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Republic of the Pl~ilippines

' OTING I N CONNECTION FERRER, Nicodemo T. Commissioner
ITH THE MAY 10, 2010 TAGLE, I-i~cenitoN. '?Q- Commissioner
VELASCO, Armanclo C. - Commissione~-
YUSOPH, Elias R.
- Commissioner
- Commissioner


I @dl4" "

The Commission on Elections, pitrsuant to the powers vested in it by

i the Constitution, Omnibus Election Code, Executive Orcler No. 1.57,
i Republic Act No. 6646, Repl.rblic Act No. 71.66, and other pertinent elecl-ion
laws, has RESOLVED to promulgate, as it hereby RESOL-VES to pron-it.~lgate,
the following rules and regulations on local absentee voting:

SECTION 1. Loca/ absentee voting, defied - Local absentee

voting, as provided for under Executive Orcler No. 157 and Republic Act
No. 7166, refers to a system of voting whereby government officials and
employees, including members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
(AFP), and the Philippine National Police (PNP), who are duly registered
voters are allowed to vote for the positions of President, Vice-President,
Senators and Party-List Representatives in places where they are not
registered voters but where they are temporarily assigned to perform
election duties on election day.

SECTION 2. Who are entitied to avaii of /rrca/ absentee voting

- I-ocal absentee voting may be availed of by: a) government officials ancl
employees; b) members of the AFP; and c) members of the PNP, who are
duly registered voters and who, on election day, may temporarily he
assigned to perform election duties in places where they ;Ire not registered
voters j
Government officials and employees who will be posted abroad to
perform election duties on election day may also avail of local absentee
voting, provided, that they are registered voters 11nder Republic Act No.
8189, otherwise known as "The Voter's Registration Act of 1996" and that
they are not registered overseas absentee voters ~ ~ n d eRep~lblic
l- Act No.
9189, otherwise I<nownas "The Overseas Absentee Vot-ing Act of 2003".

SECTION 3. Date and Place of Voting. - Local absentee voters

shall vote anytime from April 24 to 26, 2010 in the presence of an
authorized Comelec representative. For this purpose, the heacl of
office/supewisor/commander shall designate the time and place of voting
where the voters shall converge to vote, with 'prior written notice upon the
Election Officer of the city/municipality.

I n the case of government officials postecl ahroacl ancl availing of local

absentee voting, the OAV 1:epresentative shall Ile the Comelec
representative or Election Officer in saicl post.

SECTION 4. Positions So be! voted For. - Only the positions of

President, Vice-Presiclent, Senators and Parlv-List Representative shall be
voted for ilnder the local absentee voting.

SECTION 5 . Committee eon Local Absentee VuSiftg - There shall

be created a Committee on Local Absentee Voting ("Committee")
composed of the following:
Chairman - Commissioner designated by the Commission
Vice-chairman - Director I V of the Electoral Contests Adji~dication
Department (ECAD)
I..~irectoi- 111, ECAD;
2. Director 111, I-aw Department;
3. Atty. VI, First Division, ECAD;
4. Atty. VI, Office of the Director IV, ECAD
5. Atty. V, Second Division, ECAD; and
6. Chief, Judicial Records Division, ECAD
7. Executive Assistant V, Office of the Chairman of
the Committee.

SECTION 6. Powers and Fu/octionsof the Corr~n~ittee. - The

Committee shall supervise the implementation of the local absentee voting
ancl shall have the following powers and fiinctions:

a. Receive accomplished applications for local absentee voting not

later than March 7, 203.0;
'/" b. Verih/ whether the applicants are eligible tor local absentee

voting not later than April 6, 203.0;
I' ./
c. Prepare lists of all approved applications for local absentee
voting per office/tlnit/battalio~i;

d. Transmit not later than April 20, 2010 the following to all
concerned heacl of office/s~.~pervisor/comn~ander

(i) List of approved applications for local absentee voting;

(ii) The exact number of local absentee ballots, inner ancl
outer envelopes and paper seals corresponding to the
number of approvecl applications.

