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Pre* Thomas B.Allen. .
ou slorvlyopen your eyes. The theory behind cryonics is
Your head feels slightly sore, temptin gly straightforward. You
vour throat is dry and your die, you are frozen and then you
r rvhole body feels numb, cold are thawed out in a future world
.\s vonr eyes begin to focus where every conceivabletechnical A The quest for immoriolity hos ....r
properlv you see a man in what advance has taken place. AII your led to the science of cryonics, wlth:,1.-l
lonLs ll[e a sp ace su it peer ing problems, including mortality, are the possibility thot we moy one
c1or.'nat vou. He smiles. solved at a stroke. Here, they can doy live to unimoginoble oges
'\bu'r-e made it. Welcome to the cure anything. One hundred or (insef) or even ovoid deoth forevei.',.'
!Jrth century.' two hundred years after your
Ir nral sound like science fiction 'death'you get up and walk.
bui rodav there are those who are
cloing nrore than just dreaming P R E SE RV A TION
aboLrt living in the future. They Cryobiology originated in the
. rrc irrr e .Lirq time a nd m oney int o 1950s,when bull's sperm was and cryoni csenthusi ast.becam e
the scie nce of crvon ic s in t he fro z e n F o rarti fi ci al i nsemi nati on. the first person tnl-recrrcnanAa,,l.r'!llllrl::lla:::i::ill
thaCrct to be suspend.d,',l.:li..;1l.i.iiil,
hope tl-rat one dar', decades or It first seized the public at ul tral ow te mp erature s after'tier,,t,.,,:,,i;:,1
e\-en centLrries after their 'death', imagination in 1964, when Robert died of lung cancer. Since tneq...l,'.;,.:,11.
ther can be cured ar-rdbrought Ettinger - an American physics cryonics companies have arnaryadt,,l,,.'tt::r.,
b:rck to life. teacher - discussedthe idea of hundreds of customers, most,',,i.:r,:r ilil

th e m s t ill aliv e oI c o u rs e . the dewar is not opened until the
(Contrary to popular belief. Walt body is ready to be revived - which
D i s neyi, . r ot u- on g th e m .) could be centuries from the time
In c as eof ac c id e n t o r s u d d e n of death.
death, cryonics cuslomerswear a Within this framework there are
ading 'No autopsy or two basic choices - a full-body
ing'. To avoid delay, there suspensionor a 'neuro', head or
tails of who to contact at brain only. The most cautious
ftiliii,.,;ltottics organization. choose the full-body, even though
this involves the indignity of being
lii:ll.:: FREEZING THE BODY stored upside-down - if the
a body arrives at the cryonics
,r..,,,r,..once temperature rises only the feet will
lab, the freezing processis
relativelvsimple. First the blood is aa

tt.l tt-
and replaced by a
We don't know for sure
whether we'll be
l,!!'quick-frozen, at a rate of brought bqck buf we're
degrees per second - slow going to die knowing
ilrg causesthe formation of we've gof o chqnce
ri.cecrystalswhich puncture MoureenMichoels,CryonicsCustomer
walls- unt il t h e te mp e ra tu re
i:rriominus 196'C.
This t em per at u rei s c ri ti c a l -
i t i s t he boiling po i n t o f l i q u i d
- n \r,
be damaged before the problem
nit rog en , the che m ic al us ed t o is rectified. Those who accept
. \..p the body frozen. Liquid cryonics' ultimate logic go for a
::r::L.-:lrai,:il:l:- o - --
is used because.unlike neuro. In the future, they say,it
ti'.t1i.,d;Fng erhbalming techniques,
or will be possible to use the DNA in
lti!,l:i1:doesnot cause the brain tissue to clone a new body,

$*omposition of the body. so there is no need to keen the
frozen, the body is placed old one. severelvdamaged by freezing and
nless steel cvlindrical There are other reasonsfor all the major organs may crack
ji known as a dewal and choosing the head only open and disintegrate. In addition
is battened down. Apart preservation. Despite all to being cheaper to maintain than
regular top-ups of nitrogen, precautions, the body could be the full-body option, neuro
suspendeescan be moved more
easilv in an emergency.

Opti mi sm i s of pri me i mpor t ance
in cryonics. People who have paid
to become 'corpsicles', as the
frozen bodies are sometimes
rather dismissivelytermed, must
believe that they will surl.ive both
the freezing process and tharr'ing.
They also need to have faith that
the world in which thev emerge
will have the means to restore
them to health. (Cryogenics, with
which cryonics is often confused,
refers to all science that takes
place at low temperatures.)
Cryonics enthusiastscite as
proof scientific experiments in
rvhich animals have been restored
from a state of death using exactly
the same cryo-technology as
envisagedfor humans.
In May 1992, for example, a
baboon was anaesthetized and its
blood replaced by a substitute
solution while its body was placed
in ice and its temperature lowered
to below freezing. The animal
rr'assuccessfully revived after an
hor-rrand studied for any adverse iitl,ti
after-effects. iii:
In another experiment, a :l|,,:
Cerman Shepherd dog was
subjected to four hours of
freezing, its blood replaced with a
s\-tlthericsolution, its heart and
brain rr'avesstopped. Scientists
a t th e - \ m er ic an c r y o n i c s
organization Alcor were able to
restore the dog to full health.
Horr'eter, critics argue that
freezing an animal for a few hours
is one thing, but it can hardly be

the deep freeze is moner-rr':rstecl.
Some are even less diplonr:riic,
Cryobiologist Arthur Rorte trtarle
a famous statement to tl-re effect
that, 'Believine cryonics colrld
reanimate somebody who hits
b e e n f r o z e t t i s l i k e b e l i c r i t t g r , 'tt
can turn a hambur5;er back irttrr
a cow.'
most hopeful thinkers, the same Rowe's analow has beett
technology will be able to attacked as absurcl - the crrortics
rejuvenate a person. You can be organization Alcor arglres thiIt.
reborn at any age you want. The 'The freezing techniques used
experiments that have not worked. age of choice seems to be in the in crvonics suspetrsion are basecl
Th e c r y onic senl h u s i a s l s mid-20s. upon hundreds of publishecl
str.rdies in rvhich scieutists have
d e a thswer e due t o i c e c ry s ta l s W A ST E OF MON E Y shown that mammalian cells.
ca u sedby s low f r ee z i n pagn d th a t Others, however, hold cryonics to i r r c l r r d i r r g b r a i n c e l l s . c a r r 5 ri r \i \c
t-heproblem can be overcome. be unattainable from a scientific freezing and thawing.'
To s uppor t t heir b e l i e f. viewpoint. British biologists Peter
researcherspoint to the emerging and.fean Medawar are typical of a MORAT REVULSION
sci enc eoI nanot ec h n o l o g ;.T h i s considerablenumber of scientists Cryonics has attracted contro\-ersv
that a host of tiny robots, w h o d o not bel i evethat sci ence right from the start. Marx
:i:l:lilill::il:rr,,:l::::*ach size of a molecule, will will ever find a way of restoring the clergymen, for example, find
the body diagnosing cryonically preserved to life. 'In the very concept morall;'
*:;ii!}:t.,1,..;t l through
ii:;..i1;1i1t11;..t.'..l,.:,.'lt"nd cells as they go. Anrl our opinion,' they say,'money unacceptable. They arsue that it is
tt this is possible, according to the
::ll.t:,,,:,,t,,,,',':t,,,,,,'. invested to preserve human life in contrarv to Christian belief to

cheat death in this way, and that
mankind was not intended to
achieveimmortality on this earth.
For the Christian Church, this
scientifically-produced form of
resurrection restsuneasily
alongside the Biblical
TumorVictimLosesBid to FreezeHeadBeforeDeath
resllrrection of Christ. i CryoricaiJds!r!s
rcqulir is , lirnt sbt'
l.yond rulinsnllovir!

