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Liberias High Court Frees

Mauritanian Accused of
Kidnapping Kids






MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015







These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.

VOL 9 NO.49


Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia






There is no change to the road commitment by the Company, and we are working with all
stakeholders towards meeting this end. We continue to make revisions to ensure that the Liberian
operations remain viable at the current iron ore price level, but this is a promise that is very
important to us and one we made to the people of Nimba. We have no intention of stopping this road
project. - Joe Mathews, General Manager for External Affairs, ArcelorMittal Mining based in London

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Monroviaiberias fight against corruption remains a daunting

task with the President taking decisions selectively, in
some instances, providing defense for some officials of
government against audit reports while at the same time
suspending others in line with investigation report from some of
the anti-graft institutions.
Documents in possession of FrontPageAfrica reveals that the
Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission is targeting multiple cases
including the National Legislature on allegation of corruption in
the US$1.2 million nationwide oil consultation.
In a report covering the financial activities of the Commission for
the third quarter of fiscal year 2014-2015, the LACC disclosed
that it is currently investigating 13 cases of corruption including
the US$1.2 million nationwide consultation by the Legislature.
The 13 cases according to the LACC report include-allegation of
corruption involving the National Port Authority, allegation of
corruption in District N0. 17, allegation of corruption in District
No. 1, Grand Bassa County, allegation of corruption in Worr
Bridge, Grand Bassa County, allegation of corruption involving
the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, allegation of corruption
involving the National Bureau of Concession (NBC), allegation of
corruption at Ziah Town Road (grand Gedeh County), allegation
of corruption in the Brewerville to Gbarpolu Road Construction,
allegation of corruption involving Grand Cape Mount County
(CDF) and (SDF), allegation of corruption involving Bomi County
(CDF) and (SDF), allegation of corruption involving River Gee
County (CDF) and (SDF), allegation of corruption involving GAC
and Sparc technology case and allegation of corruption in the 1.2
million Nationwide consultation by the legislature.
Amongst the cases listed by the LACC, President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf has already suspended two officials from the National Port
Authority for their alleged involvement in contracts and other
related violations amounting to over US$800,000 although the
Ministry of Justice and the LACC are yet to divulge their plans to
carry out the Presidents directive to move for prosecution.
One of the most contentious cases of alleged corruption involving
the Speaker of House of representatives and the National
legislature as a whole has been widely discussed resulting to
some lawmakers calling for the speaker to not preside over
plenary discussion until he is cleared by the LACC of corruption.
As part of the US$1.2 million probe Speaker Tyler is said to have
individually played a role in the payment of the legal fee for the
lawyer that provided legal services to the Legislature.
Speaker Tyler and his loyalists argued that the Speaker is not
under probe by the LACC but the release of the LACC list of ongoing
cases indicates that the Speaker presiding over the legislative
branch of government is facing corruption investigation while at
the same time making laws for the country.
In Kenya, President Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta asked
high-ranking officials named in an ongoing corruption probe
to leave their offices. The state-run Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Commission produced the confidential corruption report, which

documents unspecified instances of corruption by top Kenyan
government and corporate officials.
The Kenyan president asked lawmakers to also do the honorable
thing by stepping down to face investigation, a move that looks to
see 50 high ranking officials stepping down until the allegations
of corruption are settled.

After the LACC announce the start of investigation of the

Legislature, the House of Representatives demanded the LACC to
produce a performance report, a move by the lawmakers that was
described as a distraction of the LACC form its work, especially
when the commission is probing the Legislature.
The LACC probe of the Legislature has witnessed immense
drama with the death of a key witness Michael Allison who was
found dead on a beach with an autopsy report released by the
government indicating that he died from natural cause-drowning.
Accordingly, Allison who was contracted to provide legal
services to the Legislature for the nationwide consultation felt in
disagreement with the speaker over the payment of his legal fees
and the LACC was alerted prompting an arrest of lawmaker Adolf
Lawrence and Allison.
With the death of Allison, the LACC investigation of some portion
of the US$1.2 million looks bleak especially when a key witness
who should assist in the investigation is no more.
There are conflicting accounts of the actual amount of money
the lawmakers received for the nationwide oil consultation with
lawmakers saying the body only received US$900,000 when the
National Oil Company of Liberia is said to have provided US$1.2
million for the process.

The legislature is yet to make public a financial report on how

the money was expended amid the many needs of the Liberian
Ahead of the nationwide consultation, the lawmakers promised
to make a comprehensive report at the end of the process but
since the end of the consultation, the report is yet to be provided.
Liberians are yet to see the essence of the nationwide consultation
especially when the lawmakers are noted for ratifying agreements
and passing laws when segment of the population are protesting
such decisions.
The lawmakers have been active participants in the expenditure
of county development funds in several counties, using their
influence to get contracts awarded to their private businesses,
with projects abandoned despite payments from the CDF to these
The body is known for hastily ratifying concessions that do not
translate into jobs and improvement in the economic situation in
the country.

The LACC has indicated that it has concluded four major

investigations and presented appropriate recommendations for
prosecution to the Ministry of Justice.
Amongst the cases the LACC listed the allegation of bribery
involving some officials of the national Oil Company of Liberia
(NOAL) and some lawmakers and staff of the Legislature,
allegation of corruption at the National Commission on Higher
Education (NCHE), allegation of corruption involving the Ministry
of Public works and Flashpoint incorporated and allegation
of corruption with the Japanese Oil grant of 2011 between the
governments of Japan and Liberia.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


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Lekpele M. Nyamalon,, Contributing Writer


THE GOVERNMENT of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria Must be applauded for recalling its
ambassador to South Africa last Saturday and
it is about time that other countries around the
continent join Africas most populous nation in
showing discontent at Pretoria's handling of
attacks on immigrants.
AT LEAST SEVEN immigrants have been killed
in attacks on migrants since March 20, when
Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini spoke out against
foreign workers. "Let us pop our head lice," he
said. "We must remove ticks and place them
outside in the sun. We ask foreign nationals to
pack their belongings and be sent back."
NIGERIA WHICH HAS reportedly seen the
worst by its citizens took the first drastic step
in standing up to Pretorias failure to put its
renegade anti-immigrants attackers to shame
by asking Acting High Commissioner Martin
Cobham and Deputy High Commissioner
Uche Ajulu-Okeke to return to Nigeria for
consultations. "The invitation is in connection
with the on-going xenophobia in South Africa
targeting foreigners, mainly African migrants,"
a Nigerian government statement said.
WHILE the Zulu king has since taking back his
statements, suggesting that they were taken
out of context and that he opposes violence, the
damage has already been done.
attacks on citizens of black Africa, many who
have were at the forefront, standing side by
side with blacks during the struggle to end
THE DECISION BY Nigeria follows last weeks
protest at the South African embassy in Lagos.
IT TOOK STRONG criticisms from China and
Zimbabwe over South Africas failure to protect
immigrants against armed mobs before the
South African government was able to deploy
troops to try to quell the violence.
SADLY, SOUTH AFRICAS has failed to realized
that the rest of Africa and the world have
opened their arms to them. South African firms
such as mobile phone giant MTN have made
waves across the continent in Nigeria, Liberia,
Ghana and other parts of Africa. Supermarket
chain Shoprite have significant interests in
Nigeria, which is Africa's biggest economy and
AFRICAN COUNTRIES including Liberia have
also allowed South African companies to invest
with and given them room to grow.
IT IS SAD THAT all of this show of openness
toward South Africa is not being reciprocated.
IT IS ACTIONS and attacks such as these that
make it impossible for anyone to believe the

rowing up as a kid, I remember music like

Free Nelson Mandela I remember watching
movies of the black liberation struggle in
South Africa, that focused on the life story of
freedom fighters, Mandela, Sisulu, Tambo then Biko
and his gruesome death in prison. I fondly remember
the spirited movie, Sarafina that epitomizes the
struggles of black South African students and their
violent confrontations with law enforcement officers
who were quite brute in exerting themselves and
flexing the muscles of apartheid. The tears, blood,
struggles of millions of black South Africans resonated
with other Africans everywhere else on the continent.
June 16, each year is celebrated as the day of the
African child to herald the heroism and struggles of
black South African students that got gunned down
by soldiers during a demonstration in South Africa.
The rest of the world stands in solidarity with South
Africa to memorialize that day.
There were rallying calls to support Mandela and
members of the underground chain of fighters who
vowed to see apartheid disappear. My Country,
Liberia hosted leaders of the South West Africa
People's Organization (SWAPO) and even Mandela
occasionally found shelter in Liberia during his many
years underground. Resources and African spirits
were joined to restore the inalienable dignity of black
South Africans.
Typical African traditions forbid one of recounting
favors done to another person. But, where the
beneficiary shows outright ingratitude and disdain,
he is reminded of his days of anguish and all those
that came to his rescue. Perhaps, it is expected to
rekindle the lost memories and restore him to sanity.
Such might be the case with South Africans and their
anomaly zest with Xenophobia.
Today, it is a shame and a slap in the face of all those
who helped South Africa overcome the scourge of
apartheid. The systematic repression of blacks in
South African was never justified. It was barbaric and
inhumane and arose men of conscience everywhere
to stand up and condemn.
Millions of South Africans underwent a mental
trauma of oppression, anguish, torture, torment and
suffering. Now, the scars of apartheid are visible in
extreme poverty amongst blacks, illiteracy, economic
isolation, etc.

concept pitched by former Libyan leader Moamar

Ghadafi and of late, Zimbabwean president,
Robert Mugabe, for a United States of Africa will
ever see the light of day.
MUGABE, Speaking recently in Harare after
meeting Benin's president, Thomas Boni Yayi,
who is the outgoing African Union (AU) chairman,
argued that a figurehead is needed to move
Africa beyond regional blocs and into the global
superleague. "Get them to get out of the regional
shell and get into one continental shell," he was
quoted by the state-owned Herald newspaper.
"The continent of Africa: this is what we must
become. And there, we must also have an African
head. He was talking of the president of Africa.
Yes, we need one. We are not yet there. This is
what we must go and discuss, but we must also

The failure of the South African society to adequately

address the lost sense of hope, disillusionment, and
overblown expectations of a glorious South Africa
after apartheid had led to resignation to the average
black South Africans that their problems are the result
of the presence of foreigners in their countries-sad!
Firebrand black South African freedom fighters have
a monumental task of providing economic liberation
for the citizens that have looked up to them since the
end of apartheid.
The legendary global icon-Nelson Mandela gave
up his life, youth, that apartheid might die. Today,
South Africans can live in peace. However, today, like
every society, there is still segregation everywhere
in South Africa. Like Karl Max said in the theory of
Social Stratification and inequality, economic status
has a way of placing people in social classes. True to
the words of max, the average South African would
remain in the townships, relegated to poverty because
economic liberation is still afar.
It is incumbent upon the intellectual and black middle
class, and political leaders to seek the economic
upliftment of their people.
If the misgivings of Xenophobia persist, the black
settlement might get weary of attacking foreigners
and turn on their black masters. Their frustration
might spark a civil unrest that could undo all the
gains against apartheid. It would further disintegrate
South Africa and bring the struggle against apartheid
to disrepute.
It is incumbent upon South Africans to understand
that foreigners are not their problems. They might
kick all the foreigners out and stare corruption,
economic deprivation, illiteracy, cronyism, etc all
staring them in the face. South African Universities
and civil societies should have public discourses on
the role of the rest of Africa and other friendly nations
in the fight against apartheid.
The South African telecommunications giant-MTN
has its largest market in Nigeria with footprints in
Ghana, Liberia, Ivorycoast, etc. Could South Africa
alone account for the success of MTN?
It is foolhardy for a group of Citizens to terrorize
anyone other than themselves-its more than
xenophobia, its naivety.
It might further isolate South Africans and history
might gradually vindicate apartheid. God forbid.

discuss the issues that divide us."

WHILE THE CONCEPT does make an appetizing
argument, Africa still has a long way to go before
it can even dream of making such concept a
IF WE CANNOT allow fellow Africans to live
and work in each others countries without
intimidation and an environment of fear then
we have no reason to have an African Union or
regional East, West, Southern and Northern
African blocs.
WE MUST FIRST be willing to embrace each
other before we can even dream of discussing
Unity. maiming, killing and burning fellow
African immigrants under the guise of competing
employment opportunities has no room in Africa,
not this day and age, not ever.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Nothing wrong with auditing Mills Jones. Let him be audited and be
proven to be a trust-worthy custodian of the public coffers.


