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:: Welcom to ACC ! ::
ARYOUN is a well recognized multidimen-

sional engineering and Construction Afghan base Company

operating in Afghanistan, which is registered with Gov. of

Afghanistan (License# 25458) and with UK (License# 07019747)

it was incorporated in 2006, with over 350,000 man-hours of

construction work executed in infrastructure projects,

ARYOUN employs 150 professionals and

other personnel. The Services portfolio covers Design/

Build of Road, Highways, Design/build of Buildings,

“ Solutions for Irrigation, Water supply Systems, Survey & Design,

Rebuilding Project Consultancy and Logistic Services.

We have well Experience for above mentioned services, and
Better Afghanistan ”
successfully completed the projects via our expert technical
staff on time and within budget.

:: Vision ::
To bring prosperity and well being to our stake holders and

society at large by adding value through engineering,

technology and management.

To become world class engineering, manufacturing and

construction company operating internationally.



:: Mission ::

Our mission is “To Rebuild Better

Afghanistan” by creating consistent value

for our customers and partners that will

maximize value and long-term earnings

growth We do this by managing our

business with integrity and the highest

ethical standards, while acting in a socially

responsible manner with particular

emphasis on the well-being of our

teammates and the communities we serve.

ARYOUN plays an active role in the

rehabilitation and reconstruction of

physical infrastructures within the country

and development of human capital through

the application of quality work standards,

professionalism and ethics.



:: AIM ::

Our goal is to provide our clients with

top quality products and services that any

given contract may require in Afghanistan.

We have strict quality management and

performance criteria. Our staff consists of

highly professional individuals from the

various fields in which we work in. We

believe in striving for excellence in all





Quality Control at Aryoun Construction

Company is a total system of management
which applies as much to initial design as to
final construction. Skilled structural
engineers, Civil engineers, talented
designers and professional managers
consistently make Aryoun Construction
Company your first choice when it comes to
your building.
To achieve the standards of Quality
according to the contract agreement and
relevant to the construction activities, we at
Aryoun Construction Company committed to
provide quality services and products to our
valuable clients and customers.



Our employees allow us to fulfill our

from consulting and feasibility studies, to the complete
mission of providing the following
design, engineering and construction to fully implement a
services from our divisions:
project. The planners, designers, engineers and builders
work throughout the
:: Services :: entire project towards the common goal of completing
Aryoun Construction Company delivers its services projects within time schedules and resource targets.
in a number of different ways, each dependent upon ARYOUN and its associate's partners have built a wide range
the needs of its clients. Regardless of the type of of projects, of all sizes, for a diverse client base. Each project
service provided, clients can be assured of the encompasses both the high quality and value that ARYOUN
quality and professionalism of Aryoun staff and its brings to each of its buildings. These projects include
extensive in-house resources that are unrivalled in following categories:

country. 1. 1 General Construction

Typically Aryoun construction Company provides the 1. 2 Surveying

following Services: 1. 3 Road & Highway Construction Services

1. Construction Services 1. 4 Construction Management and Consultancy

2. Logistic and Supply Services 1. 5 Mechanical, Electrical and Pluming Support

1. 6 Landscape Planning
1. Construction Services
1. 7 Interior Design
ARYOUN has numerous years of experience in
1. 8 Modular Buildings
providing construction and general engineering
1. 9 Computer Aided Design Services
Services. We are dedicated to supplying quality
1. 10 Building Maintenance
Services. The ARYOUN construction team's
experience covers a broad range of professional


1.1 General Construction Services

In general Construction Aryoun provides a wide range of general
construction services to its valuable clients. From corporate 1.3 Road & Highway Construction Services
buildings to education facilities, commercial office, government During the last two and a half decade of war has brought a lot
and military facilities, we utilize advanced management and of devastation to the physical infrastructure of Afghanistan.
engineering techniques in delivering value to our clients.
The road network has severely damaged due to civil war and
Often, considerable time and money is spent in the design phase
has put Afghanistan with no stable roads. Aryoun is working
before either the project's cost or the builder is determined.
hard in this section to build/rehabilitate Road and highways in
Aryoun Construction Company satisfies the demands of cost,
quality and time-ethics clients by offering the design-build
Aryoun Construction Company provides both Design and
alternative. This alternative provides the client with a single
source of responsibility throughout the course of the project. build services in this section we have expert road survey,

design and construction Engineers to design and build Roads

1.2 Survey Services and Highways in country. Please see our ongoing and done
Because of the danger and difficulties at field work in post
Road projects in Afghanistan on page 10...
conflict situations, ARYOUN has a network of local field
personnel capable of conducting surveys, data gathering, and
obtaining information from hard to reach population.
Whilst using of the most updated /modern survey tools by the
most experience survey team stimulate our insurance
regarding preciseness and professionalism.
Aryoun has experienced and competent Surveyors of Roads
and Building in areas where no body can even visit because
of security situations, but Aryoun Construction Company’s
Survey team is ahead in gathering the data and returning



1.4 Construction Management

and Consultancy Services
ARYOUN provides assurance of Project Management

Services to their client of a well-run, efficient, problem-free


The team of experienced professionals provides Designs,

cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and

timely execution of plans throughout the project.

