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Minutes of Coimbatore ACME Round Table 133’s 366th meeting

& 12th for the year held on 12th November 2009 at 8 pm hosted
by Tr. Madhu at The Coimbatore Club


1. To develop the fellowship of young men through the medium of their business and professional occupations and
community service activities.

2. To encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic

3. To promote and further international understanding friendship and co-operation.

4. To promote the extension of the association.

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1 LMF Tr. Amir A Vagh P 8 75.00% 1

2 Tr. Arun Kumar V.R. P 6 50.00%

3 LMF Tr. Balamurgan AP 10 83.00% 3

4 Tr. Chirag P Majithia P 8 75.00% 1

5 LMF Tr. Chirag Vora P 10 83.00% 6

6 LMF Tr. Gautam Pasricha P 6 50.00% 2

7 LMF Tr. Guhan V P 11 91.60% 7

8 Tr. Jayakumar P 11 91.60% 2

9 Tr. Madhu. A P 12 100% 2

10 LMF Tr. M. Nishant Jain P 8 66.70% 2

11 Tr. Prabhakar P 6 50.00% 1

12 Tr. Prasanna Krishna AP 7 58.33% 3

13 LMF Tr. Satish Balagopal P 10 83.00% 1 9

14 Tr. Satish S. P 6 50.00% 4

15 LMF Tr. Sivakumar P 12 100% 4

16 Tr. Sundararaman (T) P 9 75.00% 1

17 Tr. Survesh AP 8 66.70% 3

18 Tr. Vignesh (C) P 12 100% 5

19 LMF Tr. Vijayanth P 4 27.27% 24

20 LMF Tr. Vikas D Zaveri P 8 66.70%

21 LMF Tr. Vikram Mohan (IPC) AP 6 50.00% 1

22 Tr. Vinay Kumar (S) P 11 91.60% 6

Attendance% For this meeting – 86%

HTs present HT Hari and HT Govind

101 – Rohan, Vijay, Yuvaraj, 133 – Lucky

Visiting Tablers/Sq. Legs Sq. Leg. Prasad, Mahesh Babu, Rajkumar Srinivasan and K. Rajkumar

P-Present, PL-Present but Late, AP-Apology, A-Absent

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Chairman called the meeting to order with toasts to the President, Republic of India and to the Sponsor Table
Coimbatore Penta Round Table 101.


Tr. Chirag Majithia read the Aims and Objects of Round Table India.


The Chairman welcomed the fellow and visiting Tablers, HTs and Sq. Legs to the 366th meeting & 12th for the year.


Apologies were received from Trs. Vikram, Bala and Survesh


Tr. Vijayanth was appointed as the sergeant.


364TH Meeting minutes corrections –

HT Govind was present.

1. 5th and 6th DEC is ARE SPORTS MEET and not AREA CRICKET MATCH.

2. AREA CRICKET MATCH is on 18th November.


The minutes of the 364th nd

and 365th meetings were confirmed with Tr. Vikas proposing and Tr. Nishanth seconding.

365th meetings were confirmed with Tr. Guhan proposing and Tr. Ram seconding.


Appeal from CRT 117 for relief support in their district due to the rains. The table decided to contribute Rs. 22,000
(Rs. 1000 per tabler). Tr. Siva to coordinate.

SRT 28 has 2 weeks of activities planned for RTI week

Tr. Chirag Vora requested support for the Twinkler's day on Nov. 14th.


Support for good presence for NFD requested

The table raised a toast to Tr. Satish on great work for Project Tiger – Growly.


Received acknowledgement from IPP Tr. Pranay and NST Tr. Ashvinni – with the following words -

“Appreciate 133s gesture of participation in the Freedom Drive. Recd the Growly pin. Thanks for the same. Wishing
you all the best in your endeavors on the "Save the tiger". All the best for the NFD celebrations and the upcoming
Area Golf initiative”

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Received information about Area Sports meet from Tr. Charen - SPORTZ 09 is planned on 5th & 6th Dec 2009 at
Salem, which was a family event and requested everyone’s support.

Received information about Area Sports convenor Tr. Charen about the Zonal Cricket Matches @ Erode ( The Unique
Academy School , Perundurai ) on Dec 12th and 13th. The other two visiting Area's are Area 1 and Area 2.

Acknowledgement received from Tr. Ritesh for receipt of our minutes – Sec – 186.

Received an e-mail about MERT 40 organizing conference on Family Business - Round Table 30 has entered into
an alliance with Chennai Business School, an A+ ranked business school in Chennai, to organize the 'RT30 - CBS
Conference on Family Business' on Nov 7, 2009 (Saturday) – circulated in our groups.

Received info about Twinkler’s day from T-man Tr. Rajesh on Nov 14th - Twinkler Picasso Contest on November
14th and November 15th. a drawing and painting competition – and encouraged more participation. He said that 115
confirmations had been received. He also requested a non alcoholic social after the event.

Request from CRT 117 to help in the Coonor/Ooty district areas because of extensive damage in the recent rains. Tr.
Vijay also called up personally to get our support in kind or in cash asap.

Request for articles for Table Talk – deadline was Nov 7th 09

Invitations received from CRT 9 for Inauguration of 3 Class room block, Kitchen & Toilet at Selvapuram Elementary
School on 13th Nov 2009 and 19th Tr.Suguraman Memorial Basketball Tournament at VOC Park Corporation
Basketball Ground on 8th Nov 2009

Area Supply House convenor awarded CMRT 62 for being the outstanding performed for the 1st quarter in view of
their achievement of the highest sales in our Area.

Invitation received from ERT 98 for their NFD week activities.

National Publicity convenor Tr. Ravi Khetawat requested participation in ‘Freeeeze’ on Nov 22nd.