I hope these Honorable Men n women will also see the need to call for
an audit on themselves. They have been there for more than 10years, n
not a single audit. This a very wrong move for the National Legislature
to use the GAC for their egocentric political motive. The GAC need to
be independent in the work, regardless of which branch of goverment.
Snowe should be ashame to called for an audit of CBL. The House has
no integrity! You guys have not accounted for the $900,000.00USD
your played in and called it "Nationwide oil consultations."
I, like Samuel Jackson, say "And so it goes".
Its a shame that people like Snowe will turn a blind eye to probe
within the house itself that should set the principle guidelines as
mentioned in his letter to the House plenary for consideration. Edwin
Snowe should first clean his eyes (House of Representatives - with all
the hanging situations of bribery allegations) then he will see clearly
to clean the Central Bank.
I find it extremely difficult to understand these guys ("honorable" men)
on capitol hill. Do they sometimes take the time out to read some of
the very laws they enact? I am totally ashamed of Snowe; I've thought
he was one of the few educated ones on capitol hill who would do a bit
of reading/research before making pronouncements, but his assertion
clearly indicates that what matters to them is personal benefits. For
you and your colleagues info, Part X (2) of the CBL Act clearly states
that "The accounts of the Central Bank shall be audited at least once
every year by
reputable and professional external auditors appointed by the Board of
Governors" ( NOT THE
LEGISLATURE.. Liberia is indeed suffering. "Our education system
is a mess", what about Capitol Hill?
Bias smells in that egoistic act. Though an audit is not a witch hunt,
bias smells in a person selecting someone to check and find out if his
work was done properly. Should an accused be allowed to decide who
investigate and/judges her/him.
Well written, Hon Snowe. The audit as mandated, will be carried
out. I am hopeful too, that one of you will write a letter that says
"Gentlemen, the Liberian people are looking at us with eagle eyes on
various allegations... NOCAL bribery, concessional agreement bribery,
and even the fact that we honorable members of the houses of Senate
and Representatives cannot afford to pay LWSC in order to flush our
toilets, Edward Forh/Grace Kpan, ect, let us be audited". And, all of
you say we move that the GAC come immediately and carry out an
audit with immediacy! Let me remind you all, that the result of the
recent senatorial election should serve you guys as a reminder.
Governor Jones is a fine gentleman who appears like has a presidential
ambition for Liberia. I thought something was in the pipeline when I
saw him om FPA in Sinoe standing in an open top car appearing like
a candidate. Is he using the government mixro loan credit scheme to
make himself popular in readiness for 2017? He has to back out of that
practice because the money is for all Liberians. No wonder why the
law makers are calling for an audit.


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

Send your letters and comments to:



The Editor,

s it true? What is this I hear? "WE" want to remove and

relocate Palm Grove Cemetery? What has Palm Grove
cemetery done to you? Why does it offend you? Why do we
deny the reality of what exits there now? Is it too blatant? Is
this the side of us that we pretend isn't there and we don't want
others to see?
Reading many newspapers about this topic, including the April.9,
2015 All article, Internal, Affairs Minister Morris
Dukuly says the graveyard is not as before. He is right. It is not.
It's filled with victims of circumstance; or shall I say survivors
of circumstance? Is this why "plans are underway to relocate the
Palm Grove Cemetery"?
How can we blame the graveyard problem on these poor people
who are drug addicts, and who seemingly have nowhere else to
go? And why are they drug addicts? Maybe something happened
to them called war? Maybe their lives were stolen from them,
so this is how they cope? What would you do if you were a drug
addict? What if somebody stole your very soul? What if you had
nowhere to go? Why are we running away from the problem?
YES, they have broken the graves and taken the bones out, so they
have a place to stay. And yes, they have taken out the steel rods to
sell, so they can buy food to eat and buy blankets to cover their
babies, and buy more drugs to hide them from the reality of their
terrible existence. This does not excuse them.
These are just the facts about the graveyard. Oh .... And hide? Let's
talk about hide. Who wanted to "hide the cemetery'', within that
great wall? The wall that did not and will not make the problem
go away. Who had this great idea? Did anyone involved think
this through? Why be deceitful to one's self and others? What do
cemeteries look like in other
countries? Other developed countries? No high fence, to begin
SO the question is, why are "we" putting the blame squarely on
the shoulders of the people who are the least privileged in our
society? Are we not our brother's keeper? Apparently not? Yes,
you did see a question mark there. What does the Bible teach us?
What does the Koran teach us? How can we pretend
that we just don't see? Do we not feel?
And why are we penalizing yet another segment of our society by
saying, (your) people's graves will have to be gone/ relocated by
2016? Let's simplify this (colloquial)- the war happened, we move
it. Our people died needlessly, we move it. Time like this, people
still catching hard time- mouth gaping, as we say.
Then distraught is added to distress, and it is supposed to be
It true oh, it not true oh, "they say'' say, the cemetery is to be
leveled and to be given to a big company. What does this imply?
If this is true ... Why can't they (or any corporation), or any entity
for that matter, be given a place on the same Robertsfield highway,
near Disco Hill, to build their corporate headquarters?
Or towards Fendel? Or towards Virginia? Remember the word
AND the other big question is, if the grave yard is "cleared",
what will now occupy the space that was once the graveyard?
Why would anyone in their right mind want to build on top of a
cemetery? Or have we lost our minds? Have we?
What good can come out of desecrating a graveyard? Has good
been gutted- out by greed? Are we oblivious to the obvious? Are
we wagering our future for "30 pieces of silver" ? Have we lost our
humanity? I can't imagine that YOU would like to have your grave
desecrated. Or am I wrong?
No, when it comes to removing the grave yard, the word is not
"progress". Not this time. What kind of "legacy" will remain for

anyone? Present or past? It might appear that Palm grove, its

history, and its residents from almost when Liberia first became a
Republic, appears bothersome; not excluding all those
who came afterwards, and therefore an apparent "need" "appears"
to exist to "erase" it.
Or maybe, another choice might be totally ignorant, and completely
not cognizant of the repercussions of this action? Have some of
us who are "educated" and supposed to know better, become the
living dead?
The reality being, we are no better than those who presently "live"
in the grave yard. Let me correct that and say "exist" in the grave
yard. Are we now, the living, functioning zombies with no fear of
death or tomorrow, and failing to acknowledge that one day we
must all answer for our actions and inactions?
What if this is approached from a different vantage point? To
start: What if the Wall is taken down? What if social services be
put immediately into place, for the surviving victims/occupants
of Palm Grove: mental health, medical care, housing, food, work
benefits, education, compassion, respect , sensitivity, and a
"common sense" (practical) approach? There are dollars to do
What if some of these same people who have lived in the graves,
serve as guardians of the gates, (properly supervised, of course)
to keep the cemetery clean, etc., and they earn a decent wage
(Papa/Mama Bring the bag home) for doing this? Or prisoners
are possibly engaged in community service? What if instead of
more wanton destruction, to the memories, the human spirit,
and degradation of any form, we embrace the broken hearted, we
balm and bind the wounds, we cover the cast away, we feed the
hungry and give drink to the thirsty? We set a wonderful example
and give hope and help. This is a good time to turn a negative into
a positive.
In the movie, "The Bucket List", a very insightful thought /
question is proffered, with reference to being granted entrance or
denial into heaven: "Have you had joy in your life? Have you given
joy to another''?
Lastly, if this letter hurts your feelings, it is not intended to; please
don't take this personal and don't get vexed. It's not warranted.
Cool your heart down. And please don't be overly sensitive or
Breathe and read. Read and breathe. It is not my position to insult
nor belittle anyone. I do not have a need to punch you. I do not
want your job. Even a brilliant person does not always have all the
answers. I am not professing that I do. As the saying goes, "Just
because I do not agree with you does not mean I am your enemy".
I am simply suggesting another way to address this grave, grave
yard situation. I hope you will be receptive, and take no offense
and proceed thoughtfully with kindness.
We used to play a game and sing a song in Liberia when we were
children ... a line said ... " Of all my Mother's children, I love myself
the best". Human lives, Liberian lives, are not toys or games or
rags or old shoes, to be cast aside or trampled on; past lives or
present lives, known or unknown names. In Ronin, it
is said " All that is left of us in this world, is the pride our children
feel when they speak our names". It is not that I love you less. It is
Thank you for your time. Thank you for, I hope, opening your mind,
your heart and your spirit to receive a gift of love, intended not
for ridicule, but for peace, prosperity and further reconciliation
in Liberia. The healing has to happen! And it can begin with you.
With respect and sincerity,

Elijah Johnson
A Liberian Lover of Liberia.


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
Danesius Marteh, Sports Editor, danesius.marteh@, 0886236528
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& Layout Editor,;
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Thursday, April 30, 2015


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Tubmanburg, Bomi Countyension is brewing in

Bomi County with
reports reaching the
FrontPage Africa of
an alleged kidnapping of a 17year old boy, Abu Sheriff from
the Muslim community in the
Abu was allegedly kidnaped
and taken to the Bomi County
Poro Society bush about two
weeks ago to join the society.
The family of Abu Sheriff
said their son was allegedly
kidnapped and forcefully
initiated into Bomi Countys
traditional fraternity, the Poro
Society, expressing frustration
over how the matter is being
handled by authorities.
Abu remains in the custody of
the Poro Society, after many
have the police and county
administration release him
because he is being initiated
against his will and religious
faith, the family says.
FPA has learned that one of
the laws of the society require
that children under age who
do not have any idea on sex or
had never had sex are mostly
needed to join the society but
more parents nowadays are
not willing to send their kids
due to the western education
about said practice.
It is reported that under aged
children are used to perform
different kinds of traditional
rituals since indeed they are
virgin to the business.
Sources in the county have
indicated that many kids are
normally kidnaped and taken
to the Bomi Poro Society and
when they graduate traditional
chiefs go into negotiation with

"I gave him US$3000 to take to my business partner in the next Town, but to my surprise Abu called me crying on the
phone that he was caught by Seth Johnson and other society members taking him in the bush to join the society, since
that time the phone went off and it has never come on again," Karmon Sheriff, father of Forcefully initiated boy

Edwin G. Genoway, Jr,

the parents of the kids and the

matter is compromised.
But the parents of little Abu
who are all Muslims do not
want their son to join any poro
society, saying, their religion
does not support such act.
The parents of the victims
are demanding that their son
comes out of the society bush,
but traditional chiefs in the
county and the Internal Affairs
Minister is reportedly begging
the boy's father to be patient
and allow the boy complete his
stay in the Poro society bush
before coming out.
An FPA investigation has
gathered that Abu kidnapping

was masterminded by a man

identified as Seth Johnson who
is also believed to be a member
of the poro society and staff of
the superintendents office.
Bomi County Superintendent
that the ministry of Internal
Affairs took charge of the case
but due to its sensitive and
traditional nature, the alleged
perpetrator, Seth Johnson, has
been suspended, detained and
fined by the ministry after an

The father of the boy, told FPA

that the alleged perpetrator
who is reported to be
detained as claimed by the
superintendent continues to
move about on the streets of
Tubmanburg with impunity
while the victim remains in the
initiation bush against his will.
The association of Mandingos
and Muslims in Bomi rejects
the Ministrys action noting
the move is not appropriate,
tantamount to interference
with the law, and promotes
human rights violation.
The father of the victim,
Karmon Sheriff told FPA that
he has gathered reports that
his son is being kept without
proper food for two weeks as
part of regulation in joining the
poro society of the county.
He explained that Abu was
allegedly kidnapped while
riding his motorcycle by 8am
Wednesday April 22, 2015 in
Sakie Town, Senjeh District,
Bomi County recently.
He told FPA that his son was
saying the money was given to
Abu to take to the next town
for business purpose.
"I gave him US$3000 to take
to my business partner in the
next Town, but to my surprise

Abu called me crying on the

phone that he was caught
by Seth Johnson and other
society members taking him
in the bush to join the society,
since that time the phone went
off and it has never come on
again," he noted.
It is reported that it will take
Abu three months before
he completes his initiation
after which he will graduate
and be celebrated by society
Mr. Sheriff said he took the
complaint to the Association
of Mandingos and Muslims in
Bomi County and the Internal
Affairs Ministry through the
office of the superintendent of
Bomi County.
The Association of Mandingos
and Muslims in Bomi County
based on Sheriffs complaint
has petitioned the Countys
Legislative Caucus, UNMIL, the
Civil Society Group of Bomi and
the National Muslim Council
of Liberia to intervene for the
immediate release of Abu,
saying the boy was kidnapped
and forcefully initiated into the
traditional fraternity, of Bomi.
The group wrote an official
complain to the Minister of
Internal Affairs Morris Dukuly.
In their letter, a copy of which

is in the possession of FPA the

group stated that it wants the
Ministry of Internal Affairs to
take charge of the case and
detain the ring leader of the
act, to refer the matter to court.
But Superintendent Brown
has maintained that Mr. Seth
Johnson, alleged ringleader of
the act is suspended as head
of the countys Poro Society
for his act and in detention at
the Ministry of Internal Affairs
until he pays special fine.
Superintendent Browne noted
that Johnson was in the process
of complying with making the
fine available but forfeited the
He said the ministry intervened
because of the traditional
nature of the case but the
father of the victim has told the
FPA that no amount of fine can
restore his sons lost dignity,
noting Poro Societys practice
is against their faith, and also
a human rights violation that
needs to be tried in court and
wants the Ministry rescue
It has also been reported that
the ministry of Internal Affairs
has fined Johnson four cows,
four goats, four sheep, four
chickens, and L$40,000 for
forcing someone to join the
poro society.


