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Nancy Matecki breathes new life
into the maternal bond

Photography by Melissa Alderton Photography




Put myrrh in your carry-on and pack it

Relationship astrology

for your pet

13 The most important part of a massage:


Taurus Lets get physical

14 How to find your passions and purpose


Plank: The new situp

24 Do you think like a winner?

Feeling comfortable

21 The basics of Plank Pose


Energy Balls

Conquering the clutter





MAY 2015
Rebecca Bentz
Grace Olson
Rachael Wolter
Kim Byrne
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Aaron Foster
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Put myrrh in your

carry-on and pack
it for your pet
Yes, it is that important!

By Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA

WHEN IT IS imperative to pack light, whether it be a camel ride

or an airline restriction, myrrh is a must-have essential oil!

And they sat down to eat bread: and they lifted up their eyes and
looked, and behold, a company of Ishmaelites came from Gilead
with their camels bearing spicery and balm and myrrh, going to
carry it down to Egypt. Genesis 37:25
And their father Israel said unto them, if it must be so now, do
this, take of the best fruits in the land in your vessels, and carry
down the man a present, a little balm, and a little honey, spices, and
myrrh, nuts, and almonds. Genesis 43:11
Historically, myrrh was diffused, mixed into wine and applied
straight to the skin even during pregnancy and labor. Biblical users
felt it promoted confidence and calmness. It has even been applied to
the umbilical cords of newborn babies, which speaks to its safety.
Myrrh oil is sticky and smells funky. The caps of containers
holding the oil will stick shut. It is best to use an ultrasonic water

If you love dogs, cats, horses

or any other animal, there is
a place for you in iPAW!

diffuser, as
myrrh oil will gum
up a nebulizer.
Myrrh, specifically Commiphora myrrha,
contains a high percentage of natural compounds
(furanoids) that are typically associated with phototoxicity, yet
myrrh is not phototoxic. In fact, the cones worn by ancient Egyptians, as pictured in their hieroglyphics, are actually cones of fat.
The fat is saturated with myrrh oil. As the fat melted, it ran down
over the face and body of the Egyptian to protect him from the
sun and to repel insects.
What a great ingredient for a natural pet sunscreen and insect
repellent! Myrrh protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, instead of
causing a burn! Use a drop for under eye wrinkles and puffiness
when traveling or even daily at home!
Myrrh is in the frankincense family and is steam-distilled from

Pathways of Light
Wellness Center
W314 N720 Hwy 83, Delafield, Wisconsin | 262-378-9638

Please visit to see

the furry faces of those we have helped.
Please donate or volunteer!

Natures Pathways | May 2015


Astrology and Wellness

Nutrition and
Health Coaching
Colorpuncture, EMDR
Essential Oils
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Many classes and
groups every day!

When single oils are

mixed in a blend, they
often work synergistically.
They become more potent
then when used alone.
resin, from trees originating in Somalia. It has been associated
with antioxidant, antitumoral, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiparasitic, analgesic and anesthetic properties.
It is no wonder that myrrh oil was selected to be a part of a
popular oil blend for animals called Infect Away. When single
oils are mixed in a blend, they often work synergistically. They
become more potent then when used alone.
According to an abstract in PubMed, Frankincense and myrrh
essential oils have been used in combination since 1500 BC;
however, no antimicrobial investigations have been undertaken
to confirm their effect in combination. This study validates the
enhanced efficacy when used in combination against a selection of pathogens, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is a
common resistant bacterium that infects the ears and bladder of
many susceptible dogs.
In a recent case in my holistic practice, a cat chronically affected
by eosinophilic dermatitis obtained substantial relief through
the utilization of a myrrh blend. One drop was applied to each
excoriated ear once per week. The red, inflamed, pruritic (itchy)
ears resolved dramatically. Oils in this Infect Away blend include:
myrrh, patchouli, Dorado azul seed oil, Palo Santo wood oil, Plectranthus amboinucus, and ocotea leaf oil.
A food chemistry study performed by the chemical engineering department at Aristotle University in Greece confirmed that
when myrrh oil is mixed with a substrate such as lard, corn oil or
olive oil, it produces enough antioxidant effect that it can be used
in pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic products and functional
foods as an antioxidant.
These studies are important in todays world. The U.S. Food
and Drug Administrations censoring of what information can be
relayed to the public is becoming an issue, as we lovers of natural
chemistry try to share and convince others of the safety and efficacy of the utilization of essential oils and other natural products
for the healthful maintenance of pets and people.
Myrrh is an age-old remedy that has a place in first-aid kits of
today. To maintain its place in modern society we must respect
and share its traditional history of usage and prove its validity
with current scientific methods.

Health Centered
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Biomimetic Dentistry is tooth conserving
dentistry, utilizing minimally invasive,
modern scientifically proven techniques to:
Seal teeth from bacterial invasion
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Provide long lasting dentistry
Laser Dentistry
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We inform, educate, and support
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their own healthcare advocate

Bryan Schwartz, D.D.S.

Steve Carini, D.D.S
222 Franklin Street, Port Washington, WI 53074

High quality holistic dental care for you

and your family... We welcome you!

Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA, has been practicing veterinary

medicine in Muskego since 1987. She is a certified veterinary
acupuncturist and food therapist by the Chi Institute. Dr. Jodie
is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex,
an integrated, full-service small animal practice. For more info,
healthy products or an educational DVD, visit or Also visit our nonprofit,,
and our oils website,

May 2015 | Natures Pathways


By Lisa Anne

strology offers so many tools for

understanding and relationships
are no exception. But is relationship astrology just about compatible sun
signs? All Capricorns and Tauruses are
earth signs, so theyre all good, right? Not
necessarily! If it were only that easy.
Relationship astrology is complex and
very deep. But doesnt that make perfect

sense? Name one simple relationship you

have, one that triggers nothing within you.
And by triggers I dont mean just drama;
I mean inspiration and dreaming, and also
those relationships that make you feel that
those inspirations and dreams are pointless and silly. What is that all about?
It is always wise to begin with the self
and then expand outward. We must first


Formerly known as Windhorse Coaching LLC

Coaching Adults from Traumatic Grief to

Recovery and Peace
Consultant to Businesses, Groups & Individuals
for stress and grief relief programs
Author, The Mans Grief Toolbox, A Journey
from Grief to Peace


Certified Grief Recovery

Coach; Author, Speaker
and Consultant

2505 S. Calhoun Rd. #207, New Berlin

Natures Pathways | May 2015

understand ourselves before we can even

begin to understand others and the world
around us.
There are four main sectors in astrology
that are initially evaluated. First the self, then
the family of origin, then others/our relationships and finally our worldly ambition.
Each sector is represented by the first, fourth,
seventh, and tenth houses in the birth chart.
These cardinal houses point the direction for
us, just like a compass. What we see here and
experience will be determined based on our
decisions and our unique life path. Without
fail, one of these four areas of life comes up
consistently in my office.
We must have understanding in these
sensitive areas for us to feel a sense of fulfillment. Astrology can never fix anything;
these solutions are always our responsibility. But astrologys wisdom and insight
can direct us to a path that is in alignment
with our higher self. For example, lets say
someone has the planet of freedom and
change (Uranus) in the seventh house of
partnership and marriage. The other
who would help fulfill them would be one
who lives outside the normal lines of life:
perhaps a long-distance relationship or
being involved with someone who travels a
lot being with another who understands
your need for freedom and creating an
innovative approach to relationships.

Is that the solution? No, it is a guide, it is

a direction. Solutions are what we do with
information. It is action that creates solutions. But when you are lost in a dark room
searching for the way out and someone
opens a window of light, suddenly there
is hope. Astrology offers that window of
hope and a direct course of change. It is
what you do with the information that will
ultimately change the direction of your life.
But if you continue to try to nurse needy
souls that smother you, you will continue
to feel frustration and utter depletion. It
will be all the more difficult to focus on
yourself or your worldly ambitions when
you have a thousand pounds of pressure in
this dilapidated area of relationship.

So what is relationship astrology?

It is first looking at one horoscope and

understanding that persons primary desires
for intimacy and connection, and their love
language. Then I look at the other persons
horoscope and understand that persons
needs and how they best operate. It is
always first separate, as you each are. It isnt
just about compatible sun signs; far from it.
Once the separate identities are clear, then
the relationship is formed, professionally
called a composite chart. This is the actual
relationship chart, which is the combination of both horoscopes. The relationship
itself is a force of energy filled with particular needs, desires and worldly aims. There is
no one like you alive on this planet, just like
there is no one like your partner alive on
this planet. Therefore, when the two of you
come together, a completely unique experience is created. A blending of two energies
that together creates one. When you are
with that person, the relationship becomes
the director and something special comes to
life when you are with that person. You fall
into roles, habits and patterns that have the
potential to propel you beyond your limitations, as well as lock you in a prison of isolation and miserable repetition.
Sometimes the actual relationship itself
is the source of pain. Its not you or the
other, but more specifically what happens
when you each come together. Weve all
been there. Whenever we are with that one
person we become the reactors, perpetrators, victims or the comedians, the life
of the party, openhearted and vulnerable,
sexy, and incredibly confident.