e. Before elections, notify all City/Municipal Election Officers (EOs)

concerned of the names of voters who are registered in the
city/municipality and who will avail of local absentee voting;

f. Receive and take custody, under proper receipt, the

accomplished local absentee ballots ancl other related cloci~ments
from the Iiead of office/ supervisor/ commander before 6:OO
o'cloclc in the afternoon af May 10, 2010;

g. Cause the delivery of the local absentee ballots contained in a

ballot box immediately after the close of voting on May 10,
2010 to the Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEIs) for

h. Supervise the cotsnting of ballots and canvassing of votes;

i. Receive for safelceeping all ballot boxes containing the col~ntecl

ballots and related election documents from the SBEIs and
Special Board of Canvassers (SBOC) for local absentee voting;

j . After elections, notify all City/M t lnicipal Election Officers (EOs)

concerned of the names of voters who act~~ally
voted 1,lnder the
system of local absentee voting; and

I Perform and exercise such other functions and powers as may be

necessary for the proper implementation of t-lie local absentee

5 ECTION 7. Procerl~~res
for fifi~vgoJ applications J w iota/
absentee voting, -

a. All persons who may avail of the local absentee voting as

provided under Sec. 2 hereof shall file their application forms
before the head of office/si~pervisor/commanderj
The application forms may be reproducecl or downloaded at the official
COMELEC website ~ w w . c o n ~ e l e c . s o v The
. ~ ~ .application form is hereto
attached as Annex "A".

b. Tlie head of office/s~ipervisor/commander shall receive all

accomplished ancl subscribed application forms from their
respective personnel.

c.Not later than March 7, 2010, the head of

office/supervisor/commancler concerned shall submit: directly to
the Committee the following:

(i) A sworn list of I-egistereclvoters uncler his si~pervisionor

commancl who submitted their accomplished
applications for-nis for local absentee voting indicating
therein the city/mi.~nicipality,barangay, precinct number
where they are registered and the place of their
assignment on election clay, with a certification that the
applicant:/s will be re-assigned on election day to
perform election-I-elatecl duties.
Copy of sworn list of registered voters who
accomplished their application forms is hereto attacl~ecl
as Annex "8" ancl made int:egral part of this Resolution.

(ii) Tlie accomplished application forms for local absentee

voting and the sworn list of registered voters shall I->e
transmitted by the head of ofTice/supervisor/commancler
directly to the Committee, c/o The Electoral Contests
Adjudication Department (ECAD) f3th lo or, Palacio del
Gobernador, Intramuros, Manila, immediately upon
receipt thereof but not later than March 7, 2010. The
date of mailing shall be considered as the date of filing.

SECTION 8. Disapprova/ of the aypficatidn far /ma/ absentee

voting. -The application for local absentee voting shall be disapproved on
any of the following grounds:

a. That it is filed oirt of time;

b. That it is not sworn to or not under oath;
c. That it is not signed by the applicant:;
d. That it is not endorsed by the head of office/supervisor/comniander
concerned; or
e. That it is only a pliotocopy/facsir~~ile

SECTION 9. Verification of appIicants for /sea/ absentee

voting. - Upon receipt of the list of registered voters applying for local
absentee voting and the accomplished application forms, the Committee
shall verify from the national list of registered voters (NI-RV) whether the
applicants are registered voters. The Information Technology Department
(ITD) shall provide the Conirqittee with the NLRV.

Only the applicants whoie names are in the NLRV shall be approvecl
by the Committee as qualifi'ed to vote unclel- 1:he local absentee voting

The Committee shall notify in writing the City/Municipal EO concernecl

of tlie names of voters qualified to vote uncler tlie local absentee voting
system with a directive to indicate in tlie list of voters with voting recorcls
(May 10, 2010 EDCVL) and on the space opposite the names of tlie said
absentee voters, the following annotation: "local abserrtee voter", to
prevent substitute/mcrltiple voting.