As German SITTU closes and Over 200 Liberians run out of job
Bettie Johnson/

Monrovias Liberia geared

toward been declared
Ebola free on May 9
of this year, several
Ebola treatment unit has
placed closed on them.
At the height of the Ebola, there
were several units established
to decrease the number of
cases and contained the EVD.
The German treatment unit is
in the Paynesville area mainly
around the Samuel Kanyon
Doe stadium that also hosts the
Chinese Ebola treatment unit
that released the last Ebola

On Tuesday, it was an official
turning over and closing
ceremony of the German
SITTU that brought together
several persons including
staffs of the German Red cross
and members of the Liberia
National Red Cross among
Speaking at the program, the
outgoing head of operations
Madam Rouchouze Barbara
said it was challenging when
she took over the unit and
was glad that those she met
welcome and work with her in

ensuring that illnesses apart

from Ebola were seen to.
I am happy to see everybody
here today and this proved
that I have work hard and I am
thankful to be your boss lady
and I know it wasnt easy, its
a step by step and we found
people who could help us, and
today I know as I leave I hope
all of you here are happy and
safe, I know we were a big
team, and now in Liberia no
Ebola anymore and I am happy
to go in peace, She said.
Speaking earlier, the incoming
head of operation Dr. Georg

Nothelle commended the

outgoing head for her work
and pledge that the job done by
her over the four months will
not go to waste as the German
Red cross has invested a lot
into the SITTU.
He pointed out that the
workers of the unit should not
be discourage but continued
their lessons in their various
communities as they are fit on
the world market.
Dr. Nothelle said you are now
prepare to seek other jobs on
the market, if I go back why
the German Red cross unit

was establish it was during the

outbreak no one knew about
this virus and we all capture
this, it was this organization
who establish this and what
you have done here cannot be
When everyone was focused
on Ebola it was this SITTU who
concentrated on other illnesses
instead of Ebola; If we have
not established this unit most
of the people in Liberia could
have died and it was going to
be a collateral damage, you
made a very good job and you
have learn and you must use
the knowledge effective so that
lots of people can appreciate
your work.
Also speaking, the Secretary
of the Liberia National Red
cross Fayiah Tamba said is a
pleasure that the LNRC was
a part of the effort with the
Government of Liberia to beat
this national and global enemy
of Ebola.
He continued: The German
Red cross decided to take on
the initiative in different way
where they were treating
HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and
Malaria among others and you
people here today somewhere
that every one of you here
contributed successfully, so
if you sit and retrospect on
the height of Ebola and the
situation today I know the
angels are happy with Liberia.
The LNRC secretary said the

Red Cross has the highest

Liberia and the work of
the German Red Cross is
highly appreciated by the
Mr. Tamba also called on the
workers of the SITTU to be
vigilant and as the country
geared toward been declare
Ebola free it will be the
beginning of the work of the
LNRC in the country.
Today as soon as we are
Ebola free; experts are now
saying that this country and
others will experience another
outbreak, but what we can
do is that our communities
are well prepared and even
there is a situation of sickness
or anything like Ebola
communities you are able to
take quick action and off course
our health facilities will also be
in the position to response and
considering the Red cross as a
community based organization
this is why I said our work will
begin immensely. He said
The LNRC secretary continued:
even if WHO declare Liberia
free and I am happy with our
partnership with the German
Red Cross, yes we are closing
the SITTU but is not closing
our partnership ; the Red Cross
will remain active at the level
of the communities.
The closure of the unit leads to
the over 200 employees at the
unit jobless.

Kparkar (Liberty
#1 Lofa County) has said,
he is not against reaching
an agreement awarding
a concession contract for
control of the Wologizi
Mountain but said it should
be done to benefit the people
of the County especially
in addressing the road
According to Representative
wanting to invest in the
Wologizi Mountain must be
prepare to construct the Lofa
road in a U form something
he said is the countys trump
According to him the road
will run from Montserrado
County to Menekoma to
Vahum to Bomi Hills stating
that if that is done it will
make traveling to Lofa
shorter and easier.
This will be our major trump
card. Road is something
that we need because if you
look at the Government
Development agenda road
is the government Priority
but despite many feasibility
studies nothing has been
done on our road, he said.
We are not saying that
the Mountain should be
a Historic shrine as other
people were insinuating.
The mountain is an asset
but it should be used to
better the lives of the people

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Page 6 | Frontpage
and the cardinal thing that
the people need is road,
Representative Kparkar said.
He also promised that in
his current position as Chair
on the House committee on
Investment and Concession
he will work to strengthen
the county bid in advocacy
but said he did know the
status of alleged attempts
by Indian Steel Company
JINIDAL to invest.
In 2014 news about mining
in the Wologizi Mountain by
JINIDAL as being among the
companies that submitted
bids for the takeover of the
Wologizi Mountain was
not welcome by
members of the Lofa county
legislative caucus but the
company later promised to
provide Thermal power to
the country at an affordable
President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf in her 2014 state of
the nation address said the
power plant bill for Jindal
is one of the legislations
that will be submitted to the
legislature for passage into
Said President Sirleaf in
her annual address before
the joint session of the
National legislature Mr.
Vice President and President
of the Senate, Mr. Speaker,
Mr. President Pro-Tempore
and Honorable Legislators:
We intend to submit several
new bills, in particular:
A Bill to ratify a Power
Purchase Agreement and an

- Lofa lawmaker demands just benefits
Henry Karmo (0886522495)

Implementation Agreement
between Jindal Corporation
and Government for the
construction of a 175 MW

coal power plant.

Legislative working

Speaking on work done

collaboration with other
Caucus members lawmaker

Kapekar said, the county has

mobilized over sixty-eight
thousand Liberian dollars
(USD$ 68,000) to begin the
construction of a 100 bed
room community hospital.
He also disclosed that as part
of his advocacy the county
will shortly benefit from the
launch of the biggest radio
station in the county which
has a broadcast as far as
Kendema in Sierra Leone
and Guinea according to him
the Radio will be used to
broadcast peace messages
among citizens of the county
especially in tribal tension
Representative Kparkar also
said, as part of his efforts to
assist people of his district
he provided several bundle
of zincs to families who were

victims of a storm disaster in
Lofa County.


Monroviane of the indicted

for his alleged
alleged corruption at the
Liberia Airport Authority
(LAA) United States of
America based Judge Melvin
President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf and the entire
as wicked to the Liberian
this government is wicked,
the other day while we
were discussing about the
country in Washington, one
newspaper was reporting
how children are using
blocks in the classrooms, they
are wicked to the Liberian
people, said Johnson.
Speaking on a local radio
station through phone in
from the United States,
Johnson said the level of
misuse of public funds in
Liberia is contributing to
the suffering of the Liberian
Amongst others he disclosed
that while at the LAA
serving as legal advisor, the
administration of his friend
Ellen Corkrum, they were
able to discover massive
waste and abuse of resources
by government officials
including using the entity

Judge Melvin Johnson Laments Liberians Plight Under EJS

supply of petroleum products

which he said was diverted
by some government officials
to their families and love
ones with the entity footing
the bills.
He enumerated the use
of the VIP lounge at the
airport as another place
where individuals inflict the
consumption of food, drinks
and other services intended
for VIPs, thereby creating
huge financial burden paid
by the LAA.

assertions by the Government
of Liberia that his license to
practice law in the United
States was suspend based
on a complaint from the
government as a mere
That is just a mere
propaganda because they just
want to give any information
out to our people, and I do
not have the means to also
explain to the people the
facts, said Johnson.
He indicated that the issue
of his legal practice being
suspended in the US had

nothing to do with Liberia

and as of April 23, his rights
to practice law has been
reinstated by the state of
Georgia Bar, saying he and his
girlfriend have done nothing
We have done nothing
wrong, they have nothing
against us, if they have
photocopy their evidence
and present it, we will be
prosecuted but nothing, we
are moving freely, Johnson
further said.
In early April the Government
of Liberia announced at a

Ministry of Information,
culture and Tourism press
briefing that Johnson has
been barred from practicing
law in the state of Georgia as
a result of a complaint filed
by the Government of Liberia.
In documents circulated by
the Government of Liberia
in in ear April it was stated
that On March 31 2015, the
Honorable Supreme Court
met pursuant to adjournment
and the order was passed
in the matter of Melvin T.
Johnson state Bar No.395044.
The court record stated
Because Melvin T. Johnson
has failed to adequately

respond to the state Bars
Notice of Investigation and
the maximum sanction for
the violations contained in
the notice in disbarment,
pursuant to State Bar Rule
4-204.3 (d), it is ordered
that Melvin T. Johnson be
suspended from the practice
of law in Georgia until further
order of this court.
Liberias solicitor General
Betty Larmie-Blamo at the
time said the suspension of
Johnsons license was due
a petition filed before the
State Bar of Georgia against
Johnson by the Government
of Liberia.

The government of Liberia

is informed that its petition
filed before the State Bar of
Georgia against Mr. Melvin
Johnson has resulted in the
suspension of Mr. Johnsons
license to practice law, Cllr.
Blamo said.
explanation by Johnson
that his suspension was for
something different and
he has since April 23 being
Deputy Information Minister
Isaac Jackson who was
expected to appear along
with Johnson to provide the
government side of the story
failed to show up citing that
he had an important meeting
and Johnson slammed the
Deputy Information Minister
for failing to appear and
provide explanation for all
the allegations made against
him (Johnson).
Johnson was indicted along
with Corkrum for alleged
economic sabotage and other
charges but the government
of Liberia is yet to ensure
they are have to justice.