All of our relationships contain a specific

Morse code within them and we become
the energy of what happens when we are
with that person. We can blame them for
bringing out our victim or worship them
because they bring out a wild, attractive
side. Either way, they shine light onto a
part of ourselves that is intrinsically there
already. That secret space that has always
been there, but connected with their energy,
their light gives us permission to shine
it. We give others the credit for what has
been there all along. They are only igniting
a part of us that was dormant; with them
in our life, suddenly it comes to life. What
they shine on the relationship will express:
bliss and ecstasy or constant turmoil and
pain. Whatever it is, it has always been
there within us. Always. Without them, we
wouldve missed it completely.
Already you are seeing that there is no
one to blame, no sides to take, no right
or wrong. Imagine a relationship within
this context. When no one is to blame,
we allow ourselves to be who we are and
miraculously, change becomes imminent.
Obviously, our most important relationships are those with whom we spend the
most time. As children it is our parents or
grandparents. As teenagers it is our peer
groups and the new world of dating. As
adults it is within a marriage or partnership of our choosing. Understanding what

each person needs from the relationship

changes the unconscious pattern of behavior. We just act, doing what we instinctively
know. Change comes in any area of our life
when we stop, pause and to actually look at
it, especially from an objective perspective,
as the watcher.
The astrologer is the objective observer.
When I do relationship charts, I know
nothing about either of you aside from
the map of the skies the moment you were
born: your energetic blueprint stocked full
of insight and direction. From there we
talk, we listen, we feel, we experience the
relationship, and we create a plan together
full of potential and solutions for you,
your child, your partner, your friend, and
then the unique relationship itself that is
created with each of you. It is a step-bystep process as well as a collaboration.
Relationship astrology is deeply intimate
and possesses the ability to break through
offenses and defenses and bring to light the
higher lessons of the relationship. It is a gift
from above to understand ourselves and
those closest to us because ultimately,
they are our greatest teachers.
If you are interested in learning more
about relationship astrology for yourself
or for someone else, please contact Lisa
Anne via Pathways of Light Wellness
Center at or
262-361-2056. See ad on page 6.

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May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Lets get
Dates: April 20 - May 21
Ruled by: Venus
Element: Earth

hough true for everyone, the following information will feel

more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/
or a group of other planets are in Taurus on your birth chart.

What is Tauruss intention?

Last month, fiery Aries renewed our impulse to assert our spirit
into the world. Now, Taurus grounds that intention into the physical, starting with the denseness of our bodies, extending out to all
the practical, physical resources we need, and reaching further to
that which we want and desire. Thank you, Taurus, I needed that.
Our inner Venus, ruling Taurus, responds to our earthy existence, and based on our likes and dislikes, needs and wants, pleasures and displeasures, it forms our values. It is our values that
give shape to our life. When we know and commit to our values,
we can infuse our Martian vitality into the physical resources that
Venus attracts to us, thus creating that which pleases us. Through
planting, building, business, artistic expressions, and relationships, we increase our sense of abundance and physical security. Tauruss spiritual intention is to build our commitment to
the physical world, rewarding our limited senses with delightful
expressions of how spirit can express sacred beauty and love into
physical form.
In the Taurus part of our humanity, we learn loyalty, patience,
gratitude, persistence, endurance, commitment and forgiveness.
If conscious, we grow our self-worth and self-resourcefulness.
We take action slowly, deliberately, honoring others needs, but
respecting their boundaries and our own. We feel awareness and
gratitude for Mother Earth, value our bodies, and enjoy the pleasures of our five senses. Fully conscious, we realize that the physical is only a reflection of the spiritual, and our values evolve to the
intangible qualities of spirit, which then guides us to infuse our
physical creations with love and beauty.
Our unconscious Taurus, by leaning too much into self and

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Full Moon chart, May 3, 2015, 10:40 p.m.

insensitivity to others, can let our need for physical and emotional
security turn into attachment and accumulation, jealousy and
possessiveness. Our need for self-worth can turn into stubbornness and greed; our enjoyment of pleasure turn into excessiveness
and addiction.

What needs healing and growth?

Our Taurus ego, if wounded in youth, can feel a lack of our needs
being met, or being unvalued by others, or not knowing our
own values, or not being good enough, perhaps physically. This
can result in a drive to prove our worth through accumulation
of wealth or enhanced attractiveness. We can also have ongoing
insecurities that wealth, relationships and pleasures can never fill.
As an alternative, we might deny our physical existence by
attempting to extinguish our desires, living celibate, and repressing our natural creative talents and gifts by living out a severe
and fixed routine. Or to the same end, we might devote ourselves
to others, denying our own needs. These strategies continue the
wound and lead to disappointment and resentment, deepening
the experience of neglect and unworthiness.

What can I do this month?

To heal and evolve your Taurus self, ask this: Do you know your
own values, and are you willing to assert boundaries around
yourself to help you uphold those values? Do you feel worthy of
your needs and desires? Can you give yourself or ask for what you
want without feeling selfish? When you feel stubborn, jealous, or

possessive, can you sense your insecurities and create an inner

security? What are your intangible values, and can you be flexible
with how those show up in physical form?
Things to do: Build something. Plant something. Use your
hands. Use your body. Enjoy sensuality. Plan your finances. Make
and spend some money.

Plant it Forward!

Additional support (current planetary transits)

The moon is full on May 3. With a Taurus Scorpio polarity,

these two luminaries will bring to light any of the following imbalances in your own life or the world: boundaries versus vulnerability, mine versus ours, stability versus change, physical versus
emotional. The key to any imbalances may be found in Jupiter in
Leo. Its square to the moon reflecting a tendency toward apathy
and self-indulgence. Its square to the sun tends toward an overly
optimistic and idealistic ego. Together, its a call for humble discipline and realism.
During the middle two weeks in May, as lover Venus squares
individual Uranus and opposes willful Pluto, watch for how you
apply your values to your personal relationships. Are you being
authentic? Are you feeling empowered?
Barry Kerr is a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer and life coach, with
35 years of experience and an international clientele. He is also an
advanced energy healer, with extensive training in soul-guided healing
of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology readings, coaching and healing by phone, Skype or in person in Madison,
WI. For more information, visit Contact Barry at or call for a free 10-minute inquiry.

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May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Plank: The new situp

How to perfect one of the best core
moves in your workout arsenal

By Hope Zvara

ore work done flat on your back is out; core work where
360 degrees of your core can be accessed is in. Plank is
the new situp.
Plank is an empowering position where your core can be fully
accessed and utilized; a position in which gravity and your own
body weight can be your best friends. Instead of cranking on your
neck and upper back as in a situp, Plank can teach you how to
hold up your own body weight by using your core and working
from the inside out.
Plank is a challenging pose, but for many for the wrong reasons.
As a fitness professional, I often hear things like My wrists hurt,
My lower back aches, I cant hold this very long, or I see questionable if even effective variations of Plank, mainly because
students often lack the true understanding of how to use their
bodies in a pose like Plank to build strength and effectiveness.

Improve your Plankasana

To improve your Plank Pose, consider a deeper understanding of

your core region. For starters, work to locate and get comfortable
contracting your pelvic floor. Everything feeds into the pelvic floor
and the rectus abdominus muscle is not exempt. Working with your
exhales and toning the pelvic floor like its being pulled up toward
the base of the head is a great image to keep while holding plank.
As you get more comfortable with a deep pelvic floor contraction, focus on the deep transversus wrapping around the torso and
the rectus abdominus muscle that covers your front belly. These two
large core muscles work to support the torso and body in a pose like
Plank. When contracted properly, they help to more evenly distribute
the weight of the rest of the body for less wrist and lower back pain.

How to practice Plank Pose

1. Begin in Table Top Pose.

2. Check that your hands are under your shoulders, with the


Natures Pathways | May 2015

eyes of your elbows forward and fingers forward, spread wide.

3. Before stepping back into Plank. Activate the deep muscles of

the pelvic floor, feeling as though they are being drawn internally toward the crown of your head.
4. Exhale. Step back one foot at a time, without moving or shifting your body backward or your hips upward.
5. Coming off your knees, align your body into one long line.
6. Keeping your neck long, let your eye line drop to the floor
between your hands.
7. Exhaling, actively press your quadriceps upward into the
hamstrings while engaging your inner thighs; activate your
abdominals toward your spine, against gravity. Finally, allow
your tailbone to drop slightly (due to the strength of the core),
instead of turning up.
8. Inhale. Press up through your arms and down through every
finger and your palms to push out of your shoulder and
broaden your upper back. Note: Avoid winging in the scapula
and over-rounding in the mid-spine.
9. Extend from the heels of your feet to the crown of your head.
10. Hold this pose for five breaths to one minute.
11. Exhale. Release to your knees and drop back to your heels.
No matter where you are starting from, Plank is a powerful corestrengthening pose and one that can and should be incorporated
into everyones fitness routine.
Hope Zvara, The Real Deal, is a yoga teacher and owner of Copper
Tree Yoga Studio & Wellness Center, a trainer and expert specializing in the true art of yoga and Core Functional Fitness for students,
teachers and fitness professionals interested in practicing authentic
mind-body yoga and other practices in need of true connection. Follow
Hope as she travels across the globe bringing true functional core work into everything
that you do. To book a workshop, training or retreat with Hope, call 262-670-6688,
and visit her websites or
to sample one of her hundreds of free videos on YouTube. See ad on page 15.

The most
important part of
a massage: Feeling
Dont let negative body image
stand in the way of your health!