SECTION 10. Tuansmitta/ of /kt of qf~a/ified/oca/ absentee

voters, /oca/ absentee Lrg//ots and ofher election parrapfierna/ia
J'rom the Committee. - The Committee, througli its duly authorizecl
members, shall transmit to the head of office/supervisor/commancler
concerned the list of qualified local absentee voters, the exact number of
local absentee ballots, inner ancl outer envelopes, and paper seals
corresponding to the ncrmber of approved applications and tli~rnil~print
takers not later than April 20, 2010.

SECT10 N 11. Secffrity en i/e/opesfor /ma/ absentee,ba//otsI-

There shall be two (2) secuhty envelopes for each local absentee ballot,
namely: an outer envelope!whicli sl~allcontain a serial number and an
inner envelope. The outer envelope, where tlie detached coclpons and tlie
inner envelope shall be placed, shall contain a space for the name of the
voter and his voter's registration record nuniber (VRRN).

The inner envelope where the acconiplisl~edballot shall be placed,

shall contain no other mar(< except an indication that it is a special
envelope for a local absentee ballot.

SECT10 N 12. ~isrrb(I~tion o f local absentee ba//ots- en ve/opes

andpaper seals. - On any' day from April 24 to 26, 2010, the head of
office/supewisor/commanclerl concerned, in the presence of Comelec
representative or Election Officer, shall distribute the local absentee ballots,
inner and outer envelopes, and paper seals to the qualified local absentee
voters. During the distribution, he shall:

a. Require each voter to affix his signature opposite Iiis name in the
list of qualifiecl voters prepared by the Committee under Section
1.0 hereof;

b. Detach one ballot from the pad of ballots and retain tl-le stubs
where the serial number of each ballot appears;
c. Write the serial numbers of the ballot, outer envelope, and two
(2) paper seals opposite the name of the voter in the list;

d. Give to the voter the ballot, inner ancl outer envelopes ancl the
two (2) paper seals; and

e. Instruct the voter to immediat:ely accomplish the ballot in

accordance with Section 13 hereof.

SECTION 13. Manner o f Voting - The local absentee voter shall:

a. Fill up the ballot secretly;
b. Imprint his thumbmarlt on the proper space in the detachable
coupon of the ballot;
c. Detach the coupon from the ballot and place the same insicle t:he
outer envelope;
d. Place the accomplishecl ballot inside the inner envelope and close
and seal the envelope with a paper seal;
e. Place the sealed inner envelope inside the outer envelope, which
shall likewise be sealed with a paper seal;
f. Write his name on the space provided for in the outer envelope;
g.Submit the sealed envelope to the heacl of

SECTION 14. Trifnsn~iLta~ o f /ma/ absentee &~a//ot"

ant/ o f f ~ e r
e/ection documents to the Committee, - The heacl of
office/supervisor/commander coticerned shall:

1) Gather all the sealed envelopes containing the ballots sirbniilted to

him by the local absentee voters;

2) Prepare, in two (2) copies, a transmittal letter containing a

certification on the n\rmber of accomplished ballots collected by
him. One (I) copy of the transmittal letter shall be retained by him
for his file;

3) Transmit said ballots, together- with: a) the list of qualifiecl

voters with signatures referred to in Section 12(a); and b) i~ni~sed
official ballots torn in half, to the Commit-tee by the fastest means
available c/o the ECAD, COMEI-EC, 8" Floor, Palacio del
Gobernador, Intramuros, Manila, so that the ballots are received by
the Commissior~not later than 6:OO P.M. of May 10, 201.0.

After the elections, the Committee shall send to all City/Mirnicipal

Election Officers (EOs) concerned a written notice of the voters who
, actually voted under the system of local absentee voting with a directive to
i indicate in the list of voters with voting recorcls, and on the space opposite

the names of the saicl absentee voters, the following annotation: "voted
t h r i ~local absentee iloting", to prevent the deactivation of their
registration records.

SECTION 15. Specis/ Bloard of EIecrEi~nJnspecfcprs (SSEPsJ -

The Commission may consti1:ute as many SBEIs for local absentee voting,
as may be cleemecl necessary, to count the local absentee ballots. The
members thereof sl~allbe chosen and appointed by the Chairman of the
Committee from among the personnel of the Commission in tlie Main
Office, Manila, not later t:han April 26, .201.0.