Thursday, April 30, 2015


Page 7

-SAYS JOC TRIP Liberias High Court Frees Mauritanian Accused of Kidnapping Kids
Bettie Johnson /

any and all allegations
mismanagement of public
Contrary to recent media
reports and rumors regarding
a Joint Operating Committee
(JOC) meeting scheduled
to be held in the United
States, NOCAL would like
to clarify that its delegation
to the three JOC meetings
with ExxonMobil, Chevron,
and Anadarko, included 9
members and not 20, as was
erroneously reported in the
saving measure, and in the
interest of being efficient and
fiscally responsible, NOCAL
coordinated with the three
International Oil Companies
(IOCs) to hold the JOC meetings
in the same place and on three
consecutive days, so that
NOCAL could fulfill three of its
contractual obligations in one
trip, instead of having to take
multiple trips to the USA.
Under the terms of the
Production Sharing Contract
(PSC) with each of the IOCs,
expenses for three NOCAL
representatives each to a
JOC meeting are paid for by
the IOC hosting the meeting.
Therefore, the trip would have
been at no cost to NOCAL.
This in our view is prudent
spending, because its saves
the company money and by
extension the Government of
Finally, NOCAL wishes to
clarify that the meetings were
not called off by the President,
nor is there an investigation
Rather, they
were rescheduled based on
a request from the Chairman
of the Board of Directors so
that management would be
available to address some
unforeseen urgent matters at
home at the same time of the

Defendant Mohammed Sedee Faalee (center) with sheriffs

Falee, accused of
kidnapping his three children
from his wife in Sierra has
reportedly been set free.
Chief justice Francis Korkpor
ordered the release of the
convicted 80 year old man
after his legal counsel filed
a bill of information against
the Supreme Court chamber
justice and the lower court
judge of Criminal Court A.
Defendant Falee was charged
and indicted by the grand
jury of Montserrado County
following a complaint filed
by the mother of the three
The Chief justice following a
meeting with the legal counsel
of the defendant pleaded with
the mother of the children on
grounds that the defendant
had promised to bring in the
children on May 27 of this year.
Sources hinted FPA that the

chief justice communicated

with the kidnapped daughter
in which he confirmed that the
children are not dead.
A surety note signed by the
defendant lawyer states: I, the
undersigned in person of Cllr.
Cooper W. Kruah of the Henries
Law firm, in addition to the
insurance bond filed and based
upon the mandate handed
down from the Supreme Court
to the trial judge that, my
client Mr. Mohammed Sedee
Falee charged and convicted
and sentenced to prison be
released to me, do personally
guarantee and stand as surety
for my said client to be released
to me temporarily in order
that, he will be able to bring
the children from Mauritania
back to Liberia; particularly to
this court, Criminal Court A,
affective as of the signing date
of this surety/ guarantee note
up to and including May 27,
Should my client fail to live up
to this promise as guaranteed

in this surety/guarantee note,

the Supreme Court should
hold me personally liable and
ensure that the legal punitive
measures are taken against me.
In so doing, this shall constitute
the Courts legal and sufficient
With this surety note to the
Supreme Court, all eyes are
now on the Cllr. Kruah and his
client to return the kids from
Mauritania to Liberia, the
surety note said.
The last chance of the
defendant followed a bill of
information against Associate
Justice Sie- Nyene Yuoh and
Judge Roosevelt Willie on
grounds that the chamber
justice failed to apply to grant
his legal document filed before
her, and the lower court judge
set the bond filed by the
defendant aside allowing him
to be imprisoned for ten years.
It can be recalled after the final
ruling of the lower court judge
Roosevelt Willie, the mother
of the children Madam Jamila

Sillah, 36 her children were

kidnapped from Liberia to
She was always seen in a
distressing mood at Criminal
Court A when the trial of her
husband was ongoing.
Madam Sillah said she was
overjoyed by the ruling but
needs her children.
Right now I feel relief and
overjoyed with the courts
ruling, but I need my children,
I want the Government to help
me bring back my children,
they have been far from
me since 2011 and I dont
know what happen or what
happening to them that is if
they are dead or alive. She said
Madam Sillah continued I feel
happy today and let the court
live long, I know the suffering
we went through when I was
there with my children, and
now I am not there so I feel like
they are feeling more pains, I
want to feel like a mother so I
want my children back, their
absence make me grieve, there

is so much sorrows in my heart,

if I try to sleep I think about the
beating of my children.
She recalled when her daughter
got badly beaten by her step
brother and her son fingers cut
by a machine and her other son
beaten by the head of the cattle
in Mauritania.
Madam Sillah said since 2011
she has not communicated
with the children and dont
know their whereabouts.
But in a distressing tone via
mobile, she said she dont
know if the action by the court
is in line with laws but was
shocked by the decision of the
high court.
I really cant tell if the decision
by the chief justice is in line
with the laws but all I can
say is that I want my children
return to me, since he made
his promissory note, but one
thing is this is not his first time
to make promissory note but
I feel is the last chance, She

Police spokesman Sam Collins

told FPA that the arrest of
suspect Doe was a result of
a tipoff from residents of the
Collins said Doe and his
collaborators have placed the
Harmony Mineral Water on
the Liberian market that is
substandard, saying Doe is
currently operating and duping
the Liberian government of
taxes by not registering his
"Intelligence report available
to me at this moment clearly
states that this God Sent
Business is not a registered
business entity operating
in this country duping the

government of thousands of
taxes that could have been
used to repair the roads, put
medicines in our hospitals.
Mr. George Doe and his
collaborators have put water
that is not satisfied in term
of the quality on the Liberian
Market," he stated.
the police will work in
collaboration with the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare
and other ministries in making
sure that the life and dignity
of the Liberian are protected
and called on the public to give
information to the police that
will lead to arrest of would be
criminals in their respective

The police spokesman further
said suspect George Doe has
consented to the allegations
leveled against him by the

his business registration is in

process currently.
He argued that he did nothing
wrong for the police to
arrest him, saying it is the
responsibility of the Commerce
Ministry to tell him that his
water is not safe for drinking
and not the police.
Doe further noted that his
business is a new business and
he is only testing the market
for now.
"My business is a new business
and I am only testing the
market now, I just constructed
my place recently when the
police headed by Mickey Gray
came to arrest me, when they
came they said to me my

business is not registered and i

was stealing from government
and I was under arrest," he
Doe said his arrest was
prompted after he refused
to give US$100 to Mr. Mickey
Gray upon Gray's demand for
the money.
"Mickey Gray asked me to give
him US$100 and I refused
so he ordered my arrest and
detention, it was the same
thing he did to a Nigerian
businessman that he also
arrested," Doe angrily noted.
The police authority has
however denied claims made
by Doe that Gray asked him
(Doe ) for money.


By Edwin G. Genoway,
Jr (231886458910)

Monroviaolice in Monrovia have

rested and detained a
Liberian businessman
for economic sabotage
and defrauding government of
According to the police
charge sheet suspect George
Doe, proprietor of God Sent
Business Center and his
running a non-registered
Harmony Mineral Water in the
Logan Town, Bushrod Island.

Water safe for drinking

The suspect has refuted

statement from Collins that
he (suspect George Doe) has
consented to the allegation,
saying his Harmony Mineral
Water is safe for drinking.
Suspect Doe said though his
water company, God Sent
Business Center is not yet
registered with the Liberian
Business registry, but said

Page 8 | Frontpage

Darius Dillon has
by Representative Edwin
Snowe to the plenary calling
for comprehensive financial
and procurement audit of the
Central Bank of Liberia.
Representative Edwin Melvin
Snowe reading makes a
ready man your call to audit
the Central Bank of Liberia
has exposed that you and
your colleagues in the House
concurred with your call are
not reading the very act you
passed into law, Dillon said.
The political activist used
the social media to lash
stressing that the act creating
the CBL does not allow it to
be audited by the General
Auditing Commission.
For your information, the
Legislature does not have
the authority to demand or
commission audit of the CBL.
More besides, the act creating
the Central Bank of Liberia says
audit of the Bank shall be done
by reputable and professional
external auditors appointed by
the board of governors, Dillon
Maintenance of Accounts and
Records The Central Bank shall
maintain at all times accounts
and records adequate to reflect
its operations and financial
conditions in accordance
with internationally accepted
accounting practices.
communication to plenary
seeks to get the endorsement
of the plenary in mandating
the GAC and PPCC to conduct
an audit on the CBL.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, reading makes a ready man, your call to audit the Central Bank
of Liberia has exposed that you and your colleagues in the House of Representatives who concurred
with your call are not reading the very act you all passed into law, Darius Dillon

Al-Varney Rogers 0886304498

Communication stated: As
helpful as this could be to
our citizens, it is however
important to ensure that
these activities are carried
out within the confines of the
law and statues and to make
certain that public fund is not
used for political motive or as
a way to buying future votes.

The lawmaker added Against

this background, I write
seeking the endorsement of
this plenary to mandate the
General Auditing Commission
procurement and concession
commission (PPCC) to conduct
a comprehensive financial
and procurement Audit of the
Central Bank of Liberia (CBL)

to enable us have an informed

and independent knowledge
of its undertakings as per the
Dillon said as per the CBL
act, the bank shall be audited
at least once every year by
reputable and professional
external auditors appointed by
the board of governors.
"The accounts of the Central
Bank shall be audited at least
once every year by reputable
and professional external
auditors appointed by the
Board of Governors, Dillon
quoted the CBL act.
The management of the
Central Bank shall also appoint
external auditors who shall
be mandated to audit the
operational activities and
accounts of the Central Bank
on a continuous and regular
basis. All audits of the accounts
of the Central Bank shall be
with international accepted
auditing standards." Dillon
So, where did you and your
colleagues derive or source
your authority to commission
audit of the Central Bank of


Countyhe Chair of Grand
Caucus says they
are very upset over
the manner in which the
Ministry of Labor presented
investigation reports of the
19 January explosion which
occurred at the Liberian
Agricultural Companys rubber
processing plant in Grand
Bassa County.
Senator Nyounblee KarngaLawrence told a local radio
station in the county that

decisions from meetings with

President Sirleaf before the
investigation was launched into
the industrial accident stated
that the MoL should have sent
the report to the county caucus
before disclosing details to the
Minister Neto Lighe could face
a very upset legislative caucus
from Grand Bassa County on
Thursday, April 30 to provide
justification for reneging on
the commitment the president
and the lawmakers reached

before the investigation was

launched in early March his
returned from abroad where
she spent the Easter vacation
but appeared to have kept an
eye on the situation back home.
According to her, the caucus
has now asked the Minister of
Labor and raised reservations
with a meeting now set for
Thursday, April 30. Minister
Lighe is expected to present the
report and another meeting
is being scheduled between
the Bassa Lawmakers and the

management of LAC.
Report released by the MoL
puts the company at fault for
the accident which caused the
death of six and the injury of
11 persons.
The explosion later sparked
outrage from workers who
went on almost two weeks of
go-slow action. In the report,
the government levied a fine of
US$100,000.00 and demanded
that the company improves its
safety procedures at its facility.
Based upon the evidence
inspections of the site,
equipment and operating
procedures, interviews with
eyewitnesses accounts and LAC
management representatives,
it is concluded that the cause
of the industrial accident on
January 19, 2015 at the Liberia
Agriculture Company, was
due to negligence, leading
to mechanical failure, which
resulted in the explosion of
the condensate tank, Labor
Minister Neto Zarzar Lighe
said in March.


Meanwhile, the Grand Bassa

Lawmaker has on behalf of her

Liberia? Did you not read

the ACT you passed into law
creating the Bank, Dillon
communication was opened
for discussion with a majority
of the lawmakers in favour of
an audit with the exception
Representative Julius Berrien
(CDC District# 10 Montserrado
County) who requested his
colleagues to allow the Banking
and currency committee which
he chairs to take charge of the
matter but that request was
objected by his colleagues.
Representative Berrien said,
by virtue of the act creating the
GAC it already has the mandate
to audit government entities
and such process should not
be done through legislative
Saah Fofi Bemba (UP-District #
3 Lofa County) supported the
idea of an audit, but cautioned
his colleagues to take into
account value for money.
In 2014 the House of
a bill preventing officials
of the executive branch of
collogues refuted claims by the
Liberian Agriculture Workers
Union (LAWU) that the Caucus
played no part in negotiations
families of victims to get just
compensations and benefits.
leaderships allegation as
disappointing and said they
need to understand how
insisted that the caucus was
involved with the discussions
and even spoke with families
of the dead and also made
recommendations to LAC for
the injured victims to be flown
to Ghana but circumstances
surrounding travels during
the Ebola crisis disrupted the
emanated from comments
by LAWU Secretary General
who accused the county
lawmakers for playing no part
in the negotiations for victims
families to get financial
compensation from the LAC
As part of recommendations
in the report, the company is
obliged to compensate families
of six victims and also provide
additional support for them.
LAC is further directed to
fully comply with the Labor
Practices Law of Liberia and
relevant regulations regarding
benefits to the victims of this
incident. Minister Lighe said
at the MICAT press conference
when he read the report.
Although the company has

government from contesting

for elected offices and if they
have the desire to do so they
should resign two years before
election. The bill was passed
and sent to the Liberian Senate
and within a week the Senate
concurred with the house
and the bill was subsequently
signed into law by President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
The law according to many
was intended to get at the
CBL governor Jones, who is
perceived to be harbouring
an ambition of contesting for
the presidency. Lawmakers
who have earlier expressed
manner in which Central Bank
Governor Jones is dishing out
thousands of United States
Dollars through loans to locals
voted unanimously to amend
part of the act creating the
Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).
The Lawmakers assertions
have been that the loans
scheme initiated by Governor
Jones was not only intended
to help the locals, but a
clever attempt by the CBL
Governor to rally support
for his presidential bid come
2017, though Governor Jones
had made no public comment
about his presidential ambition
as has been rumoured.
compensated the families,
LAWU Secretary General said
the county lawmakers played
a low profile in achieving the
Said Paul Moses: During
the time of the negotiation,
we did not see any of our
lawmakers not even the direct
representative of this district
(Jeh Byron Browne), we did
not see him or neither notice
his efforts.
The workers union is
disappointed in our lawmakers
because they dont always
stand by the union to ensure
that the workers plight is
heard, he added.
But the caucus chair says
they were engaged in several
meetings with the victims
families, the LAC management
and even President Sirleaf and
requested the setting up of
an investigation team and the
subsequent compensation to
families of victims.
When you reach that point,
then you sit as a caucus and
see what happens and if
anything goes wrong then you
come back to us, Sen. KarngaLawrence said. She agreed that
the caucus was not present at
the negotiation, which was
intended to avoid any form
of misunderstanding or their
action misconstrued especially
when allegations of bribery
involving government officials
were lingering before the
During negotiations, you dont
want the caucus to recommend
but to push what you have
recommended, she added.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fillable PDF Programmer for NBC Concessions Reporting Template (2 Positions)
Background: IBI International is implementing the USAID-funded Governance and

Economic Management Support Program (GEMS), a five-year technical assistance program

to improve performance through strengthening public sector capacity in Liberia. One of the
GEMS five objectives is to support GoL to efficiently, effectively and transparently manage the
natural resource concessions.

