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ð Currently associated with Coromandel InfoTech India Ltd., NOIDA an India Cement Group
Company as Software Engineer since June, 2006.

ð Over 3.5 years of experience in IT industry, in developing and deploying n-tier web applications,
client/server applications, Mobile Software Development using J2ME, Handheld terminal programming
using Embedded C, Smart Card and RFId Technologies and maintenance of banking solution(Finacle).
ð Experience in developing Enterprise Applications using Struts, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages,
Hibernate, HTML, MVC and SQL Queries.
ð Experience in developing secured and optimized GPRS based Mobile Applications using J2ME.
ð A very good exposure in working with different types of Handheld Terminals.
ð Exclusive experience in Customization of forms in Finacle using Maha Report Template (MRT), SQL,
Scripting language and Oracle database on UNIX environment.
ð Knowledge of Standards ISO 7816-3, 4, ISO 14443, Symmetric Key Cryptography (3DES) and
Asymmetric Key Cryptography (RSA), Digital Signatures.
ð Technical expertise in Software Development Life Cycle entailing requirement analysis, design,
development, testing and troubleshooting.
ð Proficient in handling projects efficiently for delivering the required applications in a very systematic way.
ð Excellent communication, interpersonal & analytical skills with proven abilities in resolving the complex
software issues.


Language : Java, C, UNIX Shell Scripting
Mobile Technologies : CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0, KXML API, RMS
Web Tools : Servlet, JSP, HTML, XML
Open Source Framework : Struts
O-R Mapping Tool : Hibernate
Handhelds : Ingenico terminals, PowerCraft terminals, AEM Machines
RDBMS : Oracle 9i, SQL Server,MySQL
Web server : Apache Tomcat 5.x,6.x, Jboss ,GlassFish
Java Tools : Eclipse 3.3, NetBeans 5.5,6.5
OS : Windows, UNIX


Coromandel InfoTech India Ltd., Noida: Since June’06

Software Engineer


Environment : J2ME, J2EE, Java Mail API, KXML

Tool : NetBeans 5.5, Tomcat 6.0, SQL Server 2005
Team Size :5

Project Overview:
The main objective of this Application is to provide a better solution for administrating the reimbursement
claiming process through web and mobile technologies. Mobile application allows all kind of employees to
claim for reimbursement, to know the status of applied one, to approve/ reject the subordinates’
applications, and to get the up to date balance information for that financial year through air in the form of
secured media. Web application, apart from providing all the features, is for HR activities and generates all
kind of required reports.
ü Involved in the development of mobile and web applications using J2ME and J2EE technologies
ü Implemented XML parsing technologies which are exclusive lightweight API for Mobile Applications
ü Written the required Server side coding which involves coding the controller servlets, database queries
and following the standards of MVC architecture
ü Involved in the development of web application module (report generation in the form of PDF and Java
mail API) and supporting the team.
ü Participated in the client interaction for better understanding of the Architecture and scope of the


Client : Mother Dairy Fruit & Veg. Pvt Ltd

Environment : Java, C, MySQL
Tool : Keil uVision3, Eclipse 3.3
Device and Hardwares: PowerCraft Handheld Terminal, Eon Milk Analyzer and RFID MyFair Cards
(ISO 14443)
Team Size : 2

Project Overview:
Mobile Milk Procurement System is an integrated solution combining milk procurement with the Milk Quality
. The following are the modules in handheld terminal software.
ü Milk Procurement Module - The mobile procurement module will drive the handheld terminal which is
used at the collection centre during the procurement process of milk with an integrated Milk Quality
Analyzer. Each farmer is given a customized Smart Card for identification and saving transaction
ü Backend Desktop Application – The desktop application is used for maintenance of overall database
and for fetching data from the handheld and converting it into desired reports.

ü Study of requirements and gathering the information
ü Controlling and analyze the flow Of Data between various modules.
ü Integration of Analyzer with the Handheld Terminal through serial port.
ü File and code management for entire application.

Project: mCoupon

Environment : J2ME, Servlets, Hibernate

Tool : NetBeans 5.5, JBoss, SQL Server
Team Size :5

Project Overview:
mCoupon is an application which works on any mobile that supports CLDC 1.0 and has GPRS enable in it. It
is an application which removes the paper based food coupons system. All the monthly uploads and
downloads, creating customers, merchants and all sorts of MIS reports are supported by a web based
application. There is a server side application responsible for all the validation of data send through mobile.
mCoupon mobile have two modules.
ü mCoupon Merchant – This module is for registered merchants for carrying out coupon based
transactions through mobile. It has three main features of transaction, password change option and
transaction logs.
ü mCoupon Customer – This module is for those Customers who are registered with the mCoupon.
Through this application the customer can enquire about the five transaction that he has done, can
check out his current coupon balance and can also change the password through air.

ü Involved in the development of mobile and backend support using J2ME and J2EE technologies
ü Maintained RMS for Mobile Application
ü Written the required Server side coding which involves coding the controller servlets, database queries
and following the standards of MVC architecture
ü Participated in the client interaction for better understanding of the Architecture and scope of the project


Environment : Struts, Hibernate, JavaScript, AJAX

Tool : Eclipse, Tomcat 5.0, SQL Server
Team Size :4

Project Overview:
Virtual Library is a project meant for teaching, learning, and research needs; it also offers opportunities for
further academic and intellectual exploration. The Virtual Library would be available 7 days a week, 24 hours
a day, from any Web-enabled computer. By utilizing the technological advances and the dynamic
environment of the World Wide Web, we are creating a library that comes to the user. Our Virtual Library
provides access to rich databases that provide a mix of searching and information delivery to bring
documents directly to a user's desktop. Our collection includes full-text online books, periodical databases
providing access to full-text magazines and journals. Categories and sub categories can be created by the
administrator, against which books and other articles would be uploaded.

ü Understanding business requirement and analysis.
ü Responsible for code development.
ü Responsible for review work i.e. Test Plans Reviews and Unit Testing.


Client : National Bank of Umm Al Quwain - Dubai

Domain : Finacle
Tools : SQL, Scripting and Unix Shell script
Environment : UNIX and ORACLE 9i
Team Size : 8

ü Program Design and development with the help of ‘Scripting’ a tool provided by Finacle that
combines UNIX and Oracle.
ü Customizing Reports as per the requirement of the bank with help of SQL and MRT a tool provided
by Finacle that combines UNIX and Oracle.
ü Responsible for coordinating between offshore development team and Onsite.

ð Received Appreciation Certificate & acknowledged from 2 branches of Dena Bank for excellence in
working knowledge and outstanding performance.
ð Certified in HP-Ux 11.0 System Administration And Networking Basic.

ð BE (Information Technology) from Eastern Academy of Science and Technology, Utkal University,
Bhubaneswar in 2002-2006. Secured 65.96%
ð Higher Secondary (12th) from Central Academy, Surda, Jharkhand, CBSC Board in 2000 – 2002.
Secured 60%
ð Matriculation (10th) from St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Mosabani, Jharkhand, ICSE Board in 2000.
Secured 72.50%

Father’s Name : Shri Naresh Kumar Singh
Date of Birth : 20th August 1984
Address : R 168, HIG Duplex, Sector – 12, Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad, U.P