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The Azatu Gate

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The following rite, for Priest and Priestess, exists in two forms. It may be undertaken by
those of the stage of External Adept as part of the experiencing of those energies
appropriate to that level (and it should be undertaken on completion of the Path and Sphere
workings with the companion); but its primary aim, as with all forms of genuine magick, is to
direct energy into aiding the emergence of the New Aeon. Generally, this will mean aiding,
via the ways of magick, a causal form that possesses the ability to practically implement the
New Aeon. Thus a symbol representing the causal form is used as a focus for the raised
The Satanic form should be undertaken one hour before dawn during the Full Moon. The
Baphometic form should be undertaken at dusk, when the Moon is New. Both forms should
be conducted at an isolated outdoor location [the location most appropriate to the
Baphometic form is an underground cave where water flows].
I) The Satanic Form:
The Priestess holds the crystal, while the priest rings the temple bell seven times. Both then
meditate upon Atu VII of the Sinister Tarot.

When sufficient time has been given to the meditation, the priest says: Aperiatur stella, et
germinet, et germinet Chaos, and places his hands over the crystal. Both commence
vibrating Agios o Satanas, directing the vibration into the crystal. This vibration is
undertaken nine times, with increasing force and resonance, whilst visualizing a deep region
of space where a nexion is beginning to open [according to Tradition, the location of such a
nexion lies near the planet Saturn]. As the vibration reaches its conclusion, a nebulous form
(which may coalesce into the appearance of a dragon) is visualized seeping from the nexion,
descending to the Earth, and entering the bodies of the participants via the crystal. Both
should visualize their bodies filling with a star-studded space. On the completion of the
vibration, this visualization is continued in silence, for at least fifteen minutes. Following this,
both commence visualizing the symbol chosen to represent the New Aeon, whilst chanting
the Diabolus. This Chant should be sung three times in unison, followed by a further four
sung in parallel fourths. Sexual union begins thereafter, during which both continue to
visualize the sigil. On conclusion, both bow to the North saying: Agios athanatos!
II) Baphometic Form:
As before, the Priestess holds the crystal, while the Priest rings the temple bell seven times.
Both mediate upon the Mousa of Swords from the Sinister Tarot.

The Priestess, when she judges the time right, vibrates: Veni, omnipotens aeterne
Baphomet! The Priest then places his hands over the crystal, and both commence to vibrate
Agios o Baphomet, nine times. During this vibration, both visualize the crystal filling with
darkness which then slowly spreads outwards to fill their bodies. As before, this visualization
is continued for a further fifteen minutes following the end of Aeon. The Chant is sung three
times in unison, followed by a further four in fifths. On completion of the chant, the Priestess
quietly says: Susipe, Baphomet, munus quod tibi offermus memoriam recolentes Atazoth.

Sexual union begins thereafter. On conclusion, both bow to the North, saying: Agios
Note: The crystal should be held by the Priestess throughout the rite including during the
sexual union. As is traditional, the best shape for the cystal is a tetrahedron, and it should
be as large as possible. Rock crystal is best, but Pleonast, Spinet and Morion may also be

The Bond of the Nine Angles

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The Bond of the Nine Angles

This Rite is performed twice a year by all WSA members. Once on June 24th and once on
December 24th. The Rite is held at night by candle and moon light. Standard ritual opening
is used as given in the Satanic Bible. Bon fires may be used, and animal skin in winter.
This is the central rite of the Acception, much like the Holy Mass is to the Catholic Church.
The Acception sees no valuable purpose in Satanic black masses. These may be performed
by individual members; but they have no official place within the Acception. The entities
named here are symbolic, and represents forces of nature and the darkness of the human

