forsaken Me!!!! That was the end of all flesh, the end of darkness and
illusions. The end of the Lie.
So we see Evil is not what we thought it to be as to seeing it in the
Mind of Revelation and of God. Evil is simply this....Faith in Perversion.
Faith in Reverse. A Reflecting Moon Light causing a Knowledge of Truth
to shine upon the Ground or Earth and this faith in reverse has caused

by being cast as to a shadow upon the ground a body to be formed

from the dust and to the dust it returns. Faith in Reverse is Darkness
and that darkness is trapped or imprisoned in a Body. God said
sacrifice and offerings you have made but away with them, a Body
thou hast prepared for me! God becoming a Man, God becoming The
Darkness in the Man Christ Jesus. Causing His Flesh to come to Life
and lifting up that Flesh with its Law in its members and deceiving the
whole world as a Serpentine Beast, A False Prophet and an AntiChrist.
God is Faith in the purest sense, yet when reflected upon the soul is
caused a lesser light, a faith to go in reverse, it created a negative, or
unbelief. God veiled Himself in that Unbelief as to the Body of Jesus,
then withdrew from it and Him being Light, He separated Himself from
that Darkness.
Thus the Flesh and Soul of Jesus was all of the Darkness, All of it,
every bit of it!
We have spoken before of How God used the faith and sovereignty of
Man as a wedge where he divided Faith and Unbelief, or Light and
darkness. Him being Light and the shadow of darkness being cast into
the Man. So we see this is what happened inside the Only Man Christ
Jesus whom was God! God held in Perversion. Jesus Soul in Hell, God
behind the Badger Skins, God tasting Death by becoming Death, God
who is Truth held in Unrighteousness, Changing the Truth or God into a
Lie, Changing God into Satan, God a Fallen Angel, God a Fallen Spirit,
God whom was the fullness of Light and Darkness, there in the Body
of Jesus Christ, Caused a death or Sleep to come upon This Adam and
separated from Him the Eve of Creation or the Eve of Darkness, the
Eve of Perversion and definement and confinement and the Eve of
Satan. Man without God is a Beast. Jesus without God is a Beast, Jesus
Without God is Satan, Adam whom was the Tree of Life, when God
withdrew from Him became the Tree of Knowledge!
There He is, The Mystery of Iniquity! Sin Itself, The Man of Sin, Made
Sin, Before the World ever was! Jesus Christ, fully God and fully Man,
Fully Light and Fully Darkness. Folks there is a realm of Love and
Wisdom and Understanding as to the WHY all of this had to be, that
supersedes any and all Earthly wisdom and feelings and emotions. It
so far surpasses Human Love that it is unfathomable as to the Love
we say The Son, had to go forth and become the darkness and sin
itself to be a "lying spirit" and to become Evil itself and Satan Himself
and suffer such hellish and vengeance of wrath from God. The

Storming raging Thunders of Creation! God becoming a Man and

making that Man into God. The Highest Spirit coming to the lowest
place, to birth His Seed so that it may grow and mature by the
contrast of Light and Darkness and Wisdom and Understanding till The
Faith of absolute "Knowing" is birth or made manifest once more. it
could not be robbed of anything, it would have to experience all of it,
so that it could, "Know All Things". Thus it could "Be all things".
He became the Darkness and Sin and Satan, so a door would be
opened to you and I, between the Light and Darkness, that God had
parted as He did the seas and the skies, so that We could be covered
in Grace and Love and be nurtured by the wooing of the Father and
receive the Righteousness of The Christ that Jesus gave up, to become
your sin, so that You might live and have life and that more abundant!
He gave you and made you His Righteousness and all He asked was
for you to simply believe what He had done and become for you! That
by doing so, you not only save yourself, you save Him also, by taking
Him off the Cross and calling Him forth from the Tomb, not leaving His
Soul in Hell, Then You have become God to Him. He is become your
Manhood and sinful flesh and You became His Holy Righteous Spirit
and he your filth and perversion. SO when you accept what He hath
done for You, the You become The Righteousness of God and God to
Him, He is in the darkness of the Night of your Outer Man asking to be
let free from the Flames of this hellish blood life. So you call His Body
forth from the Tomb, You call His Soul back from the Flames and You
descend from Heaven with a Shout and Save He who saved You!
Amazing Grace! Amazing Love! We are Alive from the dead, Being
quickening spirits, now lets go awaken our sleeping body where in our
master is because the great storm of tribulation approaches!
We literally sacrifice the darkness and rend it into and when we do the
body is no more in bondage, the soul remains no more in hell and the
Spirit is already descended back into our body and has raised it from
the dead and awakened it from its sleep. It ALL happened when you
was Born Again, that was The Calvary of Your Life! God is your spirit
that exist within your dark soul that causes it to be imprisoned in your
body, once you die to that life and kill out self by Calvary then you will
have rent the veil of darkness of your soul and caused the inward
Spirit of God to enter your soul and change it to a quickening spirit
and you have freed that body from the darkness as well as now your
whole body is full of Light, the Body is redeemed to. Amen and Amen!

Patrick Henry Nichols I

April 29 2015
Hilton Head Island, S.C. USA