IDEN T I T Y CRIS IS rrilirullyrl A{j.n.\ro

The phvsical restoration of a dead
bodv is one thing, but whether or
not the unfrozen individual will
retain its individuality is unknown.
The workings of the human brain,
in particular how memory works,
remains one of the greatest
mvsteriesin human biology.
If memory is nothing more than
a se r iesof elec t r ic a lp u l s e s .th o s e
pnlses will be long gone after a few
centuries in a dewar. You could
emerge from your sleep with the
mind of a new-born baby, or be
physically alive but brain dead.
If memory is chemically-based,
the chemicals may have fared no and you will be back to square one further matters to consider. tUU.,,,,,,
better than the electrical oulses. again. Either way, if the old w el l w i l l vou surl i ve i n your new
personality has no awarenessof l i fe?W i l l yorr hare di sturbi ng
V Reseorchon onimols- notobly having been reborn it mightjust fl ashbacks? \4 i l l l otr be i n physical
boboons,dogs ond cats- hos led mony as r'vellbe dead. or rnerrtalpai ni H ow w i l l you cope
scienliststo believe thot successful If all goes accordirrgto plarr and r l i t h a s o c i e t y s o f a r a d v a n c e d th a t
revivol of o humon being,without vou are brought back to life r.r'ith it has been able to bring you back
incurringbroin domoge,is possible. mind and bod,vintact, there are to life? You could b..o-. a Rgure
of lun. looked upon as a freak of
nature. or be seen as a figure of
fear. The bacteriayou .ui.y
which, presumably, will also have,i,i,l'..,
survived suspension - could be
ones to which your saviourshave
l ong si nce l ost resi stance.

:: ili



': "- ==::
,.!: :' =+ :'


acing due East, into the rising sun, 19th-century Egyptologists to state that the
r The Sphinx is soid the Great Sphinx of Giza, the largest Sphinx was much older than the Pvrarnids,
lo have been builr stone statue in the world, has for it was in the 20th century that its attribu-
4,5(X) yecrs ogo. John centuries been the source of myths, tion to Khafre became accepted. Khafre
Anthony'Wesf (inset) l a b l e s a n d l e g e n d s .T h i s eni gmati c monu- reigned from 2520 to 2494sc.
cloims it wos built 1 nlent - a symbol of Egypt - has alwaysbeen
I2,OOOyeors ogo. : shrouded in an aura of mystery. votcE o E Dt s s E NT '!..

Historions believe thot CurreRt theory saysthat the Sphinx was It required 15 years of persistent effort by
ot this fime Mqn hod b u i l t b y rh e Ph a ra o h I{ hafre around one man - American writer and self-
nof even invented the 2500BC. So when, in 1991, geological evi- trained Egyptologist,John Anthonv \Vest -
wheel ond would d e n c e i n d i c a te d th a t th e S phi nx w as bui l t to begin to turn the tide of opinion against
hove been incopoble at least as long ago as 6000BC- 3,000 years the establishedview.The reason established
of such q construcfion. before Ancient Egyptian civilization began Eglptologists believe that the Sphinx was
- it senl a shock wave of disbelief through built bv Khafre is that its face matches that
the conservativeworld ol Egyptology. of a statue of the Pharaoh in the Cairo
Although it was commonplace among Museum. West highlighted serious flaws in
ith the New,
cs q Senior
Artitt, esed his experience ond
experiise to see if rhe face of the
Sphinx motched thor of rhe

the sqme ongles ond iook
meosurements of its foce (c5oie).

M a n y rradi ti o.nal E gyptotogi srs di s-
m i s s e d D omi ngo' s w ork. D r James
R o m a n o l rom the B rookl vn Muserrm.N ew
York, says art tvas 'not phorogra-
p h y ' b ut' i deal i zed real i ty' , and rhat
Domingo was placing 'modern standargls
o n a n ci ent aestheti cs' and. therefoi ?,
Domingo's analysiswas not relevant. /..t
t ,


= Since Domingo's evidence did not prove

o conclusively to the Egyptologists that the
Sphinx was older than previously thought,
",-. .g-::
West tried again. He proposed that the'

iE- = a erosion of the Sphinx was l-lot due to
ii;-:.F'::::': tr
desertl,windo. *ni, but to rain waterlJ
The last time Egypt had hear.y rainfall
the visual link between the Sphinx and w a sa fte r the break up of the l ast Ice A ge.
Khafre by employing unusual methods. w h i c h b egan as l ar back as 12,000ec.
\Arest brought in the servic"ds 'of West could only prove the water erosion
Lieutenant Frank Domingo, a forensic th e o ry to tradi ti onal E gyprol ogi sts by
expert from the New York Police obtaining'the co-operation of d respected
D ep a rrme n t who s pec ia l i z e d i n . re c o n - a c a d e mi c geol ogi st w ho coul d confi rm
structing faces where much of thebriginal that the rock had indeed been eroded by A Frqnk Domingo mode
detail has been lost or mutilated. water. After a long search,.he finally found trbcings of the Sphinx ond
Domilrgo compared the' face of the a n e x p e rt open-mi ndedenough to l i sren- Khofre's slotue. He drew o
Sphinx nith the statue of Khafre in the D r R o b e rt S choch of B oston U ni versi ty. line from the chin to the
musellm. From detailed sketches made,of Sc h g c h' s exami nati on confi rmed that corner of the eye ond
' both faces, he concluded that the two stat- th e b o d y of rhe S phi nx and rhe w al l sof rhe compored the ongles. The
ues re p re s ent ed' s epar a te i n d i v i d u a l s ' . ditch it sits in exhibited classic signs of ongle on Khofre's foce (rop)
,,"'Domilgo added, 'if at some future date w a ter e ro si on.H e al sol ound that the mon- wos I4o, while on the
irrefutable information proves the Sphinx u m e n t and the nearby templ e compl ex Sphinx {obove) it wos 32'.
was Khafre, then the artists wh@,duplicated had been carved out of the same rock.
t he i ma g e h ad t o be inept te c h n i c i a n s .' T h e re w as al so a strangeanomal y.The
Sphinx and its sur'rounding walls -were so
severely eroded the;r had grooves cut into
the rock one metre deep. In comparison,
identical strata of rock tlose by were bare-
ly weathered at all. The implication was
that the Sphinx had been carved in stTges, )
th e ear lies t c ar v in g b e i n g e x p o s e d to
wa te r er os ion, t he la te s tto w i n d e ro s i o n .


To add yet further weight to his theory,
West wanted to know when the' rock
around tJle Sphinx was first carved. In
doing so, he would find out when''the
Sphinx was built. He then brought'in Dr
Thomas Dobecki, a seisinographyspecialist
from a Houston based consultancv firm.


