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Pipeline Engineering

Gatherley Road, Catterick Bridge, Richmond, North

Yorkshire, DL10 7JG, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1748 818341, Fax: +44 (0) 1748 818039

PE RAPID Opening Pipeline Closures.

Designed and Manufactured at Pipeline Engineering, Catterick Bridge, England.

Engineering Design and Quality Control handled in-house. Quality Certification to ISO 9001.
Manufactured to tight tolerances via CAD/CAM computer link to workshop floor CNC machines.
Design in accordance with ASME VIII and British Standard BS5500.
In-line with all pipeline codes and major oil/gas company requirements including:- B31.3 Refinery/Plant Code
- B31.4 Oil & Liquid Products Code
- B31.8 Gas Pipeline Code
- API 6H Code
- Major End Users Specifications e.g. Shell DEP.
The closure can be used / fitted to:

Pig Scraper Launchers and Receivers.

Filter Vessels.
Any vessel , horizontal, vertical or inclined/declined , where quick access is required.

Closure Sizes.
6 to 60 O.D (Standard Range 6 48 150# to 1500#)
ANSI Pressure Ratings 150 1500 As Standard, 2500# and above upon request.
A pressure alert vent/bleeder screw is provided on all sizes.
All sizes meet code requirements of external, visible pressure warning device.
Closure Design.
A 2 piece design with hub, set in door, retaining segment blocks, pressure energised lip type seal and safety vent/bleeder.
Standard seal material, Nitrile: Hardness 75 +/- 5 IRHD: Temperature range 40 Deg C to +110 Deg C
Optional seal material, Viton: Hardness 75 +/- 5 IRHD: Temperature range 20 Deg C to +200 Deg C
Further Alternatives: EDR Viton, Ethylene Propylene.

.Closure Materials.



Manufactured from ASTM A105 / ASTM A350 LF2 / ASTM A694 F52 Forging


BS1503 / ASTM A694 F60, F65 / 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex


Manufactured from ASTM A516 Gr.70 or Equivalent.


ASTM A105 / ASTM A350 LF2 / BS1503 / ASTM A694 F52, F60, F65 / 316 Stainless Steel /

Hub and Door materials available in accordance with NACE MR-01-75, HIC resistant for sour /corrosive service applications
or/and to client specific project requirements.
Locking Segments: Standard:

316 Stainless Steel

Options: Duplex and higher grade A182 / 316 stainless steels.

Vent/Bleeder Screw:Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.
Material Certification:

Standard :

3.1.B on all pressure retaining components.

Non Destructive Testing:


Ultrasonic examination of Hub / Door Forging as per ASME A388



Important Inherent Design Safety Features.

The Closure Door is secured in place by four or more segment blocks.
If there is any residual pressure behind the closure door , a force will be created on the door and hence the segments,
making the door self energising, thus acting as a safety warning of possible trapped pressure or other problems.
In the closed position a secondary inner ring, secured in place by the vent/bleeder screw, ensures no locking segment
can be withdrawn until the vent/bleeder screw has been removed and hence the vessel vented of all pressure.
Locking Components are visible at al times.
An optional extra is a unique vent/bleeder screw with pressure warning. Under internal pressure the vent/bleeder screw
head pushes out and uncouples from the main screw body. Due to pressure preventing the head being pushed back
into place, the vent/bleeder cannot be removed. Only after the vessel has been drained and vented can the screw head
be engaged to allow the vent/bleeder to be removed.
If excess force is required to engage the screw head, it may indicate pressure is still trapped in the vessel and Therefore
all attempts to open the closure should cease and a full investigation be carried out.
Basic design proof calculations for hub, door and segments supplied as standard.

Closure Features.

Quick to open normally less than 30 seconds.

Available for horizontal, vertical, inclined or declined mounting.
Horizontal mounting hinge arm is fitted to closure right hand side (facing closure) as standard.
Full 270 deg. swing on door hinge.
Hinge simply adjusted for height/reach.
Simple and easily changed seal on most sizes.
Polyurethane Cover/Protector available to protect open/close mechanism.
The Closure is supplied fully leak tested to a pressure 1.5 times its design pressure parameter.
The closure can be welded to its mating pipe without any disassembly. Only the seal ring should be removed.

Maintenance and Service.

PE Closures are easy, quick and safe to operate. To ensure these features are not compromised the closures must be maintained
and serviced properly and to set service schedules.
A full Operation, Installation and Maintenance Manual is supplied with every closure.