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Creation of Adam (Yasir Qadhi)

Sun, Dec 7th, 2014 - 19:05h

-The first thing was after giving the RUH to Adam, he sneezed, and Allah said: Allhamdulilah1
-Hadith us Shafaaah - in Bukhari (on Judgment Day the Ummah goes to Adam)2
-Hadith Qadr ( the Musa says about the eating from the Tree- to Adam)3
Adam was created on the Earth4,
Samawat are 7 the Worlds , dont mix it Up with this world, Samwat are Not the Jannah,
After the Creation Iblis go into Adam (and says I have controll over the thing, that Not control
over themselves)5
Adam was created on Friday (in that Day he was created,enter Paradise and expelled, on this Day
Adam dies and on this Day the Trumpet will be blown)6
After Asr (between Asr and the comming of the night)7
The word Adam comes from
Arabic word "Adama" it means Join together
It is a Skin Color (udma: braunisch color)

Wisdom of making man in 1 Person,

The is no evidence That Iblis or he Angels (had a First of their Kind) only about us, the Mankind, alla
decended of One man,
No of the man are Identical (Even Twins have a point)
Differentes in Colors and Languages ( Surah al Rum) all goes back to my power,) -When everything
was the same, it would be boring,
Largest gathering, says Prophet Mohammad in your are no differentes) , exept in taqwa ,
The next issue was Allah teach to Adam How to speak (Quran and Sunnah mentioned only 3 People
to Whom Allah [swt] Speaks direct, Adam, Musa and Prophet Mohammad (saw)
Adam learned some words from Allah (swt)
Adam was created in a much larger shape that we are in our times (Hadith is in Bukhari and Muslim)his hight was 60 Kubits , massive structure8,
He estracted the children of Adam from Adam (Allah rubbed his back, every Single Soul),
The Day of the covinent (Yaumul Mithaq)Surah Araf 178, also our souls were created on that they,
thron the Angels blow Up the souls in the whome of the mother,

Jami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 6, Hadith No: 3367

Sahih Al Bukhari, Vol 8, Hadith No: 6529
Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol 1, Hadith No: 80
Quran, Surah Baqarah , Vers 30
Sahih Al Muslim, Vol 6, Hadith No: 6649
Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol 1, Hadith No: 1047
Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol 1, Hadith No: 1046
Sahih Al Muslim, Vol 7, Hadith No: 7149


Adam has a lots of Hairs on his head9

Adam was extremly Handsome we created the Insaan in the best10, Allah has created with his
Allah taugt the namens of everything (it is mentioned in the Quran)
Allah taugt the namens of the beings
Allah taugt the namens of Language ( allama hul bayyan)- aliquant speech,
Adam Chomsky (every Language related)with this Language, Allah taugt Adam that One Language
(and from that Language) all Languages comes, - no Animal has that
Something that we have also have (what we think and how we think) Metacognition -again no
Animal has that or no other creature,
In which Jannah was Adam Living in, it was a Jannah on Earth, (in the Books of Tafsir),
It was the actual Jannah (ibn al Qayab mentioned it in the Books) - According to Surah Taha, Vers 1619, mentioned Allah that it was Not this Jannah, it was the Other Jannah,

Creation of Hawa
Hawa was created from Adam (Quran and Sunnah is explicit on that) Surah An-Nisa (the 1st Vers) and
Surah Zumr, Vers 6 (Allah created you from Zoudsch)
When was Hawa created - After the prostration of Adam, , she is Not mentioned by Name in the
Quran, but in the Sunnah, - its contricted to Bible),

(The Story of Adam ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi | 2nd May 2014 )


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Quran Surah Tin, Vers 4,