€ By analysing the water erosion on the
.9 floor around the Sphinx, Dobecki could
estimate when the rock was carved. The
further down the water erosion goes. the
longer the rock on the surface has been
exposed to rainfall. Dobecki's experi-
ments would show how far down the ero-
sion affected the rock, and from there he
could estimate the age of the Sphinx. I
,'@' Dobecki's seismographic experiments a
and Schoch's observations proved that the !
body of the Sphinx had indeed been
carved out in distinct stages,and that the
heavily eroded front of the monument pre-
dated the back end by around 3,000 years.

c H A r y 9 ! I G F A -c_ ,7
Schoch's conclusion was that Khafre dis-
covered the Sphinx in a partially complet-
ed state. Khafre repaired the Sphinx, and
th e te m p l e s a ro u n d i t. b y pl aci ng grani te
slabs"over the limestone. Schoch said that
owing to the vast age of the Sphinx,.it must
h a v e u n d e rg o n e m a n y repai r campai gns
over thousands of years.A1so,because the
head of the Sphinx is proportionately
smaller than the body, it had probably Dobecki's experiments" also revealed
been discovered by the Ancient Egyptians another Spcret - a number of unexplored
with a different face. They then carved the tunnels and a large rectangular chamber
Sphinx into an Ee"vptianstyle. fir'e metres belorv the front paws of the
Sphinx. In Dobecki's professionalopinion,
he believes this chamber to be man-made.
Even more bizarre was the fact that the
::': discovery of this chamber had been pre-
dicted nearly 60 years previously by Edgar
Cayce, America's famous 'Sleeping
P rophet' .On 29 October 1935,C a ycewent
into a'trance and saw previous lives from
,f_ Ancient Egypt. Cayce stated that survivors
of Atlantis had come to Egypt in 10,500eC
,l and had built the Sphinx and the Creat
#E Pyramid within 100 years of their arrival.

Most significantly, Cayce predicted that,
before the close of the 20th century, 'a hall
of records..:w oul d be found rvh er e t he '
line of shadow or light falls between the
.( The vriclls oround fhe ditch in which paws of the Sphinx.' Inside the chamber,
rhe Sphinx stonds hove been the focus according to Cayce, is a library of wisdom
of Robert Schoch'sobservolions becouse from the lost civilization of Atlantis.
they hove nol been repoired since the As a professor with an academic reputa-
stolue wos corved. The seismogrophic tion to consider, Dr Schoch has gone on
experimenfs corried out in front of the record saying the Sphinx was built no
{phinx (inset) odded further evidence more than 8,500 years ago and r'vill not be
rhbt rhe erosion"wos coused by woter. draw n i nto arguments unconnec t ed wir h

geology. West is less cautious. In his view
the Sphinx is at least 12,000 yeiarsold.
Eit her way .s c ien c es e e m sto p o i n t to th e
Sp h i nx being builr l o n g b e fo re th e a c c e p t-
ed date. And as yet, the traditional
Egyptologistshave not been able to put up
a lasting argument against Schoch's theory.
But major qiiestions remain - who built
it and how? A growing body of researchers,
i n cl u ding bes t - s e l l i n g a u th o rs . Gra h a m
.djh ,#'
jr--ry; .rir
T h e r i d d l e o f th e S p h i n x i s,
still unsolved... it is o riddle
t hq t e n c o m p osse sfh e e n ti re
Gizq necropolis

Hancock, Robert Bauval and Colin Wilson,
believe the re-daring of the Sphinx is evi-
dence in support of a lost civilization - per-
n a p s ev en A t lant ls .
In 1993. W es t hi n te d s tro n g l y th a t th i s
was the case. It resulted in a furious
response from Dr Zahi Hawass, Director
General of the Giza P;ramids, who banned
West and his team from carrying out any change of heart on the part of the Eglptian A These compufer
further investigations. authorities. In April 1996, a new licence for proiecfions, shown on
Si nc e t hen. r he re h a s b e e n a c u ri o u q the continued exploration of the Sphinx the'U5 felevision
was granted 'to Dr Joseph Schor, an documentory lhe
American millionaire who has close con- Myste{y ol the Sphinx,
nections with the Association for Research illustrote hoW Robert
and Enlightenment (a vast organization Schoch believes the
u hi ch promotes the teachi ngso[ C avce). Sphini oged. He
thinks o huge heod,
lFsIlIg" B:vEAr:E9__ possibly of o lion (top),
}A.tthe same time,.Dr Schor and Dr Flawass wos built cl s lime
a nnounced that there are secret tunnel s when the Nile Volley
under the S phi nx and thar, i n the near wqs o green
future. they w i l l open thesechambersl i ve sovonnoh, 8,(XlO yeors .
before a world-wide TV audience.' ogo. Over thousonds f

l l Lhl s happens. w e may drscover l l of yeors, the heod wos
C ayce' s predi cti ons about A tl anti s are re-corved to its iresent
true. A nd i f the chamber contai ns evi - shcpe (bo?rom). -

dence about the age of the S phi nx.' new
light might also be cast over what
the monument guards - the
Giza Pvramids.

In the next issue M\STERIOUS WORLD
reuealseuidencclhal castsdoublsouprlhe trn-
ditional idea that the Pyramids were rnerell
tombsfor the Pharaohs.
DOES FILM FOOTAGEOF be archive footage from 1947. By
the end of the day, the film had
TH E RO S WE L LA L I E N been broadcast worldwide and,
almost overnight, the one ques-
AUTOPSY PROVETHAT tion being asked in some 42 different '. '. ',,, ;;f:-: .: J a I yf
languageswas: is this for real? _
WE ARE NOT ATONE?OR A Reol or nof,
It was claimed that a London-based film of rhe UFO
TO THROWUFOTOGISTS producer, Ray Santilli, had bought the mosf
autopsy footage for f,l00,000. He had been phenomeno. The
INTO DISARRAY? researching material for a music documen- served s
tary in summer 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio, purposes:
n 28 August 1995, ten million tele- when, by chance, he came acrosssome pre-
vision viewers in the US watched viously unseen Elvis Presleyfootage.
stunned as pathologists carefully After successfullyarranging a cash deal plocing UFOs in
dissected what appeared to be an to buy the Presley film, the cameraman perception fhrough
extraterrestrial lifeform. In a series of offered Santilli some 'valuable footage' medio (insef).
grainy, black-and-white film segments, the taken during his time in the forces. The
Fox Network documentary, Alien Autopsy: film was alleged to show a UFO crash sile,
Fact or Fiction, showed what was claimed to and an alien autopsy. Santilli viewed the
*I3tr*pSY W I g"fo." the outopsy
sequence, pieces of the debris
ore shown lo lhe comero by o

AISALY$ffi militory officer. €onveniently, his
foce is never seen, ond neither is
ony insignio, which would reveql
The story surrounding the his militory ronk.
rele<rseof the oulopsy film
footoge moy be full of
problems, but whot of rhe
film itself? Does it, too, fqll
oport on serious scrutinY?
Opinions differ wildly
throughout UFOlogy os to
which scenesare the most
importonf, but there ore
certoinly o number of
onomqlies which could
suggest o hosx.

! ehorogrophic expert Bob
Shell wos given two strips of the
the originol I6mm film showing
whot oppeors to be c doorwcy -
presumobly to the ouloPsl ngom
- ond q sloircose. These imoges

<on be seen ol the stort of the
oulopsy. When he wos osked lo
quthenlicote lhe oge of the strips,
Shell confirmed thot the film wos
I6mm Cine Kodok Super XX

ircm 7947. However, becouse
lhe creolure connot be seen on
the somples, there is obsolutely
no guoronlee thol lhe outoPsy from ihis dote.