SECTION 16. Oath of Members ofSBEX - Before assirniing their

office, the chairman ancl members of the SBEI shall take and sign an oath
before any officer authorized to administer oaths. Copies of the oaths shall
immediately be submittecl to the Committee.

SECTION 17. Proceeding~oftheS19EY. - The SBEI sl~allmeet in

the designated office of tl-ie Comniission, Ini-ramlrros, Manila at 6:00 P.M.
of May 10, 2010 to coirnt tlie votes cast by the local absentee voters ancl
shall not adjoi~rnuntil tlie counting is completed. All proceedings of the
SBEI shall be p~rblic. I t shall act thro1.1gl1its chairman and all q~.restions
presented before it shall be clecided witlio~rtdelay by a majority vote of the
members. During its meetings, not more than one member shall be absent
at a time, and in no case shall such absence be more than twenty (20)

SECTION 18. P r e f i m i f l a r k to Corfnting. - The Con~mitteeshall

constitute a Reception and Verification Unit which sliall:

a. Receive the envelopes containing the accon~plishedabsentee

ballots ancl the list of local absentee voters prepared by the head
of office/si~pervisor/commanderunder Section 14 hereof;

b. Verify whether the n ~ ~ m b eof r envelopes containing the

accomplished ballots is equal to the nirmber of signatures affixed
by the head of office/supe~-visor/commander
in the list s~~bmitted

I f there are more envelopes containing tlie accomplisl-ied ballot

than the signatures affixed on the list, set asicle the envelope of
the voter whose signature does not appear in the list and place
the same in a separate ballot box intended for the purpose. Such
fact shall be indicated in a report to be slrbmittecl to the
Committee. Said ballots 'sl7all not be counted; ,

I f there are more signatures affixed in tlie list than the number
of envelopes receivecl, such fact sllall lil<ewiseIle indicated in the
report to be submittecl to the Committee. The report shall
indicate the names of the voters whose signat~iresappear in the
list, but witho~it corresponding envelopes. I n this case, the
Committee shall direct: the head of office/s~rpervisor/con~mancler
concerned to transmit the envelopes of said voters;

c. Place tlie envelopes containing t:he accomplislied ballots inside

ballot boxes at the rateof 400 ballots pel- ballot: box; and

d. Transmit to {:lie Committee each ballot box immediately after 400

envelopes containing tlie accomplished ballots are cleposited

I n all instances, tlie ballot boxes, prior to the sul~missionto the

Committee and clistrib\.~tion to the SBEIs, shall be stored in a safe
and secured place.

A t 6:00 P.M. of May 10, 2010, the Committee shall distrib~.lteone

ballot box each to the SBEI for counting. Shoi~lclthere be a
ballot box containing less than 100 envelopes, the Committee
sliall assign the said ballot box to one of the SBEIs.

SECTION 19. Manner OF cofmting /acd absent@&! baJ/ots, -

Upon receipt of the envelopes containing the local absentee ballots, the
SBEI shall proceed as follows:

Before the coirnting:

a. Retrieve the special envelopes from the ballot box;

b. Open each outer envelope, retrieve the inner envelope ancl the
detached coupon;
c. Place the coupons in tlie cornpal-tment for spoilecl ballots of the
ballot box;
d. Open the inner envelope and retrieve the ballol: found therein;
e. Pile the ballots in bundles of one hr.indred (100) each;
f. he Chairman of the SBEI shall talte the ballots of the first pile
one by one and read the names of the candidates voted for and
tlie offices for which they were voted, as well as the name of the
party, organization or coaljtion voted for under the party-list
system, in the order in which they appear thereon.

