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Trend Analysis

Technology trends mapping, Mergers and Acquisitions and Lawsuits

Trend analysis is a comprehensive analysis of patents that Workflow
enables strategists, scientists and attorneys take key
•Identification of client's purpose
decisions in new product launching, finding out market •Background Study/Technology Understanding/Market Study
trends in technology, mergers and acquisitions and filling
•Accumulation of concepts together and creation of Mind Map
To ease the commercialization of new research •Query building using various keywords obtained from
breakthroughs, more research-driven companies are 2 background/concepts

planning future research with patent landscaping studies.

Trend analysis study shows, for a given general field of •Patent searching in Micropat/ database requested by client
•Also using IPC/US class/ECLA/F-term/assignee in search according to
technology, what areas are potentially rife with third 3 client's requirements
party patent problems, and, by contrast, what areas
remain relatively free of third-party patents and possibly •Doing sample anlaysis and forming layout of the report
is available for appropriation. •Getting back to the client for corrections/suggestions on query and
4 final delivery format

Useful for
•Giving final touch to the query and finalizing it with the client
 Field-wide trends affecting the entire field of •Starting Analysis
technology as a whole.
 Within the broad field of technology, trends
affecting specific technological subspecialties. •Creating trend maps according to year/assignee/technology/category
 Geographic information pertaining to where the
and combinations
6 •Finishing Analysis and updating tables/graphs/drawings
research activity is happening.
 The identity and activity of the various competitors
•Representation of information in power point format /some other
active in the field. format too (depends upon the client's need )
7 •Final delivery of the report

Our expert team consist of patent analysts, scientists and
PhDs performs rigorous data mining, data visualization Results
and data analysis to generate a patent landscape that Reporting will be done on a collaborative platform. The
helps clients identify competitive and technology trends. results are summarized in a structured report which
Analysis is done on detailed taxonomy generated by our
includes, usually a tabular presentation of the documents
patent analysts.
Trend analysis is done based on priority year wise and references to important passages, grouped according
happening. It can also be done based on publication year to relevance. It is also possible to have copies of the
wise/application year wise. Various customized trends original documents or relevant passages, in the case of
like treatment wise trends, field wise trends, application very long documents. Individual needs can be taken into
wise trends, components wise trends etc. is also possible account when structuring the report.
according to client's requirement.
All reports will be stored on our password protected
proprietary web2.0 platform; however it is possible to
deliver report in other formats according to client

About us:
IPCalculus is a global intellectual property and technology research services firm. We provide customized services in the
form of competitive patent landscape analysis, technology sector overviews, patent portfolio analysis, patent monitoring &
alerts, patent-product mapping, patent licensing support, trend analysis and various patent searches. Our clients consists of
fortune 50 and fortune 500 companies. Our analysis techniques and visualization tools helps CEOs, patent attorneys, R&D
department, IP department to make effective business decisions. We focus on a niche set of service offerings and have
proven experience in working with counsel in technology and related fields.

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