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Award Winners Achieve Excellence Worldwide /// By Bill Palmer
“This morning we celebrate creativity and innovation,”
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an overflow crowd
during the Department Awards Ceremony in November.
Speaking in the Benjamin Franklin Room, she said the
2009 award winners “have come up with innovative
ideas, demonstrated remarkable bravery and led success-
ful policy initiatives.”
The annual awards recognize outstanding achieve-
ments in functional areas such as reporting and analysis,
management, linguistic ability, administration, security,
consular services, international economics, trade devel-
opment, peacekeeping, equal employment opportunity
and mentoring.
While lauding the winners, Secretary Clinton chal-
lenged everyone present to “keep asking yourselves what
we can do better.”
The awards were presented by Under Secretary for
Political Affairs William Burns.

February 2010 State Magazine 19

* Department Awards

Award for Excellence

in Labor Diplomacy Civil Service
Lucy M. Chang Secretary of the Year
Chang, labor officer at the U.S. Em- Nancy Long Dolce
bassy in Guatemala City, was cited for
her courage, sustained excellence and Dolce, of the Bureau of Intelligence
outstanding contributions in advanc- and Research, was cited for her
ing respect for worker rights and U.S. outstanding skills—particularly in
labor policy objectives in Guatemala. training, records management and cus-
tomer service—that have improved the
operations of her office in coordinating
some of the most sensitive intelligence
activities of the U.S. government.
James A. Baker III –
C. Howard Wilkins Jr.
Award for Outstand- Charles E. Cobb Jr.
ing Deputy Chief of Award for Initiative
Mission and Success in Trade
Leslie Ann Bassett Development
Bassett, former Deputy Chief of Michael W. Michalak
Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico Michalak, U.S. ambassador to Vietnam,
City, was cited for her managing was cited for successfully promoting
urgent and important matters, and reform of Vietnam’s trade and invest-
being a superb leader of the embassy’s ment regime, resulting in significant
interagency law enforcement team export successes for U.S. companies
and a dedicated mentor to upcoming as well as improvements in Vietnam’s
officers. economic governance that will benefit
U.S. exporters and investors for years
to come.
Warren Christopher
Award for Outstand-
ing Achievement in Sue M. Cobb Award for
Global Affairs Exemplary
Liana Brooks-Rubin Diplomatic Service
Brooks-Rubin, deputy director of the Thomas T. Riley
Office of Assistance for Asia and the Riley, former U.S. ambassador to
Near East in the Bureau of Population, Morocco, was cited for his extraor-
Refugees and Migration, was cited for dinary strategic vision, dynamism,
her sustained leadership and initiative leadership and management of Mission
on global issues, particularly in the Morocco from 2004 until 2009. His
areas of human rights, emergency promotion of U.S. business, the Free
humanitarian response and refugee Trade Agreement and the Millennium
protection. Challenge Account Compact will be
lasting legacies.

20 State Magazine February 2010

Director General’s
Award for Impact
Ryan C. Crocker and Originality in
Award for Outstand- Reporting
ing Leadership
in Expeditionary Jonathan G. Pratt
Pratt, former political and economic
Diplomacy section chief at the U.S. Embassy in
Elizabeth Rood Khartoum, was cited for his timely,
Rood, formerly of Provincial Recon- well-researched and outstanding
struction Team Paktika, Afghanistan, analysis and advice that influenced the
was cited for her exceptional service U.S. approach toward one of the U.S.
to the United States and the people of government’s highest foreign policy
Afghanistan by helping to extend gov- priorities.
ernance and development to Paktika
Province’s most remote and dangerous
districts, building the capacity of James Clement Dunn
Paktika’s provincial government and Award for Excellence
reaching a nationwide audience with
positive messages, delivered in Pashto, Peter David Haas
about the United States. Haas, economic counselor at the U.S.
Embassy in Jakarta, was cited for his
intellectual energy, policy acumen and
outstanding leadership. He advanced
U.S. foreign policy priorities, par-
Diplomatic Security ticularly in the areas of trade finance,
Employee of the Year health and education; was an excellent
manager of the economic section; and
Fredrick J. Ketchem mentored colleagues throughout the
Ketchem, former deputy regional mission.
security officer at the U.S. Embassy in
Baghdad, was cited for his dedication,
steadfast professionalism and exem- Equal Employment
plary service in pursuit of U.S. strategic
goals in Iraq. His visionary leadership
Opportunity Award
and efforts ensured a safe and secure Robert S. Gilchrist
environment for the conduct of Gilchrist, a student at the Foreign
diplomacy. Service Institute, was cited for his
outstanding leadership in laying the
groundwork for improved personnel
policies for the lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender community, and for
his commitment to an innovative equal
opportunity policy that is inclusive of
sexual orientation, gender identity and
gender expression at the Department
and all foreign affairs agencies.