The support to the management of natural resource concessions focuses on the National Bureau of
Concessions (NBC) and the concession granting entities (CGE) responsible for managing concessions
and the concessions process. The NBC and representatives of these CGEs designed reporting
templates to capture data required from concessionaires. When implemented, the templates will give
the NBC and the other concession-related entities the data they need to perform their statutory
functions with respect to concessions.
The templates are largely prepared and are in Excel for ease of preparation but those forms are not
convenient for data entry. While the ultimate solution is a relational database with a set of userfriendly data entry screens in a web-based environment, an interim solution is required. Fillable .pdf
forms, as a temporary data-entry solution, will be utilized pending development of the relational
database. Two consultants are required to develop the fillable pdf reports.
1. The Objective of the assignment is to:
automate four (4) concession reporting templates in pdf format for data entry. The data once
entered must be stored in such a way the data may be transferred to a database for analysis
2. Scope of Work
The consultants will prepare fillable .pdf forms for the collection of concessions-related data. The
forms will be based on the Excel-based forms to be provided to the consultants. Four separate form
templates must be developed one each for forestry concessions and mining concessions and one each
for the rubber and oil palm agricultural concessions. Each of four Excel templates details the fields to
be included in each pdf form template and has approximately 22 separate worksheets. Some of the
worksheets are the same across all four Excel templates; most are different.
The data fields stored in the pdf forms should be able to be sent to a database. The pdfs should be able
to be completed offline or online using free client tools.
The form templates must be submitted to USAID-GEMS for review and testing by USAID-GEMS,
NBC staff and a concessionaire. . The consultant will make revisions based on the review of the form
templates. The consultants will develop instructions for completion of the forms.

3. Deliverables
Form templates and instructions for completion no later than June 23, 2015
Final form templates with revisions and instructions for completion, by July 17 2015.


Page 9

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Page 10 | Frontpage



he Government of the
Republic of Liberia
and the European
Union met on April
28, 2015 for the Third EULiberia Political Dialogue.
Article 8 of the Cotonou
between the European Union
and the African, Caribbean
and Pacific States) establishes
a regular and comprehensive
political dialogue leading to
commitments on both sides.
The Dialogue was formally
launched in June 2012.
was headed by H. E. Mr.
Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan,
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
whilst H. E. Tiina Intelmann,
Ambassador/Head of the
European Union Delegation
to Liberia led the European
side. The Liberian Delegation
included Hon. Cllr. Benedict
F. Sannoh, Minister of Justice,
Hon. Cllr. Sarah M. Jegede-Toe,
Acting Chairperson, National
Elections Commission, Hon.
Atty. Boakai Dukuly, Acting
Commission, Hon. Thomas
Kaydor, Deputy Minister of
and Economic Integration,
including Heads of Public
Institutions, as well as
Directors. The EU Delegation
comprised Ambassadors of the
EU member states accredited
to Liberia including, H. E. Ralph
Timmermann, Ambassador of
Germany, H. E. Sofia Strand,
Ambassador of Sweden, H. E.
Jol Godeau, Ambassador of
France, H.E. David Belgrove,
Ambassador Designate of the
United Kingdom, Hon. Jrn
Semmler, Deputy Chief of
Mission, Embassy of Germany,
Hon. Paula Molloy, Deputy
Head of Mission, Embassy
of Ireland, and Belen Calvo
Uyarra, First Counsellor/Head
of Political Section
Delegation of the European
Union to Liberia.
The Dialogue focused on
Governance, Security and
Justice, covering a wide array
of issues including the security
sector reform, human rights
and the upcoming elections.
The challenges caused by Ebola
and post-Ebola recovery were
also discussed as well as the
huddles Liberians encounter
in acquiring the Schengen (EU)
Security Sector Reform: The
EU and Liberia acknowledged
that the drawdown of UNMIL
milestone. The Government of
Liberia recognized the need to
abide by the relevant Security
Council Resolutions 2190 and
2215 and thus to accelerate
the security sector reform and
to ensure adequate funding,
firstly from the national
budget, particularly for the
Liberian National Police and
for the Bureau of Immigration
has formulated plans that
transcend UNMILs drawdown
to include strategies for
consolidating long-term peace



and stability. The Government

further informed of gaps in the
face of the drawdown including
capacity, infrastructure, service
delivery, sound management
system, amongst others. The
transition is expected to be
carried out in a way that avoids
security gaps.
In this context, the EU
encourages Liberia to adopt
the following legislations:
the Police Act to ensure
merit-based recruitment and
promotion, the BIN Act; the
Firearms and Ammunition
Control Act.
The EU stands side by side with
Liberia in the transition. The
State-Building Contract, under
the 11th programming cycle
(2014-2020) of the European
Development Fund (EDF) will
focus on security and justice
in the next fiscal year. The
main objectives of the Contract
are maintaining a secure and
safe environment during and
after UNMIL drawdown and
increasing public confidence
in the justice system and rule
of law. Particular attention
is paid to respect for human
rights and dignity, especially of
women and children. The EU
is also committed to support
the AU and ECOWAS peace and
security agendas.
Lessons learned from the
Special Senatorial Elections
and the way forward. Liberia
and the EU agreed that the
recently conducted, was useful
to prepare for the next polls:
the possible Referendum for a
Constitutional Review and the
2017 Presidential elections.
The EU is a key partner to
Liberia on elections and it
stands ready to support the
next electoral cycle with
technical support from 11th
EDF funds and political
Elections Commission asserts
that there is an urgent need
to consolidate and build upon
gains made from previous
attention on staff capacity,

enhancing gender sensitization

and conflict preventative work
with political parties and
security forces, among other

Human Rights: The EU notes

the report prepared by Liberia
to the UN Human Rights
Council to be considered
on 5 May 2015 through the
Universal Periodic Review
mechanism. The EU recognizes
the progress made by Liberia. It
encourages the Government to
provide the necessary means
to the Independent National
Human Rights Commission to
fully deliver on its mandate to
implement the National action
plan on Human Rights. It
encourages the Government of
Liberia to implement fully the
Strategic Roadmap for National
Furthermore, the EU urged
Liberia to make progress on
of important human rights
issues, such as the abolition
of the death penalty, the
reduction of gender and sexual
based violence, and enhanced
access to justice. Government
of Liberia is having a series of
consultations with relevant
stakeholders aimed at pushing
for amendments to abolishing
the death penalty, whilst
taking into consideration its
social context and judicial
Regarding the issuance of
Schengen Visas in Liberia, the
Government of Liberia called
on the EU to help alleviate the
constraints Liberians face in
acquiring the Schengen visas
for travel to the EU. It was
explained that the issuance
of visas depends on member
states of the European Union
and that, under the current
regulations, it is up to one
member state of the Schengen
group to undertake this
activity. The Irish Government
informed that it has begun
accepting visa application at its
Irish Aids Office in Monrovia

for Liberians wishing to travel

to Ireland.
Ebola getting to zero and
Establishing resilience to
face a potential resurgence
of Ebola, especially in the
regional context, is important.
The EU notes the Economic
Stabilization and Recovery
Plan and looks forward to its
timely implementation as it
was declared in the statement
of the Co-chairs of the Brussels
Conference on Ebola, the 3rd
of March 2015, in line with
the overarching vision of the
Agenda for Transformation.
There is a new momentum
to move forward with key
reforms like deconcentration
coupled with community
ownership of development
priorities, and the civil service
reform. The EU stands by the
Government in this effort
and is fully committed to use
the funds allocated through
Programme (279M, 11th
EDF). The EU is focusing on
key areas of energy, education,
agriculture and governance.
In implementing the recovery
plan regular dialogue with the
EU and the budget support
donors and timely production
and public availability of key
financial documents, such
as the national budget, fiscal
outturns and audits should be
taking place.

The EU and Liberia pledged to

remain constructively engaged
in order to further strengthen
their partnership, including
dialogue on key policy issues.
At the end of the meeting, the
two parties reviewed mutual
commitments and agreed to
conduct the Dialogue once
a year in a more formalized
manner. Frequent informal
Dialogues will be held on
specific themes or issues based
on the necessity.

he National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) wishes

to rebut any and all allegations of misappropriation
or mismanagement of public funds.
Contrary to recent media reports and rumors
regarding a Joint Operating Committee (JOC) meeting
scheduled to be held in the United States, NOCAL would like
to clarify that its delegation to the three JOC meetings with
ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Anadarko, included 9 members and
not 20, as was erroneously reported in the press.
Additionally, as a cost saving measure, and in the interest of
being efficient and fiscally responsible, NOCAL coordinated
with the three International Oil Companies (IOCs) to hold the
JOC meetings in the same place and on three consecutive days,

so that NOCAL could fulfill three of its contractual obligations
in one trip, instead of having to take multiple trips to the USA.
Under the terms of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with
each of the IOCs, expenses for three NOCAL representatives
each to a JOC meeting are paid for by the IOC hosting the
meeting. Therefore, the trip would have been at no cost to
NOCAL. This in our view is prudent spending, because its
saves the company money and by extension the Government
of Liberia.
Finally, NOCAL wishes to clarify that the meetings were
not called off by the President, nor is there an investigation
underway. Rather, they were rescheduled based on a
request from the Chairman of the Board of Directors so that
management would be available to address some unforeseen
urgent matters at home at the same time of the meetings.