By Rob Reader

I REMEMBER THE day a client came in and sat down, took off
her high heels and just looked at her feet.
Do you work on feet? She asked rather timidly.
I almost had to suppress a laugh. Of course I do. I wouldnt be
much of a massage therapist if I randomly excluded parts of the
body, especially ones as important as the feet.
She wasnt embarrassed about how her feet looked but more
concerned for me and my opinion of them. She knew that some
people get uncomfortable touching someone elses feet or think
feet are gross and didnt know if I was one of those people. It
turned out her feet had been cramping and in pain for some
time and only now that the pain had gotten so bad was she able
to summon up the courage to ask me to work on them. I reassured her to always feel confident about telling me about where
she would like me to work.
When consulting with a massage therapist, your therapist
should never have a negative attitude toward one of the most
important parts of the body or any part of the body.
As licensed massage therapists we do not judge. We are not
there to comment on your fashion sense or what shape your body
is in, or whether or not your toes are painted or if your legs are
shaved or not. Its not our business and none of our concern. Our
concern is for your well-being and to make sure you are happy
with the massage you are getting and the results of our work.
As massage therapists, we want you, the client, to feel comfortable and safe while we work on you. That includes not feeling
embarrassed or apprehensive about a birthmark or scar. As a
matter of fact, we can help with scars: both softening them up and
reducing redness. Always alert your massage therapist of any scars
you may want him or her to work on. You never know when that
therapist can reduce its visibility and increase its elasticity.
Our bodies are incredible machines and every part is as important as another. When you go to a massage therapist for a massage,

whether deep tissue or relaxation, you are in control of that

massage. If you want an area to be addressed, you should always
feel comfortable enough to ask. If there is an area you would
prefer be left alone, it is well within your right to say so.
Clients come in all shapes and sizes and with different aches,
pains, injuries and expectations. If you are not comfortable with
your massage therapist because you feel he or she is judging you,
that massage therapist most likely is not the right one for you.
Make sure you pick a massage therapist who meets your needs but
keeps you feeling safe and comfortable.
Competition right now is pretty fierce with the rise of franchise
massage clinics. There are lots of therapists out there hoping for
your business. Pick one who has earned your trust and deserves
your business.
Rob Reader has been a full-time massage therapist since 2005. He
has worked on headline performers at Summerfest and professional wrestlers, and has been the official massage therapist of
the Milwaukee Ballet since 2006. He currently works in Mequon
at Active Body Wellness LLC, 909 W. Mequon Road, Mequon
inside Tsang Acupuncture. For more information, call 414-721-6942 or visit
Active Body Wellness offers holistic pain relief through several different types
of massage. These include Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot and cold stone
massage, therapeutic massage, Muscle Release Therapy and Craniosacral
Therapy. Their goal is to have you pain free within as short of time possible
through soft-tissue manipulation. See ad on page 15.
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


How to find
your passions

By Lucas J. Robak

erriam-Webster defines passion as a strong feeling

of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about
doing something. The definition of purpose is the
reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of
something; the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something; the aim or goal of a person; what a person is trying to do.
To put things simply, your passions and purpose answer two
important questions: What and why!


Your passions, what you truly love to do above all else, answer
the question of what you do. When you have a strong feeling of
enthusiasm or excitement for something, your actions will be in
alignment with your emotions. What you do with your passion is
vital to your health, happiness and fulfillment.
Many success books one of which is Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill detail how being passionate and enthusiastic
drastically outweighs credentials, knowledge and experience. If you
were to hire someone for a position, would you rather hire someone

Breastfeeding that is

best for you and your baby

HOME VISITS best start
for you and your baby
Certified through Lamaze International

Nancy K. Matecki RN, BSN & FACCE

Lactation Consultant

Serving Southeast Wisconsin



Natures Pathways | May 2015

unqualified but extremely passionate or would you hire someone

very qualified but who only wants a paycheck? Easy decision!

Where do passions come from and how do you

define what they are?

Our passions are with us since birth. Just like our life purpose, we
dont choose our passions; our passions and purpose choose us. I
cant tell you why I am passionate about writing, speaking, coaching, creating or helping others improve their lives. All I know is
that I am naturally drawn to do these things and that, unlike most
people, I allow them to happen.
Many people avoid or lose their passions because of negativity
they received from their parents, teachers, coaches and neighbors
while growing up. Another reason is fear of being ridiculed or
considered an outcast in our society.
To find your passions, start looking back on your life and determine what it is you absolutely loved to do. Start with your earliest
memory and go through grade school, high school, college, young
adulthood and present day. Your passions are what you love to do
so much that you would do them for free.


Your purpose is why you exist, why you get up in the morning,
why you say yes to one thing and no to the next; its why you do
everything you do.
What is your purpose for going to school? For going to work? For
getting married and having kids? For pursuing your dream? For going
to a meeting? For watching a certain show? For reading this article?
Drs. Patrick Hill and Nicholas Turiano conducted a 14-year
study with over 6,000 people to determine effects on having a life
purpose. Within those 14 years, inevitably there were people who
would pass away. About 9 percent of the sample group died and
they all were the ones who reported a lower purpose in life.
Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life,

and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help
you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose,
Hill states.
The Association for Psychological Science found similar outcomes:
Greater purpose in life consistently predicted lower mortality risk
across the lifespan, showing the same benefit for younger, middleaged, and older participants across the follow-up period.
Meaning, it does not matter how old you are, by having a sense of
purpose you will live a longer, happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Where does your life purpose come from and

how do you find it?

Just like your passions, your life purpose comes from within. It
is something that has always been there. We simply ignore both
of them sometimes because our parents, teachers, coaches and
neighbors fed us their limiting beliefs in hopes that we would
conform with the rest of society and do what we are told: Go
to school, get good grades, get a good job with benefits, work for
someone else, get married, and hope to retire before you die with a
pension or Social Security. Bob Schmidt
You can find your purpose within the keywords of your passions.
When looking at your passions, ask yourself these two questions
repetitively: For what purpose? and For what intention?
Lucas J. Robak is a certified NLP practitioner for Skillset Life Coaching. Lucas hosts workshops for people to live their passions, fulfill
their life purpose and reach their full potential. Find upcoming
workshops by following him at
See ad on page 2.

You have only one body. Let it play to its
full potential with the benefits of therapeutic
massage. Relieve chronic and acute pain,
accelerate recovery time and experience
the benefits of postural alignment.
Massage Services Offered:
Deep Tissue
Muscle Release Therapy
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10620 N Port Washington Rd Mequon, WI 53092

Call Rob Reader, L.M.T., official massage therapist

of the Milwaukee Ballet or Wendy Halfpap, L.M.T.,
integrative massage specialist at 414-721-6942.


Hope is a yoga teacher, trainer and functional fitness expert. As creator
of Core Functional Fitness, Hope specializes in yoga, core work and
functional movements; she helps yoga students, yoga teachers and a
variety of fitness professionals experience a true mind-body connection
through yoga and core functional movement and principles.

FALL 2014 Yoga Teacher Training registration now open.

Core Functional Fitness Certifications available year round.
1364 E. Sumner Street Hartford, WI 53027 262-670-6688

May 2015 | Natures Pathways




By Emily Niesen

his little homemade treat can be customized to satisfy

anyone in the family and are a healthy alternative to
packaged cookies and crackers. Have them on hand for
the afternoon slump or a pre-workout snack.


2 cups oats
1 cup all natural peanut butter
1 cup ground flaxseed
cup mini chocolate chips
cup honey
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Chia seeds


Mix all ingredients together. Roll into bite-size balls (the size
you roll them will determine how many the recipe yields). Store
in fridge.
Try variations: dried fruit, sunflower or pumpkin seeds,
chocolate chunks, and gluten-free oats. Have fun and get the
family involved!
Emily Niesen is a board-certified holistic health coach (AADP)
and owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being. Emilys inspiration comes from her upbringing and the old, simple way of
life. Her passion is in coaching her clients to adopt happier
and healthier lifestyles that are unique to them. She offers
private and group Health Coaching sessions in unique settings to support her
clients in areas such as weight management, food cravings, decoding nutrition labels, cooking, exercise routines, and other lifestyle skills. Want to get
out of a rut? Email; to set up an initial health
history consultation and sign up for her free monthly newsletter. Read her
monthly article and check out her website to find out more about her business.

Natures Pathways | May 2015

from a late start
to retirement

ome people do not have the ability to begin saving for

retirement early on. Others may have brushed retirement
savings aside for so long that they are now worried that its
too late to begin socking away money for retirement.
While its best to start saving for retirement as early as possible,
the good news is that its never too late to start planning for retirement. If your 40th birthday has long passed and youre finally
thinking ahead to retirement, consider these catch-up strategies.

SAVINGS PLANS. A financial planner can point you in the

right direction, or consult with your employer about employee

programs. Deposit money into a 401(k) or 403(b) plan or another
retirement vehicle. Jump on any opportunities when your
employer matches invested funds. Investigate an individual retirement account (IRA) and find out if there are any government
incentives. Depending on your age, you may be able to deposit
more money into such accounts than other investors.

CUT BACK ON EXPENSES. Cutting back on unnecessary

expenses is a great way to save more money for retirement. Figure

out where you can save some money you can then allocate to
retirement savings. Maybe you can reduce insurance coverage on
an older car or raise your deductible? Downsize cable packages or
skip that costly cup of coffee on the way to work. Perhaps its time
to look for a smaller, less expensive home or a compact car instead
of an SUV. Any money saved now will benefit you when the time
comes time to bid farewell to the workforce.

DELAY YOUR RETIREMENT. Many people who retire find

themselves bored and looking for ways to fill their time, and as
a result more and more people are delaying their retirement,

which also gives them more time to save for that day when they
do call it quits. If you want to work less, discuss and negotiate a
phased retirement with your bosses that allows you to stick with
your employer but gradually work fewer hours until you retire
completely. You may be able to work part-time for several years
and retire when youre most comfortable.

you still have a few decades before retirement, which leaves lots
of time to grow your retirement savings. But you may want to
consider more aggressive funds that can help you catch up more
quickly than less aggressive investments. Just know that aggressive funds may also leave you susceptible to substantial losses.

DONT AMASS DEBT. If youre saving for retirement but only

paying minimum balances on your credit cards, then youre not

really saving. Pay down credit card debt before you begin to set
aside money for retirement.