ARYOUN knowledge of local & International building

codes, life safety requirements, permits and other local

nuances in the construction process which are critical in

the project's pertaining to its on-time and on-budget and

according to plan completion limits.

The client's interest is represented throughout the project,

from start to finish, ensuring schedule compliance,

coordinating proper document control and optimizing the

owner's investment in the project.



2. Logistic and Supply Services

General Medical Equipments
Aryoun Construction Company logistic and supply
Power Generation Sets
division's purchasing teams are responsible for all
Construction Materials

purchasing and supply activities. Asphalt and bitumen's

Please see below list of items we provide services Prefabricated Panels and Cabins

Caravans and Trailers

in this division:
Water and Wastewater Pumps

Water Tanks

Furniture and Decorations

Carpeting and Drapery

Lighting and Fixtures

Bunk beds and Mattress

Computers, DVDs, TVs, Refrigerators, AC)Electronics )

PPE (Vests, Helmets, Weapons, etc.)

Cars (Soft-Skinned & Armored)

Construction Machineries (Cranes, Forklifts,

Trucks, Loaders, Graders…)



:: Safety & Health Policy ::

Aryoun Construction Company places the highest

importance on the safety and health of our

professionals, subcontractors, and clients. Aryoun

Construction Company is committed to providing a

work environment where safety and health are

preplanned into every task with a mindset that

every injury is preventable. It is our goal to provide

a place of employment where every professional is

given the time, equipment and training necessary to

perform their jobs without injury, and where

supervisors and professionals alike view safety and

health performance as the key element to a task

being performed on-time and within budget.



:: Financial Stability ::
:: Projects ::
ARYOUN Financial stability is demonstrated by the
Design/Build Khair Kowt to Sharana 20 KM Asphalt Road (Ongoing)
total projects/contracts value executed in last 3
Dseign/Build Wazir to Khadar Khail 9 Km Gravel Road (Ongoing)
fiscal years which is around 30 Million USD,
Design/Build Khost to BSP-9, 11.5 KM Road (Ongoing)

Detail Survey & Design of Pul-e-Charkhi Prison 6th Wing-Completed

Survey and Master Planning of ANA Kher Kowt Garrison (Completed)

Survey /Design of Reskhor ANA Commando Complex (Completed)

Ghazni to Andor 22 Km Road, Surve/Design (Completed)

Ghazni to Jaghato 25 Km Road Survey/Design (Completed)

Khas Kunar Road 23 km Survey & Design (Completed)

Tarin Kot 86 km Survey & Designing (Completed)

Well & Pump House (Completed)

Based on past performance and financial

evaluation ARYOUN has the financial Capability
of implementing 5-20 millions USD Project.



:: About Us ::

:: Organization Chart :: Aryoun bring

infrastructure alive the
road is long and our
responsibility towards
development, huge. We,
at ARYOUN, have taken it
upon ourselves to invest
all our energies in
ensuring that the fruits of
our labour reach every

corner of Afghanistan.

We indigenize the latest global technologies to local conditions and terrain to

extract maximum results. And the tangible benefits are being experienced in

various parts of the country.

We specialize in large-scale civil constructions by leveraging new age

construction technologies. For over four years, we have been a part of prestigious

projects across a multitude of vertical, creating everything from roads, buildings to

water supply system.

Our efforts have gained widespread recognition. ARYOUN is well recognized

Afghan base construction company in Afghanistan for our Quality, Environmental

and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. In keeping with world-

class management processes, we are also among the first few companies in

Afghanistan to implement the SAP, Eagle point, AutoCAD, Civil 3D software

across all locations. This was successfully done even in remote areas which, due

to their difficult terrain and hostile weather conditions, are challenging locations.



:: Contact Us ::
If you would like more information about ARYOUN
Construction Company and the services we offer,
please contact us.


Head Office:
Opposite to Selo-e-Markazi, Nahya 5, Khushal Khan
Maina, Kabul, Afghanistan. Head Office
Jalalabad: Near to Ittefaq Mosque, Naranj Bagh,
Jalalabad City
Khost City: Near to Khwajah Matoon, Proja
Bagh, Khost City

Company Official Contacts:

Cell#: + 93 (0) 777 21 22 23 Jalalabad Office
+ 93 (0) 787 21 22 23
+ 93 (0) 794 65 66 67

12 Khost Office
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