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Abstract Maximum displacement the wave causes

Does not have unit in order to complete its meaning Analytical Method

Acceleration Method of solving using equations

Change in velocity divided time Antinodes

Accuracy Points where the displacement is maximum

The closeness of measure Attraction

Action Repulsion

Reaction forces of two objects Average Speed

Air Pressure Distance covered by the time travelled

Altitude or height dependent Biogas

Air Resistance Gaseous fuel produced in piggeries and poultries

Friction present in air

Alternating Current Biomass

Charges in direction produced by generator Refers to a vegetative materials produced by plants

Ammeter Black

Measures current Self confidence, power, and strength

Ampere Blue

Unit for current Symbolizes Virgin Mary

Amplitude Body Wave

Travel through the earth’s interior and are divided Close Circuit
into primary
When there is a continues flow of energy

Buoyant Force
Cause objects to float or lift

Bar like device for taking pictures modeled after the
eye Interaction between two bodies in which they exist

Centrifugal Force Compressions

A.K.A Fictitious force Where particles of medium are further apart

Centripetal Force Concave Lens

When a body moves in a circle Produces image that are virtually upright

Circuit Concave Mirror

Any arrangement of materials that provides a path for Image reflecting is curved away the observer
electrons to flow

Without unit it can’t be expressed

Circuit Breaker
Has a bimetallic strip of metal attached to a switch
Materials which e- are forced to move
when the metal is hot it bends and opens the circuit
without causing harm to the circuit breaker Connecting Wire
Classical Physics Provide path for the energy to hold the different parts
of the circuit
Includes traditional branches of physics
Crest meet crest Destructive

Contact Force Crest through crest

eg. 2men pushing a stalled vehicle Diffraction

Continuous Bending of waves

Can’t be measured Diffused Reflection

Convex Lens When parallel light hit a rough object

Produces images depending on the object distance Direct Current

Convex Mirror e- move slowly in the conductor

Image form is always virtual Direct Square

Crest One quantity increases faster than other

Is the position of maximum upward displacement Discovery

from equilibrium
Finding out
Flow of electricity
Can be counted as a whole
Rate of flow of electric charges
How far an object


Separation of two objects


Circular motion
During collision, both the momentum and the kinetic
Determined by combining other quantities energy of the system
Electric Circuit Friction

The path were electrons could move from the source to Most common force
load then back again to the source
The most simple
Study of static electricity
A safety switching devise containing a short strip metal
The amount of work that can be performed by force with low melting point


Organ of sight Galileo Galilei

Falling Objects Mathematical analysis in astronomy and physics

For objects without very large surface area Geothermal Energy

Farsightedness Originated from steam beneath the earth’s surface

A hyperemia is the eyes inability to focus on nearby Graph

objects is known as far sightedness
Pictured number relation
Gravitational Energy
Push or pull
Energy associated with the gravitational field
Fossil Fuel
Remains of plants and animals that live long time ago
Altitude or height dependent

Free fall
Motion of an object under the influence of gravitational
pull Symbolizes self respect and well being
Ground Fault Interrupters Instantaneous Speed

Placed in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other Speed that is instant
hazardous circuit at home0
Instantaneous Velocity
House Wiring
Refers to how fast an object is
An electrical energy is fed into the house via drop wires
Hydro Electric Power
Materials which e- are force not to move
Refers to the product of electricity by means of
generator Interference

Hyperbola Combined effect of two or more waves passing through

the same space
Graph of inverse proportionality
Creating something new
Side opposite the right angle
Inverse Proportionality
Illuminated Objects
No light of its own
The study of the iris of the eye
K.W Howford
The product of force acting on an object
Physics without mathematics is unthinkable
Index of Refraction
Kinematic Friction
Ratio of the speed of the light in a vacuum
Friction between surfaces that sliding over one another
The tendency of an object to preserve its state at rest
Study of variables which affect motion
Kinetic Energy Electrical energy is converted to another forms

The work needed to accelerate

Law of Diameter

States in inversely proportional to the square of its Long wave

Fastest surface wave
Law of Interaction
Longitudinal wave
For every action, there is an equal and opposite
reaction Particles of the medium to vibrate parallel

