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KORAFIT adhesive is the really reliable connection for ;

• all non-calibrated connection between pipes and fittings made from PVC-U
• PVC-U parts of all kinds (gutters and drainpipes, plastic sections, molds, cable
• ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) parts (injection molds, sheets, pipes and tubes. etc.)

The KORAFIT adhesive system stands out by virtue of inter alia the following special caracteristics
• excellent high adhesion
• easy and convenient to work
• very good resistence against the effects of water, alcohol, oils, and petrol
• temperature stability from -25 up to +90 degrees Celcius
• regocnized as physiologically safe
• a complete product spectrum covering the whole gamut of PVC joints, and
• the certainty provided by international test certification

Clean the surfaces to be joined Ensure that the surfaces to be Apply korafit adhesive in the
joined are completely dry lengthwise direction

Apply korafit adhesive to the end Without twisting ease the pipe and Remove any axcess adhesive
of pipe – also lengthwise the sleeve together using blotting paper


Bonding pipes and socket ends.
Pipes and socket ends have to be previously cut at right angles, trimmed and


Bonding Surface

The bonding surfaces (pipes outside, sockets inside) previously have to be

cleared of crude dirt. Afterwards, mark overlap at the pipe end so that the
surface to be coated with adhesive and the total pipe length to be inserted can
be controlled after adhesive application. Now thorough cleansing will happen
with Korafit Cleanser. Therefore use crepe paper (undyed tissue paper) and
renew it after each cleansing operation. The cleaned surfaces have to be
additionally dried with a clean crepe paper. The bonding surface need to be
cleaned of all dirt and grease.


Stir the PVC-U well before use. The Adhesive has to be applied evenly and in a uniform
adhesive film. First coat the fitting with a thin layer, to avoid disadvantageous bead
formation in the pipe.Afterwards, lay the adhesive in lengthwise (axial) on the pipe till
the further applied mark. In case of loose fit (more than 0.3 mm gap) between the
socket end and the pipe, the pipe end must be coated twice. Immediately join pipe
and socket end without turning, whereas the entire overlap has to be covered, i.e. up
to the entire depth of the socket end. Hold in their correct position for a few seconds
until the adhesive has started to cure. Immediately remove excess adhesive with a
tissue. Due to the fast curing of the adhesive, the parts have to be joined within 3
minutes from the start of adhesive application. In case of thin adhesive layers or
higher temperatures, open assembly time is reuced. Mechanical strains should not be
applied to the bond within 5 minutes after bonding. Pressure tests must not be carried
out within 24 hours after bonding.

Base Vinylchloride polymers in dissolved form
Colour Colourless
Density Approx 0.97 g/cm3 (DIN 53479)
Solid content Approx 24,0 %
Viscosity Approx 20000 mPas (Brookfield RVT)
Consumption Approx 250-400 g/m2
Open assembly time Approx 3 – 4 min