Delaying retirement planning may mean you have to work a little

harder to build up a solid reserve. But by following some financial
tips and persevering, you can still enjoy retirement with security.
Source: MetroCreative Connection
May 2015 | Natures Pathways


breathes new life into

the maternal bond

he emotions a woman experiences when she becomes a

mother are indescribable. The
love and extreme joy that accompany
bringing a child into the world is an experience like no other, and the whole lifechanging event can be difficult to put into
words. Theres a lot of positive surrounding the experience, but theres also a lot
of fear, tackling the unknown and information coming from all directions. In one
word, it can be considered overwhelming
one aspect of the process that shouldnt
be is breast-feeding.
Nancy Matecki, a registered nurse and
lactation consultant, wants to make sure
this is the case. Many joke that parenting
doesnt come with a manual, and while
breast-feeding differs from mom to mom,
Nancy is the ideal, knowledgeable resource
to help and support new parents not to
mention the little ones theyre trying to
feed. There are several scenarios that can
create commotion during an already crazy
time, and shes determined to make it all
safe and easy.
Sometimes theres a medical problem,
sometimes mom isnt quite up to speed
and sometimes babies just dont read the
breast-feeding book and they have no clue
what theyre doing, Nancy laughs.
No matter the context, shes there and
eager to help.

There is typically the new familys home,
for a multitude of reasons that promote

when it comes to
breast-feeding a satisfied and healthy baby. To
truly understand all of the
surrounding them, Nancy likes seeing
mother and child in their environment. She does so to not only
ensure that she has every piece to
the puzzle, but theres also a significant
sense of convenience and ease that is
priceless for new moms.
Its just easy to not have to deal with
bundling the baby up and bringing them
into the hospital, Nancy says. Also, if
someone is able to breast-feed in an
office, its not the same thing as knowing
theyre able to do it at home, which is
where theyll be the majority of the time.
The environment in which a new
mother breast-feeds is important. Nancy
suggests starting with a comfortable
place like a sofa or chair with armrests.
Its easiest to place pillows to help hold
and support the baby correctly, while
not becoming tired during the process.
Another worthwhile component is new
moms being able to slow down and relax
during this time.
You also want to create a very nice,
relaxing environment, Nancy says. As
far as sounds go, some women watch TV
shows and others play soft music. Whatever is going to soothe mom is going to
soothe baby.
Due to her experience and background

working with infants, Nancy

admits that her presence alone tends
to help new mothers feel at ease. Her
lactation consulting business began in
1995 after having been recommended by
One of the doctors at the hospital where
she was working mentioned that he had a
mom who was having a hard time breastfeeding. The mom was having a hard
time breast-feeding and the doctor was
worried about the baby, Nancy explains.
I stopped in to help the next morning and
a business was born!
Expectant and new mothers dont need
a doctors referral to call Nancy, though,
and she prefers it that way. She creates
a bond with mothers that is anything
but formal, and is conducive to the bond
mothers are forming with their babies.
That bond shouldnt be painful. While
it can be stressful, Nancy wants all
expectant and new moms to know that: It
should not hurt to breast-feed. If it hurts,
theres something wrong, she explains.
This is what I live for! she says excitedly. Just call me and tell me whats going
on and well see what we can do about it.



Comparing a baby breast-feeding to an

adult dining experience when you begin
with a beverage, continue on to a soup
and salad, have an entre and end with
dessert isnt far-fetched. Nancy explains
that when a baby is breast-fed, they are
truly receiving a full-course meal.
When the baby first starts feeding, the
milk is very thin, she explains. Thats
their liquid that they need. As the breastfeeding goes on, the milk gets thicker and
thicker. When they get to the very end,
they receive hindmilk, the very richest
part of the process that has the fat the
baby needs.
For this reason, timing is important.
To ensure the baby is getting a full, nutritious meal, Nancy suggests breast-feeding
for 7-10 minutes on each breast. The baby
regulates how much milk the mother
produces, and the babys growth spurts
occurring at around 10 days and 21
days old dictates how much milk is
produced. The mothers body is typically
about one day behind the babys demand.
Its difficult to tell just how much
milk a baby has received, but Nancy says
theres a simple way to gauge if a baby has
been satisfied.
A satisfied baby sleeps! she says.

Not many people can

say theyve had only
one career choice in
their lives, let alone
a choice they made
school. Thanks to
being truly passionate about helping
mothers and infants,
Nancy can. She jokingly
likens her inherent desire
to imprinting.
Im convinced that the first
person I saw when I was born was an OB
nurse, she laughs. I imprinted on her and
thats what I wanted to be my whole life.
And when I was a little girl, I didnt play
mommy with my dolls, I played maternity
With such a passion accompanying
her education and training, the necessary technical side of breast-feeding to
make sure the baby is being fed correctly
and the mom is pain free (and happy!)
is partner to Nancys ability to provide
peace of mind to make every new mother
feel like an expert and veteran parent.
In the words of one of her clients,
Everyone should have a Nancy.

She creates a bond with mothers that is anything but formal, and
is conducive to the bond mothers are forming with their babies.

The Nancy score

Similar to an Apgar score, which is

used immediately after birth to evaluate a babys physical condition, Nancy
has created what she calls the Nancy
score, a way for her to determine if the
baby is dehydrated or is experiencing
any other physical issues.
After becoming acquainted with new
moms, Nancy checks the following:
Fontanelle or the soft spot on
babys head. Nancy checks to
make sure it is even and not
bulging or sunken in.
The babys eyes. The eyes should
be happy.
Inside of the mouth. Nancy
makes sure the mouth is wet.
Skin turgor. She pulls the babys
skin up on the back of their hand
or on their stomach. It should go
right back into shape to ensure
they are well-hydrated.
Wet diapers. Healthy, hydrated
babies should produce at least
six wet diapers a day.

Are you or someone you know

expecting and planning to breast-feed?
Contact Nancy for the help and
support you and your baby deserve!

356 N. Redding Circle, Belgium


Jane reflects on
her life and learns

ve been doing some heavy reflecting

on my life, and Ive been continually
asking myself, How satisfied am I with
my career path, and what do I need to do
to advance to the next step? This question
has become overwhelming as of late and has
really been consuming me to the detriment
of other more stable and pleasurable aspects
of my life. The uncertainty and the constant
thinking about Whats next? distracts me
from fully enjoying and being present in
relationships with my family because of the
constant voice in my head wanting to solve
the problem or know the answer.
Ive always been interested in reading my
horoscope and learning about the characteristics of my astrological sign; however, there
is much more to astrology than the common
horoscope you find in the newspaper or
online. Because of the constant questioning
Ive been experiencing, I decided to have an
astrology reading with Barry Kerr of Choose
Conscious Living. Im very glad I did! At any
given moment in time, the positioning of the
sun, moon and planets all has a meaning.
Before our session I knew that I was a Libra.
After speaking with Barry, I now understand
that Libra is my sun sign, but it goes much
deeper than that. The location of the moon
and planets at the time of your birth also
tells the story of your personality. All of these
characters are sub parts of you.
I knew that I related to Libra tendencies and that Libras are very concerned
with finding balance. What I didnt know
and quickly learned after receiving a copy
of my birth chart is that many planets
were in Libra at the time of my birth. The
Libra quality in me is even stronger than
the average Libra person. For me its an

Natures Pathways | May 2015

important focus for my personality.

Libra is about relationships and connecting to others, and its really important for
my personality to be attracted to relationships, both personal and otherwise. Relating to people is where I have the most to
learn in this lifetime, considering peoples
thoughts, feelings, goals, wants and needs.
People in Libra tend to carry an energy
to empathize and want to consider both
sides, not just their own point of view.
Barry explained some tendencies in Libra
that would be good to bring to relationships, but also susceptibilities and how
they could create imbalance.
In addition to the location of the planets
and their corresponding signs, we have
houses that represent compartments of
life. The houses our planets sit in determine
which compartments of life will teach us
the most. My Libra signs are showing up in
the 10th house, which is the house of career,
recognition and achievement. Once Barry
explained this to me I felt comforted, and
my feelings were validated.
Barry continued to go through my birth
chart and explained that a birth chart is
essentially an energetic map of what your
souls strategy is. This map is based on when
and where you were born. The location
of all of the elements and how their positions relate to one another all has meaning.
He continued to go through many of the
planets locations, the meaning and how
it relates to my personality. He explained
that the positioning of the north node and
south node of the moon at the time our
birth is associated with our souls purpose.
Barry explained that I will need to focus
my awareness to the emotional level of life,

both in myself and in others. My personal

fulfillment will not come from the successfulness of my career, rather from how I
choose to experience the emotional ride in
my professional and personal relationships.
One of the most impactful ideas that came
out of my conversations with Barry is that
everyone has the freedom to choose how
they interpret the world and situations, and
based on your interpretations, you choose
your emotions. You have power in what you
experience emotionally.
My experience with Barry was very
calming, as well as eye opening. Following
our initial conversation, Barry sent me a
lengthy report based on my birth chart that
includes some healing affirmations, attributes to develop and some tendencies to
leave behind. He also sent me an audio file of
our session to reference and further reflect
on. Included in the astrology reading is a
follow-up discussion a couple of weeks after
the initial session to answer any questions or
address any issues that may have surfaced.
Barry also does energy healing and transformation life coaching. He offers his services
both in-person or remotely, through telephone or Skype, and at your own pace.
I encourage anyone looking to dive
deeper into the aspects of their personality
and their souls purpose to contact Barry
for an astrology reading!



