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Employee Domestic Travel Policy

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1.0 April 05 Admin Initial Release of Domestic Travel

1.1 April 05 Approved and Release of Domestic Travel

1.2 Sep 05 Revision in the Entitlement

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Objective: XYZ shall have a standardized policy on the Domestic travel on account of business/project
needs. This shall enable employees to conduct business in an efficient and effective manner.

To ensure the expenses are cost effective and shall also economical in optimizing the productivity.

Scope: This policy covers expenses and entitlements of employees who travel on company’s business, or
deputed to attend lectures / conferences / workshops /training programs within India. This policy shall
highlight on the entitlements during domestic travel. viz;

a) Mode and class of travel

b) Accommodation
c) Food and Other expenses
d) Local conveyance
e) Guest House Stay / stay with friends and relatives

Eligibility: This shall be applicable to all employees at XYZ.

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Doc. Ref.:
Employee Domestic Travel Policy

Mode and Class of Travel:

All Staff Members Air ( Economy Class)

Employees are entitled to the expenses towards Accommodation and Food as under:

Option I Option II
Accommodation Per Diem

Other Cities Per Diem – On staying

Food & Other expenses
including with Friends or
(Other expense includes
Mumbai Chennai, Relatives
Delhi Tips, Portage, Newspapers,
snacks etc.)
Pune and
Up to Up to Up to
Rs.3500/- Rs.4400/- Rs.3200/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 500 Per Day
+ Taxes + Taxes + Taxes

• Where due to non-availability of sufficient rooms for the traveling members to the same
destination, twin sharing accommodation shall be recommended.

Employees are expected to avail guest house accommodation wherever available but will be entitled to
boarding expenses as above. Alcohol, Cigarettes, shall not be claimed from the above Per Diem.

An Employee has an option to stay with friends or relatives during the business trip. They shall be entitled
to Per Diem as mentioned under option II. Supporting vouchers / bills are not required to be submitted, and
shall not be entitled for any other expenses.

The period of travel to compute the Per Diem claim shall be based on 24 hrs of stay. The time between the
departure and arrival from home will be defined as period of outstation travel. Fractional days up to 12 hrs
will be considered as ½ day and more than 12 hrs as full day for calculation for all allowances except for
daily allowances in respect to stay with relatives and friends that will be based on a night stay.

Business Travel on account of attending Seminars / Lectures / Conferences.

Business travel arising to attend lectures, seminars, conferences or for similar purposes sponsored by XYZ,
the daily allowances applicable will be as under.

A. For Non Residential Programs as per Domestic Travel Policy

B. For Residential Programs: Rs. 100/- per day for incidental expenses.

Business Travel accompanying Company Guests

Employees accompanying Company Guests will be entitled to actuals for stay and other expenses with
prior approval from the concerned authority/President.

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Doc. Ref.:
Employee Domestic Travel Policy

While the arrangements are made by the Customer for stay, the employee shall be entitled to only boarding,
incidental and conveyance expenses. If the Customer provides boarding the employee shall be entitled
only to Incidental and Conveyance expenses as applicable.

Local conveyance:

Employees shall be entitled for reimbursement of local conveyance at actuals depending on the availability
of the mode of transport.

Travel Advance:

An employee shall fill in the Travel program approval duly approved from the Manager and submit to the
Finance Department. The travel advance shall be paid two days prior to the departure.

An employee shall submit the approved travel expenses statement with necessary supporting /bills to the
finance department within three days of return from the business trip


• XYZ shall reserve the right to modify / amend or withdraw in whole or part thereof as and when
• XYZ shall have the discretion to disallow any claim which is not justifiable or is unreasonable.
• XYZ shall accept no liability for the loss of money or the belonging of the employee. If the
employee loses any asset of the organization, he/she shall file an FIR with the police under the
jurisdiction of the area. A copy of the report so lodged shall be submitted to the finance
department to initiate necessary insurance claims.

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