Master is in red. Priestess is blue. Altar Priestess lays at the center with her legs spread at a
90 degree angle. A large crystal rests on her chest between her breasts. Bottles of Verdine
is placed on the Altar. Verdine is a drink specifically made for this Rite. The Verdine is
prepared before the time of the rite. Verdine is made thus: a strong base liquor is used such
as vodka. Yohimbe, is placed into the liquor with cannabis sativa. This is let to sit for several
Master raises his hands in the Sign of the Triangle (~ST): Let us do honor to Azathoth,
without whose laughter this world would not be.
Participants makes the Sign of the Acception (~SA) with both hands: Honor to Azathoth,
without whose laughter this world should not be.
Priestess (~ST): All pervasive Azathoth, who is the Darkness beneath Mans Mind. We honor
you as the acausal force of Chaos.
Master (~SA): Azathoth, great center of the cosmos, let thy flute sing unto us, lulling us
against the terror of thy domain. Thy merriment sustains our fears, and we rejoice in this
world of horrors in thy name.
Participants (~SA): Honor to Azathoth, without whose laughter this world of horrors should
not be.
Priestess lowers her head, gives (~SA), and then the sign of the horns. Participants do the
same. Everyone says: Sama Sambuddh.
Master and his assistants passes Verdine around to participants.
Master (~ST): Let us do honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not
Participants (~SA): Honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not be.
Priestess (~ST): Through Yug-Sothoth, Gate of the Abyss, Azathoth takes form. He who is
the Mind that beholds the light and gives Chaos form. Ordo Ab Chao; Agios O Yug-Sothoth.
Participants (~SA): Ordo Ab Chao; Agios O Yug-Sothoth!
Master (~ST): Yug-Sothoth Master of dimensions, through thy will are we set upon the
world of horrors. Faceless One, guide us through the night of thy creation, that we may
behold the Bond of the Angles and the promise of thy will.
Participant (~SA): Honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not be.

Priestess (~SA). She opens both arms out sharply away from her body. participants do the
same. Everyone says: Agios O AOMA.
Master and assistants passes verdine around the nexus.
Priestess (~ST): The Dark Gods are, the Dark Gods were, and the Dark Gods shall be again.
They came, and we are here. They sleep and we watch for them. They shall sleep, and we
shall die, but we shall return through them. We are their dreams, and they shall awaken. hail
to the ancient dream!
Master (~ST), and the (~SA): All hail the ancient dream! Fanya Esi Kunya!
Participants follow the Master and says: Hail to the ancient dream. Fanya Esi Kunya.
Master & Preistess (~ST): We now call to the unsleeping one, the black herald,
Nyarlathotep, who assureth the bond between the living and the dead.
Participants (~ST): Hail Nyarlathotep.
Master & Priestess (~ST): Hail oh Dark One, who riseth the wind of the Abyss and cryeth
the night gaunts between the living and the dead, send to us the Ancient Ones of the world
of horrors, whose word we honor to the end of the deathless sleep. We each call forth the
Ancient Ones, who lurks deep beneath the unfathomable collective primordial psyche of
Mankind; each a live Temple of the Dark Gods. Ride, oh Ancient Ones the pulsing stream of
our blood and live carnal existence once more through your children!
Master passes verdine around the nexus.
All (~ST): Through Nyarlathotep the Ancient Ones come to dwell in their Temples of flesh
once more.
All closes eyes and walks in a circle around the Altar while chanting out loud the Call:
Zodacare eca od zodameranu reyogozodionu. This is done three times.
Master & Priestess (~ST): hail to thee, black prince from the grotto whose charge we bear.
Hail to the and to thy fathers, within whose fane thou laughs and screams in terror and
merriment, in fear and in ecstacy, in loneliness and in anger, upon the whim of thy will. Lead
us back, we, thy children, to the age of primal innocence, before we fell from from feral
beasts to slaves of moral wrong and right.
All (~ST): Hail Nyarlathotep! Lead us back, we, thy children, to the age of primal innocence
before we fell from feral beasts to slaves of moral wrong and right! Zodacare eca od
zodameranu reyogzodionu!

