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Cult Profiles

By the Bereans

Printed with permission

As Christian revival sweeps in various parts of our nation, counterfeit beliefs (foreign and

domestic) continue to persist-prying on believers and non-believers alike-giving false hope to

every Filipinos. These are some of those who have already crept inside our country creating

spiritual gangrene in the different levels of our society:

Foreign Cults of Christianity

This refers to the cults of Christianity that came from outside the Philippine Islands and was

brought here by their emissaries to spread their false teachings. Examples are as follows:

• Jehovah's Witness (Watchtower Society)- Charles Taze Russell.

• Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormonism) - Joseph F. Smith.

• Seventh-Day Adventists (Sabbatarians) - Ellen G. White

• United Pentecostal Church ("Oneness")

• The Boston Movement (a.k.a. M.M.C.C.) - Kip Mckean

• Christian Science / Church of Science - Mary Ann Morse Baker (Mary Baker Eddy)

• Church of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard

• Church of Recovery (Local Churches) - Witness Lee ("Oneness")

• International Churches of Christ (The Boston Movement / MMCC) - Kip McKean

• Children of God ("The Family of Love") - David Brandt Berg ("Moses David")

• Unification Church ("The Moonies") - Rev. Sun Myung Moon

• Armstrongism - Some churches which still hold on to Herbert W. Armstrong's theology

and practices.
• "Campbellites" ("The Church of Christ" or "The Disciples of Christ")

• End-time Message Ministry or "Branhamites" - William Marrion Branham

• Christadelphians

• Paul C. Jong and The New Life Mission.

• Manmin Joong-ang Church and Rev. Jae-Rock Lee

Domestic Cults of Christianity

Local Cults otherwise known as indigenous cults. This refers to the cults of Christianity that are

home grown (in the Philippines. They may have similar doctrines with the major cults but

managed to formulate their own style of unsound theology. Examples are as follows:
• Iglesia ni Cristo (I.N.C.) - Felix Y. Manalo.

• Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministries ("Oneness") - Wilde Almeda.

• Jesus the Name Above Every Name ("Oneness") - Apollo Quiboloy.

• Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (Fourth Watch) - Arsenio Ferriol.

• Members Church of God International ("Ang Dating Daan") - Eli Soriano.

• Shepherd's Message - Joey Guerrero.

• Jesus Christ To God Be the Glory or "Friends Again" ("Oneness") - Louie R. Santos.

• Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association (P.B.M.A.) - Ruben Ecleo

• Tres Persona Solo Dios

• Ako Nga - Casiano Nazaire

Major World Religions

What is the meaning of "religion"?

The word can be traced from Latin, religare which literally means, "to tie fast." A person who

belongs to a certain religion is perhaps "tied fast" to a set of beliefs, values and practices of a

spiritual leader that are not necessarily Christian. They have common beliefs and reverence for

a supernatural power or powers which they regard as a creator (or creators) or and governor

(or governors) of the universe which through out the years have become an institutionalized


• Roman Catholicism

• Islam - Muhhammad

• Buddhism - Siddhartha Gautama

• Hindusim

Eastern Cults and Other Belief Systems

This is any system of belief that opposes the central teachings of the Christian faith. While all

cults of Christianity are also false religion, not all false religions are cults of Christianity because

not all religion claims to be Christian.

These are offspring of eastern philosophy which are usually are rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism

or Taoism. They occasionally claim compatibility with Christianity

• Sorcery and Witchcraft

• Faith Healing

• Feng Shui

• Horoscopes
• Ouija Board

• Transcendental Meditation

• Astral Projection

• Out-of-Body Experience

Western Cults and Other Belief Systems

Those that had broke away from Christianity and they deny the essential evangelical doctrines.

They also use the Bible as their source of doctrines and regard Jesus Christ as a central figure.

What is noticeable among them is they claim to be the only true representation of Christ's


• Freemasonry

• Liberation Theology

New Age Cults/Religion

Those who unify eastern and western religions. They only respect the Bible as long as it helps

them advance their agendas

• UFO and the Raelian Cult

• Theosophy

Other Worldviews

• Atheism/Agnosticism

• Evolution - Charles Darwin