PEFC International Stakeholder Membership – Join the World’s Largest Forest Certification System!

Founded in 1999, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. With 37 members and 28 endorsed national certification schemes, PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system. There are over 220 million hectares of forest certified to PEFC and nearly 8000 PEFC Chain of Custody certificates in use. PEFC’s approach encourages and enables forest management standards to be developed on a national basis, involving all interested parties. Through assessing each national standard against a rigorous set of Sustainability Benchmarks, PEFC can then ensure that all the endorsed Standards while tailored to reflect national context and priorities - also meet international requirements and maintain an exemplary level of performance. Membership PEFC Council is a membership-based association. Up until 2009, membership consisted of national forest certification organizations and observers. Starting from 2010, PEFC Council includes International Stakeholder members. International Stakeholder membership is open to entities operating in two or more countries, or legally registered as an international organization. Companies, organizations, and associations with principles and objectives supportive to PEFC’s are encouraged to apply. Organizations not eligible for International Stakeholder membership are encouraged to apply for membership with their national PEFC office. International Stakeholder members have the same rights and obligations as all other PEFC members. Collectively all members form the PEFC General Assembly, the highest decision making body of the organization, which sets the strategic direction of PEFC Council. Benefits & Opportunities of PEFC Membership • • • • • • • Participate in PEFC’s annual General Assembly as a member of PEFC Council with fullvoting rights Join PEFC Working Groups and Committees on relevant topics such as Standards Revision, Marketing, and Regional Promotions Nominate representatives for consideration to the PEFC Board of Directors Collaborate on specific projects of mutual interest Stay informed and abreast of PEFC developments throughout the year Communicate your PEFC engagement and involvement Support PEFC’s promotion of sustainable forest management and responsible procurement



Membership Fees Fees from PEFC members form the core operating budget for PEFC Council. Annual member contributions enable PEFC Council to implement the strategic prioirities agreed by the General Assembly, and maintain and run all the critical elements of the certification system globally. Organizational Status < 15 million CHF turnover For Profit 15-150 million CHF turnover 150-750 million CHF turnover > 750 million CHF turnover 1-100 employees Non-Profit 101-200 employees >201 employees Annual Membership Fee (CHF) 150 1500 7500 11250 150 750 1500

Application Procedure Applications are welcomed at any time and will be reviewed regularly throughout the year. To attend the 2010 General Assembly, the membership application must be received by Sept 1, 2010. To apply for International Stakeholder membership, applicants should submit the Application Form, supporting documentation and two letters of support from PEFC members by registered mail to PEFC Council.

PEFC Council Case Postale 636 CH-1215 Genève 15 Switzerland

Further Information Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Price, Head of Projects & Development, PEFC International Tel: +41 22 799 4540


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