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Iron Mans Arc Reactor

According to the Marvel Comics, the arc reactor is a type of fusion power
that uses Pallidium to generate electricity. It is derived from the Repulsor
Technology of the Iron Mans suit created by Tony Stark. It is used for
generating electricity without releasing any harmful substance. More or
less, it is a generator that generates unlimited electricity.
Nowadays, most of the countries use coal to supply electricity. However,
burning coal releases a large amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic
substances, which can affect our health. However, the arc reactor can
generate up to 3 gigajoules of electricity per second, without damaging
the environment.

Benefits of the Arc Reactor

There are various renewable and clean energy. For example, hydroelectric
power. Hydroelectric power plants generate a high amount of electricity
per second. The largest hydroelectric power plant, also the largest power
plant in the world generates 22500 MW per second. However, large
hydroelectric power plants are very costly and are limited to a few
suitable geographical locations because as mentioned above, they need
to be at high elevations with a constant source of flowing water to
generate enough electricity.

An arc rector generates 3 Gigajoules of electricity, which is around

72Gigajoules per hour. Compared to the largest power plant in the world,
it is way more efficient. It only consumes a little amount of space, around
29 cm3.

Making this technology

Inventing an arc reactor (fusion power plant) sounds impossible. Making
an arc reactor requires palladium, which is rare and hard to find on Earth.
We also need to invent a new cooling system that is more powerful and
efficient than water. Since it generates an excessive amount of heat, using
water to cool down the reactor will not be beneficial.

The invention of fusion power can dominate all power generators. A 3cm
diameter wide arc reactor can power the whole Japan, possibly the whole
China without producing any toxic gases. It can also reinvent the way we
travel. For example, instead of using lithium ion batteries to power cars or
phones, we can simply use the reactor. We also dont need to worry about
running out of battery, since the power source is unlimited.
However, since it uses palladium, the consequences will be inevitable if
the arc is damaged. Since palladium is a radioactive substance, when it
goes out of control, it will release rays of radiation and it can be fatal. For
example, the Chernobyl disaster killed almost 61200 men and women. It
also made the whole town inhabitable.

In conclusion, fusion power has a lot of upsides. It generates electricity
efficiently. However, fusion power is radioactive, just like nuclear power.
When it goes out of control, it will release radioactive substances which
can harm our lives.