The basics
of Plank
Uttihita Chaturanga

By Andrea Smessaert

lank is a static exercise. It does

not require movement, so it is
important to keep the body properly stimulating the Manipura Chakra for
personal power.

How to perform Plank Pose

Lie on your stomach on the floor. Bend

your elbows 90 degrees and lift from the
lying position on your elbows. Your body
should form a straight line from head to
heels. Rely only on your forearms and the
front tips of your feet. Your elbows should
be directly under your shoulders.
Keep your body as flat as possible; strain
the abdominal muscles and do not relax.
Try not to lower your hips toward the floor.
FEET: Assemble them. It will be difficult

to keep your balance; that will increase

pressure on your abdominal muscles.

LEGS: They should be straight and tight,

otherwise, the pressure in your right

abdominal muscle, which reserves the
lumbar spine, will also be reduced.

BUTTOCKS: Stretch and do not relax until

the end of the exercise, as this increases the

activation of all muscles of the lower torso.
LOWER BACK: The most important part.
For proper execution of this exercise, your
lower back should be flat. This means it
must not be curved or swayed. Imagine
that your back adheres tightly to the wall.

STOMACH: Bring it in, and in such a position, try to even tuck it under your ribs.
During the exercise, hold your stomach in
this position but do not hold your breath.
ELBOWS: To avoid unnecessary burden

on your shoulders, put your elbows directly

below the shoulder joints.

Hold this pose as long as you can. Ten seconds

is enough to begin with. As a rule, people with
different physical readiness levels maintain
this posture for 10 seconds to two minutes.
After a break of two minutes, repeat the
exercise. Five repetitions will be enough. If
you are a beginner, do not try to break the
record; start slowly.

The chakra connection

The Manipura Chakra, located at the naval

or solar plexus, is the third of the seven
major chakras that lie along the Shushumna
Nadi, the spine. Chakras are swirling energy
centers found throughout the body that are
also associated with areas containing large
bundles of nerve endings. Bringing your
focus to these areas and practicing postures
that engage and open the muscles associated with them can help to balance the flow
of energy through the chakra.
Manipura is our center for personal
power. This is the chakra where the energy
for turning ideas into actions flows. Responsibility, self-confidence and humility all
flow from here, as do inactivity, self-doubt

and arrogance. Finding the correct balance

in this chakra allows us to harness energy
for being positive and proactive.
Andrea Smessaert is a yoga and aerial yoga instructor
who developed the aerial yoga teacher training program
and upcoming retreats with Reaching Treetops Yoga.
Alyssa Konda opened Reaching Treetops Yoga, which
has branched out to offer not only yoga and aerial
yoga, but also tai chi and Zumba classes, massage
therapy and holistic health services as well. For more
information, visit or
call Alyssa at 262-501-1572.


(262) 501-1572

Grandview Blvd.
location is CLOSING
Moving to downtown Waukesha
as Reaching Treetops Yoga

May 2015 | Natures Pathways



the clutter
Cleanliness with kids
is not impossible

amed comedienne Phyllis Diller

once said, Cleaning your house
while your kids are still growing is
like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops
snowing. Many parents realize that having
children means their homes will be filled
with a vast assortment of toys, clothing
and other items that seemingly spend

more time scattered across the

family room floor
than in childrens
Homes where
young children
lay their heads
at night may not be as tidy as the photos
lining home decorating magazine spreads.
But while lived-in family homes may
never be spotless, they do not have to be
overrun with clutter, either. Its possible to
find a happy balance with the right strategy
and by investing in a few organizational

ing up cluttered homes can seem like a

monumental effort when looking at clutter
as a whole. But parents can do themselves
a favor by choosing a starting point and
tackling the project one room at a time.
Find the room that needs the most work
or a space where clutter causes the biggest
headaches. Once you clean such rooms,
you may discover extra motivation to
move on to the others.


One of the obstacles many people face


Natures Pathways | May 2015

when attempting to declutter a home is

the tendency to remove an item from one
room only to add it to the existing clutter
in another room. For example, if a childs
toy is in the living room, you may walk that
toy up to the bedroom and get involved in
tidying up the bedroom, leaving the mess
behind in the living room. When organizing a home, stay in a particular room until
that room is clean. Have designated bins
or bags for items that need to be carried
into another room, but only transfer such
containers after a room has been cleaned.
CULL TWICE A YEAR. Children accu-

mulate the greatest number of new toys

on birthdays and holidays. Set a schedule
to go through existing toys prior to these
events and sort out the broken, old or
seldom-used items. Donate these toys to
preschools, afterschool programs, family
support centers, or babysitting centers
at your office or gym. Whatever cant be

salvaged should be put into the trash or

recycling bins.

Rosicrucian Mystic
Inquiry Series


BINS. Toys that are easily accessible

Join us for our FREE workshop

Sunday, June 7th

1:00pm 2:30pm

and seen are easier to find and put away.

Develop a storage system that works for
your family. Labeling bins with words
(or pictures for children who cant yet
read) helps children identify where things
belong. Find a system that will have longterm functionality and grow with the
family. Many stores sell storage bookcases
that blend with home dcor.

A new topic every month; this months topic:

Glands and
Your Health

Karnak Pronaos
3846 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI (414) 344-9112
Our Mystical Workshops offer an informal way
to get to know the Rosicrucian teachings
and the people who bring them to life.

TAME THE TOYS. Making too many

items available at any given time can

become overwhelming to children. Rotate
toys rather than always buying new ones
so that items will be fresh and interesting. Toys out of the rotation can be stored
in a basement or attic. Belongings that
are not requested or missed can be given
away. Another idea is to create wishlists for
birthdays and holidays. This way friends
and relatives only buy what kids want,
rather than an array of toys that may just
end up taking up space.

organizational system that can move

items vertically is beneficial. Children will
become accustomed to hanging things up
rather than leaving belongings on the floor.
Hooks, hangers and shelving mounted on
walls, will free up precious floor space.

Kids and clutter often go hand in hand.

However, there are ways to keep the mess
under control.

Fight S 349.4932

neath or a toy chest that doubles as a bench

can work well in spaces that need some
clutter control.

dren a plastic bin where they can store

memorable items from school. Not every
assignment or drawing sent home needs to
be kept. Reserve the memory box for those
special things that have the most meaning.

and share


DOUBLE DUTY. Beds with drawers under-


BOX. Parents can give each of their chil-




Equilibrex is a Bio-energy enhancer scientifically

designed to strenghten your resistance to the
effects of stress & fatigue from electromagnetic
fields and other stressors in life

Learn more at:
A Wisconsin-Based Company

Increase energy

Enhance your mental performance

Strengthen your resistance to cell phones, computers

and workplace electromagnetic fields

Source: MetroCreative Connection

May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Do you think
a winner?

By Dr. Joanne Flanagan

lmost everything you read concerning health and fitness

mentions the importance of positive thinking to achieve
success. Many people attribute their gains to lack of negative thoughts and envisioning their results. I believe ones mental
attitude and thoughts are what determine the difference between
winning and losing. Exactly how important are your thoughts?
The answer to this question may seem obvious to most of us,
but the effects of negative thoughts may not be so apparent. They
are like extra pounds of fat that we are carrying around which can
be taxing on us both physically and mentally.
Energy follows thought. Every achievement you experience
began as a single thought consisting of a few micro milliwatts of
energy flowing through your brain. That thought was followed by
millions more. Clocked at 1,200 words per minute, thoughts have
a tremendous impact on the mind, emotions and body.
When negative thoughts arise (which the body perceives as a
threat), an automatic physiological response is triggered called
the fight or flight mechanism. The body reacts as if there is a
danger or a threat and prepares to either take action toward the
threat (fight) or flee for its life (flight). This was a valuable human

response if you were in real serious danger, but it is counterproductive in our daily activities.
The repeated and unnecessary triggering of this response
causes the body to produce emergency chemicals (which includes
the flow of adrenaline), and if unused, these chemicals eventually begin breaking down into other more toxic substances. The
body must then mobilize yet again to get rid of the poisons, which
creates enormous physiological stress. As you can see, this downward mind/body spiral can continue almost indefinitely. When
it has gone on for a while, we call it depression. Life is stressful
enough, so who needs the extra weight of a negative thought?
Through our many experiments, we have found that when a
person is having a negative thought, they can hold on to an Equilibrex Pendent, and the effects of that thought will lessen. The
energy balance of the body regains equilibrium.

Causes of negative feelings

Intimidation: Dont be concerned with others. Focus only on

yourself and your goals. Thinking and feeling positively about
your aims and success will help.
Being overly sensitive: Develop emotional resilience, and dont

Natures Pathways | May 2015

let outside stimuli get you down.

Preoccupation with personal hostilities: See things as enjoyable challenges. If anger arises, refocus your attention on the
purpose of what you are doing. This is also a good time to hold on
to an Equilibrex Pendent.
Lack of control: Observe negative thoughts as they happen,
the incident that triggered them and how you reacted. Take deep
breaths and visualize the thoughts leaving your mind.
Self-tormenting internal dialogue: Feelings of unworthiness
result from thoughts such as Im not good enough, or I cant do
it, so why even try. Stop the self-doubts.
Unrealistic expectations: There are no magic pills or potions.
Your goals may take a certain amount of time depending on individual factors.
Mental poisoning: Negative comments, complaining, visual
suggestions and gossip may negatively influence thoughts just by
being in close proximity to this behavior. Negative thoughts create
negative people, which can hurt themselves and others.

How to eliminate negative thoughts

Recognize your potential. Assess yourself realistically.

Define your purpose.