plan to have it examinecl br' fihn lr'as identified by Grzrl'rartt Birclsall,
experts at Sheffielcl.' editor of LII;O NIasa--irte. \\-hile
film, and was impressed enough to Other UFOlosists, horveveqrvere investigatinEi the clirirn tl-rzrtKoclirk
raise sufficient funds to conclude voicing concerns at horv the video, had verihed the footirgc as being
the deal in November 1994. n i th o trt er i dettcc l o sl rpporl i ts manufactured irt 1 9 '1 7 . B i r d sa l l
On returnitrg to the UK, Santilli authenticitr', rvas being promoted. s p o k e w i t h P e t e r \ l i l 'o r t . r t st'tr i o t'
took the film to the British UFO Man,v expre ssed reservations thzrt manager r'r'ith Kodak in England.
Research Association (BUFORA.), established Roswell researchers Milson hacl becn sur-prised at
lr,erebeing denied accessto the film 's
Nlantle press release claiming thc
where the Director of Research,
Philip Mantle, stated, 'The footage and the facts behind the stor,v. film's clate had been verifiecl.
is r-rnique. It is the only knorvn When Birdsall che cked r'vith
L AC K OF E V ID E N C E other Kodak offices, he fclrnd that
instance of aliens on frlm.' In a
press releaseclated26 March 1995, With much of the UFO comrnunitl' none \\'ere ar'vare of having con-
Mantle clairned that 'rve have hacl norv doggedl,v inr.'estigating the ducted anv tests. It was not ulrtil 5
the film checked out by Kodak who storl', furthcr anomalies beglan to July 1995 that a salesPerson at
confirm it is 50 years old... \ve no\{ emerge. The most serious of thesc Kodak's Copenhag;en ofllce rvirs
€4 Wl"n rhe porhologists enter tfie
room, lhey begin touching the creoture
gingerly. During'reol' outopsies, the
body musr be moved to corry out oll
the procedures. Also, rhe film's doctors
oppeqr ro be feeling for orgons

ffi.T,'i, j;;;
J5:[';::,:* "
knowing obout the underlying

."t ::. * ry' - o-F

,*!$ {** :*...
1!!!4&i!6a ..:irr:,.
Texoi, sroreJ,
:iJ' '-



approached by someone acting on was shot or processed.'
Santilli's behalf. The salesperson With the film's aurhenticity still
was asked whether a square and tri- in doubt, Kodak offered ro confirm
angle found on film-edge markings its date. Two frames of the autopsy
meant the year of manufacture was sequence were necessary to meet T-heX l-r.t,ctorthen spoke with Tony
1947. The salespersonchecked ref- the required test criteria, but by the A mal o. the K odak mori orr- pict ur e
erence books and conlirmed that time the autopsy received its televi- specialist who would have overseen
this was true. sion premiere in Ar-rgust 1995, the authentication process.He stat-
What the salesperson did not Kodak had received no footage. ed that, despite promises from
realize was that the same edge Santilli through a US intermediary,
markings could be applied to film C ON F IR MIN G TH E D A TE 'Kodak has never received a single
manufactured in 1927, 1947 or The X Factor :r.ret with Santilli and fiame of Santilli's film.'
1967.Also, as Kodak's Peter Milson asked him to confirm the processes Michael Hesemann, a German
pointed out to Ray Santilli, 'the carried out by Kodak. He insisted UFO researcher and magazine
date of manufacture does not that they had tested and confirmed edi tor, carri ed oul hi s ow n invesr i-
confirm the date when the film the age of the footage. To veri{y this, gation into the autopsy footase.
.l :


ts 5 wh" is the figure behind rhe window?
Before the autopsy film wos releosed, Roy
Scnrilli cloimed rhot President Trumon could
be seen so cleorly in the window that'you
. : :. :.:r,i:tri,a
..:.,: , : . t
ccn ryq! his lips.' Not only does the mon nol -
. .:4.,..
speck, buf his idediry connol be mode out. -.ta&,
''1& ].'ir:
And why is he weoring o mosk when he is
stonding behrnd rhe observolion window?



iS4,.,. f.&;


In his report, F'acts u Polemicsin Shell is positive that the film was film the alien crash site and subse-
the Alien Autoltsl liootage Debate, exposed and developed within this quent autopsr'.Ir-rit, Bartrett claims
Hesemann reported that two three- two year period, dating the film, at to have receiled a call instructing
frame segments were submitted fbr the very least, as pre-1958. There him to make his \\'avto the crash site
teststo Bob Shell, editor of the pho- wasjust one problem: the film seg- splplane.
of a Rr,rssiar-r
tography magazine Shutterbugand ments did not show the actual alien. 'Barnett' said that he flew from
one-time photographic consultant Washington DC to collect equip-
for the FBI and US legal system. WH O S H OT TH E FItM? ment from Wright Patterson Air
Based on a careful analysisof the With opinion on the film's authen- Field in Ohio, before leaving for
film's chemical make-up, Shell con- ticity still split benveen two camps, Roswell. From Wright Patterson,
firmed the frames to be pre-1956. attentiorl turned to the cameraman he flew to New Mexico, and then
He also concluded that the type of - who had been girren the pseudo- travelled by road, across desert ter-
film used was Super XX-Pan- nym Jack Barnett' by Rav Santilli. In rain, until reaching the crash site.
chromatic Safety Film, an in-door, 1995, 'Barnett' produced a state- Although Barnett rvas vague about
high-speed film with a short life me n l d e tai l i ng the ci rcumsl ances the actual location of the debris, he
span of no more than two years. surrounding his orders in 1947 to l ater l ed researcher Michael
,-'tr 49 aft , quickly removing o few
internol orgon3, fhe pofhologisfs moye
ro the heod. Agoin, os in the chest
sequence, lhe scene showing the
folding of rhe skin ofter incision is
misring, hiding ony wrinkling rubber.

4 | O To end the outopsy sequence,
the skull is sown off ond the broin
only see the
before the film
the brcia,
expert Trey

<8 been
mode to I fflm
tr.rrs to:th,

. Wnst
there is

Hesemann to a site llear Socorro. ble for filming the famous launch-
New Mexico, and claimed that the ing of the B-25 bombers on rheir
crash happened on 3i May 1947 - wav to the 'Doolittle raid'; and
not at RoswellinJuly 1947. retirecl Air Force Lieutenant
Kent Jeffrey, head of the C o l o n e l D a ni el A . McGovern, a security clearances were stationed
International RoswellInitiatiae, a UFO motiorl-picture project officer for all over the country, including New
research group, attempted to verifli the Air Force, srarioned in Mexico. In the event of a UFO
Barnett's statement. To help him, Washington DC inJune 1947 - the crash, cameramen could have been
. he brought in retired combat cam- same time and place as Santilli's dispatched from Roswell Army Air
eramen from 1947. cameraman, Barnett. Field itself.
The veterans - all of lvhom According to McGovern, who
*93:'l:tp*1t"t[|9].L_ worked on highly classified projects filmed a number of conventional
The cameramen found by Jeffrey - agreed that it made no senseto fly autopsies in his career, all medical
included Joe Longo, President of a cameraman to Roswell, New procedures were routinely shot in
the International Combat Camera Mexico, from Washington DC. colour. Santilli's cameraman shot
Association; Bill Gibson. responsi- Qualified cameramen with top- the autopsy scene in black and
white, without sound. Shaky, out of focus,
and hand-held throuehottt, the quality of
the camera work is considered by Longo,
Gibson and McGovern to be appalling and
. not even close to military standards.
Suspectinethe film to be a fraud, Colonel
McGovern has offered to authenticate the
ca m er am an. M c Co v e rn re q u i re s th e c a m-
': eraman's full name and serial number sc,
'that he can veri$t his military service with
the Air Force Records Centre. McGovern

@s lf o n y b o d y i n my u n i t sh o t

f il m i n f h o f mo n n e r, h e 'd b e
b o c k s c r ub b i n g p o ts i n
the kitchen the critics claim, of Santilli deliber-
ately attempting to obstruct the
Joe Longo,MilitoryComeromon