Master & Priestess raises hands in the Sign of Saturn: In thy name let us behold and honor
the Father. Let the Ancient Ones who reigneth upon the world of horror come once more to
speak with us, and taste again the pleasures and fruits of flesh and carnal existence, for we
would again strengthen the Bond that liveth within the Angles of the Path of the Left.
Here the frenzy of the Calling begins. The preistess climbs ontop of the Altar Priestess and
both begin to have sex with eyes closed while the master holds the Sing of the Triangle and
chants: Zodacare eca od zodameranu reyogozodionu Over and over.
The participants chant the same over and over with eyes closed visualizing dark nebulous
clouds entering their bodies. Everyone walks in a circle slowly sun-wise repeating the chant
around the Altar and Priestess. This should gradually increase in speed. At this point the eyes
may be open, when everyone feels the urge to walk faster or dance. The participants must
allow themselves to let go and go with the flow of the frenzy building up. Everyone must
allow themselves to take on the mind and form of the Ancient Ones as wild, feral beasts and
forces of nature. They must visualize their flesh transforming into those wild forms and go on
all fours if the dark forces wills it.
The Altar Priestess should climax first, then the Master commences sex with the Priestess.
The Participants must allow themselves to dance or scream or whatever urge takes them
over. The circular dance should become faster. They walk and dance faster and faster,
imagining the sky above opening and energy flowing down into them while chanting,
shouting louder and louder. They must let this vital energy possess them and dance, or move
freely, run, leap, as the dark forces wills. Robes are caste off until all are naked. The Altar
Priestess enters the circle to sexually stimulate the participants and the Saturnalia begins.
Everyone must strive to let go of thoughts, reason, inhibitions, and just allow the raw natural
animalistic forces of lust and sexual desire control their bodies. At the height of the Frenzy all
engage in a cathartic group sexual offering. There must be no limits, no taboos, no holds, as
the Ancient Ones revel in carnal pleasure once more.
When all have climaxed, the Altar Priestess returns to her position. Participants looks at the
Master and priestess.
Master (~SA): Let this night and the aching ecstasy of carnal existence be a sacrifice to the
Goat of a Thousand Young, Agios O Baphomet. And let the children of the Nine Angles pay
now homage and honor to Mother Shub Niggurat!
Participants: Agios O Baphomet! Hail Shub Niggurat!
Master (~SA): Hail Shub Niggurat, Mother of the World of Horrors. Hail Mother of the
hornless ones. Hail Ram of the Sun and deathless ones. Who sleepest not while we honor thy
name and thy Bond!

All (~SA): Hail Shub Niggurat, remember us thy feral children in this world of horrors! Agios
O Baphomet!
Master (~SA): Hail Mother! Hail Baphomet!
All (~SA): Hail Mother! Hail Baphomet!
Priestess as Shub Niggurat. She is nude, with a head dress of a Goat. In her right hand she
holds the Square, In her left she holds the compass.
Shub Niggurat: I am that I am. Through the Angles I speak with the hornless ones, and I
pledge a new the Bond of the daemons. Through whose will this world is come to be. let us
speak the Bond of the Nine Angles!
All (~SA): Hail Mother, Queen of the Angles, Matrix of the world of horror. We speak the
Bond of the Nine Angles to the honor of the flutes of the laughing one, the master of
dimensions, the herald of the barrier, and the Goat of a Thousand Young, whose way is the
law of nature.
All (~SA): From the First Angle is the infinite wherein the laughing one doth cry and the
flutes wail unto the end of time. We bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA!
All (~SA): From the Second Angle is the master who doth cry the planes and the angles,
and who hath conceived the world of horrors in its terror and glory. We Bind ourselves to
each other and the Angles, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Third Angle is the messenger, who hath created thy power to behold
the master of the world of horrors who giveth to thee substance of being, and knowledge of
the Nine Angles. We bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Fourth Angle is the Ram of the Sun, born from the eye of the crying
one, from whose infernal womb the stars and galaxies were born. Who Brought thy selves to
be as creatures of flesh, who endureth upon the world of horrors and proclaimeth the time
that was, the time that is, ad the time that shall be; and whose name is the Brilliance of the
Nine Angles. We Bind ourselves to each other and to you, Agios O Baphomet, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Fifth Angle are the hornless ones, we, the feral children of the First
Sun, who raised the Temple of the Five trihedrons in the North unto the Dark Gods of
creations when Saturn reigned and was bright; whose seal is at once four and five and nine.
We Bind ourselves to the Angles, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Sixth Angles are the Dark Gods, who came from the central light; out of
Dabih; to the Western plane of the orbs, to revel and play in this world of stone. Who caused

