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Scott Langejans
Cell (269) 207-6778
Management professional with extensive experience in Operations, Customer Service and support, Direct
Customer interfacing sales experience, and Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics experience. Result
driven individual with team management and leadership skills that include project management; creation,
development and leading of teams; and preparation and management of budgets to include understanding P&L
statements. Extensive background with experience to lead and communicate across functional teams; resulting
in meeting and exceeding identified goals and objectives. Managed and led operational changes and process
improvements as an active manager of multiple (8+) facility integrations through merger and acquisition related
activities while maintaining highest level of customer satisfaction. Experienced process improvement and
change manager through Project Management utilizing Continuous Improvement (Kaizan) and Lean practices.
Strong inventory management background; including utilization of Kanban philosophies.

Alliant Healthcare Products, Richland, MI

A FDA registered surgical device manufacturer and exclusive provider of Stryker products to all Government
healthcare facilities.
Program Director
Managed all Federal, State and local Government contracts through monitoring of compliance with Federal
Government procurement requirements including pricing controls. Point of contact for all Stryker sales
representatives and Government facilities, to drive, assist and support sales activities. In addition was responsible for
all customer service activities including team development & training, identification of staffing requirements, and
development and implementation of world class customer service philosophies.
• Developed Government contracting team through creation of detailed processes resulting in 50% time
reduction in contract submission process.
• Led successful 90 day implementation of a $60M Stryker expansion; consisting of 4 new divisions to Alliant
product offering into government entities.
• Drove sales increase of 15% year over year.
• Created and led project plan to create and develop extensive customer service and support team
• Led and created infrastructure plan required to support Stryker expansion project

Richard-Allan Scientific, Kalamazoo, MI

A division of Thermo Fisher, result of 2006 merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific resulting in a Fortune
250 company which manufactures and distributes medical devices & laboratory products and services; serving the
healthcare market. (NYSE: TMO)
Project Manager
2007 – 2008
Identified, led and implemented projects to improve and support all internal and external operations creating more
cost effective (lean) organization.
• Designed and implemented data reports to measure Key Business Metrics reducing data collection time by
• Designed and implemented support tools resulting in an increase of Customer Allegiance (Corporate metric /
KPI) score of 20%.
• Managed $1M annual contract manufacturing business resulting in 5 % annual growth.
• Identified, led, and implemented project specification through internal and external vendors that resulted in
annual cost savings of $50,000.
• Managed and supported daily operational activities to assure product availability, and to assure all customer
delivery expectations were met.
• Supported and led ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) Certification.

Senior Distribution Manager

2001- 2007
Provided leadership and customer support for all internal and external Distribution activities to include development
of teams, budget creation and adherence to, implementation of lean and continuous improvement philosophies, and
customer interfacing.
• Managed all warehouse operations consisting of team of 25 employees; annual sales greater than $120M;
with creation and training of Standard Operating procedures and detailed work instructions.
• Implemented, using lean principals, a new International Order processing team; improving on time delivery
performance by 60% (from 5 days to 2 days).
• Distribution relations manager, who as Operations point of contact, was responsible for building highly
effective communication channels and building highly cooperative working relationships with all external
distributors and other OEM partners.
• Proven leader of Continuous Improvement projects (Scrap reduction of $5,000 per month).
• Led facility integration plan of $80M with target of 180 days; in 90 days and under budget.
• Responsible for all Inventory and management through utilization of Kanban philosophies, MRP and MPS.
• Local site leader and member of Corporate International Freight saving team that resulted in 10% annualized
• Attained service level goals of 98% on time delivery performance.
• Responsible for developing and adherence of budget of $3M.
• Extensive working knowledge of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory).
• Management and negotiations for all transportation.

Richard-Allan Scientific., Kalamazoo, MI

1990 - 2001
Founded in 1995 (previously division of Richard-Allan Medical), manufacturer and distributor of scientific products
and services, serving the anatomical pathology market. In 2004 became a division of Fisher Scientific Inc.

Production Manager
1998 - 2001
Responsible for leading all manufacturing requirements including management of production team’s
performance, achievement to production schedule, budget preparation and management.
• Led adherence of +95% for production schedule of 300 products.
• Led daily cross functional team meeting to assure all customer expectations (product availability and
delivery) expectations were met.
• Supported Sales and Marketing through new product development.
• Developed and trained Standard Operating Procedures.
• Led Corporate Implementation of new ERP system as a Core Team member with data collection.

BBA, Business Administration Industrial Marketing – Western Michigan University
Equivalent Green Belt trained through Practical Process Improvement process
U.S. Department of Transportation Hazardous Material certification
U.S. Import / Export Administration Regulations

Professional Associations
International Organization of Professional Packaging
Coalition for Government Procurement
National Contract Management Association
Computer Skills
JD Edwards ERP System Super user and member of Core team responsible for ERP implementation
Corporate functional team training for ERP system

IBM Data Collection System user and led bar coding specification implementation team