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Telephone Numbers: Liberia (+231) 088-630-4178 / USA +1-484-410-6024

Thursday, April 30, 2015

resident Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf has received in
audience a high-level
United States medical
Department of Health and
Human Services led by the
Surgeon General of the United
States of America, Vice Admiral
Dr. Vivek Murthy. The U.S.
Surgeon General is equivalent
to that of the Chief Medical
Officer of the Republic of
was accompanied to the
Foreign Ministry by the
U.S. Ambassador to Liberia,
Deborah Malac.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, during the
meeting held at the Foreign
Ministry office on Wednesday,
April 29, 2015, President Sirleaf
welcomed the U.S. Surgeon
General and delegation to
Liberia and indicated that the
team had come at a time when
the country was preparing
to evaluate what it has gone
through due to the Ebola crisis.
She emphasized that the
country is looking forward
to what she called the Magic
Day when the country will
be declared Ebola free and
thanked and U.S. Surgeon
General for the role his
personnel played during the
fight against the deadly Ebola
virus disease.
We appreciate the role
played by the U.S. Government
through its many institutions,
including the military, Public
Health Services officers, USAID
and others during the fight
against Ebola. You have come
at a time when we can just say
thanks for all that the United
States has and continue to do
to raid the country of Ebola,
the Liberian leader stressed.
President Sirleaf told the
visitors that the country is
opened to suggestions on how
to improve the partnership
with all of its friends including
the United States as it looks


Page 11



forward to rebuilding the

healthcare system.
She also expressed satisfaction
over on-going U.S. assessment
at the John F. Kennedy Medical
Center that seeks to improve
conditions at the hospital and
also facilitate the provision
of specialized services for the
Liberian people.
She commended Ambassador
Deborah Malac and all U.S.
institutions for their services
rendered Liberia and its people
and called for even greater
cooperation and partnership
during the post-Ebola period
to ensure efficient and effective
implementation of the various
programs and interventions
that will be captured in the
countrys National Recovery

Tolbert Nyenswah provided
general updates on the current
state of affairs regarding the
Ebola situation.
Speaking earlier, Surgeon
General Murthy said he was
happy to be in Liberia at the
time the countdown was on
to finally defeating the virus.
We are glad to have partnered
with you and are also looking
forward to reaching the Magic
Day with the Liberian people.
We also know that there is still
a lot of work to be done with
the healthcare system even
after Ebola is gone and you
can count on the partnership
of the Public Health Services
officers, he promised the
Liberian President.
The U.S. Surgeon General

indicated that he was interested

in what happens with primary
healthcare infrastructures and
remains eager to partner with
the government in addressing
some of the challenges in
primary healthcare.
Surgeon General Murthy called
on the government to draw
from some of the experiences
of the U.S. Healthcare Services
by focusing on mental health
and seek to build a system
that promotes both clinical
prevention and community
prevention as well. You must
build on prevention while
rebuilding the healthcare
President Sirleaf and team.
He expressed satisfaction that
his team was able to run the
Monrovia Medical Unit that

provided treatment, psychosocial

support during the Ebola
outbreak which was run by
the U.S. Public Health Service
Making a brief intervention,
Ambassador Malac briefed
President Sirleaf about a tour
of the JFK Medical Center and
the pending assessment of the
facilities there.
She announced that a team
from the U.S comes in next
week to sit with government
actors and the in-country U.S.
team on how to strengthen
the hospital, including the
establishment of a public
health laboratory at the facility.
Ambassador Malac reassured
President Sirleaf about the U.S.
cooperation and continuous

during the recovery phase of
the crisis.
In an earlier development,
President Sirleaf met with a
delegation of UNMEER that
included the SRSG Karen
Landgren, out-going head Mr.
Ismail Cheikh Ahmed, newly
appointed acting head, Peter
Mr. Ahmed informed President
Sirleaf that he has been
appointed by the UN Secretary
General as his Envoy to Yemen
and also appointed Mr. Peter
Graaff who has been involved
with managing the Ebola
crisis from the United Nation
end as the new acting head of
I have come to show
appreciation and to say thanks
for the partnership that has
brought us this far. I trust that
Mr. Graaff who has been with
us all this time will properly
step in my shoes even as we
approach the end date of the
crisis, Mr. Ahmed indicated.
He observed that Liberia has
demonstrated its capacity to
manage the Ebola situation
and other infectious outbreaks
that may occur by the way
it handled the single case
that emerged as the first
countdown was on.
President Sirleaf thanked Mr.
Ahmed for servicing Liberia
so well and for his new
preferment and welcomed Mr.
Graaff to his new assignment,
expressing her confidence
in the commitment and
competence of both men to
serve when called upon. Your
new assignment is a very
important one that requires
your demonstrated skills and
experience, she concluded.

rcelorMittal Liberia signed a contract in 2005 with
the Liberian government (amended in 2006) in
which the company promised to be a partner in
Liberias growth and development.
Since then, ArcelorMittal Liberia has not wavered on this
promise, and has continued to be a trusted development
partner, often going beyond the Mineral Development
Agreement (MDA), even during the most challenging
ArcelorMittal remains committed to the construction of the
Ganta Yekepa highway. The work has begun as scheduled and
will continue as promised.
There is no change to the road commitment by the Company,
and we are working with all stakeholders towards meeting this
end, said Joe Mathews, General Manager for External Affairs,
ArcelorMittal Mining based in London. We continue to make
revisions to ensure that the Liberian operations remain viable
at the current iron ore price level, but this is a promise that is
very important to us and one we made to the people of Nimba.
We have no intention of stopping this road project, reaffirmed
ArcelorMittal has a long-term commitment to Liberia. We
have been present in Liberia since 2005, and were the first
company to invest in the country after the civil war. To date
we have invested $1.7bn in our operations in Liberia including
$500m in rebuilding local infrastructure, as well as health and
education facilities.
ArcelorMittal responded vigorously to the Ebola crisis,
working to ensure the safety of its employees and contractors,
and their families and communities contributing medical,
financial and other resources. The Company took the leading
role in mobilising companies operating in West Africa to
accelerate the international response to the crisis.
Many years of hard work and finances have been invested
in the country and its people, and we remain committed to

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Page 12 | Frontpage




MONROVIA he National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) has

dedicated three science laboratories at the D. Tweh High
School in the Borough of New Kru Town. They include
Biology, chemistry and Physics labs.
Performing the ceremony Tuesday, April 21, the Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) and President of NOCAL, Dr. Randolph A.K.W.
McClain, said the company was pleased to identify with Liberian
schools in helping to develop the technical capacity of students.
Dr. McClain stressed the significance of science in everyday life,
and urged students to develop more interest in the sciences for the
good of the country.
He said NOCAL will continue to encourage students to develop
more interest in the sciences because the future of Liberias oil
program may require their expertise. The NOCAL CEO noted
that Liberia needs more trained manpower in the oil industry to
help develop the industry, which he observed cannot be left to
foreigners alone.
Today we find ourselves interacting with international oil
companies, who have people that are experienced. We would need
our people who would get hooked on science; get to be just as
experienced to interact with them closely to ensure that what they
are telling us is the right thing because we also are very hooked on
science, he emphasized.
Dr. McClain expressed the hope that qualified teachers would
be available to ensure that the laboratory program achieves
its objective. Without very good teachers, he said, it would be
difficult for students to acquire the quality education needed for
the development of the country.
In response, outgoing Education Minister Edmonia Tarpeh, lauded
NOCAL for the gesture, describing it as a life saver to us. She
encouraged the oil company to continue to provide for the schools
to help develop their knowledge in the sciences.
Minister Tarpeh urged teachers and other faculty members to
secure and utilize the facilities to ensure that students acquire the
knowledge needed to improve their background in science.
The occasion was witnessed by the Acting Vice President for
Corporate Relations, Mr. Pete Norman and other officials of
NOCAL, a member of the House of Representatives from New
Kru town, Hon. Edward Forh; MCSS Superintendent, Adolphus
Jacobs, the Principle of D.Tweh High School, among others.
The project is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
signed between the Ministry of Education and the National Oil
Company of Liberia in 2011. Under the
MOU, NOCAL is to provide funding for the renovation and
furnishing of science laboratories in selected public high schools
in the fifteen counties of Liberia. To date, science laboratories
have been renovated and furnished in several public high schools
throughout the country, including C.H.Deweh, in Bomi; Sinje
in Grand Cape Mount County; Bopolu, in Gbarpolu County;
Harbel Multilateral, in Margibi County, and the Elizabeth
Tubman Memorial Institute (ETMI), in Caldwell, Montserrado
County. Others include the E.Jonathan Goodridge High School
in Barnesville, Montserrado County, Sinoe Multilateral High
School, in Greenville, Sinoe County and the Barclayville High
School, in Grand Kru County.


voirian President Alassane
Ouattara and Liberian
President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf have expressed
the desire to organize another
meeting of the Joint Council
of Chiefs and Elders of border
communities of both countries
in Guiglo, in July next year. The
meeting is aimed at continuing
the dialogue and consultations
launched by the two countries
in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County
two years ago.
In October 2013, several
and elders from bordering
communities in Grand Gedeh,
Nimba, Maryland and River
Gee counties of Liberia, as well
as those from Guiglo, Danan,
Tabou and Tai of Ivory Coast
held a four-day meeting in
Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County to
improve relationships between
and amongst inter-regional and
trans-border groups, including
the chiefs and elders; undertake
an inclusive dialogue platform
responsive to the peace, security
and reconciliation needs of all
the citizens, particularly those in
the trans-border communities.
Also attending the meeting were
authorities from the UN Mission
in Liberia (UNMIL) and the

UN Operation in Cte dIvoire

(UNOCI), as well as government
officials of the two countries.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, this was one
of the many decisions contained
in Communique signed between
the two countries following
a two-day working visit by
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
to Ivory Coast at the invitation
of her counterpart, President
Ouattara from April 26 to 27,
Justice Minister, Cllr. Benedict
Sannoh signed for Liberia; while
the Minister of State and Foreign
Affairs, S.E.M. Charles Koffi Diby
signed for Ivory Coast.
Also in the Communique, both
countries agreed to strengthen
security by ensuring increased
cooperation and establishing
reliable mechanisms capable
of guaranteeing more effective
security in the border region.
In this regard, the two Heads
of State have expressed
their willingness to pursue
various ongoing integration
projects especially electrical
completion of ongoing road
projects from Blolequin to
Toulepleu, Logatuo to Danane/
Geunta, and the Taboo to

President Ouattara for his
leadership in the framework
of ECOWAS and the Mano
River Union which has helped
accelerate the process of
regional integration and the
establishment of a climate of
peace and stability in West
On the international scene, the
two leaders discussed various
presidential elections, especially
in the ECOWAS sub-region and
expressed the desire that these
elections will be held in a free,
fair and peaceful atmosphere.
They were particularly pleased
with the democratic conduct
and the peaceful elections in
Nigeria and congratulated the
Prollo along the two countries people of that country.
At the end of the two-day

The two leaders also spoke working visit, President Sirleaf
on the need to reactivate the expressed to her counterpart,
mechanisms of cooperation President
between the two countries by Government and people of Ivory
expeditiously holding the 6th Coast, profound gratitude and
session of the Joint Commission sincere thanks for the authentic
of Cooperation between Liberia African welcome accorded her
and her delegation.
and Ivory Coast.
Earlier, President Ouattara She also extended an invitation
expressed joy and pride to to President Ouattara to make
welcome President Sirleaf to an official visit to Liberia which
Ivory Coast terming her as a he has accepted; but the date
and time will be communicated
pillar of democracy in Africa.
On behalf of the Government through diplomatic channels.
and people of Ivory Coast, the Meanwhile, while in Ivory Coast,
Ivorian leader reaffirmed the President Sirleaf visited the
solidarity to the Government Liberian Mission near Abidjan
and people of Liberia, deeply to see a newly renovated and
scarred by the consequences refurbished
of the Ebola virus disease and Ambassadors residence.
congratulated President Sirleaf The Liberian leader expressed
and the Government for the satisfaction at the splendid
remarkable efforts in the fight renovation work done at the
Mission which has lifted the
against the epidemic.
For her part, President Sirleaf profile of the country in that
expressed the wish that Liberia neighboring country.
could benefit from the expertise At
of Ivory Coast especially in the
development of agriculture to Embassy was a run-down
building near collapse, but
ensure food security.
She also wished that Ivory Coast government has resuscitated
would help Liberia upgrade its and renovated the property to a
infrastructure especially in the first class Mission.
sectors of electricity, water and


Brussels, Belgium iberia's Ambassador to

the Kingdom of Belgium,
Amb. Isaac W. Nyenabo
II has presented his
Letters of Credence to His
Majesty, King Phillippe of the
Kingdom of Belgium.
The presentation ceremony took
place on Tuesday, April 28, 2015
at the Royal Palace of Belgium,
the official seat of the Belgium
Ambassador Nyenabo extended
greetings on behalf of Her
Excellency, President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf, President of
Liberia to King Phillippe and
commended the Government
and people of the Kingdom of
Belgium for their support to
Liberia over the years.
He said Liberia remains forever
grateful to the Belgium people
for the medical and other
assistance provided them during
the height of the outbreak of the
Ebola virus, and before that the
years of crises, a relationship
that dates back to 1859 when
both countries enjoyed the
exchange of state visits by their
Head of States.
''The rle of Belgium medical
doctors and other medical
professionals in the fight against
the Ebola virus disease outbreak
and the MSF-Belgium continue
presence on the ground during

the Liberian civil crises, have

played a significant part in
helping the country recovery
process, and thus adding
impetus to the health sector
and the population at large''
Ambassador Nyenabo added.
Ambassador Nyenabo appealed
to King Phillppe for more
assistance to the country's health
sector, as Liberia prepare for its
post Ebola recovery process,
provide scholarships and other
educational opportunities to the
country's educational sector and
students to study medicine and
other sciences and its support

to the agriculture, trade and

commerce industries.
He also welcomed Belgium
investment in Liberia in the
areas of energy, trade and
support to the country's good
governance, the rule of law and
assistance to the University
of Liberia and other higher
institutions of learning across
the country.
Receiving the letters, His Majesty,
King Phillippe acknowledged
Liberia's recovery strategy
through the 'Marshall Plan'
and investment potentials and
pledged his country's support to

those initiatives.
King Phillippe said Belgium
will work closely with Liberia
in strengthening and sustaining
its bilateral relationship and the
cordiality of friendship between
the two countries and peoples.
The new Liberia Ambassador
to France has served as Vice
President of the Agricultural
Cooperative Development Bank,
Comptroller General Republic
of Liberia, Senator Grand Gedeh
County, and President Pro
Tempore of the Liberian Senate.
Amb. Nyenabo earned three
Master Degrees in International
Sector Management from the
University of Liberia and the