Law of Inertia Luminous Object

A body at rest remains at rest and a body at motion Anything that give of its light
continuous to move
Law of Length
Fixed proportion of an object
States that the resistance of a uniform conductor is
directly proportional
Law of Nature of Material
Universal language
The resistance of a conductor depends in the resistivity
constant Mechanical Nature
Lift Require a material medium to propagate
The upward force that results from the pressure Mechanics
difference on top
Force and motion
Defined as an electromagnetic wave a form of energy
that can travel through freely Measures how much electrical energy is consumed by
the house hold
Unit of length Force that acts upward on an object

Metrology Normal Line

Science of measurement Any line from the surface of the mirror perpendicular
to the tangent of the surface

North- Seeking Pole
Mirror to image
The end that points to the earth’s geographic north
Modern Technology
Ohm’s Law
Refers to new technology
States that the amount of current flowing through a
Momentum circuit is directly proportional to the voltage and is
inversely proportional to the resistance
How hard it is to stop a moving body
Open Circuit
When there is no continues flow of electricity
A continuous change in position

Optic Nerves
Carries images from retina to the brain
A myopia is the inability of the eye to focus on the
distant objects Optics

Nodes The study of light and its properties

Points on the string whose displacement is zero Orange

Non Renewable Utility with endurance lady’s lucky color

Non replaceable Overload

Normal Force
It may occur when the flow of current is not It has the potential to be converted into other form of
appropriate to the voltage or wattage of the load energy

P Solve Strategy Power

Used to solve scientific problems Rate of doing work


How reproductive the measure are

Panel Board

Main switch controlling device circuit breaker Primitive Technology

Parabola Refers to old technology

Graph of direct square Principal Axis

Parallel Circuit Line passing along thru and vertex

There is 2 or more paths for the incoming e- Prism

Period Triangular glass

Gives the time it takes for the wave Pupil

An opening that let the light enter the eye


A branch of science which deals with matter and Pure Blue

Inspiration sincerity and spirituality
Radiant Energy
An interaction with matter in which the transverse are
restricted to a particular plane of vibration The energy of light

Potential Energy Rarefaction

Where particles of medium are further apart Resistance

Ray Diagram Affects the brightness of the bulb

Used to locate graphically the images formed Resistance

Rectilinear Is the property of a material that tends to reduce the

flow of electric current
Straight motion
Robert Hooke
Law of elasticity
Anger passion love and pain

Rolling Friction
Friction between two surfaces when one surface is
Rebounding of waves from the surface of a medium rolling over another

Refraction Rotary Motion

The change of direction of a wave Circular on its axis

Refraction Rotational

Boundary phenomena which is the bending of light Energy due to rotational motion


Magnitude only

Regular Reflection Science

Light rays are reflected in a regular pattern Organized body of facts

Renewable Secondary Axis

Continually replenish when they are used up Any line passing along the C
Seconds Friction between two surfaces that are not sliding

Unit of time Straight Line

Series Circuit Graph of direct proportionality

There is only one path for the incoming e- Strain

Short Circuit Ratio of the elongation to the original length

Occurs when R decreases shortened path in a circuit Stress

Significant Figures Refers to the distorting force applied per unit area

Number in a measurement that are composed of real Surface Wave

As the name suggest travel at the water

South-Seeking Pole
Opposite end of north seeking pole
Serves to open or close the circuit
Rate of motion of a body
Applied science
Records of different instant time
Is a device for viewing far away objects, such as moon
Standing Waves and stars

Produced when incident and reflected waves interfere Tension

Static Electricity Force present on ropes

Electricity at rest Thermodynamics

Static Friction Study of the interval energy


Is the position of maximum downward displacement Voltmeter

from equilibrium
Used for measuring resistance but not too exact
Measure of interval
Space occupied by a body
Transverse Waves
Water Force
Particles of a medium are vibrating perpendicularly
Force caused by water
Wave Length
Magnitude with direction
Describes the distance from crest to crest and through
Velocity to through

Represents the rate of change of displacement Wave Pulse

A single unrepeated disturbance


Energy due to vibrational motion Weight

Viscosity Force caused by pull of gravity

Force that exist in liquids and gas Wind Force

Voltage Force caused by wind

Affects the brightness of the bulb Work

Voltage Done by force when it moves an object

One important electrical quantity measurement Work

which determines the currents in a circuit
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Yr. & Sec: IV-Wisdom

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