Set your goals. Establish short-term goals that are easily

attainable and commensurate with your abilities. Approach

goals realistically. Begin slowly, and as each goal is reached,
make others until you attain your ultimate desired result.
Goals shape what you become. Establish a definite time frame
during which you intend to reach each goal.
Discipline yourself. Think and feel positive about your aims
and success. Visualize and feel that you are already there.
Install motivation.
Have self-confidence. Believe in yourself.
Avoid emotionally toxic people and situations.
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
Accept things for the way they are. Acceptance is not the
same as liking, being happy about or even condoning a situation. It is seeing something the way it is.
Everything necessary to achieve positive thoughts is within us. Negative thinking is the only thing that can obstruct your goals. Your
thoughts create your reality. Motivation, drive and powerful positive
thoughts will transform your life from mediocrity to excellence.
Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress-handling
technology, which includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors. She has worked diligently in the past ten years
in determining the nature of hidden stresses that destroy vitality.
The result is her invention of the Equilibrex Pendant, which lessens
the effects of stress on the bio-energy field surrounding the human body. For more
information and research on stress and how to protect yourself from stress-related
illnesses, see Dr. Flanagans website at See ad on page 23.

Grow your

al t, Drink & Buy Local

May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Soul Bottom

our life is your story. You cast all

the characters, star in the leading
role and act as the executive
producer and choreographer. Out of all
the millions and millions of people on this
planet, not one person is exactly the same
as anyone else. Just like your fingerprints,
people share similarities but overall are
totally unique.

Oliviva House
a division of Oliviva Inc. |

International products
Exclusive premium-quality
extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia
Balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy

Wisconsin-made products
Raw, unprocessed local honey
Spices and teas from local businesses

Culinary Classes ... and much more!

Facebook and Twitter: olivivainc


Natures Pathways | May 2015

Wouldnt it
be great if your
healing journey
reflected that
Think about all
the time and
could be saved
if your healing
was streamlined to reflect you!
This is exactly what you will find behind
the doors of Soul Bottom Wellness LLC.
Sisters Jennifer Sturm and Jaimie Schultz
teamed together to streamline the holistic
healing industry by creating programs and
services as unique as the person seeking
them. Through taking the time to listen,
love and build connections with every soul
that walks through their door, they show
you what it feels like to get what you need,
instead of just another service.
Pairing these connections with their
individual expertise in holistic health,
advanced energy medicine, intuitive guidance and soul coaching, they map out
exactly what you need to properly heal
from the inside out. If needed, referrals
to other like-minded, strategic practitioners in the industry will also be given. This
process, known as their Holistic Healing
Map, allows you to save your hard-earned

dollars and your very valued time.

Lets be honest: most of us know we
need something, but are unsure as to what
that something is. Soul Bottom Wellness LLC gives you a new set of eyes into
your mind, body and soul that most have
never looked through before. They give
you a new, beautiful view of self and what
healing truly means to you. They give you
that something!
See Soul Bottom Wellnesss ad on the
back cover of this issue!

Soul Bottom Wellness

Receive $20 off any service or class
booked by June 30, 2015.

How pet owners

go green

o you bring reusable tote bags

with you to the farmers market
and program your thermostat to a
lower temperature when youre out on the
town or sleeping? Is a hybrid car parked
in your garage? Even if you are already
making great strides to reduce your environmental footprint, chances are you can
still find additional ways to live a more
eco-friendly lifestyle. For example, if you
own a pet, explore the following ways to
incorporate green living into pet care.

food or supplies
you dont use to an
area rescue group.
When buying,
look for products made from
natural, organic
materials. Shop
at local pet supply
stores to minimize
fuel consumption.


Pet foods

Adopting a dog, cat, bird or bunny from

a local animal shelter or rescue organization is more environmentally friendly than
buying directly from a breeder. Overpopulation of pets contributes to waste, and
adopting a shelter animal can help maintain the pet population while providing
pets with a new home.

Buying in bulk

Purchasing pet food and other products

in bulk saves you trips to the store and
reduces the need for additional packaging. Consider chipping in with other pet
owners and splitting large bags of food
or other supplies if you have too much
surplus. You also can donate any extra

Seemingly endless selections of pet food

makes it difficult to find the right foods
for your furry friends. Foods made of allnatural, organic ingredients tend to be the
most eco-friendly. Check to see where a
particular food is manufactured. Foods
that are made overseas may not meet the
stringent requirements placed on food by
North American regulatory bodies, and
transporting such foods consumes fuel
and other resources, making them less
eco-friendly than locally produced foods.


Pet waste is not only a nuisance and eye

sore, but detrimental to the environment.
Dog waste can be toxic to a lawn, causing

discoloration and burns. Estimates suggest

that dog waste may contain around 23
million fecal coliform bacteria in a single
gram. Dog feces also can harbor heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and
many other parasites.
According to the United States Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention, pet
droppings can contribute to zoonoses,
which are diseases animals pass to humans.
When infected dog waste is deposited on
your lawn, the eggs of certain parasites
may linger in your soil for years. Anyone
who comes into contact with that soil
runs the risk of contact with those eggs.
Promptly picking up and properly disposing of waste can reduce the likelihood of a
potential parasite infestation.
Source: MetroCreative Connection
May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Country Travel
Travel experiences
personalized, different, real

self-described 40-year-old startup, Country Travel DISCOVERIES

of Elm Grove was launched in 2012
by staff members of Greendales World Wide
Country Tours a successful tour operator closed by its parent company after four
decades. Having served as WWCTs director for 25 years, CTD president Steve Uelner
immediately founded the new company
to carry on the WWCT tradition. Today,
Country Travel DISCOVERIES continues
to handcraft meticulously planned, unique
vacation experiences especially appealing to
travelers with country in their hearts.

The CTD approach

...nothing so liberalizes a man and expands

the kindly instincts that nature put in him
as travel and contact with many kinds of
Mark Twain
Avoiding crowded tourist destinations, we
prefer to travel back roads to off-the-beatenpath scenic, cultural and rural attractions
and locals-only, favorite spots many
arranged with local hosts exclusively for us.
Sure, we encounter great wonders and
landmarks, from Pacific redwood forests
to Sedona red rocks, Costa Rican rainforest preserves to the Canadian Rockies.
We visit bucket list destinations like
the Grand Canyon and Alaskas Denali
National Park. Our Magical Danube &
Prague River Cruise tour alone visits five
UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
But CTD travelers also have a chance to
get off the interstate and head down County

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Highway A to meet and learn from local

step-on guides, host families or area experts.
We savor a farm-fresh breakfast in an Amish
home, jig and drum with Irish farmers, ride
dugout canoes to feast with Embera Indians
in Panama, help decorate a Rose Parade float,
and overnight with the Hicks family at their
authentic Hill Country dude ranch. Its these
personal, up-close and hard-to-find experiences that really bring destinations to life.

Custom tours and groups

Whether its friends, families or community

organizations, CTD also works with travel
groups of all sizes. Weve hosted university
groups, activity center clubs, family and
class reunion groups, and simple gatherings of friends. We offer special savings
for groups of as few as five to nine people
traveling together, and can often customize
tours for larger groups seeking something
beyond our classic tours. Whether its a
Tuscany farm experience, agricultural tour
of Alaska, or a yoga and wellness retreat in
Hawaii, CTD can put it together for you.

Getting out and about

and active

In 2015, CTD introduced into its tours

lineup our new GET ACTIVE Tours
trips for travelers seeking a more active,
experiential or hands-on style of vacation.
They bring together smaller-sized groups
held to 28 or fewer travelers to
enjoy experiences that are more physically
active, flexible and exclusive. Shorter than
our classic trips, GET ACTIVE tours also

tend to offer a day or so of optional planning, allowing you to flexibly indulge your
personal interests at your own pace.
In The Sonoma Experience, youll enjoy
expert-led tastings, pairings and farm
tours, visit the Chateau at the KendallJackson Wine Center and Jacuzzi Wines,
hike through Redwoods State Forest, and
join skilled chefs at Sonomas Ramekins
for a four-course private cooking class. You
might also try a Sip & Cycle vineyard bike
tour, kayak picnic on the Russian River, or
hot-air balloon champagne brunch.
And, is there a better way to experience
the Emerald Isle than A Walk Through
Ireland? You walk, sail, hike and bike
through her national parks and coastal
trails, ancient villages, and vibrant Dublin
streets. En route, tour Kilbeggan Distillery, Guinness Storehouse and the Church
Restaurant. Try your hand at Cil dancing,
hurling, bodhrn drumming, falconry,
and being Irish for a day by working and
playing hard at Causey Farms.
To join us for a group travel experience
thats personalized, different and real, order
or view our catalog at


262-923-8120 855-744-TRIP (8747)