the hornless ones to be out of their light, and left us as a reminder that they were once here.
Who returned from whence they came to sleep and their dreams animates the flesh of the
hornless ones. Who sleep in symmetry, which doth vanquish the five but shall not prevail
against the four and the nine. We Bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Seventh Angle is the ruin of symmetry and the awakening of the Dark
Ones, and when their eyes shall open, the hornless ones shall behold the center, for the four
and the nine shall prevail against the six. We Bind Ourselves to each other and to the Angles,
All (~SA): From the Eighth Angle are the masters of the realm, who raised a Temple of the
eight trihedrons unto the Dark Gods of Creation, whose time shall come, who shall behold
the Center through the Dark Gods, and travel towards their Mother, and shall rule the stars;
whose seal is at once four and five and nine. We Bind ourselves to each other and to the
Angles, AOMA.
All (~SA): From the Nineth Angle is the Flame of the Beginning and Ending of illusions,
which blazeth in infernal brilliance as a flaming octopus, whose tentacles stretcheth out to
the plane of the orbs to give life, whose tentacles giveth birth to stars like beads of morning
dew on a web, who calls for Her Lost Ones to awaken and remember. We Bind ourselves to
each other and to the Angles, AOMA!
Shub Niggurat (~SA): I pledge the Bond of the Angles, through whose will this world hath
came to be. Awaken and reach always upwards for the stars, towards the center, and take
hold of your destiny.
All makes Sign of the Horns: We honor the Bond of Nine Angles upon this world of horrors.
Hail Baphomet! Honor unto Shub Niggurat!
Shub Niggurat, hold up the Square and Compass high: Hail to the hornless ones! Remember
the Days of Saturn, Rebuild it once more!
All makes the Sign of the Horns: Hail to Shub Niggurat, Mother of the world of horrors, for
thee is rebuild the Temple of Saturn!
Shub Niggurat: Let the hornless ones remember the days when Saturn ruled high, when
they were innocent, when they knew me. Come to me, and lose yourselves in me, as I have
lost myself in you. Always reach for the stars and grab hold of your destiny. Unto the
beginning and the ending of illusions!
All (Horns): Hail Shub Niggurat! Unto the beginning and the ending of illusions!
Shub Niggurat leaves, and the Preistess takes her place.

Master: The gaunts are loose upon the world, and we shall not pass, but the time shall
come when the gaunts will bow before us, and man shall speak with the tongues of the
hornless ones. The way is Yug-Sothoth, the key is Nyarlathotep, and the gate are the Nine
Angles. Hail Yug-Sothoth! Hail Nyarlathotep! Hail Shub Niggurat, Mother of the world of
horrors! Hail Satan, symbol of the feral hornless ones!
All (~SA): Hail Yug-Sothoth! Hail Nyarlathotep! Hail Shub Niggurat! Hail Satan!
The Rite must always end with a quite relaxing feast of fellowship. each brother and sister
revels and bathes in the feeling of closeness of the Bond, and ponders on the meaning of the
Rite. The crystal is buried by the Priestess at the site of the ritual by the root of a tree. Gifts
of flowers, candles, or whatever are left around the tree.