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BW611: TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 5.

TIBCO Educational Services Integration Boot Camp
Course Overview
TIBCO BusinessWorks™ is TIBCO’s enterprise platform for implementing world-class
integration solutions. In the TIBCO BusinessWorks Integration Boot Camp participants acquire
key skills needed to solve integration challenges using this platform. After learning the
fundamentals of BusinessWorks software, participants then work through a series of focused,
hands-on labs to implement an order processing integration solution. In the course of
implementing this solution, students acquire important BusinessWorks software developer skills
including managing development projects, process design and testing, resource configuration
and data mapping, application validation, deployment monitoring, and domain management
and administration.

Implementing Integration
BW611: TIBCO BusinessWorks™
Solutions Using TIBCO
BusinessWorks™ 5.x Integration Boot Camp
provides the foundation.
Course Audience
• Developers Tailor a training plan that best
• Integrators meets your needs by adding any
• Architects of the boot camp extensions
Course Design listed on the following pages.1
• Lecture: 35% 1 only available for on-site teaches
• Labs: 65%
Course Length
• 3 Days
Course Rating Learning Objectives

55555 • Understand TIBCO integration technology and terminology

• Learn BusinessWorks software fundamentals, including tools and components and project
Courses are rated from one to five, development, deployment and management features
with five checks indicating most
technically challenging. • Formulate methods, considerations and best practices for building BusinessWorks
Certification software based solutions

This is a recommended course • Gain hands-on BusinessWorks software proficiency developing, testing and implementing
for candidates preparing to take a solution that incorporates messaging, process automation, web and adapter services
theTIBCO BusinessWorks 5 • Deploy, monitor and manage applications and the integration domain
certification exam.
Educational Services Contacts:
Course Topics
Tel: +1 650 846 5050
• Introduction to TIBCO solutions and technology
USA: 1 877 884 2338 • BusinessWorks software fundamentals (develop > deploy > manage)
Email: • Strategies and best practices for building integration solutions

Europe, Mid-East, Africa • BusinessWorks web services and process automation

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 786978 • BusinessWorks messaging and adapter services
• Extending BusinessWorks project and process functionality
Asia Pacific and Japan • Deploying and managing a BusinessWorks software integration solution
Tel: +612 9458 2115
Course Prerequisites
• None
TIBCO BusinessWorks Boot Camp
TIBCO BusinessWorks Boot
Extensions Camp Extensions

TIBCO Educational Services offers TIBCO BusinessWorks Boot Camp Extensions

customization of your training program. Begin with the three day BW611: TIBCO
BusinessWorks 5.x Integration Boot Camp and add any of the extensions listed below.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ SmartMapper Plugin Extension

Length: 1/2 Day
This extension shows how to use the BusinessWorks SmartMapper Plugin to accomplish data
synchronization, lookups, cross-referencing, and flexible business rules management.
Participants will learn how to create models using entities and relationships and how to
develop BusinessWorks™ processes that use various BusinessWorks SmartMapper activities.
Other topics include using the Wizard, configuring an adapter, performance tuning, and using
the TIBCO BusinessWorks SmartMapper Enterprise Server for deployment.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ with TIBCO Adapter™ for Files Extension

Length: 1/2 Day
This extension explores the TIBCO Adapter for Files product's features and components.
Participants learn how to create publishers and subscribers to enhance their BusinessWorks TIBCO Software Inc.
integration project. Important topics include working with delimited and positional records, (NASDAQ:TIBX) is the leading
creating schema, and performing data validation. independent business integration
software company in the world and
a leading enabler of real-time
business, helping companies
become more cost-effective, more
agile and more efficient. TIBCO
has delivered the value of real-time
business, what TIBCO calls The
Power of Now®, to over 2,000
customers around the world and in
a wide variety of industries.
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3303 Hillview Avenue
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Toll Free:1 800-420-8450
Fax: +1 650-846-1005
Educational Services Contacts:
Tel: +1 650 846 5050
USA: 1 877 884 2338

Europe, Mid-East, Africa

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 786978

Asia Pacific and Japan

Tel: +612 9458 2115

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