Hydrastis canadensis

oldenseal, also called yellow eye infections. However, goldenseal preparoot, is a plant that grows wild in rations contain only a small amount of
parts of the United States but has berberine, so it is difficult to extend the
become endangered by overharvesting. evidence about the effectiveness of berberWith natural supplies dwindling, golden- ine to goldenseal.
seal is now grown commercially across the
The National Center for ComplemenUnited States, especially in the Blue Ridge tary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is
funding research on goldenseal, includYour
Yard is our Ballgame!
Historically, Native Americans have used ing studies of antibacterial mechanisms
Your yard is our ballgame!
your lawn?cholesterol-lowering effects.
goldenseal for various health conditions Whats
such as skin diseases, ulcers and gonor- NCCIH is also funding development of
This year play it safer with Be Green.
rhea. Currently, folk or traditional uses of Earth
to facilitate
friendly lawn Whats
is a Home
your lawn?
goldenseal include colds and other respira- for everyone.
clinical studies.
This year play it safer with
tory tract infections, infectious diarrhea,
in the
eye infections, vaginitis (inflammation or Side effects
we live and love. Earth Friendly LAWN CARE Solutions
for shortinfection of the vagina), and occasionally, Goldenseal is Aconsidered
Home Run for
in Our
cancer. It is also applied to wounds and Over
25 years
family serving yours
canker sores and is used as a mouthwash Natural,
in the
we live
Fertilization & Weed Control
inforfor sore gums, mouth and throat.
at affordable
Drought Damage Restoration
the safety of high dosages or
The underground stems or roots of gold- Aeration
& Seeding
Over 25 years experience | Natural, Healthy,
| Fertilization
& Weed Control
& Insect
the long-term
enseal are dried and used to make teas, Grubs,
Drought Damage Restoration | Aeration &
Shrub Services
liquid extracts and solid extracts that may Tree &Goldenseal
Seeding | Grubs, Japanese Beetlesin
& Insect
Buckthorn Removal
Treatment | Tree & Shrub Services | Buckthorn
the body
be made into tablets and capsules. Gold- State
Certied| State
& Insured
Licensed, Certified & Insured
enseal is often combined with echinacea in potentially alter the effects of many drugs.
Other herbs
preparations that are intended to be used
Mention this ad for a
including Chinese goldthread
for colds.
seasonal service
trifolia) and Oregon grape (Mahonia aquiWhat the science says
folium), are sometimes substituted for
Few studies have been published on gold- goldenseal. These herbs may have differenseals safety and effectiveness, and there ent effects, side effects and drug interacis little scientific evidence to support using tions than goldenseal.
it for any health problem.
Note: Women who are pregnant or
Clinical studies on a compound found breastfeeding should avoid using goldenin goldenseal, berberine, suggest that the seal. Berberine, a chemical in goldenseal,
compound may be beneficial for certain can cause or worsen jaundice in newborns
infections such as those that cause and could lead to a life-threatening
some types of diarrhea, as well as some problem called kernicterus.

Goldenseal should not be given to

infants and young children.
Tell all your health care providers about
any complementary health approaches
you use. Give them a full picture of what
you do to manage your health. This will
help ensure coordinated and safe care. For
tips about talking with your health care
providers about complementary health
approaches, see NCCIHs Time to Talk
Source: Goldenseal. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. https://nccih.nih.

Earth Friendly LAWN CARE Solutions.

with us
now 262.361.4034

Team up with us today!
Eco-Friendly | Family-Friendly
Affordable Lawn & Yard Care Solutions
Fertilizations | Weed Management
Aerations | Seeding | Tree Care
Tick, Mosquito, Japanese Beetle
and Grub Management and More!

May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Jane makes her

ultimate wishes
known for her family
Northwoods Casket
Companys mission makes
funeral preplanning
an easy decision

eing a mom in my early 40s, thinking about planning my

funeral was scary. I want to be alive forever, and be a part
of my 8-year-old daughters life to share all of her special
moments. I know its not possible, so the next big thing for me
was to think about her and how I could make my death easier. It
wouldnt be fair to make her go through all of it alone, so I wanted
to make my wishes known.
I already had my will, life insurance and living will in place and
I felt very prepared and thought I was on track. These seem to
be the things we think about as parents. But after speaking with
Northwoods Casket Company, I realized I needed to do a lot more
work to make my funeral planning easier on my family.
First, I visited a local funeral home and discussed some of my
wishes with the funeral director. There are so many decisions to
be made; its difficult to know where to start. I knew for sure is I
want to be buried, and also donate any organs that can be used.
Growing up being a part of a church, I know I want a pastor
involved and for the funeral to be held at my church. Visitation will be
before the service and the casket will be closed. I would like my family
and friends to share memories of my life by telling stories during the
ceremony. Another specific request I have is that I would like to have
someone sing Tears in Heaven, by Eric Clapton and have a family
member read, Gone from my Sight, by Henry Van Dyke.
There will be a procession to the cemetery for just family and the
pastor. The celebration portion seemed to be easier for me to think
about. I truly want my family and friends to enjoy the memories
they have of me. I want to have it at an Italian restaurant, with a lot
of food, and of course pizza. I want uplifting music and wine, and
for my loved ones to share all the memories of my life.
After visiting my funeral director, I visited Northwoods Casket
Company in Beaver Dam. I believe in helping the environment in
any way I can, and thats why this business chose me rather than
the other way around. It first caught my attention because they
plant 100 trees for every casket they build! One of the reasons
I decided to preplan is also because of their pledge: Plant It
Forward. Because I went through the process, Northwoods will

Natures Pathways | May 2015

plant those 100 trees during my lifetime. I love this!

When I arrived, owner Jonas Zahn welcomed me and put me at
ease. He walked me around the showroom and told me about all
the caskets. He also gave me time on my own to explore and find a
casket that best fit me. I was amazed at all the handcrafted wooden
caskets and that they use local lumber. Knowing funerals are expensive, I was very curious on the cost of each casket. They were priced
very reasonably. I am still amazed at how beautiful the caskets were.
I chose a casket called the The Naturalist in the finish Winter
Forest. I loved that this pine casket is made from locally sourced,
sustainable, Wisconsin pine. Finished in natural tree oils, including Tung, Walnut, and Carnauba and a blend of beeswax for a
final finish both pleasant on the eyes and to the touch. The inside
is upholstered with natural cotton in brown tones inspired by the
winter forests of Wisconsin. I picked this because it reminds me
of being up at our cabin in Minocqua and the special memories of
winter times with my family. There is a casket that will suit everyones needs and wants at Northwoods Casket Company. I simply
have to let my funeral director know which casket I chose, and the
process is finished. It was not as painful as I thought it would be!
I would highly recommend anyone preplan their funeral. I was
hesitant at first, but now I feel relieved that I am able to provide
my family, especially my daughter, with all of my wishes to make
the process easier during an understandably hard time. I am so
glad to have met Jonas. He helped me with this process so much,
not to mention provided me with the ideal casket that means
something to me and has significance in my life and memories.
To pledge to preplan your funeral, visit

Northwoods Casket Company

109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam



Midwest College of Oriental Medicine
Racine Campus 6232 Bankers Road, Racine
Chicago Campus 4334 N. Hazel Ave., Chicago
The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) has been providing the
finest education in acupuncture and
Oriental medicine since 1978. Become
certified in the field of acupuncture or
earn your combined Master of Science degree in
Oriental medicine (acupuncture and Chinese
herbs) with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition (TCM focus). Financial aid is available to those
who qualify. We also have four clinics situated
amongst our two campuses in Wisconsin and Illinois. Call us to schedule an appointment for treatment or to learn more about our programs!
MCOM is approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board and Illinois Board of Higher
Education. Acupuncture & Oriental medicine programs accredited by the Accreditation Commission
for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, an agency
approved by the U.S. secretary of education.

Health Centered Biomimetic Dentistry
Bryan Schwartz DDS
Steve Carini DDS
222 N. Franklin St., Port Washington
Drs. Schwartz and Carini specialize in biomimetic
dentistry, otherwise known as tooth conserving

dentistry. They fix it right the first time, providing their clients with long-lasting dentistry. Their
office is committed to informing, educating and
supporting each client, empowering them to
be their own health-care advocate. High-quality
holistic dental care for you and your family. They
welcome you!
Integrative Dental Solutions
N35 W23770 Capitol Drive, Pewaukee
Office: 262-691-4555 Fax: 262-691-4579
Biological or holistic dentistry is different from
conventional dentistry in
that it recognizes the importance of a healthy
mouth in achieving optimal overall health. Our
office understands that every patient has specific
needs. Drs. Mahn and Shetty will even be happy
to work with your health-care practitioner to help
you reach your goals.

Dr. Joanne Flanagan
Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world-renown expert in
stress analysis and reduction of stress. She wrote
the book, Secrets of Revitalization, plus numerous articles for national magazines on stress,
nutrition, exercise, sleep and electromagnetic
pollution (radiation). Dr. Joanne is an incredibly
multifaceted lady who has researched many out
of the box subjects and has taught about them
in seminars and lectures. She is an internationally known speaker, and has traveled extensively
around the world.

and share

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

Dr. Joanne earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees

at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She
received her Ph.D. in education and psychology
from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
where she taught post-graduate courses. She
also taught school in Greenfield School District
and Milwaukee Public Schools.
She is the president and founder of SuperBodies, Inc., an institute that researches the nature
of hidden stressors that destroy vitality and cause
health problems. Her research led her to design
and get a trademark on the Equilibrex pendant,
which balances the body and protects one from
electromagnetic radiation. This research can be
seen on her website,

Northwoods Casket Company
109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam
The Northwoods Casket Company plants
100 trees for every casket they build. Founders Jonas and Julie Zahn are
committed to plant 10 million trees in their lifetimes. All Northwoods caskets are handcrafted
in Wisconsin from locally grown and sustainably
harvested woods. Caskets are finished with environmentally safe milk paints and natural oil finishes. The company delivers caskets to every funeral home in Wisconsin. Their casket and
furniture gallery is located at 109 N. Lincoln Ave.
in Beaver Dam and displays a wide range of burial and cremation caskets and urns as well as art,
furniture, eco-friendly milk paints, and natural oil
finishes for sale. Wisconsin families can rest assured that, when the time comes, a handcrafted
casket provided by Northwoods Casket Co. will
help in their mission to create skilled jobs in Wisconsin, bring craft back to casket-building, enhance personalization in funeral service, and of
course, leave a natural legacy by planting lots and
lots of trees.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 877-479-7209
May 2015 | Natures Pathways



Oliviva Inc./Oliviva House
480-719-4546, ext. 12
Oliviva House, a division of Oliviva
Inc. is the retail end of gourmet, exclusive premium specialty foods
from our international and U.S.
friends. They offer exclusive premium quality extra virgin olive oil from
Tunisia, balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy and
Wisconsin-made favorites: raw, unprocessed local
honey, handmade signature soaps, and spices and
teas. Culinary Infusions of Munch and Learn classes, where students will learn how to infuse olive
oil, prepare dishes and learn about the various
health values of the products are also available.