'r\ ps truth. It could, of course, be the
genuine response from a camera-
man eager to protect himself
will reveal only his conclusion. He promises from the Roswell meclia circus
to keep all other information, including the a nd the i nevi tabl ei nterrogal i on
cameraman's identity, strictly confi dential. that going public would involve.
McGovern presentecl his offer to Ray However, in light of the on-
Santilli, and The XFactor received a copy of going calls to have the footage
Santilli's reply. In it he writes, 'I can state tested, many researchers are
quite categorically that the last person the beginning to adopt the scepti-
.. cameraman is going to place any confi- cism that increasingly surrounds the Roswell
dence in is an ex-military serviceman... in incident. Indeed, one theory currently seep- A On 8 September
the present climate the cameraman will be ing its way through the UFO community is 1947, iusr four rveeks
doing himself and his family a disservice by that the footage is a deliberately bad hoax ofter the otomic bomb
going public... However good his creden- perpetrated by 'the authorities' to cast a bad wos dropped on
ti a l s.he will be t or n l i mb b y l i m b .' light over the actual Roswell incident, and Nogosoki, Jopon,
It is u nclea r wh et her t his is ev idenc e, as steer public opinion away from believing militory comeromen/
the event happened. including First Lieutenont
Don McGovern (inset)
DIS IN FOR MA TION FItM? were senl in to shoot
Civen the US government's past attempts to l6mm film of rhe
discredit many UFO photographs, perhaps devostolion. According
this 'disinfbrmation' theory is not too lo McGovern ond other
incredible. In such cases,detailed analvsisof militory comeromen
the original prints can usually determine from the l94Os, rhe
whether the photographs shon' real filming of the outopsy
flying saucers or conventional objects. does nol follow the
Unfortunately, no-one has had the chance stondord militory
to analysea piece of autopsy film. And until procedures of the doy.
this happens, UFOlogists wiil keep
on searching for the truth.

In the next issue, (IF'O FIIE casts its qe oaer
someof the mostfamous LIFOphotographsand
asks: Does the cameraeuer lie, or do ue really
ho.ueeuidencefor extraLerrestriallife on film?
Gnrrnn, You couI,D BE
oF BENTsPooNS.Bur, As

n 23 November 1973, a Z7-year-old.Uri Geller
first appeared on British television and caused
a stir with his amazing ability to bend spoons s5*-
re; and mend broken watches with the power of his
mind. As a result, switchboards were jamrned with
calls from parents claiming their children had just That was the first time. Then I got a watch from my
destroyed the family cutlery, and Geller became an dad and I could move the hands r,vithrny mind. Then
overnight sensation. I bent the hands inside the glass.I n'as able to move
Having already satisfied most of the world's the clock on the wall in my classroom.
parapsychologists that he had a genuine talent, Geller psychokinetically, and demonstrare telepathr, u,ith
spent the rest of the 1970s at the mercy of the media. fellow pupils by readirrs their rninds.
Continually facing criticism and character attacks
from a small band of sceptics determined to expose Where do you think this obility comes from?
him as a hoaxer, he finally turned his back on the \1r' mothel corriesfrorl Sigrntrnd Freud's family - my
media. He hired himself out to mineral companies as name is actualh'L li Geller Freud - and she thought I
a dowser of oil and precious metals, and made vast inl-rer-iteclpo\rers fron.r l-rirn.Not long ago I discovered
sums of money. in a Celrnart magazine. Esotetica,that Freud actually
With the wealth came the inevitable problems - clicl telep:rtlrl experiments rvith Albert Einstein.
in his case, bulimia and compulsive shopping disorder
- but todayo surrounded by his family and crystals in Did something hoppen to trigger your
his mansion-like home in a small Thameside village Psychicpowers?
outside London, Geller is relatively safe from the I'm not srire, but when I was six weeks old, living in Tel
rigour of life in the limelight. It is here, through a A'ir', bullets were fired into our window by an English
constant barrage of interruptions from newspapers, soldier. The window would have shattered on me, but a
publishers and media personalities, that Geller teddl'bear somehow moved acrossmy face, shielding
reflecG on his life as the only trulv international me, and I wasn't hurt. Another time, I was playing in a
psychic celebrity. garden when I heard a strange noise in the sky \\4ren
I looked up, a light hit me and I passedout. I often
FF wonder if this light came from a higher intellieence.
@@ fn. first time I discovered I had an unusual
power, I was sitting in my mother's kitchen eating An extroterrestriql infelligence?
mushroom soup, and as I lifted the spoon to my It could have been. Andrija Puharich, the scientist
mouth it started bending and actually broke in half. who took me to America, believecl that my powers
invited me to a party. Suddenly, the parties became
more prestigious: from photographers to lawyers,
lawyers to judges, judges to politicians. And suddenly
there was flsrael'sl Prime Minister Golda Meir. She saw
something in me and the next day, when she was being
interviewed, she was asked what she predicted for the
future of Israel. She said, 'Don't ask me, ask Uri
Geller.' It was the biggest plug in my life because it
came from the mouth of the Prime Minister.
Then the phone started ringing, and managers were
wanting me. I walked on to stage and started filling up
auditoriums of between 3,000 and 10,000 people. It was
unbelievable - mass hysteria in Israel.

How did you get noticed by the scientific
The scientist Andrlja Puharich saw me perform
and said, 'If this is real, and if you're not a magician,
then it's incredible.' He introduced me to Edgar
Mitchell, the moon-walking astronaut, then to Hal
Puthof and Russell Targ at the Stanford Research
Institute tSRIl. I went to the Statesand was tested
at SRI in the early 1970s.

Whof did the SRlrhink qbout your qbilities?
They validated my powers. It was written up in lttrature
came from an extraterrestrial source. I can't close the magazine, and having it in the most prestigious science
door to that totally - I can only say 90 per cent magazine in the world gave me validation. Then the
probably not - but I've got to leave it open a bit. How attacks started - some magicians safing it was trickery
can I say no? and fraud, laser beams,chemicals,sleight of hand...
I'm also a religious person and believe in God. they said all kinds of things about me. At first I turned
I know under God there is no end, and in those my back on the attacks and never sued. But when my
infinite spacesthere are billions of stars and planets. children were born, I thought, 'Wait a minute, that's
One must have some form of intelligent life. Maybe enough. I'm not going to let people lie about me any
some of them can travel to our planet, and maybe more,' and I took people to court. There are still
I was given power by some extraterrestrial. The sceptics- not only about me, but about everything.
explanation everyone wants to believe is that it comes Some people believe in nothing.
from our mind - maybe I use a little bit more than
the 10 per cent everyone else uses.Who knows? Your fiercest crilic is rhe stoge mqg:ciqn
Jqmes Rqndi...
How were you discovered? I don't even want to talk about him, mainly because
I believe it was synchronicity. I became a model after I sued him. Some scepticsare miserable people, they
being injured in the Six Day War. missed the boat. They are patting each other on the
One day, I bent a key for a back, giving awards to themselvesall the time. They're
photographer and he a tiny group and they'll gradually die out as more and
more genuine paranormal and extraterrestrial reports
1 Uri Geller's come in. They're on a lost cause.And a gentle warning
Mind-Power Kit is o to some of them - I'll still sue if I'm defamed or
honds-on guide to libelled. That's because I have a family. And I'll protect
reolizing your psychic them, my integrity and my reputation.
ond mentql obiliries. The
kit comes wilh o cryslol, How did it moke you feel to be continuolly
energized ink spot, ond occused of fokery by fhe few sceptics?
oudio tope lo be used I got fed up with it. It felt like I was at the end of
with rhe book's everyone's microscope. I quit the limelight and went
procticol exercises. on to work for oil companies, using my abilities to
\l J i --l