364th and 365th meeting minutes sent to AEX and NST



Minutes from various Tables were received through ‘Area 7’ groups

TREASURER: (Tr. Sundaraman)

The balances were reported as:

Charity Rs. 6,36,211.35 (inclusive of Growly collections)

Admin Rs. 15,816.85

F&S Rs. 62,195.80

Trust Rs. 1,16,715.49

FDs – Rs. 3,35,000

Expenses for Diwali night is Rs. 21,000 to be from F&s

Expenses for joint meeting with CPRT 101 -

Coimbatore ACME Round Table 133 - Minutes of the 366th meeting – 12th Nov ‘09 Page 4 of 8
Rs. 11,500 + Rs. 1,300 was passed to be paid from F&S.

Request to pay minimum contributions was requested.

Tr. Satish handed over collections from Growly pin collections to Tr. Ram

PROJECTS: (Tr. Sivakumar & Tr. Survesh)

For the Apachi Koundanurr school an estimate of Rs. 2.5 lakhs was kept pending till we get additional funds.

Tr. Siva requested everyone to be there for the Panchayat Union Middle School – Sammathurpuram - Chyettipalayam
school bhoomi Puja on 13th Nov.

In a council meeting last Thursday the consensus was to spend Rs. 5.5 to 5.75 lakhs as to be funded from the table
and the balance from SSA funds.

A proposal was sent to RTBI for fund request.

RTI week projects –

A hoarding was being put up at 3 prime locations in town to promote Save the Tiger. A hoarding also to be put up at
Hassanur – Tr. Satish S to coordinate.

On the international scene – tables across the world were to be made aware of 'Save the Tiger' project.

HR activity during RTI week - Wednesday - 18th of Nov – we are visiting Tr. Satish B's factory.

Annakshetram – food sponsor for orphanages and old age homes breakfast was to be coordinated by Tr. Chirag

HT Hari advised us to keep a buffer for projects where we undertake renovation work – as there are good
possibilities of unexpected expenditure after work has commenced. Tr. Siva said the contractor had a small cushion

for such expenses.

Sq. Leg Bruno of RT 33 Italy was taken to Vadavalli school and Puthur school and he ahighly appreciated the same.

FUND RAISING: (Tr. Chirag Majithia & Tr. Madhu)

We need Rs. 2 lakhs for funding our project work – Convenors to work on it.

FELLOWSHIP: (Tr. Guhan & Tr. Nishanath)

Tr. Guhan invited everyone for his social on Nov. 21st at Yercaud.

Tr. Guhan brought up some slack of activiity for the family fellowship meets. It was decided to pay the fines in the
following meeting – whomever had not met. It was also decided that the 'missing

Fellowship after our last meeting on the 22nd at Beauty Resorts hosted by Tr. Jay with dinner

27th Oct – A few tablers took Sq. Bruno on a tour and treated him for lunch – with fellowship at The Coimbatore Club
– attended by many.

28th Oct 2009 Joint meeting was followed by Joint fellowship with CPRT 101 at The Residency Hotel with fine booze
and dinner.

3rd November – Many of our tablers met with our old tabler Harpreet who was visiting town at Coimbatore Cosmo

5th Nov. 2009 – Cricket match fellowship with 14 tablers attending till wee hours at The Coimbatore Club.

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All groups except 2 met up for the family fellowship groups.

Tr. Nagappan of SMART 175 expressed their interest to join for NFD – we were to let them know after speaking to
the other tables

Madurai 99 is joining for NFD event in Yercaud.

PUBLICITY: (Tr. Gautham & Tr. Jaykumar)

Avinashi Road, North Coimbatore flyover and DB Road – 3 hoardings were being put up on Save Tiger.

IRO: (Tr. Satish Balagopal)

Sq. Leg Bruno visited us – as in our last joint meeting.

Project Growly

The 'last' Growly pin was sold to Sq. Leg Rajkumar for Rs. 1000.

A photography exhibtion cum sale with part of the proceeds to the Table - with top photographers was suggested by
Tr. Satish B from his discussion with wildlife photograph enthusiast Vikram Sathyanathaqn

100 pins were reordered.

RULES: (Tr. Satish Balagopal)

Tr. Satish B said he will circulate section by section the ACME rules

SUPPLY HOUSE & GREETING CARDS: (Tr. Prabhakar & Prasanna)

It was decided to buy ice buckets and laptop bags for the raffles.

HRD: (Tr. Amir)

Visit to Tr. Satish B's factory next week

Sports (Tr. Vikas)

Area Sports meet – Dec. 5th and 6th – Tr. Vikas asked for full support.

NFD & Archives (Tr. Vikram)


RT Events (Tr. Vijayanth)

More participation for National AGM was requested.

EXTENSION (Tr. Arun & Tr. Satish S)

A biodata of a prospect was going to be circulated.


Greetings from Penta – Tr. Rohan Menon

Greetings from CURT 186 – from chairman Tr. Lakshmi Narayan – With an invitation for their 133 rd meeting – they
wanted a joint meeting with us.

107 – Sq. Leg Rajkumar

Coimbatore ACME Round Table 133 - Minutes of the 366th meeting – 12th Nov ‘09 Page 6 of 8
Amigos – Sq. Leg Mahesh Babu


Nov 22nd – 14, 99, 25 and 133 – at Yercaud

The next meeting – 367th meeting to be held on 26th Nov ‘09 by Tr. Nishanth. Venue shall be informed later.


Tr. Vijayanth announced the following collections:

Fines – Rs. 900

Raffle – Rs. 900

Sunshine’s – Rs.800

Pin fines/sales – Rs. 100


Tr. Arun delivered the vote of thanks.


Chairman concluded the meeting with a Toast to Round Table India and Round Table International.

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Help Growly save his species!

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