Orion Consulting LLC
Robert Matuszak
2505 S. Calhoun Road, #207, New Berlin
Orion Consulting LLC is a full-service coaching
and consulting business. Using a holistic approach, our focus is coaching adults, especially
men, who are experiencing traumatic grief by
giving them the grief tools to facilitate their healing. We also provide consulting services on grief
relief, life coaching and stress relief to businesses,
groups and individuals. Using his many experiences with traumatic grief, Robert authored the
book The Mans Grief Toolbox, A Journey from
Loss to Peace. He developed the process called
The 5 Steps to Healing Grief that brings relief
from grief, restoring peace of mind. Robert is
a certified Heartbreak to Happiness coach with
over 20 years experience coaching and consulting grief recovery, life and business coaching. He
is also a speaker and published author.


Green Design Center
2201 Badger Court, Waukesha
2624 N. Downer Ave., Milwaukee
GDC has many products that will
not only make your home a more
healthy place, but also show your
knack for design and style. Our staff is ready to
assist you in choosing the right materials for each
room, offer design consultation, provide detailed
information for each products sourcing and ingredients, and explain steps to take when applying these unique products.

Natures Pathways | May 2015

Jill E. Greinke MSW, LCSW, SAC
Holistic Psychotherapist, Transformational
Coach and Consultant
1-877-614-4541 or 414-839-1345
It is my mission to help you
transform your life so you can
live one that is balanced on purpose and joyful. I
utilize holistic tools, helping you through counseling, coaching and consultation to release anything blocking you from living your authentic life.

Nancy K. Matecki, RN, BSN & FACCE
Serving southeast Wisconsin, Nancy Matecki offers home visits to help you get the best start in
breastfeeding for you and your baby. Nancy is
certified through Lamaze International.

Active Body Wellness
909 W. Mequon Road, Mequon
Active Body Wellness offers holistic pain relief
through several different
types of massage. These include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot and cold stone
massage, therapeutic massage, Muscle Release
Therapy and craniosacral therapy. Our goal is to
have you pain-free in as short a time as possible
through soft-tissue manipulation.

Rosicrucian Order AMORC
Karnak Pronaos
3846 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
A philosophical, nonprofit organization sharing knowledge
with thousands of men and
women throughout the world, for peace and harmony with self. Open to the public on the first
Sundays of each month, except holidays.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 877-479-7209

Skillset Life Coaching
Lucas J. Robak, NLP Practitioner
Greater Milwaukee Area
Skillset Life Coaching offers a 90-day,
100 percent money back guarantee to
help you quit smoking and/or start dieting. We also conduct Passion to Action
Workshops designed specifically to catapult you
to your dream life.

Nisleits Country Inn
3704 Highland Drive, Port Washington
Welcome to Nisleits Country Inn, located in Port Washington!
Nisleits is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been in business since
1981. Nisleits proudly serves fresh, healthy entrees and specializes in prime rib, which is served
daily. The restaurant can host weddings, parties,
private group gatherings and family dinners. It
has a full bar and also caters all types of events.

Country Travel DISCOVERIES
13500 Watertown Plank Road, Suite 107, Elm
Country Travel DISCOVERIES handcrafts meticulously planned, unique vacation experiences across
the Americas and the world. Avoiding crowded
tourist destinations, we prefer taking backroads to
off-the-beaten-path scenic, cultural and rural attractions and locals-only favorite spots many
arranged with local hosts exclusively for us. Sure,
well encounter great wonders, from Pacific redwood forests to southwestern red rocks, Niagara
Falls to the Canadian Rockies. But, we also savor
a farm-fresh breakfast in an Amish home, jig and
drum with Irish farmers, help decorate a Rose Parade float, ride dugout canoes to feast with Embera Indians in Panama, or overnight with the Hicks
family at their authentic Hill Country dude ranch.
And new for 2015: Our GET ACTIVE Tours, for
travelers seeking a more physically active or experiential style of vacation, get you off the coach for a
scenic and sensory farm, food and wine adventure
in Sonoma Valley, or an amazing walking tour of
Irelands greenways, coasts and ancient trails.
See Natures Pathways Special: Mention Code
ADNP15 to save $100 per person on a first tour.

Dr. Jodies Natural Pet Products
S74W16810 Janesville Road, Muskego
Dr. Jodies Natural Pet Products is the home of
Dr. Jodies educational blog and online shop for
unique natural dog and cat treats and other resources. Proceeds from your purchases are donated to benefit iPAW, a nonprofit that matches
benefactors and caregivers to decrease the unwarranted euthanasia of special needs pets! Dr.
Jodie is the founder and owner of Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex. Find more info
at, www.iPAWaid.
com and Like
us on Facebook! Support local businesses and

Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D. and tai chi. Nutrition coaching

and holistic wellness services are also offered on
site. The entire staff is passionate about not only
the services they provide, but also the community
having an achievable approach to wellness.

Copper Tree Yoga Studio
and Wellness Center
1364 E Sumner St., Hartford


When you come to Copper

Tree, you become part of
the family! We have taken
the beauty of yoga and its amazing traditions,
philosophy and spiritual essence and intertwined
it with new research, functionality and everyday
modern living. We understand the integration of
real life experience on the mat. We are known
for our individual attention in a group atmosphere where everybody matters.

Give this copy

to a friend

Pathways of Light Wellness Center
W314 N720 State Highway 83, Delafield
Pathways of Light Wellness Center, located in
Delafield, is a full-service holistic center offering
astrology, wellness consultations, psychotherapy,
EMDR, colorpuncture, advanced energy healing,
sound healing with alchemy bowls, nutrition and
health coaching, myofascial release, mediumship,
intuitive readings, occupational therapy and sensory integration, craniosacral therapy, essential
oils, interactive metronome, yoga, Nia and meditation. Join us for Wellness Day the first Saturday
of every month from noon to 3 p.m. to sample
our services. This month, well meet on Saturday,
April 11. Many groups and classes are available
each week. Keep up to date with our events at

and share


Reaching Treetops Yoga
Alyssa Konda, RYT
Badger Health Center
S31W24757 Sunset Drive, Waukesha
The Fitness & Wellness COOP
2442 N. Grandview Blvd., Waukesha
Reaching Treetops Yoga is the
first studio to offer Aerial yoga
classes in Wisconsin. This invigorating style of yoga is taught by
certified and qualified instructors that also offer
hatha, chair, vinyasa and restorative styles of yoga.
Every Saturday, enjoy Community Yoga for only
$3! For an overall mind-body experience, enjoy


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during the HOLIDAY

making hearty,
HEALTHY garden

juicer to fit yourChoose a

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t in your
How to create
GRIDS for empowe
and much

Prepare to be HEALTHY
How Thanksgiv
your health
and much more!

Dr. Katie Hilst


for your PET


thinking TRAPS

pathinner space
ul your
offers a peacefand
for your pet sChoose

your ATTITUDE and

Target your TROUBLE
with laser treatment ZONES

and much more!

from the inside
every age
Lotus Healin
physical and
g offers
spiritual wellne


Dr. Wade Anunson

provides the
for whole-body healing foundation
and wellness

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May 2015 | Natures Pathways


Sunday, May 3 1-3 p.m.
Topic: Helpful Tools for the Mystics
Presented by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, Karnak Pronaos, 3846 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee. Karnak Pronaos sponsors free public events
called the Mystic Inquiry Series, on the first
Sunday of every month. If the first Sunday falls
on a holiday, it is moved to the following Sunday.
A different topic is presented each month.
The topic for May 3 is Helpful Tools for the
Mystics Toolbox. We invite you to learn more
and also contribute your insights on the topic.
Sunday, June 7 1-3 p.m.
Topic: Glands and Your Health
Presented by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC,
Karnak Pronaos, at 3846 West Wisconsin Ave.,

Milwaukee. Karnak Pronaos sponsors free public events called the Mystic Inquiry Series, on
the first Sunday of every month. If the first Sunday falls on a holiday, it is moved to the following Sunday. A different topic is presented each
The topic for June 7 is Glands and Your
Health. We invite you to learn more and also
contribute your insights on the topic.
Sunday, July 26 through Saturday, Aug. 1
Lake Superior & the North Woods Tour
Experience the scenic treasures of eastern Minnesota and Wisconsins north woods! From the
pristine shores of Lake Superior and the St. Croix
River Valley to the lush farmland and the Mississippi River vistas, a wealth of beauty awaits. Ride
the rails along the north shore of Lake Superior,
cruise around the Apostle Islands and travel along

the Great River Road, learning the fascinating

lifestyles of skilled artisans and thriving farmers.
Sunday, Aug. 23 through Saturday, Aug. 29
Oregons Natural Wonders Tour
Discover the bounty of the Pacific Northwest on
this adventure from the coast to the Columbia
River Gorge, the high desert to tranquil Crater
Lake. En route, meet knowledgeable ocean naturalists and skilled hazelnut, fruit and dairy farmers. View stunning mountain vistas of Mt. Bachelor and famed Mt. Hood. Spend three nights
at Sunriver Resort in Bend (New York Times
52 Places to Go in 2015), and hear the ocean
waves crashing against the shore on an overnight
visit in historic Newport, the Dungeness Crab
Capital of the world. See

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Natures Pathways | May 2015

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