prospect for minerais. I became verv independent New York, and that will be the end of speculations.I
and wealthy from it, and I coulcl tell er-ervoneI know governments are hiding things. I've known the
didn't want to deal rrith to take a rr'alk. Br-rtmoney is astronaut Ed Mitchell for years,and he knows. I've
not the most important thing for me - health is more worked with FBI and CIA asents, and there are
important. It's good to have mone\'. It gives vor-ra ahvaysleaks.
Iittle time, a little comfort. and it gives vou the abilin'
to tell people, 'I'm not interesred.' 5o is something going to hoppen soon?
I was also recharging mlself spirituallr'. I \\ ent to Something major. NASA's announcement about
Japan, under Mount Fuji, a verv spiritual place. ancl possible life on Mars is incredible. I think that maybe
Iived there for a while. I've gone through r-rpsand in ten r.earsfrom norv there will be a real encounter.
downs in my life, so I had to sort things oLiI in m\' I started something in 1969 and it still hasn't
mind. \Ahat am I about? \A/tratis mr life for? \\-here stopped. I opened people's minds. Putting aside the
am I going? I decided to take a break. little enclaves of o'nics rvith closed minds, you have
the millions of people in benleen, the 'don't
Whor qre your lqtest knorvs'.Then vou har.ethe
Proiects? = billionsof believers,the
I'm doing confidential, but dreamers. Thev are the ones
positive,work for scientists. Tuorldltas become
As our more rtho'11make things happen.
They're not investigating me sophisti ccttedand complex,rue'ue
anymore. It's not'Is Uri Celler forgottentnan) of the abilities lf science hos proved you
real or not?' it's 'What can we we oncehad... like telebatht genuine, ond people qre
use this power for, how can we etld leaitation now more believing,
h a rn es sit ?' Rec ent l y .I w a sa t a whot nexf?
co n fer enc e.dem ons tra tin g my '- I can only tell you things I dream
p o wer st o im por t ant s c i e n ti s ts . of. I call it a dream - a fantasy -
I met the Nobel prizewinner, BrianJosephson. but I hope it will become reality. We have to start
He's one of the most important physicistsin the thinking about how to disarm nuclear weapons.
UK, and he was really impressed with my abilities. \4re're under a constant nuclear threat, and there is
It's p eople lik e him w h o a re g o i n g to m o v e th i n g s : going to be a major catastrophe - a terrorist
people who are open-minded and willing to believe organization detonating a weapon, or a nuclear
and go beyond. You can't get much higher than submarine leaking. I hope that the collective energy
Nobel prizewinners. I am also busy running my of two or three billion people can make it all stop.
magazine Encounters.
How qre you going to orgonize such q
Do you rhink people's qftifudes towqrds the lorge number of people?
Porqnormol qre chonging? I'm trying to get a slot in the 2000 Olympics. It's too
Absolutely. The millennium is important. People are early to say,but doors are opening. The collective
ready for something. Personally, I always hope that a energy of billions of spectatorswill be staggering,
UFO will land - somewhere public, like Central Park, and I can only pray for this to happen.

'ili'i' g
-- . $ in€€s -{
nid n{nL* ;il;;;"usrrr lreffac-t3:-,lffi


these fi gures to seni or l ranl e\ i rr orga-
nized crime. Toeetheq Casolaro believed, A Donny Cosoloro died
this group operated massive swindles and while investigoring
widespreadpolitical scandals. links between moior
It was an explosive story. One final meet- conspirociessuch os the
ing with a new source would rvrap up the Lockerbie plone crosh,
case. Despite recent death threats, Danny rhe deoth of Robert
travelled to a motel in Martinsburg, l\,'est Moxwell qnd the BCCI
Virginia, to meet his informer. bonk scondql. Jusl one
The next day, Saturday,10 August 1991, week before his
Casolaro was found dead in the bathtub of funerol (inset),Cosoloro
his motel room. Naked, his wristshad been told his fomily, 'lf
powerful individu- slashedopen a dozen times. Local police onyrhing hoppens lo
officers rvere quick to arrive and, r'vith a me, don'f believe it
clrrsory examination, concluded suicide. wos occidenlql.'
U S D epartmenl of Jusri ce (D oJ), whose
prosecutorsused the software to keep tabs
on al l rhei r l egal casesrhroughout rh e US.
In 1981, when Inslaw upgraded
ware to a more powerful. 'Enhan
mils r6aEr{lll sion, the DoJ became caught up in.d
tractual dispute with Inslaw over whi
sion they owned. In the end, the DoJ
using the new version but refused to
the $9.6 million asking price.

FoRcED r NTo BANKRUpr c i ,=l ]
Irr 1993.three monrhs i nto rhe di spu t ewit h
rhe D oJ. B i l l H ami l ron recei ved a t ele-
phone cal l from rhe C hi ef E xecu r iveo[
= Hadron h'rc., Dominic Laiti. Hadron *u* ut,.'.,.i
government cor-rsultingfirm controlled by 1
-, Earl Brian, a close associate of Ronald.
5 Reagan. Laiti
o told Bill Hamilton that ha;
F wanted to buy Inslalr'. \\rlren Hamilton
E refused to sell, Laiti claimed that he
friends in government and threatened;

havewaysof making you sell.' ShorrJyafter-
wards.Inslawwas lorced inro bankruptcy-
On 9June I986, B i l l H ami l ron filed a
$30 mi l l i on l arvsui tagai nsrthe D oJ i n r he
o bankruptcy court. Reviewing the evidence,,,
Judge Bason ruled in favour of Inslaw.l
Awarding Hamilton $6.8 million in aaiir.
ages,he noted the DoJ had stolen PROMIS.; it

through' tri ckery. fraud and decei r' .

Casolaro'sbriefcase.rrhich had containecl *Y,**
sheavesof documents relating to his storv
- and which never usualivleft his sicle- rias
missing. Before his familv coulcl be noti-
fied, Casolaro's body \ras illegallv
embalmed, hindering the auropsr..

Before his death, Casolaro had discovered
that the many activities of The Octopus
revolved around the theft of a comouter ",*ili"E.*"
so fl w ar e pac k age k n o w n a s rh e
Prosecutor's Management Information
System(PROMIS). The program had been
developed in the 1970s by Bill Hamilton,
president of Inslaw, a Washington DC soft-
ware firm. Designed as a law enforcement
tool, PROMIS could collate information
on court 'cases,criminals, judges, police-
men and almost anyone else involved in
the criminal justice system.
One of the PROMIS customers was the
1,, : ' l
"r t
NN g Ej

i: i+tt$.!'-T'
i f'r'r ,. , r'-l s
r.- t:t:I*



} According lo former
inEllioence ocenl Lester
Colemon, rhe bombing
Am flighr 8ol
over Lockerbiein I988
,:ii.:* l*" resuh of on