Cuttington University
School all in Liberia.
Amb. Nyenabo is a PhD
graduating student in Political
Relations from the California
Creek University, USA.
President Sirleaf appointed
confirmed by the Liberian Senate
last year and commissioned by
President Sirleaf in February this
year as Liberia's Ambassador
to the Kingdom of Belgium, the
Netherlands, Luxemburg and
the European Union.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Page 13

Bettie Johnson /

Monrovia lady in her late 40s

diagnosed with bone
marrow says doctors
requested that shes flown to
India for operation or else she
will die.
Madam Edith Neewray in
an exclusive interview with
FrontPageAfrica at a local
hospital said she was diagnosed
of the illness in January but all
efforts for her to seek medical
attention as requested by
health practitioners have
proven futile due to the lack of
Right now, as I am on this

Monrovia he
threatened to shut
down all schools
and restaurants that lack
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Government said it is prepared
to robustly implement the
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
program in all schools and
business areas.
Speaking at program marking
the launch of the Water,
Sanitation and Hygiene in
Schools (WASH) at the Charles
D. B King Public School in
Monrovia Wednesday Public
Works Minister Gyude Moore
said it has been observed that
many schools and food centers
in Liberia do not have sanitary
facilities, something he said
contribute to illnesses among
the people.
The Minister said most schools
along the roads on highways
have limited WASH facilities
while schools far from the
main road do not have any
facility at all.
He said the Ministry of Public
Works will work closely with
WASH partners in providing
access to schools.
The Public Works Minister said
as part of his ministry work
plan, WASH will be reflected
in the Ministry budget as it has
been in previous budgets.
Minister Moore said schools
that are twenty minutes drive
away from Monrovia whose
WASH conditions are bad and
do not have any WASH facility
will be looked at seriously in
order to solve those problems.
He noted that he will work
with the ministry of Education
and Health to robustly enforce
the WASH program in schools
that do not have any.
The Public Works Minister
said Government will shut
down restaurants that do not
have good sanitary conditions
and operating in filthy
He also added that government
through the Ministry of Public
Works will closed any school
that is not keeping up with the
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
in Schools (WASH) program.
In terms of extending WASH
facilities, we are going to
work with our partners
at the Ministry of health
and Education to be more
aggressive in terms of our
you run a restaurant and the
sanitary conditions are not

bed, I am confused and dont

know what to do but I need
the help of philanthropists, the
Government of Liberia, and the
entire world at large, though I
dont know when I will die but
the doctors said if I dont go for
the operation it may lead to my
death, she cried.
Lying on her sick bed in a
soberly tone, she disclosed that
her family recently took her to
Ghana thinking that the illness
will be cured but unfortunately
doctors recommended that
she is taken to India for the
I dont know what the cause
of this illness but I went Ghana
good, we will shut down that
restaurant, we cannot have
schools where we send our
children to get sick, so in
instances where we find out
that schools are not keeping
up with the WASH conditions,
it will be our position at the
Ministry of Public Works to
shutdown that school until
that WASH condition can be fix,
"he noted.
Minister Moore said he looks
forward to working with
partners and the Ministry
of Health and Education in
improving WASH conditions in
all schools.
He however expressed joy
that WASH program is being
launched in schools, stressing
that one of the ministry focus
is to increase WASH access in
various schools.
The Government of Liberia
(GoL) has taken the initiative
to accelerate the delivery
of water, sanitation and
hygiene (WASH) services
throughout the Republic, a
coordinated, comprehensive,
and well-targeted investment
programme to increase safe
water coverage and reduce
diseases is being implemented.
The WASH aim is to increase
access to safe water supply
and sanitation and improve
hygiene practices, thereby
contributing to improved
human welfare, development
and Liberias long term
sustainable growth.
As part of government
Consortium has launched the
Liberia wins Water, Sanitation,
and Hygiene in Schools

and the doctors there said I

should travel India for better
treatment. What is frustrating
is I dont have money, we
checked and got to know that
it is above 10 thousand United
States dollars and I do not have
it, she said.
The ill woman disclosed that
she is a mother of two children
and she is pleading that she
doesnt want to leave them
early because she is their only
source of livelihood.
She said all I want is a help
from anybody so that I can
seek medical attention in India
because my health here is very


Edwin G. Genoway, Jr (231886458910),

(WASH) at the Charles D.B King

Public School in Monrovia. The
initiative is the first step to
recovery from Ebola.
Fragmented sector
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
also making remarks at the
launch disclosed that over
the years the WASH sector
has been so fragmented that
government has not been able
to respond to the needs of the
She said the Ministry of
Public Works, Liberia Water
Sewer Cooperation, and the
Ministry of Health and Social
Welfare as well as the Ministry
of Education have some

responsibilities when it comes

to the WASH Sector.
President Sirleaf said the
WASH Consortium has a
compact between Liberia and
Sierra Leone to promote WASH
activities in the two countries,
saying its all been very difficult
to get it together.
Said President Sirleaf but now
we have started the first step
of trying to come together by
the establishment of the board.
I understand that the board
will have its first meeting this
month or early next month
so that they can begin to
formulate other decisions we
must take to bring the sector
As requested by the WASH
Consortium, the group wants
for the two countries WASH
program to be under one
umbrella but the Liberian
leader in response calls for
recommendations from the
group as to how to jumpstart
the program.
The Liberia WASH Consortium
was set up in 2007 as a response
to poor Water, Sanitation
and Hygiene (WASH) access,
lack of harmonization and
coordination in the sector,
insufficient national policy
frameworks and weak sector
governance in Liberia.
The Liberia WASH Consortium
now consists of 6 members:
Action Contra la Faim(ACF),
Oxfam, Tearfund, WaterAid

International (PSI), and it is

also in Sierra Leone.
The Consortium also has
associate members and local
CSO partners including the
WASH CSO Network, Youth &
Disable Network and the WASH
Reporters & Editor Network of
Liberia (WASH R&E).
President Sirleaf stressed
that the WASH sector needs
to have clear target which she
said requires all members
of the Consortium to sit and
give information on what
percentage of the population
being served, where and by
what means they are being
served, saying, with that kind
of data from the Consortium,
government will be able to try
to formulate a policy that will
be more responsive.
The Liberian leader however
challenged the entire board
to come up with a program
that will guide and direct
government on measures
to take, "the government of
Liberia will now give much
more support to the WASH
Sector of Liberia through the
budget, the inclusion of the
sector in the budget needs to
be translated into action," she
The Liberian leader said she
wants action that will be put
into a program that will bring
the best result on board.
President Johnson Sirleaf
however thanked partners
to the Consortium for their
support to the WASH Program.

Speaking earlier Education

Minister Etmonia Tarpeh
said she looks forward to
partners to improve conditions
of WASH at schools, saying, let
us work together to ensure
a clean, safe, healthy and
conducive environment in
schools, communities and in
Liberia," she said.
The Education Minister said
the Ministry of Education
remains committed to the fight
against Ebola. She said during
the Ebola outbreak in Liberia
the Ministry was fully engaged
in training 6,800 school
administrators and teachers
to conduct Ebola prevention
awareness in all communities.
The Minister disclosed that
prior to the resumption of
academic activities, a protocol
was developed to ensure the
safe re-opening of schools,
saying, with the support from
partners the ministry received
supplies including buckets,
themo flash, boots, soap,
chlorine, and other essential
hygiene materials that were
distributed to public and
private schools.
Minister Tarpeh noted that
the ministry has continued
post Ebola recovery activities
through the development of a
protocol for WASH in schools.
According to her the protocol
contains guidelines to ensure
the implementation of water,
sanitation and hygiene in
The Education boss said the
initiative is a result of effective
and Public Works including
She however encouraged
all education stakeholders
including education officers,
principals, teachers, parents,
communities and students
to adhere to the protocol to
ensure a safe, healthy and
conducive school environment,
saying without the involvement
and efforts of everyone, it will
remain unlikely to achieve the
targeted results.

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(Reuters) -



executed eight
drug traffickers,
including seven foreigners, in
the early hours of Wednesday,
sparking condemnation from
Australia and Brazil who had
made final, desperate pleas to
save their nationals.
The mass execution cements
the hard line on enforcing
the death penalty adopted by
Indonesian President Joko
Widodo as part of his war on
drugs, an approach criticized
by the United Nations as
applying double-standards.

KATHMANDU (Reuters) he death toll from

earthquake in Nepal
four days ago passed
5,000 on Wednesday as
officials conceded they had
made mistakes in their initial
response, leaving survivors
stranded in remote villages
waiting for aid and relief.
Over 200 Nepalis protested
demanding the government
increase the number of buses
going to the interior hills and
improve distribution of aid.
"I haven't been able to
contact my family members
in the village," said Kayant
Panday, one of the protesters,
who said he woke up at 4
a.m. to get a bus to a badly hit
area but was not able to get



Riyadh (AFP) audi

youthful son Prince
Mohammed, appointed
Wednesday as second
in line to the throne, wields
leading a war against rebels in
neighbouring Yemen.
Mohammed bin Salman, in his
30s, was named deputy crown
prince thanks to his "massive
evident to everyone through
all the missions he had been
assigned with," said a statement
by his father, King Salman, 79.
Just weeks after taking charge
of the kingdom's armed forces
Prince Mohammed assumed
huge responsibility when a
Saudi-led coalition on March 26
began an air war against Iranbacked rebels in Yemen.


he pastor who asked

followers to buy him
a new $65 million
aircraft blames the
devil for losing the old oneand
says he may need a spaceship to
evangelize on Mars.
Satan stole Pastor Creflo
Dollars private jet, according
to a paid spokesman for Satans
opposition, Pastor Creflo Dollar.
During a recent sermon, Dollar
addressed his critics in the
media who challenged him
when he tried to convince the
members of his congregation
that they should buy him a $65
million private jet.
In particular, Dollar said those
who tried to damn him to a life
of TSA pat-downs and long lines
were doing the work of Satan,
and that one day he would ask
God for a billion dollars to buy a
spaceship so he can go to Mars.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Abuja (AFP) igeria

Wednesday seeking
to identify nearly
300 women and
girls rescued from Boko
Haram, raising hopes they may
include schoolgirls seized in a
high-profile kidnapping last
The army appeared to rule
out any of the 200 girls being
from the northeastern town
of Chibok, who were snatched
from their dormitories on April
14, prompting global outrage.
But the country's defence
spokesman urged caution,
saying it was too early to
tell and all those released
from camps in the militants'
Sambisa Forest stronghold
were still being screened.
Chibok elders reacted angrily
to the latest announcement,
which comes after the military
previously said some of the
girls had been released, only
to backtrack, and that it knew
where they were.
"It is disheartening for our
hopes to be dashed," said
Enoch Mark, whose daughter
and niece are among the 219
teenagers still being held by
the Islamists.
"When we heard of the rescue
we thought it was our girls.
one another, hoping to get
daughters were the ones

one. "There is no way I can

get information whether they
are dead or alive."
The government has yet to
fully assess the devastation
wrought by Saturday's 7.8
magnitude quake, unable to
reach many mountainous
areas despite aid supplies
and personnel pouring in
from around the world.
were mounting, with many
Nepalis sleeping out in the
open under makeshift tents
for a fourth night since the
country's worst quake in
more than 80 years.
"This is a disaster on an
There have been some
weaknesses in managing
the relief operation," Nepal's
Minendra Rijal said late on