February 2010 State Magazine 21

* Department Awards

Cordell Hull Award

for Economic Innovation in the Use
Achievement by of Technology Award
Senior Officers Timothy B. Receveur
Craig Allen Kelly Receveur, a foreign policy officer in the
Kelly, principal deputy assistant Bureau of International Information
secretary in the Bureau of Western Programs, was cited for his extraor-
Hemisphere Affairs, was cited for dinary innovation and creativity in
outstanding leadership, diplomacy and developing two major low-cost media
determination in successfully conceiv- platforms for public diplomacy:
ing and negotiating the “Pathways to the CO.NX, a Web conferencing 2.0
Prosperity in the Americas”—a major platform for engaging audiences, and
policy initiative that affects the entire X Life, a mobile phone game that uses
region. He created this major trade and avatars and English teaching to educate
development initiative during a time of Arab youth about American society.
change in Administration, successfully His efforts support the Administra-
obtaining the buy-in of interagency tion’s commitment to interactivity and
and foreign and domestic partners. international engagement, and have
given U.S. officials the ability to reach
new audiences electronically.
Leamon R. Hunt
Award for Linguist of the Year
Management Award
Excellence Stephen Alan Cristina
Kristi Dianne Cristina, former deputy chief of mis-
Hogan-Lahmar sion at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, was
Hogan-Lahmar, formerly of the U.S. cited for exemplary use of extraordi-
Embassy in Algiers, was cited for nary language skills in support of U.S.
superb leadership of embassy manage- foreign policy objectives, including
ment operations, which included mak- democratization and reduction of
ing personnel changes, implementing dangerous weapons stockpiles in
broad-based training programs for new Albania. He was also recognized for
personnel and creating and institution- his determination to acquire, maintain
alizing standard operating procedures. and improve his Dari language
Her rebuilding and normalizing of proficiency in preparation for his
operations occurred during a period of assignment to Kabul.
significant threat and major transition.

22 State Magazine February 2010

Award for Excellence
in International
Security Affairs
Swanee Hunt Award
for Advancing Donna A. Phelan
Women’s Role in (Civil Service) and
Policy Formulation Jane Ellen Bocklage
(Foreign Service)
Heidi N. Gomez and Phelan, a deputy office director in the
George Francis Phelan Bureau of Verification, Compliance
Gomez, human rights and labor and Implementation, was cited for
officer at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos pivotal contributions to the develop-
Aires, was cited for commitment to ment, implementation and manage-
empowering women advocates at the ment of U.S.-European responses to
grassroots level, especially to combat Russia’s suspension of the Treaty on
trafficking in persons, the use of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.
illegal drugs, discrimination against Bocklage, a political officer at the
Afro-Argentine women and domestic U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, was cited for
violence against women. significant contributions to the suc-
Phelan, rule of law advisor for the cess of U.S. efforts to deepen relations
ePRT in Northeast Baghdad, was with Vietnam.
cited for his active role in advancing
women’s issues in Baghdad by develop-
ing a women’s nongovernmental
organization, establishing five women’s
centers, organizing continuing legal
education seminars, implementing
a ministerial and parliamentary
internship program for young women
and developing a Domestic Violence Edward R. Murrow
Census project.
Award for Excellence
in Public Diplomacy
Frank E. Loy Award Benjamin Ziff
for Environmental Ziff, former public affairs officer at
Diplomacy the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, was cited
for energy, creativity and ingenuity
Andrew R. Herrup in using the best practices of public
Herrup, environment, science, diplomacy to materially advance
technology and health officer at the U.S. interests in Venezuela during a
U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, was cited for challenging period in the bilateral
outstanding leadership in advancing relationship.
U.S.-Vietnam cooperation on climate
change, peaceful uses for nuclear power
and remediation of dioxin (Agent
Orange) contamination in Vietnam.