l pu; drus decl.
1ii€ble*on cloimedrhor
,,ilpossenger plcnes were Judge Bason further observed that DoJ for the findings. Later, the \\ ashinston DC
, used lo ship drugs from officials had forced Inslaw into bankruptcy Circuit Court of Appeals overtrirned the
Middle Eost. When in order that PROMIS would be made avail- decision on a technicalin. \\'ith the Inslaw
lrcnion suppliers felt able at public auction. Once at auction, it story assuming an increasing degree of
.relotions wirh the US could be bought by Hadron Inc., the com- notoriet\., Jack Brooks. f.hairn.ran of the
were furning sour, they pany that had earlier threatened Inslaw. CongressionalHouseJucliciarvCommittee,
,:,. Ggedly swopped The DoJ appealed against the decision, l arrnthed e three-\err i rrresti gati orr .
on the plone for but the Federal District Court upheld
Judge Bason'sruling, noting that there rvas
'convincing, perhaps compelling support' Brooks \\'as concerned at the widespread
allegationsof DoJ impropriety. He accused
high-level DoJ officials and former
Attornev Ceneral Dick Thornburgh of
hindering the investigationand confirmed
that' H i gh government offi ci als wer e
involr'ed' in a conspiracy to steal PROMIS.
A brillionr child prodigy, N
In closing his report, Brooks suggested
Riconosciulo wos q whiz-kid to the US Attorney Ceneral that an 'inde-
with cutting-edge fechnology. penderrt counsel' should investigate the
"f*. o
He worked os q computer DoJ. In 1992, the person chosen was retired
experl for the ClA, where he obout the rhefr of PROMIS. Ar Federal judge Nicholas Bua. However,
olso helped to develop o the | 992 Congressionol becauseFederaljudges are paid by the DoJ,
number of clqssified proiects, Judiciory Commitfee heoring for the DoJ, in effect, began investigating itself.
such qs gene-specificchemicol the Inslqw cose, Riconosciufo The Bua report was released in June
ond biologicol weopons (for tesfified rhqt he wos osked by 1993, clearing DoJ officials of any impro-
torgeting specificrociol groups) the CIA to modify PROMISfor priety in the Inslaw scandal. Inslaw's attor-
qnd'Air Fuel Bombs', which illegol intelligence purposes. ney, Elliot Richardson - a former Attorney
were used to devqsfqting effect Eight doys ofter testifying, General in the Nixon administration -
in Operofion Desert Storm. Riconosciufo wos qrrested on q wrote a scathing 90-page rebllttal of Bua's
R.iconosciutowos feeding drugs hondling chorge cnd findings. Well documented and factually
infiormqlion to Bill Homilton senlenced to 30'yeors in prison. accurate, the rebuttal offered a mass of
evidence indicating Bua's report was rid-
dled with errors and falsehoods. Israeli Mossad agent, Ari Ben
By this time, the hidden motives that backed Riconosciuto'sallegatioaffi
held the key to the Inslaw-Octopus affair Congressional hearing. He stated,:,$
slowly began to untangle. Stories started Brian had visited Israel in 1987
circulating that linked factions within the strate the up-dated PROMIS
intelligence community to the Mafia and During that meeting, Brian
organized crime. Hidden behind the veil Ben Menashe that all US Intelligeni
of national secrecy,highJevel government cies were using the software. -,.1li
figures were engaging in illegal, but prof-
itable, activities, including widespread nar- ETECTRONIC BACK DOOR
cotic smuggling, gun running, money The Israeli spy went on to explain
laundering and stock and financial market PROMIS was so important. RiconoSciu
manipulations. Inslaw's PROMIS rvas kev modifications included a telecommunii,at
to their developing plans. tions 'back door'. This was dat
One of the earliest allegations sur- R i conosci utocl ai ms, to enabl e U S i nt L.
rounding the theft of PRO\IIS rvas in the gence to eavesdrop on those nation
1 9 8 0 ' Oc to b e r Su rp ri s e' scancl al . The organizations that had purch
October Surprise centres on allegations stolen softrvare.
Altogether, 88 nations are believed,li
have acquired the modified PROM
33 tR including Britain's intelligence and
Cqsolqro's investigotion into ty services.TheXFactorhas learned
lhe Inslow motfer brought first intelligence use of PROMIS
h i m i n co n tq c f w:th British and US nuclear.
when it was used to collect and
o rg o n i ze d cri me ond the
vital intelligence data between both
world of coverf infelligence
lock Brooks,ThelnlsowAffoir

V Centrol to The Octopus'
octivities is the PROMIS
softwore. Alrhough ir
that Earl Brian - a close associateof presi-
wos designed os o crime dential candidate Ronald Reagan - secret-
fighring tool, the CIA hod lv r-regotiated to delay the release of US
the vision to see wider hostagesheld by Iran until after the forth-
opplicotions. Doto is coming election. When he became presi-
doto, whelher it is obout dent, Reagan was quick to announce that
criminols or money. so the hostageshad been released.As a payoff
they odopred PROMISro for his services, Brian received pirated
keep trock of individuols copies of PROMIS, which he then illegally
ond money. sold to Foreigncounlries.
More worrying is the story
told by Michael Riconosciuto.
A CIA computer whiz-kid,
Riconosciuto testified before
the US CongressionalJudiciary
Committee in March 1991, say-
ing he had personally adapted
PROMIS software for intelli-
gence purposes, adding that a
copy of PROMIS was provided
to him by Earl Brian. At the
hearing, Riconosciuto pre-
dicted he would be arrested
for testi$'ing. Eight days later,
he was hauled up on narcotics charges and
sentenced to 30 years in Estill federal
prison, South Carolina.
It has also been revealed that the
L o n don headquar te rso f th e n o w -c o l l a p s e d
Bank ''' of Credit and Commerce
onal (BCCI) also used a modified
of PROMIS to track monev - and
people - on behalf of intelli-
agencies. Just before its collapse,
was also widely implicated in nar-
i o ti c s s m ugglinga n d m o n e y l a u n d e ri n g .
:",'.lr'Evidence provided by Ari Ben Menashe
and others suggest that media tycoon,
,:'' Robert Maxwell, distributed PROMIS on
,:'behalf of Mossad. Maxwell's suspicious
, ,ideath was, at the time, just the latest in a
long list of questionable deaths that have
been related to the shadowy activities of

ibly the most explosive aspect of the
S story is the secret use of the soft-
lo m onit or w o rl d mo n e l m a rk e ts .A o
,lt:tittrrce has told The Xlactorthat PROMIS is
Members of The Octopus - by tapping
i' into .the software's secret back door - are A The releose of US Secretariesof State and Defence.
:',,able to predict financial patterns and hostoges in lron in Lester Coleman, a former operative for
l::'establish trends. By accessing time- and l98O wos ollegedly the Defence Intelligence Agencr- (DIA) ,
,,,,'price-sensitiveinformation, they make deloyed by cssociofes unveiled more aspects of the shadowy
,:, short-term, risk-free investments. It is of presidentiol hopeful Octopus in his book Trail of The Octopus.
believe d th at th e pr of it s ar e enor m ous and Ronold Reogon. The His story focuses on the Lockerbie plane
virtually untraceable. so-colled 'Oclober disasterof December 1988.
Us e of P RO M I S i n th i s l a s h i o n i s th e Surprise'- finonced Coleman claims that the Lockerbie
iia!. i.t insider trading. According to by rhe illegol sole flight was used by the CIA for smr-rguling
tiiiils attorney, Elliot Richardson, this of PROMIS- wos narcotics from the Lebanon. Hoivever, fbl-
t is so secretive and sensitive that dis- o successful qttempt lowing the US's bombing of an Iranian
is restricted to the four statutory ro foil the re-election Airbus, the Iranians wanted revenge and
.'ii,'members of the National Security Council: of Jimmy Corfer. secretly swapped the drugs on flieht 103
the President, Vice-President, and the for a bomb. Following his pr.rblic revela-
tions, Coleman and his familr- fled to
Sweden after death threats from the US
intelligence communit\,.

The PROMIS story refuses to die. Largely
disregarded by the major media, it sim-
mers away in the background. Inslaw's Bill
Hamilton has a ner,vcourt hearing sched-
uled for December 1996.In the meantime,
a few researcherscontinr,rethe work of the
Iate Danny Casolaro, probing what may be
the biggest story of criminality and high-
level corruption during the past two
decades. Whatever else may ha ppen
Casolaro's untimely death will not
be forgotten. ffi
obbie Mannheim led the life rid the boy of rhe spirir by
of an ordinary American conducti ng an exorci sm i n a local
1 4 -year-ol d
boy unri l hi s hospital. As the priest chanted
I Aunt Harriet died. ' del i ver us from evi l ' the boy
Devastated,the boy tried to wriggled his hand free from
contact her usins a Ouija Board - restraining straps and, with a
he and his aunt had spent hours l oosenedbedspri ng,l ashedo ut .
trying to contact the dead when The priest needed more than 100
A The steps ore oll rhot is left she was alive. Soon after, strange stitches for the wound that ran the.
of 32lO Bunker Hill Rood, noiseswere heard in Robbie's l ength of hi s arm.
Woshington DC - the house house. Later, it became more
wos destroyed in o fire. But frightening as the boy rook on a S W OR N TO SECRECY
previously it witnessed the demonic personality, swore This wasjust part of a four-month
demonic possessionof o young continuously and developed ordeal suffered fromJanuary to
boy. Fother Bowdern (inset) spontaneousbody cuts. April 1949 by a boy whose real
conducted on exorcism for q His parents went to a doctor name remains a sworn secret. His
monlh, reoding from the and a psychiatrist for answers,but family lived in Mount Rainier, a
proyer book The Roman Ritual, they diagnosed Robbie healthy in suburb of W ashi ngronD C . Newsof
before the boy recovered. body and mind. Frantic, the the boy's exorcism was printed in
parents were convinced their child tjne Washington Poston 20 August,
was possessedby the Devil. And so 1949, after a leaked srory appeared
was a priest when he attempted to in The CatholicRruiew.The story