"We will improve this from
Prime Minister Sushil Koirala
has told Reuters the death
toll could reach 10,000, with
information on casualties
and damage from far-flung
villages and towns yet to
come in.
That would surpass the
8,500 who died in a 1934
earthquake, the last disaster
on this scale to hit the
Himalayan nation of 28
between India and China.
Rescue helicopters have
been unable to land in
some remote mountainous
areas. Shambhu Khatri, a
technician on board one of
the helicopters, said entire
hillsides had collapsed in

parts of the worst-hit Gorkha

district, burying settlements,
and access was almost
A health official in Laprak,
a village in the district best
known as the home of Gurkha
soldiers, estimated that
1,600 of the 1,700 houses in
the village had been razed.
An official from Nepal's home
ministry said the number of
confirmed deaths had risen
to 5,006. Almost 10,000 were
injured in Nepal, and more
than 80 were also killed in
India and Tibet.
In Kathmandu and other
overflowed with injured soon
after the quake, with many
being treated out in the open
or not at all.
Foreign Secretary Shanker
Das Bairagi appealed for
overseas, as well as for
despite earlier suggestions
from officials that Nepal
did not need more such
"Our top priority is for relief
and rescue teams. We need
Experts from a Polish NGO
that has an 87-strong team in
Nepal have said the chances
of finding people alive in
the ruins five days after the
quake were "next to zero".
Nevertheless, a Nepali-French
rescue team pulled a 28-yearold man, Rishi Khanal, from a
collapsed apartment block

in Kathmandu on Tuesday
after he had spent around 80
hours trapped in a room with
three dead bodies.
Doctors plan to amputate one
of his legs later on Wednesday
because it has been damaged
by internal bleeding.
"We are trying to make
contact with his parents and
family members because
we are going to perform a
serious surgery on him," said
one of the doctors, Akhilesh
In one of the first signs that
normal life was returning,
some street vendors started
selling fruit in Kathmandu,
but others said they were too
scared to open shops because
buildings had been so badly
"I want to start selling, I have
children at home, but how
can I open a shop where it
is risky for me to sit inside?"
said Arjun Rai, a 54-year-old
who runs a general store.
Tensions between foreigners
and Nepalis desperate for
relief surfaced, rescuers said,
as fresh avalanches were
reported in several areas.
Members of Israeli searchand-rescue group Magnus
said hundreds of tourists,
including about 100 Israelis,
were being airlifted out of
Langtang in Rasuwa district,
a popular trekking area north
of Kathmandu hit by a fresh
avalanche on Tuesday.
Fights had broken out there
because of food shortages,
Amit Rubin said. One of the
trekkers said there had also
been scuffles over places on
the rescue helicopters.
In other remote areas where
rescue helicopters were
unable to land, soldiers had
started to make their way
overland, first by bus, then by



rescued," he told AFP.

"However it's not surprising to
me that our hopes have been
dashed. This has happened
several times. The government
has lied a few times. To us,
the government no longer has
Pogo Bitrus, whose four nieces
are hostages, added: "We have
never lost hope as a people
but the issue is, if the military
has the capacity (to rescue
hostages) now, why didnt they

do it before?
"We are an unfortunate bunch
caught up in a political game.
It is unfortunate that we find
ourselves in this situation.
They have played with people's
lives and messed people up."
- Military at odds Defence spokesman Chris
Tuesday evening that troops
rescued 200 girls and 93
women from the former
colonial-era game reserve in

northeastern Borno state.

He was initially cautious, saying
it was "not yet confirmed" if
the Chibok girls were among
those released.
On Wednesday, he warned that
it was "not safe or wise" to say
the teenagers were not among
the group. "You never can say.
One or two could be among
But army spokesman Sani
Usman was more categoric,
stating: "From our preliminary

investigations, the rescued

girls are not those abducted
from Chibok in April last year."
Details of the rescue came
as Nigerian troops fought to
flush out Boko Haram from
its last remaining territory
after a four-nation offensive
against the group in the restive
The rebels, whose six-year
insurgency to create a hardline
Islamic state has left at least
15,000 people dead and some
1.5 million homeless, have
lost control of towns in recent
Kidnapping of women and girls
as well as forced conscription
of young boys and men has
been an established tactic
throughout the conflict.
At least 2,000 women and
girls have been seized since
the start of last year, Amnesty
International said in a report
earlier this month.
But the daring raid on Chibok
-- and President Goodluck
Jonathan's lacklustre response
to the incident -- galvanised
global demands for action,
including international help in
the rescue operation.

Thursday, April 30, 2015





he Colombia netted
with a fantastic longrange volley just
before the break,
while an own goal from Mauro
dos Santos and a late Alvaro
Arbeloa effort sealed a facile
Real Madrid kept up the
pressure on Barcelona as they
moved back to within two
points of the Liga leaders with
a 3-0 victory over Almeria on
After Barca's comprehensive
6-0 win over Getafe 24 hours
earlier, the pressure was on for
Carlo Ancelotti's side and they
ultimately claimed three points
with ease despite a lacklustre
first-half showing.
While title rivals Barca netted
five in the opening 45 minutes
on Tuesday, Real took time
to break through - James
Rodriguez registering his
club's 100th goal of the season
with a stunning volley just
before half-time.
The lead was doubled after
48 minutes when Mauro dos
Santos turned a low cross into
his own net and Alvaro Arbeloa
added a third late on.
16-yearold Martin Odegaard, the
Norwegian wonderkid made
to wait for his first-team debut
as he remained an unused

Page 15




A typically fast start from Real
saw them go close three times
in the opening exchanges,
unsurprisingly at the heart of
The first chance fell to James,
ghosting into the penalty area
to meet Arbeloa's right-wing
cross, but failing to divert his
header on target.

Ronaldo's personal battle with

Ruben in the Almeria goal then
began as the forward made a
rampaging run towards goal
and saw his low shot saved
by the goalkeeper's legs,
before heading over from the
resulting corner.
followed but just before the
half-hour the Ronaldo show
restarted, the Ballon D'Or
winner going close with two

long-range free kicks - the first

rippling the top of Ruben's net.
The deadlock was finally
broken on the brink of halftime as poor defending saw
the ball bounce into the path
of James, who unleashed a
stunning volley from 20 yards
that gave Ruben no chance.
Although Real had to wait
for their opening goal, the
second came quickly after
the restart as Toni Kroos was

released behind the Almeria

defence. His low cross was
inadvertently turned into
the net by Dos Santos, with
Ronaldo waiting behind.
Almeria again showed plenty
of spirit to try and threaten
Keylor Navas, but Raphael
Varane was agonisingly close
to adding a third midway
through the second half as he
headed a Kroos corner wide.

Champions League
a major blow on
Wednesday when it was
confirmed star winger Arjen
Robben will miss the rest
of the season with a calf
problem while striker Robert
Lewandowski is also facing a
spell on the sidelines.
Both players were injured
during Bayern's DFB-Pokal
penalty shoot-out defeat to
Borussia Dortmund - Robben
limping off just 16 minutes
into a comeback from an
abdominal injury which kept
him out for five weeks while
Lewandowski sustained a
broken jaw and nose after
being clattered by visiting
goalkeeper Mitch Langerak.



Kurt Zouma believes
people who call the
club "boring" are just
jealous of their success in the
Premier League this season.
Jose Mourinho's playing style
came under scrutiny after the
club's 0-0 draw with Arsenal
at the Emirates Stadium
on Sunday, with home
supporters chanting "boring,
boring Chelsea" throughout
the 90 minutes.





fter the former

that Arsene Wenger
needed an entire
new spine, the Chelsea boss
feels the chasing pack will all
Jose Mourinho agrees that
Arsenal are four signings away
from becoming "Invicibles"
again following Thierry Henry's
assessment of his former side.
The former striker said on
Monday that Arsene Wenger
arrivals to challenge the likes of
Chelsea for the Premier League
title, which has evaded them
since the unbeaten triumph of
Victories for Chelsea over
Leicester City and Crystal
Palace will clinch Chelsea's

first league crown since 2010,

having led the charge all season,
but Mourinho feels talk of
domination is premature.
"It's even more difficult to
dominate than before," he
told reporters. "How can you
speak about domination when
everyone knows what will
happen next summer?
"Arsenal have a phenomenal
squad. Thierry Henry said they
need four top-class players but
give to Arsenal four top-class
players and I think they will
again be The Invincibles."
Mourinho also noted the strength
of the chasing pack, adding that
Manchester United, Liverpool
and Manchester City will only
further strengthen in the summer
after underwhelming seasons.

has again backed
Mario Balotelli to
come good at Liverpool despite
acknowledging his ongoing
The Italian, who has just one
league goal to his name, was
handed his 10th start of the
season as Hull City ran out 1-0
winners on Tuesday to all but
end Liverpool's fading hopes of
qualifying for the Champions
Balotelli touched the ball just 22
times - and only once in the 20
second-half minutes before he
was replaced by Rickie Lambert
- and Rodgers has underlined the
need for improved displays from
the entire squad.
"Mario's doing his best,"
Rodgers told reporters. "He's
obviously come off [in the
second half] with a foot injury.
I think it's clear over the course
of the season, not just this game,
that [attack] is an area we've
struggled in.


VOL 9 NO.49

helsea can win the

Premier League title on
Sunday after John Terry
and Ramires struck late to
give them a 3-1 come-from-behind
victory at Leicester City.
Jose Mourinho's side extended
their lead over both Manchester
City and Arsenal to 13 points with
a gutsy win at the King Power
Stadium on Wednesday that
showcased their character.
And now Chelsea, unbeaten in 14
league games, can secure English
football's greatest prize for the
first time since 2010 with victory
against Crystal Palace at Stamford
Bridge on Sunday.
Leicester, who had won four
matches in a row to move out of the
relegation zone they had occupied
since November, lost Andy King
and Robert Huth in the first 25
minutes to injuries, but still took
the lead on the stroke of half-time
through Marc Albrighton.
The hosts were the better side
in the first half, but Chelsea
responded like champions do,
with Didier Drogba levelling
proceedings in the 48th minute.
Chelsea captain Terry then struck
with 11 minutes remaining before
a Ramires stunner capped their
superb away win.
Leicester, who remain one point
above the bottom three, face
Newcastle United in a crucial
relegation clash on Saturday.
Chelsea took no risk with
goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois battling a minor hip problem - and
replaced him with Petr Cech, while
Oscar dropped to the bench after
his nasty collision with Arsenal's
David Ospina on Sunday.
Leicester, who gave forward
Jamie Vardy another pain-killing
injection to allow him to play,
made a bright start, pressing and
harrying Chelsea, who rued Cesc
Fabregas' decision to square across
the face of goal instead of shoot in
the 17th minute.
The departures of King, on his
300th Leicester appearance, and




Chelsea Outwits Relegation-Threatened Leicester City 3-1, inches closer to Premiere league Title

Huth, robbed the home side of momentum,

but, in a first half bereft of chances, they
almost took the lead through an unlikely
source, as Paul Konchesky's near-post volley
was superbly pushed onto the post by Cech.
Chelsea survived the ensuing goalmouth
scramble, but they did not last until the
break, as a fast counter in the third minute
of stoppage time saw substitute Matty James
play in Vardy down the left.
Vardy got to the byline and cut-back, with
Cesar Azpilicueta's slip allowing Albrighton to
steal in and, first time, fire into the bottom-left
corner to delight the home crowd.

Chelsea came out firing after the break, though,

and were quickly on level terms through
Drogba, after a dink from Eden Hazard - the
newly crowned PFA Player of the Year - set
Branislav Ivanovic free.
And the defender stormed towards the byline
before steering a pass to Drogba, who made
no mistake from nine yards with a typically
predatory finish.
The Ivorian spooned a great chance over less
than two minutes later, while Fabregas should
have done better when Willian's cross from
the right had Leicester scrambling, but the exArsenal man saw the ball bounce off his knee

and go wide.
The chances kept coming for Chelsea, as
Drogba flashed an effort just wide from a
difficult angle, while Willian curled over as the
visitors pressed for a second goal.
And it came in the 79th minute as, after Gary
Cahill's header from Fabregas' corner was
saved by Kasper Schmeichel, Terry reacted
quickest to flick in from close range.
Leicester were given no chance to mount a
late rally, either, as Ramires rocketed a firsttime effort into the top-left corner from just
outside the penalty area four minutes later,
sealing Chelsea's terrific triumph.



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