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Case Study – Community Sport Increasing

“5 X 30”
Why was it important for us to get involved?
Sport England wanted to support this project as, although it
works with the whole population, it specifically targets people
with mental health issues, people aged 50 and over,
vulnerable young people, the overweight or obese and those
on low incomes.
“Without the funding, the volunteers would
What is 5X30? not have taken the training course as it
5X30 is the physical activity of a health would have been too
promotion project, which encourages and expensive” (Crediton Junior Squash
supports people to be more active in their Club Representative)
everyday life. The title of the project is
derived from the World Health “When you are used to being independent,
Organisation's recommendation that you the fear of falling can turn your life upside
should do at least 30 minutes of physical down, and make you a prisoner in your
activity 5 times a week. own home. Now I am able to go out, I feel
less alone and can see my
5X30 is a 3-year local partnership project, friends.” (Elderly individual in the area
which employs 7 members of staff who who had a history of falls and a fear of
work within local communities to reduce walking alone - she joined a seated
barriers, teach the benefits of physical exercise group)
activity and develop physical activity
opportunities. The team provides hands- “Exercise is important to me because I had
on support and motivation to establish a stroke a while ago; it helps my arms and
new physical activity opportunities in the legs” (Lisa, participant at The Puzzle
local communities. Tree Centre for people with learning
What exactly does this project offer
the community? “I think it’s fabulous that the sports hall is
• 10 new multi-hubs created. being used again. It's such an amazing
• The re-opening of a sports hall, which facility, it would be a shame for it to go to
had not been used for 12 years. waste. It’s not everyday that a hidden
• A programme of 5X30 Network Events, sports hall is found!” (Kelly Phillips,
which have engaged 151 Events Co-ordinator, Stoodleigh Court)
• 85 individuals trained to deliver "He really enjoys the sessions and is a
physical activities. much happier person for playing. He has
For more information:
• 86 new physical activity opportunities developed his fitness and has made good
Esther Richmond friendships" (Mum of a vulnerable
Project Co-ordinator young person who participated in
+44 (0) 1884 234390 taster rugby sessions and then joined
local rugby club)