lli ,l



The Rev.Neil-Smirhof Hompsteod, priests involved in the exorcism. priests had performed a series of
london, successfullycorried out But the priest had promised to exorcisms - praving and sprinkling
thousondsof exorcismsover 30 yecrs, protect the family and refused to the boy with holr'\\'ater over a
some even on TV.He once exorcizedo give any details of the case. one-month period at a relative's
HellSAngel in o prisonchopel. However, Bowdern had kept a home and at the A-lexian Brothers
diary during the exorcism, and a Hospital in St Louis, Missouri.
inspired William Peter Blatry then copy of it ended up in the hands Robbie's possessionoccurred at
a student at Georgetown of writer Thomas Allen irr 1986. It night - he u,ould thrash wildly, and
University, to write his blockbuster had come via Father \{hlter sltear and spit at the priests - and
novel The Exorcist. Halloran, another priest rvho had lasted until sunrise.The cuts that
Blatty approached Father h e l p e d i n R obbi e' sexorci sm. appeared on the boys chest grew
William Bowdern, one of the Allen read how a team of fesuit more sinister. Looking like
scratchesmade by thorns, the
words HELL and SPITE appeared
in blood.

The priests prayed almost
continuously in Latin. They
believed this would summon up
Christ who would confront the
Devil. On Easter Monday 1949 -
after 24 nights - Robbie recovered.
He opened his eyesand said,
' H e' s Gone.'
Medical experts who have
looked at Robbie's case suggest
that he could have hreensuffering
from one or more of the following
psychological conditions:
r Automatism - acting in a
mechanical or involuntary
manner, a feature of some forms
of schizophrenia
. Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome
- a personality disorder, in which
victims scream uncontrollably,
grunt, twitch and involuntarily
use foul language
o ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder
- this features frequent bouts of
anxiety with little relevance to
actual events, or recurrent
strong urges to perform
unnecessary or irrelevant acts.
The doctors who examined Robbie
had found no evidence ofany of
these symptoms.
Allen tracked down Robbie, discusshis work. The Rome-based He is an experienced adviser on
now a married man in his 50s with priest claims to have carried out exorcism, but can only personally
his own children. Allen's 50,000 exorcisms, but thinks that recall seven genuine casesduring
conclusion was that Robbie was only 84 were genuine possessions. his time as a priest. 'Normally, all
'an innocent victim of horror... of He saysthe tell-tale signs include that is required is counselling and
at J-
a person becoming unnaturally prayer.' He believessome clerics
| lt . lf , l - strong, xenolalia (speaking in a can plant the idea of demonic
foreign language that he or she possessionin the minds o[ those
O sqcerdos Christi, fu does not know) and revealing who come to them.
s c is m e e s s e d io b o l u m. secret facts about people. Such was the casewith Michael
Cur me derogos? Taylor of Ossett, Yorkshire. On 6
Spokenin Lotinby RobbieMonnheim THE O F FIC IA T V IE W October l974,Taylor murdered his
[O Priesfof Christ,you knowthot I om the A report on exorcism was
Devil.Why do you keepbotheringme?]
compiled for the Church of
n\ England in 1972by a
,, commission that included
a strange,incomprehensible Catholic representativesand
event, whose cultural and a consultant psychiatrist.
psychological roots are deeper Although the report aimed
than Christianity's.' to debunk
Christianity in this century has a endorsed the exorcism of
divided attitude to exorcism. On places, saying that, o

the one hand it has sought to 'Demonic interferencc... rs I
distance itself from the practice by common on desecrated z
working closely with psychiatrists well as in
and doctors, and commissioning connection with seances.' *
Exorcisms of people, 6..
reports to shed light on the o.t
phenomenon. On the other hand, however,were'extremely
the Catholic church has covered dubious'. According to the report,
up the practice in a cloak of those who think they are possessed A Michoel Toylor, from Yorkshire,
silence, despite the fact that Pope should see a doctor, and call in a endured o six-hour exorcism. He then
John Paul II reportedly exorcized priest only as a last resort. relurned home qnd brutolly murdered
a young woman in 1982. Canon Dominic Walker from his wife. The iury believed thot the
Father Gabriele Amorth is one Brighton, co-ordinates the exorcism hod mode him tempororily
of the few exorcists prepared to Christian Exorcism Studv Grouo. insqne qnd found him not guilty.

' wife, ripping her face off with his
bare hands. Taylor, happily
ma rr ied, had under g o n e a n
all-night exorcism. Father Peter for her granddaughter's murder.
Vincent, of St Thomas's, Gawbeq Recognizing such dangers, some
near Barnsley.conducted the religions are moving away from
exorcism. helped by a Methodist ritual exorcism towards substitute
mi n i s t er and his wife . T h e y servicesof deliverance and be used to explain individual cases,
^ -,^ -^ :-^ f, T^- , 1^-
Taylor of ^t 40
demons, blessing.At the same time, the but they cannot account for the
except one - murder. increasingly popular Pentecostal testimonies of r'ational people n'ho
and fundamentalist churches have witnessed more frightening,
HOMIC I DAL MAN IAC attract vast congregations to their seeminglyinexplicable, events
T"yl". f-rt d not guilly of aa
during an exorcism.
. ,':,,' murder-^.
by reason of insanity. According to Thomas -\ller-r.
ll .1t-
, Taylor escaped prison, the judge, Father Bowdern's diarv of the 1949
MrJustice Caufield ordering him The demon does not caselists nineJesuit Priestsrrl-ro
to b e det ained in ho s p i ta l . p h ysi colly inhobit the witnessedRobbie being possessed.
Hi s l awy erblam ed ' a g ro u p ... body; it possessesthe Allen also discovered a Cl-mrch

w h o f ed neur os est o a n e u ro ti c person's will. We hove report on the exorcism tirat nas
'.; and in a few days he was a to compel the thing to si gnedby 48 w i tnes' e:.
h o mi c idal m aniac . ' reveol itself
InJanuary 1995,a 43-year-old IS E X OR C IS M R E A t?
Canadian woman, Ana Maria Despite this rvealth of eridence, the
Canhoto, lorced her two-year-old
granddaughter to drink water.
Canhoto believed the child was
'healing' services,which
Church retairrsarr impenetrable
si l enceon the -\Ianrrhei mcase.
Halloran, the priest rvho passed
possessedby the Devil and by 'guarantee' instant deliverance the diarl' to Allen, recalled a
drinking water, the child would be from the Devil. conversation $'ith Bowdern. 'They
rid of the spirit. During the Critics maintain that such w i l l never sar nhether i t w aso r it
exorcism, the little girl choked on servicesattract those who only wasn't la genuine exorcism],'
her own vomit. Canhoto was want to draw attention to B ow dern sai d.' but. you and I *n=
sentencedto two yearsin prison themselves.Similar arguments may knorr' it. \\-e rr'erethere.' HI

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