During the counting:

g. The chairman, the poll clerl<, and the tllird nie~nbershall position
themselves in such a way as to give the watchers and the public
an unimpeded view of the ballot 11ei1-q read by the chairman, as
well as of the election reti~rns and tally board being
simultaneously accomplished by the poll cleric and the thircl
member, respectively.
h. The watchers and the public shall not touch any of the said
election documents. The table shall be cleared of all
unnecessary writing paraphernalia. Any vio1al:ion hereof shall
an election offense;

i. The poll clerlc and the third member shall recol-cl simultaneo~isly
in the election returns and in the tally board, respectively, each
vote as it is read. Each vote shall be recorded by a vertical line,
except every fifth vote which shall be recordecl by a diagonal line
crossing the previous four vertical lines;

j. The same procedure shall be followed with the scrcceecling piles

of ballots; ancl

I<. The sub-total of votes in figilres ol~taineclby each canclidate ancl

party list candidates shall be recorcled in the election returns ancl
tally board after each pile of 100 ballots are read.

After all the ballots have been read:

I. Record, in words ancl in figiires, the total number of votes

obtained Ily each candidate and by each party, orga~~ization or
coalition participating i~nderthe party-list system, hot11 in the
election ret:urns ancl in the i:ally hoard;

m. Ensure that the entries on the first copy of the election returns
are clearly impressed on the other copies; and

n. Close the entries by affixing t-heir initials immediately afl-el- the

last vote recorded or immediately after [-he name of the
canclidate and party-list candidates who clid not: receive any vote;

o. The poll clerl< and the third member shall record in the election
returns and in the tally board, respectively, the total number of
votes obtained by each candidate ancl party-list candidates, in
words and figures;

p. Accomplish the certification portion of the election returns and

tally board;

q. Require the watchers, if any, to affix their signatures and incrprint

their thumbmarks on the right hand portion of . t l ~ eelection
returns and the tally board;,
r. Deposit the tally board in the ballot box compartment for valid
ballots. The tally board, as accomplished and certified by the
SBEI, shall not be changed or clest:royed.

Tlie proceedings of tlie SBEI shall be I-ecorcled in the Min1rl:es of

Counting, copies of which shall be sealed in separate envelopes to be
distributed as follows:

a. The first copy, to I-l~eElection Records and Statistics;

b. The second copy, to be depositecl inside the compartment of the
ballot box for valicl ballots.

A copy of the Minutes of Counting is hereto attacliecl as Annex "C".

SECTION 20. Efectian Rehrrns, - The election returns shall be

prepared in seven (7) copies and clistributed as follows:

a. The first copy, to be submitted to !:he Special Board of

Canvassers for local absentee voting;
b. The seconcl copy, 110 be posted on a wall within the premises of
the polling place;
c. The third copy, to tlie Commission tllrir tlie Election Records ancl
Statistics Department (ERSD);
d. The fourth copy, t-o the dominant majority party as determined
by the Commission;
e. The fifth copy, to the dominant minority party as determined by
the Commission;
f. The sixth copy, to the accredited citizens' arm of the
Commission; and
g. Tlie seventh copy, to be deposited insicle tlie compartment for
valid ballots of the ballot box.

The copy of the election reti.1rn-s posted on the wall shall be open for
public viewing at any time of the day for fot-ty-eight (48) hours following its
posting. Any person may view 01- capture an image of the election returns
by means of any data capturing device such as, but not limited to,
cameras, at any time of the day for forty-eight (48) hours following its

After the prescribed period for posting, the Chairman of the SBEI shall
collect the posted election returns and keep the same in his ci~stodyto be
produced for image or clata capturing as may be requested by any voter or
for any lawful p~~rpose as may be ordered by competent authority.