February 2010 State Magazine 23

* Department Awards

Thomas Morrison
Information Arnold L. Raphel
Management Award Memorial Award
Wendell D. Bullington Daniel Bennett Smith
Bullington, former information Smith, assigned to the Executive Secre-
programs officer at the U.S. Embassy tariat, was cited for success in counsel-
in Baghdad, was cited for exceptional ing, encouraging and motivating peers
performance, innovation and leader- and subordinates, and for inspiring the
ship under trying and dangerous current and next generation of Depart-
conditions while serving as the ment employees to achieve excellence
Baghdad New Embassy Compound in the pursuit of U.S. foreign policy.
information technology coordinator.
He demonstrated remarkable dedica-
tion and perseverance in preparing the
Baghdad NEC, the world’s largest and
most complex embassy compound, for
Luther I. Replogle
Award for
Office Management Ralph A. Hamilton
Specialist of the Year Hamilton, financial management
officer at the U.S. Embassy in New
Patricia Reber Delhi, was cited for outstanding
Reber, formerly assigned to the U.S. leadership, wide-ranging management
Embassy in Addis Ababa, was cited improvements and resourcefulness,
for resourcefulness, commitment to resulting in substantial cost savings,
customer service, exceptional inter- critical training and improved morale
personal skills, mentoring of junior throughout Mission India.
officers and exemplary handling of a
high VIP visitor workload in Ethiopia.

24 State Magazine February 2010

Rockwell Anthony
Mary A. Ryan Award Schnabel Award
for Outstanding for Advancing
Public Service U.S.-EU Relations
Edward McKeon Marisa L. Plowden
McKeon, minister-counselor for Plowden, formerly with the U.S. Mis-
Consular Affairs at the U.S. Embassy sion to the European Union, was cited
in Mexico City, was cited for extraordi- for playing a pivotal role in sharpening
nary service to more than 1.3 million U.S. government and U.S.-EU thinking
American citizens residing in Mexico about Afghanistan from the EU
and 7 million American visitors. He perspective, and coordinating with the
leads a team that manages 10 percent EU to enhance its role in Afghanistan.
of the untenured entry-level officers in
the Department and has encouraged
the post to cross-train employees
to streamline workflow and shift
resources internally.

Barbara M. Watson
Award for Consular
Donald Leroy Moore
Herbert Salzman Moore, consul general at the U.S. Em-
Award for Excellence bassy in Port au Prince, was cited for
in International exceptional, creative and committed
Economic efforts to further U.S. interests in Haiti.
His steadfast service to the American
Performance community, efforts to provide the best
Jason “Andy” Abell visa service to Haitian visa clients and
careful and engaged mentoring of his
Abell, economic officer at the U.S.
staff meet the highest standards of
Embassy in Damascus, was cited
consular excellence. n
for exceptional contributions to
understanding the economic realities
in Syria and his influential reporting
on how to optimize the application The author is a writer/editor with
of trade and financial sanctions to State Magazine.
empower free-market advocates while
discouraging destabilizing behavior by
the government of Syria.

February 2010 State Magazine 25