SECTION 21. Post r=ofmll"ir~g - Upon termination of
the counting of votes, the SBEI shall
a. Place the counted official absentee ballots in the envelope for
counted ballots;
b. Seal the envelope with paper seal ancl affix their signat~lreson
the said paper seal; .
c. Deposit tlie envelope properly sealed inside the compartment for
valid ballots of tl.~eballot box;
d. Bundle the inner envelopes wecl for the filled-out ballots and
deposit the same insicle the compar1:ment for valid ballots of the
ballot box;
e. Place the seventh copy of the election retilrns insicle tlie
compartment for valid ballots;
f. Close the inner compartment of tlie ballot: box, and locl; and seal
the same wit:h one (1.) fixed-length secu-ity seal ancl one (I.)
g. Close the ballot box cover, and loclc and seal the same with one
(1) fixed length security seal ancl three (3) pacllocl<s;
h. Deliver the loclced ballot box and the keys to the padloclis to the
Committee for ci~stodyand safekeeping; and
i. Distribute the election retirrns in accordance with Section 20

SECTION 22. §pscia/ Board of Canvassers, - There is Iierel~y

constituted a Special Boarcl of Canvassers (SBOC) for local absentee voting,
to be composed of ranking lawyers of the Commission, to he designated by
the Chairman of the Committee not later than April 28, 2010.

SECTION 23. Notice oJcanvassS - The Chairman of the SBOC

shall give notice of canvass to its members, presiclential, vice-presidential
and senatorial candidates, and political part:ies, organizations, association,
sectors or coalitions participating ilnder tlie party-list system, of the time,
date and place of canvass, at least five (5) clays before May 1.0, 2010.

SECT1ON 24. TaLrl~fation Grof~p.- The Board shall constitute a

Tabulation Group which shall be 'under the direct supervision and control of
the Board.

The Tabulation Group shall compilte the sub-total of the Statement of

Votes prepared by the Boarcl. The names of .each tabulator and the
Statement of Votes assigned to them for tabulation shall be properly
recorded in the minutes of the proceedings.

The tabulators shall affix their signatures above tlieir printed names,
and imprint their thumbma~-l<s on tlie certification portion of tlie Statement
of Votes.

SECTION 25. Meeting 0 f § ' B 0 ~- The SBOC shall meet not later
than 6:00 P.M. of May 10, 2010 in Llie designated office in the Commission,
Intramuros, Manila, and proceed with the canvass of the elections
submitted to it by the SBEIs. It sliall not adjourn until the canvass is

SECTION 26. Certificate of Canvass of Votes (COCV), - The

SBOC shall prepare the Certificate of Canvass of Votes (COCV) in six (6)
copies for distribution as follows:

I. The first copy, to the Congress directed to the Presiclent of the

Senate for irse in the canvass of results for Presiclent and Vice-
2. The second copy to Commission sitting as the National Board of
Canvassers for use in the canvass of resi~lt-sfor Senators and
Party-List representatives;
3. The third copy, to be posted on a wall within the premises of the
canvassing center;
4. The fourth copy, to the Chairman of tlie Board of Canvassers;
5. The fifth copy, to the citizen's arm designated by the Commission
to cond~~ct a meclia-based unofficial count; ancl
6. The sixth and seventh copies, to tlie representatives of two (2)
of the six (6) major political parties in accordance with the
voluntary agreement of the parties. I f no sr.~chagreement is
reached, tlie Commission shall decide which parties shall receive
tlie copies of the Certificate of Canvass on the basis of tlie
criteria providecl in Sec. 26 of RA 71.66. Tlie parties receiving the
certificates shall have the obligation to furnish the other parties
with authentic copies thereof with the least possible delay.

The copy of tlie certificate of canvass of votes posted on the wall shall
be open for public viewing a t any time of the clay for forty-eight (48) hours
following its posting. Any person may view or capture an image of tlie
COCV. After the prescrihecl period of posting, the SBOC shall collect the
posted COCV and keep the same in its cilstocly to be procluced for image or
data capturing as may be requested by any voter or for any lawful purpose
as may be ordered by competent authority.

SECTION 27. WatchersI - I n every meeting of tlie SBEI and the

SBOC, each candidate for President, Vice-President ancl Senator, each duly
registered political party, or coalition of political parties which has
nominated candidates for President, Vice-President and Senator, sectors
and organization participating under the party-list systern, and one duly
accredited citizens' arm of the Commission of national constituency, shall
be entitled to appoint, in writing, two (2) watchers serving alternately.

Civic, religious, 111-ofessional,business, youth and any other similar

organizations with prior authority from the Commission, shall collectively be
entitled to appoint two (2) common watchers serving
SECTION 28. App/icabi/ity of Other Come/ec Rlr/es - Rules
by the Commission for the 2010 National and
and regulations prom~~lgated
Local Elections are hereby adopted, incorporated and niade integral parts
of this resolution, insofar as they are applicable and not inconsistent with
the provisions hereof.

SECTION 29. E f f v - This Resolut:ion shall take effect after

seven (7) days from its pi~blicatianin two (2) daily newspapers of general
in the Philippines.

SECTION 30. and Dissen1im11.im1. - Let the

Education and Information Department, this Com~nission, cause the
publication of this Resolution in two (2) daily newspapers of general
circulation in the Philippines.

The Committee on Local Absentee Voting shall immediately furnish

copies hereof to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Chief of Staff of the
Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Director General of the Philippine
National Police who shall cause dissemination thereof to it:s area command,
division, brigade, battalion, company, regional and provincial offices, ancl
all depiltized departments and agencies or instrumentalities of the national
government and all Regional Election Directors ancl Provincial Election
Supervisors of the Commission, who shall in turn furnisl~copies thereof to
their respective Election Officers for their information and guidance.



Commissioner ~orf~missioner


I arm No. 02
I .,oe duplicate1
NOTE: .4ny false info,nliilivi i willsubje~tthe appliconf lo crin~inol

(a) Idarne: -
(Surname) (Given) [Middle)

(b)sex: Male (c)Sialur : 0 Single ((-1) If married, name of spouse:

Female .' n h\arried - . - .-- .- - -

[ e l Date of Birth : Place of Birth: - . .---.-__.-

) I
i/ 2. 1 A M A REGlSTERlq VOTER OF:
[fJ -- -- -..- .- --- -- ..-
(Precincl No./Barangay) [City/ Municipality) (Pi.ovince)
\I// ( g ) Voter's Registration Record Plumber [VRRFI):

I\)\ (11) Voter's Identification number [VIN) : -.--

(Check one):

1. Governmellt Office
2. Position -___ --
3. Place of Assignment -- ---
4.. 1 lead of Office/St~pelvisor -- ---
[I) u A member of the Arrned Forces of lhe Philippines

I. Rank -- ----
2. llnil --
3. Serial Number --
4. Place of Assignment -.
5. Colnmonding Officer -- ' --

[kt A member of the Philippine National Police

I. Posifio17/Rank
2. , Place of Assignment - - --
3. Station Commander .- --

I 1 h e r e b y certlfy that the a b o v e declarations a r e l r ~ and

~ e correct.

(Signafure of applicant over prinfed name)

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN lo before ma this
, Pllilippilies
d a y of . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - . 2010 at

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,d Form No. 10 SBEl No. -

Committee on Local AbSentee Voting


_ _I

hlational ancl I - ~ c a lElections

May -10, 21311)

, . :

1 Prepare two clear copies separately - one, copy for the

Election Recorcls ancl Statistics Department, and the other copy to be
deposited in the ballot box.

2. The minutes shall be accomplisliecl l ~ the y poll clerlc ancl

shall b e certified as tn.le a n d con-ect in uie last page by all members
of -the Boar-cl.

Accomplish the rnintites by filling lhe hlanl<s as soon as

Ihe acts occclr or- Ihe date referred to become available. Do not wait
until the c o ~ ~ n t i nof
g votes in yolrr precinct to star-l preparing the

4. Do tiot leave any blank i~nfillecl. If the answer- Lo an item

is none or zero, write "NONE". Llse extra sheets of paper if additional
writing space is neeclecl
5. Place each copy of the niin~ltesin a special envelope
provided for the pilrpose, and distribute in accorclance with

We I-let-eby eel-lify ~lndel-official oaths that the informalion or

claia set forth in this A/!in~~tes of Counting of Votes are trite and

I , 2010, Manila.


of Counling of Voles
L o 4 Absenltse Voling
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